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The Pink Slip President

Originally posted in BIG Government

In the abysmal economic climate America presently finds itself in, almost no one is immune from unemployment, because joblessness threatens everyone. While Barack Obama duffs around on the golf course, one can’t help but wonder if he fully grasps the fact that, thanks to his own incompetency, the potential to be dismissed from his highly sought-after job is more than a distinct possibility. Except for “saving and creating” jobs for the slew of workers needed to staff the Department of Labor’s unemployment division, Obama continues to singlehandedly undermine both the economy and job creation. Wherever he goes, crowds are waving layoff notices in lieu of the typical “Yes we can” banners Barack Obama is more used to seeing.

If America is the employer, and if polls are the equivalent of a job evaluation, Obama is definitely on probation. In fact, Obama’s discharge papers are already filled out and tacked to the White House door. Rather than respond to the threat by working toward winning the title of “Employee of the Month,” the President is doing everything one should never do when unemployment is a looming likelihood.

Knocking around on the beach when he should have forgone the down time and chosen to stay on the job, the president doesn’t seem to be concerned that within the next year he might find himself in line with unemployed Americans who are stimulating the economy by collecting  jobless benefits.

The truth is, the President interviewed and was hired to a position he had no business applying for in the first place. By electing Barack Obama as President of the United States, America might as well have asked a plumber’s apprentice to do surgery on the nation’s inner ear canal with an auger.

Nobody noticed or cared about Obama’s lack of qualifications because out of nowhere a seemingly elegant oratory genius touting “Hope and Change” showed up at the interview. Candidate Obama had all the buzzwords down pat and said all the right things the right way. The nation was so captivated, no one bothered to call his old employer, do a background check, or question his shady friends or palpable inexperience.

It’s only now that America is slowly coming to realize that Barack Obama might not have been the best choice for the job. After filling the position, one of the President’s responsibilities was to institute policies that stimulate the creation of new jobs, and he claimed to have a laser-like focus on doing just that. Yet, over the past three years, the only thing Barack Obama has successfully done is break the all time record for the number of golf games played by a sitting president.

As the economy and job market continue to deteriorate and a lock is about to be put on the door of the greatest nation in the world, Obama, while still immersed in intensive on-the-job training, has been commissioned to present and implement a plan to address unemployment and the country’s economic future.

Instead of meeting the target and throwing himself on the mercy of a nation running out of patience, the President placed America on hold and decided it was a perfect time to take a much-deserved summer break. The ultimate non-vetted employee skipped out for ten days, leaving a stunned America staring open-mouthed at an empty podium.

In a shaky job market, the last thing a person fortunate enough to have a job should do mid-discussion is push away from the conference table, point to their watch, and announce to the group, “Sorry guys, I really have to run, it’s time for my vacation.” Yet that is exactly what Barack Obama did.

With no job plan to speak of, the President chose instead to fly around on a company-funded plane, play lots of golf, munch on buttered corn and Cape Cod lobster rolls, and relax for a couple of weeks while the winds blow and the earth shakes below the nation’s feet, both literally and figuratively.

Obviously, the President is unaware or could not care less that when a person’s career is on the line, they should make an extra effort to arrive to work early, perform their job with renewed vigor and diligence, and be both accommodating and cooperative. What is perplexing is how Obama’s response to the possibility of being unemployed is the opposite of what people do when they’re worried they may be  fired.

Barack Obama’s chichi vacation may have sealed the deal and his temporary employment contract is not likely to be renewed. Obama may be enjoying family time on Martha’s Vineyard right now, but when the President returns to Washington he may be astounded to find out that the mail bin that was just sitting outside the Oval Office door last week has been placed inside and awaits him filling it with the contents of his desk.

The President acts as if he’s immune to being sent packing a la Jimmy Carter and that without ramifications he can fritter away time doing the equivalent of spending the work day with his feet up on the desk, laughing hysterically while having non-work-related discussions on the company phone.

It’s either that, or Barack isn’t worried, because after he returns from vacation he may have plans to rip up the pink slip and refuse to leave the position even after his four-year contract is up.

Mom, God, and the Heartland Win ‘American Idol’

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

After three endless years of Barack Obama being more popular than Jesus, God and country seem to be making a huge comeback. If this season’s American Idol outcome is any indication of what lies ahead in the next election, Barack Obama may be heading back to the home of Muddy Waters and the Chicago Blues.

Interestingly, on American Idol each week those eliminated, with the exception of a Rod Stewart wannabe from Alabama, returned home to blue states.  Even the stunningly talented Pia Toscano, who was thought to be a shoe-in, was sent packing back to the blue shores of Howard Beach, NY.

Besides being entertained by judges J Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, this season American Idol has showcased talent from all along the musical spectrum. America was wowed by James Durbin, whose voice embellished raucous heavy metal; Pia was crowned the queen of ballads; Casey Abrams entertained America with a scruffy eccentric brand of stand-up bass showmanship; Haley Reinhard emerged as a polished version of Janis Joplin; and a cuddly promise of Luther was reborn in the endearing Jacob Lusk.

Yet, throughout the competition and despite the huge talent pool, country singers Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery endured from week to week. One thing about Lauren and Scotty that stood out was their consistent profession of personal faith and loyalty to a patriotic genre of music that unabashedly celebrates both God and country.

Scotty McCreery is the all-American freckle-faced kid with his head cocked sideward, sporting the huge crucifix and a constant grin, renowned for singing sideways into the mike. Lauren is the sweet 16 country singer from Georgia who admitted she prays before going out on stage and whose face belies her adolescent shock each time she’s put through to the next round.

All of the eliminated American Idol contestants experimented with different songs, styles and musical identities. Scotty and Lauren didn’t; both remained true to prayer, God, and the red, white and blue with songs like “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)?” Young Lauren even reminded a nation fraught with hardship that ‘God is great’ “Anyway.”

Throughout the season, Scotty’s wrist was adorned with an “I am Second” bracelet, which represents a movement that encourages people to live for God, not for government, the right to choose, saving the planet, or Barack Obama. The ‘Yes We Can’ that McCreery promoted was about putting God first and Scotty second, and the American Idol audience loved it.

Curiously, Obama, who usually makes a seasonal appearance on Idol to remind Americans who is worthy of being idolized, didn’t show up for the “show’s youngest-ever, and first all-country music finale.” President Obama hosts music nights and even welcomed rapper Common to the White House, but to date has yet to invite “Independence Day” Martina McBride and will likely never have the outspoken conservative fiddler Charlie Daniels over for a Super Bowl Party.  Why?  Because country music is alien to everything Barack Obama represents.

Secular rock-and-roll/will.i.am America put Obama in the White House in 2008. America cheered as Obama exhorted the nation, saying “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Lest we need reminding, thus far neither has happened.

With the election one year from now, Obama should take note – country music, with its huge red state audience, prevailed on American Idol with its “Jesus Take the Wheel…Courtesy of Red, White and Blue” lyrics.  The season is over, the votes have been tallied, and after praying backstage, Mom, apple pie, George Strait “Heartland” songs, and two fresh-faced red state/church kids are all the winners.

This season the American Idol vote may be saying more than who is the best singer on a primetime TV show. It may be that America is fed up with President ‘Hope and Change’ Obama being more concerned with Muslim outreach than upholding the Judeo-Christian foundational values of America. Maybe our country is sick of its President apologizing for a nation that patriotic Americans know and love and believe is at its core intrinsically good.

If America’s response to Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery’s emphasis on God and country is any indication of what will be inspiring voters in the next election, in the words of Scotty McCreery’s favorite Montgomery Gentry song, in 2012 former American Idol Barack Obama may be the one who finds himself “Gone.”

Pink Tutus and Political Pollsters

Originally posted at American Thinker

By trading authenticity for inexperience, hypnotized voters accepted Barack Obama’s glitzy platitudes and fell hard for his rhetoric hook, line, and sinker — emphasis on sinker. However, “hope and change” prevail, because after electing a guy who showed up out of nowhere dragging his trusty teleprompter, Democrats are awakening from their dreamlike state of pure political intoxication.

Democrats guzzled Kool-aid, willingly donned balloon hats, and did the Obama wave in unison at the inauguration on the National Mall. Now, two years later, the high has worn off, and like a group of shocked Milli Vanilli fans, Democrats are finding out that Barry can’t keep time with the music, let alone lip-sync the words to “Blame it on the Rain.”

Experience tells us that nothing remediates an ignorant choice faster than admitting stupidity and joining the ranks of those who told you so. Thus, some of Obama’s biggest defenders are now morphing into his harshest critics. The same Democrats who wept uncontrollably on Election Day are now attempting to salvage sullied reputations with revelatory admissions embedded in helpful counsel.

In fact, in anticipation of a bloodbath, many from the president’s own party opted to disembark from the Obama Express prior to Election Day. Immediately afterward, Obama left a referendum-wreck at the side of the road and shoved off for Asia, hoping to distract the world from the casualties strewn all over the American political landscape. It didn’t work. In fact, Obama’s Asian adventure shed further light on the man with the teleprompter’s ineptitude, inexperience, and growing inability to be taken seriously both at home and abroad.

As a result, voices from both the left and the right of the Democratic Party have stepped forward to offer unsolicited guidance. Coming from two extreme sources are admissions that while Barack Obama may talk a good game, when it comes to delivering on promises made on the back of soaring discourse, the embodiment of “Yes We Can” hasn’t and, in all probability, can’t.
Three of the more diametrically opposed pundits offering suggestions are the thoughtful and rational Doug Schoen and the always intellectually honest Pat Cadell. The other is Michael Moore, the bloated socialist/millionaire Cuban-health-clinic-enthusiast in a baseball cap.

Recently, on the smarmy and infuriating “Real Time with Bill Maher” show, Michael Moore expressed his view that “being able to vote for Barack Obama” was “certainly one of the best days [he] had in the last decade.” Moore did not explain why pulling the lever for Barack was the highlight of a decade, or what prompted him to do so. Evidently, Michael lives a very dull life because, except for partisanship or first-black-president guilt, there’s no logical explanation of why any rational person would choose to vote for Barack Obama.

However, a glimmer of prudence did emerge on “Real Time” when Moore, after expressing gratitude to Obama for providing one good day out of 3,650, offered him a suggestion: “With all due respect…please take off your pink tutu because it’s time to put on the boxing gloves and go fighting for the people.”

Contrary to the rest of the idiocy verbalized on the liberal panel — including comments from Maher about estate tax incentives to “kill grandma” and liberal director Nora Ephron, whose political opinions are in worse shape than her aging neck, lamenting conservative opposition to millionaires paying higher taxes — Moore’s comment was quite telling.

Couched in a suggestion, Moore unintentionally admitted that liberals voted for a guy in a pink tutu. Moore’s statement indicated that up until that point, Obama voters hadn’t noticed the tulle ballet skirt obscured by the podium. Such an admission is more a reflection on liberal voters than on the president. Did no one, including Michael Moore, bother to investigate anything other than the image Obama projected from the neck up? If it were physically possible, could it be that even the corpulent Michael Moore was buoyed by something other than common sense?

Moore’s observation indicated that although the president is expert at verbal pirouettes, the hero of the people is proving ill equipped to deliver on the left’s dream of a “piece of the pie” in the sky of Shangri-La. No wonder liberals are peeved. It must be humiliating for a leftist über-intellectual/University of Michigan-Flint dropout like Michael Moore to realize that on his most memorable day to date, he was handily duped by a guy in pink tights.

While Michael Moore suggests putting on “boxing gloves” and entering the ring for “hand-to-hand” combat-based solutions, Cadell and Schoen suggest the opposite. The two trusted Democrats pollsters nowconfess, “Indeed, we were among those millions of Democrats, Republicans and independents who were genuinely moved by [Obama’s] rhetoric and purpose.” However, Pat and Doug now present Obama with quite a different solution: Retain the tutu, skip the boxing gloves, and forget about running again in 2012.

In a Washington Post op-ed piece entitled “One and done: To be a great president, Obama should not seek reelection in 2012,” Cadell and Schoen suggest that Obama act out of character, “[s]eize the high ground and the imagination of the nation once again, and … galvanize the public for the hard decisions that must be made … putting national interests ahead of personal or political ones. To that end, [Cadell and Schoen] believe Obama should announce immediately that he will not be a candidate for reelection in 2012.”

Michael Moore is predictable. However, the measured, sane, and patriotic Doug’s and Pat’s emphatic proposition raises the question: How were two rational, clear-thinking men hoodwinked into voting for a charlatan like Obama in the first place?
Schoen’s and Cadell’s article suggests that Obama has neither taken the “high ground” nor — beyond smoke machines and Styrofoam ionic columns — succeeded in retaining the imagination of the nation. Moreover, the strategists insinuate that by running for president in the first place, the only thing neophyte Obama managed to accomplish was the detrimental placement of “personal and political interest” ahead of national welfare.

Schoen and Cadell cite Obama’s disingenuous statement to Diane Sawyer: “I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president.” From the looks of things, neither is likely. Nonetheless, Pat and Doug honestly believe that Obama “now has a chance to deliver on that idea,” which poses yet another question, this time for the pollsters: Why would Obama, who failed to deliver anything thus far, suddenly exhibit the ability, let alone the wherewithal, to begin now?

Moore beckons to the more radical Obama to come forth, and Schoen and Cadell plead with the president to agree to step off the stage, tutu and all. A ditzy Michael Moore viewing the president as a flitty ballerina while respected Democrat pollsters recommend that the former messiah’s answer to the nation’s woes would be to throw in the teleprompter and return to Chicago provides Obama with little political sanctuary.

Advice offered a failed liberal president from two ends of the Democratic spectrum indicates that an admission disguised as a suggestion, in due time, possesses the power to persuade even the mulish Barack Obama to either willingly step aside or be ousted by a 2012 successor supported by his own party.

‘The Rent is too damn high guy’ not what he’s cracked up to be

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Everybody’s fussing about “The rent is too damn high” New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan because it appears Jimmy doesn’t pay rent, damn high, way low or otherwise.

Either way, what’s the big deal? Jimmy is just another in a long list of politicians that appeal to Americans about issues they holler about and pretend to personally identify with, but in truth are unscathed by.

In fact, according to the New York Times, McMillan hasn’t paid a cent of rent since the 1980’s when McMillan began to “live rent free in exchange for maintenance work.” Jimmy is busy yapping about high rent after having saved almost $250,000, over 25 years, at $800 per month.

While Jimmy’s creative campaign may resemble a fictional story, the rent-free activist’s political style is blatantly Barack-inspired.

Jimmy McMillan had to have learned from Obama. The gubernatorial candidate demands from others while submitting to no one – complaining about high rent while not paying rent.

It very well may be that after watching Barry tall-tale his way to the top, Jimmy figured why not create a political party similar to the Democrat Party, where a candidate stands for one thing while doing another.

Following the example of the community organizer who woke up in the White House, McJimmy mimicked Obama’s catchy sloganeering and false pretense in hopes of catapulting yet another inexperienced renegade from the streets of Flatbush right into the Governor’s mansion.

Following in the footsteps of Barack, who continues to maintain that “What the naysayers don’t understand is that this election has never been about me. It’s been about you.” McMillan, when challenged as to why his platform does not represent his personal life, claimed in true Obama style: “It’s not about my rent. It’s not about me.” Mr. McMillan, like Mrs. Obama, is merely concerned “about the children’s future…[and] where will they stay?”

Maybe Mr. McMillan honed his political chops by secretly visiting Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic church. Like Barack, Jimmy doesn’t appear to exhibit a fond affection for Israel.  In fact, Jimmy McMillan has “been accused of posting anti-Semitic rhetoric on his website that blames Jewish landlords for the lack of affordable housing in Williamsburg.”

So the eccentric “fired up” no-rent-payer campaigns in the tradition of Barack Obama, where “indignant pontification doesn’t appear to stem from personal experience” and whose rant that “The rent is too damn high” may just be a more folksy, down-to-earth rendition of slogans like “Yes We Can” and “Hope and Change.”

New Yorkers shouldn’t disqualify New York’s very own tall taleteller just because he promotes a concept he doesn’t adhere to himself. With a little more practice, Brooklyn’s Jimmy McMillan could very well surpass his political mentor Barack Hussein Obama in style and substance and be ready to run for president.

Reviving the Unconscious

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

There is quite of flurry of activity surrounding the mid-term elections.  Criss-crossing the nation on Air Force One, for Obama nothing at the office is as pressing as joining the effort to ensure Barney Frank remains a Massachusetts Congressman.

The President is utilizing “every weapon in his arsenal to prod the people who helped propel him into the White House two years ago” to vote this November. In fact, Obama went so far as to take a break from ushering in global amity to call Michael Baisden’s radio show where street fighter Barry predicted “hand to hand combat” would result if Republicans managed to take control of Congress.

On the radio, Obama incentivized voters by way of trusty “Barack” appeal.  Agreeing with what he perceives to be the unspoken sentiment of Baisden’s listeners, Obama suggested voters would be more motivated if they were casting a vote for him, after which he explained how losing the election impacted him, which in Obama World is ample reason for unenthused radio listeners to get out and vote.

Moving from the airwaves to the dusty trail, the President hopes to inspire the left to pull the lever for the majority party in less than a month.

With Democrats poised to lose both Houses, Obama figured stumping in the Old Line State might help hinder the approaching political tsunami.  It was at Maryland’s Bowie State University that Obama, on a personal level, goaded voters to support Democrats by saying: “Don’t make me look bad now. I’m betting on you” [Emphasis mine].

Rolling up his shirtsleeves the President exhorted “core components of the Democrat base,” imploring, “I’m going to need you just as fired up as you were in 2008.”  Wasn’t it in 2008 that voting was inspired by unmerited adoration, adulation and veneration?

An energized President apparently assumed everyone at the Bowie rally also attended the inauguration, because Obama said, “I know everybody here remembers the inauguration. I know it was cold, but everybody here was having a good time. Beyoncé was singing.” Huh?

Apparently, Obama is of the belief that nothing motivates voters more than being reminded of the great time had by all listening to Sasha Fierce serenade a newly inaugurated president, while weeping Americans shivered uncontrollably due to sub-zero wind chill factors while standing on the Washington Mall.

One heckler shouted to the President, “You’re a liar,” which caused Obama supporters to mask the veracity of the first and only honest statement by shouting over Obama’s stump speech.  Undeterred, oblivious to the fracas, immersed and enamored with his own brilliant electoral exhortation, the President didn’t even recognize that for a time, the audience couldn’t hear a word he said.

Nevertheless, Barry, in full campaign mode, transported listeners back to 2008, better known as the glory days of the Obama campaign, where swooning was as common an occurrence as showers of confetti and blue waves of “Yes We Can” signs blowing in the breeze.

In fact, in Bowie, Maryland Obama stirred voter excitement to such a crescendo that three dozen people suddenly fell ill when stricken with an unexpected episode of dizziness and fainting. Unaware, a self-absorbed Obama continued speaking “despite … health issues in the audience.”

Presently, Barack is on a mission to expunge lethargy from a downtrodden political party whose leaders actually spurn the company of a President obsessed with personally reviving disengaged voters.  Thus, losing consciousness during Obama’s stump speech may well be attributed to 36 trapped victims needing a smelling-salt escape route, and not the political ecstasy commonly witnessed at “Obama ‘08” campaign rallies.

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