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As Obama continues to push his social engineering project two weeks into his administration it is obvious for those who refused to put on, the “O” shaped, magenta colored glasses, to see what is really going on. What we are seeing is disturbing at best. As a master potter slaps …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Large masses of class warfare groupies, who think those guys at the top are “making too much money” are cheering today that those wicked bank executives are finally going to be restricted from making large salaries. I’m sure many of them are hopeful that those immoral physicians are next in …

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1. First and foremost, don’t ever pay your taxes, especially if you’re involved with the Treasury Department or IRS issues. 2. Be a firm and ardent believer in “Change” the kind of change you can wrangle, like a member of a gang of thugs under threat of jail and criminal …

Levitra Kostenlos Online

If I told you that we’re going to have 20 million people living on the moon in ten years mining substances yet to be discovered, which will solve all our nation’s social, medical and political problems, what would you say? Wouldn’t you ask yourself, what is the basis of making …

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To stifle something is to quell, crush or end by force. When something is stifled its suppressed, curbed, killed by impeding respiration…or suffers from difficulty breathing by being enclosed in a tight space. Thus, the new economic stimulus package will be sure to accomplish the goal of stifling the American …

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Much of America is very excited and hopeful believing that they are going to receive a “tax cut” from the new administration. The reality is, if they are lucky their taxes won’t be “officially” raised for a year or two…until we really have to address the 1 Trillion dollar stimulus …

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

I have been trying for years to come to a place of being able to understand what to me is an obvious dichotomy between cultural sensitivity, which is defined as “knowing that differences exist between cultures, but not assigning values to the differences (better or worse, right or wrong)” and …

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I’ve never been one for carnivals. Although, for some they hold  the promise of escape and amusement.  But for me, they just never delivered. It was puzzling as to why at first notice that the carnival was in town people hastened to the campgrounds, scuttling through the metal gates like …

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When Hillary was quoted as calling Afghanistan a “Narco” state I think there was a misinterpretation and she really meant to say that Illinois was an “Acorn” state. Copyrighted:  No part of this Website of any of its contents can be reproduced without permission.