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Obama, Tebow and America’s Hunger for Heroes

Originally posted at American Thinker

Ever hungry for an authentic hero, Americans have turned to Tim Tebow.  Greek columns and Teleprompters have schooled us on how to discern the sincere from the bogus, and with Barack Obama as the measure, Tim Tebow’s gold stands in contrast to Obama’s dross.

One definition of a hero is “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability; a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities; one who shows great courage; the central figure in an event, period, or movement.”

The only way to explain the type of idolatry Barack Obama received when first emerging on the national scene was that America was longing for a national hero.  Barack the narcissist recognized an opportunity, stepped forward, and accepted the accolades of a ravenous public who wanted to view someone they knew nothing about — a legendary figure in  the most basic sense.

Having done nothing but talk, Obama feigned heroic strength and ability and, with nary an achievement to speak of, accepted admiration for untested noble qualities and nonexistent accomplishment.  Despite a shadowy past, in a stunning exhibit of egocentric self-delusion, Barack Obama even dared to align his razor-thin resume with true heroes like Abraham Lincoln; Teddy Roosevelt; and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama quickly became an object of mythological, almost divine adulation, and he reveled in it.  So much so that he sowed the seeds of one possessing celestial abilities and promoted himself as the hope for future generations, with declarations such as “[t]his was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.”

After all the hype and verbose rhetoric carried Obama into the Oval Office, Charles Krauthammer aptly described him as a modern-day Icarus, “exhilarated by the thrill of flying” and buoyed above mortal man. But then superman Barack Obama got too close to a sun of his own making.  Now with wax-wings melting, Obama finds himself drowning in a sea of his own false promises and incompetence.

Apart from Obama’s non-accomplishments in politics or Tebow’s impressive success in athletics, heroes are heroes not because of politics or sports.  Lasting heroism is born not of style-icon status, but of the lasting genuineness that comes from inherent moral fiber.

Tebow is the type of champion who is everything Icarus-types like Barack Obama are not and can never be.  Unlike Barack, Tim has claimed to be neither “mythological” nor “legendary” and yet, without self-promotion, has proven to be a man “endowed with great strength and ability” — none of which he takes credit for, instead rather meekly giving glory to the One he views as greater than himself.

Unlike Barack Obama, Tim Tebow has achieved great things.  For starters, his first stunning achievement was proving anti-life progressives wrong.  Thanks to a loving mother and against the odds, Tim managed to make it out of the womb alive after abortion-minded doctors dismissed his chances.  Tim Tebow’s life is a living, breathing testimony for a world steeped in the selfishness and darkness that pro-abortion leftists like Barack Obama condone.

Through hard work, conviction, and dedication, Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Tebow actually won an award he earned, as opposed to Obama receiving and accepting a Nobel Peace Prize that both he and the rest of the world knew full well he did nothing to earn.

Quite different from pseudo-hero Barack Obama, Tim Tebow takes pride in personal responsibility and has yet to blame anyone for his failures, on or off the gridiron.  Rather than make excuses for inadequacy and laziness, Tebow motivates and inspires others to look for the best within themselves and identify their God-given gifts.

 Obama talks the liberal talk about bettering the lives of poor children but then transfers the monetary burden of caring for the underprivileged onto the backs of taxpayers and makes it a governmental bureaucratic endeavor.  For years, Tebow has made it a mission to go to Uncle Dick’s Home, an orphanage in the Philippine Islands, where he walks the streets ministering — not with empty words, but with life-changing deeds.

Upbeat and optimistic, having both physical and spiritual strength, unlike Barack Obama, Tim Tebow tends towards the positive and thus far appears to be doing a much better job of ensuring his team’s victory than hero Obama is at ensuring victory for the Democratic Party.

Ironically, Denver Bronco number 15’s home is the same Mile High Stadium where Barack Obama, positioned betwixt two Greek columns, made his celebrated acceptance speech, followed by the adulating roar of a packed house.

Yet the difference between Obama and Tebow is that, rather than wallow in the misguided adoration of star-struck people void of a relationship with God, true heroes exhibit an intrinsic reticence that issues forth from a heart that worships someone greater.

Tim Tebow speaks highly of others and humbles himself.  He once said, “There are several things that keep me grounded and focused … When you can humble yourself to say ‘I’m no more important than anyone else. I just have a gift.'”  That is quite different from Obama, who, in his first year in office, mentioned himself 1,200 times in 41 speeches.

Unlike Obama, who referred to his critics as “purveyors of vitriol,” Tim has yet to retaliate to his critics with harsh words or angry retorts.

Thus far, not humbled by shortcomings or failures, and as Obama prepares to inundate the nation with even more overconfident praise directed toward himself, the election season promises to bring personal exaltation to new heights, which is against everything Tim Tebow stands for.  Yet hope springs eternal that America will not be duped a second time.

Regardless of the outcome, Tim Tebow could teach Barack Obama a thing or two about how heroes wait patiently for vindication to come based on the merit of their own character and performance. That patience may be why, after being told to discontinue writing Scripture references in his eye black, God stepped in and guided a dedicated servant’s arm to write John 3:16 in the wind, an impossible occurrence that reminded a world searching desperately for a hero of the one achievement, in all of history, that really mattered.

Hence, if even for a season, while Icarus attempts to repair those melted wings, America has turned its eyes from Obama toward a young man who, with renewed strength, soars like an eagle; runs but does not grow weary; walks and does not faint; and whose hero is not himself, but whose hope rests solely in the Lord.


Dual Threat Quarterback: Tim Tebow

Originally posted at American Thinker

Tim Tebow, committed Christian, football phenomenon, and son of a woman who said “no” to abortion, must really be riling up the Demon-American community. When threatened, for lack of a better tactic liberal drones typically display a high level of hysteria, often in the form of contempt directed toward the righteous.

Exhibiting unabashed, unapologetic public devotion to God, miracle QB Tim Tebow is leading the Denver Broncos on what can only be described as a supernatural winning streak. Against both the odds and naysayer predictions, Touchdown Tim is proving to be a champion quarterback who appears to be improving with each game.

In addition to his gridiron prowess, Tim’s Christianity has become the source of great controversy. Recently, after complimenting Tebow’s success on the football field, former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer complained that the football star should tone down the overt God stuff and stick to sports.

Tebow responded by telling ESPN that backing off his faith was not an option, saying “That’s how it works because Christ comes first in my life, and then my family, and then my teammates.” Courteously clarifying further, Tebow said, “I respect Jake’s opinion, and I really appreciate his compliment of calling me a winner. But I feel like anytime I get the opportunity to give the Lord some praise, He is due for it.”

Recently, the dual threat of Tim’s Christianity, coupled with his 2010 Super Bowl commercial, and the story of his mother Pam’s willingness to lay down her own life to give birth to a baby doctors predicted would be less than perfect, has transformed frustrated ridicule of religion into outright mockery from an outspoken pro-abortion group.

Being as open about their displeasure with Tebow’s pro-life stance as Tim is about his Christianity, a group of “unapologetic abortion activists for reproductive justice” stepped forward with a suggestion on how to trip up Tebow: by tying the football star, against his will, to furthering their mission to kill babies.

Sophia, proud blogger and contributor at abortiongang.org, has issued a satanically-inspired suggestion that she almost certainly hopes will either thwart Tim Tebow’s ongoing desire to be successful on the football field, or poke fun at his image as a pro-life spokesperson.

Caught ‘between a rock and a hard place’ herself, Sophia has had to admit that, try as she might to resist because she always “feels a bit, well, wrong” supporting a “guy that’s openly anti-choice,” she’s been “rooting for [Tim]” because according to her, “Yeah, he’s that damn good.”

So in an effort to neutralize her remorse (for supporting someone who supports life), the “do what [you] want…with [your] uteri” activist/Broncos fan came up with a creative way to marry scoffing at Tebow and supporting abortion on demand.

The Sophia solution:  Pro-choice sports fans cheer on Tim and every time he makes a touchdown in the game against the New England Patriots, donate $5 or $10 to finance disposing of unborn babies.  That way Tim Tebow, whether he likes it or not, is working in a roundabout way to support abortion.

If the Broncos continue their winning streak, Sophia plans to keep up with the campaign directed at Tebow by promoting the ‘Help Pay for an Abortion’ pledge throughout the NFL playoffs.

The idea is, if Tim succeeds by scoring, instead of doing the wave, pro-choicers would celebrate by dropping a couple of bucks into the baby-killing fund at the local abortion clinic.  Thus, Tebow touchdowns will instantly translate into more money to end the very lives that Tebow lobbies to save.

In a very clever message entitled “When sports and anti-abortion messages collide and what to do about it,” committed abortion activist Sophia, clearly still peeved by the Super Bowl commercial Tim Tebow made in 2010, voiced her mockery-based logic in the following way:

In his commercial (funded by Focus on the Family) he reminded everyone that his mother was a missionary whose life was threatened by her pregnancy – or more specifically, the pregnancy that would turn into the child who would become the man who would become Tim Tebow.

This line of reasoning is not a new one for anti-choice groups. The message is, “if you abort, just think, that could be the next President of the United States in there, the next scientist that cures cancer, or the next greatest football player alive!”  Never mind the fact that Tebow’s mother made the decision despite the risk to her health for herself — something denied to women seeking or supporting abortion — it is clear to everyone (or should be, anyway) with a brain that 99.9% of the fetuses gestating right now are not, in fact, going to become gifted athletes like Tim Tebow.

Or, for that matter, another Beethoven, Albert Einstein, or a pro-choice pharmacist who could one day come up with the perfect morning-after pill.

Nonetheless, despite Sophia’s failure to mention that Tebow’s mother’s “risk to her health” resulted in her giving birth to a perfectly healthy child, even secularists would be hard-pressed to deny that with each passing play, it appears as if angels are guarding Tim Tebow and lifting him “up in their hands,” to prevent the young NFL star from “striking [his] foot against a stone.”

Based on what Denver Bronco number 15’s critics have accomplished thus far, mockery as a ploy to raise money for abortion mills will instead call attention to the unflinching testimony of the committed sports hero.

New England Patriot head coach Bill Belichick summed it up perfectly when he said, “There’s not another quarterback in the league who has Tim Tebow‘s skills.”  Whether realizing it or not, Belichick’s observation revealed the continuing folly of those who attempt to hinder Tebow, whether on or off the football field – an effort that is proving futile by anyone that tries it.

As despicable as it is for a vile group like abortiongang.org to exploit Tebow’s touchdowns in an attempt to score dollars for the anti-life cause, Tim Tebow will likely meet their open disdain with the same level of poise and gracious composure he has exhibited towards all who disparage his pro-life activism and open profession of faith in Jesus Christ.


Tebow, Palin, and the Pain of Remorse

Originally posted at American Thinker

Tim Tebow is really annoying to certain people in a Sarah Palin sort of way.  Whenever Tim or Sarah shows up, an uncomfortable feeling accompanies him or her, and it’s called conviction.  One definition for “convict” is “to impress with a sense of guilt.”  That is precisely what Tim Tebow and Sarah Palin are guilty of: impressing shame and remorse upon America that it would prefer to avoid.

The Palin family has been mocked and derided for many reasons, including baby boy Trig, born with Down Syndrome.  This past spring, after former Gov. Palin posted a birthday tribute to her son, former Wonkette writer Jack Stuef called Trig a “magic intellectually disabled baby prop.”  Stuef questioned “Trig’s parentage, implying he was conceived in incest, and used the R word.”  Stuef has since apologized and said he regretted using the word “retarded,” but he stands by his criticism of Palin.

By approving of and promoting policies that destroy innocent human life, the left is hateful enough.  However, when a conservative public figure “chooses” life, what emanates from hate-spewing liberals amounts to a new level of vitriol.

That rage is evidenced by liberal reactions to Sarah Palin, who celebrates the life of a child whom some liberals would deem a disposable burden on society.  Palin said it so well in a 2011 Thanksgiving tribute to Trig when she shared:

Through Trig, I see firsthand that there is man’s standard of perfection, and then there is God’s.  Man’s standard is flawed, temporary, and shallow.  God’s standard lasts an eternity.  At the end of the day, His is what matters.

And what about that pesky Tim Tebow?  In 1987, Tim’s mother Pam chose to grant her son the gift of life.  Pregnant and suffering from a life-threatening infection, Pam Tebow, a missionary with her husband Robert to the Philippines, was told that her and Robert’s child would be stillborn.  Rather than take the advice of her doctor and abort, Pam Tebow chose to trust God.

Both mother and baby survived, and today, much like Sarah and Trig Palin, Pam and Tim Tebow both pose a problematic contradiction to one of the strongest arguments abortion advocates use when arguing to justify disposing of the unborn.

To this day, 24 years after proving the doctor wrong, starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow remains downright annoying.  Every time he makes an appearance on the football field, without opening his mouth, the abortion survivor takes all the fun out of the sport.  Why?  Because pro-choice America is forced to look into the face of a strapping miracle child whose mother put his life ahead of her own.

To make matters worse, not only did the Tebow family allow the child to be born, but they then did the unthinkable and raised him to be a devout Christian.

Now, as a football star, Tebow is open about that faith and his relationship to Christ, and that bold testimony has become a center of controversy.  Mike McCarthy of USA Today says that when he “tunes in to watch sports[,] he deserves to just get sports,” and sort of resents Tim thanking and praising God.

Former Denver Bronco quarterback Jake Plummer agrees.  Plummer extended kudos to Tebow’s accomplishments as a football player but tempered his enthusiasm by saying:

Tebow, regardless of whether I wish he’d just shut up after a game and go hug his teammates, I think he’s a winner and I respect that about him. I think that when he accepts the fact that we know that he loves Jesus Christ then I think I’ll like him a little better. I don’t hate him because of that, I just would rather not have to hear that every single time he takes a good snap or makes a good handoff.

Unbowed, Tim graciously responded to the criticism by attesting that his relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in his life.  Tebow said, “So any time I get an opportunity to tell Him that I love Him or given an opportunity to shout Him out on national TV, I’m gonna take that opportunity.”

What Jake Plummer doesn’t realize is that even if Tim Tebow never says another word about Jesus, forgoes writing John 3:16 in his eye black, decides to relinquish his virginity before marriage, and never again teams up with Focus on the Family to sponsor pro-life ads during the Super Bowl, his mere presence on the planet speaks volumes to a secular society driven by heartless liberal policies.

Not only does abortion survivor Tim Tebow live, but as a staunch follower of Jesus Christ, he is a source of double-conviction in a godless world where devotion to sports often supersedes commitment to God.

Based on the left’s reaction, seems Trig Palin and Tim Tebow are huge thorns in the side of pro-choice America.  So are their mothers, who, if they’d only exercised the right to choose, would have made life a lot more comfortable for those who would rather avoid dredging up past mistakes.

Instead, every time Trig or Tim shows up, those who would rather look away are forced to stare into a looking glass that reflects dedication to heroes who are no heroes at all, images associated with the sorrow of abortion, and the senseless self-interest of a nation’s ungodly attachment to a level of futility that, in the end, delivers nothing but a lifetime of regret.

The Truth about Trig, Tripp and Tim Tebow

Without a doubt, on Super Bowl Sunday, the liberal left will anoint football great Tim Tebow the second most despised person in America, exceeded only by Sarah Palin.  The Heisman trophy winner, together with the ex-governor of Alaska will bear the guilt for putting a human face on millions of aborted babies — none of whom the choice lobby care to acknowledge.

Just a few weeks ago, Down’s syndrome child Trig Palin a chubby, joyful toddler showed up alongside nephew Tripp on the InTouch Weekly cover. Like Trig, Tripp was spared from a biohazard bag when born to his teenage, unwed mother Bristol.  Adding insult to injury, the Sarah Palin story included the distasteful title, “We’re glad we chose life!”

Now, right in the middle of the Super Bowl, while Americans eating nachos and sipping beer anticipate raunchy Go Daddy commercials, pesky Tim Tebow and his obnoxious mother show up and spoil the party with an “anti-abortion commercial.”

First Sarah brings Trig and her pregnant, unwed daughter to the RNC convention.  Then, wild-eyed, religious fanatic Tim Tebow, together with Focus on the Family plan to ruin the fun by recounting the miraculous story of Tim’s birth.  If abortion activists fail to get the ad pulled from the Super Bowl ad line up, Pro-choice America may be forced to admit people actually do “Celebrate Family and Life” and Trig, Tripp and Tim prove it.

Given the option to choose death after being told her baby might be imperfect, Pam Tebow like Sarah, laid aside self-interest and chose to relinquish the role of God– both women chose life.  The result of that decision was a healthy newborn that grew into “one of the greatest college football players who ever lived.”  America doesn’t want to face a reality like that, especially when air time would better serve an ad for Victoria’s Secret.

Jembu Green, president of the NY-based Women’s Media Center feels, “An ad that uses sports to divide rather than unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year – an event designed to bring Americans together.”   Is it Jembu Green’s contention that dead fetuses somehow make a national sports event a unifying experience?

Tim’s nationally televised homage to his mother for letting him live must be stopped!  Why? Because Erin Matson, the Action VP for the National Organization for Women is offended. Matson expressed her opinion about the controversial ad by saying, “It is hate masquerading as love.  It sends a message that abortion is always a mistake.”  And who would know better than an abortion advocate like Ms. Matson about “love” and “masquerades”?  Isn’t Erin a representative of a group that promotes murder as choice?

Rest assured America, the only thing worse for pro-choicers than watching a pro-life ad on Super Bowl Sunday would be spotting Sarah Palin, Trig and Tripp in the crowd smiling and having a spectacular time.

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