Hillary the ‘Organ Grinder’ Grinds Up the Big Apple

posted at American Thinker. After the Washington Post published a political cartoon featuring Ted Cruz and his daughters Caroline, 7, and Catherine, 4, Hillary, the organ grinder, took her “dancing monkey” family for a walk in the Big Apple. Hillary pounded the pavement with Bill; pro-choice daughter Chelsea, toting a female zygote who, …

OBAMA’S VETERAN’S DAY: Humiliating America in China

Originally posted at Clash Daily For Veteran’s Day, “Economically Uncooperative” Barack Obama was in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. While there, he apparently felt it was the perfect time to weigh in on government oversight of the Internet. After all, to ensure that political protest would be …

Obama’s One-sided “No victor/No vanquished” Maximalist Philosophy

That sort of philosophy works on Obama’s behalf. By imposing a wide variety of illegal interlopers on a resistant public, the president can then accuse those who differ from his extreme views on immigration of xenophobic obstructionism.

Ted Cruz: An American Moses?

 posted at American Thinker. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, junior senator from Texas, embodied a powerful role with deep resonance in his marathon fight on the Senate floor against Obamacare. He has rightly said of the battle America is currently involved in with Barack Obama and his ghoulish army of liberal Democrats: “This …

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