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Obama’s last tango in Buenos Aires

Originally posted at American Thinker

Remember when President Obama refused to lay down his golf clubs because he thought it would send a message of weakness to terrorists?

Well, in response to another terrorist attack, the president again showed “ISIL” who’s in charge – this time by refusing to sit out a tango.

Unfortunately, his Argentinian partner was no Ellen DeGeneres, which may be why the president was so stone-faced.

Either that, or dancing with a beautiful woman reminded Obama of the scary look Michelle shot him after he danced with Thalia on Fiesta Latina night at the White House in the first year of his presidency.


Meanwhile, in Brussels…

Clooney’s Presidential Fundraiser: One-Percenters Living Large to Help the Poor

Originally posted at Breitbart’s BIG Hollywood

Actor, director, producer and screenwriter George Timothy Clooney – Darfur activist, serial romancer, and former bedmate to the late Max, a 300-lb. pot-bellied pig – is going to host a fundraiser for Barack Obama.

Over the years, Clooney, a committed ladies’ man, liberal and owner on Lake Como in Laglio, Italy, has proven equally loyal to Obama’s re-election hopes. So much so that together with DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose own $35 million home is currently under construction, Clooney will co-host a  $6 million fundraiser for the President at his impeccably clean 7,000+ square-foot Los Angeles home.

Since Clooney is supposedly a competitive hoops man, a basketball court on the Clooney estate is good news for the President because it means “shoot from the left” Obama will at least have a place to dribble among friends.

Obama supporters will pay $40,000 a plate – that’s right, for a year’s middle-class salary, without benefits, Clooney and Katzenberg will serve a well-heeled group of liberals a dinner that will probably consist of things like very expensive grass-fed beef, twice-baked potatoes sprinkled with paprika, and something involving $145-per-ounce white truffles.

And true to form, Obama will likely drone on at the tony fundraiser about the plight of the middle class, many of whom are presently unemployed and would do any “shovel-ready” job for a chance to earn $40,000. Nonetheless, while the middle class suffers, Obama will have no problem pocketing the $6 million that, if distributed elsewhere, could feed those suffering in Darfur or unemployed lower-middle-class families in the U.S. for a full year.

After the event, the President will justify hauling away the money in an armored truck by reassuring the gullible donors that the middle class needs him to protect them from evil-rich-guy Mitt Romney, and need him to be re-elected so he can fix the problems he’s caused over the last four years

Although Clooney has declared that he is more than willing to welcome Obama 2012 donors into his humble abode, the agreement is not without limits. Clooney, who just last month sat near the President at British Prime Minister David Cameron’s state dinner, said there is one thing he won’t do to help the president.

Clooney told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m proud to do whatever I can to support the President… as long as no one asks me to sing.” Knowing full well that Obama has a set of chops he likes to show off, Clooney could be concerned that the President, world renowned as an Apollo Theatre star/Al Green impersonator and BB King/Mick Jagger “Sweet Home Chicago” backup singer, could challenge him to a one-on-one behind the mic.

Then again, the three-time Golden Globe and Academy Award winner has loads of resources to draw on. For starters, to distract the President from suggesting a sing-off, 50-year-old Clooney could have his latest paramour, 33-year-old former “Legs of WWE” wrestler Stacey Keibler, entertain the Obama for America donors with some of her sultry dance moves from “Dancing with the Stars.” Afterwards, maybe Obama will join Keibler and demonstrate his own macho salsa technique like he did with Thalia at Fiesta Latina.

After toweling off, if the guest of honor still insists on Clooney singing, the actor can drag out videos of Darfur, and if all else fails he can pass around mug shots of himself and his father Nick that were taken after they were arrested at a protest in Washington, D.C. outside the Sudanese Embassy. If none of that works, Clooney can always follow the Teleprompter cord to the outlet and unplug Obama’s reverb and microphone.

Either way, singing or no singing, Clooney and Obama make quite a pair. Both are actors, one specializing in singing, the other in wooing women. Yet both of these outspoken advocates for the downtrodden are more than willing to rationalize $40,000 dinners to ensure the reelection of a man who claims he, unlike Romney, identifies with the less fortunate.

Obama’s Bevy of Latina Lovelies

Originally posted at Taki’s Mag

Does Barack Obama have a thing for Latina chicks or what? First there was the famous salsa at Fiesta Latina at the White House with Mexican singer/actress Thalia. The usually cool Obama got so heated up you could almost see the steam rising as he danced his way back to his seat. The president cooled off instantly once he sat down, because that little spin around the room with a sexy diva didn’t exactly impress Michelle, who gave “Mr. Macho” her familiar cold, hard stare.

Nevertheless, when Barack decided it was time to put immigration reform on the table, a trio of Latina lovelies was called in to advise him. Screw Sheriff Joe Arpaio—who needs him? The list of experts included Eva Longoria, the Mexican-American actress born precariously close to the Mexican border in Corpus Christi, TX; Puerto Rican/Afro-Cuban Rosario Dawson; and Honduran America Ferrera.

Eva defined the meeting as a “brainstorming” session where “influential” persons in the media such as herself joined together with Obama to discuss the complex issues of immigration reform, the imminent need to pass the Dream Act, and making politicians who don’t support his immigration views “pay” in 2012.

Eva, who can barely keep her own avocados under control, told an intimate group of reporters that she is integral to what she calls the “conversation” and is a key advisor in helping “reframe the immigration argument” and tie up loose ends with the guacamole-loving Mr. Macho.

For President Obama it’s never all work and no play. When it’s time to throw a Super Bowl party, who better for the president to share his kielbasa with than football fan Jennifer Lopez? Thus far, the president hasn’t recruited the ex-Mrs. Marc Anthony to be part of his immigration/border security consultative board, but that’s probably because she’s too busy judging the new season of American Idol, leaving no time to advise washed-up American idols.

While J.Lo is otherwise occupied, the president has a bevy of Latina experts from whom to draw advice. For instance, Barack Obama is so invested in cultivating children as future Democrat voters that out of all the nation’s Hispanic educators, the best and most qualified representative is apparently the belly-dancing, hips-don’t-lie Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

Along with border security expert Eva Longoria, Colombian pop sensation Shakira was one of those who “met with the president in the Oval Office.” One can be sure that Ms. Shakira shimmied her way into the president’s presence loaded with knowledgeable insights that complemented the other Latina salsa-dancing/border-security/immigration-reform experts who were also there “brainstorming” with the world’s most powerful man.

Shakira, known for educational songs such as “Underneath Your Clothes” and “She Wolf,” has been tapped to expand her humanitarian work beyond the borders of the Barefoot Foundation—an “education-focused” organization she founded in 1995—and will embrace the president’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Trevor Neilson, Shakira’s “philanthropic adviser,” spoke on behalf of the woman who sings about her “Oral Fixation,” saying “Shakira considers this a profound honor and responsibility and is thrilled to be able to use her experience to help the president and commission in some small way.”

Besides teaching young barefoot girls how to writhe rhythmically in time to seductive music, Shakira has “educated more than 6,000 kids in her schools in Colombia” and believes deeply that unlike her own “assets,” which even she admits are “small and humble” and not to be confused with mountains, “Latino children are one of America’s greatest assets.”

Shakira is convinced that Latino children are capable of doing “incredible things for our country,” such as one day teaching other children to pole-dance in a bikini like she does, but only “if we ensure they have access to quality education” from wonderful Obama-appointed role models such as herself.

In the past, being the so-called Ugly Betty or the only Latina desperate housewife on television was enough to become a presidential advisor. However, add belly-dancing and running around in the shower in a wet négligée to an already ample set of credentials, and it’s easy to understand why Shakira, who performed for Obama’s inauguration, was a top contender for a position on the president’s education council.

Meanwhile, Latino celebrities such as Edward James Olmos and Marc Anthony, although potentially just as valuable to the president’s close circle of brilliant advisors, thus far have not held any press conferences or been featured as key participants in the conversation.

In the future, perhaps Barack Obama can further resolve the nation’s immigration-related problems by expanding his own borders to include additional well-qualified Hispanic political advisors such as Arizona immigration law critic Jessica Alba, former illegal immigrant Salma Hayek, and family immigration/deportation expert Sofia Vergara.

The Monarch and a Morose Michelle

Okay, am I the only one who noticed that Michelle wore a white dress to a British affair just two weeks after Kate bedazzled the world at the royal wedding?  Isn’t the fashion rule pertaining to white as follows:  You shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, or a white dress to a wedding, or what looks like a bridal gown to a function hosted by the same family who didn’t invite you to the biggest wedding since Liza Minelli wed David Gest – even if you’re bunking in the honeymoon suite?

That’s what happened when, in honor of Barack and Michelle, the Queen of England hosted a State Dinner complete with all the British trappings. To add color to the occasion, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson, sans a ‘fascinator,’ were on hand to stud the event with Hollywood stars. The way the First Lady, in a flowing white ensemble with opera-length white gloves, proceeded into the stodgy affair it seemed the only thing missing was a floor-length veil and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

As always, Michelle, representative of the little people, looked ‘biceptually’ stunning in a Tom Ford criss-cross halter, bow under the bosom, full-length gown with dangling diamond and crystal earrings.  However, during the Queen’s speech and immediately following when Obama mistook “God Save the Queen” to be a musical accompaniment for his toast, Michelle appeared to be peeved, P.O.’d, perturbed and downright distressed.

The look on Michelle’s face was rivaled only by her 2009 sideways glare at the first lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and her reaction to “macho man” Obama when he decided to strut his stuff with Latin babe Thalia on Fiesta Latina night at the White House.


Michelle’s obvious irritation is somewhat puzzling and out of place, especially while being feted like royalty.  Could it be that Shelley was forced to walk behind an actual sovereign in time to “God Save the Queen” that caused an affront?  Was America’s First Lady disappointed when she found out she got all dressed up for a blind date with Prince Phillip, an 89 year-old “cantankerous old sod?”  Or maybe Mrs. Obama was insulted that she was excluded from the head of the “U-shaped” table and forced to sit across from Hillary Clinton, resplendent in a mother of the bride dress, and David Cameron, who may have been practicing bad one-liners for the ‘bangers and burger barbeque’ scheduled for the following day.

Then again we did find out on Cinco de Mayo that Michelle can become fierce when it comes to food choices. Maybe the First Lady was craving tamales when she realized she would be forced to endure “Windsor lamb with basil, green bean panache and Charlotte a la Vanille for dessert.”

Either way, the entire pink rose and candelabra event was in honor of Barack and Michelle.  The diminutive Queen “opened the dinner by recalling fond memories of her earlier meetings with the Obamas.” The monarch referenced first daughters Malia and Sasha, but to avoid impropriety chose to omit mention of the inappropriate backrub or being gifted with an iPod jammed with show tunes like “The King and I.”

While the Queen was speaking and Obama was breaking with protocol, Michelle, who earlier in the day was bandied about in a windstorm destined to become the 2011 version of Marilyn Monroe on the subway grate, looked totally unimpressed.  Uncontrolled sullenness belied the party atmosphere in the room and didn’t disappear even when Michelle participated in one of her favorite activities, standing with her hand over her heart during a laudatory rendition of the United States national anthem.

It’s hard to deny, Michelle’s glaring ire appeared to be focused like a laser on the guy in the white bow tie who, at Westminster Abbey earlier in the day, displayed 2008 ‘Back to the Future’ campaign sentimentality while signing his name in the guest book.

It’s all conjecture, but the honeymoon suite shared weeks earlier by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, once it was occupied by guests of honor Michelle and Obama might have become the scene of a European-volcanic ash-induced lover’s quarrel.  Then again, there is always the possibility that the Obamas’ over-exuberant stout consumption in Moneygall incited some sort of beer-withdrawal brawl in London.

Whatever the reason, it’s doubtful we’ll ever know what caused the always congenial First Lady to look so morose at an event where her smile should have matched her sparkly earrings.  But be encouraged, there is an upside!

After being participating in perfunctory activities in Ireland and then again in ponderous old England, the next stop on the Obama European Expedition was Paris, France. Nicolas Sarkozy must have worked his magic and managed to keep his pregnant wife Carla tucked away so Michelle could do some unencumbered shopping, because when AF1 landed first in Poland and then at home, before Barry began his belated mission to Missouri, Michelle Obama sported an enormous smile.

Tap Shoes and Pink Slips

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Speaking of stimulus, obviously Michelle Obama requires bi-weekly cultural stimulation. Nary two weeks pass without some kind of exotic excursion or home-based gala.  Every star-studded occasion is couched in the guise of providing some sort of national benefit, but in actuality ends up supplying dazzling amusement for an obviously bored First Lady.

This week, while unemployed Americans donned sackcloth and ashes, Michelle deemed it fitting to host a celebratory dance party. Breaking tradition with Conga night, typically scheduled for Wednesday, the event was scheduled on a Tuesday.

The White House East Room, where the Obamas requested the Nativity be removed, welcomed Broadway’s dancing coal-miner’s son Billy Elliott, complete with “pirouettes, jetes, gravity-defying leaps and maybe even some bumps and grinds as Michelle Obama inaugurates a new dance series.”

As Americans traded double-ply cardboard for shoe soles, “dancers of all types – ballet, modern, hip hop and Broadway” were jumping and jiving at the White House in everything from spiffy leather tap shoes to pink satin pointe slippers.

The festivities started with students from “dance schools around the country: The Alvin Ailey School, Ballet Hispanico, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Dance Theatre of Harlem, [and] the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center.” The handpicked hoofers participated in an afternoon workshop hosted by some of the biggest names in dance.  After a sweaty practicum, students saw “mentors perform in an hour-long, star-studded show.”

“Broadway’s young ‘Billy Elliot’ was there.” Billy brought with him a timely message of how economic hardship; personal struggle, one-parent families, and union strikes can catapult even the most reluctant boxer into the lead role in Swan Lake.

The British boy in a tutu, though thrilling, was not the main event.  Besides boogie aficionado, Michelle, the foremost luminary of the evening was the artistic, soon-to-retire director of the renowned African-American Alvin Ailey Dance Company and official dance party honoree, Judith Jamison.

When asked about bringing dance to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Judith gushed, “What a rare opportunity, to be invited by your country’s first lady to be honored like this,” which is exactly what Anita Blanchard said en route to Costa del Sol.

Jamison went on, “I’ve been to the White House a couple of times before, but this event is totally unique. It’s so terribly important to recognize this art form and to understand how important it is to the fabric of this country.”  It’s unique all right, especially because in a time of national crisis the First Lady chooses to focus on pirouettes.

Jamison sermonized, “This will be another clarion call to people: Pay attention to your arts!”  Art awareness is certainly the clarion call beckoning Americans like the undermanned guards on the Arizona border dealing with the creeping invasion of violent drug cartels.

Dance world icon Jamison, as a living illustration of the emotional state of every American living beyond the perpetually jovial White House walls, should have agreed to grace the makeshift stage with an improvised rendition of her “unforgettable 1971 solo piece ‘Cry‘.”

In less than two short years, the Obamas successfully ran the gamut from “Latin music, rock, jazz [and] country” to “classical and Broadway show tunes.” Who can forget Barry and Thalia burning up the rug at Fiesta Latina, a salsa-spectacle that left “dance fan” Michelle less than overjoyed?

Nevertheless, there is little doubt the latest eclectic White House party was both dignified and Michelle-approved, especially if fleet of foot Barry joined the corps de ballet troupe, demonstrated a Muslim-friendly Arabesque or chose to fly in trusty dance partner, Ellen DeGeneres.

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