Obama Verbally Jousts with an Illegal Transgender

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It happened during an embarrassing albeit inclusive gay pride celebration. In the White House East Room, with a beaming Joe Biden standing at his side, America’s first gay president was mid-sentence when transgender lovely Jennicet Gutiérrez exercised his right to free speech by shouting out in a thick undocumented Spanish accent a list of LGBTQ demands.

Barack Obama, who normally has no problem imposing illegals on the rest of America, was taken aback by the outburst and reminded Mr. Gutiérrez, founder of FAMILIA TQLM, an advocacy group for illegal transgenders, that he was “in his house” and that his attitude was rude and “shameful.”

So wait – you mean the president doesn’t appreciate having to endure the same type of treatment aggressive illegals impose on Americans in grocery stores, on highways, and in taxpayer-funded venues? And the president really does believe that the White House is literally his house and not the people’s house?

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Moreover, does Obama’s shutting down and extraditing Jennicet Gutiérrez also mean that if an illegal disturbs the president’s mojo, despite past statements otherwise, he really does have ways to locate and deport undocumented nuisances from the premises?

Guess so. But whether he does or he doesn’t, Jennicet Gutiérrez stole the show to make a point.

Perhaps while balancing on stiletto heels, Gutiérrez migrated over the border illegally. Once here, he felt it was his duty to inform the POTUS that he should not party with gays while LGBTQ detainees were being exposed to assault and abuse in ICE custody.

Evidentially, being a bombastic border-buster male partying at the White House dressed as a female isn’t enough for the insatiable Mr. Gutiérrez. Jennicet made it clear that he will not be placated just because America’s chief law enforcer embraces the gay community and purposely overlooks illegal immigration.

By the way, in America, under different circumstances, an illegal – transgender or whatever gender – showing up inside the White House would mean jail time, not an invitation to drink booze and sample hors d’oeuvres from a buffet table in the East Room.

Nonetheless, resplendent in a red number that the FLOTUS might envy, raven-haired señor Gutiérrez said that regardless of how many White House receptions for gay people Obama hosts, “[t]here is no ‘pride’ as long as LGBTQ immigrants are being imprisoned.” The transgender activist told the president, who regularly releases terrorists and illegal violent offenders, that he should release all LGBTQ illegals held for deportation.

Disregarding the fact that lately most illegals are treated like preferred guests at four-star hotels, GetEQUAL Gutiérrez, shouting out in broken English, interjected above the president’s initially polite protests, saying, “President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention and stop all deportations.”

Jennicet reminded the president that he, the president, is the one who gets to make the decision as to whether or not imprisoned LGBTQ illegals are kept safe.

With all due respect to the concerns of the LGBTQ-XYZ-expialidocious community, what’s apparent is that the outspoken activist clearly doesn’t grasp the fact that unless it’s politically expedient or guaranteed to further his progressive agenda, other than as regards himself, Barack Obama is basically unconcerned about the health, safety, and well-being of most other human beings.

For example, despite illegal children being hosts/carriers of the deadly Enterovirus; skin infections like scabies; measles; whooping cough; and assorted antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Barack Obama has allowed thousands of illegal minors to threaten lives. And as of last fall, there were 15 dead American children to prove it.

The thought of protecting Americans is so far removed from Obama’s sphere of concern that known terrorists are favored; amidst crippling unemployment, unskilled, uneducated illegals are given work permits; and with the assistance of a scattershot SCOTUS, our health care system has been devastated.

Thanks to Barack Obama’s indifference toward safety, two border agents were murdered and very likely four Americans were killed over weapons Obama supplied to Mexican drug cartels and Libyan rebels.

And while in the name of “pride” Obama makes merry with illegal transgenders, American citizens lie rotting in Iranian jails.

For Jennicet’s information, Barack Obama is so apathetic that as two escaped convicts are being hunted down in upstate New York, with his permission, the feds released 3,600 illegals onto America’s streets, among whom are hundreds of violent felons, some more dangerous than escaped “psycho killers” David Sweat and Richard Matt.

But above all, Barack Obama is personally complicit in the systematic undoing of a document established at our nation’s founding to ensure protection from the sort of dismantling of our laws and freedoms that the president is currently in the process of orchestrating.

Jennicet may not realize it, but while Barack Obama is in office, LGBTQ illegals are probably safer incarcerated than most American citizens are in their own homes.

And so, after the festivities came to an end and following the forthright Jennicet being escorted without a doggy bag by the Secret Service from the East Room, besides learning that emboldened illegal men dressed up like Caitlyn Jenner are now registering outrageous demands, what can be gleaned from the bodacious brunette’s outburst?

For starters, America learned that as compensation for rampant foolishness, progressives like Obama are about to be sucked into a murky vortex of victim subgroup needs. From the goings-on at the LGBTQ event, it was also learned that being illegal isn’t something criminal interlopers feel the need to hide anymore.

Moreover, thanks to Obama, what was also revealed is the realization that for every transgender named Jennicet, there are probably a hundred more straight guys named Álvaro who will soon insist that Santeria be named the national religion and that “The Star-Spangled Banner” be replaced with the “Himno Nacional Mexicano.”

But most importantly, from the raucous repartée between the undocumented man in a red dress and the president, America learned that this insanity is taking place because Barack Obama still refuses to acknowledge that the White House belongs to “we the people,” not him.

CULTURE OF DEATH VICTIM: Pro-Choice Pastor Clementa Pinckney

roof-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Barack Obama is slated to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of his friend, South Carolina Democratic Senator Pastor Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney was assassinated along with eight other church members following a church Bible study attended by Dylann Roof, the white supremacist lunatic who pumped bullets from a .45 caliber pistol into nine openhearted churchgoers.

Immediately following the murders, the nation was touched by the response from the victims’ families, who extended mercy and forgiveness to Roof and encouraged the 21-year-old to seek Christ and repent. The nation was deeply moved by the outreach coming from the grieving families and saw their response as a step toward racial healing that the nation, of late, is sorely in need of.

But all that is about to end, because President Barack Obama is going to take to the pulpit at the historic black church Mother Emanuel A.M.E. in Charleston. Rest assured that in addition to quoting Scripture out of context, the president, just as he did in Tucson and Newtown, will use the pastor’s memorial as an occasion to advance his aggressive gun control agenda and reignite the racial tension that has been smoldering since Baltimore.

Besides the deaths of these nine people, compounding the tragedy is the lack of realization that neither race nor guns is at the root of what happened in Charleston. In fact, if the president was forthcoming, he would apologize to the pastor’s family, to the families of all those who died, and to America for personally setting a tone that insists that the value of life is based solely on personal choice.

For many in black Christian circles, politics take precedence over the Scripture that is unambiguous about how the God that Pastor Pinckney preached about every Sunday feels about the sanctity of life. Pastor Pinckney was a Democrat and supported the vile practice of abortion, but what the late pro-abortion pastor didn’t anticipate prior to being targeted was that he too would become a victim of a dogma that degrades the value of life.

Every day, with the approval of Obama, his political party, and men like Pastor Pinckney, 3,000-4,000 babies, both black and white, are coldly disposed of. Babies, all of whom, as Apostle Paul says in Galatians 1:15, are “set apart from their mother’s womb and called … by grace.”

To Dylann Roof, who believed “N_____s are stupid and violent,” Paul’s words held no meaning. Somewhere along the line, Roof believed the lie that the human beings he unapologetically disposed of were not worthy to live, and responded by exercising his right to choose in the most perverted of ways. So, in what should have been a womb-like environment of safety, Roof exercised his right to abort what God ordained.

And as gruesome as what happened at the hands of a hate-filled madman seems to civilized people, in abortion mills all over the country equally casual killings take place all day, every day. The difference is that the carnage Americans witnessed in a blood-soaked church hall is both tangible and real.

That’s why it’s important to recognize that Charleston isn’t about race, nor is it about the Confederate flag, nor is it about the availability of guns. The deaths in Charleston are the result of policies and ideologies run amok that give man, rather than God, the right to determine who lives and who dies.

President Barack Obama should accept some of the responsibility, because his pro-death ideology is partly to blame. The truth is that the president lost his friend Clem because Dylann Roof felt that the right to choose meant that, based merely on the color of their skin, he could blow away nine innocent people.

And so as the slain pastor and the other eight victims are laid to rest, instead of moralizing about gun control and racial injustice, a more fitting eulogy for Clementa Pinckney would be for Barack Obama to apologize for his part in cultivating a culture of death.

Charleston Christians Teach the World a Lesson in Forgiveness

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imagesEver since the day Barack Obama was elected, instead of God-granted victory and faith, America, both black and white, has been subjected to a new level of mistrust and vitriol.  Despite the election of our first African-American president, it seems a country that has slowly moved toward healing the deep wounds of slavery and discrimination has now devolved into a racial hostility most Americans thought was long gone.

Then, just as a break in the ongoing racial strife in Baltimore seemed to be holding, evil decided that it was as good a time as any to shoot an arrow right through the heart of that fragile respite.  It happened when a 21-year-old white man named Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Roof was warmly welcomed by the all-black group, and he sat for an hour in a Scripture study led by 41-year-old State Senator Pastor Clementa Pinckney.

After the study was completed and before pumping nine of God’s people full of bullets from a .45 caliber pistol, a clearly disturbed Dylann Roof, inspired by what he called “Southern pride,” admitted he let loose with a barrage of racially hateful remarks.

Make no mistake: unlike what ensued after the Trayvon Martin incident and Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray all dying at the hands of the police, the reaction to the deaths in Charleston has been very different.

From Sanford, Florida to Ferguson, Missouri to Baltimore, Maryland, the reactions to the Martin, Brown, Garner, and Gray deaths have all been, and continue to be, knee-jerk, angry, and vindictive.  Hostile individuals have been excessive in their response and have exploited perceived racial injustice to loot and participate in all manner of offensive behavior.

Adding to that volatile set of circumstances is a poorly closeted black-activist president who should be inspiring national peace but instead, in some sort of unspoken rally for renewed racial turmoil, has stood by in silent approval of the disorder gripping the nation.  Furthermore, on behalf of advancing racial parity, this same president has routinely dispatched civil rights activist/pseudo-reverend Al Sharpton to stir up already explosive situations.

Despite all that, Charleston will be different.

The events at a historically black church did not involve a white police/black suspect encounter or a black kid in a hoodie skulking around a building complex looking for trouble.  Instead, like lambs targeted and ambushed by a lone wolf, a community of believers were gathering in peace to study the Bible.

Without question, Roof expressed the sort of racial hatred that cops in Ferguson and Baltimore are being wrongly accused of.  The difference is that despite the certainty of the Charleston motive being racism, the families of those lost chose Christ-like love over the sort of hate the president and his minions thrive on.

Appearing at the court hearing following the murders, family members of the deceased faced Dylann Roof.  Markedly different from the likes of Bruce Jenner, who self-identifies as female, and Caucasian Rachel “I identify as black” Dolezal, the families who spoke to the perpetrator were not confused at all about their identity.

In fact, those who addressed Dylann Roof didn’t revel in the usual accusatory condemnation.  Instead, the families chose to exercise a freedom of choice quite different from the one Barack Obama regularly promotes, and identified with the One who forgave those who unjustly nailed Him to Golgotha’s tree.

Rather than excuse hatred and resentment, the mourners cleaved tightly to God’s Word.  And instead of calling for looting, plundering, and ransacking Charleston, mercy and pardon were extended to the person who stole what was most precious from them.  Exuding the character of Christ, rather than demanding vengeance, those who lost all gave back.

Felecia Sanders survived the attack where her son died.  Sanders told Roof, “You have killed some of the most beautifulest people that I know. Tywanza Sanders was my son[.] … May God have mercy on you.”

Rather than carry on about how #blacklivesmatter, Anthony Thompson proved that, regardless of the circumstances, in God’s economy, #allsoulsmatter.

So, on behalf of one killer’s eternal soul, the grandson of murdered Myra Thompson told the remorseless murderer, “I forgive you, my family forgives you. … We would like you to take this opportunity to repent. Do that and you’ll be better off than you are right now.”

Then, instead of focusing on skin color, revealing the sort of “content of character” Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of one half-century ago, the weeping daughter of Ethel Lance said, “You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people. But God forgive you. I forgive you.”

In a small historically black church, an alternative to the norm too stunning and stark to ignore has manifested.  That example is one that all of us, including our so-called Christian president, ungrateful first lady, and militant cohort of race-hustling advisors could learn from.

Over a thousand years ago, the Apostle John in 1 John 5:4 foretold what the iconic hymn “We Shall Overcome” promises.  John reminded Jesus’s followers, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith.”

In the midst of indescribable horror, a group of faithful overcomers forgave the unforgivable.  As a result, the world is reeling, not from fear of retribution, but from witnessing the power of  redemption in the flesh.

Because the truth is that it doesn’t matter what Dylann Roof did or didn’t do.  What matters is that those called on to forgive do what Christ calls for each one of us to do.  Therein lies the type of power to overcome that heartbroken people, who responded righteously, can sing from the heart about at prayer vigils.

And so, in the most tragically, achingly beautiful way, a handful of African-American believers in Jesus have proven to be a true example of what has been sorely lacking in America since the day the country’s first black president took office.

BLACK LIVES MATTER? Prince Entertains the Pro-Choice President

prince-purple-rainOriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Remember George W. Bush? He’s the guy who wouldn’t even play golf during the Iraq War. Meanwhile Barack Obama has proven time and again that he is cut from a different cloth, and when things get tough, the tough start dancing. As the ISIS beheadings accelerate and the threat to America’s homeland increases, again Barack Obama quelled his anxiety by treating himself to a dose of star-studded entertainment.

This past weekend it was 80’s sleaze-pop icon Prince, who has decided of late not to curse in his songs, that took Barack and Michelle Obama’s mind off pesky things like antibiotic-resistant TB coming over the border, rapes and murders being committed by illegal aliens, and ISIS being in possession of WMD.

Prince, whose repertoire includes songs about used Trojans, masturbation, and assorted other sex acts, was on hand at the White House for African-American Music Appreciation Month and gave a private VIP performance for Michelle, Barry, both their young daughters, as well as a group of very important guests.

The 500-person guest list included stalwart Obama sycophants Stevie Wonder and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his date, singer Ciara, whose explicit “Ride” lyrics and use of the “N” word is something neither Sasha nor Malia should be exposed to.

Russell, although open about his Christianity, was just one in a long list of Christians in attendance who profess Christ while supporting the most pro-abortion, supposedly Christian president in the history of America. A troubling dichotomy, to say the least.

As global havoc raged on, the Obama family event also hosted part-time Christian TV & film star Tyler Perry, who also openly professes Christ while supporting pro-choice candidates and having children out of wedlock; Planned Parenthood supporter and abortion activist Connie Britton; and Angela Bassett, supposedly a woman of faith who also supports pro-choice politicians.

Just prior to leaving on another taxpayer-funded European jaunt, Michelle “Uptown Funk” Obama boogied far into the night with the likes of Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King and Black-ishstar Tracee Ellis Ross.

Tracee was probably invited not only because she is Diana Ross’s daughter, but because Black-ish is the sitcom whose father character, Dre Johnson, reminded black Americans that “Sure, the other side may trot out a token black face every now and again, but the fact of the matter is, being a black Republican is something we just don’t do.”

Oh, and also on hand was one of the first lady’s favorite high-end fashion designers, Naeem Khan, as well as J. Crew’s Creative Director and President, Jenna Lyons.

Jon Bon Jovi, who is planning a Hillary 2016 fundraiser in his New Jersey backyard, was there, as was James Taylor, who, after the terrorist attack in Paris, brought liberal love and hugs to France via an acoustic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Apparently, to be among the VIPs at the private Prince concert at the “Party Hearty While the Whole World Burns” White House function you had to be either a black Christian willing to embrace the Democrat pro-choice platform, a staunch big-money fundraising supporter, a fashion designer, a Planned Parenthood abortion activist, or just all around Black-ish.

And while the partisan bias is telling, the most unsettling part of this whole event wasn’t choosing Prince, whose hit collection includes songs like “Do Me Baby” and “Lovesexy,” as the best person to pay homage to the rich history of African-American music.

No, the most troubling part of the whole affair was the fact that the same man who said at the 2015 Grammys that “Black lives matter!” can go to the White House and play a private concert for a president who supports the funding of a procedure that in 2009 killed twice as many black babies as all the other causes of death for black people that year.

So, Prince was there to extol African-American music and reinforce the message that “Black Lives Matter.” Michelle and her daughters were there killing time and dancing to “Little Red Corvette” while the butler loaded the aircraft in preparation to fly the women like royalty to Europe.

The quasi-Christian guests were there to buoy up the belief that you can talk like the church lady and still vote pro-choice.  But most disturbing of all was the president who was there agreeing with Prince that “Black Lives Matter,” but whose radical abortion stance proves that whether it’s white lives or potential African-American musicians’ lives, he feels otherwise.

Rachel Dolezal’s ‘Evocative’ Artistic Expression

635697547348503662-AP-NAACP-Leader-Racial-QuestionsOriginally posted at American Thinker

Faux-black activist and head of the Spokane, Washington NAACP Rachel Dolezal either has a bad case of self-loathing, or, in a Bruce Jenner sort of way, identifies with being a black woman.

And who among the liberal left at this point is willing to tell Rachel Dolezal she’s wrong?

When asked about falsifying her race, a measured and thoughtful Dolezal responded to the Spokesman-Review by saying, “That question is not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of complexities … and I don’t know that everyone would understand that.”

Remember, in the liberal mind there are no absolutes, so inflexible things like race and gender are not based on DNA; they’re fluid.  Race, like gender, is relative, but not in a genetic way.

Think of it this way: Bruce, or Caitlyn, as he/she likes to call him/herself, needs lipstick and pantyhose to feel like his/her true self. Similarly, Rachel, whose mother said that as a child was “always interested in ethnicity and diversity,” may just feel more like herself when standing in solidarity with Marilyn Mosby, plumbing the depths of African-American culture, speaking on race-influenced police violence, and sporting jheri curls.

And who’s to say that what’s right for Rachel Dolezal is wrong?  Who are we to question her reality?

Besides, thanks to Rachel Dolezal, now every unemployed African-American trapped in a Caucasian body can scream discrimination whenever they’re turned down for a job; the majority can become a minority and join the fight to demand reparations; and best of all, Hillary Clinton can officially declare her black heritage and clinch the Obama vote in the next election.

Meanwhile, Ms. Dolezal’s Caucasian birth parents Ruthanne and Lawrence claim their daughter is a white woman acting like a black woman and is “being dishonest and deceptive with her identity.” Based on those closed-minded White European comments, it’s clear Rachel’s Czech/Swedish/German/with possible traces of Native American parents don’t understand the liberal mind at all.

Unlike her mother and father, Ms. Dolezal is an interpretive dancer with an interest in green architecture and intercultural negotiating.  Those sketchy made-up avocations alone suggest that the now-infamous black woman imprisoned in a Caucasian body is, without a doubt, a certified liberal. Otherwise, why would her website say that if she were a wrestler her “finishing move would be ‘A kiss?’”  Right there is a dead giveaway.

Also, according to her blogger website, besides having a Masters in Fine Arts degree from the historically black Howard University, the esteemed academic is also involved in community development, human rights education, and diversity counseling. Let’s hope Rachel didn’t counsel Barack Obama on how to bring diversity to wealthy neighborhoods, because if she did, the president is about find out that his integration attempts have placed white people pretending to be black people into neighborhoods he was hoping to diversify.

Either way, before judging Dolezal too harshly for suggesting that hair texture is what identifies a person’s ethnicity and for figuratively dressing up in blackface, maybe there’s a plausible explanation for what would otherwise be viewed as bizarre behavior. Regardless of how it looks, Rachel the artist may not be a scam artist at all.

An award-winning mixed-media painter/sculptor with dozens of exhibitions “in 13 states, internationally, and at the United Nations Headquarters,” Ms. Dolezal’s most notable artistic accomplishment may be her using her body as a canvas and successfully passing herself off as a female version of James Whitmore in “Black Like Me.”

In place of deception or genuine struggles with transracialism, Dolezal, who oftentimes uses acrylic on strips of elk hide as a medium, may just be actively involved in an ongoing creative process.  It could be that for 20 years Rachel has been releasing artistic angst by reinventing herself as a black woman who esteems her race via long blonde hair extensions.

On her website, which features largely African American-themed artwork that includes a prophetic depiction of a black girl named “Pariah,” Rachel also has a mixed-media piece she created entitled “Julia.” The description under “Julia” details it as an acrylic-on-paper monotype from flesh.

Rachel created “Julia” in the following way:

When I am emotionally so connected to the creative process that I can’t have a paintbrush between me and the canvas, I ‘paint’ with my body and hair… It’s messy and painful, and the palette is restricted to nontoxic pigments, but the process is fulfilling and the results evocative.

In other words, similar to using John Boehner’s favorite Benjamin Moore Coppertone shade 2161-10, when Rachel feels really creative she slathers her body and dips her hair in acrylic paint and, although “messy and painful,” rolls around on canvases, which for all intents and purposes is what she’s done on a canvas called her body for more than two decades.

Of another piece entitled “My Place,” an acrylic on puzzle and panel, which is apropos coming from what appears to be a puzzled artist, Rachel says that the painting depicting a Cape Town, South African girl is about her “connecting parts of [her]self and finding [her] sense of place.”

So in reality, if “reality” is an appropriate word to use here, this is probably not really a mentally disturbed self-hating white girl of European descent falsifying her ethnicity.  As a highly evolved artist with her own personal truths, perhaps Rachel Dolezal’s 20-year “fulfilling and evocative” foray into “How to be Black” is merely another example of liberal artistic expression.

The unintentional abortion metaphor in Game Of Thrones


Originally posted at American Thinker

Fans of Game of Thrones were appalled when, in episode nine of season 5, “The Dance of Dragons,” Stannis Baratheon, head of House Baratheon of Ironstone, and his wife Selyse exercised the right to choose and did to their daughter Shireen what 4,000 women in America do every day.

In pursuit of personal destiny they sacrificed their child.

Prior to agreeing to allow his daughter to be set on fire by Melisandre, a controlling witch who serves a Prince of Darkness masquerading as the Lord of Light.  Red Priestess Melisandre promises Stannis that if royal blood is shed, the Lord of Light will ensure that the power he seeks to seize the Iron Throne will finally be his.

Eager to have the snow storm that keeps his army from storming Winterfell clear, and knowing full well that a sacrifice was needed to accomplish that goal, before her death, Stannis tells Shireen, “If a man knows who he is and remains true to himself, the choice is no choice at all. He must fulfill his destiny and become who he is meant to be no matter how much he may hate it.”

And isn’t that exactly the lie that those who choose abortion believe?

Pro-abortion advocates are convinced that filicide permits a person to be true to themselves, and that making the choice to dispose of one’s offspring, no matter how hateful that act may be, somehow guarantees that future destinies will be fulfilled.

The truth is that the character Stannis Baratheon is a weak, sorry excuse for a human being whose quest for power is greater than his love for his less-than-perfect daughter. And Shireen’s sickly mother Selyse is no different. Selyse, who stores the bodies of her three stillborn sons in crystal containers, is so enamored with the Red Priestess’ fire god that she agrees to hand over her only living child to be burnt at the stake.

While both stunning and shocking, the visceral reaction to the scene where the Red Priestess sets Shireen on fire provides a graphic fictional depiction of a very modern-day practice.

Game of Throne’s writer/executive producer/director Dan Weiss apparently doesn’t see it that way. Weiss feels that Melisandre’s irrational influence on Stannis “gives … a window into the heads of people who believe irrational things on faith.”

While that may be true in fantasy literature, Melisandre’s irrational influence on Stannis provides another “window into the heads of people” who have been and continue to be willing to practice their humanistic religion by sacrificing their children on an altar called abortion.

And so, thanks to HBO, viewers received a hardcore dose of reality and a peek into the illogical pro-choice mind that believes killing your child is justified if it grants you the joy of an imagined destiny.

Just prior to being handed over for sacrifice, while reading “The Dance of Dragons,” Shireen has a tender, heartfelt moment with her father. It’s during that interaction that Stannis tells the little girl whose face is stricken on one side with stony greyscale, “You do not belong across the world with the bloody Stone Men. You are the Princess Shireen, of House Baratheon… and you are my daughter.”

YouTube Preview Image

Viewed by most as unclean, Shireen is so touched by her father’s kind and loving words that she repeats who she is and tells him that as his daughter she wants to help him regain the seat of power. Little did the princess know that the offer would entail the shedding of King’s blood – hers.

Soon after, the viewers see the tiny girl clutching the wooden stag given her by her beloved friend Davos being led in the falling snow toward a sacrificial pyre by Melisandre, who carries with her a flaming torch.

Shireen realizes that the fire is for her and begins to panic.

stannisBoth Stannis and Selyse stand expressionless, and watch as their only living child is led to her death. From the depths of her soul, little Shireen begins to call out for the two people she believes will help her – her mother and father.

Melisandre prays out loud to the Lord of Light and speaks of cleansing by fire as a kicking and squirming Shireen is dragged by soldiers to the woodpile. As the child is tied to the post, the sorceress coldly reassures the hysterical princess that “It will all be over soon.”

Torch in hand, Melisandre lights the fire and as the flames lick about the girl’s feet, the terrified victim pleads for help from the two people who should never have been killing her.

Then, unexpectedly, power-hungry Selyse, who originally thought sacrificing the child she emotionally abandoned was a good idea – had a sudden change of heart. Pulling on Stannis’s arm, she asks her husband to stop the execution. But a stalwart Stannis, mesmerized by magic, mumbles on about “King’s blood” and remains unmoved.

In a feeble attempt to save the girl, motherly instincts kick in and Selyse heads toward the pyre, but is thwarted by Baratheon soldiers. Powerless to stop what is happening, Selyse drops to her knees and watches as the fire consumes her daughter.

Because of the Red Priestess’ demonic inspiration and her parents’ personal ambition, the princess’s screams quickly turn into shrieks of agony and then abruptly stop as the flickering flames ravage her frail frame.

The image of Shireen crying out in vain for her mother and father to save her was powerful imagery indeed.
But even more haunting was the look on the faces of Stannis and Selyse, whose subsequent tears indicate that, although usually emotionless, they realized too late that attaining what they believe is their God-given calling may not have been worth the loss of their daughter.

And so, ironically, by burning Shireen alive, the producers of Game of Thrones’ “The Dance of Dragons,” made what was thought to be a statement about the irrational nature of religious faith. But instead, an unintended metaphor left astute viewers with a challenging message about aborting children for personal gain.

RAPE OF AMERICA: Place the Blame Where it Belongs

ms-13-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Well, it’s official –illegal immigrants that were hiding in the shadows last year have come out of the shadows and are now happily walking the streets in broad daylight. And what a cultural carnival of absurdity that coming-out party is turning out to be.

As a result, Americans are being culturally accosted by scary gang tattoos and catcalling Latino men riding all over town on rusted bicycles with bent wheels. Muslim women shop in full burquas, Indian women stroll about in saris, and Sikhs balance turbans on their heads and tuck mile-long beards behind their ears.

As for the plethora of Latino illegals now in our midst, there are those who are clearly unaware that, although benign, bowler hats and Peruvian lliklla shawls, as well as black socks, white sandals and second-hand winter coats, typically unnecessary in sunny downtown Oaxaca, are not fitting attire for bus stops and all-you-can-eat buffets.

But in all seriousness, for the most part, no one knows where many of these colorful and eclectic people come from, or who they really are. That’s why, in addition to withstanding a tsunami of cultural heterogeneousness, the personal safety of every American is currently at stake.

What is even more troubling is that it seems like the U.S. government feels inclined to protect the likes of MS-13 gang and drug cartel members and ignore potential ISIS terrorists, sex offenders, and child rapists. Not to mention DHS’s recent decision to release 3,700 illegal top-tier “Threat Level 1” violent reprobates, all of whom were loosed on the U.S. citizenry by the department responsible for safeguarding the security of America’s homeland.

In addition, by now most Americans are well aware that for almost eight years, when not cooking up ways to better integrate undocumented families into unenthusiastic American communities, Barack Obama has been diligently trying to find a way to detach the “illegal” from the term “illegal immigrant.” In Strengthening Communities by Welcoming All Residents: A Federal Strategic Action Plan on Immigration & Refugee Integration, the White House Task Force on New Americans has finally accomplished that goal.

The April 2015 report refers to illegals as either “newcomers” or “foreign-born Americans”.

Yet the real problem with illegal immigration isn’t America’s distaste for invasions or our growing impatience with being subjected to hearing everything repeated in Spanish over the loudspeaker in Target; it is Barack Obama, whose come-one-come-all message to the world says, “everyone willing to work hard and play by the rules is welcome.”

And while all of Obama’s rhetoric sounds idyllic, sadly, as a result of his lackadaisical upside-down worldview, millions of undocumented settlers with less than laudable motives have taken advantage of the opportunity to infiltrate our borders looking to expand their selection of prey.

Maybe someone needs to inform the president that, regardless of how hard a person is willing to work, wading across the Rio Grande in the dead of night and defying the immigration laws of a sovereign nation isn’t exactly what most people would consider “playing by the rules”.

Case in point: While Obama was feverishly planning his “New Americans Project”, MS-13 unaccompanied minors/DREAMers Joel Escobar, 17, Jose Cornejo, 17, and Bryan Larios, 18, all three of whom are considered “new Americans,” expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the president by gang-raping a 16-year-old girl.

And why shouldn’t these three just take what they want?

After all, if an illegal desires to live in another country and then, with the chief law enforcer’s approval, successfully steals his way over the border into that country, why wouldn’t that same illegal think that, if so inclined, he could just as easily get away with violating the physical borders of a woman?

That sort of perverted thinking may be why, as the president prepares to officiate civically, economically, and linguistically integrating sex-offenders, sleeper cell members and gang members into “welcoming communities”, three Obama-approved new American DREAMers felt comfortable fracturing the ribs of the male half of a couple they encountered on an out-of-the-way drawbridge on Long Island.

And as Obama’s presidential taskforce anticipated working to “increase awareness of the contributions of new Americans to our country”, in the middle of the afternoon new Americans Escobar, Cornejo and Larios were busy stealing the couple’s cash, purse, iPhone, and iPad.

In hopes of making the type of lasting contribution to America Barack Obama and his taskforce celebrate, the El Salvadorian national newcomers then marched the female half of the couple they just robbed to a wooded area a half-mile away. Pretending to have a gun, once they got her there they stripped her naked and proceeded to take turns “brutally and barbarically” raping her while the others kept watch.

After the foreign-born newcomers finished taking more of whatever they wanted from America, golfers from a nearby golf course found the victim roaming around wearing nothing but the socks the rapists forgot to take with them when they ran off.

In the end, as our president pursues the “fundamental transformation” of our neighborhoods, our cities, our nation and ultimately our world, the saddest part of this story is not the busted bicycles, the burquas, or the bowler hats we see everywhere we go. Neither is it the dismantling of American law and the erosion of our personal and national safety.

No, the saddest part of this story and many more like it is that, if this horrific gang rape by illegal aliens had to take place somewhere, it should have taken place on the White House lawn. Because if it had, the responsibility for the ongoing rape America is figuratively being forced to endure would finally be placed on the doorstep of the person ultimately to blame.

Barack Obama makes heroine of drag queen

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

One thing that’s great about America is that regardless of what your opinion is, you’re free to express it.  That is what LGBT advocate Barack Obama did when he tweeted kudos to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for dressing in drag and posing proudly on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Judging from the media circus surrounding the former Olympic champion-turned-reality TV star, even a wrongful death suit pales in comparison to what Obama feels is the remarkable valor of a clearly troubled grandfather of five leaving as his legacy a picture of himself dressed like he’s auditioning for a role in La Cage Aux Folles.

In fact, despite the bizarre nature of a man keeping his genitals tucked neatly away during a photo shoot, in Obama’s gender identity-obsessed circle, a 65-year-old male ex-Olympian dressed in a cream-colored bustier channeling Jessica Lange is someone the POTUS apparently feels is worthy of national respect.

Conveying that level of admiration has to be why Obama instructed his mouthpiece, Josh ‘Not So’ Earnest, to let the world know that, from one raging narcissist to another, the transitioning Jenner has Barry’s approval.

The truth is, based on Obama’s left-leaning political bent and peculiar list of priorities, inserting himself into the midst of the transgender festivities is more than predictable.  Any day now, Obama will probably extend bipartisan/transgender support to the newly-minted Republican cover guy/girl by inviting him/her to the White House for some playtime in Michelle’s clothes closet.

Until then, the president’s reaction does cause one to pause and reflect upon what Josh says Obama considers “tremendous courage…worthy of our respect.”  After all, if Barack Obama is suddenly commending the gutsy, there’s a long list of individuals he has neither acknowledged as courageous nor deemed worthy of showing his respect.

For instance, America now knows that the president respects men who dress in frilly underthings.  However, the same apparently does not hold true for courageous men and women who choose to dress in blue uniforms.  Judging from his recent proclamations, Barack Obama views the law enforcers who protect the mean inner cities that he racially incites as bigoted bullies who, to prevent them from “acting stupidly,” require the federal government (whenever it’s expedient, of course) to intervene.

Then there’s the undeniable “tremendous courage” of imprisoned former FBI agent Bob Levinson, veteran Amir Hekmati, and American pastor Saeed Abedini.  All three men suffer the unthinkable as they rot away in an Iranian jail, but they do so while holding fast to the faithfulness of America and the goodness of God.  Meanwhile, Obama is busy paying presidential tributes to transgender cover girls.

And while Obama tosses around kudos for cross-dressing, fading from memory are daring acts like those undertaken by the two CIA operatives who tried in vain to save U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service information management officer Sean Smith.  Ex-Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods courageously defied an alleged stand-down order and lost their lives rushing headlong into the Benghazi terrorist attack.

If Bruce/Caitlyn deserves presidential acclaim for perching demurely on a stool for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, how about an honorable mention for Bibi Netanyahu, a proven warrior willing to lay down his life to protect the nation of Israel and the Jewish people who are surrounded nearly on all sides by genocidal maniacs?

Then there are heroes like U.S. border patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, both murdered with guns given to Mexican drug cartels by the leaders of a nation whose borders Terry and Zapata died trying to protect.

And let’s not forget the “tremendous courage” of border agents who were infected with things like bacterial pneumonia and scabies while doing their job handling the influx of children the president illegally encouraged migrating to America.

While Obama is freely dispensing declarations of “tremendous courage…worthy of respect,” how about a posthumous mention of an extraordinary patriot who laid down his life to protect his fellow soldiers and the nation he loved, American Sniper Chris Kyle?  Murdered by a soldier with PTSD, Kyle never received praise or approval from the guy who seems super-impressed with a 6’2” man who managed to squeeze his lanky gams into a pair of XXL panty hose.

Regardless of what Barack Obama views as “tremendous courage” or behavior “worthy of respect,” there are true American heroes like Racine, Wisconsin native and born-again Christian Jordan Matson, a man whose name Obama has yet to mention.

Hey Obama!  How about a shout-out to Matson, who could no longer stand by and see Christians slaughtered by the Islamic State and decided it was high time for him to do a job you simply refuse to do?

Formerly a U.S. Army infantryman, Jordan Matson worked a delivery route just long enough to save enough money to sustain him in Syria for three years.  Now Matson is fighting against ISIS side by side with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit.

Yet, despite all that, and much more, the president of the United States still insists on publicly declaring his respect for the “tremendous courage” of a he-she in lipstick dressed up in a lace corset who, to the delight of the national media, is currently in the process of “fundamentally transforming” himself from male to female.

Someone should muster the fortitude to advise Barack Obama that contrary to presidential opinion, it doesn’t take “tremendous courage” for a sexually conflicted father of six to defy his DNA, take female hormones, get breast implants, and have his feminine side glamorized on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Moreover, neither does granting unmerited heroism to drag queens make a president “worthy of respect.”

FUND RAISING FEMINIST FLOP: Hillary’s Almost-‘Women Only’ Event

Hillary_Clinton_2008-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Recently, Eliot “Black Socks” Spitzer’s ex-wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, the only woman in America with a former spouse as sleazy as Bill Clinton, decided to host a “Conversation With Hillary Clinton” event at midtown law firm Akin Gump.

The hope was that the $2,700-per-person invite would attract 125 die-hard estrogen-saturated admirers and that Hillary, who hasn’t been chatting with anyone, would actually lower herself to speak with a few peons.

Unfortunately, not even the promise of a pantsuit T-shirt gift bag was able to entice more than 40 percent, or 50 of the intended 125 invitees. When the tête-à-tête failed to draw in enough women, in desperation Silda extended the ticket deadline, held her nose, and allowed men to be part of the conversation.

In other words, for Hillary, Silda, and 50 other women who wanted to attend a “women only” event – men were an afterthought.

Apparently, Clinton the Cackler loves “Women Only” events, which, to be more accurate, should really be called Ovarian Circles of Solidarity.

Still, it’s hard to know if gender discrimination in the name of the “First Female President” is the way to go at speaking events. That’s why, when deciding who to invite to a Hillary happening, there are a few things to consider.

For one, there is the looming Bill Clinton issue. Hillary, the purported “smartest woman in the world”, probably realizes that having Bill hanging around the elevators scaring the women has the potential to compromise the integrity and seriousness of her bid for the White House and might be something best avoided.

Then there’s the Caitlyn Jenner issue. Jenner, resplendent in a cream-colored bustier, is currently in the throes of a coming-out party on the cover of Vanity Fair. To date, Caitlyn is still the owner of male genitals and, despite his/her long flowing Jessica Lange-lookalike hairdo, if Bruce/Caitlyn were not a Republican and decided to travel to Park Avenue on public transportation to conversate with Hillary, if sitting improperly, he/she could be waylaid for participating in illegal man-spreading.

Either way, when trawling for votes it’s best not to appear transphobic, and in the case of male hormones, no self-respecting phobiaphobic wants to be labeled a testosteroniphobic.

So, swinging wide the doors to a diverse law firm like Akin Gump and allowing in men who want to be women, women who look like men but wear pantsuits and are clearly grappling with their God-ordained sexuality, and everything between was politically expedient.

Ultimately, those conversing with Hillary for $2,700-per-person also got Bill Clinton who, for an extra 50 bucks, probably offered to happily receive all the female attendees with a sloppy wet kiss.

In addition to Bill, Silda introduced Clinton as a “tough, authentic leader” to the likes of Clinton aide Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and his husband, Randy Florke, both of whom fall into that gray “in between” category; Maurice Tempelsman; Jill Braufman (wife of hedge-funder Daniel Nir); Jean Shafiroff, the person who Bill, if given the choice, would probably prefer to sit next to; and Susan Cole, the woman most likely to be wearing a pantsuit.

Topics Hillary covered in her one-way conversation with herself were “clean energy,” mental health care for college kids, keeping but “revising” ObamaCare, Vladimir Putin, and America’s heroin and meth “epidemic.”

What Hillary chose not to talk about was filthy, philandering ex-presidents and governors, mental health care for sex addicts, how people who flubbed healthcare in the 1990s have no right “revising” healthcare in 2016, and selling uranium to Vladimir Putin.

Because some actual men did attend the event, Hillary skipped her rant on government-funded estrogen-replacement therapy, how to politically castrate an adulterous husband without spilling a drop of actual blood and, in Silda’s honor, black socks and disloyal spouses.

Then, acknowledging the pain the ex-Mrs. Spitzer suffered with Eliot, and appealing to the women in the group, badass Hillary quoted her psychic muse Eleanor Roosevelt, quipping, “Every woman in public life needs to have a husband who frequents prostitutes and a closet full of pantsuits.”

Wait…sorry…that was “Every woman in public life needs to develop skin as tough as rhinoceros hide” – and, when the questions about one’s private life get tough, learn how to hide behind a lie as as big as a rhinoceros.

Hillary’s place is in the big house, not the White House

Hillary-Clinton-angry3Originally posted at American Thinker

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s combined net worth is about $55 million, give or take a hidden dollar here or an unaccounted-for million there.  But accumulated wealth and big-money contributors have not stopped the tactically talented former first lady from opening an online schlock shop where she hopes to rake in even more money selling pint beer glasses, yard signage, and canvas carpetbags emblazoned with “H” for huckster…er, I mean Hillary!

Despite Hillary belonging in the big house, there are even tacky embroidered throw pillows that say “A woman’s place is in the White House.”

Nonetheless, for those who still want to take Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 message on the road, the store has bumper stickers complete with Hillary-inspired phallic symbols.  And for babies who, no thanks to You-Know-Who, somehow miraculously made it out of the womb alive, there are “Future Voter Onesies.”

Wondering how the presidential hopeful got from Benghazi to “Hats off to Hillary” headgear?  Well, somewhere along the line Hillary must have realized that self-deprecating humor is her friend and being the butt (no pun intended) of jokes might make her more likeable to a nation that for the most part doesn’t trust her.

The idea to poke harmless fun at herself must be why the “smartest woman in the world,” brilliant merchandising mogul that she is, got way out in front of some of her harshest critics and inserted a comedic side to her online store by selling a pantsuit T-shirt.

That’s right – Hillary Clinton has sprinkled sales savvy with a dose of humor in an ingenious plan to offer consumers an everyday (wink, wink) pantsuit T-shirt that looks like a 1980s tuxedo top but screams “Say Yes!” to the same woman who singlehandedly made Home Depot orange symbolic of girl power.

If one stops by her online store, in the “Apparel Section,” along with a group of ethnically diverse models, there’s an attractive African-American woman modeling the “Everyday Pantsuit Tee” who, besides wearing an ensemble complete with painted-on pockets and pearls, also sports an uptight grandma bun that sits smack on the top of her head.

Once one gets past the hairdo, both casual browsers and partisan consumers are immediately reassured that Hillary’s T-shirts are “American Made” and that the “Pantsuit up” slogan emblazoned on the back is union-printed.

The problem for those actually interested in purchasing a T-shirt is that thus far, the choices are limited to one, because the only color available is blood red.  And despite Hillary’s newfound playfulness, she does have a long, sordid history and a mile-high body count.  That’s why “blood red,” although a little creepy, aptly embodies the full trajectory of Mrs. Clinton’s political life.

Then again, if the inspiration for T-shirt-color choices were to reflect Hillary’s less humorous, more sinister activities and dealings, then any day now a white Whitewater tee should be added to the collection.

And what a great idea!

After Whitewater white, Hillary’s involvement in Travelgate could be commemorated with a travel-worthy turquoise tee.  There could also be 100% cotton Rose Law Firm rose-colored T-shirts, as well as Billing Office beige and an earthy cow pie hue for Cattle Futures.

If coming up with a fuller palette of colors stands to sell more T-shirts, there’s always the notorious Gap dress blue!  And oh, let’s not leave out the Benghazi “what difference at this point does it make” black, shady Clinton Foundation fuchsia, pro-abortion purple, missing e-mail magenta, Tuzla tarmac denim, and everyone’s favorite, a Bill Clinton Caribbean-themed “Pedophile Island” tie-dye $30 pajama top, bottoms not included.

Hearkening back to the good old days, Hillary could stroll down memory lane with old-friend T-shirt pigments like the Ron Brown burgundy, Vince Foster violet, Gennifer Flowers gold, and Kathleen Willey khaki.

But in all seriousness, if past political improprieties did inspire her T-shirt color chart, at the very least it would reconfirm for erstwhile Hillary voters that Mrs. Clinton and her cheesy lapel pins and cheap plastic I ♥ Hillary tumblers belong in the big house, not the White House.