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The President’s Water-Guzzling Golf and Other Grifter Activities

ObamaGolf071113_2Originally posted at The Clash Daily

After discussing the urgency of drought conditions in California, in a move that could be likened to hosting a televised banquet where Obama and his friends frolic in giant vats of caviar after promoting food rationing to famished people, the president went golfing on a desert golf course.

For those who don’t know anything about desert golf courses, they’re what Zeke J. Miller of TIME magazine, in an article entitled “Obama Plays Water Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought”, called “water hogs.”

Talking about a water shortage and then golfing on a water-guzzling golf green is certainly not out of character for the president. With Barack Obama it works like this: he issues an edict and then instantly defies it.

This is a man who cares deeply about the well-being of the middle class, healthcare reform, and income equality. However, that caring stops if he wants to golf in a place that just so happens to be suffering from a water shortage. In that case, as long as the golf course is green he couldn’t care less if everything else withers and dies of dehydration.

Before hitting the links, the environmentally-concerned president with the 41,000-ton per-year carbon footprint traveled to California to speak to drought victims about the scarcity of water.

His message, in short: “Shared sacrifice”.

Then, moving from what RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski called a “soapbox [that] doubles as a tee box” Obama spent President’s Day weekend golfing at two exclusive golf courses in Palm Springs with three of his high school buddies: twice on the nine-hole course at late billionaire Walter Annenberg’s Sunnylands estate, and one round at a course owned by billionaire non-golfer Oracle founder Larry Ellison, named Porcupine Creek.

No one would guess there’s a water shortage while golfing at Porcupine Creek. The property is 246 acres and features an “80-foot-diameter fountain ringed with 90 individually lit jets that shoot water up to 80 feet high.”

In such a hot and dry climate, each one of the 124 golf courses in the drought-stricken Coachella Valley soaks up about one million gallons a day for irrigation, which is 3-4 times more than the average golf course.

That little tidbit of information makes one wonder why, out of the 15,500 public and private golf courses in America, Obama didn’t choose to chase his balls around on one of the 15,498 other greens that require less water?

What’s important to know is that before hitting the links, Obama did tell the water-deprived with great conviction and heartfelt passion that “It can’t just be a matter of there’s going to be less and less water so I’m going to grab more and more of a shrinking share of water.”

Translation: Keep your thirsty paws off the water because my billionaire friends need to irrigate their 200-acre golf courses and supply their fountains with 80-ft water jets.

Barack Obama stressed, “What we have to do is all come together and figure out how we all are going to make sure that agricultural needs, urban needs, industrial needs, environmental and conservation concerns are all addressed” – but not until after he’s done golfing at water-saturated Sunnylands and Porcupine Creek.

Common courtesy aside, as in all things, Obama’s hypocrisy almost always provides a silver lining – for him.

For instance, if by chance the water table is lowered by keeping golf courses green, that could work in the Duffer-in-Chief’s favor.

The president could set up another photo op in the dry desert sun and then fly to Fresno where he can propose investing federal monies to help alleviate water emergencies. On the way back to Washington DC, he could make a pit stop in Palm Springs and do some golfing on a 200-acre golf course somehow kept verdant in a hot dusty valley short on water.

In other words, this is how Barack Obama defines “shared sacrifice”: Forcibly propelling one quarter of the water from the endangered underground water aquifer to the surface of his billionaire friend’s property so that when he decides to fly out and goof around on the green it’s lush and cushy under his golf shoes.

Ginning-up an income equality crisis while hanging out with billionaires and lamenting a drought in front of an audience of scorched, dehydrated people before immediately retreating to a man-made oasis in the middle of an arid desert to play golf – this, thirsty pilgrims, is how Barack Obama rolls.

The Income Equitists’ Annual February Getaway

Originally posted at American Thinker blog Let’s face it — it’s exhausting leaving Washington DC early to stay in Hawaii for 17 days and then remaining behind for 10 more days to unwind at Oprah Winfrey’s multi-million-dollar Maui ranch. That’s why, when mid-February rolls around, the first lady starts to burn up with a cabin fever that can only be quenched with braised ancho-chile short ribs with hominy wild mushrooms and sautéed kale.

And it’s understandable!

After all, the poor woman hasn’t had a vacation in nearly four whole weeks. The good news is that for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, right on schedule, Michelle and Barry part ways and spend three days as far away from each other as humanly possible. Michelle grabs her snow goggles and her two daughters and heads for Vail or Aspen and Barry grabs his nine iron and heads for the links.

This year was a little different though, because the first couple had just hosted an expensive State Dinner at the White House where Michelle Obama showed up in a $12K Carolina Herrera gown. That’s why the general consensus was that there’s no way, after eating chocolate-misted ganache and emerging from those heated Monet-inspired tents, that the Income Equitists would dare gas up Air Force One at $181K per hour and jet westward for a post-party breather.

Yet here we are, just days after François Gérard Hollande, the socialist leader of France, headed home and wouldn’t you know it, vacation getaway history is repeating itself.

To rest up after that grueling trolley ride to and from the French-inspired Blue Room to the massive tents on the South Lawn, both Michelle and Barack have taken off — separately — for an extended weekend, with travel expenses and security compliments of the beaten down, worn out, discouraged proletariat.

Before heading to dinner with King Abdullah II of Jordan at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, California, Barack attended the House Democratic Issues Conference in Maryland. Between those and other official duties, the president, along with his spiked saddle shoes and nerdy shorts, plan to squeeze in an extended golf weekend. As for Michelle, minus a token poor person onboard, she, Sasha, Malia and company landed in Aspen under tight security, which delayed the arrival of other affluent vacationers trying in vain to get to Aspen for their own ski weekends.

With hubby in California, the first lady has three days to make like a Sochi skier and schuss her way down the Buttermilk Mountain bunny slope. Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said he was informed of the trip three weeks ago, which means one week after her arrival home from Oprah’s place, Michelle scheduled her next getaway.

Economic malaise or not, by most standards, this Obama vacation thing has gotten way out of hand. Who gets to go to Hawaii at Christmas, Martha’s Vineyard in the summer and Colorado in February, and then round out the tri-annual excursion schedule with trips to various locales around the globe? Sometimes, in June and October, Michelle uses private time with Sasha and Malia as an excuse to drag along ‘close friends’ to Spain or to visit Africa to fill up on oodles of fried fat cakes.

If an old Hollywood movie were to depict the Obama lifestyle, Barry and Shelley would be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Shall We Dance. Meanwhile, like Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, a huge swathe of Americans shuffle around in a dustbowl of despair.

Adding to the outrageous nature of the president and first lady taking luxury vacations while the rest of the nation languishes in a state of unrelenting financial, social, and emotional misery is the fact that the real costs of the Obama jaunts are virtually impossible to document.

Tom Fitton, President of watchdog group Judicial Watch, claims “The Obama administration has simply stopped voluntarily producing information about the costs of the travel… They are in cover up mode.” And well they should be! Although Mr. and Mrs. Obama do pick up the tab for some personal expenses, when hotel, security, car rentals, and airfare expenditures associated with the 20+ vacations are factored in, the estimated cost to taxpayers totals more than $18 million.

What’s unclear is whether those calculations include the alleged $10 million in public monies Michelle Obama was said to have spent on personal vacations between 2009 and 2011.

Either way, Fitton is convinced “The Obamas are abusing the perks of public office,” and that “Taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill for their luxury travel.”

With all due respect,Mr. Judicial Watch sounds rather judgmental. Isn’t Tom aware that as far as Michelle and Barry are concerned, every vacation is a “working vacation?”

That’s right, despite every second of everyday that they spend frittering away taxpayer money; no one is more concerned about income inequality in America than Barack and Michelle Obama.  

Sandbagging Princes Shame King and Queen Obama

Prince-William-and-Prince-Harry-help-with-sandbags-in-UK-floods-14feb2014-GETTYOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing for America’s self-appointed monarchs, His Highness King Barack and the Sovereign Queen Michelle, two kids go and shame them in front of the whole world.

This time British Princes William and Harry did the honors.

Coincidentally, on the same day that Michelle Obama’s airplane closed down the Aspen Airport so she and her personal entourage could go skiing at Buttermilk, over in Great Britain, 80-mph winds, “landslips[,] and fallen trees caused havoc on the rail network, and some arriving flights were diverted from London’s Heathrow to other airports amid fierce bouts of wind.”

So, while wannabe American royalty were on their 23rd vacation or so, the heir to the throne of Britain and his little brother Harry spent the day on the southwestern coast of England sandbagging a burst wall to protect the property of lowly British citizens.

For the entire world to see, as they slogged through the mud working next to ordinary citizens, Wills and Harry were emulating their late mother, Princess Diana.  Also setting a high bar for their heirs were “Let’s Move!” Michelle and Barry the Sandbagger, who spent the day knee-deep in powdery snowflakes and sand traps.

Interestingly, neither prince chose to tour swamped properties from a helicopter.  More importantly, the brothers had nothing to gain; British monarchy doesn’t need to pretend to befriend chubby Republican governors before an election, further unpopular policy, politick, or screen for potential victims to exploit in a fundraising ad.

Instead, while Sasha and Malia, who’ve been taught to be altruistic once a year on “Pardon a Turkey Day,” were being tutored by example on how pampered elitists behave, two selfless princes voluntarily toiled away in the muck and wind-whipped rain, dressed in unpretentious rain slickers and galoshes.

The president chooses to ignore five million ObamaCare victims whose lives have been turned upside-down not by Mother Nature, but by the purposeful policies of Obama’s oppressive Nanny State.   On the other side of the ocean, in another Nanny State, Queen Elizabeth II set a kindly example by sending food and bedding from “the royal farms at Windsor to farmers whose land has been inundated.”

Over five thousand miles away from this act of generosity, Barack Obama kicked back in 82° weather on the luxurious Annenberg estate in Rancho Mirage, California.  It’s a stark contrast to two gallant men, free of ulterior motives, unloading sandbags in a River Thames village where the river burst its banks.

But, in fairness, as a prerequisite to three days of unencumbered golf, back in Palm Springs Obama did take part in an obligatory dinner with Jordanian King Abdullah II.  Then, in Fresno, California, prior to enjoying that much-needed post-Hawaii vacation R & R, Obama performed a civic duty himself when he pushed global warming nonsense by discussing federal aid for drought-stricken farmers.

Come to think of it, it’s too bad the British royals weren’t available, because the president could have really used some star power to lend credibility to a $1-billion “climate change resilience fund” he’s proposing.

Compliments of the American taxpayer, President Obama could have flown the monarchs to Fresno aboard Air Force One.  Once the princes arrived, the president could have sandbagged…er, sorry, used his enviable charm to convince the princes to cite global warming as being responsible for the burst riverbanks and swamped property in England.

Then, when he was finished exploiting William and Harry to advance his own agenda, King Obama could have dismissed the princes and gone golfing.

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