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Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Hillary Rodham Clinton loves to portray herself as pro-family. This is a woman who has been un-blissfully wed for 40 years to the world’s most notorious philanderer and yet, on their anniversary, she unabashedly tweeted to Bill, who was probably enjoying a cigar on Pedophile Island with Jeffrey Epstein, that he’s still “got it,” whatever “it” is

In addition to “taking a village” of nubile Lolitas to keep her lecherous husband sexually satisfied, when it comes to family values Mrs. Clinton also believes “It Takes a Village” to raise a child.

And thank God for the village, because from the looks of things Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right-hand woman, has had to leave her little boy with the village people so that she can aid and abet the most power-hungry female on the planet.

You remember Huma – she’s the humiliated wife of former Congressman Anthony “Naked Selfies” Weiner (D-NY). After Anthony got caught with his pants down the last time Huma was off tending to Mrs. Clinton’s needs, Hillary’s closest confidante took her mentor’s advice and stayed married to Sydney Leathers’ boyfriend.

This time around, while Huma is again on the road, besides being more careful while sexting Mr. Weiner spends the lion’s share of his time tending to the couple’s three-year-old son Jordan Zain.

While the tousled-haired tot is home eating stale Cheerios with Dad, besides ordering Her HRC Chipotle chicken burrito bowls, Huma serves as vice chairwoman of Hillary for America and travels around in the Scooby-Doo van listening to Hillary drone on and on incessantly about her plans to take over the world.

While Hillary markets herself as mother and grandmother of the year, instead of suggesting Huma go home and potty train her child, Clinton stands by while Abedin embroils herself in the Clinton email scandal, takes to Twitter to trash Republican candidates like Ben Carson for his Muslim remarks, and single-handedly makes sure the creases in the legs of Hillary’s pantsuits adequately elongate the presidential hopeful’s lithe physique.

Fake, phony fraud that she is, Hillary wants America to believe that she’s “standing up for kids and families.” But in reality, having Huma with her is more important to Hillary than her assistant’s husband, who seems to still be struggling with infidelity, and child, both of whom need to have a wife and mother in closer proximity than a presidential debate in Nevada.

Mrs. Clinton is well aware that much like herself and Bill, Huma has had to deal with Anthony’s very public indiscretions. Yet rather than suggest her sounding-board gofer girl mend her marriage and tend to her small son, a self-centered Hillary has permitted Huma to put mothering and marital restoration aside to assist her on the campaign trail.

Then again, Hillary, a strong supporter of abortion, may say she’s all for families, but based on the message her lifestyle sends and some of her more ridiculous campaign ads, what’s patently clear is that Hillary believes that climate change has a more negative effect on children than an abortion, absentee mother, or a pervert father.

Nonetheless, even those things have not prevented Hillary from having a campaign slogan that says she believes that “when families are strong, America is strong.” The problem with such a disingenuous statement coming from Hillary is that the tireless political hack has a family life and marriage that is, has been, and always will be a sad, pathetic sham.

Remember way back when Hillary stated her feminist goals, saying, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life.”

In other words, Hillary is proud that her dedication to her profession took precedence over her commitment to her husband and marriage.

Lest we forget that as part of the almost half-century long cohabitating ruse, while goal-oriented Mom is out frenetically pursuing her hollow fantasy, on 20 acres in Chappaqua, New York sits an $11 million mansion furnished with cold-hearted unfaithfulness, complete with a fully-equipped kitchen that is absent of the smell of freshly baked cookies and devoted nurturing.

And Hillary is preaching to us about the importance of family values?

By allowing Huma to follow the lonesome path she’s chosen, hypocrite Hillary is promoting more of the same self-inflicted maternal and marital dysfunction she’s suffered for a lifetime.

For 40 years Clinton has endured her husband’s voracious desire for other women and now, rather than admit that her selfish pursuit of power may be largely responsible for her own domestic dismay, a pretentious Hillary dares to tout strong families as if she’s an authority on the subject.

Moreover, on behalf of a selfish goal, rather than send Abedin home where the young mother belongs, in order to help her claw her way into the Oval Office, Hillary Clinton is allowing her personal aide to virtually abandon her child and marriage.

God forbid, but if Clinton does somehow manage to bamboozle her way back into the White House, she’ll reside there a bitter old woman who gave up everything that matters in order to occupy for a fleeting moment in time what she foolishly believed to be the fulfillment of her own historic vision.

Still, it was Hillary who once said: “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.”

With that in mind, maybe the next time Huma and Hillary put their heads together for a tête-à-tête, the aging careerist whose bifocals are fixed like a laser on the White House could turn things around for Huma by telling the young woman that it would be in her family’s best interest if she went home.

Carlos Danger’s Big Career Move

anthony-weiner-elite-daily-800x400Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Just a few weeks after carrying the biggest flag in the Gay Pride parade, Anthony Weiner’s wienermobile is about to come to a screeching halt.  Again.  Seems that even after getting caught, the man who aspires to be New York City’s mayor cannot control the urge to snap iPhone pictures of his genitalia and dispatch them for the viewing pleasure of women who are just as twisted as he is.

For the second time, an anonymous young lady friend, now identified as “Sydney Leathers,” claims to have exchanged lewd photos and raunchy phone calls with the mayoral hopeful – not before, but after he resigned in disgrace in 2011.

The self-described “progressive activist from Indiana,” who was 22 at the time her relationship with Weiner started, told Nik Ritchie of the website The Dirty that the impassioned cyber-duo “had a relationship for six months, and she believed they were in love.”

The woman, supposedly looking for help, submitted a photo to the gossip site, which was more than happy to publish Weiner’s self-portrait. The bony feet featured in the picture undeniably confirmed that what was hiding behind the strategically placed pink balloons had to be the fearless genitals of “Carlos Danger.”

In response to the latest verification of his online unfaithfulness, man-of-his-word Anthony Weiner pointed out that “I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have…While some things that have been posted today are true and some are not, [sounds familiar] there is no question that what I did was wrong.”

The problem for Weiner with all this is that the cyber-Lothario also has aspirations to be referred to as Hizzoner when he strolls the streets of New York City.

Attempting to make amends – again – Weiner decided to go public with the intimate details of his marital struggles. Not for nothing, but after he apologized the first time, was Huma “working through these issues” with Anthony when he was locked away in the john snapping close-ups of his manhood?  Or was Huma helping Hillary plan the 2016 takeover of the world?

Weiner vehemently maintains that the behavior is behind him, which is certainly in keeping with some of the unseemly proposals he made to an anxious-to-comply Sydney Leathers.

The not-so-remorseful mayoral hopeful continued, “I want to again say that I am very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the disruption that this has caused.”

Speaking of disruption, how troubled was Weiner’s online paramour when she realized she wasn’t getting that Chicago condo or a job at Politico like he promised her if she scrubbed the posts?

Since then, Weiner claims that he and his wife Huma (who clearly either doesn’t have a clue what her husband is doing, or she does know and couldn’t care less) are heeding the advice of our beloved leader Barack Obama, and according to both of them “are focused on moving forward.”


Forward or backward, either way, what we now know is that the newly-revealed perversity was going on after Weiner stepped down from Congress and was supposed to be holed up mending fences with his fetching bride and nurturing son Jordan Zain Weiner who he also refers to as a “sparkling wonder.”

Clearly coached by her mentor to “Stand by Your Man,” after the current scandal broke, Huma, grinning inappropriately, appeared with the champion of the middleclass at a hastily organized press conference. Complete with a Hillary-style didactic lilt in her unapologetic voice, Huma emphatically confirmed her support despite the crude nature of her husband’s extramarital activities.

Hillary’s sidekick Huma, like her husband, must also have a fondness for political power, otherwise why would she allow herself to be publicly humiliated this way, or continue to urge the Weiner and his iPhone to take up residence in one of the bathrooms at Gracie Mansion?

In response to the whole tawdry affair, mayoral candidates Sal Albanese, a City Councilman and fellow Democrat, and Republican hopeful John Catsimatidis both recommended that Weiner (ahem) withdraw.  Can anyone say Christine Quinn?

Catsimatidis maintained that “Anthony Weiner should do what is right for his family and our city and drop out of the race for mayor so we can end this soap opera.”

Speaking of soap, Weiner did a whole thread on shower- and soap-related activities. So, if the dangerously-living Carlos drops out of the race for mayor, as well he should, based on his flair for photography and creative writing, he may have a lucrative future in pornography or penning erotic romance novels.


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