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Sochi Gets a Visit from the La Taxa Nostra

imagesOriginally posted at American Thinker

Somebody has to cover the cost of Sandra Fluke’s contraceptives.  So, with that in mind, government mafia extortionists disguised as the IRS are eagerly awaiting the tally on Olympic gold, silver and bronze.

At the SOTU, Barack Obama said of the Sochi Olympics: “We believe in the inherent dignity and equality of every human being, regardless of race or religion, creed or sexual orientation.”

Then he said, “Next week the world will see one expression of that commitment when Team USA marches the red, white and blue into the Olympic stadium and brings home the gold.”

Translation:  The president is sending delegates, some of whom are homosexual, to Putin’s gay-unfriendly Russia.  Their job is to gaily cheer on athletes from whom the IRS hopes they can extort cash on behalf of Obama.

Like all earned income, prizes awarded by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) are subject to federal taxes.

That means if an elite athlete has spent an entire life training for the Olympics and manages to win a medal, he or she now owes the U.S. Government a chunk of the monetary prize.

Olympic gold is worth $25,000; silver $15,000; and bronze $10,000.  So, gold-medal-winning snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg had better be stuffing some of his hard earned winnings into an IRS envelope.  Those in the 39.6% tax bracket, like high-earning gold medalist Shaun White, will have to cough up $9,900 on every $25,000 medal they win.

It will cost silver medalists in the 25% U.S. tax bracket $3,750 to win a silver medal. As for the bronze, those in the 10% bracket will only have to cough up $1,000.

Talk about government deterrents to success! Athletes with Olympic aspirations would be better off financially if they just watched the winter games from home.

Let’s face it, the IRS is similar to La Cosa Nostra.  In return for ‘protection’ — from them taking your house, attaching your pay, and ruining your life — every American is required to hand over a percentage of everything they earn to the IRS, aka La Taxa Nostra.

Granted, the IRS doesn’t break kneecaps (that we know of), nor do they sit around eating provolone and prosciutto heroes while playing cards. And it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them going door-to-door collecting envelopes from petrified taxpayers.

Instead, IRS drones dress in nifty business suits.  Nonetheless, they use mafia-style intimidation and scare tactics even on those who’ve faithfully paid, and successfully ruin more lives than organized crime ever could.

That’s why, when the United ‘Disincentive’ States of America’s Olympic champions ascend the podium to bask in the glory of the Star Spangled Banner, let it be a reminder to those who won the gold that right outside Fisht stadium, the IRS-mafia man is waiting to collect.

Charging Residents for Calling 9-1-1? – American Thinker Blog – February 22, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

An innovative plan to charge for 9-1-1 calls is sure to incite nationwide copycat proposals when long-term savings show unlimited potential to benefit expensive programs like universal health care.

As if California taxes weren’t exorbitant enough the town of Tracy, California, hoping to generate “extra revenue while it suffers a $9 million budget deficit,” is requiring residents to “pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.”

According to the Census and the FBI Crime Database Tracy’s median age is 31-years-of-age with an expanding 40-65+ population.  The latter group requires the largest percent of 9-1-1 assistance and more importantly costly follow-up medical care, which presents the perfect excuse to begin charging for emergency aid.

In addition, Tracy, California’s “unemployment rate is 9.90 percent. Recent job growth is negative [and] Tracy jobs have decreased by 4.30 percent.” Couple those statistics together with the fact that in highly taxed California, the median household income in Tracy is only $74,773.00.

Sympathetic to added budgetary burdens, Tracy officials are working hard on behalf of elderly and economically hard-pressed residents.  Local government offers a cost saving choice for future recipients of 9-1-1 responses. “Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year, which allows them to call…as many times as necessary.”

Renegade residents, who thumb their nose at the annual fee, when and if the big one hits, will be charged $300.00 for calling 9-1-1, or five times the annual fee. If a non-resident is ill-fated enough choke on a hot wing at Famous Dave’s BBQ, in addition to the cost of dinner, assistance will cost $400.00.

Bottom line — if short on cash or too incapacitated to recite a credit card number over the phone, despite a broken pelvis — Granny may likely have to drive herself to the hospital.

What reason other than curtailing health care costs could there be for charging people calling for help in the throes of a stroke, being chased by a rapist, or cutting off a few fingers on a table saw?

With health care cost reduction in mind, it will be interesting to see whether the aging population in Tracy diminishes to the degree that government interest is piqued.   Let’s face it forgoing a 9-1-1 call could “kill a few revenue birds” with one stone. While obvious health care cost savings would come from those who expire because of choosing to save money, fees could always be garnered from those gasping for breath that, at the last minute, deciding they’d rather live.  In addition, not having to gas up fleets of ambulances or hire additional 9-1-1 operators provides extra profit in local government coffers.

Federal programs could reap an advantage if Tracy, California’s innovative 9-1-1 policies  ascend to the national level and are folded into health care reform.  For the “common good,” Obama can encourage anyone in need of life saving assistance verify the bottom line in a checkbook first before crawling to the telephone clutching his or her chest.

For many dying may be a more attractive option than paying.  As a viable way of escape, it’s to the point where oppressive taxes and extraneous fees are making traumatized people apt to forgo calling 9-1-1.  Either way, even those who choose to not shell it out will eventually cough it up after policy is undoubtedly proposed requiring the $300.00 be paid for picking up the dead in a coroners van.

The Halves and the Halve-Nots


When you were a kid the kindest thing you could say to a friend over lunch was, “You want half?” Giving half of what we have is no longer a matter of free choice.  About 50% of every penny we earn goes toward taxes.  Americans who do pay taxes, if lucky, live in a world merely of halves, because those less fortunate or about  10% of the highest earners, pay 72% of the tax burden…just to be fair!

In order to exhibit corporate compassion the government takes the lead by extending altruism toward those we wouldn’t willingly share half our peanut butter and jelly sandwich with if given the choice.  What the government has done is raid our lunch box, stealing  ½ our PBJ and leaving Americans  nothing extra if we desire to share with someone of our own choosing.  Moreover, we are left with little to fill our own bellies if we happen to want to keep the whole peanut butter sandwich to ourselves.

Presently about 50% of the nation does not pay taxes, which means those who do must contribute 50% to compensate for the lunch-less leeches that come to school everyday expecting to get fed for free.

Think of it this way, you go to MacDonald’s  buy a hamburger, fries and a large Coke.   You’re minding your business eating your lunch and along comes Uncle Sam.  While you sit there in total shock,  he grabs and scarfs down ½ the cheese burger, grabs a large greasy handful of ½ the fries and glugs down a refreshing portion of Coke, smiles, wipes his mouth and pats his belly saying, “Thanks for being patriotic” before walking on.

The question is why stop with income tax and Big Mac’s?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that anyone having two of anything has one “two” many?   The government, who views itself as the proprietor of equitable fairness, should not hesitate to pass legislation allowing confiscation of half of everything we have.   In doing so, government can enforce an even playing field between the halves and the halve-nots.

For instance, do we really need two kidneys?  How can that be fair if there are people who need just one?  Some people believe we have two kidneys so we can save lives…so what are we waiting for?  Government should mandate the extraction of one kidney from every US citizen; it’s the only moral thing to do.

How many parts can one liver be cut into and spread around?  Shouldn’t we be  “spreading the liver wealth.”  Livers grow back to their original size in two to six weeks so the procedure can be done repeatedly making sure liver fairness prevails.  Donating ½ a lung is somewhat risky, but can be perfected with practice.

If  blind in one eye, you can make short work of seeing  normally out of one eye…so do we really “need” two?   As far as donating teeth, just think of the 32 ways to show you care.  Obama’s potential to institute an Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel directed  Mengle Molar Extraction Program or an innovative No Need for Thirty-two to Chew initiative  holds forth hope to the tooth disadvantaged everywhere.

Medical science is on the cusp of ovary transplants for the infertile, in fairness and effort to avoid gender specific statements, “Cough up an ovary girlfriend there are people, both male and female, in need of what you have two of.”  Speaking of coughing, although testicle transplant is still in the experimental stage, Obama pledges hope for the gonad deprived in the future with, “The Chastity Bono One Ball is Better than None” legislation.  New meaning can be given to breast implants when government outlaws  silicone and mandates only real, living and breathing mammary glands for transplant!

Houses with extra rooms are the epitome of unfair.   Extra bathrooms and bedrooms should not be allowed when there is room on the premises to house illegal aliens!   Not only should illegal’s, in an effort to extend the hand of welcome, be allowed to circumvent the law while partaking of  free, unlimited health care, which according to Obama is a “basic standard of decency.“  Anyone sneaking over the border illegally, though already absolved of paying taxes, would additionally  benefit from a carefully crafted Illegal Alien Squatter’s Equality  Bill, granting unfettered access to the extra rooms in all our homes.

Most would agree that although it would take practice and strength we could learn to walk without all our toes, five on each foot seems extravagant.  For those who choose to drive all HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) signage should be removed from highways and expressways, reworded to say Help Out Victim-Vehicles and distributed where ever driving is allowed.  Anyone pulled over motoring along in a car with room for additional passengers should be fined and forced from that day forward to drive government designated victims where ever they want to go.

An official Barack Obama Fifty Percent Fairness rule should be instituted and applied to every and all areas of our lives as Americans.  Barack Obama has taught us that ½ of everything is a moral standard that should become the new American creed.  Half of what you earn is yours, half your property must be shared and half of your body should be divvied up to provide spare parts for those without.

So, the next time you’re standing in Dunkin Donuts about to take a sip out of your, extra large, well deserved Frozen Cappuccino and some smelly homeless person, with no teeth grabs it from your hand and slurps down half the frothy treat, don’t resist, close your eyes and whisper to yourself, “Yes We Can, Yes We Can.”

Call to mind the hope and change our nation committed to on November 4th, 2008 and pray to God the deserving derelict leaves half the cappuccino for you and doesn’t notice that you still have all your teeth — because according to moral arbitrator Barack Obama, while they remain in your mouth, you have one more bicuspid than you actually need.

Black Barry Roberts Swashbuckling Buccaneer

BarackObamaPirate-spread_the_wealthOn Inauguration Day, the crowd jamming the National Mall, to witness the historic institution of Barack Obama as the 44th, President of the United States, was referred to in the press as “…a sea of humanity, almost too many to count, too many to see, stretched out from the Capitol beyond the Washington Monument.” An old Greek proverb says, “Where there is a sea there are pirates.”

With all the talk of Somalian piracy and the taking of an American vessel off the Horn of Africa pirates are a current topic of interest. While many people are focused on the boarding of an American tanker by a group of Muslim, Somali terrorists with AK-47’s, gold teeth, immense chutzpah and exorbitant ransom demands what should also be a focus is the band of political pirates that are ransacking the political landscape of this nation.

Just as pirates are boarding tankers and commercial ships with grappling hooks, so too has the grappling hook of rhetoric and the weapon of bamboozling manipulation being used to convince Americans to hand over their treasure chests and their booty. The American public wondered why the President’s only statement on the subject of terrorist piracy antics was a, “Arrrrrrrrrgh” followed up by a, “Guys, we`re talkin’ housin’ starboard now. Could his hesitancy to address the mercenary issue be because pirates are his political soul mates?

Somalian pirates are the type of group Barry shows all his compassion and understanding for. The poverty that countries like Somalia are experiencing have got to be explained by a politician of Obama’s ilk as the result of a renegade “free market” the culprit of global woes. Pirates can’t be blamed, they are innocent victims of an anarchist situation induced by evil greed and lack of government control.

A swashbuckling pirate of fairness has been long overdue and here he is! Obama is of the persuasion that has a moral obligation to “spread the wealth around” taking from those who have more, and giving to those who have less. He is sort of a pirate himself. A hero of equality, someone whose conscience is clear because the evil rich deserve to be plundered, having robbed everyone for way too long.

On Election Day, our nation may not have realized it but willingly walked the gang-plank, ignorantly electing our very own brigand to the White House. This blagueur may not have a patch over his eye, a hook for a hand or a peg leg but he sure knows how to maneuver over the rough seas of humanity. He and his drunken group of coxswains are out there trawling the policy oceans threatening our treasure chest of capitalism, freedom and free market trade.

One-by-one, the Pirate-in-Chief , has been pursuing and sopping up what he perceives to be the burdened vessels of banking, housing and the auto industry. On even keel with the horizon this want to be Captain Hook sees big health care and pharmaceutical crafts as the next addition to his treasure trove of power. Tooting away in the waters Captain O is busy loading political AK-47’s, putting together his motley crew of picaroons and instructing the helmsman where to take the ship, boxhauling over any opposition along the way.

The open seas have always had ships laden with various types of goods. Just as a real pirate would sneak up alongside of the vessel, trolling for booty, so too has Captain Obama. He stands in the crows-nest peering through his spy-glass out over the political seascape scoping out what direction he needs to go to repossess property and hard earned treasure. Snorting and spitting his message to the citizens of a free nation that he is the one to bring change saying things like, “The country nay as ’tis but as ‘t ortin’ ta be.” He tosses gold dubloons, in the form of faux-tax breaks to the crowd to buy their affection while he schemes his next act of political piracy.

Business, banking, industry and pretty soon pharmaceuticals and health care are the tankers Captain Obama has either partially taken over, is planning to sink or has his eye on for the future. These vessels manned by Gentleman of Fortune have vulnerable crews napping on the watch. In the political high seas where Obama and his swashbuckling red beards hang out, the vessels that represent our freedoms are just waiting to be plucked from the waters and routed for goods.

The one who makes the decision about the target vessel and the treasure to take is none other than Captain Obama Master of the high seas. This outlaw is brazenly and haughtily attacking the foundation of America and all the things he despises, enterprises he feels ultimately should be owned and controlled by him. His grommets gleefully desire to administer the devil’s jig to our democratic republic. Has anyone noticed…no own is stopping them?

Operating without opposition, this Captain is crafty. He distributed to the land lubbers before shoving off to sea, large doses of lubbers wort in the form of promises and smooth rhetoric. Laziness and stupidity have taken root in the people. Instead of fighting the piracy the sedated are standing on the land, cheering him on. Our citizenry has become much like a horde of Somali women who seek to marry the hero pirates.

America is now an enamored population married to policies they don’t understand because they believe that it will monetarily or economically benefit them. Americans are being hornswoggled by the master of deception and forgetting that the treasure on the ship’s being raided is their own property. Instead of fighting for what is rightfully theirs Americans are freely giving it over to a band of thugs. When America has lost full control of prosperity, freedom, rights and the work of their hands the pirate ship may be so far from sight that their fortune may be forever gone.

Since January 20th a nation has willingly let a political pirate usher it below deck, put us it in chains, and force its people row to the next conquest of his choice.

It is time that the routing stops and the privateers put together a Letter of Marque where private business, ventures and citizens decide to “…rig and outfit our vessel as we see fit for the purpose of waging punitive acts against our freedoms and future.” Are we going to have a bilge rat like Rahm Emmanuel have the Captain’s ear and instruct him how to dictate his piracy tactics? Maybe it’s time to rise up as a crew against the aggression of a wily pirate. It’s time to batten down the hatches and decide whether we’re going to be governed by bandits or remain a nation whose people are free.

This nation is being held for ransom by the piracy of our very own Black Barry(Bart) Roberts and the federal government. Americans are the ones that need to address the problem of political piracy by recognizing it for what it is and deciding it’s time for it to end in much the same way as the Navy put an end to the Somalian pirate standoff. Maybe we need to fire up our democratic chase-guns and slow down the progress of King Barry’s Revenge ship with his blatant Jolly “Anti-American” Rogers, flapping in the wind.

There is presently a following breeze in the nation whose wind can help to push us our galleon toward a good landfall if we decide to go with it. If we continue to sleep below deck we’re headed for a very bad landfall that we may never be able to recover from. Americans must not be spooked by the banking and auto industry hanging in the governmental gibbet. If they do everything that made this nation great will be ravaged by dictatorial political pirates whose pillage we will never be free from…time for a lawful mutiny. Let’s dump some tea overboard, take a stand and place Obama and his crew in the quarantine quarters of the lazaretto.

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Soetero’s Socialistic Slavery


He rode the train, he used the Bible and in order to accrue political respect shamelessly aligned his life’s journey with Abraham Lincoln’s. However, in the first few weeks of governing he certainly didn’t adhere to Lincoln’s ideology when it came to dealing with the economy, “You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn” (Abraham Lincoln 1861-65). Lincoln freed the slaves. Barack Obama is busily resurrecting the institution of slavery and is dead set on making indentured property out of us all.

While the burden of slavery was heavy upon our nation’s shoulders and the result was very nearly the destruction of a fragile Union a President rose to the challenge and conquered our national stain. Quite unlike the 16th President of our nation Barack Obama, in the first three weeks of his administration, has heaped upon our cowed shoulders a debt that can never be repaid. While Lincoln is the President who will be remembered as the one that “set the captives free,” Obama may well be remembered as one who enslaved a once free nation.

If Obama desires to alleviate our economic woes he should read and heed the words and tenants of Lincoln who said, “Property is the fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” These words embody the antithesis of what Obama is endeavoring to establish in the new America he is forging by frenetically implementing policies with fabricated fairness as its focal point.

Obama’s audacious institution of 1.7 trillion dollars of debt, his stoking of class warfare, punishing success and rewarding lack of industry is contradictory to what Lincoln maintained? Our nation is slowly being transformed into a confederacy of citizens who refuse to recognize the injustice amongst us? By looting the property of those who worked for it, Obama is brazenly sending a message quite the contrary to the capitalistic ideology upheld by the one whose tattered Bible he proudly displayed on Inauguration Day.

Barack Obama embodies the liberal practice of imagery over integrity? The truth is he doesn’t really care to wear Lincoln’s size fourteen shoes. He portrays himself as being another Abe, when in fact the war that Lincoln fought was to free our nation from something very akin to what Obama is presently imposing.

Obama is on a mission to institute a social system, which embodies all of the characteristics that represented the greatest blemish of injustice in history. He is establishing a governmental system, that can easily be likened to slavery. Once free people are being bundled in a direction he has ordained, like a massive herd of human chattel. We are destined to be prisoners of the plantation laboring for crumbs and resting on a pile of hay, while toiling at the whim of the Master

American ingenuity and hard work once set us apart as individuals, but Obama is determined to turn us into a faceless sea of workers. His goal is that we become the property of the government living only to maintain the well being and desires of the enslavers of the freeman, the welfare state and Congressional and Senatorial plantation owners. We are being forced to lumber along in the heavy shackles of big government, national debt and high taxation all imposed upon us by those who were supposed to ensure our freedom.

We’ve spent from November 4th to January 20th on the high seas being transported aboard an Amistad of sorts. Disembarked we’re being sorted into groups, weighed and measured by salary, class status and sold into bondage accordingly. We are about to have our industry beaten out of us to learn that inbred determination and hard work will do nothing for personal prosperity as we’re destined to throw a harvest of cotton bolls into a massive ocean of debt.

I believe that if Barack Obama could distribute the 40 acres and a mule, which he probably feels is rightfully due his beleaguered people. He wouldn’t have a bit of trouble lessening the acreage allotment down to 15.6 acres by absorbing 39% of the reparation. In addition, he’d come up with a creative policy proposal, which would tax the beast of burden by the mile levying their personal property and reminding the liberated that government keeps us slaves even when we think we’re free.

Barack Obama considers himself a champion of civil rights someone whose own ancestors suffered the blight of slavery, yet he cannot see that he is a slaver himself. We’re not human beings to him, we have no identity. We’re all just potential producers, contributors to his national plantation collective. Abraham Lincoln understood the dynamic of slave and master and how it related to democracy, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” Does Barack Obama want this nation to remain a democracy or is he striving to mold it into something else as he saunters around the national stage like the ultimate “Massa?”

Source Data: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Edited by Roy P. Basler, 1858

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The Yugioh Card Conundrum Addendum


The other day I wrote a short (for me) piece entitled the Yugioh Card Conundrum. It was about an object lesson I taught my grandson Luke using his excitement about making money by selling his large collection of Yugioh, Pokémon and Baseball cards on eBay. While working together to organize his collection of cards, I juxtaposed our Sunday afternoon conversation against the current political world we live in. I attempted to instruct him on how the profits we work hard to earn are presently being seized by a government system that discourages hard work, investment, risk taking and profit. This is a hard, but necessary lesson to learn even when you are only ten years old. My goal at the time was to help mold him into a leader who is able to recognize injustice and grow into a man who stands against it.

The reaction I got from some people who read my note was, “You’re mean you ruined the poor kid’s day”, “Nice Grandma, couldn’t you just let him live in his childhood fantasy world a little longer”, “Go ahead teach the child lies.” Initially, I thought I was doing something good by driving home the point to Luke that the world we live in is not friendly toward ingenuity, hard work, investment, risk taking and mapping out a plan for your life that insures personal profit. I wanted him to understand why we believe what we believe when he hears us talking. In fact, at one point during the impromptu lesson he even asked me, “Grandma, is that why we’re Conservatives?” And I was able to say, “Yes, that is why we believe what is going on right now is very wrong and it’s important to vote for the right people.” He got it!

In spite of driving home my point successfully, I still couldn’t forget that downtrodden face walking away from the Yugioh cards, which he thought would make him a fortune.  It was both heartrending and depressing. So after getting the response I did from people who read my blog I tried to think of a way that I could hearten my little Republican in the making. All of a sudden I thought to myself, “We bought those cards at an inflated price, while some crook probably made a profit!” His Grandfather had spent hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars on $1.79 packets of trading cards. Too bad he didn’t have his April Fool’s Day tax cut of $1.85 per day it would have only cost him $0.06 for every day he purchased a pack for the little guy, but I digress. I mused on, “These cards were collector’s cards and were bought as an investment, a risk was taken whether they would go up in value or not. Besides a lot of them were in little plastic holders, that’s got to count for something.”

Luke was planning on making a killing on eBay with his Yugioh cards and when I told him that his income would be taxed and had to be shared with unfortunate or less ambitious children he was seriously disillusioned. I realized that I had overlooked some very important points at the time.  Things that seem more real to me as I see the government fueling up for flyovers where money is set to be air dropped from the sky like confetti off a float on Mardi Gras. Luke and I just had to be a part of that. We had to come up with a plan, put our heads together and in the process he could be taught another lesson, one that would serve him well in the present tenor of the nation we live in.

I went through the list in my head. Now let me see, “…these cards were bought at an inflated price, Check! They were an investment that was purchased at a risk, Double check! Thanks to this economy they are rapidly depleting in value, Check, Check, Check!” Luckily, they are worth a whole lot less than they were when we bought them. What could be better? It was as if an eco-friendly light bulb went off in my head, “Hallelujah! Luke is eligible for a bailout.” He could get in line with the rest of America hat in hand with his poignant story of loss. He could explain how his investment cost his Pop money and wasn’t worth what it was or certainly what it should be.

Luke could rally with the “unfairness” crowd and advocate to get his own “piece of the pie”. He could demand that the government do something to make him feel better about his situation. Why should he suffer because of circumstances out of his control? Why should he have to hold onto something he wants to sell now until the Yugioh card market gets better? Isn’t what he wants all that matters, even if the cost is diverted to some poor schlub? Isn’t instant gratification and lack of self control what it’s all about? You go Luke!

This was going to work I could feel it. At least Luke didn’t have to feel so bad anymore, me either because by encouraging my young Grandson to get what was rightfully due him I was at least making a valuable contribution to the aggressive agenda of Obamerica. I was fusing with the rest of the group of Americans who have gone mad by making sure that what was once a great nation is rapidly being transformed into a collective of bloodsucking leeching losers where “fairness” reigns supreme, government is God and “failure” becomes the foundation of our future. Wow, I’m beginning to feel better already.

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Yugioh Card Conundrum

presentation11Luke my ten, soon to be eleven, year old grandson came over to spend a Sunday with me and his Grandpa.  Luke is the type of child that likes money, wants to make money and is always thinking of ways that he might be able to make “a lot“ of money — and if anyone in my family will be able to one day make a huge amount of money and be tremendously successful…Luke is likely to be the one to do it.  He is determined, hard working and smart and has lots ingenuity.
This particular Sunday, it was cold and rainy and Luke Michael being his usual industrious self was looking for a project.  In the upstairs closet was a dresser with four drawers filled with collector cards, Yugioh, Pokémon and Baseball cards, which I suggested to him needed to be organized and sorted out.  I was willing to help.  I didn’t have to ask twice, Luke is a child who eagerly dives into any type of worker bee job and goes at it with gusto and stays with it until the bitter end to make sure it gets done and gets done properly, all qualities that used to be a valuable asset to an individual in this country.

Luke climbed up and down the stairs over and over again lugging down all the heavily laden drawers.  In each container were not hundreds but thousands of cards and they were all jumbled together.   We had our work cut out for us and I knew it.  So we sat on the floor and came up with a system and began to make piles by category and then by color.  We located the Dark Magician and made a pile out of the “Blue” cards.  We separated out the special editions and Pokémon trainer cards.  As we were sorting I said to Luke, “You know Luke these are in great condition, maybe you could sell them?”  His eyes lit up!  “Yeah, Gram do you really think I can?” he said “Maybe I can sell them on eBay?”  I replied, “You could try but first let’s get them sorted out and neatly organized so you can tell what you have here.”   Luke agreed and what ensued was an tedious job sprinkled with in depth conversation on selling a product and making a profit, both of which had this young entrepreneur transfixed.

We worked diligently and it wasn’t easy, especially on my old bones…but we kept at it.  Luke was getting more and more excited and as he worked he kept asking me about the ins and outs of selling the cards.  I just kept encouraging him to maybe hold on to them so that they would eventually be worth even more.  He would have no part of it.  He was selling and getting the money as soon as was humanly possible.  As far as he was concerned he as good as had four drawers full to overflowing with greenbacks.

Being my usual self I thought it would be a waste to let such a perfect opportunity pass by where I could help to mold my Grandson into a “true” American.  I decided to drive home a point that would work well in teaching Luke a life lesson that I felt he needed to know and understand.   He asked me, “Gram how much do you think I can make selling these online?”  I said, “I don’t know, maybe $500.00, I don’t know what they are worth?”  Wide-eyed and full of confidence Luke replied, “Oh Grandma they’re worth a lot-a lot.”

Door  wide open for object lesson.  I said, “You know it’s really a darn shame.”  Luke said, “What?” I replied, “It’s just too bad about all the money.  I mean Pop bought these for you from when you were little boy.  You took such good care of them and now we’re doing all this work to sort them out and get them organized…and” “And Yeah?” he said.  The child was glued to every word I was saying.  “And then after all this work Mom and Dad are going to help you go on Ebay and little by little try to sell  all these cards, which is great…but” “But what?”  he asked.  I slowly and delicately broke the bad news, “But if you get $500.00 for all these cards and all this work, you can only keep about $250.00.” Eyes as wide as saucers and in total shock he said, “What! No way! Why?” I said, “Because you have to give the other half to Obama.  He gets half of everything we earn.”

Luke looked at me in total open-mouth, wide-eyed disbelief.  I then said, “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get $250.00 it will probably be worse than that though,” punching up the drama a bit.   The sorting slowed down, there was a long pause and the vigor of which he was working toward his profit slowed to a dead halt.  “What do you mean Gram?”  I said, “He may even make you take the $250.00 you get after you give him the other half and force you to give it to that lazy kid down the block.  You know the one who lies on the couch all day and doesn’t even have one Yugioh card to his name.”  His face grew dark and totally changed and he said nothing for a few seconds.  Then he took a bunch of cards that he had in his hand and threw them roughly to the ground.  He was totally deflated, head down, kicking the cards as he walked away he said, “That’s not fair…then why should I even bother,”  which my friends is precisely the point.

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The Obama-Rama Tax-Rebate Trauma

taxesI was all excited this morning when I found out that I was getting $13.00 a week in tax rebates from the Obama Spend-a-Rama. I mean it’s hard to not consider, when hearing numbers in the trillions, “Hey, what’s in this for me?” This morning, upon rising, good news finally filled my “catastrophically crisis” filled head. I found out that I too was getting a cut of the “stimulus” spoils. Running through my mind like a ticker-tape was a list of things I could get with all that money. My options ran from 1,300 pieces of penny bubble gum a week, to a Tom Cruise DVD of the movie “Cocktail”, to a Hall & Oates in Concert CD. I mean it was just yesterday that I was humming the tune, “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the Annie soundtrack today; it was “Fortunate Son” by Credence Clearwater Revival providing the background music for these happy, dancing feet.

I felt like James Wilson Marshall when he struck gold in California 161 years ago. I mean in the Czech Republic, you can buy yourself a visit to the government funded socialism paid for doctor for $1.85. What could be better? So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that the devil was in the details. The bill wasn’t even off the press and my $1.85 per day was already being whittled away. I was thrilled about being able to go to 7-11, where I know I’ll soon be going for my own yearly checkups, for a paper and a coffee every morning with my stimulus booty. I knew I would have to budget carefully since the NY Post recently increased in price to 75 cents, which would leave me with only $1.10 for a cup of Joe. This meant that in order to come in under budget I’d have to downsize to a medium from a large, but I’m reminded that it’s time for national “sacrifice” so I’m more than willing to forfeit a couple of ounces of French Roast Java to exhibit my commitment to patriotism.

However, after reading an AP report, upon arriving at work with my pre-stimulus provided Sumatra, I found out, much to my dismay, that…

The $500-per-worker credit for lower- and middle-income taxpayers that Obama outlined during his presidential campaign was scaled back to $400 during bargaining by the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House. Couples would receive $800 instead of $1,000. Over two years, that move would pump about $25 billion less into the economy than had been previously planned.

Officials estimated it would mean about $13 a week more in people’s paychecks this year when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Next year, the measure could yield workers about $8 a week. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption.
“The most highly touted tax cut in the original proposal now translates into $7.70 a week for middle-class workers,” said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (AP, Economic stimulus package on track for final votes, Andrew Taylor, Feb 12/09).

I was floored…my $1.85 per day, $13.00 per week, $52.00 per month, $624.00 per year tax rebate, on average, had suffered a 40% decrease in rebate plunder between home and work! I nearly burst out crying when I realized that I was reduced to having to trade in my $13.00 “Cocktail” purchase, for an alternate $7.70, “Dragon Tales” DVD appropriately entitled, “Yes We Can!” What a shock to my “hope” and “change” system. The Democratic Congress and our newly elected President were just about convincing me that the promise of upper-class, $250K earner pillage awaited me in the years to come and that my $13.00 rebate was just a teaser for the treasure that was about to befall me.

It’s hard to believe that in less than eight hours my daily rebate has been reduced to $1.10, which works out to a rousing $400.40 dollars a year. I was grateful though because my $7.70 a week, with gas at $2.10 per gallon and going up, had provided me the means to buy four additional gallons of gasoline per week. This subsidized gas money comes in very handy at this time in our economic history because I live only about a mile from my job. With the help of this stimulus bill I can get back and forth to my place of employment where I toil away  in anticipation of my income tax rates going up.  My job assures me that I have ample means to cover the cost of the very bill, which provided me with the $7.70 in the first place.

When I regained my composure and tempered my out-of-control ebullient gratitude toward my new President and his economic team I realized that my bottom line might be lacking following the impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which have been promised to be dropped by President Obama’s senior economic adviser. It was quite a wake-up call when I realized that the tax rebate I was lauding in the a.m. may very be the death knell to my yearly income in the p.m. According to Larry Summers, any idea of renewing the Bush tax cuts, set to expire in 2010, is a “dead issue”. Summers, a former Treasury secretary and head of the White House’s National Economic Council, made clear to “Meet the Press” host David Gregory that, “Obama is committed to allowing the tax cuts to die” (Newsmax, Summers: Bush Tax Cuts Won’t Be Extended, 1-25-09).

While it is true that I had been granted a campaign promised “distribute the wealth, punish the rich” tax refund I quickly realized that if my calculations were correct my tax proceeds may still leave me owing the federal government money at the end of the year! The thought of it changed my choice of beverage from a medium French Roast at 7-11 to a pricey dry Martini with an olive.

Thanks to the Bush tax cuts, my husband and I presently profit from about $3000.00 extra dollars per year in our pockets. Now, if my math is correct, even with my new Obama-Rama yearly tax rebate of $400.40 I will still owe the federal government approximately $2599.60 a year after 2010. If I’m correct this works out to $50.00 less per week in my paycheck! This morning I was ahead by $13.00 per week and tonight I’m down $50.00. Now that’s a major plummet from the heights of promised riches. The “hope and change” tax rebate gives me $7.70 dollars a week, which means that after my tax rebate expires in 2010, I’ll only have to pay $50.00 per week instead of an exorbitant $57.70? Is that how it works? Wouldn’t it be better for me to be allowed to keep my $57.70 and Obama gets to keep his magnanimous $7.70? Fifty-seven dollars and seventy cents a week provides me with a much more formidable $8.25 a day, which more than covers a coffee and a paper.

So this afternoon I’m just sitting drinking burnt, cold coffee from a flimsy Styrofoam cup, purchased from the local deli, reading a copy of yesterday’s paper I found in the trash. The realization is harsh when I realize I’m no longer the appreciative recipient of the 1 trillion dollar Obama-Share-a-Rama that I was this morning but rather just another cash-strapped casualty of a big government Obama-Tax-a-Rama.

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I’m not raising your taxes; I’m just taking away your tax cuts

josh_confusion Much of America is very excited and hopeful believing that they are going to receive a “tax cut” from the new administration. The reality is, if they are lucky their taxes won’t be “officially” raised for a year or two…until we really have to address the 1 Trillion dollar stimulus package … however, letting the tax cuts you now receive expire is in fact a tax increase. For instance, if the average American family receives $3,000.00 per year in Bush tax cuts, and that tax cut expires, you will be paying $3,000.00 more in taxes than you were when the break was in place…simple math.

It is easier for me to explain things if I put them into analogies. You may not be getting a “tax increase” but “I’m just letting the Bush tax cuts expire” is the same as saying…

I’m not killing you; I’m just unplugging your ventilator

I’m not firing you; I’m just eliminating your job

I’m not making you walk; I’m just taking away from you any means of transportation

I’m not endangering the country; I’m just downsizing the military

I’m not suffocating you; I’m just placing this pillow tightly over your face

I’m not being nice to enemy combatants; I’m just closing the jail, ending their trials and giving them American civil liberties

I’m not pro-death; I’m pro-choice

I’m not starving you to death; I’m just sewing your mouth closed

I’m not making friends with terrorists; I’m just having a leisurely lunch with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I’m not hiding my birth certificate; I’m just private about my place of birth

I’m not making you walk barefoot; I’m just forbidding you to wear shoes

I’m not endangering US citizens; I’m just concerned about our enemies human rights

I’m not a fan of Reverend Wright; I just sat in his church for 25 years

I’m not having sex with that intern; I’m just looking for a place to put my cigar

I’m not cheating on my wife; I just like to sleep with other woman because they wear nicer pajamas

I’m not taking away your ability to inhale air; I’m just placing a plastic bag over your head

I’m not opposed to free speech; I just don’t think people should be allowed to say that

I’m not taking your money; I’m helping you to be a kinder person

I’m not telling you can’t drive; I’m just taking away your driver’s license

I’m not a socialist; I just think you need to learn how to share more

I’m not angry; I just like to redecorate by punching holes in the walls

I’m not a dictator; I’m just forbidding you to ever do anything that I don’t approve of

I’m not into open borders; I’m just eliminating all boundaries between Mexico and the US

I’m not avoiding the question; I’m just a private person

I don’t think Iran’s making a nuclear bomb; they’re just into nuclear energy and uranium is their favorite mineral

I’m not going to weaken our national defense; I’m just going to decrease military spending

I’m not a terrorist; I just like strapping bombs around my waist and blowing myself up

I’m not trying to drown you; I’m just holding your head under water ‘til the bubbles stop

Feel free to add if you would like and extend the list…..

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