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Is it Time to ‘Refresh the Tree of Liberty?’

Cheap Viagra Sales liberty-tree-tattooOriginally posted at American Thinker

follow url Thomas Jefferson was aware that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

http://seatower.com/?wide=Average-Cost-Of-Clomid&040=27 Now, by doling out what little is left of America’s wealth to foreign interlopers, those that fit into the tyrant category are shaking the tree of liberty with a decision that includes crediting back payments for time worked illegally in the U.S.

http://integratedmetabolic.com/?nowbuy=How-Much-Does-Clomid-Cost-Pct&6e0=3a In other words, as part of Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation,’ America has transitioned from a nation who once threatened to fine employers for hiring illegals into a nation crediting illegals with back Social Security payments for work done illegally.

http://cfmim.com/?pill=Pfizer-Lipitor-Online&31f=1a And if rewarding illegals isn’t outrageous enough, with the help of a Congress complicit in furthering the abuse of power, via a $1.1 trillion omnibus budget deal the president plans to further frustrate the efforts of blue-collar Americans desperate to find a job by awarding work visas to 3 million illegal employees.

http://pentian.com/?here=Doxycycline-Prescription-Nhs&aae=55 Of late, these sorts of outrages are not the exception, but the rule. The travesty is that, while silently capitulating to unspeakable indignation, those who nurture the tree of liberty are being made to feel somehow obliged to assume a subservient position to those who either don’t belong in this country or who are heading here to inflict harm.

click here In hopes of directing the masses, Barack Obama subjects our nation to a litany of course-corrective sermons, where he who knows nothing about “American values” lectures endlessly about “American values.” Clearly, this ongoing effort is not to cultivate freedom, but rather to deconstruct the American view of the world in hopes of helping the stubborn to see America ‘not as it is, but as Obama and his ilk believe it should be.’

source Take for instance the manipulative effort of those who demand restraint by citing the need to protect the lives of civilians in bombing raids targeted to exterminate ISIS. Has anyone thought to ask the #ShoutYourAbortion/baby-organ-market crowd how having empathy for the offspring of our enemy, many of whom will grow up to be deadly killers, equates to endorsing the unfettered slaughter of 4,000 American babies a day?

go here Meanwhile, as we await a terse retort from the proponents of tyranny about how fetuses aren’t human beings, the “do not,” “cannot,” and “not allowed to” list grows longer, not to mention the weight of oppression becoming heavier.

http://otterpaintball.com/?led=Cialis-Professional-Online-Australia&d23=a8 Moreover, if the current state of affairs is evaluated logically, the effort currently underway has to be to create a nation of people who dutifully accept unacceptable things like hordes of illegal felons wandering America’s streets and a Syrian-refugee crisis that threatens to negatively impact all our lives.

What other explanation could there be for citizens to stand by and watch five terrorists exchanged for one military deserter, or for Americans to stomach our children being exposed and infected with deadly Third World diseases? Why else would sane people yield to living side by side with nomadic nemeses who, when not collecting Social Security checks, spend time in the garage building pipe bombs?

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that liberty’s tree is tilting toward docile capitulation to the overbearing imposition of a community organizer who has methodically reorganized America into a community of demoralized bondservants.

With that in mind, maybe it’s time for the electorate to be reminded that a budget has just been passed that metes out social justice in the form of funding for baby chop-shops, shores up ObamaCare, validates climate change chicanery, and places the wants and needs of illegal immigrants above the challenges facing stressed-out Americans.

Not only that but those we’ve entrusted with safeguarding this nation think so little of the citizenry that they’ve also sanctioned spending $1.6 billion to resettle ISIS-infiltrated refugees in our neighborhoods, which might mean that Americans could be facing a form of tyranny far worse than the Islamic state.

But despite all that, the powers of persuasion have still been able to do things like convincing many that, although a Pakistani jihadist who murdered 14 innocent Americans was improperly screened, the federal system is well-prepared to weed out refugees with falsified passports.

Therefore, what needs to take place in America requires more than acknowledging Congress’s betrayal of the public trust or speaking out against the president’s calculated effort to curtail our First and Second Amendment rights.

This isn’t about recognizing the absurdity of being asked to believe that our mortal enemies will become our friends if we treat them as if we’re walking on shards of glass. Nor is it a matter of rejecting Obama’s appeal to embrace the falsehoods that independence requires servitude, weakness is synonymous with peace, lies are factual, and that tolerating a government-arranged mass looting is how generosity is expressed.

Instead, it’s about the American people finally wresting from the clutches of oppression that which was purchased for us with the blood of patriots who recognized tyranny and then refreshed the tree of liberty accordingly.

Barack Obama ‘Making History’ Again

Originally posted at American Thinker

America has had 43 presidents, but only a handful of them are considered truly great.  First, of course, is the humble general and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, George Washington, and certainly right behind him is Abraham Lincoln, who saved the Union and whose actions led to the abolition of slavery.

Then there was foundational figurehead Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and doubled the size of the country; a surprising wartime leader named Harry Truman whose bold decision brought the end of WWII; and the incomparable Ronald Reagan, communism-buster and Cold War victor.

Now, after just three years, a new name is being bandied about as a possible addition to the short list of presidential notables, and that name is Barack Obama.

Recently, while campaigning for her husband’s re-election in Omaha, Nebraska, Michelle Obama declared, “We made history.”  After less than one term, it might seem a bit premature to claim historical preeminence, but truth is, by being identified as America’s first African-American/biracial president, Obama has in fact made history.

In addition to his initial achievement of surmounting racial prejudice, according to his wife Michelle, in less than one term, not only has the president led America “out of the dark and into the light,” but his pioneering leadership has also catapulted him into the realm of presidential greatness.

Oddly enough, when backing up her “making history” claim, the first lady chose not to cite Obama’s economic, foreign, or social policy endeavors.  Instead, the first lady focused her attention on Obama’s $950-billion signature legislation, the Affordable Healthcare for America Act.

Expounding upon the president’s signature achievement, Michelle Obama said, “Two years ago, we made history together by finally passing health reform. And because we passed this law, insurance companies will now have to cover basic preventive care — things like prenatal care, mammograms, contraception — at no extra cost.”

If “making history” includes trying to accommodate the sexual activities of American citizens, exhibiting intrepid leadership when standing against the United States Constitution, imposing an antagonistic mandate upon religious organizations, and placing contraceptive availability above the free exercise clause of the First Amendment, then Barack Obama certainly has made his mark.

Moreover, when compared with great moments in history, listening to Michelle Obama laud her husband’s legislative victories makes the Louisiana Purchase pale in comparison to the monumental magnitude of dispensing morning-after pills and condoms free of charge.

To be fair, if for nothing else, with fortitude and courage similar to those of five-star general and 34th President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower, Barack Obama certainly does deserve a medal for prevailing in a Democrat-contrived “war on women” and for his unflinching insistence upon “a regulation mandating that insurance companiesprovide women with free contraceptives.”

However, for some historical perspective, consider the words of limited-government proponent and Sage of Monticello Thomas Jefferson.  When Jefferson made the observation that “[i]f we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy[,]” what he probably wasn’t anticipating was the government offering to take care of happy people by promising them taxpayer-funded medical care and free birth control.

Moreover, when Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, the foundational premise of self-government hinged upon the objection to Britain’s oppressive king doing things like sending “swarms of officers … hither … to harass [the colonists], and eat out of their substance.”

At the time, little did Jefferson or any of the Founding Fathers know that one day there would be a czar-appointing, tax-loving, regulation-imposing president counted among their ranks, whose policies are the antithesis of the founding principles they established and, for lack of a better comparison, who would be America’s very own modern-day George III.

Try as the Founders might, two centuries ago it was impossible to foresee a big-government bureaucrat type as president, a man teetering on the edge of despotism who would sidestep the Constitution and seize for the federal government the power to mandate that “nearly all health insurance plans in the United States must provide women with sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives (including those that can induce abortions) without any fees or co-pay.”

Nor could the founders of our nation fathom that a faux-exuberant version of Abigail Adams would justify her husband earning a second term by characterizing free access to birth control as “making history.”

In over 200 years, 42 history-making presidents have come and gone — but never has our nation’s hard-fought heritage been subject to a leader who dares profess historical greatness for implementing policies that force American citizens to fund insurance coverage for free contraceptives and abortion on demand.

Furthermore, say what you will about unwavering spousal support, but Mrs. Obama handing out kudos for squelching freedoms established upon the tenets of the U.S. Constitution is downright extraordinary.  Maybe someone should inform both the president and the first lady — not that they would care — that it was Thomas Jefferson who cautioned, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Therefore, in keeping with Michelle Obama’s historical vision of her history-making husband, as the 2012 election rapidly approaches, there’s no better time for America to honor Barack Obama this Election Day than by sending him a message of historical proportions.

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