Obama ‘In the Morehouse’

Nevertheless, winding down with a “House”-ful of Is, the president explained that his success didn’t result from “Ivy League degrees or SAT scores or GPAs,” — none of which anyone has ever gotten so much of a glimpse of. Instead, according to Obama, his achievements hinge on his “sense of connection[,] … empathy,” and the obligation he feels to the black community as a black man proud of his Irish ancestry.

Motown’s Newest Star: Barack Obama

After three glorious years, the nation is well aware that the President is an economic genius and a savant when it comes to topography and American geography. When swatting flies, Barry is faster than a Venus Fly Trap; he’s one helluva job creator and, above all, an outstanding extemporaneous speaker. …

Pitt Pulls the Switch on BP

Originally posted at American Thinker. Blog Brad Pitt is indignant about injustice.  So much so that the Hollywood icon/prolific accommodator of Angelina Jolie’s obsessive-compulsive reproduction disorder has stepped forward to speak on behalf of exacting justice against those who’ve wronged Mother Earth. The Hollywood actor said he would “consider the death …

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