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Just Wondering: Did America Let Barack Obama Suck Her Toes?

watch yuckOriginally posted at The Clash Daily

source link A lot of people believed Barack Obama when he predicted that his presidency would slow the rise of the oceans and begin to heal the planet. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Buy Generic Viagra Usa Blog Are some Americans really that gullible?

Can I Buy Viagra In Shops After campaigning in “57 states,” thanks to those same gullible people, Obama managed to make it all the way to the White House.

Aceon Online Shoes Here we are six years later, and since America still hasn’t seen his college transcripts, next Obama may claim that before he went to law school he was a podiatry student.  After which he’ll recommend something absurd like leveling the playing field via toe-sucking, and Proscar Online Cheap voilà, those that still take him at his word will be convinced that fairness is furthered through toe-sucking.

here Anyone who thinks a scenario like this is impossible, think again – it’s possible.

source link A similar thing happened in Lincolnton, North Carolina at a local middle-class Walmart. A black man clad in a sweater and tan pants pretended to be a podiatry student and pulled a “Barack Obama” on a 35-year-old woman minding her own business while shopping for a pair of cheap plastic shoes.

http://lawrencelussier.com/?geto=Kamagra-Jellies-Online&959=d7 According to police, the toe enthusiast started a friendly chat with the victim and managed to “talk [her] into trying on several pair of shoes in the shoe department. At one point the suspect took the victim’s foot, put it into his mouth and sucked her toes.”

here What would have happened if the man doing the sucking masqueraded as a proctologist, a gynecologist, or perhaps a breast surgeon? Would the compliant woman have found herself in a far worse situation than having to yank her moist toes out of the maw of a guy pretending to be a foot professional?

Either way, isn’t that similar to what Mr. Obama has done to America?

Barry Soetoro snuck up on us when we least expected it and struck up a friendly conversation, pretended to care about all of America’s concerns, and got a lot of easily-swayed people to believe he was something he was not.

Both the toe stalker and the president came out of nowhere, conversed with strangers, and somehow managed to sweet-talk the unsuspecting into buying and trying on for size what they proposed would look good on their prey. Then they came in for the kill.

Granted, unlike the North Carolina podiatry quack the president isn’t a “toe-sucker” per se, but based on the way he was able to dupe such a large portion of the country, if toe-sucking was part of his platform, those who voted him in would probably have thought that was a brilliant idea.

Just like the lady in Walmart, America finally noticed that Obama has been promoting himself as a political genius. Although innocent – as far as we know – of having a foot fetish, there’s no denying that America is trapped in the aisle of life with a president who continues to put his large foot in his own mouth, and has also been very successful at sucking the living daylights out of everyone else.

In this case, Barack Obama convinced America he’s a healthcare expert rather than a podiatry student. He presented an array of ideas that sounded too good to be true, but instead of questioning him, many believed him and tried on what he suggested we buy. We may not have let him grab our foot and put our toes in his mouth, but we certainly did bend all the way over and smile as he proceeded to perform a painful prostate exam on our economy, social culture, job market, and health care system.

So, the next time a story comes out about a pervert conning an unsuspecting shopper into letting him slurp on her brightly colored digits, remember that toes do not fall into mouths; the victim was present when the toe-sucker placed them there. For however long it took to get from the floor to his lips, the shoe shopper cooperated.

Then remember that that’s precisely the reason Barack Obama is in the White House. A deceitful fraud didn’t just fall from the sky and land at the desk in the Oval Office – he was put there by a disturbingly large portion of the same type of Americans who would let a fake podiatry student suck their toes.


With Barack’s Polls Lagging, Michelle Obama Smiles (And Dresses Down) for The Cameras

Originally posted at BIG Government

One would think that clever people would know how to finesse a shady sleight of hand whenever a political blunder demands a dishonest image be projected for the American public. Yet, time and again Democrats considered exceptional by other Democrats appear to be more gifted in looking foolish than exhibiting the ingenious brainpower they believe sets them apart from the rest of the world.

Take for instance way back in the glorious Clinton years, when Hill and Bill were supposedly having a private moment slow-dancing on the beach in St. Thomas.  Coincidentally, the loving interlude took place while Bill was simultaneously preparing for his deposition in the Paula Jones scandal.

In her memoir Living History, the always authentically disingenuous Hillary described the private, honeymoon-like moment and the romantic couple’s surprise when they found out a voyeuristic paparazzo had intruded on their lovers’ passion from afar.

After finding out about being scoped out by a high-powered telephoto lens, Mrs. Clinton revealed that “Bill wasn’t upset. He liked the photo.”

Bill Clinton has proven to be a big believer in phony beach photo ops. Who can forget D-Day in 1994 and Bill waxing sentimental on the sandy shore of Normandy?  It was there that lower-lip-biting solitary Slick Willy created a cross out of a pile of pebbles created out of thin air. Similar to how menopausal Hillary and a paunchy Bill in wrinkled swim trunks also showed up out of nowhere in photos slow-dancing next to an upside-down kayak.

The Clinton swimsuit scam is a perfect example of supposedly smart people behaving in a manner so out of character that it’s obvious their action is a calculated attempt to influence public opinion.

Who can forget Bill Clinton, the cigar-smoking king of dalliances, in a marital embrace with the only female he had no romantic interest in – political careerist Hillary Clinton, supposedly “the smartest woman in the world,” who allowed herself to be photographed in a bathing suit from behind – and they expected the American public to believe this was genuine?

How stupid do these two think we are? Oh, that’s right – liberals are deluded into believing everyone besides themselves are nothing more than gullible dumbbells with deficient IQ’s.

In reality, the Clinton marriage is comprised of two ambitious people living separate lives yet remaining married purely for political expediency.  Any public exhibit of conjugal oneness on the part of the Clintons is cunning manipulation by two con artists who mistakenly believe they’re smarter than everyone else; in their arrogance, each one clearly lacks the awareness to understand that those they sought to swindle were already onto their ruse.

Phonies like the devious Arkansan duo from Chappaqua aside, it didn’t seem possible that carpet-bagging Yankee fans with Jewish family roots and an office in Harlem could be upstaged in the chicanery department. But the Clintons have finally been shown up by the “Harvard Law grad, clearly brilliant” Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, the guy with the “intellectual stammer [that] signals [his] brain … is moving so fast that [his] mouth can’t keep up.”

Years after Bill Clinton set out across America redeeming his reputation as a humanitarian interested in the well-being of both sexes, a historic whiz kid named Barack Obama has been about the business of one-upping both the Secretary and the Slickster by using newfangled but similarly fake scenarios in an attempt to influence public opinion.

For instance, whenever his Christianity is question, Barack Obama, the man who prefers to worship at the First Church of Hardwood, shelves the basketball and takes a saunter over to St. John’s Church, family in tow, dressed in Sunday go-to-meeting finery under the watchful eye of photographers documenting the devout attitude of America’s non-Muslim president.

On more than one occasion, to redeem his sullied reputation or champion an unpopular cause, Obama has done things that rival even the most romantic beach dancing. After the BP oil spill and after scarfing down a lemon-lime snow cone, a distraught Barack sunk to his knees to collect tar balls on the Gulf of Mexico.  He made a pre-planned, staged “surprise” visit to see the all the troops in Iraq (all except the ones who didn’t vote for him) and even provided hospital lab coats to an army of supporters who suddenly showed up in the Rose Garden to applaud the passing of the healthcare reform bill.

Even still, while Barry and Bill are both proficient at treating Americans like dolts, when it comes to phony change-the-subject photo ops, Michelle ‘Dupery’ Obama puts Hillary ‘Duplicity’ Clinton to shame in the phony-reality department.

When Barack was running for President of the United States, Michelle was shrewd enough to show up on talk shows in J. Crew sweaters and affordable dresses.  The goal at the time was to send a message to America, in much the same way Hill and Bill pretend to actually like each other, that the Obamas are middle-class, shabby-chic shopping folk.

Three seconds after Barry moved into the Oval Office, Michelle abandoned the Gap for a front row seat on a runway crammed with high-end fashion designers, Lanvin ‘soup kitchen’ footwear, $500 Tory Burch gardening boots, and $500K-per-year in staff and personal assistants.

Michelle Obama is either a woman who thinks Americans are slow on the uptake, or couldn’t care less what any of us think.

Recently recruited to assist the re-election efforts of a president whose poll numbers are falling faster than his wife changes outfits, it seemed time to call out the cameras, change from couture into khakis, and send Mrs. Obama on a shopping trip that screams “I push around red shopping carts and pre-scan items to keep on a budget too.”

Resurrecting the subject of shopping in an attempt to make the President’s wife appear to identify with those who’ve compared the lines at Target with those at Wal-Mart, über brilliant liberal advisors dispatched the same woman who recently wore $40K in diamond-encrusted wristlets to a fundraising event, to bargain-shop for Lysol and dog food.

Although accompanied by photographers and a cavalcade of Secret Service, Democrats can only hope that while at Target the incognito Mrs. Obama thought ahead and purchased a one-piece bathing suit for herself and boxer-style swim trunks for Barack.

If the downward trend of the President’s popularity continues, Barry and Michelle have a unique opportunity to try and outdo the Clintons’ phony photo op:  instead of bunking at a five-star hotel, sweethearts Mr. and Mrs. Obama can attempt to win back wayward voters by holding their noses to dance poolside on a budget getaway at a rinky-dink Holiday Inn.

Berlusconi Bans the Burqua – American Thinker Blog – May 6, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

In the spirit of being more open and accepting to cultural diversity, one day I purposely chose to study a woman endeavoring to read the ingredients on the side panel of laundry soap in Walmart.  The unique thing about the whole event was the woman was dressed in full burqua sporting a trendy pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.  Needless to say, the experience was difficult for the both her and me.

That eye-opener was not only matched, but topped by another Muslim woman, also in full burqua, attempting to drink an iced Starbucks caramel macchiato.  That poor dear struggled for quite a while trying to figure out how and where to snake the straw. Suffice it to say the whole scenario was similar to witnessing a car wreck –it was impossible not to stare.

So you can imagine my glee when it was reported that the northern city of Novara, Italy, fined a woman for wearing a burqua.  Apparently, “City police ticketed [the woman who] will have to pay a 500-euro ($650-dollar) fine,” for the crime of appearing fully veiled on an Italian street.

The town of Novara is located in the Piedmont region, which is apparently a “stronghold of the anti-immigration Northern League, a key party in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative government.”

Although “Covering one’s face — with a veil or a motorcycle helmet — in public has been banned … since 1975,” fining a woman for being out and about in a burqua is a “first [for] Italy.” Regardless, one has to believe that under all those yards of black material the woman must have been secretly thrilled!   Six-hundred and fifty dollars is a small price to pay for freedom.

Novara “City hall adopted a decree in late January banning the burqua in public places and their vicinity.” Apparently, the woman and her husband were unwilling to comply because the Tunisian national was apprehended, not in an espresso cafe or even an Italian version of Wal-mart, but under the ever watchful eye of a looming husband at the local post office.  Forbidden to speak on own behalf, the husband, “refused to have her identified by male officers,” so a female patrol officer, sans burqua, was promptly called in.

Banning the burqua is not new to Europe.  In France a proposal to prohibit “voile integrale” – which means “total veil,” is presently being introduced by lawmakers.  If adopted, appearing in full covering, in “public places like hospitals and schools, and on public transport,” would be forbidden.  In other words, showing up on the street and even shopping for laundry soap fully veiled would be permissible.  However, trying to board a bus would be illegal.

The bad news for Muslim husbands living in Sarkozy’s France is the French may have plans to “jail and impose huge fines on anyone who forces a Muslim woman to wear a full-face veil.”  According to a pro government newspaper, “The law will create a new offence of incitement to cover the face for reasons of gender.”

So there is hope for America as our country is presently in the process of adopting all things European.  In the meantime, this summer, when fully covered women show up at the beach, I’ll do everything in my earthly power to be respectful and avoid staring.  However, if Muslim women should decide to throw caution to the wind and swim in a burqua, I request to no longer be held to my original promise.

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