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As a six-year fight to maintain our sovereignty challenges our corporate energy, it would be best for America to learn from the desiccated cadaver found by Border Patrol agents in Texas and refuse as a nation to capitulate to the socialist onslaught currently depleting our resolve.

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Speaking of pigs, according to the CDC, after the swine flu scare was over, in a country that typically sees 36,000 deaths from the flu annually, that year 12,000 Americans died of the swine flu.

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Obviously the president is completely satisfied with the course of events on the border, because what appears to be anarchy and disaster to some is a hard-won accomplishment for him.

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Originally posted at The Clash Daily A lot of insight can be gained from revisiting snippets of Barack Obama’s old speeches. The lectures the president has imposed on his audiences provide an understanding of how one man’s view of the world stands to irrevocably impact America’s future. Take for instance …

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Originally posted at American Thinker. blog U.S Representative Henry Roberto Cuellar a Democrat from Texas told Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends this morning that he’s already gotten a phone call from the White House, he wouldn’t say from whom, warning him to stop criticizing Obama on his handling of …

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So – and this is just a guess – it’s very likely that Sheila Jackson Lee, being the generous person she is proving to be, as a show of support for the right to choose, would gladly hand out orange juice to teenagers recovering in an abortion clinic.

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Still, if the “poop bandit” cannot be identified and stopped, all is not lost because some of the EPA Waste Diversion objectives may help Mr. Cantor handle the furtive hallway deposits in an environmentally friendly way.

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Even Barack Obama’s most ardent supporters are poised to get a wakeup call, because guess what – microorganisms searching for hosts don’t distinguish between political parties, nor do blood-thirsty mosquitoes infected with dengue hemorrhagic fever and chikungunya virus.

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Now there is a similar controversy crying out for attention from the likes of those who implied that G.W. Bush was a racist. This time it concerns not black, but brown people from Central America journeying illegally over the southern border.