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Proletariats and Parasites

picturegallery02As Obama continues to push his social engineering project two weeks into his administration it is obvious for those who refused to put on, the “O” shaped, magenta colored glasses, to see what is really going on. What we are seeing is disturbing at best. As a master potter slaps the clay on a potter’s wheel, Obama is busy refurbishing a capitalistic culture into a socialist society. Barry is clever enough to try to form a vessel that looks like it did before its renovation, but the intended contents are unmistakably “socialistic” in nature. For most of us “socialism” is an ethereal term that doesn’t have much impact on our day as we’re pushing our shopping cart through Walmart or dropping off our dog to be spayed at the veterinarian. However, with a small amount of focus and clarification it would be easy to decipher the direction our feckless leader is planning on staking out.

An easy way to explain socialism is to clarify the two classes that make up the system, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the smaller group that takes control of the means of production. In other words, they control those who produce the goods and services that drive our nation, you know like corporations, banks, car companies, pharmaceutical companies and eventually health care services? Those in control become the ruling or dominant class. This class appropriates for its own use the surplus produced by the rest of society and live in a manner far above the lifestyle of those who do the producing. It is a parasitical relationship where the underclass is the host. It is wise to be reminded that parasites augment their vigor by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal, which is what bourgeoisie do to the proletariat by exploiting and extracting their power, control and means.

For our purposes, this is the government and the politicians who sit in the seat of power. The government is presently bailing out institutions and establishing itself as the controlling administrator of businesses and corporations and in turn controlling the class of workers that keep those businesses going. Karl Marx stressed that the masses needed to produce the necessities of life before they could do anything else. Without necessities philosophy, politics, art and the like go out the window. He believed that the economic relations of life constitute the base of society and upon that based political, religious, legal, philosophical and artistic systems rest. Based on the panic that has gripped our nation it seems that for American’s fear of losing Itunes and the National Endowment for the Arts is enough to herd them into an economic system that promises the loss of greater freedom and personal individualism.

Presently, our economic system is in a slowdown, a recession. This downturn has transformed into a golden opportunity for those who want to dominate to portray this cyclic event to the public as a disaster of devastating proportion in order to jolt us into submission. In order to accomplish their end the promoters of socialism are using fear to force a capitalist nation to accept a socialistic plan based on warnings that forebode, “… that failure to act on an economic recovery package could plunge the nation into a long-lasting recession that might prove irreversible” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). As an unsteady nation grapples for a fixed surface to grab a hold of for stability, they are vulnerable to grasp what appears to be sturdy but is a marble tomb filled with rotting bones…sturdy but fetid. Caution should be used in choosing where to fasten our future and our fortunes.

The need for heightened vigilance is that the largest portion of citizenry affected by Obama’s bent will be who Marx referred to as the proletariat. The proletariat is the portion of society, which is forced to put their labor at the disposal of the possessing group, the bourgeoisie or ruling class. Marx used this term exploitation to refer to the process of surplus extraction. The very people that are looking for stability are the ones who will be mined for production and drained for the infusion of tax revenue to support those who collect and accumulate all surpluses. It is best to be mindful that although parasites weaken their hosts it is in the parasite’s best interest not to totally destroy them because it relies on the host’s body and body functions to live. Harmed but not obliterated, functioning only to provide for a parasitic upper class that quarries the masses for power, provision and supremacy.

This ideology is an attitude that is not only apparent in words but in actions too. The Master Potter continued to spin the clay on the spinning potter’s wheel today at a press conference, wetting it with fear and shaping a bowl that will hold the fruits of not his but our labor. Applying both exaggerations and hubris the Great Communicator highlighted a bleak picture that he underscored can only be rectified by the ruling class of which he is the head. “’This recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.’ He rejected the argument that more tax cuts are needed in the plan and that piecemeal measures would be sufficient…” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). Translation, the peons need us to save them and the way to save them is not to let them keep the fruits of their labor but to use their blood, sweat and tears to benefit a social structure where we ultimately benefit at their expense.

To prove my point about attitude, immediately following this dire warning, the Bourgeois-in-Chief was planning on heading to a luxury resort to meet with the rest of the ruling class of his party. After proudly capping corporate executive salaries, the President will head a Democratic retreat, “…that has burned through half a million dollars in taxpayer cash … at luxury resorts” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09). After underscoring the need for sacrifice, after restricting the earnings of bank executives, after proposing a karate chop to the back of the knees of our capitalistic economic structure and after warning the country of the possibility of irreversible economic damage,

Mr. Obama will head to Kingsmill Resort and Spa in the historical Virginia city…the resort boasts multiple championship golf courses, a full-service spa and six restaurants…Democrats will ride together to the resort on a chartered Amtrak train at a cost to taxpayers of about $70,000” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09).

All on the government dole, on the blood and function of the American taxpayer…while the country is quaking in fear from his repeated ominous warnings…that bread and soup lines are surely in our future, while people are saving the cardboard from their dry cleaning to line the inside of their old shoes, while mothers are preparing to sew clothes for their children out of old sheets, the taxpayers will foot the bill for the bourgeois’ to have security helicopters fly above their train on the way to a tony resort in Williamsburg to address our economic problems.

It is unfortunate and alarming that our only hope is that the studio workers that are firing the kiln where the Master Potter is busy crafting his vessel have enough insight to smash it before the Socialist-in-Chief has the time to fill it with rancid policies or that the air bubbles that his inexperience ensures in the clay will make his socialistic, Marxist creation blow up when it hits the heat!

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All Hail the Stifle-Us Package

hand_drowning1To stifle something is to quell, crush or end by force. When something is stifled its suppressed, curbed, killed by impeding respiration…or suffers from difficulty breathing by being enclosed in a tight space. Thus, the new economic stimulus package will be sure to accomplish the goal of stifling the American economy by being its death knell for sure.

The American public en masse, even if on an individual basis nothing has changed for them financially, senses itself to be in a “tight” spot, suffocating in an economy that is squeezing the perceived life out of them. Right now the citizenry has been “stifled” out of buying their daily latte at Starbucks. Those same latte sippers have been holding their breath and have cast aside their paint brushes from Home Depot. I mean how can you enjoy your daily Caramel Macchiato and redecorate the lanai when so many people are in such dire straits? The fear and anxiety that has been placed upon the American people by a media that is resolute in its support of a big government, socialistic President has managed to impede the financial respiration of an entire nation…mission accomplished!

Now the brilliant answer to this problem is to take more money from those who contribute, but are not spending out of fear, and to redistribute it to those who do not contribute at all. This is the Messianic riposte to jump start the economy? This can best be likened to smothering a fire you’re trying to get started with a damp blanket. Starbucks and Home Depot will be waiting a long, long time until their regular customer base return for screws and drop cloths, while sipping on icy White Chocolate Mochas. Why? Because it’s time to share the wealth, infuse big government with tax dollars and give the reins of the horse and chariot that’s supposed to guide us out of the rugged, ruins of recession with Nancy and Harry at the helm to the same people who bankrupted Social Security, Medicare and organize the efficient goings on at Motor Vehicles.

The government, via Barry, is promising to breathe new life into our economy with $550 billion in new spending with things such as; tax relief for people who don’t pay taxes, now that’s Columbia/Harvard brilliance at its best. In true Barry style and to uphold fairness, illegal immigrants deserve more help, so the legislation, will send tax credits of $500 per worker and $1,000 per couple. It expressly disqualifies nonresident aliens, but it would allow people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for monthly checks, on you and me. One less Café’ Americano and tape measure for you, more money for illegal immigrants! Less air for you and me…checks for illegal immigrants…now that’s change we can believe in. The new, non-taxpayer, illegal immigrant friendly stifle-US package gives undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number the ability to file tax returns with an alternative number. A House-passed version of the economic recovery bill and one making its way through the Senate would allow anyone with such a number, called an individual taxpayer identification number, to qualify for the tax credits.

Or how about $90 billion CPR project for New Deal type jobs that didn’t work then, and won’t work now? Of course included are $79 billion to teachers unions, $41 billion more to placate even more teachers unions, $21 billion for PELL grants for students whose parents don’t pay taxes and funding for “ambiguous” higher education modernization and $400 million for the prevention of STD’s for the immoral, oversexed student’s who get free condoms and Pell Grant’s and whose parent’s don’t pay taxes. The media must be able to reach all the potential voters with their propaganda campaign, so there is even $6 billion to extend broadband to rural areas and much, much more insightful motivational funding, from King Motivator-In Chief.

For all those gasping for air, the government wouldn’t be able to spend at least one-fourth of a proposed $825 billion economic stimulus plan until after 2010 (coincidentally an election year), which could be likened to holding someone’s head underwater and just before they pass out…letting them have a minute sip of air, just enough to keep them barely alive. Unfortunately, Chris “I get tingles up my leg” Mathews, forgot to inform the public that the air they are getting is putrid, fetid and unfit for human survival.

What 57% of the American population, who support this package, don’t realize is that if you keep breathing in bad air, you die from a overdose of carbon dioxide and seeing as about one-quarter of the entire $825 billion recovery package would be devoted to activities crucial to governors, mayors, and local school boards – making them among the plans biggest beneficiaries…the major polluters are now in charge of the refilling the respirators with lots and lots of self-generated hot air.

So while the American people and their broken economy drag an oxygen can of a stimulus package around behind them they wait in vain for mass government spending and welfare programs to be the answer to their problems.   During that time it would be best to readjust our oxerator and hope that the next two years go by quickly enough to spare us from national infiltration of a choking financial emphysema. The hope for our survival lies in a new Congress in 2010, which will open the windows and let in the fresh air, common sense and financial accountability, which are all necessary to rectify this misappropriated stimulus cure responsible for stifling us all.

[Sources: Committee on Appropriations: January 15, 2009; Reuters: Roads, energy, states win in US stimulus plan; 15 January 2009; Christian Science Monitor: States to win big in stimulus sweepstakes; House bill allots almost one-quarter of the $825 billion recovery package to states, localities. How will that boost the economy?; January 25, 2009;]

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