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Originally posted at American Thinker. In the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, verse 18, Jesus tells the Pharisee Nicodemus, “Whoever believes in [the Son] is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” Former …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Originally posted at American Thinker. Like a Black Widow spider, infotainment sensation Megyn Kelly has advanced both her personal and career life sniffing out testosterone and then feeding off male prey. Prior to her meteoric rise to fame, Megyn was married to an anesthesiologist named David Kendall.  Mr. Kendall said …

Ventolin Evohaler Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. Liberal comedienne Kathy Griffin abhors Donald Trump.  To make that point, the D-list provocateur decided to rabble-rouse a bit by hiring an edgy photojournalist to take pictures of her holding a likeness of the commander-in-chief’s severed head. When Donald Trump, the object of her harassment, …

Levitra Kostenlos Online

Originally posted at Clash Daily Based on a history of verifiable narcissism, it’s probably fair to speculate that the 44th president’s impetus to hog the limelight is deeply rooted in his inability to deal with the rejection he’s been plagued with since Donald Trump was elected. With that in mind, …

Fincar Teilen Online

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. Could it be that all the beheading ISIS does is merely the group’s attempt to inject laughter into a dour world? To prove that point, recently, on a three-minute Center for Medical Progress video, a Planned Parenthood of Michigan medical director flippantly said that pro-choice …

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. For pro-choice Catholic Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) the extent of her confusion used to only be saying really dumb stuff about Obamacare, abortion, and American history. Take, for instance, the time Nancy told an adopted woman — to her face — at a CNN town hall …

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

Originally posted at American Thinker. Time and experience have taught Americans that we either agree with the Barack Obama or become the object of his wrath.  The former president is so physically uncomfortable with disapproval that he becomes myopically fixated and seems obsessed with the mission of convincing his critics otherwise. …

Flagyl 500 Mg Online Pharmacy

Originally posted at CLASH Daily. The left is in the midst of a major temper tantrum. The reason? They cheated, connived, and manipulated a win for Hillary Clinton and she lost anyway. It’s no wonder Clinton, the woman with the gleeful full-body-he’s-an-idiot shiver during one debate, nearly went ballistic on …

Voltaren Patches Online Australia

Originally posted at American Thinker. Speaking on behalf of herself and her husband, Michelle Obama recently reassured a crowd of fawning conference attendees that “we’re not gone.  We’re just breathing.”  That they are!  They’re not gone, and what they’re breathing…is fire! After spending months with celebrities on a Tahitian vacation, …