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Barack Obama’s ‘Socially Segregated’ State Dinner

http://sharlhosting.com/?aa=Voltaren-Gel-Canada-No-Prescription&dde=2c 195325_5_Originally posted at American Thinker

Clomid Online Success Stories In 2013 Pope Francis advocated for the poor when he challenged the world by saying:

http://westernparomancewriters.com/?rqa=Buy-Ventolin-Inhaler-Online-No-Prescription-Uk&707=75 When we are generous in welcoming people and sharing something with them — some food, a place in our homes, our time — not only do we no longer remain poor: we are enriched. I am well aware that when someone needing food knocks at your door, you always find a way of sharing food; as the proverb says, one can always ‘add more water to the beans’…demonstrating that true riches consist not in materials things, but in the heart!

enter Likewise in 2015, besides hammering home dire warnings about what he perceives to be an impending environmental calamity, during his US visit, the Pope implored Americans to take into consideration the needs of the ‘least among us.’  That’s why, in an effort to set an example, rather than dining with members of Congress Francis chose to bless a humble meal hosted by Washington DC’s Catholic Charities.

Ampicillin Canada In response to the standard set by the pope, and in honor of Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan’s State Visit, Barack and Michelle set quite an example of their own.

http://oresundsfestival.com/?wqd=Benicar-Online&e45=5d While the Pope was in Madison Square Garden citing Jesus walking among “second-class” citizens on the streets of New York City, the first couple was enjoying a post-papal feast that excluded holiness, the homeless, the indigent, and Jesus.

follow url In lieu of the impoverished, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Xi, the guest list for the Chinese State Dinner included lowly politicians, impoverished Hollywood mega-moguls, underprivileged global investors, modest billionaire CEO’s including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, destitute liberal journalists, and a part-Chinese Grammy Award-winning entertainer known for his explicit lyrics named Ne-Yo.

go to link Immediately after hearing the Pontiff at the UN directly reference “A selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity,” which Francis maintains “leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged,” Michelle showed up in a Vera Wang dress that probably set her old man back a good $15,000.

http://webbizideas.com/?where=Propecia-Hong-Kong-Buy&734=0b Resplendent in side-swept hair extensions, the FLOTUS, resembling her admitted girl-crush Beyoncé Knowles, made a grand appearance on the red carpet in an off-the-shoulder cleavage-revealing mermaid costume.

source url In the East Room of the White House, embodying the fragile beauty of the environment that the Pope is convinced is in jeopardy, tables were decorated with exquisite taxpayer-funded centerpieces constructed of “a flower that is precious to [both] the east and west” – the salmon and pink-hued rose.

Over at Catholic Charities the lunch menu that was prepared by volunteer kitchen workers included the Pope’s favorite foods: Asian chicken pasta salad, carrots, red peppers, a roll, lemonade and brownies.

For the Chinese State dinner, Guest Chef Anita Lo, a first generation Chinese American and owner of Annisa in New York City, White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford, and White House Executive Pastry Chef Susie Morrison prepared a four-course meal.

The menu started with dim sum canapés followed by a wild mushroom soup with black truffles, neither of which is standard fare at inner-city homeless shelters.

Nonetheless, next came the poached Maine lobster with locally-made rice noodles rolled with spinach, leeks and mushrooms.  The fish course was followed by a main course of grilled loin of Colorado Lamb accented with garlic fried milk (whatever that is) and sautéed baby broccoli from a local farmer’s market.

While the Pope’s homily referenced Jesus strolling around the Big Apple, at the White House the dessert choices included poppy seed bread-and-butter pudding with Meyer lemon curd and lychee sorbet, as well as miniature pastries served from a Chinese-themed “Stroll Through the Garden” dessert display.

Yet despite the curd, the sorbet and the stroll, one glaring contradiction remains: in addition to the Pontiff’s off-kilter obsession with preserving the earth’s resources, prior to the State Dinner the 78-year-old pope strongly stressed the “grave offense” of economic and social segregation.

So at the risk of being gravely offensive, rather than adding ‘more water to the beans’ and sharing food with the socially segregated, the White House chose to host a sumptuous in-your-face feast for the very people the Pope deems blameworthy for the plight of the poor.

OBAMA’S VETERAN’S DAY: Humiliating America in China

imagesOriginally posted at Clash Daily

For Veteran’s Day, “Economically Uncooperative” Barack Obama was in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. While there, he apparently felt it was the perfect time to weigh in on government oversight of the Internet. After all, to ensure that political protest would be held to a minimum, the Chinese have successfully banned social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Now that’s an inspiration if ever there was one.

As Ted Cruz so rightly put it, if Obama has his way “Obamacare for the Internet” will “operate at the speed of government.” Cruz may be onto something, because after the midterms trouncing the Democrats took, Obama is probably hoping there will be a regulated, government-controlled Internet in time to influence the next election.

Meanwhile, back in China, in addition to taking direction on how to tamp down dissent on the Internet, Mr. Obama appears to be taking fashion advice from Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is apparently taking fashion advice from his wife, the fetching Peng Liyuan, by choosing Mao-style tunics for the “national costume” tradition started by Bill Clinton in 1993. And even though leaders could choose between purple, green, or brown tunics, Vladimir Putin, who usually prefers to spend his time shirtless, surprisingly chose the same purple version as Obama.

The purpose of the APEC getup is to take a group photo similar to the one where Obama blocked a dignitary’s face as he goofily waved at the camera. The hope is that the matching ensembles will promote an image of solidarity between world leaders, three of whose only commonality is enjoying dressing up like Mao.

With the Internet issue nailed down and the clothing conundrum worked out, there remains but one problem – Barack “You Can’t Take Him Anywhere” Obama seems incapable of comporting himself like a grown-up Communist.

In anticipation of the APEC summit in Beijing, the Communist Party initiated a “manners” campaign where residents of Beijing were given six months to learn how to act civilized. Now it seems as though they shouldn’t have bothered, because despite the purple silk shirt, Barack Obama was so ill-mannered that even people unfamiliar with etiquette were mortified.

It started when the president decided to ride around in the Beast, a Chevrolet Kodiak-based, Cadillac-badged limousine that is more like a tank. By doing so, Obama shunned the pride of the People’s Republic, the Hongqi, or “Red Flag,” a 55-year-old limousine resurrected as part of China’s effort to rescue the auto market share from foreign automakers.

Heck, Putin knew enough to leave his stallion in Russia. Moreover, how would Obama feel if Xi Jinping eschewed his offer to ride around Washington, DC in style and chose a rickshaw instead?

The other leaders graciously agreed to be transported, one-by-one, to the banquet, cultural show, and fireworks in a Hongqi. Ramping up the pageantry, China’s top state-run channel even televised all the other leaders of the 21 APEC member states arriving at the Water Cube, the Olympic swimming venue, in the iconic socialist limousines along red-lit avenues.

In China, where cigarette smoking is ubiquitous, especially among men, Obama then added insult to injury when he stepped out of his souped-up hot rod chewing Nicorette gum. Horrified Chinese Internet users branded the gum-chewing, purple-shirt wearing, American automobile-riding president as boorish and cavalier, calling him an “idler” and a “rapper.”

Yin Hong, a professor of journalism at Beijing’s Tsinghua University, said about the president, “We made this meeting so luxurious, with singing and dancing, but see Obama, stepping out of his car chewing gum like an idler.”

Now the Chinese know exactly how America feels. Hong should thank his lucky “five stars” that Michelle didn’t come along on the trip toting a hula-hoop.

Either way, when it comes to Communist ideology and government control of the Internet, at least in China, America’s “Idler” president is among like-minded comrades.

And just one week after sending a gracious note to Iran’s Ayatollah, the president, seeking out yet another new friend, told the president of China that he wants to “take the relationship to a new level.”

And although rude, crude Obama chews wads of nicotine-infused gum and rides around Beijing in his own version of a Sherman Tank, at least he was wise enough to avoid World War III by choosing not to feminize the purple blouse Putin is also wearing with a pair of Mom jeans.

Clash Daily Recap: Michelle Obama’s ‘Excellent Chinese Adventure’

Obama-400x315Originally posted at The Clash Daily

The first lady, Grandma Marian, a 70-person entourage, and two hormonal teenagers who’d rather have spent their spring break anywhere else but participating in Great Wall photo ops with Mom, spent approximately $3 million just to fly to Beijing China for a non-political visit with a distinctly political undercurrent.

Despite 24-hour butler service and seven days in the $8,400-a-night, 3,445 square foot, Jinmao Presidential Suite in the Bejing Westin, the Asian getaway got off to a rocky start when Grandma Marian began “barking” orders at the hotel staff.

After calming Granny down, Mrs. Obama took time to meet with China’s fetching steel drum-playing first lady Peng Liyuan and her husband Xi Jinping who, when not showering Michelle Obama with compliments, is busy amassing a huge army and aligning himself with Barack’s arch-nemesis Vladimir Putin.

The Obama contingent visited and brought their unique brand of abnormal to Beijing’s Normal School, toured the Forbidden City, took in a performance, and dined with Peng Liyun.

The first lady went all the way to China to participate in a virtual discussion with American youth about connecting with students around the world – except students in China, where Internet access and social media sites are censored.

Michelle got to visit Beijing’s Summer Place. Not her annual Martha’s Vineyard “summer place”, but Yuan Ming Yuan (the Gardens of Perfect Brightness). Then she met with American staff and family and kissed drooling babies at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the United States Consulate in Chengdu.

Reigning as supreme first lady of a nation that ranks #36 in academic achievement, Michelle felt qualified to participate in an educational roundtable where she lectured Chinese school children, who are #1 in the world in reading, math, and science, about the importance of getting a good education.

Michelle, first lady of a nation whose husband, the president, flouts the Constitution and crushes the First Amendment, also felt qualified to lecture an audience at Peking University. Those students would be thrown in prison or shot if they took Michelle’s message to heart and protested for the “universal right” to freedom of speech, religion, and access to the Internet, all of which are gradually fading away in the U.S.

Michelle also found time to complain about her tough childhood to children who often have only rice to eat and whose parents are lucky to be earning $10,000 in American dollars per year.

Then Mrs. Obama attempted to convince No. 7 High School children who live under Communist oppression that if they excel in their studies, which they already do, they could grow up to be another Lebron James, Janelle Monáe Robinson (no relation to Michelle LaVaughn Robinson), or President of the United States!

Taxpayers should be glad to spend millions of dollars for Mrs. Obama to jump rope, play Ping-Pong, practice tai chi in a dress and kitten heels, and wave red ribbons around. Not to mention footing the bill for the girls to visit ancient tourist sites like the Xi’an City Wall and the Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

At the museum Sasha Obama looked bored to death and Michelle grimaced a lot too, probably because the first lady was disappointed to learn that terra cotta is not some kind of exotic Chinese dessert.

On her last day in China, Mrs. Obama, Grandma, Sasha, and Malia stood up for Tibetan minorities by watching pandas eat bamboo at the Chengdu Panda Base and by drinking yak butter tea and eating boiled yak ribs in Zangxiang Teahouse in Chengdu, China. For that event, there were no close-up pictures of Sasha’s expression or reports that anyone yakked during the yak luncheon.

After lunch, Mrs. Obama, her entourage, Grandma, Malia, and a very relieved Sasha went straight to the airport, climbed aboard the same plane that ferried them to China, and blew another $3 million flying home.

‘People-to-People’ Berating of Beijing Hotel Staff

article-2588860-1C8D60EA00000578-279_634x508Originally posted at American Thinker

Forlorn without the group of women he leaves whenever he gets a chance to go golfing, Barack Obama is so distraught the womenfolk are in China he immediately soothed himself by hosting a screening of Cesar Chavez: An American Hero.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Obama, her mama, daughters, an entourage of 70 people, and an army of Asian-American Secret Service men are on a Far East journey that the White House says “will be light on politics and heavy on personal diplomacy.”

However, based on the hefty cost of the first lady’s presidential hotel suite and the concierge’s complaints that, despite having a 24-hour butler, Grandma Marian is “barking orders” at the staff, the trip might better be described as ‘light on diplomacy and heavy on arrogance and discourtesy.’

Remember last year when Michelle couldn’t find the time to fly from Washington DC to California to meet China’s first lady? Well this year, Shelley chose to fly 15 hours one way to China where Peng Liyuan cordially welcomed the woman who had shown her blatant disrespect. At any rate, Mrs. Obama did tell Peng that it was “truly an honor and a privilege” to visit China with the clan in tow.

Then, the woman who in the last six years, usually accompanied by Mom and one or both of the kids, has been to Africa three times, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland a few times, Paris for a shopping spree, Spain, Mumbai, Jakarta, and Rio de Janeiro, actually said:

“It’s very rare that I have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States, and it’s even more rare to have the opportunity to travel with three generations — with my daughters, and with my mother.”

Playing the part of gracious hostess, Peng escorted the three generations on a guided tour of the Forbidden City, including the Hall of Supreme Harmony pavilion, which would be a great name for the Capitol Building in the ‘Forbidden City’ of Washington DC.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose government, not counting the cost of Michelle’s ‘Excellent Chinese Adventure,’ is owed $1.3 trillion by the United States and who sided with Vladimir Putin on the Crimea invasion one week prior to his scheduled meeting with Mr. Obama at the nuclear security summit in the Netherlands, greeted Michelle at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

While amassing a huge military force, Xi told Michelle, “I cherish my sound working relationship and personal friendship I have already established with your husband, and we stay in close touch through meetings, phone conversations and correspondence.”

Then, in all seriousness, Xi actually remarked, “I wish to thank the U.S. side for sending such a heavyweight ambassador to China.”  What?  A “heavyweight ambassador?”  Sounds as if Putin was coaching Xi on how to insult their nemesis’s wife.

Following the ‘heavyweight’ cultural commendations, Mrs. Obama reiterated that the goal of her trip was to focus on education, which she said “is an important issue to both of our countries.”

Education is clearly important in China, where students perform magnificently in math, science and writing.  On the other hand, America is a country where a ridiculously large number of students require college remediation because after 12 years of Obama-supported public school indoctrination, making change from a $5 bill and cobbling together a coherent sentence are beyond their grasp.

As part of her “people-to-people exchange,” while Grandma Marian was busy being rude to the hotel staff, Mrs. Obama attempted to minimize the damage by whacking around a tennis ball with Chinese schoolchildren.  Michelle did admit she’s a rookie at the sport but added, “My husband plays. He thinks he’s better than he really is,” a declaration that describes a tendency that goes far beyond tennis.

There was also a calligraphy demonstration where Mrs. Obama was taught how to ink the Chinese character for a word that perfectly captures what the last six years in America have felt like: “eternity.”

Following suit, Peng wrote out a four-character adage that translates to “Great virtue promotes growth,” then signed it and gave it to Michelle as a souvenir. Other than ignoring coded calligraphy messages, in order to keep things light and upbeat Michelle has vowed to avoid the topic of Chinese victims of human rights violations.

Lest we forget, Mrs. Obama’s husband does approve of allowing babies to die without medical care after botched abortions, so it’s no big deal if in China, according to Amnesty International, “500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial.”  In addition, “harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise” — as is censorship of the Internet and other media, repression of minority groups including Christians, forced abortions, thousands of executions, and harvesting organs from living prisoners.

Not to worry: unsavory practices like selling prisoners’ livers on the black market will not dampen the good time Michelle has planned.  Unlike the political prisoners rotting in Qincheng prison, our first lady will be dining at a Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu and then, after unwinding in her personal steam room after a grueling day of Ping-Pong diplomacy, will relax on silk pillows in her 3,400 square-foot presidential suite “masterpiece.”

According to the Xinhau news agency, Michelle’s choice to remain non-political is a good one because political issues are “better handled via official diplomacy.”  Xinhau stressed, “The uniqueness of the role of first ladies is its soft touch and freedom from the knottiness and even ugliness of hard politics.”

Being unencumbered by the “knottiness and …ugliness of hard politics” releases Michelle Obama to do “soft touch” first lady things such as spend lots of money on unofficial trips, enjoy international sightseeing, dress in silky red dresses in her unspoken fashion competition with China’s first lady, and burn up millions of dollars in jet fuel.

And oh yes, it also provides her the freedom to lodge in a 52,000 Yuan ($8,400) per-night hotel suite complete with a bar, a Jacuzzi, dining for six, and a treadmill to work off what she eats in swanky restaurants.

Happy Birthday Sasha! Dad Lifted Age Restrictions on Plan B

big-e1370999513551Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Michelle skipped the Xi Jinping visit because she’s such a dedicated mom that she chose instead to stay home with her young daughters to close out the school year and to celebrate Sasha’s 12th birthday.

Barack’s a dedicated dad too, because just in time for Sasha’s coming of age the president agreed to lift the age limit on abortion pills, making it possible for girls Sasha and Malia’s age to buy abortifacients if the need arises.

The morning-after pill, previously only available without a prescription to women 17 and older, has been the subject of a court ruling demanding that Plan B be sold to all females, without proof of age or point-of-sale restrictions. That’s right, over-the-counter abortion pills for even girls who are victims of statutory rape!

In April US district Judge Edward Korman said the US Food and Drug Administration’s decision to put age limits on sales had been “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable.”

Before the 2012 election, Barack Obama supported age restrictions on the sale of emergency contraception and even invoked his daughters in citing the reasons why he thought removing age limits was a problem.  But that was then, this is now.

President Obama, bastion of personal conviction, is clearly a man hostile toward social conservatives, anxious to undermine the authority of parents, and always willing to end the lives of the unborn “miracles,” which must be why he changed his mind.

An ecstatic Annie Tummino, coordinator of National Women’s Liberation, believes “Women cannot be on equal footing with men if we can’t decide when and if we will bear a child.”  In other words, if women want to be on equal footing with men, they need to be able to kill their children.

After hearing the news that Obama’s all for underage abortion, activist Annie proclaimed with unspeakable joy:

This decision by the administration affirms what feminists have been fighting for all along: the morning-after pill should be available to females of all ages, on the shelf at any convenience store, just like aspirin or condoms.

Now on Aisle 11: Over-the-counter abortion pills, glittery nail polish, and bubble gum-flavored lip gloss!

We all know the Obama administration has always been emergency-contraceptive-committed.  So it’s nice to know that if Obama is in California strolling Rancho Mirage with Xi Jinping, and Michelle is off Mom dancing with Jimmy Fallon, at least if the Secret Service drops the first daughters off at CVS to buy some Plan B One-Step, they won’t need documentation of any kind.

Good to know – because if Obama’s little girls make a “mistake,” even if Mom and Dad are off seizing parental control from other Americans, neither one of them would want their precious underage daughters to be “punished with a baby.”

Slow Walking = Short Life: Obama takes Xi Jinping on a leisurely stroll

imageOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

Ironically, during the two-day Sunnyland Summit, in Rancho Mirage, California, right when Barack Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping decide to take a stroll in the desert, a study comes out that says that fast walkers live longer.

Michelle stayed in Washington DC and missed an opportunity to spend some girlfriend time with Peng LiYuan, which we know didn’t go over well with the Chinese.

Then we find out that the two leaders “saunter” for almost an hour supposedly discussing “cyberspying and intellectual property theft and North Korea’s nuclear provocations, as well as economic competition and climate change.”

Obama even had a custom-made California redwood bench made for Xi, which the leaders sat on intermittently while ‘slowly’ walking around the estate.

Obama’s national security adviser Tom Donilon said the walk was an opportunity “to establish and deepen their personal relationship” and address “the range of issues that we have to address” with the hope of laying a foundation for future discussions.

Yeah right.

It’s unknown whether or not every time Xi picked up speed Barack Obama encouraged the Chinese leader, to whom America owes so much money, to amble a bit slower and sit for a while.

Ut Oh! Where’s President Knucklehead Smiff’s Scripted Remarks?

knucklehead_smiff_toy_0031-300x225Originally posted at The Blacksphere

This week the nation found out two very important things:  If you heckle Michelle Obama, she’ll shut up and leave; and if you don’t give Obama written remarks, she has nothing to say except “Uhhh…Uh…Uhhh…People!”

In San Jose, California, prior to arriving at the Sunnylands China-US diplomacy summit, Mr. Obama (who’s going stag for the weekend) sauntered out to the podium at a Democratic fundraising event to say a few words about things like the NSA scandal.  Once there, he found out that if someone doesn’t tell him what to say, he doesn’t know what to say.

Not only was the trusty Teleprompter missing, but the Paul Winchell Obama aides had forgotten to provide President Knucklehead Smiff with his remarks.

Standing there like a big doofus, Obama said, “My remarks are not sitting here. I’m uhhh….people….oh goodness….uhhhh…folks are sweating back there right now.”

No – the one who was sweating it right there was the big shot whose only aptitude is looking from side to side to read off a pair of Teleprompters, like a bobblehead or a tennis spectator.

Stuttering and stammering Barack Obama being viewed as some sort of eloquent orator is like a person who can barely scramble an egg being promoted as a world-renowned chef.  It’s bogus!


Anyway, while a group of people stood around behind him giggling uncomfortably, to bide time Obama shifted around, smiled, and mumbled these inspiring words: “Uhhh…um…ah…um…uhhh” – until some lackey who nearly tripped over their own feet stumbled out with a script so that the most knowledgeable, insightful, articulate speechmaker in the history of the world knew what it was he was supposed to say.

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