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Are ‘The Cubs of the Caliphate’ Headed for America’s Classrooms?

347Originally posted at American Thinker

President Obama defends the right of American women to abort their children and thus far has refused to denounce Planned Parenthood using “less crunchy” techniques to harvest baby body parts to help pay for Lamborghinis.  And yet, approximately 7,000 miles away, members of the Islamic State would rather not abort their sons and daughters.  No, instead ISIS chooses to raise up an army of lethal combatants its members refer to as “Cubs of the Caliphate.”

In a video recently released by ISIS’s media wing in Iraq entitled “The Cubs of Dijla,” young members of the caliphate army dressed in military fatigues recite verses from the Quran.  Boys as young as three years old look directly into the camera and issue fair warning to the Islamic state’s enemies that pint-sized death and destruction are headed their way.

One cherub-faced little one asks the question: “Where are the martyrs?  Where are the suicide attackers?”  Then the same lad, who should be playing soccer, not shooting rifles, before firing a gun that’s taller than he is, says, “Give me my weapon.”

While America disarms our military and our complacent president all but ignores five soldiers being gunned down by an terrorist here in the U.S., the approximately 10-minute propaganda clip released by ISIS features young cubs training with rifles and sitting in a classroom being indoctrinated with sharia law.

ISIS is shrewd, and undoubtedly determined to get suicide bombers into the U.S.  Therefore, in addition to learning AK-47 marksmanship, how to pack a sandwich-sized bomb into a Ninja Turtle backpack, and how to decapitate with a plastic picnic knife, there’s a good chance the cherubic cubs being trained in Syria and Iraq – who could easily double for Central American refugees – are also learning how to speak Spanish.

Talk about schooling!

Back home in America, besides implicitly supporting the abortion of children and the harvest of baby body parts, having his arm twisted for a whole week before finally lowering the flag at the White House in honor of the five soldiers murdered in a terrorist attack, ignoring illegal felons shooting bystanders in the back with stolen guns, and tweeting kudos to Caitlyn Jenner, Barack Obama is doubling down on throwing the door wide open for the young ISIS cubs depicted in the video to practice what they learn in school right here in America.

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, between October 2014 and March 2015, 15,647 unaccompanied children attempted to enter the country illegally.  Last summer, more than 30,000 unaccompanied children were processed out of federal facilities and into the United States to live with sponsors, many of whom are illegal, too.  Thousands of little angelic-looking boys and girls came to America as refugees, not all of whom were Spanish-speaking.

Many of these mini-migrants were then placed into classrooms with our children all around the nation.

All ISIS would have to do is transport an adorable Cub of Dijla to the U.S.-Mexican border.  Little Abisali can then cross over into the arms of an Islamic extremist sponsor who may or may not be legal, and with the help of the same administration that is fine with aborting 4,000 babies a day, Abisali will end up in a classroom sitting next to Dylan and Cheyenne.

Either that, or after learning how to speak Spanish, Abisali could just pretend to be a refugee named Guillermo from Guatemala.

Whichever – as the school year commences, besides worrying about the threat of Latin-American-imported Enterovirus D-68 paralyzing dozens and causing more fatalities, as chilling a thought as it might be, with the help of the Obama administration, American children could be getting a public-school education with a child soldier/aspiring suicide-bomber who is hell-bent on entering paradise a martyr.

Over in Dijla, Iraq, school-age children are being groomed to shoot, behead, and, as long as they take a few infidels with them, blow themselves up for Allah.  Meanwhile, here in America, our president is practically begging for ISIS to export their adorable Allah-obsessed kiddies.  And after these loveable little jihadis meander over the southern border into our classrooms, American youngsters who somehow managed to evade having their aborted livers sold by Planned Parenthood will now be at risk for schoolyard executions carried out by their new playmates.

So the next time Barack Obama uses the words “children” and “urgent humanitarian situation” in the same sentence, keep in mind that, among the hordes he’s beckoning over the border, there could be a few “Cubs of the Caliphate,” who, after beheading Syrian soldiers, managed to master Spanish.

Ebola is Making its Way Across the Open Border

ebola-virusOriginally posted at Truth be Told Media

America is debating whether or not incoming flights from Ebola-stricken West Africa should be halted. Yet the Southern Border remains open. The president’s philosophy must be to keep the doors open, which, when it comes to deterring an intruder, accomplishes absolutely nothing.

It’s already quite clear, although the CDC and the Obama administration refuse to admit it, that Enterovirus 68, a respiratory virus that requires some children be intubated and has already killed two small children and three adults, came over the border from Latin America.

We also know that our Border Patrol agents have contracted bacterial pneumonia, scabies, and TB from the thousands of unaccompanied minors, MS13 thugs, and other culturally diverse individuals that range from Chinese gang members to Islamic terrorists.

So the discussion continues as an administration that can’t seem to tie its own shoes attempts to reassure a skittish nation that they’re equipped to handle hemorrhagic Ebola.

Clearly the government is not only unequipped, it’s inept, ignorant, and playing with all our lives.

Now, despite the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issuing warnings for U.S. citizens to avoid travel to West African countries, and notwithstanding the fact that at every airport, all day every day, individuals with visas traveling to the US from West Africa continue to arrive, the news, although not surprising, has just gotten worse.

According to Chris Cabrera of the National Border Patrol Council, West African illegals are crossing the Southern Border, and “[n]ot too long ago [they] did catch some people… from Liberia.”

Seeing as wisdom is lacking, maybe some basic math skills are in order.

What we already know is that a person can be exposed to Ebola in West Africa. Then, thanks to our open borders, that same person has 7-21 days to make their way to the Southern Border of America. If that person happens to be in upper end of the 21-day limit and has no symptoms, they can mingle in stash houses with other immigrants without infecting them.

Individuals with Ebola bubbling up inside them will be processed by Border Agents, sent to a family somewhere in America, and a few days or weeks later may be found somewhere puking a hemorrhagic virus all over otherwise healthy people.

In fact, in 2013 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security reported that Border Patrol agents detained 112 illegal immigrants from Guinea, 231 from Liberia, and 145 from Sierra Leone. Those numbers add up to a potential 488 Thomas Eric Duncans running around hacking and spewing all over everyone and everything.

Speaking from a place of sanity, Cabrera expressed the opinion that “We need to be more pro-active about trying to prevent it from coming in as opposed to trying to contain it once it’s here.” Ya’ think?

CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden disagrees. Frieden feels that closing the border or stopping incoming flights from West Africa will make the situation worse by preventing medical workers from traveling to Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone and returning home. Why medical teams can’t be given exclusive clearance remains a mystery.

Nevertheless, apparently the administration’s view on the potential pandemic is that the virus can only be stopped at the source. In other words, arsonists are being allowed to set fires all over America, and all Barack Obama and the CDC are focused on matchbooks.

So besides being patted down, arriving visitors at airports are now having their temperature taken by the TSA, which, based on some of the more intrusive pat downs, is a scary thought. Meanwhile, our borders remain wide open and people who may be infected but have not yet presented with symptoms, are being waved right on through.

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