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Obama on ‘Gang-Bangers,’ Hoodies, and Illegals Emptying Bedpans

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How to http://lumenled.net/?olxc=Cialis-20-Mg-Buy&efd=a9. Big Discounts, No prescription required. Bonus Pills with all Orders. 100% Satisfaction! It’s classic Cloward-Piven strategy.  First you foment a crisis, and then you rush in with a left-wing cure.  That is exactly what the president did during an interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, who is not to be confused with Sesame Street’s Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Generic Viagra Sildenafil 100mg That’s right – Barack Obama, who, when it comes to himself, regularly contravenes the rules and regulations, is now suddenly an expert on how law enforcement should comport themselves in tense situations.

Buy Viagra Online In Usa According to the president, minority community sensitivity is needed for police officers, who Obama has said in the past can “act stupidly.” The president feels the goal should be to teach law enforcement how to differentiate between a gang-banger and an innocent child, who, if wearing a hoodie, could be Obama’s son.

Is Accutane Prescription Only "it was great to have healthcare professionals validate the concept, and share ideas on how trewgrip can benefit the industry." What the president’s counsel did not include was advice on how to deal with gang-bangers wearing hoodies or innocent children foolishly emulating gang-bangers.

| instock🔥 |. buy online without a doctor is prescription. follow url ,coupons 75% off. Check More » Nonetheless, Obama did tell a totally transfixed George:

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http://seniorenzentrum-diedorf.com/?yah=Buy-Mobicosa-Gel&522=42 The president should be familiar with that type of mix-up. In 2008 and 2012, thanks to his emitting a “new car smell,” candidate Obama benefited because Americans were not trained to distinguish between a qualified candidate and a Chicago community organizer/socialist rabble-rouser who decided being black was the only criterion needed to run for president.

Title: Nexium Total Sales - Cheapest Nexium Otc Subject: Price of nexium otc, nexium prescribing information australia, Buy Kamagra Shop Uk Now, just a few weeks after America expressed views Obama ignored when he lawlessly and unilaterally extended executive amnesty to those who defy the rule of law, he told George Stephanopoulos, “You know, this is a country that allows everybody to express their views. But using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are.”

| instock🔥 |. Your health is important. http://fumcgastonia.org/small-groups/content/online-bible-study?q=1,coupons 50% off. Buy Now » It sure would have been nice if George had asked the president, who just the other day said that “[m]ass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character,” how the rule of law reflects who we are in some circumstances, but in others, following the rule of law contradicts our character?

After a break, Obama came back to discuss why lawless behavior is acceptable when he deems it necessary. Stephanopoulos asked the president how he justified exercising “administrative flexibility” when he circumvented Congress to grant amnesty to 5,000,000 illegal aliens.

First the president denied being emperor; then he explained that his job is to execute the laws he doesn’t keep, and then applied the gang-banger/hoodie argument to immigration when he told George that America has to:

…[p]rioritize felons, criminals, recent arrivals, folks who are coming right at the border and acknowledge that if somebody’s been here for over 5 years, they may have an American child or a legal permanent resident child[.]

In other words, the president was sort of saying that when it comes to immigration, Americans have to put the law aside and be able to “distinguish between” gang-banging illegal ISIS terrorists, MS-13 gang members, pedophiles, murderers, and rapists and hoodie-wearing unaccompanied minors who just happen to be infected with Enterovirus D-68, but otherwise are good kids and “not doing anything wrong.”

Then, after citing prosecutorial discretion as the reason he did what he erroneously thinks Democrat and Republican presidents have done before with bipartisan Congressional approval, the president went on to give a laundry list of things that we have to do but will never do nor be able to enforce.

Things like securing the border, deporting criminals similar to the ones the Obama administration has already released, and believing that illegals will willingly submit to criminal background checks and U.S. tax law.

Then, point guard Stephanopoulos provided an opportunity for Obama to block any argument that might suggest that his so-called prosecutorial discretion on immigration could open the door for future presidents to target Democrat favorites like abortion and taxes.

According to Barack Obama, it’s different when it comes to taxes because, he says, “The vast majority of folks understand that they need to pay taxes. And when we conduct an audit, for example, we are selecting those folks who are most likely to be cheating.”

Wait! Sneaking over the border isn’t dishonest? And when he says “we,” does he mean himself and Lois Lerner auditing conservatives, Tea Party activists, and right-wing media types?

Either way, apparently for Obama it’s not the same when illegals flagrantly break the law as it is for American citizens whom Obama wants to abuse with Chicago-style intimidation.

Clearly, the president feels his time is better spent “going after” millions and millions of Americans who disagree with him politically than it is pursuing illegals who Obama believes “we’re taking advantage of … as they mow lawns or clean out bedpans.”

When it comes to tax law, Obama, who’s proven to be the lawless one and who doesn’t expect bed-making, fruit-picking, lawn-mowing, bed-pan-emptying illegals to follow the law either, said that although not every person is audited, “we,” (as in he) “still expect that people are going to go ahead and follow the law.”

So there you have it. According to Barack Obama, black teenage boys in hoodies are off-limits to police officers. Similarly, when it comes to illegal aliens, the hoodie test should also be applied, lest those daring to suggest deportation as an option end up being legally audited by a president who doesn’t respect the law.


Fibber McBiden on Larry King Lies

Why do kids lie is the question that presents itself while watching Joe Biden painfully misrepresent the facts 2 weeks ago on Larry King Live?  Like a smirking six year old Biden told, the suspendered one, lie after out-right-lie.  One couldn’t help but be bemused, perplexed and stunned as Biden, like a kid in a dirty nappy, verbally walked around as if no one noticed his lack of self-control.  Listening to Joe Biden chatter brought to mind child psychology courses that taught, “Kids as young as 3 — sometimes even 2 — will tell very simple lies, denying they’ve done something or in order to gain something for themselves.”

Pathological Joe Biden said,

I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.

Wasn’t it Biden and President Obama, who vigorously opposed the Iraq war?  Joe even recommended carving Iraq into three “fractious factions.”  In 2007, together with Barack Obama, Joe Biden expressed fervent opposition to the troop surge as Obama expressed fear of “worsening sectarian strife.”

Now three years later, and no thanks to Obama or Biden’s contributions to the war effort, the Bush/Cheney policy has proven successful.  In response, Joe is “denying something in order to gain something” and does so by spreading white lies. It turns out Mr. Biden is an aspersion articulator equaled only in prevarication proficiency by Barry.

As a smiling calumniating Biden continued talking to Larry, one couldn’t help but be reminded, “preschoolers’ tall tales can be pure play, or sometimes wishful thinking… it’s not unusual for young kids to insist… that their fantasy world is real.” Child psychologists maintain, “It’s not really a lie.  What your child indicates … are the tremendous colorfulness, prominence, and importance of imaginary friends.” That’s it; Joe was sharing colorful travel stories with imaginary friends about trips to Iraq.

I spent  — I’ve been there 17 times now. I go about every two months — three months. I know every one of the major players in all the segments of that society. It’s impressed me. I’ve been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences.

Everyone knows liberals view themselves more compassionate, socially aware, and sensitive than their conservative political adversaries, which in Joe’s mind must make lying forgivable. Vice President Biden’s ability to tell lies to avoid hurting another person’s feelings “shows a bit of social awareness and sensitivity” on his part. According to psychologists, Biden might do this for “all sorts of understandable, even forgivable, reasons.” For example, Joe may be afraid of disappointing America or of the punishment he and Barry could suffer in the next election.  It could even be a stress response with both boys being “pressed beyond their capabilities” and all.

America should be kind before sending Joe “to his room or taking away his TV privileges for the day,” the nation should try hard to understand what drives the Vice President to lie, and “take his reasons into consideration.”

On Larry King, Biden stuck to the Obama administration “inherited” a bad economy story. As the unemployment rate dips to record lows Joe continued to perjure himself by claiming the stimulus package, “created or saved over two million jobs.”  Vice President Biden might as well have held up to the camera his kindergarten art project with glued macaroni and glitter and told big Daddy Larry, “This is my magic village.”

Biden contended “in the last year, from the day we came in…billions of dollars pushed into the economy [into] pockets.  [Americans] went out and spent that money for everything from a hair cut to helping pay for the electric bill.  And that has impact on economy.” In Joe’s fantasy world are unemployed Americans busy getting coiffed and paying electric bills for vacated homes in foreclosure?

Like a lying child planting wet kisses on a mother’s cheek, a glowing Cheshire smile enhanced Joe’s flagrant falsifications as America’s VP contended, “So a lot of it’s not seen and a lot of it’s misunderstood.”

It’s no secret Joe and his cohort Barry habitually lie.  Rather than being amused the nation should be alarmed because childhood denial, personal gain, imaginary friends and social sensitivity aside, chronic lying indicates the need for professional assistance to sort things out.

Take Joe’s taped interview for “Meet the Press” where Joe Rockin’ Robinette “unloaded on his predecessor” Dick Cheney one of the architects of the Iraq policy Obama/Biden now accepts recognition for. Then again CNNhealth.com featured article Why Kids Lie An Age-by-Age guide says, “children who are anxious, who feel that they can’t handle some kind of situation, may lie. It could be a sign of any number of stresses that the child is under. It could also be the sign of a smart kid who finds lying a convenient tactic” — which in this particular case, is highly unlikely.

Befuddled history rewriter and fact fabricator Biden, attempting to preempt the incoming scud missile Cheney was set to drop on “This Week,” told David Gregory, “Dick Cheney’s a fine fellow.  He’s entitled to his own opinion.  He’s not entitled to rewrite history. He’s not entitled to his own facts…What is he talking about?  I’m not being facetious.  Maybe he’s not fully informed of what’s going on…I don’t know where he has been.  Where was he the last four years of the last administration?”  Joe wants to know what Cheney’s talking about?

Over the last four years of the Bush/Cheney administration, while Joe Biden was busy getting hair plugs, having his teeth laminated and making outrageous statements, Dick Cheney was working hard to maintain national security in spite of Senator Biden and Obama’s resistance to sound policy.  The former vice president was curtailing terrorism and bringing peace and tranquility to Iraq with a troop surge Joe Biden initially pooh-poohed but now takes full credit for.

Why Kids Lie expert contributors and child psychologists agree the best way to steer a child toward honesty is to set a good example and “talk to him about how lying can damage credibility and relationships.” The article’s esteemed professionals concur with any luck, “chances are your child will grow out of fibbing – and into an honest-to-goodness adult.”  Unfortunately, with each passing day, it looks less and less hopeful either Joe Biden or “Barack America” possesses any hope of growing out of the well-practiced youthful habit of misrepresenting truth.

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