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Sudsy Stimulus

Bono told us just forty cents could buy one AIDS patient a day’s worth of medicine. Now Americans who wait patiently for Obama’s stimulus to curb unemployment come to find out $823,000 job-generating dollars were spent to instruct African men on AIDS prevention by way of the fine art of personal hygiene.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) was granted almost one million dollars of American tax money to fund a UCLA “research team to teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex.” The program name: “The Community-Based HIV VCT: South Africa.”

Hey America, you thought spending stimulus funds for solar panels on an ice rink was bad? Are we now being asked to accept mental health, intimate cleanliness and South Africa together with soap, water and high school health teachers as job creation?

The Availability of Recovery Act Funds for Competitive Revision Applications, better known as a stimulus-funded South African post-coital cleansing program, is part of a “$12 million dollar UCLA study, examining how to better encourage Africans to undergo voluntary HIV testing and counseling.”

Set to end in 2011, the sponging-down segment of the research is an entrée into a larger study. If the uncircumcised men take to the regimen and are “willing to do so after the study ends…the researchers will develop another study to see if the ‘penile cleansing procedure’ actually worked to prevent HIV infections.”

It’s comforting to know that in a time of never-ending financial downturn, Barack Obama felt the need to bestow American tax dollars on the worthy cause of supplying brown soap and Gold Bond powder to randy South African men.

In 2009 Obama assured the nation that the “$800 billion plan to lift the country out of a yearlong recession would create or save 3 million jobs,” with some estimates indicating “that number would range between 3 million and 4 million.”  Fast-forward almost two years and the U.S. economy is teetering on the precipice of both double-dip recession and double-digit unemployment and what do we find out happened with some of the money?  Well, it appears as if the Obama administration felt moved to invest in training African men how to wash up after sex.

Even more amazing is the revelation that the stimulus money may be wasted.   While UCLA obsesses over teaching soaping skills to uncircumcised men, there are differing opinions on the subject. According to a New York Times article that ran in 2007 entitled “Washing After Sex May Raise HIV Risk,” a Ugandan study found that washing “minutes after sex increased the risk of acquiring HIV in uncircumcised men.” The article also claimed washing after sex is a common practice in Africa where the taxpayer-funded tutorial is presently taking place.

If the New York Times article is correct, the U.S. government is actually overseeing an $800,000 humanitarian effort to teach South African men a hygiene observance that most already practice and worse yet, prompt post-sex scrubbing may prove to be a contributor to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

But then again, transmitting HIV/AIDS could end up benefiting the UCLA study group.  If washing after sex causes AIDS to increase in Orange Farm, South Africa, the study’s lead investigator Dr. Thomas J. Coates can request additional stimulus funds.  Surely the government will agree to finance the second half of the penile hygiene study, which will reveal the initial $800,000 spread the disease and provided AIDS activist and U2 front man Bono stimulus-funded casualties for the next series of Forty Cents a Day public service announcements.

A Squally Maiden Voyage – American Thinker – June 14, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

How apropos: A teenage girl boards a yacht intending to circumnavigate the globe, hits turbulence, and needs to be rescued. Sounds a lot like Barack Obama’s maiden voyage. On Inauguration Day, Barry climbed aboard the U.S.S. America, destination unknown. Disregarding the consequences of being too inexperienced to handle tempests such as international instability, nuclear threat, near-economic collapse, and terrorism, like the unproven Abby Sunderland, Barack hoisted sail and set out to break all political and presidential records.

People ask, What were Abby’s parents thinking, letting a sixteen-year-old child board the Wild Eyes and set out on a yachting expedition to become the youngest solo person to circle the globe?

Her parents have come under criticism from some observers for allowing the high-risk adventure.

Veteran sailors questioned the wisdom of sending a teenager off alone in a small boat, knowing it would be tossed about for 30 or more hours at a time by the giant waves that rake the Southern Hemisphere’s oceans this time of year.

A more pressing question from shocked Sunderland observers would be: What in the world was America thinking, putting a raw recruit like Obama at the helm of the nation? Electing a novice like Barry was like “sending a teenager off alone in a small boat, knowing it would be tossed about” by international and political waves.

Unlike Abby’s unaccompanied trip, three hundred million people are aboard Captain Obama’s dinghy, and each day, America gets whacked upside the head with an eagre more devastating than the prior day’s.

A confident Abby was sure she could sail around the world, break records, and successfully complete the expedition. Two thousand miles from Australia’s western coast, the self-assured teen found out what Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. is in the midst of realizing: Harsh conditions oftentimes override sangfroid.

Abigail Sunderland, “stranded in heavy seas[,] set off a distress signal after the mast collapsed, knocking out … satellite communications.” The young Ms. Sunderland found herself in the same position as Barry O — stranded, distressed, collapsed, and in need of rescue. The great orator’s satellite communications might as well be knocked out, because although Captain Barry talks incessantly, no one seems very interested in being pounded by a squall of vacant rhetoric.

Not too long after shoving off, Abby ran into problems with Wild Eyes‘ equipment and “had to stop for repairs.” Sunderland was forced to relinquish the “goal of setting the record…but continued, hoping to complete the journey.” Similarly, not long after a historic departure from port, the president addressed economic problems and “stopped for repairs” by instituting a $787-billion stimulus package. With a huge hole in the side of the Obama craft, the president, like Abby, held fast to the goal of “completing the journey.”

Right out of the harbor, America began to quickly take on water. The nation should have boarded life rafts and disembarked from the sinking vessel long before drifting so far from the dock.

Abigail Sunderland and Barack Obama are two tough customers. Both simply refuse to give up. Adrift on the open seas of the turbulent southern Indian Ocean, Abby was “being tossed by 30-foot waves — as tall as a 3-storey building.” Prior to losing satellite communication, the seafaring teen “made several broken calls to her family.” It wasn’t until sixty minutes after Abby’s last communiqué that the girl’s emergency beacons began signaling.

Aimlessly wandering around on the open political sea of international and domestic policy, Barack is likewise being tossed about and unable to keep control of the ship. Taking into consideration the magnitude of Obama’s pomposity, it is surprising that three-storey waves encircling Captain Barry’s maiden voyage have managed to rise over his head. Bailouts, stimulus, unemployment, a war in Afghanistan, rogue nations, illegal immigrants, unpopular and overbearing health care reform, and now, scudding through millions of gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, Seaman Obama seems unable to navigate even friendly waters.

Yet despite the storm, America’s liberal timoneer refuses to loosen his grip on the helm. If the nation capsizes, blame will fall on a wind-bound president indisposed to tack in any direction other than to the left.

Abby Sunderland was saved by the French ship Ile De La Reunion. According to French authorities, rescuing the teen was a “delicate operation,” and at one point, the captain of the fishing boat “fell into the ocean.” Laurence Sunderland said the crew used its dinghy to retrieve his daughter. “We are just ecstatic that she is alive and well and survived the ordeal.”

Unfortunately, it’s much more tenuous for the United States of America. There isn’t an Ile De La Reunion big enough to recoup America from the storm toward which a socialistic shipmaster has directed the nation. If attempted, such a “delicate operation” would likely entail fishing millions of people from the deep.

When Abigail was spotted by rescuers in a “chartered Qantas Airbus A330 jet that made a 4,700 mile round trip from Perth to Sunderland,” the young woman was “on the back deck of her boat, sail dragging in the water.” Spotting Obama’s sinking sea craft would require searching for a skipper clinging steadfastly to the port side and a tattered United States flag at the rear, torn by Obama’s rudder and being dragged through the sludge of false promises, socialistic programs, and lost freedoms.

A Sunderland family spokesman said Abby’s “vessel is so badly damaged, her attempt to circle the globe is over. This is the end of the dream. There is no boat to sail.”

Abigail Sunderland will soon be safely home. The prayers for Abby have been answered, and a teenage girl, who shouldn’t have been attempting to navigate the high seas alone, is out of harm’s way. Laurence Sunderland said his daughter’s boat will likely be “sunk because of the difficulty to tow such a great distance.”

Skirting the waves on the squally high seas, there remains yet another vessel steered by a mulish novice. Barack Obama’s seamanship has brought our nation such a great distance from the shoreline that in the wake of the voyage, and because of the great expense of towing an overturned craft, an unsalvageable America will likely be delivered to the same unfortunate end as Sunderland’s wild-eyed yacht.

A Reflective Indictment

obama mirror

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” Not so with President Obama who fails to recognize his image in those he condemns and whose reflection reveals the high and mighty heart of a self-affected politician.

Take for example the President campaigning for health care reform by claiming, “Spiraling health care costs could bankrupt the American economy.” Now, as the bill in the Senate is on the cusp of being enacted, Republicans informing the public about details in the legislation are being accused by the harbinger of doom and gloom, Barack Obama, of dissuading public support by “frightening the American people.”  Obama’s perpetual fear mongering makes his reprimand of the GOP analogous to Freddy Krueger, admonishing Tinkerbell for terrifying children.

Every time the President steps up to the podium to address the nation about anything from health care to the economy, Americans involuntarily flinch anticipating the same reaction they get when subjected to a civil defense emergency siren.  And Obama thinks Republicans terrify people?

President Obama began his term by warning America that failing to act swiftly on the economy would guarantee a crisis “unlike any we have seen in our lifetime.” Furthermore, it was Obama who cautioned that a “recession could linger for years” along with double-digit unemployment rates.  To avoid impending calamity, a futile $787 billion bill was passed, resulting in a lingering recession and the double-digit unemployment numbers stimulus promised to avert.

Obama was the one who sounded the alarm on “dire and long-lasting consequences” if government failed to pump billions of dollars into the national economy.  According to Barack, the nation was a fiscal Titanic and fear strategy was at work when he said, “I don’t believe it’s too late to change course, but it will be if we don’t take dramatic action as soon as possible.” Since then, Obama has steered the stimulus ship right into an economic iceberg submerging America in an ocean of economic ruin.

Dire warnings, cataclysmic cautions and urgent emergencies are what propelled an inexperienced three-term Senator from Illinois into the White House. Commencing with the inauguration, misfortune and crisis replaced hope and change. Freshly sworn in, and standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the President segwayed from heartening Americans to forewarning of the rough road that lay ahead by saying, “In the course of our history only a handful of generations have been asked to confront challenges as serious as the ones we face right now.”

Obama also warned that, “…urgent dangers to our national and economic security are compounded by the long-term threat of climate change, which if left unchecked, could result in violent conflict, terrible storms, shrinking coastlines, and irreversible catastrophe.”  Ever vigilant, Obama stressed stabilizing the climate, “throughout the campaign and several times in his inaugural speech…in the same breath as preventing nuclear conflict.” The President’s ominous predictions left Americans wondering whether they should board up windows or build a subterranean bomb shelter.

Reserving the right to tamp down panic in the American community and in anticipation of imminent tragedy and wide spread epidemics, a President who accuses political opponents of using “scare tactics” declared a National Emergency for H1N1. Obama quelled fear by reassuring the country that, “As a nation, we have prepared at all levels of government, and as individuals and communities, taking unprecedented steps to counter the emerging pandemic.”  When Obama speaks, Americans visualize facemasks, quarantines, and life support yet, to date,  predicted pandemics fail to materialize.

Obama even played the death card in an effort to urge skeptical legislators to save people destined to expire without health care reform. The President cultivated visions of dead bodies whose blood would be on the hands of Congress by saying, “…more Americans would die if it did not act now on health care.” Yet, Obama continues to chide political opposition for being doomsayers in one breath, while in the next Obama warns America that without health care in a short time the richest, most powerful nation in the world, will go bankrupt.

Accusing Republicans of using “scare tactics” to trick Americans into rejecting his health care proposal, did not curtail Obama from venting ire toward chairman of the Judiciary Committee, John Conyers Jr.  Obama, a master of disparagement, admonished Conyers for what the President defined as “demeaning” statements that openly disagreed with administration policy on US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as controversy surrounding the single-payer system option in the health care debate.

In the whiny world Obama lives in even a modicum of political unease is considered hostility personally directed toward the Oval Office.  What John Conyers fails to comprehend is Obama alone reserves the right to humiliate adversaries, while demanding exemption from criticism himself. If there is belittling to be done, Barry single-handedly drives the process.  And why not, as Leader of the free world, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has had two years experience attempting to mortify G.W. Bush in every possible venue on the global stage.

Obama’s imperious mind appears firmly convinced that humiliating other politicians equals truth telling and exploiting anxiety to strong-arm policy remains solely an Executive right to exercise.  Scare tactics and degrading accusations are clearly reflected in Washington DC.  However, the guilty parties are neither Republicans, nor Democratic lawmakers who oppose the Leader of the Pack.  The fear based politics and demeaning character assassinations are evident in a President who condemns others, while failing to identify his own image in those he censures.

American Thinker: December 7, 2009 ‘Absolutely!’ Wrong


Originally posted at American Thinker

Watching reality TV is a guilty pleasure.  It can also be a cultural and political learning experience.  Take for instance, when Jason Mesnick was the lucky man on The Bachelor.  It was during that season that a star was born.  No, not the adorable little Ty Mesnick—it was the word “absolutely.”

On the show, former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and Bachelorette Melissa Rycroft, incessantly used the word “absolutely.”  Jason would ask her, “Will you accept this rose?” Melissa would reply, “Absolutely.” Jason would grab her hand and ask, “Can I steal you?” Melissa’s response, “Absolutely!”

Melissa said the word absolutely so often that she became known at our house as “The Absolutely Girl!”  After awhile it was obvious that it was absolutely impossible for Melissa to get through a sentence without saying the word absolutely, which became absolutely annoying on many levels.

Yet, in the wider world, if you paid attention it was obvious that “absolutely” had become the new “totally.”   It was the word of the day making its way into the vernacular, replacing old favorites like “I hear ya,” “awesome,” and “dude!”  Everyone from the IT guy at work to the girl behind the deli counter became “absolutely” positive about everything from running a database to putting cream cheese on bagels.

Absolutely is such an emphatic statement that who can argue with it?  The word smacks of surety, self-confidence, assurance and control.  However, in a world where no one is sure whether the future holds nuclear annihilation or whether they’ll be handed a pink slip next week — absolutely, quite frankly, seems inappropriate and out of place.

One has to wonder how something so small and simple can become so pervasive that every question asked is answered with “absolutely.”  It’s a pandemic.   Absolutely has become an H1N1-style national vocabulary emergency where a vaccine is needed to get people to stop or at least stop it from spreading any further.

What is it that makes people mimic other people to the point where they become mindless androids? If it’s so easy to get millions to use a word just by saying it over and over again isn’t it also a simple task to manipulate minds to believe what is false?  That is how politicians work their way into the brain.  They say same thing over and over again until the public accepts a lie in place of the truth.

Take for example the last election where what started as innuendo morphed into full-blown brainwashing. Obama and his minions wormed their way into the America brain.  They “absolutely” used the repetitive method to get into the electorates head to the point that people are now convinced George W. Bush is dumb and Barack Obama is a genius. Indoctrination was in full display on websites like Kid’s IQ Test Center – who realized if you say something, even if you can’t prove it, there is the hope it will absolutely go viral and infect the culture.

Barack Obama’s estimated IQ score range is 130 to 148 and quite possibly higher. However, nowhere on the Internet can anyone locate Obama’s IQ score. His college transcript from Harvard is not available and I cannot locate his college GPA, his SAT score, or his LSAT score, or any other tangible evidence of his IQ score.

Barack Obama is a genius all right! During the election hope and change became buzzwords.  Obama managed to inspire a nation to the point of being absolutely convinced we needed something no one even understood – it was absolutely brilliant! Everyone stormed the cattle car clamoring to get onboard having no idea where they were headed or what to expect upon arrival.

And lets not forget the ever faithful left-wing media using repetition to catapult someone with absolutely no experience whatsoever into the highest office in the land.  Say, “Polly wants a cracker” long enough and before you know it…even Polly thinks she wants a cracker. Now America has elected someone so unqualified that his presence in the position of Commander-in-Chief is as out of place as the word “absolutely” is at the end of a sentence uttered from the newspaper boy when asked if he has change of a dollar.

Nevertheless, the President is smart enough to know the drill.  He has undertaken the herculean effort of mentioning himself thousands of times in speeches. In due time, every question formerly answered with “absolutely” will be henceforth answered with “Obama” whether applicable or not.

This monotonous method has proven so successful America has been transformed into a nation absolutely persuaded. Take for instance the claim that the stimulus worked and jobs were saved.   Pundits repeated the lie as the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in 40 years.  Did the stimulus work? Absolutely!

Or, how about the one that the majority of Americans favor the public option– while 87% claim they are happy with what they have?  Huh?  Will we have a public option in a bill by the end of the year? According to the Melissa Rycroft’s in the Democratic Party, absolutely!

Obama and his policies are decimating the economy, the private sector, our standing in the world community and our national security.  The appointment of his czars can be likened to an unadulterated shredding of Constitutional balance of power.  Yet, Obama remains absolutely committed to razing health care, denying troops in Afghanistan reinforcements and making short work of capitalism, free enterprise and democracy.  The Absolute Leader of the Free World is presently the proprietor of political and social pandemonium.  We might as well have the indecisive, befuddled Jason Mesnick in the Oval Office.

When The Bachelor asked Melissa to marry him she was absolutely enthralled and replied, “Absolutely!”  Two weeks later he dumped her.  How could Melissa have missed the fact that Jason was absolutely in love with Molly Malaney?

Even though we are on the precipice of absolute disaster — there are still those unlikely suspects who are absolutely convinced Obama is doing a great job. The truth is Obama’s popularity is dropping, faster than Jason Mesnick jettisoning Melissa from a sordid love triangle.

Miss Rycroft ecstatically accepted the final rose, slipped the ring on her finger and said, “Yes” to a marriage proposal.  The whole time she remained absolutely oblivious to the fact that Jason wasn’t the man she thought he was. Absolute chaos, humiliation and turmoil followed a devastated “Absolutely Girl” for weeks afterward…sort of like a nation that finds out too late that Barack Obama was absolutely the wrong person for the job.

Black Barry Roberts Swashbuckling Buccaneer

BarackObamaPirate-spread_the_wealthOn Inauguration Day, the crowd jamming the National Mall, to witness the historic institution of Barack Obama as the 44th, President of the United States, was referred to in the press as “…a sea of humanity, almost too many to count, too many to see, stretched out from the Capitol beyond the Washington Monument. An old Greek proverb says, “Where there is a sea there are pirates.”

With all the talk of Somalian piracy and the taking of an American vessel off the Horn of Africa pirates are a current topic of interest. While many people are focused on the boarding of an American tanker by a group of Muslim, Somali terrorists with AK-47’s, gold teeth, immense chutzpah and exorbitant ransom demands what should also be a focus is the band of political pirates that are ransacking the political landscape of this nation.

Just as pirates are boarding tankers and commercial ships with grappling hooks, so too has the grappling hook of rhetoric and the weapon of bamboozling manipulation being used to convince Americans to hand over their treasure chests and their booty. The American public wondered why the President’s only statement on the subject of terrorist piracy antics was a, “Arrrrrrrrrgh” followed up by a, “Guys, we`re talkin’ housin’ starboard now. Could his hesitancy to address the mercenary issue be because pirates are his political soul mates?

Somalian pirates are the type of group Barry shows all his compassion and understanding for. The poverty that countries like Somalia are experiencing have got to be explained by a politician of Obama’s ilk as the result of a renegade “free market” the culprit of global woes. Pirates can’t be blamed, they are innocent victims of an anarchist situation induced by evil greed and lack of government control.

A swashbuckling pirate of fairness has been long overdue and here he is! Obama is of the persuasion that has a moral obligation to “spread the wealth around” taking from those who have more, and giving to those who have less. He is sort of a pirate himself. A hero of equality, someone whose conscience is clear because the evil rich deserve to be plundered, having robbed everyone for way too long.

On Election Day, our nation may not have realized it but willingly walked the gang-plank, ignorantly electing our very own brigand to the White House. This blagueur may not have a patch over his eye, a hook for a hand or a peg leg but he sure knows how to maneuver over the rough seas of humanity. He and his drunken group of coxswains are out there trawling the policy oceans threatening our treasure chest of capitalism, freedom and free market trade.

One-by-one, the Pirate-in-Chief , has been pursuing and sopping up what he perceives to be the burdened vessels of banking, housing and the auto industry. On even keel with the horizon this want to be Captain Hook sees big health care and pharmaceutical crafts as the next addition to his treasure trove of power. Tooting away in the waters Captain O is busy loading political AK-47’s, putting together his motley crew of picaroons and instructing the helmsman where to take the ship, boxhauling over any opposition along the way.

The open seas have always had ships laden with various types of goods. Just as a real pirate would sneak up alongside of the vessel, trolling for booty, so too has Captain Obama. He stands in the crows-nest peering through his spy-glass out over the political seascape scoping out what direction he needs to go to repossess property and hard earned treasure. Snorting and spitting his message to the citizens of a free nation that he is the one to bring change saying things like, “The country nay as ’tis but as ‘t ortin’ ta be.” He tosses gold dubloons, in the form of faux-tax breaks to the crowd to buy their affection while he schemes his next act of political piracy.

Business, banking, industry and pretty soon pharmaceuticals and health care are the tankers Captain Obama has either partially taken over, is planning to sink or has his eye on for the future. These vessels manned by Gentleman of Fortune have vulnerable crews napping on the watch. In the political high seas where Obama and his swashbuckling red beards hang out, the vessels that represent our freedoms are just waiting to be plucked from the waters and routed for goods.

The one who makes the decision about the target vessel and the treasure to take is none other than Captain Obama Master of the high seas. This outlaw is brazenly and haughtily attacking the foundation of America and all the things he despises, enterprises he feels ultimately should be owned and controlled by him. His grommets gleefully desire to administer the devil’s jig to our democratic republic. Has anyone noticed…no own is stopping them?

Operating without opposition, this Captain is crafty. He distributed to the land lubbers before shoving off to sea, large doses of lubbers wort in the form of promises and smooth rhetoric. Laziness and stupidity have taken root in the people. Instead of fighting the piracy the sedated are standing on the land, cheering him on. Our citizenry has become much like a horde of Somali women who seek to marry the hero pirates.

America is now an enamored population married to policies they don’t understand because they believe that it will monetarily or economically benefit them. Americans are being hornswoggled by the master of deception and forgetting that the treasure on the ship’s being raided is their own property. Instead of fighting for what is rightfully theirs Americans are freely giving it over to a band of thugs. When America has lost full control of prosperity, freedom, rights and the work of their hands the pirate ship may be so far from sight that their fortune may be forever gone.

Since January 20th a nation has willingly let a political pirate usher it below deck, put us it in chains, and force its people row to the next conquest of his choice.

It is time that the routing stops and the privateers put together a Letter of Marque where private business, ventures and citizens decide to “…rig and outfit our vessel as we see fit for the purpose of waging punitive acts against our freedoms and future.” Are we going to have a bilge rat like Rahm Emmanuel have the Captain’s ear and instruct him how to dictate his piracy tactics? Maybe it’s time to rise up as a crew against the aggression of a wily pirate. It’s time to batten down the hatches and decide whether we’re going to be governed by bandits or remain a nation whose people are free.

This nation is being held for ransom by the piracy of our very own Black Barry(Bart) Roberts and the federal government. Americans are the ones that need to address the problem of political piracy by recognizing it for what it is and deciding it’s time for it to end in much the same way as the Navy put an end to the Somalian pirate standoff. Maybe we need to fire up our democratic chase-guns and slow down the progress of King Barry’s Revenge ship with his blatant Jolly “Anti-American” Rogers, flapping in the wind.

There is presently a following breeze in the nation whose wind can help to push us our galleon toward a good landfall if we decide to go with it. If we continue to sleep below deck we’re headed for a very bad landfall that we may never be able to recover from. Americans must not be spooked by the banking and auto industry hanging in the governmental gibbet. If they do everything that made this nation great will be ravaged by dictatorial political pirates whose pillage we will never be free from…time for a lawful mutiny. Let’s dump some tea overboard, take a stand and place Obama and his crew in the quarantine quarters of the lazaretto.

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The Great American Cheese Caper


John Dryden the England’s Restoration Period’s great literary poet and playwright once said, “It is better to shun the bait, than struggle in the snare” (1631-1700). I don’t think a quote could be more true for a period in our own history than that one is right now. We should heed Dryden’s cautious advice, to avoid the bait lest we find ourselves struggling against a tight and suffocating snare.

The American people are like a mischief of mice and the federal government, under Barrister Barack Obama, has found a way to lure the horde of us with a string laden with a chunk of stinky cheese and for some reason we’re taking the bait.  Like a hungry cluster of rodents we follow.  What most mice don’t realize is that the cheese is the decoy and following the gratification of gaining the prize, comes the quick snap of the trap and after we realize we are unable to escape its too late!

The Barack Bailout has done a fabulous job of baiting the people of this nation with a meager $13.00 a week.    If I must …that is a whopping $1.85 a day.  Barry, with a straight face, on the news proudly announced that on April Fool’s Day Americans will receive the windfall, middle-class tax cut; he promised them all throughout his campaign.  Listening and watching him I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. I thought to myself, “Is this guy serious? Are there that many simple people out there?”

The cheddar attached to the end of the string, which our benevolent leader has placed before us as a enticement involves more than a tidbit of change in our weekly check, which by the way couldn’t even buy a pound of Jarlsberg.  It involves the anticipation of sweet revenge being meted out to all those evil businesses, home mortgage company sharks, shyster car salesmen, banks and rich devils who will at long last get their due.

The Obama administration is proficient when it comes to justifying the doling out of our hard earned money to the indigent as a way of philanthropically “redistributing the wealth”.  He is a master at nurturing equity as a means of gaining political power, fostering class warfare and painting the successful as the enemy.

Barack Obama is great at making those who he defines as the victims believe they are going to receive a full reprieve from all accountability and control, which upon biting that bait, those same beneficiaries find such a belief to be patently false.  Kind of like when we found out the tax cut for the middle class came to fourteen cents less than two dollars a day.

So as you open your mouth to take your first taste of that Big Mac, which you purchased with an advance on the $1.85 per day that hasn’t hit your paycheck yet.  Take a good hard look at that cheese and before you settle into thinking that anything that the government provides for you comes without a price, think again!  It would be best to remove the cheese from your burger to prevent yourself from stimulating an appetite for something you might not be able to resist.

Collect yourself and step away from the public trough.  Let’s learn from that horde of mice that got a whiff of some cheese and when intoxicated disregarded the snare as they rushed for the bait and too late found it impossible to either struggle free or survive.

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The Epoch of Irresponsibility

headinthesand-main_full2We need to restore the full meaning of that old word, duty.  It is the other side of rights.  ~Pearl Buck

Many people listening to Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address commented afterward that they “…were especially taken with President Obama’s call for “a new era of responsibility. This is a useful message for Americans of all walks of life to hear — from Wall Street CEOs to unmarried fathers to AARP lobbyists in Washington. The prosperity of recent decades has produced a culture of entitlement and sometimes even of complacency” (CBS News A ‘Responsibility’ Era A pragmatic call to Americans to lift our national game 2-11-08). Just three, short weeks later and I find myself extremely confused…I thought after this historic election we were ushering in a new “Era of responsibility.”

Growing up I was taught that being a responsible meant that I had to be accountable, trustworthy and to be able to always answer for my own actions and obligations. A big part of being responsible included knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting accordingly. So as I matured I learned to always follow through on my obligations and a large part of my commitment included always paying my debts, providing for myself and my family, displaying honesty and fighting vehemently for right and standing strong against wrong. I was taught there were consequences for my actions and that knowledge served as a formidable deterrent and incentive.

On January 20th 2009, the “Era of Responsibility” President sent a strong message, but immediately following his powerful exhortation all his actions have consistently promoted and encouraged quite the opposite. In fact, I would say that if things continue as they have in the last few weeks we have to rename the era and give it a new moniker of “The Epoch of Irresponsibility”.

Since Barry stepped proudly into the Oval Office last month all of his Cabinet Appointments, Executive Orders as well as the “stimulus” bill he is busily hawking have done nothing but underscore the belief that it’s just fine to be irresponsible. In fact, if you are, it might serve you well be you Cabinet appointee, enemy combatant, sluggard or ungrateful citizen.

President Obama’s Cabinet Appointees obviously are among those who supported “Change”.  As expected all of them turn out to be like minded cohorts who rooted and applauded when Obama gave his inspirational “Era of Responsibility” speech. How come these same supporters are also turning out to be a group of Presidential appointees who don’t understand that culpability includes owning up to personal obligations, reliability and meeting the demands of commitments in distinct areas of all our lives? How could those being recruited to oversee the fulfillment of our “responsibility” as citizens of a free nation, view themselves as being exempt from what they enthusiastically espouse and legislate for everybody else?

Timothy Geitner the newly appointed Treasury secretary, who will be responsible for overseeing the IRS, was blatantly irresponsible when it came to paying his own dues. He failed to pay $34,000.00 in taxes for both Social Security and Medicare while he was a senior official at the International Monetary Fund. When an opportunity presented itself for the “Responsibility” President to teach the nation that character is far more valuable than experience, he came down on the side of competency and skill disregarding irresponsibility confirming Geitner to the position.

Senator Tom Daschle was on the precipice of being named to the Cabinet position of Secretary of Health and Human Services when he suddenly awakened to the fact that he somehow failed to pay levies on “…more than $300,000 worth of income he gained through consulting work, including the use of car and driver” (CBS News, White House Says Daschle’s Tax Failure Was a Serious Mistake, Karen Tavers, Jon Karl and Jake Tapper, Feb 2, 2009). When given the opportunity to come down on the side of “responsibility” the “Era of Responsibility” President decided to “absolutely” support Daschle’s nomination.   Daschle had the wherewithal to step down, but at no time did Obama point out to the American people Daschle’s lack of “responsible” behavior, or even his deficiency for overlooking Daschle’s mistake, which I believe was the real “screw up”. I can’t help but wonder if rising through the ranks of the Chicago corrupt political machine and carousing with the likes of Tony Resko, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers and Reverend Wright would make Obama view tax evasion as benign or maybe even consider it a distorted type of character strength?

After declining the nomination, the irresponsible Tom Daschle had his health care suggestions from his scary, socialistic 2008 book “Critical: What We Can Do about the Health-Care Crisis” stealthily woven into the “stimulus” bill. Daschle’s proposals, which if adopted will impact all of our lives in such a way that seniors will face health care rationing and the youth will benefit on the sacrifice of the lives of our elderly population.  The champions of Social Security are ready to sell our seniors down the river to make sure the “useful eaters” get the lion share of the health care subsidies. Daschle’s diabolical ideas will affect every part of health care system, from medical and nursing education, to how patients are treated and hospitals are paid (90-92, 174, 181). All this from someone who “did not realize” that the perks he received were income and failed to report them. If Daschle’s “irresponsible” conduct and daunting plans for Granny doesn’t exempt him from having any input into something so monumental, what does?

Next up we have Nancy Killifer who worked in the Treasury Department and was tapped to be the federal government’s chief performance officer as well as Hilda Solis’ to head the labor Department.  both these women had tax issues in their personal life.  From Killifer’s failure to pay unemployment taxes on hired help in her home, to Solis’ conflict of interest in working with Unions and her husband’s 16-year old tax lien.  Killifer bowed out and Solis’ confirmation is still on hold.   Again, irresponsible behavior rewarded with offers of high ranking, responsible positions by the “Era of Responsibility” President and no public rebuke as a character lesson to a nation in dire need of one.  The message here is that political cronies expect a reprieve for responsibilities the rest of us are under legal mandate to perform.

The “Era of Responsibility” President felt it was his duty to exhibit his support for responsible behavior by overturning President Bush’s Executive Order to disallow federal funding for overseas abortions. By reversing the Mexico City policy, and in an effort to uphold the attitude of fidelity in others, President Obama decided to provide funding for women who would rather evade their responsibility and abort their unborn children. This Executive Order reversal made sure that all those who display the highest form of irresponsibility can receive money from us, even if we’re pro-life. The “Responsibility” President assisted in the disposal of what he espoused to be a “punishment”, one of which he wants his daughters Malia and Sasha to be spared of, in the most brutal and despicable way.

Moving on from there, the “Responsibility” President closed a prison that housed enemy combatants in an effort to teach those who want to destroy our nation, kill our school children and cut off our heads on Youtube that their murderous intentions and actions toward our nation deserve the reward of American civil liberties. To underscore his commitment to trustworthiness the “Responsibility” President’s first phone call to any head of state was to the leader of a terrorist group, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Liberation Organization . Lest we need to be reminded Hamas is responsible for the deaths of multitudes of Israelis and many of their own innocent people in the Gaza Strip. I’m sure the “responsible” message conveyed to radical Islamic terrorists as well as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Fatah party is that they now have a friend in Washington DC.

Immediately following that historic phone call and in a good faith effort to cast himself worldwide as the fortress of “responsibility” our President had the military trials of Guantanamo Bay enemy combatant prisoner’s halted and withdrew all charges against the USS Cole and September 11th murdering masterminds. He ordered all CIA interrogation centers overseas shut down. I guess this was his way of driving home to the international community that accountability for our actions is our top priority and that knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting accordingly is a standard we, as Americans, hold very high.

Today the “Era of Responsibility” President is on a dog and pony show pushing a “Stimulus” bill that bails out irresponsible behavior by taking tax dollars from reliable people and burdening generations yet to come, who are being taught responsibility from their own overtaxed but conscientious parents. His plan to hold forth the placard of “responsibility” for all to see,  is accomplished by extorting earnings from hard working, dependable Americans and “redistributing” them to irresponsible individuals, many of whom have made a lifetime habit of living off the dole.

The “Era of Responsibility” President also intends on bailing out people who acted negligently and bought houses they knew they couldn’t afford, neither holding them liable nor asking them to compensate for their reckless obligations and immature actions. This includes the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which planned on purchasing assets and equity from failed banks in an effort to strengthen an irresponsible financial sector in hopes of bolstering up the housing market, all in the name of “responsibility”!

Let’s not forget about ACORN. Here is a, “…low-income advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud [who] could be eligible for billions in aid from the economic stimulus proposal working its way through the House…this stimulus bill winding its way through Congress [could] provide $4.19 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities” (Fox News.com, Republicans Object to Stimulus Dollars for ACORN, January 27, 2009)? The sensible thing for the “Era of Responsibility” President to do would be to announce that any organization under criminal investigation should be exempt from receiving stimulus monies.  The willy-nilly handing out of hard earned American tax dollars to those who foster voter fraud can hardly be viewed as demanding accountability and questionable behavior answer for their antics from the “Responsibility” President.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the message of “responsibility” that is being conveyed to our citizens when we realize that, “ The $800 billion-plus economic stimulus measure making its way through Congress could steer government checks to illegal immigrants…the legislation, which would send tax credits of $500 per worker and $1,000 per couple…would allow people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for the checks…undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number can file tax returns with an alternative number.  A House-passed version of the economic recovery bill and one making its way through the Senate would allow anyone with such a number, called an individual taxpayer identification number, to qualify for the tax credits” (Associated Press, Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants, 1-29-09). The word “illegal” is defined as, prohibited by law and prohibited by official laws – so what could be a better lesson in “responsibility” than handing out dollars earned by an honest, law abiding populace to people who are breaking the laws and over running this nation. To drive the point home, the “Responsibility” President should oversee the distribution of the checks at a prime-time ceremony on national TV, complete with Greek columns and replete with the cheers of adoring crowds goading him on.

In response to the Great Communicator making “responsibility” such a priority during the first three weeks of his historic Presidency, the effect of his efforts were on full display yesterday at a town hall meeting in Fort Meyers. Two participants at the event embodied the fullness of accountable, individualism and just screamed private conscientiousness. Responsibility entails personal accountability and the ability to act without guidance or superior authority. A responsible person is someone who is the source or the cause! It was apparent that Obama’s responsibility message had really accomplished its’ goal when town hall attendee Henrietta Hughes presented the “Responsibility” President with her “urgent” need to provide her with a job, home, car, a bump up on the housing authority waiting list – followed up by a kitchen and a bathroom. Santa Claus promptly reached inside his bag of goodies and soothed Henrietta telling to speak to his staff.

Not to be over looked Obama’s laundry list of entitlements was added to by Julio Osegueda, a Florida College student, who was so excited about being chosen by the President that he screamed out, “Oh, gracious God, thank you so much”, which left me to wonder who exactly he was referring to, the Almighty or Obama? But I digress–Osequeda’s breathless question was to implore the “Responsibility” President to use his influence to coerce McDonald’s into providing him with better employee benefits. Obviously, to more patriotic Americans such as me, Julio comes across a tad ungrateful, especially in a time of such “catastrophic crisis”. For him to have a job at all, especially from a company that “…during a year when the stock market lost a third of its value …shares of McDonald’s gained nearly 6 percent, making the company one of only two in the Dow Jones industrial average whose share price rose in 2008.” (NYT, At McDonald’s, the Happiest Meal Is Hot Profits, Andrew Martin, Feb 10-09) puts him among, according to Obama, the insignificant percentage of Americans with both health care and a paycheck. I really think he should to be more inclined toward “fairness” and patriotism. Julio should kick in, sacrifice and above all not ask for more!

So as a truly responsible person I think it’s my duty to point out to anyone who recognizes that words mean very little and actions tell the whole story that the only one who is actually acting “responsible” in this scenario is the “Responsibility” President himself.  He is personally answerable for the parade of slacker attitudes and idler initiatives we’ve seen on display.  His soaring, stirring rhetoric, promises and indolent inspiring ideologies are the source and cause of a pervading entitlement attitude that we see overtaking our nation.  Obama’s lack of action and reaction has sent the message that there are zero consequences for wrong or negligent deeds, and in fact, there may very well be rewards.  The “Responsibility” President has fostered a “what’s in it for me” mentality that those who should be accepting the responsibility for their own lives, destiny and future ought to instead look toward government to shoulder their burdens.

To call this the “Era of Responsibility” and then to spend the first three weeks of a Presidential tenure supporting, encouraging, financing irresponsible people and actions and promising to subsidize circumstances, which foster further irresponsibility makes you the only “responsible” person practicing what you preach Mr. President in this your “Era of Responsibility”.

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