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Hurry Up and Wait

Casualty Return Afghanistan

Issuing urgent petitions for change even before the election–crisis, urgency and fear mongering have become a predictable repertoire for Barack Obama.  In an interview with Daniel Schorn of 60 Minutes, candidate Obama expressed his sense of urgency for the country when asked why he was anxious to run, “You know the truth is I’m not…[but] We have a narrow window to solve some of the problems that we face…And so I feel a sense of urgency for the country.” Thus, Obama’s persuasive pleas won him the election.

Gearing up to implement his liberal agenda, and even before his inauguration, Obama warned of the pressing importance for “urgent action” in order to address an economic recovery plan saying, “…now is the time to respond with urgent resolve to put people back to work and get our economy moving again.”

Immediately following the inauguration, Obama feverishly stoked the flames of fear by reminding America that, “We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action.”  The President’s message of necessity was palpable.  He warned, “If we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse.”  And, so the stimulus package was passed.

In addition to warning the world of a global threat from climate change as “serious, urgent and growing,” Obama urgently addressed the need for banking and auto industry bailouts.  Proceeding along the trajectory to health care reform, which Obama stressed as “urgent” and “indisputable.” Obama weighted his health care initiative as being a policy, “We cannot wait any longer” to enact.

Three months prior to the 2008 election, in an attack in Kunar Province, Afghanistan 200 insurgents stormed an American outpost in Wanat killing 48 American and 24 Afghan soldiers. Obama responded, calling the situation in Afghanistan “perilous and urgent.”  Underscoring what he believed was the Bush Administration’s failure in that war, Obama issued an imperative, “We must act now to reverse a deteriorating situation.”

Now a little over a year later, in a bloody, “bold daylight strike on two bases on the Pakistani border,” eight Americans and four Afghan security officers were killed.   Curiously, as American soldier’s bodies are being zipped into body bags Obama’s stance on Afghanistan lost the sense of urgency that has become his predictable style.  Instead, while violent insurgents attack our soldiers on the border of Pakistan, Obama has shifted into measured, unhurried contemplation about what to do, void of the usual crisis mode he exhibits when addressing pressing issues like melting ice caps.

Three days following the death of eight American military personnel Obama, dragging his feet on fulfilling General Stanley McChrystal’s request for more boots on the ground in Afghanistan, in his Weekly Address urged Health Reform [as] Urgent for the Economy.  The same Obama, who dropped everything to rush off to Copenhagen, now feels waiting is a noble option as American soldiers die.

Most appointees of the Administration tow the line and preach crisis in support of the President’s agenda. Barack Obama’s war policy was clearly revealed, two days prior to the Pakistani border massacre, when Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the decision to deploy additional US troops to Afghanistan should not be spur-of-the-moment.  He said, “The decision process should not be rushed…we need to take our time and get this right.” In response, the question Americans should be asking is, not when but where is the sense of “urgency and determination” that Obama expressed for stimulus, banking, autos and jobs and now expresses over health care?

Or, where is the sense of urgency Obama articulated toward Afghanistan when he was not in a position to act upon his words? Wasn’t he the one who said, “We need urgency because the threat from the Taliban and al Qaeda is growing and we must act?”  Why is there no frenetic, hyper urgency apparent when a relaxed, tieless President mugs for the paparazzi after dining with the First Lady two days subsequent to the brutal Wanat ambush?

Shouldn’t someone address the obvious change from instancy to halting contemplation when Robert Gibbs advocates for the President saying, “The president wants to get the policy right…If the policy takes time to get right, then that’s what the president intends to do.”

Rushing through a health care bill he hasn’t read, suddenly Obama wants to take time to ruminate over sending military aid to Afghanistan? It is unsettling to realize that Obama views moving swiftly and with urgency by accepting General McChrystal’s recommendation for an additional 40,000 troops would be a hasty decision.

President Obama pushed back, “… against pressure to make a decision about sending more troops to Afghanistan, saying he will resist any attempt to rush him until he has ‘absolute clarity’ about what the strategy is going to be.” Obama’s new propensity for brooding and contemplative policy decisions does not impress.  Moreover, his postponement of a decision serves to expose blatant contempt for the military, their safety and their efforts to protect this nation. Obama has been dismissive about securing a “victory” in Afghanistan, hence his lack of urgency as the body count climbs.

As a result, his recurring urgency campaigns for things that have little impact, as compared to the security of our soldiers, are being exposed as manipulative exercises in securing a left wing, socialist style agenda.

Obama’s priorities are duly noted not by what he says, but by his uncharacteristic refusal to rush. In turn, a truly urgent message needs to be sent, not from Obama, but from the American people to Obama.   It is imperative for us to let this parvenu president know that as he leisurely sits sipping Cabernet Sauvignon, in the Blue Duck Tavern, a true crisis lies ahead of epic proportions for his political future every time a flag draped coffin is shipped home for burial.

The Urgency Emergency


Last November, large masses of people impetuously rushed to the polls, without thought and devoid of proper consideration as to the long term effect of what they were doing. They were compelled, forced and impelled by the cult of personality, mainstream media pressure and the desire to be part of “change” dynamics gone awry. They were victims of an “urgency emergency”. When asked why he was in such a hurry to run, Obama told Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes in February of 2007 that, “… we have a narrow window to solve some of the problems that we face…and so I feel a sense of urgency for the country” (60 Minutes, Candidate Obama’s Sense of Urgency, Daniel Schorn, Feb 11/11). So the candidate, whose urging got him elected in the first place, is again pressing a forceful argument to push a leftist agenda while governing.

Just a few short weeks into the new hope and change Administration, many of those electorally exhorted Americans are bit-by-bit becoming aware that the persona they put in office could very well be fundamentally unprepared. How did this happen? Could it be because the general public was uninformed and did not have enough background information to make an educated, intelligent choice? The urgency frequency was turned up to such a high decibel that it drowned out reason. There was history that should have been laid bare that wasn’t, which included…the candidate’s lack of executive and administrative experience, his shady personal connections and questionable political alliances. Yet responding to an imposed urgency to institute liberal leadership the mainstream media failed to provide the necessary details that would have contributed to what might very well have been a quite different election result. They avoided properly vetting the one individual who should have been microscopically analyzed under an ocular lens. By not doing so many important specifics, which could have affected support or lack thereof conveniently, went unexposed. In turn, a new President was ferried into the White House on a wave of urgency coupled together with corporate good will, historic histrionics all buoyed by an ignorant, naïve electorate enthralled with popularity and race-based politics.

Are the American people not paying close enough attention to what is going on again? We are being “opinion herded” hurried urgently to accept a “stimulus” bill on hasty, breathless fright tactics all over again? We are not getting the details of what will be a bill that Americans yet unborn will be responsible for shouldering. We hear the snorting of the pig but can’t get close enough to the sty to scope out its contents.

We just spend eight years being told that we were victims of fear mongering. We lost 3,000 American citizens murdered by fanatical Islamic terrorists, but were told our inherent apprehension was unfounded and fostered by manipulation? Wasn’t the urgency to defend ourselves from fanatical Islam pooh-poohed by the intelligentsia? Weren’t we led to believe that the urgent prospect of a nuclear or biological attack should dispel rather than encourage anxiety? Weren’t we brainwashed to believe that the sight of American citizens being beheaded on national TV was no cause for alarm? A pressing fear reaction was portrayed as out of proportion and a means of a push toward war by those who were supposedly nurturing it. Furrowed eyebrows in the mainstream media, negatively nodded at the Bush Administration’s effort to stress the threat our nation was under and used valid concern for our safety as a means of demonizing an Administration that was striving urgently to do whatever necessary to protect a nation and its populace both here and abroad.

Surprisingly, this same “fear” that was decried when it was used for valid reasons, has become an accepted emotion by a bias liberal press and political party that recently realized urgency might be a viable vehicle for them to usher in their own power in Washington DC. Palpable urgent unease was rampant during the campaign of 2008. We were led to believe that if Barak Obama was not elected all would be lost on every front, for every American. He was our only hope, our only glimmer of prospect for the future. It became a question for many as to how our great nation possibly survived 200 years before Obama came on the scene. Large masses of people were led to accept as true that without Obama every right, we as American’s held dear, was in danger of being lost. Fifty-four percent of the electorate swallowed the propaganda, not thinking that possibility they were accepting what they were encouraged to reject in the past. Even now many seem to be oblivious to the fact that our first and second amendment rights might be in jeopardy just two weeks into an Administration that promised to preserve the rights we all were told we were in urgent danger of losing?

Cyclic economic downturn has now taken residence far above a terrorist attack on the left’s fear-o-meter. The Democrat’s and their panting minions decided “urgent fear” was acceptable and deemed it a tolerable means if it could accomplish a desired political end. That result being the complete conquest of Congress, the Senate, the White House and now the possession of the entire American economy. Fear over that same economy was hammered home for months before the election. As a political ploy, the Democratic candidate, together with his compliant allies in the press, methodically pounded away at the American people successfully unnerving them with both urgency and fear toward a victorious desired end. They won! The same political party that had for eight years decried the “Politics of Fear” were now unabashedly the proprietors of panic, harbingers of horror and the denizens of dread.

This urgency campaign is once again forcing a poorly thought out, impulsive reaction to a crisis as they did with their substandard candidate. Information is scarce, details are lacking and breathless urgency and warnings of disaster are the only fine points we have to make a decision as to whether we accept or reject a spending bill, just as we did a President, whose influence will reach and reverberate for generations.

The economic crisis we find ourselves in is being portrayed as the worst since the depression and has laughably been depicted as irreversible if Obama’s urgent remedy isn’t adopted promptly and without delay. Cyclic economic cycles that change like the tides can and will reverse themselves. Yet the American people were recently shepherded by fear to accept an ill advised 700 billion bailout package based on the urgency of the moment, which did nothing to improve economy. Now they’re being told that sheer calamity awaits us if we don’t all say, “Yes We Can” to an 800+ billion dollar stimulus package that is mostly spending, misappropriated tax rebates and very little stimulus. Strangely, the hope and change Administration is hauling the country headlong in a direction on a stage coach full of irreversible depression and steering it right into a socialist stable. Our esteemed leader is parking us in a stall replete with government control, restrictions, big spending, high taxes and loss of freedoms that American’s haven’t contemplated the ramifications of, because of the frenetic tactics that are being used to foist it upon them.

On November 4th of 2008 our nation responded to a fabricated urgency emergency by electing a short-term “shot with in the arm” of hope and change in the form of a President that has no substance to sustain it. We are now being asked again to accept a similar remedy in the form of the first piece of legislation that is being forced down our throats. This urgency induced bill may produce a short term shot of money into our economy but its policies have nothing of value to sustain it. All this urgency very well might be the impetuous to undermine our nation on a deep abiding level and put us in worse condition than we found ourselves in six-months ago on both the Executive and economic level when we attempted to fix what we thought was so bad by responding to the harbingers of a hype induced urgency emergency.

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