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Repaving Slave Street


Barack Obama recently said, “I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slave owners.” It was while on the campaign trail that Michelle Obama reconnected with relatives and became aware that on her father Fraser Robinson’s side her great-great-great grandparents toiled as slaves in mosquito infested rice fields in the low country of South Carolina.  Up until the Civil War, the Robinson’s lived on a plantation named Friendfield, whose most distinguished historical feature was a dusty, dirt road known as Slave Street.

On her maternal side a similar heritage recently emerged indicating that around 1850 a “negro girl Melvinia,” was bequeathed in a will as a possession of an elderly plantation owner. Melvinia, whose bloodline traces directly to Michelle Obama’s mother Marion, lived in Atlanta, Georgia as a free person and eventually gave birth to a son named Dolphus T. Shields fathered by an unknown white man.

If not for the dichotomy of the overbearing plantation-owner attitude both she and Barack Obama demonstrate–Michelle Obama’s inspiring roots would otherwise be compelling.  In spite of her heritage, it is apparent that neither she, nor the President desire an emancipated America, but rather envision a nation where free citizens become bondservants to the communal effort of a self-appointed taskmaster.

Obama’s approach toward government indicates that he identifies with the slave owners not with the slaves who reside in Michelle’s family tree. Obama should hearken to the words of Abraham Lincoln who poignantly expressed in an April 1859 letter, “…he who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Demanding unquestioning submission, Obama has set about using liberal principles laid as a horsewhip to the back of freedom.  Obama offers the false promise of free honey – beckoning Americans inside the gates of the plantation herding them into the field to work with the goal of collecting sweat to “redistribute” for the common good.

In an effort to retain power through, “leveling the social and economic playing field” Obama’s slave owner policy initiatives tether Americans to a ball and chain style of socialistic governance that is realized by enslaving those who would otherwise be free. The President’s utopian aspiration is on track to transform Americans into chattel trapped within a restrictive dependency, robbing us of God-given liberty, preventing the acquisition of property and thwarting individual pursuit of happiness.

Obama refuses to appreciate that the type of collectivist schema he campaigns for fosters a shadow of the slavery his wife’s ancestors struggled against. With the blood of slaves running through his beloved daughters veins one would think he would be cognizant of the legacy of ex-slaves who, by their staking out and acquiring wealth and personal property, paved the walkway for his family from Slave Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Michelle proudly lauds those in her family, “who out of slavery and emancipation…were smart and worked hard” and because of  “those American values, were able to lift themselves up and begin to set these little foundations that led to me.”  Which begs the question as to why both she and her husband continue to smother those same ideals and instead promote the type of burgeoning debt, which consigns all our children to a form of government imposed slavery? Or, why the Obama administration continues to move forward with plans to impose burdens and regulations that suppress the entrepreneurial spirit that was part of Michelle’s inheritance?

According to the First Lady, it makes sense to her that the patriarch in her lineage was an entrepreneur, who despite slavery, owned property and with “sheer effort and determination was able to build a life.” She then contradicts her own testimony by requiring American citizens “…give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”  One can’t help but wonder if Michelle would have supported Obama demanding her industrious ancestors relinquish their,  “piece of the pie,” so a select few could benefit at their expense?

Truth is if Barack were in charge it would have been hard for Fraser Robinson, and even harder for Michelle’s mulatto great-great-Grandfather, Dolphus Shields to accomplish what they did. By 1900 Dolphus owned his own home and by 1911 opened his own carpentry and tool sharpening business. Dolphus Shields threw off the bonds of slavery and immersed himself in free enterprise.  The benefits of liberty resulted in Dolphus acquiring the type of private property Obama targets and encumbers through the implementation of communalist policies his great-great granddaughter Michelle defends.

After what Michelle’s ancestors suffered how can Barack, with a clear conscience, endorse the reverse plantation mentality of meting out blood and tears in the form of “redistribution of wealth?” Doesn’t Obama know that just like a slave plantation, every faceless person on his socialist estate suffers–rich and poor alike? Nineteenth century political theorist Herbert Spencer once said that, “All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labors under coercion to satisfy another’s desires.”

Based on ancestral sensitivity the Obama’s should be the first to reject that form of slavery and any hint of plantation mentality.  Yet, entrenched in an ideological “main house” they have chosen to ignore the sea of field workers clamoring to retain freedom outside the door. Residing in the lap of luxury, wearing designer couture and rubbing elbows with billionaires Michelle and Barack claim to identify with the, “…scars of slavery that many African Americans still bear.”  But, rather than making them acutely perceptive to the predicament of lost freedom they manipulate family history as a resource to justify enslavement of some for the benefit of others and to substantiate taking millions captive to an aggressive Marxist philosophy.

As a man whose wife is a direct descendent of the legacy of slavery, condoning any human being to labor on an unforgiving socialistic plantation, makes Barack Obama guiltier of exploitation than the anonymous white slavers furtively residing in the darkest corners of Michelle’s family tree.  Barack Obama’s resolve to yoke Americans to an unconstitutional system puts him in the company of those the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln coined as a, “…small, odious and detested class, among you; and yet in politics, dictating the course of all of you, and are completely your masters.”


All Aboard the HR 3200 Cattle Car


Asking why Obama doesn’t know the details of the health care bill is like asking whether Hitler cared what color  cattle cars were painted.

Hitler didn’t concern himself with whether the cars were brown or red.  He cared less whether there was ample circulation of air, how many people could be stuffed into one compartment or whether there were sanitary accommodations for passengers.  His goal was getting the Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau and disposing of them promptly upon arrival.

Much like a cattle car the health care bill is the vehicle for Obama to transfer this nation to his own socialist concentration camp.   Obama doesn’t need to know the details of HR 3200 he just wants to be sure it’s capable of fulfilling the objective of pulling into the station.

People on board Obama’s cattle car will not be emaciated like Auschwitz prisoners; they’ll likely stand around, smiling and drinking Starbucks totally unaware of the purpose of the trip.  Yet, the concentration camp they’re headed for is where freedom will be promptly gassed and the Constitution burnt to ash in an on-site crematorium.

For Obama, the cattle car of HR 3200 has little to do with the health and well-being of Americans and everything to do with total domination of the citizenry, the systematic dismantling of freedom and the ushering in of a system that strips America of  liberty, the foundational identity of who we are as a people.

Supporters of Obama Deathscare clamor and grapple to board the cattle car, thinking they are headed toward  a utopian farms, where health care is free and life is beautiful. It would be best if Americans call to mind that Treblinka was not the “resettlement in the east” Polish Jews were told it was, but instead a cruel lure to a “Final Destination.”

Hitler’s trains served the pragmatic purpose of ferrying Jews to specified locations.  In the same way, the potential for universal health care has successfully situated Obama’s cattle cars on the tracks pointing toward toward the collective goal.  If the President of the United States is successful in moving those cattle cars forward it will undoubtedly serve the purpose of shuttling America, like freight, directly into the inner courtyard of a socialistic, political concentration camp designed expressly by Barack Obama.

Once inside the grounds dictatorial wrought iron gates will slam shut behind us hindering a way of escape.  Americans will then be forced to take a National ID number and issued a mandated pair of government approved striped pajamas with the Obama health care logo embroidered on the pocket.

As the world watches, America is on the precipice of too late learning that she is endangered of being enslaved within the confines a camp whose barbed wired borders restrict every freedom won for us with blood and treasure, and whose policies  reek with the stench of the incinerated corpse of Lady Liberty.

Red Flag Repercussions Circa 2019


The year is 2019 and a once great nation is now a distant memory. For those who witnessed the death of Lady Liberty, reminiscing only adds additional pain to an agonizing realization that her glory was forfeited when America refused to identify obvious red flags.

In 2008 a “historic” election transpired that plunged the United States into the darkest hour in human history.  Little did her citizens know, when they were ferried along on a wave of propaganda, that its result would encumber a free country with restrictions, taxes, regulations and limitations hurling a powerful, advanced civilization backward into a primal, repressive state.

A liberal, left wing media, an articulate, crafty president and a power hungry Congress and Senate used slogans and catchphrases to intrigue the youth of a nation and captivate an easily convinced electorate. Political correctness, the race card and environmental guilt pushed an entire nation headlong into an undertow that, once drawn under, was inescapable. Like sand through open fingers the people relinquished egalitarian power.  It was then gathered and fashioned into a moat protected fortress, which King Obama entrenched himself in and refused to evacuate.

As each month passed following the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, Americans refused to acknowledge obvious red flag caveats.  Gradually a socialistic, soft tyranny crept over the nation like a stupor anesthetizing the masses to the implication of their own apathy and inaction.

The result, negative impact on every aspect of American life.  Families suffer losses due to stringent health care policies; neighborhoods stand desolate due unbearable tax burdens. Parents point out obsolete paper money to children in museums.  And insupportable environmental policies snuff the life from disheartened inhabits who occupy streets, searching for solace in a world without comfort.

Over a decade, bit-by-bit, liberal policies were enacted while most Americans were otherwise occupied, disinterested or distracted. The nation was lulled to sleep, force-fed into a policy coma, while the president, Congress and Senate bankrupted the nation and enslaved citizens.

In 2009 politicians urgently persuaded Americans to accept government intervention as a remedy for fostered crises that they were convinced threatened their lives.  At that time, Americans were diligently laboring in a besieged economy. They were too busy to focus on the ramifications of policy initiatives being foisted upon them in the name of “change.” In down time, Americans escaped through reality television and surfing the Internet, repeatedly articulating they, “…were not into politics and their vote didn’t count!”

Liberal politicians seized the opportunity and intervened in bailouts and stimulus packages. As a result, America was ferried into a socialistic style of government before they realized what befell them. Barack Obama’s Marxist platoon of political power whores absorbed the means of production in auto, mortgage, banking, pharmaceuticals and ultimately health care.  They added “insult to injury,” by saddling the American people with a yoke of severe environmental policy.

In 2010, tax rates skyrocketed in order to cover the exorbitant cost of Obama’s government programs and budget.  Inflation from the printing of money and the national debt forced taxes to be raised to 85%, initiating a program where no one receives a paycheck.  Funds go directly to Washington DC and each family is given an equal portion of the common pot in order to further Obama’s Equality and Fairness Pay Code.

Green policies even require bedding be regulated; women are forced to collect rainwater in garbage cans to wash laundry on washboards to save water and energy.  Environmental policies demand eco-friendly appliances installed in every home along with  windows and solar panels on green-shingled roofs, which bury Americans under crippling debt.

Under oppressive financial burdens large portions of the working class have been regulated into public housing, where lights are out at 8:45 pm and communal toilets are programmed to flush once daily. Crowded, dirty, cramped, smelly and dangerous these shelters are overseen by armed Housing Czars.

Emission standards facilitate government to confiscate cars made before 2011, while regulating the number of vehicles on the road.  Since 2013, most people walk or slowly ride bicycles!  Running is fined and strictly forbidden because it causes elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere, due to increased respiration.

Paper money is outlawed and all citizens are tattooed with a bar-code in order to buy food at designated communal co-ops.  Food allocation incorporates government-approved dietary standards.  People with chronic health issues, smokers and addicts are placed in camps, are monitored and deprived of health care. Cameras are installed everywhere and if diabetics are caught partaking of prohibited food, they are denied insulin injections.   Fines for food infractions are calculated, when the limit is met, the result is denial of services, pharmaceuticals and sustenance.

Under the Government’s Right to Choose Act, families are allotted two children and are required licenses to conceive.  After the birth of a second child forced sterilization is promptly administered. Without exception, all unauthorized or at risk pregnancies end in compulsory abortion.  Gay married couples are given credits because of their inability to reproduce, which has encouraged many adolescents to accept and acclimate themselves in response to governmental reimbursements for homosexuals.

In an effort to provide health care to “useful eaters,” the government provides limited palliative care and unlimited end of life drugs in order to save money on the elderly.  Social Security and Medicare were eliminated in 2010 with the enactment of the Obama Healthcare Hygeian policy. 

Granny Goodbyes have become more popular than birthday parties and have become part of the national fabric of life.   At age sixty-five all Americans are required to retire to Conclusion Compounds where they are forbidden to leave the premises under threat of termination.

The First Amendment of the Constitution was edited in 2011, in order to quell talk radio.  After the Fairness Doctrine was enacted free speech was eliminated, the right to peacefully assemble was forbidden and the only religion permitted is the one that recognizes Obama as a type of mortal god who provides for the public need in accordance with government largesse.  Citizens caught with sentimental relics, crucifixes, Bibles, Mass cards, yarmulkes or participating in the environmentally unfriendly nerot are penalized, fined and imprisoned.

In 2013 citizens were forced to relinquish arms after the liberal judges on the Supreme Court amended the Constitution.  Obama Civilian Commandos, who are armed now heavily patrol streets and have permission to shoot whoever is deemed a threat to the common good.

In 2014 we were absorbed into a global organization, our military was dismantled and our nuclear arms surrendered to the international community.  In an effort to demonstrate our desire to be part of the Global Equalization Agenda Obama volunteered as the titular head of the colloquium of worldwide colleagues.

In 2016 the election was canceled and democracy officially ended in the United States of America.  Barack  took full control of the government with the large band of civilian revolutionaries who were trained in the hills of Montana four years prior to the overthrow.  At that time, Obama commiserated with dictators and put his approbation on similar constitutional crises and illegal elections, an ominous red flag that Americans should have recognized, but were too busy programming the iPHONE to notice.

So, in 2019 as Barack Obama rules and reigns from the throne room of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the memory of what our nation once was has dissipated under a cloud of wretched dogmatic tyranny.  The heavy hand of dictatorship has imprisoned an entire nation within a reformatory atmosphere of misery and hopelessness.

Oh, that we had paid attention when there was still hope for change.  Oh, that America had reacted appropriately when Obama was slowly running a “red flag” up the flag staff in place of Old Glory.

The Steamroller of Socialism: A Review of the First 60 Days


Coming to a bookstore near you sometime before May!

If you have any money left by May maybe you should purchase a copy so you know what to expect for the next  3 1/2 years.

Soetero’s Socialistic Slavery


He rode the train, he used the Bible and in order to accrue political respect shamelessly aligned his life’s journey with Abraham Lincoln’s. However, in the first few weeks of governing he certainly didn’t adhere to Lincoln’s ideology when it came to dealing with the economy, “You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn” (Abraham Lincoln 1861-65). Lincoln freed the slaves. Barack Obama is busily resurrecting the institution of slavery and is dead set on making indentured property out of us all.

While the burden of slavery was heavy upon our nation’s shoulders and the result was very nearly the destruction of a fragile Union a President rose to the challenge and conquered our national stain. Quite unlike the 16th President of our nation Barack Obama, in the first three weeks of his administration, has heaped upon our cowed shoulders a debt that can never be repaid. While Lincoln is the President who will be remembered as the one that “set the captives free,” Obama may well be remembered as one who enslaved a once free nation.

If Obama desires to alleviate our economic woes he should read and heed the words and tenants of Lincoln who said, “Property is the fruit of labor…property is desirable…is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently to build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built.” These words embody the antithesis of what Obama is endeavoring to establish in the new America he is forging by frenetically implementing policies with fabricated fairness as its focal point.

Obama’s audacious institution of 1.7 trillion dollars of debt, his stoking of class warfare, punishing success and rewarding lack of industry is contradictory to what Lincoln maintained? Our nation is slowly being transformed into a confederacy of citizens who refuse to recognize the injustice amongst us? By looting the property of those who worked for it, Obama is brazenly sending a message quite the contrary to the capitalistic ideology upheld by the one whose tattered Bible he proudly displayed on Inauguration Day.

Barack Obama embodies the liberal practice of imagery over integrity? The truth is he doesn’t really care to wear Lincoln’s size fourteen shoes. He portrays himself as being another Abe, when in fact the war that Lincoln fought was to free our nation from something very akin to what Obama is presently imposing.

Obama is on a mission to institute a social system, which embodies all of the characteristics that represented the greatest blemish of injustice in history. He is establishing a governmental system, that can easily be likened to slavery. Once free people are being bundled in a direction he has ordained, like a massive herd of human chattel. We are destined to be prisoners of the plantation laboring for crumbs and resting on a pile of hay, while toiling at the whim of the Master

American ingenuity and hard work once set us apart as individuals, but Obama is determined to turn us into a faceless sea of workers. His goal is that we become the property of the government living only to maintain the well being and desires of the enslavers of the freeman, the welfare state and Congressional and Senatorial plantation owners. We are being forced to lumber along in the heavy shackles of big government, national debt and high taxation all imposed upon us by those who were supposed to ensure our freedom.

We’ve spent from November 4th to January 20th on the high seas being transported aboard an Amistad of sorts. Disembarked we’re being sorted into groups, weighed and measured by salary, class status and sold into bondage accordingly. We are about to have our industry beaten out of us to learn that inbred determination and hard work will do nothing for personal prosperity as we’re destined to throw a harvest of cotton bolls into a massive ocean of debt.

I believe that if Barack Obama could distribute the 40 acres and a mule, which he probably feels is rightfully due his beleaguered people. He wouldn’t have a bit of trouble lessening the acreage allotment down to 15.6 acres by absorbing 39% of the reparation. In addition, he’d come up with a creative policy proposal, which would tax the beast of burden by the mile levying their personal property and reminding the liberated that government keeps us slaves even when we think we’re free.

Barack Obama considers himself a champion of civil rights someone whose own ancestors suffered the blight of slavery, yet he cannot see that he is a slaver himself. We’re not human beings to him, we have no identity. We’re all just potential producers, contributors to his national plantation collective. Abraham Lincoln understood the dynamic of slave and master and how it related to democracy, “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” Does Barack Obama want this nation to remain a democracy or is he striving to mold it into something else as he saunters around the national stage like the ultimate “Massa?”

Source Data: The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Edited by Roy P. Basler, 1858

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We’re Playing Checkers with Nation Wreckers?


Did you ever play a game of checkers? We all know it’s a game where you try to advance across a black and red board and in the process you try to either capture or block your opponent until they are prevented from further moves. Whoever is cornered loses. I don’t know about you but lately the political landscape has made me as an American citizen feel that the game has been usurped by a king who has everyone that was playing fair captured and blocked by stretching and changing the rules. In this game of checkers the ones who should be winning are losing and the losers seem to be winning.

Customarily, way back when in the olden days, people purchased a home only when they could afford one. They scrimped and saved for a down payment and proudly acquired property well within their budgetary means taking into consideration their ability to pay for the term loan that usually had a 30-year limit. In 2009 such a practice is considered by many to be revolutionary in its concept, antiquity on parade and obsolete because everything seems to be turned upside down. Somewhere along the line, having the means to procure personal property by some and not by others was considered “unfair.” In response to a falsely perceived inequity, elected social engineers in the Democratic Party decided that having the money to buy a house was “discriminatory” criterion. To right this undeserved wrong, millions of mortgages were granted, without restraint, to people who lenders were well aware could never pay them back. The chips on the checker board were beginning to be moved in the wrong direction.

This practice goes against everything we’ve been raised to believe is correct or even feasible in the America we grew up in. For baby boomers it would be like giving the trophy to the water boy on the sidelines of a one mile race and then disqualifying the fastest sprinter. For those who play fair it’s like raptly watching the annual Miss America pageant and when it’s time to crown the most talented and beautiful contestant, a bag lady is brought in off the street and awarded the tiara, prize money and the national honor. For those who don’t stash our checkers under the table, it’s as unthinkable as applying for a job that requires the PhD. we’ve worked hard to earn and then losing the position to an adolescent that slices bologna at the local deli.

What is going on in America today can be likened to Olympic fantasists who can’t swim flying to Beijing, jumping into the pool with Michael Phelps and then after being fished out by the lifeguards being awarded the gold medal while Mr. Phelps is sent packing empty-handed from the podium. Presently, we are having our “gold” confiscated from us by a throng of rabble rousers and their willing gang leaders.

It’s time to accept the fact that the new America we live in pilfers instead of promotes the “American Dream”. Our elected officials are the Washington wet blankets that look for fervent fires of ambition and ingenuity and throw their full weight on them to snuff them out. Our accomplishments are being stolen from us by government officials that believe punishment needs to be meted out to level the field and to preserve equity regardless of the fact that those being hauled off to the penitentiary are innocent of the crime. Someone has been handing out extra checkers and allowing illegal kings to be crowned making it impossible to compete fairly in a game we’re being forced to play.

The order from the top is that to put right an out-of-control economic mess, taxpayers are being constrained to contribute extra money to the pot in order to bail out freeloaders. All hard-working Americans are being required under the barrel of a government gun to empty their pockets into the collective coffers to right an economic wrong they had no part in creating.

The state of our nation is such that individualism, pluck and self reliance are no longer enviable traits to aspire to, but instead forced mutual collectivism, dependency and equitable redistribution is the goal of the day. Hey, Mr. Community Organizer, since when did compulsory governmental pick pocketing cultivate an affable community spirit of openhandedness and good-will?

What kind of message are we sending when you get yourself in trouble by being totally irresponsible and in response to your dilemma the kumbaya kin ship floats up to the pier and is mandated to bail you out? While at the same time, in order not to overload the vessel, the people who built it and navigated it are forced to walk the plank? In Obamerica those wise enough to remain on dry land are being herded aboard another sinking ship to assure that those who chose to go on a fated cruise do not die alone endorsing impartiality over sanity. Someone is definitely stealing the checkers.

It used to be that the left thought that “It took a village to raise a child” now community tasks have expanded to paying off other people’s mortgages, providing for stranger’s and illegal aliens health care and compensating for the negligent behavior of able-bodied adults. This type of legislated charity is nothing more than compulsory largesse, which is presently being advocated on the national stage as a societal value we should all strive for.

One word, nestled amid the eloquence of Barack Obama’s victory speech, lingered long after the cheers subsided. Sacrifice. It’s a word too long absent from the political discourse, one that speaks to the change that Obama claims his presidency will represent. We cannot fix our finances without it. We can’t address our foreign oil dependence without it. We can’t repair our broken health care system without it… Sacrifice, after all, is the prefix for change. (Houston Chronicle Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice STEFFY, Nov. 7, 2008)

So now buying a house you can’t afford becomes someone else’s duty to bear? This “prefix for change” mandates that I and the family I work to provide for have to now do with less in order to pay dues to cover a stranger’s sorry buttocks? Is this what equal allocation of funds, socialistic sacrifice and Papa-patriotism is all about in the Barry Brotherhood of Man? White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs even acknowledged that “there will be people that made bad decisions that in some ways will get help ” (AP, White House objects to ‘rant’ on its housing plan, Ben Feller, Feb 20-2009). Conscientious, hard working American’s, not responsible for messing up the housing market, are the ones being harshly fined and left with the vestiges of a tacky burst housing bubble stuck all over their faces.

The way the new system works is if you run out of gas while illegally drag racing, the government refueling truck is on the scene filled with tax payer blood money. You fail to pay the oil bill and your house is frosty, no problem the government oil truck, filled to the brim with tax payer currency is backing up and topping off your tank. You decide you want to go to Vegas for the weekend and gamble away your grocery budget and now you’re famished, not to worry the Uncle Sam Pea Pod delivery service is bringing a full month’s groceries and they are provided for you straight from the public pantry. If your utilities are shut off because you spent too much on a whim last month buying a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos? Not to worry, tax payer dollars are now the light switch that insures a parity beam will illuminate your dark dogged despair.

British philosopher Jeremy Bentham described the utilitarian goal as “…the greatest good for the greatest number.” With all due respect Mr. Bentham, “Is this regardless of at whose expense this is accomplished?”All this love and support is a way of proving America cares and we’re doing it with a warm, squishy monetary bear hug from us to them. So here we are in Obama’s new-fangled, malformed America where slothfulness is rewarded with a pay stub and contributing, hardworking citizens are legally burglarized by government gangsters. There is a chalkboard set up in the Oval Office where with dusty chalk and eraser the Controller-in-Chief divvies up the proletariat’s proceeds like a coach mapping out a football team’s game strategy.

The citizens of our nation are being treated like checkerboard chips being moved around in a game where someone else decides how everything in our lives is going to go wielding ultimate control over all of our destinies. In some instances it may seem like we have a few minor victories, but mostly we lose. The rules of the game are no longer being adhered to and we’re at the mercy of a king that has been granted unrestrained authority to move us any place on the board he decides we belong. So as this opposing team’s king captures us and boxes us in without freedom or options it is now our decision as to whether we want to be utterly defeated or get out of the game.

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Proletariats and Parasites

picturegallery02As Obama continues to push his social engineering project two weeks into his administration it is obvious for those who refused to put on, the “O” shaped, magenta colored glasses, to see what is really going on. What we are seeing is disturbing at best. As a master potter slaps the clay on a potter’s wheel, Obama is busy refurbishing a capitalistic culture into a socialist society. Barry is clever enough to try to form a vessel that looks like it did before its renovation, but the intended contents are unmistakably “socialistic” in nature. For most of us “socialism” is an ethereal term that doesn’t have much impact on our day as we’re pushing our shopping cart through Walmart or dropping off our dog to be spayed at the veterinarian. However, with a small amount of focus and clarification it would be easy to decipher the direction our feckless leader is planning on staking out.

An easy way to explain socialism is to clarify the two classes that make up the system, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The bourgeoisie is the smaller group that takes control of the means of production. In other words, they control those who produce the goods and services that drive our nation, you know like corporations, banks, car companies, pharmaceutical companies and eventually health care services? Those in control become the ruling or dominant class. This class appropriates for its own use the surplus produced by the rest of society and live in a manner far above the lifestyle of those who do the producing. It is a parasitical relationship where the underclass is the host. It is wise to be reminded that parasites augment their vigor by exploiting hosts for food, habitat and dispersal, which is what bourgeoisie do to the proletariat by exploiting and extracting their power, control and means.

For our purposes, this is the government and the politicians who sit in the seat of power. The government is presently bailing out institutions and establishing itself as the controlling administrator of businesses and corporations and in turn controlling the class of workers that keep those businesses going. Karl Marx stressed that the masses needed to produce the necessities of life before they could do anything else. Without necessities philosophy, politics, art and the like go out the window. He believed that the economic relations of life constitute the base of society and upon that based political, religious, legal, philosophical and artistic systems rest. Based on the panic that has gripped our nation it seems that for American’s fear of losing Itunes and the National Endowment for the Arts is enough to herd them into an economic system that promises the loss of greater freedom and personal individualism.

Presently, our economic system is in a slowdown, a recession. This downturn has transformed into a golden opportunity for those who want to dominate to portray this cyclic event to the public as a disaster of devastating proportion in order to jolt us into submission. In order to accomplish their end the promoters of socialism are using fear to force a capitalist nation to accept a socialistic plan based on warnings that forebode, “… that failure to act on an economic recovery package could plunge the nation into a long-lasting recession that might prove irreversible” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). As an unsteady nation grapples for a fixed surface to grab a hold of for stability, they are vulnerable to grasp what appears to be sturdy but is a marble tomb filled with rotting bones…sturdy but fetid. Caution should be used in choosing where to fasten our future and our fortunes.

The need for heightened vigilance is that the largest portion of citizenry affected by Obama’s bent will be who Marx referred to as the proletariat. The proletariat is the portion of society, which is forced to put their labor at the disposal of the possessing group, the bourgeoisie or ruling class. Marx used this term exploitation to refer to the process of surplus extraction. The very people that are looking for stability are the ones who will be mined for production and drained for the infusion of tax revenue to support those who collect and accumulate all surpluses. It is best to be mindful that although parasites weaken their hosts it is in the parasite’s best interest not to totally destroy them because it relies on the host’s body and body functions to live. Harmed but not obliterated, functioning only to provide for a parasitic upper class that quarries the masses for power, provision and supremacy.

This ideology is an attitude that is not only apparent in words but in actions too. The Master Potter continued to spin the clay on the spinning potter’s wheel today at a press conference, wetting it with fear and shaping a bowl that will hold the fruits of not his but our labor. Applying both exaggerations and hubris the Great Communicator highlighted a bleak picture that he underscored can only be rectified by the ruling class of which he is the head. “’This recession might linger for years. Our economy will lose 5 million more jobs. Unemployment will approach double digits. Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.’ He rejected the argument that more tax cuts are needed in the plan and that piecemeal measures would be sufficient…” (David Espo, AP Special Correspondent, Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away, Feb 5, 2009). Translation, the peons need us to save them and the way to save them is not to let them keep the fruits of their labor but to use their blood, sweat and tears to benefit a social structure where we ultimately benefit at their expense.

To prove my point about attitude, immediately following this dire warning, the Bourgeois-in-Chief was planning on heading to a luxury resort to meet with the rest of the ruling class of his party. After proudly capping corporate executive salaries, the President will head a Democratic retreat, “…that has burned through half a million dollars in taxpayer cash … at luxury resorts” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09). After underscoring the need for sacrifice, after restricting the earnings of bank executives, after proposing a karate chop to the back of the knees of our capitalistic economic structure and after warning the country of the possibility of irreversible economic damage,

Mr. Obama will head to Kingsmill Resort and Spa in the historical Virginia city…the resort boasts multiple championship golf courses, a full-service spa and six restaurants…Democrats will ride together to the resort on a chartered Amtrak train at a cost to taxpayers of about $70,000” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times, Obama now in combat mode, Feb 5/09).

All on the government dole, on the blood and function of the American taxpayer…while the country is quaking in fear from his repeated ominous warnings…that bread and soup lines are surely in our future, while people are saving the cardboard from their dry cleaning to line the inside of their old shoes, while mothers are preparing to sew clothes for their children out of old sheets, the taxpayers will foot the bill for the bourgeois’ to have security helicopters fly above their train on the way to a tony resort in Williamsburg to address our economic problems.

It is unfortunate and alarming that our only hope is that the studio workers that are firing the kiln where the Master Potter is busy crafting his vessel have enough insight to smash it before the Socialist-in-Chief has the time to fill it with rancid policies or that the air bubbles that his inexperience ensures in the clay will make his socialistic, Marxist creation blow up when it hits the heat!

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The Socialist Stoning We’ve All Been Waiting For

history_geromthumbslg4Large masses of class warfare groupies, who think those guys at the top are “making too much money” are cheering today that those wicked bank executives are finally going to be restricted from making large salaries. I’m sure many of them are hopeful that those immoral physicians are next in line to get knocked off their high salaried horses and know what it feels like down here to be a regular Joe. However, I wonder how deeply they have thought about how this situation might eventually impact their own lives?

“Fairness” and “class equality” have become the new buzz words of an Administration that believes that everyone should be meted out equal portions of provision, regardless of station or status. The Utopia of economic justice that lays ahead for all of us is long overdue. Why should some people make more money than others? Why should there be wealthy people at all? It’s just not “fair” and finally we have a President that promises hope and change, which will ultimately serve to even out the inequities that have plagued us as a malevolent, merciless nation for so long.

Bailing out troubled banks and then capping their pay serves them right for being selfish, greedy, upper class blue bloods that care only about their own bottom line. They’ve been voracious in their appetite for more-and-more, higher-and-higher salaries and that avarice has put them in a position of bankrupting themselves. It serves them right! In comes the Dudley Do-Right of economic salvation the United States Government, at the expense of the taxpayer, with a bail out that “saves” these irresponsible organizations and the fat-cats that run them from going under. What could be better then a government that saves the drowning banking system from disaster and, in turn, salvages the common citizen from catastrophic calamity?

There is a catch to all of this that the cheering proletariat’s seem to over look following on the heels of the bailout, which is the swift implementation of government regulation. When banks decided to take the bailout, they opened the door of control and Uncle Sam speedily placed his over sized spat over the door jamb, and once in, is preventing it from being closed. Desperate executives went to the government with hat- in-hand and the benevolent bestowal of bailout money filled their pots to the point that now they have no covering to protect themselves from the brow beating they are about to receive from the same assistance givers. That brow beating is about to come in the form of “…compensation reform as part of a package of stricter regulations on the financial industry… restrictions are a first step toward a larger effort to overhaul pay practices” (Earle, NY Post, 2-4-09).

No one would argue that the governments guiding principle is anything other than appropriate.  You take the money you are now compelled to follow a whole new set of rules. You join the club of government dependency and you have to follow their strategy and are then restricted by their margins. Think of it this way, the government has now become the new CEO of the companies it rescued and they get their bonuses from us, the American tax payer…fair enough!

It should be seriously well thought-out by us common folk that if government intervenes in our personal life, would they become the new nanny and we be converted into a dependent, submissive child? No climbing on the monkey bars– you might fall, no eating sweets before dinner, don’t run too fast, limited TV, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, a daily multivitamin and the proper type of friends. Would every decision we made for ourselves as an individual be relegated to the government for final say? For example, in the area of proposed universal health care, these same bureaucrats who have come down with the edict that bank CEO’s salaries are to be capped based on the government’s contribution of revenue to save their sorry asses, would they be deciding for us restrictions on our yearly health care allotment? If so, this is where “free” loses its meaning and personal costs skyrocket in the form of lives and well being.

If anyone believes that government funded health care would provide an unlimited amount of treatment, visits, drugs or procedures, if that nightmare scenario came to pass and it became a reality, these same people are in for a terrifying wake up call. The class warfare cheerleaders that are championing the capping of salaries on bad, bad bank CEO’s will be the first ones to be bewildered and flummoxed as to why their life-saving open heart surgery would not be covered and that Lipitor would be a more cost effective alternative to the price of a by-pass, which would add years to their lives.

The identical way that taking funds from government for bailouts, accepting the government’s benevolence in the area of health care assistance would carry with it the threat of restrictions, limitations and ceilings, only in this case lives are in jeopardy instead of an inflated yearly bonus package. What the boisterous crowd of proletariat, giving the thumbs down to the CEO’s, aren’t thinking through is that as elderly people themselves, they might one day be in the same arena as those CEO’s getting the thumbs down from a younger more thunderous crowd. It would make sense for the youth to feel that with limited money available for health care they would be more entitled to the funding, based on their ability to contribute to the “common good” or the perceived privilege to be granted more years based on their age. This is where Big Brother, being the Caesar, decides to rule for or against the aged crowd of “useless eaters”.

So as the gathering throng of unruly people encourages the stoning of the bank executives and welcome the government control that they believe is justified and long overdue, it would be wise to contemplate the future choices we make concerning how much power we want to relinquish to the federal government in our own lives. As we stamp our feet yelling, “Stone them, stone them” remember that sitting on the side line lies the potential for our own demise being spelled out in the sand by a system that says, “If you take from me I own and control you.” It would be prudent to consider that our loss of self-governance, in return for the perception of receiving something for nothing, may be the ruin we are encouraging for others brought headlong upon ourselves.

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Why Weren’t the Proletariats Invited to the Party They Paid For?

130071Does anyone recall the relentless, persistent flogging Sarah Palin received for a $150,000.00 wardrobe purchased for her to wear on the campaign trail by the Republican Party? Her intolerable extravagance is 0.009% the cost of Michelle and Barry’s bash next Tuesday and not a whimper of criticism from the left? Where is the New York Slimes, whose reporters were obsessively fixated on the price of Sarah’s Naughty Monkey Heels?

Life & Style image consultant Michael Sands said, “Sarah became Cinderella, and the fairy godmother was the Republican Party. If she had stayed in her own clothes…she would have had far more impact.” Conservative columnist Mona Charen made the point at that time the controversy was flaring, in National Review Online, that the Democrats weren’t exactly dressing down: Barack Obama’s suits go for $1500 and that Michele wears designer duds all the time (except when appearing on The View when she boasted of wearing an under $200 dress). Sarah who was bullied and bruised repeatedly assured the American public, “…at the end of the campaign, they’ll be donated to charity.” Who can forget Diane Sawyer’s disapproving eyebrow furrow when discussing Sarah’s Sergio Rossi, red pumps? My question is will Michelle be donating the clothes from the Inaugural to Prom Spot? When Bush had a barbecue for his Inauguration he was excoriated…why isn’t anyone questioning the sea scallops and the pheasant on the menu for next Tuesday’s post-swearing in luncheon?

What Mona and other conservative commentators obviously don’t understand is that as far as the left is concerned conservatives deserve to be dressed in penitentiary attire replete with vertical stripes eating offal and liberals deserve the best that money can buy. I am also interested to know why the money that those evil corporations are spending to have private Inaugural celebrations next Tuesday like the $40,000 donated by American Airlines to a January 19 ball sponsored by the Illinois State Society or that evil Chicago-based utility Exelon donating $80,000 to the Illinois ball and a separate gala for Pennsylvania power brokers is not being criticized in the least? To the left, this is evil corporate money well spent.

These hypocrites wouldn’t tolerate a political party investing $150,000.00, of their own money, on a wardrobe for their candidate. Moreover, they have no problem spending exorbitant amounts of cash on a one-day swanky “Aren’t I Wonderful Gala” without restraint or sensitivity to the needs of the gullible proletariat that got them elected in the first place. Those champions of fairness and even handed, unbiased journalism have no problem with a 160 million coming out party and are willing to spend any amount without limit to celebrate victory? The only problem is their victory party expense account contradicts the tenants they were elected upon. Wasn’t Barry the one who stoically instructed us that we’d all, “…have to sacrifice for the common good?” The price of his “I’ve Made History Party” gives new meaning to a word he loves so to freely toss around with wild abandon, “entitlement”.

Are we in the midst of the dire depression that Barry says we are? If so, then next Tuesday’s ego orgy can be likened to Michelle passing the bread line in their Heavily-Armored 2009 Cadillac Limo and when asked what should be done about the fact that the people have no bread replying, a la Marie-Antoinette, “Let (the peons) eat pastry”! Maybe she can toss little Inaugural cakes, to the swarming masses from the window of the vehicle to show she cares.

I’m sure the designer dress Michelle will wear to the Inaugural Ball will have a price tag that will rival the amount of Sarah’s full campaign, then expediently donated to charity, wardrobe. In Michelle’s case each and every one of those dazzling sequence represent an individual campaign dollar of people who might presently be in foreclosure. Get used to it people, less money in your pay check means a closet full of Jimmy Choo’s for Michelle. Don’t have a job, can’t pay your mortgage? No problem let the caviar & Courvoisier® Cognac, flow it’s party time at the top of the socialist social structure!

Now I have to clarify here, I wouldn’t care if Obama’s Inauguration cost 500 million dollars, I’m serious. I had no problem when Ronald and Nancy had their elegant event complete with Frank Sinatra crooning while they slow danced. Spend as much as you want. My temper is riled by out and out unbridled double standards and hypocrisy run amok. This is just another example of liberals doing something, which is categorically, disproportionately worse than what they spent the last year criticizing conservatives for, and they do it with unabashed personal aplomb and receive zero criticism from the same piranhas’ who criticized George W. Bush in 2005 for hosting a picnic during a war.

Four years ago, the Associated Press and others in the press suggested it was in poor taste for Republicans to spend $40 million on President Bush’s Inauguration. AP writer Will Lester calculated the impact that kind of money would have on armoring Humvees in Iraq, helping victims of the tsunami, or paying down the deficit. Lester thought the party should be canceled: “The questions have come from Bush supporters and opponents: Do we need to spend this money on what seems so extravagant?” Fast forward to 2009. (AP Slammed Bush’s ‘Extravagant’ Inaugural in ’05, But Now It’s Spend, Baby, Spend) http://newsbusters.org/ blogs/rich-noyes/ 2009/ 01/ 14/2009.

It would serve our new President well to set an example of the “…personal sacrifice” he is purporting we as a nation adopt as our mantra for the next four to eight years. He could begin by really making history and heeding the advice of Albert Einstein when he said, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means.” Barry could accomplish that goal by returning to the Inauguration Day policies of Presidents like Warren G. Harding. In 1921 Harding requested that the Inaugural committee do away with the elaborate ball and parade as well, in hopes of setting an example of thrift and simplicity. Subsequent Inaugurations followed this trend, with charity balls becoming the fashion for the Inaugurations of Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt now that would be a “Change” we could believe in but I trust won’t be realized.

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