Connecting the Dots on Enterovirus EV-D68 Spreading Among Our Children

Originally posted at American Thinker. First I’d like to say that I am not a medical doctor, so critics can refrain from mockingly referring to me as “Dr. DeAngelis.” My credentials lie solely in my experience as a mother and grandmother who’s lived on this planet for more than a …

MICHELLE O’S OUTRAGED! Defiling Children w/ Tic Tacs

Originally posted at Clash Daily When it comes to what she can and cannot eat, rest assured Mrs. Obama is the one giving the directives, not the one taking them. Yet the woman who, often on a whim, indulges in all manner of Epicurean treats, has taken it upon herself …


Originally posted at Clash Daily Hugo Chávez has assumed room temperature but his successor, President Nicolas Maduro, is no less a socialist than the deceased dictator who preceded him. As a result, socialism is working so well in oil-rich Venezuela that Hugo Chávez’s effort to ensure that the poor live …

‘Deceased fetus’ left in high school bathroom

Originally posted at Live Action News Last week, students at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas alerted a school janitor that there was a “deceased human fetus” in a stall in a second floor school restroom. Dallas authorities are now reviewing surveillance camera footage to try to locate the …

Two halves of baby found in Connecticut sewage plant

Originally posted at Live Action News Recently in Dallas, Texas, a school custodian found what authorities referred to as a “deceased fetus” in a high school bathroom stall. Now, just a few days after that grisly discovery, in a sewage treatment plant is Stamford, Connecticut, two halves of a human fetus were …

TAKE THAT! Are Leftists Endorsing Reparations by Proxy?

The president might as well just grant dispensation to rapists and then instruct Americans to lie still and endure it because, just like women often get subtly blamed for being raped, according to Obama, if America is suffering the same abuse, it’s America’s fault.

EPIC FAIL: A “Sketchy” Dose of Reality for Liberals With New “SketchFactor” App

As for the open-borders advocates, maybe when their own children are infected by a deadly contagion like Ebola or someone they love is murdered, raped, or run over by a criminal illegal immigrant, those on the left will come to understand the error of their ways.

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