Blaming Mickey and Other Measles Scapegoats

mickeymeaslesOriginally posted at American Thinker

After Enterovirus D-68, a virus that arrived in the US from Latin America, killed 15 Americans, most of them children, and paralyzed dozens, the CDC is finally ’fessing up that the newest epidemic, the Disneyland measles outbreak, had its origin overseas.  According to Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “We don’t know exactly how this outbreak started but we do think it was likely a person infected with measles overseas.”

Overseas? How about over the border?

Unwilling to put the blame on the thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors that Obama encouraged to migrate north last summer or the possibility that an illegal visiting Disneyland is the source, is the CDC actually suggesting the culprit might be a travelling American, or a visitor from overseas, or perhaps Dumbo or even Mickey Mouse?

The CDC is saying “We assume that someone got infected with measles overseas, visited Disneyland park, and spread the disease to others.”  In other words, it could have been absolutely anyone, from anywhere!

According to Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat M.D., assistant surgeon general of the United States Public Health Service and director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), one person with the highly contagious measles virus can infect 12 to 18 people. So whomever the “overseas” person was that went to Disneyland with the intent to visit the “happiest place on earth,” he or she has managed to start a chain of events that has affected 91 Minnie and Mickey fans and made 100 people in eight states extremely unhappy.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration advocates must be hoping that guilt-ridden Americans who are used to accepting fault for everything from slavery to worldwide terrorism will forget what took place on America’s border last summer.

But a quick stroll down memory lane brings to mind a certain government-contracted security force nicknamed the “brown shirts.”  The brown shirts threatened doctors and nurses with arrest if they revealed any information about the illnesses they were seeing at the San Antonio, Texas Lackland Air Force Base refugee camp, where thousands of illegal alien children were being housed.

Maybe remorseful Americans need to be reminded that one anonymous source said that there were children in the camp with measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat, not to mention children with visible lice crawling in their hair.

Also, let us not forget that, according to the US government’s “Office of Refugee Resettlement,” there were approximately 60,000 “unaccompanied minors” who were relocated, some of whom were documented to have – you guessed it – the measles.

Therefore, logic dictates that there’s a good chance the measles carrier was not one tourist or a single American returning from abroad, and the CDC implying that this is the case is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

In a moment of scrupulousness, Dr. Schuchat did admit that the virus affecting Americans is similar to strains currently infecting the people of Indonesia and the Muslim nations of Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Dubai.

So in other words, human germ canisters have proven to “armed insurgents” and anyone else interested in triggering another “man-caused disaster” that a shot at successful bio-warfare actually exists.

Bio-warfare or not, measles still has a 90 percent transmission rate among people who are not immunized or otherwise immune to it. So now as the virus spreads, on behalf of the politician responsible, Dr. Schuchat is dutifully implying that Americans are to blame.

Schuchat insists that the measles cases are exponentially growing because some Americans fail to get vaccinated or get their children vaccinated.  She feels that “this is not a problem of the measles vaccine not working. It’s a problem of the measles vaccine not being used. Measles can be a very serious disease and people need to be vaccinated.”

So wait – this outbreak is not because thousands of unvaccinated children from other countries exposed American children to a virus that was eradicated from the United States 14 years ago? No, it’s because of anti-vaxxers who chose not to vaccinate because, before Obama ushered in a Third World invasion, concern about contracting the measles was minimal.

Schuchat added, “Measles is still common around the world and we estimate there are around 20 million cases a year. Of them, more than 145,000 die every year. For every 1,000 children who get measles, one to three of them die despite treatment.”

Not to mention that “28 percent of kids who get measles are sick enough to be hospitalized, and can suffer permanent brain damage.”

Speaking of brain damage, here’s an idea for “virus hunter” Anne Schuchat:  How about suggesting to the president that it’s a bad idea to purposely import contagions that have long been eliminated and unnecessarily expose American children to viruses and bacteria that make many deathly ill and kill others?

On second thought, the CDC will probably be forced to toe Obama’s blame-game line, which means it’s only a matter of time until someone suggests that it was unvaccinated American children who infected “unaccompanied minors” with the measles.

Vaccinated or not, on behalf of the CDC, Dr. Schuchat’s public service announcement did warn that “You can catch measles just by being in the same room as a person who has measles.” Did she mean “room” as in public school classrooms filled with illegal children?

Then Dr. Anne suggested that “If [adults] are not sure whether [they] have had the measles vaccine or not…there’s no harm in getting another MMR vaccine.”

So there you have it.

Despite Obama knowingly importing infected youngsters with, among other things, the measles, children whose parents have decided, in a free country, for whatever reason, be it religious, philosophical, or medical, not to vaccinate are now being impugned for starting a measles crisis.

As for adults who have already had the measles vaccine, to preclude contracting a deadly virus from children who shouldn’t be in America to begin with, they’re now being told there’s no harm in getting a booster.

Once again, kudos goes to the President!

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Obama’s election minions descend on Israel

obama-netanyahuOriginally posted at American Thinker

Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate anyone treating him like he treats everyone else.  That’s why the president will not be meeting with Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu when, in response to an invitation from House Speaker John Boehner, he comes to the U.S. to address a joint session of Congress on the threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel and the world.

Petulant child Barack Obama doesn’t take perceived insult well.  His response is usually spiteful, and disproportionately so.  The president embodies what Robert Kennedy meant when he said, “Don’t get mad; get even.”

On more than one occasion Barack Obama has reminded his political adversaries that he won.  The president has publicly rebuked congressmen, dressed down Supreme Court justices at a State of the Union address, and scolded reporters, political adversaries, and anyone else he perceives as critical of his one-sided, left-leaning progressive vision.

On occasion, in the process of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Obama has been known to throw temper tantrums, stomp out of meetings, mock Republicans, and issue threats.

And the ingenious Barack Obama has also been known to display his vindictiveness in more creative ways.

Take for instance sending non-verbal messages of approval or disapproval with his selective attendance at funerals.  If a conservative ally or war hero passes away or a black thug or a border-crossing illegal murders a law enforcement officer, their deaths are ignored.  On the other hand, liberal celebrities, civil rights activists, Saudi dictators, communist South African presidents, and any other individuals whose deaths further his liberal agenda are all recognized with effusive condolences.

But skipping funerals and bubble-wrapping and sending back to Britain Winston Churchill’s bust pale in comparison to Obama’s vile approach toward Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Caught on an open mic talking with Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama responded to the former French president, who said he could not stand Netanyahu and called him a liar, by saying, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

The year prior, Obama had presented Mr. Netanyahu with a list of 13 demands designed to mend fences with Palestine, one of which was for all construction in East Jerusalem be halted.  When Bibi balked, the president stood up, announced, “I’m going to the residential wing to have dinner with Michelle and the girls,” and stormed out of the room, leaving the Israeli prime minister sitting alone for over an hour.

In 2011, Scott Wilson of the Washington Post described the relationship between Bibi and Barack perfectly when he wrote that “Obama and Netanyahu are allies only by tradition, and their relationship lacks personal warmth and is tested often by their differing political views.”

In other words, the relationship is cold, confrontational, and at times openly hostile.

Netanyahu is offended by Obama’s wanting to negotiate with a nation whose former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said, “Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury,” and whose Ministry of Defense stated that “[t]he day will come when the Islamic people in the region will destroy Israel and save the world from this Zionist base.”

That’s why, when invited by John Boehner to address a problem Barack Obama refuses to deal with, for the safety and well-being of both America and Israel, Netanyahu graciously accepted the invitation to deliver a message to a Congress craving a dose of reality.

Evidently, Obama is furious that Boehner invited Netanyahu.  A White House spokesperson speaking on Mr. Obama’s behalf said that Bibi accepting the invitation is equivalent to spitting in the president’s face.

If I may, saying Prime Minister Netanyahu “spat in our face publicly,” referring of course to President Obama’s face, is a dramatic word picture.

When the anonymous spokesperson stressed that “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price,” it was exactly the kind of nasty Chicago-style threat Barack the community organizer is now known for.

Then, just a few days after the “price to pay” warning, Obama refused to meet with the Israeli leader.  Citing “the proximity to the Israeli election,” National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said:

As a matter of long-standing practice and principle…[and]…to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country… we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections.

And while that seems like a noble practice, we now come to find out that the “price to pay” may involve the Obama administration doing the exact opposite of “long-standing practice and principle.”  In fact, from the looks of things, Barack Obama may be very interested in “influencing a democratic election in a foreign country.”

According to Israeli media outlet Haaretz, the “Anyone but Bibi” V-2015 campaign is being assisted by Harvard-educated Jeremy Bird, Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns’ Organizing for Action deputy national field director.  The V-2015 plan is to defeat Bibi by engaging in an Israeli ground operation similar to the one that helped secure Obama a two-term U.S. presidency.

Flush with American money, Bird and a team of Obama community organizers are working with “One Voice International,” a U.S. State Department-funded grassroots movement whose goal is to “amplif[y] the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives toward the two-state solution.”

Coincidentally, the former COO of Soros Fund Management, Gary Gladstein, sits on the “One Voice” Honorary Board of Advisors.

That’s why Barack Obama is undoubtedly anxious to see his nemesis, for repeatedly defying the president’s demands, and for treating the PLO and the soon-to-be-nuclear Iran like nothing more than common terrorists, crushed by a two-state-friendly opponent.

Bottom line: once again, the malicious, spiteful Barack Obama, whose minions have successfully placed in office a leader who intrinsically despises the nation he leads – twice – may be attempting to get his own way by replacing a leader who loves Israel with a leader who does not.

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MUSLIM KOWTOWER: Obama Mourns for a Saudi King

saidi-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

Based on which funerals and memorials he chooses to attend and which ones he chooses to ignore, in the past President Obama has relayed unspoken sentiments about the deceased.

Take for instance his weeping at the memorial services of children killed by gun violence versus his absence at the funerals of the children who died of Enterovirus D-68. The president attended the former because it furthered his ongoing gun-grab effort, but not the latter, because children dying from imported Third World diseases are synonymous with being a victim of Obama’s illegal immigration policy.

At a moment’s notice, Barack and Michelle were willing to fly off to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral, but because U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata were killed with Obama administration “Fast and Furious”-provided guns, the president chose to skip those events.

Regrettably for Major General Harold J. Green, the highest-ranking military officer killed in combat in a half-century, on the same day the major general was laid to rest Obama chose to play his second round of golf in three days.

Unlike he did with drug-addled pop star Whitney Houston, cancer-victim ESPN announcer Stuart Scott, and the suicidal Robin Williams, the president made no statement concerning the death of decorated Navy SEAL of American Sniper fame, Chris Kyle, the Iraqi war hero who did four tours of duty and saved thousands of American lives. Obama didn’t even acknowledge the murdered Kyle’s funeral, which included a 200-mile procession from Midlothian, Texas to Austin.

The same held true with James Foley, the American journalist beheaded by renowned ISIS decapitator Jihadi John. At Foley’s memorial service, there was nary a White House representative in sight.

To his credit, Obama blubbered like a baby at the funeral of the “Godmother” of the civil rights movement, Dr. Dorothy Height, and recognized the death of the first Cherokee Nation female chief Wilma Mankiller.

After the passing of fantasy/science fiction author Ray Bradbury, pop star/disco singer Donna Summer, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and American Bandstand/New Year’s Eve icon Dick Clark, Obama publicly extended his condolences.

And just as he did with Trayvon Martin, Obama issued a statement concerning the death of Ferguson, Missouri thug Michael Brown. Concerned about gun violence, the president dispatched Michelle to Chicago for the funeral of murdered teen Hadiya Pendleton.

On the other hand, the president chose to sit out the funeral of U.S. ally and good friend to former president Ronald Reagan, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Citing volcanic ash as a deterrent, the president chose to golf on the day of Polish president Lech Kaczynski’s 2010 funeral.

Speaking of Poland, on the way home from India Obama will not be attending the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, the largest mass murder site in human history.

However, six million murdered Jews aside, while returning from India, Obama decided to make a $267,787 four-hour stopover in Saudi Arabia to pay his respects to the late King Abdullah and to meet the newly crowned Saudi monarch King Salman. The president touched down in Riyadh hauling a huge American delegation that included Condoleezza Rice and John McCain (R-AZ).

Barack Obama didn’t feel inclined to pay his respects to NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, whose funeral services were both held close to New York City’s Times Square. But maybe, after dining at the Saudi Erga Palace, he did some secret sightseeing in Deera “Chop-Chop Square,” the place where decapitations routinely take place as a form of entertainment and where, after losing their heads, some of the corpses are then crucified.

Disguised as diplomacy, Barack Obama, the man who ignored the deaths of America’s true allies, chose to spend American tax dollars to fund his transparently selective funeral attendance. And he did it in the largest Arab nation that controls most of the world’s oil for a dead King whose legacy has been the persecution of women, imprisonment or death for political dissidents, the flogging of outspoken bloggers, chopping off the limbs of thieves, and beheading people.

Meanwhile, Muslim kowtower Obama couldn’t make it to the Paris protest renouncing terrorism attended by 44 other world leaders, and asked a White House official to promise on his behalf that Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu will “pay a price” for agreeing to come to America to address Congress on the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Meanwhile, feigning funerary obligations, again Obama exposes his blatant favoritism with yet another non-verbal statement. But this time, he’s not expressing sympathy for dead thugs or deceased celebrities, but a dead Saudi Arabian king and a nation rumored to be a “cash machine” for worldwide terrorism.

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WHITE HOUSE INDIGNATION: Did Bibi Spit In Obama’s Face?

عکاسی-با-سرعت-بالا-11Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Pay attention! Barack Obama, the autonomous, Constitution-defying president who pretty much does whatever he wants is livid because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to coordinate his March visit with the one who consults with no one.

That’s right – White House officials, on behalf of a man who “spits in everyone’s face”, have said that Obama believes that Netanyahu’s plan to speak before a joint session of Congress to address the dangers Iran poses to Israel and the world is tantamount to spitting in President Obama’s face.

In case you forgot, Benjamin Netanyahu is the guy who was left sitting in a White House meeting room when he failed to submit to Obama’s diktats concerning construction in East Jerusalem. Not only that, but talk about double-standards: Obama skipping Paris wasn’t “spitting in an ally’s face”, but Bibi accepting an invitation to address Congress is being likened to spitting in Obama’s face?

For years now, Obama has been looking for any excuse to publicly place Netanyahu in the same category that he’s placed the rest of his enemies. That’s why the president continues to regularly try to push the Israeli Prime Minister’s buttons – most recently to demand that Netanyahu tone down his rhetoric calling for sanctions against Iran. Bibi is smart and surely recognizes Obama’s attempt to set up a scapegoat to blame when the negotiations, which would never have worked with Iran in the first place, completely break down.

The problem for Obama is that clearly Bibi Netanyahu fears no one and is proving again that a fraidy cat like Obama does not intimidate him, and so, thanks to John Boehner’s newfound boldness, Bibi graciously accepted the invitation and has no intention of submitting to the president’s unreasonable demands.

According to a White House spokesperson, by accepting the Speaker’s invitation, Mr. Netanyahu did something “you simply don’t do. [Bibi] spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave.” Then, after calling out the Israeli leader’s behavior, Obama’s mouthpiece, on behalf of the president, issued a customary Chicago-style threat: “Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price.”

Thus far, there’s been no price, or only a minimal price paid, for ISIS beheading Americans, no price for al Qaeda spilling French and Jewish blood, no price for ISIS gunning down 14 year-old boys for watching soccer matches, and no price for Boko Haram allegedly slaughtering 2,000 people. But Bibi Netanyahu agrees to come to the US to speak about a threat Obama refuses to confront – for that, “there will be a price”?

Based on the president’s conduct, all his foot-stomping has accomplished is to prove that tyrants simply can’t be negotiated with. Yet Obama continues to warn both Bibi and the Republican Congress that a sanctions bill would negatively impact negotiations with Iranian leaders.

What’s different here is that Boehner, who has talked tough and then summarily backed down with predictable consistency, must have gotten the loud and clear message at the SOTU from the cocksure Obama and decided to take his job seriously. Realizing that negotiating with the one who plans to negotiate with Iran isn’t going to work, Boehner extended an invitation to an authentic world leader.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the camaraderie between Bibi and Boehner is probably infuriating for someone used to always getting his own way.

What’s funny is that Obama can taunt, sneer, snigger, and abuse whomever he pleases, but let that be aimed back at him and Barack “I won twice” Obama throws a public hissy fit. Barack Obama’s unique governing style came back to bite the haughty one in the butt, and lo and behold, he can’t take what he dishes out.

How dare the Israeli leader speak truthfully about the all-but-nonexistent US-led nuclear negotiations with Iran? And how dare Netanyahu, whose country is surrounded on all sides by enemies, urge US lawmakers to ignore Obama’s threats to veto and impose a new round of tougher sanctions on Tehran?

In response to Netanyahu’s plans to bring just that sort of message to the joint session of Congress, officials in Washington – who it was is unknown – said that the “chickensh*t” nickname an anonymous administration official gave Netanyahu several months ago paled in comparison to the salty language used in the White House when the real “chickensh*ts” got news of Netanyahu’s planned speech.

Meanwhile, citing “departure from… protocol,” Obama, who parties in Gwyneth Paltrow’s backyard, invites Beyoncé and Jay-Z to the White House and grants interviews to individuals who thank him on YouTube for raising taxes to provide them with free healthcare, has refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. That’s actually a good thing, because it deprives Obama of a second opportunity to be spiteful by leaving the Israeli leader sitting in a room somewhere in the White House by himself.

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Miss USA’s message of ‘hope and love and peace’ to terrorists

Miss-Nevada-Nia-Sanchez-e1402297758649-150x150Originally posted at American Thinker

The runner-up in the Miss Universe contest, Miss USA Nia Sanchez, gave an answer to her on-stage question that would make Barack Obama proud.  Chosen to be one of the five finalists, Sanchez was asked by Filipino world champion boxer Manny Pacquaio, in painfully broken English, the following question:

If you were given 30 seconds to deliver a message to a global terrorist, what would you say?


After furrowing her perfectly arched eyebrows, rethinking and repeating what she thought he had said, Nia replied:

I know as Miss USA I can always spread a message of hope and love and peace and so I would do my very best to spread that message to them and everyone else in the world.

Miss Israel wasn’t one of the finalists.  However, rest assured that if Doron Matalan, who served as a sergeant in the Israeli army, were asked a question about terrorism, her answer probably wouldn’t include the words “hope and love and peace.”

What, pray tell, has Nia been doing for the last 14 years?  Picking out shades of spray tan?  Is the woman not aware that just a few weeks ago 17 people were murdered in Paris by Islamic terrorists?

From the sound of Miss USA’s politically correct answer, there’s a good chance that when Jihadi John was busy beheading Americans James Foley, Steven Sotloff, and Peter Kassig with a kitchen knife, a preoccupied Nia was practicing how to walk around on sky-high heels while balancing a book on her head.

Either that, or the girl has inhaled way too much hair spray.

It would probably come as a complete shock to Miss Nia that if the global terrorists got their hands on her pretty little head, it wouldn’t remain on her shoulders for very long.

Could it be that the fetching girl from Nevada has been so busy having her teeth laminated and practicing good posture that she’s totally oblivious to the fact that every day, terrorists rape, genitally mutilate, and splash acid in the faces of little girls?

And that’s if they’re lucky.

If Nia and her second-place crown were to go on a humanitarian mission to bring her feel-good message to global terrorists, she’d be immediately sold into sex slavery, stoned for indecency, or beheaded.

Although we’re used to hearing such love-and-peace nonsense from Mr. Negotiation, Barack Obama, the fact that an American in a Miss Universe contest would give such an asinine response to such a serious question confirms that, by and large, beauty pageant contestants should really stick to strutting around in bikinis and evening gowns and quit trying to come up with solutions to world problems.

Still, Miss Sanchez probably has an exciting future ahead of her.

In fact, there’s always the chance that if the president tuned in and heard Miss USA’s brilliant answer to the global terrorist question, with her Latina heritage and all, she could qualify as a stand-in for actress Eva Longoria, who occasionally brainstorms with Obama on issues like border security.

In his quest to prove to the naysayers that “hope and love and peace” change even the hardest of hearts, Obama could ask the black-belt beauty to advise him on how to better endear himself to ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Iran.

In the end, it’s too bad that the USA wasn’t represented by a girl with both beauty and brains and the gumption to look directly into the camera and say: “My 30-second message to global terrorists is this: despite our lily-livered president, America knows where you are, and we’re coming for you!”

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‘Fruit Loop’ Obama’s Peculiar Priorities

imgOriginally posted at American Thinker

Barack Obama is a man who painstakingly sets his priorities. Take, for instance, the recent funerals of two NYPD officers who were shot in the head by a radical Islamist thug as they sat in their parked police cruiser. Sadly, the president was not able to attend either Officer Ramos’s or Liu’s funeral.

However, while the Big Apple was steeped in unbearable heartache, with a heavy heart about being otherwise committed and under much emotional duress, a greatly shaken Obama and the first lady did manage to soothe their grief with a $1,000-a-couple dinner at the swanky Hawaiian Vintage Cave.

Then there was the terrorist attack in France that killed 17 people. Following the bloodshed, a million-person march descended on Paris. French President Francois Hollande and 44 foreign dignitaries, including leaders from Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey, Israel, and the Palestinian territories, attended the protest.

One would think that not even another fundraiser in Gwyneth Paltrow’s backyard could stop Barack ‘Citizen of the World’ Obama from participating in the show of unity. But again, unfortunately, the president was mysteriously engaged elsewhere, possibly doing whatever he was doing on the night of the Benghazi attack.

No matter which way you slice it, Barack Obama is a very busy man with an ever-growing list of concerns to attend to.

Consider all the time it takes for him to finagle free college tuition for 13th and 14th grade, or to plot how to veto Republican sanctions against Iran. Then there’s the effort he’s investing in releasing every last Islamic insurgent from Gitmo in time for them to get back on the battlefield to do some real damage, and the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to reprimand anyone who says the forbidden words: “Islamic terrorist.”

There are only so many hours in a day to clean up the planet and punish overachievers. Moreover, it’s probably Barack Obama himself who chases down and recruits former Democrat campaign staffers to play down-and-out housewives at State of the Union addresses.

And let’s not forget — when he’s not “fixing” our “broken” healthcare system, Obama is actively about the business of decimating our military, upping the minimum wage on behalf of the “hardest working people in America,” waving millions of illegal immigrants with infectious diseases across the border, and purposely contributing to racial unrest.

As if all that effort and responsibility isn’t enough to tucker one man out, now in the midst of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” without consulting the president, Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner goes and invites Bibi Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress on the dangers posed to Israel and the U.S. by Islamic extremism and a nuclear Iran.

Why, pray tell, does the Israeli prime minister have to issue this cautionary tale? After all, when and if he decides to, the president will be more than able to convince Iran to do things like release the imprisoned Christian pastor Saeed Abedini. In like manner, with a minimal amount of mediation on his part, an amicable Iran will also happily submit when Obama politely requests that they relinquish their nuclear ambitions.

That’s why, when the Israeli prime minister arrives in America, there is absolutely no reason to cut into the president’s packed schedule to meet with a man who was once left sitting in a White House meeting room for daring to defy Obama’s Palestinian-friendly wishes concerning Jewish construction in East Jerusalem.

To sum up, the president has no time to attend the funerals of slain police officers, or stand in solidarity with world leaders against radical Islamic terrorism, or waste time feigning hospitality toward allies like France, or worse yet, Bibi Netanyahu’s Israel.

Gone are the days of frivolous #bringbackourgirls hashtags. Instead, Barack Obama attends to truly pressing issues by granting interviews to #YouTubeAsksObama.

So, while House Republicans and an incensed Bob Menendez (D-NJ) look forward to gleaning insight from Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama, a man who’s certain his priorities are in order, chats it up with the likes of Hank Green. Hank, together with his brother John Green, author of The Fault in our Stars, rants on YouTube about “Harry Potter, Hong Kong, net neutrality and farting.”

While ISIS lines up teenage boys in front of firing squads for watching soccer games and Boko Haram kills thousands, with her green lipstick and occasional Ebonics the self-proclaimed “Queen of YouTube,” comedian and Internet sensation GloZell Green interviews the president.

The buxom GloZell is renowned for YouTube videos such as My Push up Bra will help me get my man; How to Draw Perfect Eyebrows; and GloZell’s Cereal Challenge, where the curvy woman with the unruly curls writhes around in a bathtub filled with Fruit Loops and milk.

Sad to say, but at this juncture it seems natural to utter the words Obama and Fruit Loops in the same sentence.

Nonetheless, during the mesmerizing interview, reminiscent of Obama’s “if I had a son” Trayvon Martin reference, GloZell told the president that, to keep her husband from getting shot by the “po-po,” she cut the hoods off all his hoodies.

Finally, Derek Hough’s dramatic paso doble partner on “Dancing with the Stars” last season, Bethany Mota, also gabbed with the president, who, by the way, did some dancing of his own with Ellen DeGeneres.

Via YouTube, Bethany announced that she put up Christmas decorations right after Halloween because she “…just decided that [her] room looked really sad.”

Speaking of “really sad,” that’s pretty much how Barack Obama has made America look on the world stage.

And so, short of volunteering to inflate deflated footballs or bowing to international protocol and flying off to Saudi King Abdullah’s funeral, as usual, while the world burns Barack Obama believes he has his priorities in order.

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SNIPING AT ‘SNIPER': Hollywood Applauds Losers, Belittles Heroes

AMERICAN SNIPEROriginally posted at CLASH Daily

Hollywood is a place where movies about gay cowboys earn tears, inspire repeated standing ovations, and win Academy Awards. Hollywood is place where movies like Cider House Rules and Vera Drake, both of which commend slaughtering the unborn, are lauded as noble.

Hollywood is also a place where America-hating, Cuba-loving collectivists can become millionaires while criticizing capitalism, and the pot-smoking offspring of “radical Jewish socialists” can be catapulted to the heights of stardom for telling dirty jokes.

Hollywood is home to those who champion freedom of expression as long as what is being expressed supports the left-wing agenda. Yet those same people refuse to recognize that the right to express those opinions, regardless of how vile, was won thanks to the sacrifices of the men and women of our military.

Now, as American Sniper breaks all box-office records and receives six Oscar nominations, including Bradley Cooper for Best Actor, the usual Hollywood blowhards are expressing disdain for a film chronicling the experiences of the most lethal sniper in American history.

When recounting his role as an assassin, the subject of the Clint Eastwood movie, the late US Navy Seal Chris Kyle, nickname by insurgents “The Devil of Ramadi,” has been quoted as describing the adversary as “Savage, despicable evil.”

Those kinds of adjectives offend liberals because to them America’s enemies are heroes and America’s heroes are enemies.

In fact, based on some of the negative reaction to the movie’s success, it appears that there are those who would have preferred that Eastwood make a movie sympathetic to the Marine Corps veteran with PTSD who shot and killed Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a gun range.

One Hollywood detractor bashing American Sniper is portly comedic actor Seth Rogen. Besides the recent controversial film about interviewing-in-hopes-of-assassinating North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, Rogen has written, produced, and starred in such cinematic greats as the gripping and enthralling Knocked Up, the life-affirming Zack and Miri Makes a Porno, and the divinely-inspired The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

On Twitter, Rogen, who is beloved by the star of Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” series, President Barack Obama, compared the movie American Sniper to the fictional Nazi-sniper propaganda film featured in the plot of Quentin Tarentino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Seems Rogen, who once said “I mean, where I come from, ‘communism’ is not a terrible word,” is bent out of shape because Eastwood has made a hero out of a man who says things like “It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies.”

Similar to the lines wrapping around theaters nationwide, when Chris Kyle was memorialized at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, there was a funeral procession stretching over 200 miles from Midlothian, Texas to Texas State Cemetery in Austin.

Sadly, for Seth there are no lines for his movies. Instead, while he’s busy criticizing American Sniper, which grossed $105.3 million in four days, The Interview, the lemon Rogen starred in with James Franco, is predicted to lose $75 million.

Nonetheless, Seth Rogen is not the only paunchy Hollywood type who enjoys the freedoms American sniper Chris Kyle protected. The other bigmouth hefty trying to demean true fearlessness is the corpulent anti-capitalist owner of nine properties and obvious consumer of lots of foie gras, director/producer/writer/author/ multimillionaire Michael Moore.

Chris Kyle once said, “It’s not a problem taking out someone who wants your people dead. That’s not a problem at all.”

Michael Moore, a man who has zero clue when it comes to valor, love of country, or heroism, took to Twitter to call Chris Kyle a “coward” who “shoots u in the back.” According to America-hating Moore, “snipers aren’t heroes, and invaders are worse.”

Michael the “Sicko” seems to be morally equating murderers like the DC sniper, who hid in the trunk of a car shooting random people going about their daily business, with the duties of a warrior protecting the lives of other soldiers.

This bunkum comes from a guy who embraces a health system instituted by a Cuban dictator renowned for lining up thousands and mowing them down with firing squads.

Then there’s writer and film critic Lindy West. In an article in the Guardian West, who received a social media award from Hanoi Jane, opines, “The real American Sniper was a hate-filled killer.” Then she asks the question: “Why are simplistic patriots treating him as a hero?”

West wrote of the film, “If [Eastwood], intentionally or not, makes a hero out of Kyle – who, bare minimum, was a racist who took pleasure in dehumanizing and killing brown people – is he responsible for validating racism, murder, and dehumanization?”

If she believes that’s true, then why doesn’t Lindy West admit that those who refuse to acknowledge that the religion responsible for the killing of white, black and brown people and for the raping and beheading of thousands in the name of Allah are also responsible for “validating racism, murder, and dehumanization?”

Rogen, Moore, and West are among those who wouldn’t hesitate to call Kyle an “American Psycho”. Yet that same group would probably refuse to label a Muslim extremist who kills to avenge Mohammed an Islamic terrorist.

This pathetic group of individuals scorns the memory of a dead soldier who, had he been in Libya on September 11th 2012, would have done more to help than a missing president who may have been busy watching a rerun of Rogen’s stoner flick Pineapple Express while four Americans, including an American ambassador, were being murdered.

In the end, the sad truth is that, predictably, liberals would rather support killing an unborn baby than a terrorist. But above all, be they in Hollywood, the media, or academia, liberals can always be counted on to disparage patriotism, censure heroism, and generally condemn anyone who dares to harm America’s enemies.

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SOTU 2015 Special People Sky Box Guests

UnknownEvery year, the first lady’s State of the Union Special People Sky Box group includes individuals chosen specifically to either advance Obama’s political agenda or send an up-yours to Americans who disapprove of his ideology and job performance.

This year, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen were probably too busy criticizing dead American heroes to accept a VIP invite from the president. So instead, sitting next to Michelle Obama, wearing an outfit worth more than 10 of her husband’s proposed tax credits to the middle class combined, will be an esteemed physician working to stop the spread of Ebola.

Although he’d like to, due to time restraints Obama won’t be mentioning that after giving an initial $750 million and Congress allocating an additional $5.48 billion toward ending the outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic fever, the virus drama appears to have waned on its own.

That’s why the contractors who participated in America’s effort to build clinics that are currently empty will not be sitting in the galley alongside the Ebola doctor.

Also in attendance will be union workers who have benefited from a stronger economy. Unfortunately, representatives for the 92 million other Americans who are currently unemployed and not benefitting from the stronger economy were not invited to the SOTU.

Sitting in a seat close to where 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton’s parents Nat and Cleo sat last year just weeks after Hadiya was gunned down on Chicago’s Southside will be another victim of Chicago gun violence who miraculously managed to survive. This lucky gun violence victim’s injuries are being exploited to remind America that Obama still has two years left to dismantle the Second Amendment.

Sadly, the families of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, the two NYPD officers who were killed by a Muslim extremist with an illegal semi-automatic handgun, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, were not extended an invite.

Word has it that a brain tumor patient who was able to get surgery thanks to the ACA will be there. However, the families of the veterans who died on government-run VA hospital waiting lists won’t be there. Neither will the parents of the children who died as a result of Enterovirus D-68, the virus that invaded America with the unaccompanied minors Obama ushered into our midst in defiance of the will of the American people.

California residents dealing with rationed prescription cough syrup are too sick to attend, and the survivors of those who succumbed to illegal immigrant-perpetrated murder, DWIs, MDR-TB, drug-resistant pneumonia and the like would have been invited to the SOTU, but there wasn’t enough room to fit them all into the skybox.

Other elite guests include a government worker freed in a prisoner exchange, which was part of a ‘why can’t we be friends’ outreach to communist Cuba. The five Cuban spies, one of whom is also a murderer, who were returned in exchange for Alan Gross won’t be there because they’re currently free in Cuba to conspire against America, as are the five highly lethal Gitmo terrorists Obama exchanged for Army sergeant/alleged deserter Beau Bergdahl.

And finally, an illegal immigrant who has flouted the law and remained in the country under Mr. Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will be sitting with Mrs. Obama. The message this individual will be sending to everyone thinking about sneaking across the border or already here illegally is that ignoring immigration law earns individuals free medical care, free social security, free education, and a standing ovation at the State of the Union.

So, as the SOTU approaches, America waits with bated breath to enjoy sights such as Sheila Jackson Lee, draped in a colorful pashmina, tackle a colleague in the aisle to get to Obama. Plus, along with Al Sharpton in the gallery and Harry Reid with an eye patch, disappointed voters can also anticipate watching the Republican representatives Americans sent there in November to make a change, instead clap and smile and make like the New England Patriots by exposing their “deflated balls.”


WHAT’S THE STORY? The Truth Behind Obama’s Defense of Islam

Ob-Islam-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

Regardless of what Muslim adherents say, every time a terrorist beheads, shoots, or blows up civilized human beings, an unsolicited handful of world leaders feel it’s their duty to step forward to clarify that those doing the terrorizing aren’t really Muslims. That’s why someone should really find out who is convincing non-Muslim terrorists to pretend to be Muslim, because if ever there was cause for confusion, the “terrorists aren’t Muslim” issue is it.

From France’s President François Hollande to America’s very own President Barack Obama, apologists simply refuse to agree that those who openly admit dedication to the prophet Mohammed are fervent followers of the Islamic faith.

Although with great regularity Islamic extremists begin and end their bloodbaths by shouting “Allahu Akbar” and go enthusiastically to their deaths proud to be “avenging the prophet” Mohammed, for some strange reason President Obama feels it is his obligation to repudiate the testimony of martyrs.

Not only that, but a contradiction arises, because as the president has already proven with his “bitter clinger” remark, if a shooter were to shout “Praise Jesus” instead of “Allahu Akbar”, it’s highly unlikely similar PR would be offered on behalf of Christians.

Let’s face it – in the ongoing effort to place Christians in the crosshairs of progressive criticism, those on the left cannot afford to have Muslims out-evil the “right wing extremists” and Bible-thumpers. That’s why, regardless of how many body bags jihadists fill, Obama will always be at the ready to remediate the reputation of Islam in the eyes of those who see it for what it is.

So what if Muslims blow away political cartoonists for exercising the right to free expression. As evidenced by the Ferguson, Missouri street riots and the tacitly government-approved animosity directed toward police officers, here in Obama’s America, lack of tolerance exhibited by one group no longer justifies refusal to tolerate the intolerable in the other.

Yet the question here is why does Barack Obama refuse to take Muslim jihadists at their word?

Could it be because terrorism places Mohammed in a bad light, and according to a politically pragmatic president attempting to cultivate cultural and religious diversity, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam?”

Also, according to Barack Obama, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Therefore, by his insistence on portraying Islam in a light contrary to reality, what the president is actually doing is ensuring tolerance be extended to the intolerant.

As the body count continues to rise, Barack Obama continues to assert that “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”


Who cares if three individuals declaring vengeance for Allah wreak bloody havoc on an iconic European city? If Barack Obama decides that Islamic “rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings,” then even if what he says is contradicted by what is actually happening, one way or another his complicated rhetoric will twist the truth and blatant lies will eventually be accepted.

Let’s not forget, this is Barack Obama, the man who has redefined everything from Hope and Change to what constitutes police “acting stupidly.” Therefore, why shouldn’t he also redefine Islam, even if doing so controverts the profession of faith by those willing to be die for their beliefs?

What’s odd is that this defense of Islam is coming from a man who claims to be a Christian. Then again, it’s probably easy for Obama to disavow the claims of terrorists who call themselves Muslims because, despite admitting belief in Jesus, the president lives a life alien to the creed Christ lays out for His followers.

By his own example, Barack Obama has shed much-needed light on individuals who identify with a religious dogma and then act in a way contrary to their stated beliefs. Whether the president realizes it or not, the benchmarks he’s put forth in defense of Islam are standards that can also be applied to his own dubious relationship with God of the New Testament.

In truth, when it comes to liberal social edicts that support abortion on demand, gay marriage and free contraceptives, the president of the United States is nothing more than another radical extremist who, instead of an AK-47 or a machete, uses a phone and a pen. Moreover, everything that is “honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely” has already been dumbed down and ascribed a new meaning, so why not Islam?

Even still, notwithstanding the president’s effort to whitewash the “religion of peace,” in addition to Obama’s dogged assertion that disciples of Mohammed blowing away shoppers in a deli merely for being Jewish has nothing to do with the faith they proclaim, there may be other, more useful benefits that can result from the president reinventing reality.

Maybe what Obama is doing has little to do with Islam. The same way basic concepts of freedom and fairness have been redefined, mischaracterizing Islam may be just another example of the world’s most dedicated cultural Marxist assigning different meanings to conventional perceptions in order to skew the truth and control the opinion of the masses.

After all, the president’s socialist vision hinges on framing a make-believe world. That’s why the left’s most valuable tool is still propaganda. So, although initially the president’s “terrorists aren’t Muslim” posturing seemed confusing, on second thought it may not be confusing at all.

Barack Obama’s attempt to redefine a 1,400-year-old religion to suit his political agenda may have nothing to do with protecting Islam. Instead, shielding Muslims from condemnation may be part of an ongoing effort to remake, redefine, and impact reality so dramatically that what will finally take hold is unquestioning compliance.

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Fully developed twins discarded in San Diego

twins-blue-672x372Originally posted at Live Action News

A woman somewhere in the vicinity of San Diego, California, recently delivered full-term twins. Whether the babies were born alive or were stillborn is yet to be determined by the San Diego Medical Examiner’s office and homicide detectives who are currently investigating the cause of death.

What authorities do know is that at some point, fully developed twins who appeared to have reached 20 weeks’ or more gestation were delivered, wrapped in a blanket, and dumped outside the gate of a private home.

Clearly, whoever discarded these babies didn’t swaddle them to provide comfort or warmth.

Instead, homeowner David Branford spotted the blanket in his driveway, which is located on the north side of St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Fallbrook. At first, Branford thought what he was seeing was a discarded doll. After doing his morning chores, Branford, who was still unsure, went back to check and realized it wasn’t a toy in the blanket, but two dead human babies.

Branford immediately called 911, after which paramedics verified that the twins, with umbilical cords still attached to one placenta, were both dead.

An investigation is now underway, and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department’s homicide detectives are requesting information from anyone who knows of a woman in the area who has no baby to show as a result of a recent pregnancy.

The Bible in Micah 6:7 asks, “Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?” That pointed question is crying out to be answered by a nation whose transgressions have resulted in millions of women hiding their sin by tossing away the fruit of life from within their bodies.

In the meantime, regardless of the woman’s reason for her horrific act or the outcome of this particular investigation, any mother who would discard her child, dead or alive, on a cold street where garbage, glass, cigarette butts, and chewed gum litter the ground defies human imagination. And as disturbing as this tragedy may be, the case of the dead twins wrapped in a blanket lying in the street is just one more on a long list of examples of children, like rubbish, being coldly thrown away.

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