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Originally posted at American Thinker. Blog “Everyday that goes by, we learn more about the horrifying scope of this catastrophe – destruction and suffering that defies comprehension.”  The President isn’t talking about the first year of the Obama presidency, but rather the dire situation in distressed Haiti. While introducing the …

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Originally posted at American Thinker. In November of 2007, one of four al-Qaeda leaders associated with the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 terrorist plot, Guantánamo prisoner #372 Said Ali al-Shihri was released from prison into the custody of Saudi government officials. In an endearing effort to reform militant jihadis, the Saudis …

Ventolin Evohaler Online

Territory is defined as an area, which an animal will defend against intruders of the same species. According to Robert Ardrey, “A territorial species of animals, therefore, is one in which all males, and sometimes females too, bear an inherent drive to gain and defend an exclusive property.”  As it …

Levitra Kostenlos Online

Originally Posted at American Thinker. Based on one full year’s worth of observation, it is obvious that Michelle Obama’s pronouncements, advice, injunctions, and edicts include a personal exemption for the occupants of the White House Executive Residence. Michelle’s attempts at verbally imparting wisdom, if matched against the backdrop of action, …

Fincar Teilen Online

Originally posted at American Thinker. Blog During the Henry Gates Officer Crowley racial controversy there was a telling picture of Crowley assisting a disabled Henry Gates as both walked a few paces behind the ever haughty and imperious Barack Obama.   As Obama was strutting before the cameras championing racial equality, …

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

Why should angry liberal women have all the eye candy in Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) and Dickie Durbin of Illinois? For middle-aged women Massachusetts is becoming the go-to state when it comes to good-looking politicians. What could be better than a Conservative man winning a senate seat in a liberal state?  …

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

Originally posted at American Thinker. The classic childhood puzzle connecting the dots entails starting at number one tracing and counting through in sequential order to the last number.  A crayon and an ability to trace a line slowly reveals a distinguishable image from what were once disjointed elements scattered across …

Flagyl 500 Mg Online Pharmacy

If America is wondering what health care will be like under the Obamacare overlords this is a small sample of what to expect. [youtube] [/youtube] Three Socialist Stooges, Barry, Harry and “Born Dizzy” Nancy are imposing policy on America that can only be likened to Moe, Larry and Curly pulling …

Voltaren Patches Online Australia

There is no greater conservative warrior than Rush Limbaugh. Although Rush calls himself a “harmless loveable little fuzz ball” reality is Rush is a conservative male version of martial arts fighter, Beatrix Kiddo in the epic-length revenge drama, Kill Bill. Rush Hudson Limbaugh is a political assassin on the job …