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MICHELLE AND BARACK: Put-Upon Victims of Racism

http://adisw.com/?plas=Download-Lagu-Inul-Arjuna-Buaya-Mp3&f82=a2 funny-barack-michelle-obama-face-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

http://eurm.or.at/?qg=Cialis-Kopen-Online&429=e4 Michelle and Barack Obama recently sat down with Peoplemagazine, the outstanding journalistic publication that gave us the Brittany Maynard: I Moved to Oregon so I Could Kill Myself saga and the poorest selling People cover of the year: Hillary & the White House.

http://jeannie-ology.com/?fvn=Cialis-Cost-Nz&1dd=33 The bigotry issue focuses on the gripes of two angry racists who ignore the fact that they have exploited skin color all the way to the White House. Instead of being grateful, six years into Obama’s second term as president of a country with a white majority, he and Michelle feel now is as good a time as any to discuss their “racist experiences.”

watch Throughout the interview, Michelle, a woman with less-than-stellar grades who didn’t mind using her skin color as a springboard to an elite institution like Princeton, laughed “wryly”. Failing to mention the very valid reasons why a cab driver on the South Side of Chicago might be hesitant to pick up a young black man, Michelle had this to say:

http://wsicycling.com/?sopa=Is-Acyclovir-Cheaper-Than-Valtrex&772=98 I think people forget that we’ve lived in the White House for six years. Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs.

source Maybe Michelle doesn’t know about cab drivers like Edwin Obazuaye. Edwin was a 48-year-old black man who, in March of 2013, picked up Eric Taylor and another passenger in the Auburn Gresham area on the South Side of Chicago. Taylor robbed Edwin and after shooting the taxi drive stole his cell phone. As a result of being shot in the back and suffering a wound to the head, four days later Edwin died.

http://necmgr.org/?poga=Topamax-False-Positive-Pregnancy-Test&46a=7a While Michelle was pointing out to People magazine the injustice of young black men being unable to hail cabs on Chicago’s Southside, the first lady also forgot to mention 17-year-old rapper Clint Massey, aka RondoNumbaNine. In February of this year, Massey was charged with shooting and killing black cab driver, 28-year-old Javan Boyd.

Where To Buy Cialis Soft Online During the gripping interview, the first lady informed People that just because she wears $12K gowns and her husband sits in the most influential seat of power in the world, they are not insulated from racism.

Australian Pharmacy Viagra For example, Michelle shared one disturbing incident that took place on her fake relate-to-the-little-people expedition to Target in 2011 which, at the time, seemed more about height and laundry soap than skin color and racism.

http://cfmim.com/?pill=Prix-Du-Cialis-En-Belgique&db6=da However, three years later, after mulling it over a bit, Michelle now sees the Tide Encounter quite differently. The first lady told People:

I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new.

Amazingly, America’s 5’11” first lady, who in 2011 relayed the story to David Letterman as an amusing tale of a short woman unaware she was asking the first lady to help her reach some laundry soap, has now morphed into racism.

Michelle was not alone. Barack, the man who, despite being unable to express himself very well in writing, became president of the Harvard Law Review, and who is presently POTUS despite his razor-thin resume, piped up and said, “There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys.” 

Besides the fact that there are just as many white valets as there are black valets, one would think Obama would view the get-me-my-car faux pas as a compliment. Distrusting a black valet with one’s car keys would certainly be a more appropriate example of racism than handing over the keys to the Mercedes.

Not only that, but people do make mistakes. After all, wasn’t it Obama who misidentified a Navy corpsman as a “corpse-man?” Doesn’t that even things up?

Not on your life!

Mrs. Obama recalled another unsettling incident when the president was “wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee.” What Michelle didn’t mention was whether Barry was standing against the wall with his arms crossed whispering to Valerie Jarrett, also in black tie.

In fairness, the Obamas did have the common decency to admit to People that racism in America has gotten better, especially because that waiter/valet is now the president, but not before adding the following qualifier: “The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced.”

Then Obama stressed that progress still needs to be made because:

It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.

Wait! Does Obama have a son? If not, is the president using the “son” example to imply that out of the approximately seven million black males between the ages of 12 and 30 living in America, attempting to walk with one’s belt mid-thigh and lurking around in a hoodie is the only reason some of these young hooligans are being accused of robbery or worse?

Either way, the Obamas were correct that progress has been made with racism.

Unfortunately, with hypersensitive elites offering highly dubious examples of prejudice and excusing the bad behavior of some black males, the progress is making a U-turn and taking us backwards.

And as a result, just like everything else our first black president has accomplished, with the help of his wife Michelle, Barack Obama has managed to dumb down real racism and trump up the made-up kind.

Coming to the Silver Screen: Shelley and Barry’s First Date

President Obama And First Lady Meet With Mothers To Discuss Health CareOriginally posted at American Thinker

When Harvard law student Barack took a summer job at Chicago’s Sidley Austin prestigious law firm, the world was unaware that history was being made. It was there where, according to her supervisors, hard-to-manage second-year associate Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, eager to change the world, was making a name for herself complaining about being treated as a second-year associate.

It was while tagging along behind Michelle, Barack’s advisor at the time, that the earth moved for our future president, and not only because the determination in Michelle’s stride caused the building’s rafters to shake.

After loving her from afar, with a lot of arm twisting and haranguing, Michelle finally agreed to lower herself and accept a date with the first-year law student. On that momentous day, the duo sauntered around the Southside of Chicago, providing the young love-struck community organizer with the ears Michelle admitted she thought at first were large, time to share with her his Saul Alinsky vision of the “the world as it is…[and]…the world as it should be.”

Barack’s affection for Marxist philosophy clearly swept the object of his affection right off her size-11 feet.

The date was a success because the lovers were married in 1992. Then in 2012, the site of the Obamas’ first kiss, which Obama said tasted like chocolate, outside a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Chicago’s Hyde Park, was memorialized with a city plaque. Since then, ice cream of every flavor has occasionally been spotted on the front of both their shirts, as well as dried on the corners of both their lips.

Now, here we are, a mere twenty-something years later, and finally an indie film will recount the summer of 1989 when Barack enticed America’s future first lady to take stroll, enjoy the cultural sights at the Art Institute, and hold hands during Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee’s, aka Mookie’s, movie about sizzling summer days, pizza, and racial unrest.

So move over, Gone with the Wind. Titanic, take a hike, because Shelley and Barry’s steaming hot passion is about to make its way onto the silver screen. That’s right, the epic romance story Southside With You, due to begin filming in July of 2015, is poised to fly like cupid’s arrow straight into America’s hearts.

Southside With You originated in the fertile minds of producer Richard Tanne, who wrote the screenplay, and the fetching Get On Up actress Tika Sumpter. Producers Tracey Bing, Richard Tanne, and Columbia Pictures alumni Stephanie Allain inexplicably view the Obama romance as one of the “great love stories of our time.”

Sumpter and Tanne developed the script and will co-produce the flick. In fact, Tika is so committed to the project that instead of offering Whoopi Goldberg the leading role, she cast herself as the warm and always welcoming Michelle, which is sort of like actress Kerry Washington casting herself as Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

According to Tracey Bing, “Richard,” who hasn’t even found an actor to play Barack, “really captures the essence of that romantic connection between Barack and Michelle that is so evident in the way that they look at each other.”

Well! America certainly looks forward to witnessing those scenes. Hopefully, the movie will capture some of the more notable side-glances Michelle has shot Barack’s way over the years.

Take Dorothy Height and Nelson Mandela’s funeral, for instance. On the loving-glance-o-meter, those ‘look at each other’ moments between the president and first lady reduce Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood’s longing gazes in The Bridges of Madison County to nothing more than pathetic pabulum for wannabe romantics.

Tracey Bing did add, “We are looking forward to finding the perfect Barack.” Well good luck with that, because it’s been six plus-years and even Michelle would probably agree that a “perfect Barack” is nowhere to be found.

Then again, if he’s not touring with Yo Gaba Gaba maybe D.J. Lance would be up for the job.

Nonetheless, if perchance the green-lit project should fall through, there’s always plenty of material for a movie chronicling the authenticity of the Clinton marriage. And with any luck, the currently hot, amply-sized actress/comedian Melissa McCarthy will be available to star as Hillary.

Community Organizing, Cairo Style

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Barack Obama prides himself on being a community organizer — stirring up the disgruntled in Chicago was the sole skill set that earned him the esteemed title of Leader of the Free World.

Using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a road map, Barack Obama not only community organized, but taught others how to follow his lead.  Young Obama instructed students that to make a statement that would inspire change, they’d have to be well-practiced in the art of street-level confrontation, picketing, demonstrating, and all-out pandemonium.

He was very good at what he did. Saul Alinsky-style organizers were taught to be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions” which, ironically, is exactly what the world is witnessing as the Middle East is ablaze with street-level hatred.

For days the world has watched in growing horror as the fires of animosity have spread.  Yet for those wondering why Barack Obama isn’t addressing more firmly the upheaval in the Islamic world, a simple answer might be that one community organizer can’t very well criticize another community organizer’s style of community organizing, now can he?

Back in Chicago, Barack Obama encouraged the underprivileged to take action on their own behalf by reminding the already resentful of past injustices.   Wherever and whenever there’s strife, there is surely what Obama called “indigenous…charismatic leadership” nearby. There’s always a ringleader in the group – an individual or a team that possesses the ability to make something happen by getting “people to understand the source of their social or political problems.”  In this case the source of the turmoil is rooted in religious zealotry.

Either way, wherever street-level organizing takes place and regardless of the extent of the mayhem, motivating people to unrest to make a point is really nothing more than a mob leader organizing a group of angry thugs and goading them toward hostile confrontation. Sometimes the resulting action takes place in American cities like Chicago, but other times it erupts in unstable pockets in the world like the ones Barack Obama commiserated with in his book “Dreams From My Father” when he said:

[t]he desperation and disorder of the powerless: how it twists the lives of children on the streets of Jakarta or Nairobi in much the same way as it does the lives of children on Chicago’s South Side, how narrow the path is for them between humiliation and untrammeled fury, how easily they slip into violence and despair.

Barack Obama explained in a chapter he wrote for a 1990 book entitled After Alinsky: Community Organizing in Illinois that the work of a successful community organizer is to devise and map out solutions and strategies with the express goal of moving protesters to “action through campaigns that win concrete changes.”  In Chicago, broken streetlights were facilitators to discuss jobs, education and crime. In Cairo, poorly made videos and American infidels are the torches that ignited the flames of unrest in an already unstable situation.

Think about it — thousands of miles away from Chicago, people — angry, vicious people – under the banner of the late al Qaeda leader Osama ‘Alinsky’ Bin Laden are rallying together under the Islam black flag of “common self interest.”

In the Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, and even in Libya, the means to the end may be more violent and destructive than what went down on the Southside of Chicago, but it’s the same philosophy at work.  In Chicago, picketing opened the door to demanding stop signs be fixed and progressed from there.  In Benghazi, it started with burning American flags; an embassy was then destroyed and innocent lives were lost as ancient grievances were resurrected from the hot desert sand to make a statement against America, the Great Satan, and Isaac, Ishmael’s arch enemy, also known as the nation of Israel.

Whether residing in Chicago, Washington DC, or a remote compound in Pakistan, in their efforts to “make something happen,” community organizers have their own unique ways of applying conflict for change.

Although the gripes and tactics are more primitive, what is actually happening in the Islamic world is simply this: common people with a common agenda are coming together, in their own uniquely violent way, to address a common concern. In Obama’s Chicago, the goal was to whip up the community to a “fighting pitch” to address political and social justice. In this case, the goal is clearly to deliver “Death to America.”

Similar to Alinsky’s recommendations in his radical rules handbook, Middle Eastern protesters are merely exhibiting neighborhood empowerment in a culturally innovative way.  From a tactical point of view, any community organizer worth his salt would have to admit that the community-organizing stratagem Barack Obama so closely identifies with is what is now crudely on display in the Arab world.

Maybe that explains why the perpetually fundraising Barack Obama is hesitant to criticize the chaos; he recognizes that what’s going on thousands of miles from Chicago is an impressive show of “collective power,” where a community vision has moved our Muslim brothers and sisters to action.  It could be that our Community Organizer-in-Chief, who once praised people for “reshap[ing] their mutual values and expectations and rediscover[ing] the possibilities of acting collaboratively,” actually believes that throwing stones, ambushing diplomats, and burning American flags is just another kind of neighborhood effort to foster lasting change.

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