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Hillary Clinton has a unique way of removing responsibility from the guilty and censuring the good guys. She is a master of excusing culpability from the offender and in some cases blanketing blame on the innocent. The U.S. Secretary of State granted dispensation to drug cartels, during her Mexico visit, …

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What actually happened with AIG?  In layman’s terms here it is.  AIG was hanging over a cliff with their bloody, ragged fingernails ripping into shifting rock and gravel.  Obama cleverly disguised as Geitner, a.k.a. Geit-n-bama , knelt down, leaned over the precipice and sinisterly whispered to AIG that he alone …

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President Obama former pessimist, recently converted optimist found a way to have it both ways exuding pessimism and optimism at the same time by exercising a hearty dose of misappropriated “gallows humor” in the midst of national hardship. Gallows humor mocks life-threatening, catastrophic, horrifying situations. Steve Kroft’s, 60 Minutes interview …

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The Administration has been busily working overtime to violate the right-to privacy of  U.S. citizens. They are demanding lists of AIG Executives who received bonuses to be made public to a nation that they’ve successfully provoked to the point of violence. They have also been self-righteously passing bills to place …

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In Style Magazine sent a crew right over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue yesterday morning to do a story on the new level of panache that has permeated the White House. Apparently, in an effort to reenact the same atmosphere as the South Side of Chicago’s green river, the North Side …

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My experience has been that if someone confers me money they are doing one of two things, paying for something that I can provide or supporting me. The latter of the two affords my patron a certain measure of control over my life.  I give you something; you owe me …

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    Has anyone noticed that dancing with Barack Obama is becoming more and more impossible?He gets us going with a waltz and then mid-dance switches to the Macarena.We slowly start to get the gist of the Macarena and we turn around and he is doing the Funky Chicken.Even those …