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In Tucson, Arizona, Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was gravely injured in a horrific shooting that seriously injured 12 and killed six, including a nine year-old child. “Shocked and saddened lawmakers” are now grappling with the idea that “new laws and regulations are needed to curb incendiary speech.” Although despondent and …

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Hillary Clinton “tripped” boarding a plane in Yemen.  After waving from the top of the stairs the former First Lady lost her footing and went down, executing a “classic tumble.” Uninjured, and with the help of concerned aides, Hillary was helped to her feet as the plane lights were dimmed …

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Hugo Chávez nominates a contingent of potential ambassadors made up of Marxist actors, pudgy liberal comedians, communist apologist/directors, libertarian socialist linguists, and an impeached ex-president.