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Move over Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Murphy, the real “Boss,” Oprah Winfrey, may soon be “living her best life” in a sprawling domicile located within the state borders of New Jersey.

Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk

Every chance the president gets, he climbs on a soapbox to address issues of callousness toward the Muslim faith. What about the Christians, Hindus, and Jews persecuted by Muslims?

Us Pharmacy Online Cialis

After electing a guy who showed up out of nowhere dragging his trusty teleprompter, Democrats are awakening from their dreamlike state of pure political intoxication.

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In Jakarta, Indonesia, Michelle Obama decided to further Muslim outreach by singlehandedly doing what Obama suggests, which is “creating more people-to-people contact.” The First Lady cast etiquette aside and physically exhibited “great affection for [the] people of Indonesia” by improperly clasping the hand of pious information minister Tifatul Sembiring. Apparently, …

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One of my favorite ways to irk liberals is to use plastic bags in the grocery store.  When the cashier asks “Paper or plastic?” I make it a point to always choose “Plastic.” In fact, I say it loud enough to shock shoppers packing groceries in cloth, tote-along shopping bags. …