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Bernie Sanders disagrees with Jesus

Originally posted at American Thinker

In the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, verse 18, Jesus tells the Pharisee Nicodemus, “Whoever believes in [the Son] is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”

Former presidential candidate and junior senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders doesn’t share Jesus’s point of view and is peeved because Russell T. Vought, Donald Trump’s nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), does.

In a 2016 article entitled “Wheaton College and the Preservation of Theological Clarity,” Vought expressed the opinion that the Christian college was justified in firing their first female African-American tenured professor, Larycia Hawkins, for sympathizing with Islam and for posing on Facebook dressed in a hijab.

In defense of Wheaton’s decision, Vought wrote that “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.”

At Vought’s Senate Budget Committee confirmation hearing, during introductory remarks, a visibly annoyed Sanders directed his comments toward the nominee while pontificating about “[t]his country, since its inception, [having] struggled, sometimes with great pain, to overcome discrimination of all forms.”  Sanders stressed, “We must not go backward.”

Sorry, but Bernie the Socialist is the last person who should be sermonizing about the inception of a nation whose foundational philosophies are diametrically opposed to everything he espouses.

Moreover, rather than refer to Article VI, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution as his guide, which says that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States,” Bernie chose instead to “overcome… all forms of discrimination” by verbally scourging a Christian.

For denying that God is government and that salvation comes from the state, Vought probably comes off to intolerant Sanders as a political heretic.  Meanwhile, despite the Quran (3:56) saying, “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter,” Bernie continues to support Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to head the DNC.

Sounding like Pontius Pilate interrogating Jesus, the liberal senator applied a religious litmus test to the president’s nominee by challenging Vought’s belief in basic Christian theology, asking:

I don’t know how many Muslims there are in America, I really don’t know, probably a couple million. Are you suggesting that all of those people stand condemned? What about Jews? Do they stand condemned too?

Sanders continued probing: “Do you believe that statement is Islamophobic?”  Vought replied, “Absolutely not, Senator.  I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith.”

Bernie is a millionaire socialist who publicly embraces sharing the wealth while privately practicing the religion of Marxism by vacationing in a $600,000 summer home.  That’s why Vought’s unwavering adherence to a “set of principles” is hard for Bernie to grasp.

In an attempt to defend his position, Vought said, “As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect, regardless of their religious beliefs.”

The irony here is that Vought was explaining his belief to a pro-abortion advocate who demands a standard from Vought on behalf of Muslims that the religion of liberalism denies the unborn.

However, based on Bernie’s boorishness, apparently, liberals are certified to be disrespectful toward anyone who disagrees with progressivism.  That authorization may be why Sanders felt comfortable interrupting Vought to say, “And do you think your statement that you put in that publication… do you think that’s respectful of other religions?”

Vought answered that he wrote the post as an alumnus of Wheaton College, which “has a statement of faith that speaks clearly with regard to the centrality of Jesus Christ in salvation.”

In response, Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) chimed in and laid bare the left’s hypocrisy concerning truth being relative when he admonished Bernie by saying: “I hope that we are not questioning the faith of others, and how they interpret their faith to themselves.”

Then, by chastising Vought for being a biblical purist, versus a vacillator like himself, Democrat senator from Maryland Chris Van Hollen exposed the schizophrenic left’s truth-being-relative hypocrisy even more.  The Maryland senator attested that “I’m a Christian, but part of being a Christian, in my view, is recognizing that there are lots of ways that people can pursue their God.”

If what Chris “in my view” Van Hollen says is true, then Vought’s interpretation of the Bible, regardless of how repugnant it is to Mr. Sanders, shouldn’t be a problem – should it?

On behalf of the senator, following the contentious hearing, a spokesperson delivered the following statement:

In a democratic society, founded on the principle of religious freedom, we can all disagree over issues, but racism and bigotry – condemning an entire group of people because of their faith – cannot be part of any public policy.

The nomination of a candidate like Vought, “who has expressed such strong Islamaphobic language,” the statement said, “is simply unacceptable.”

Suffice it to say that our nation’s founding principle of religious freedom did not equate tolerance with acceptance of things like atheism, Native American shamanism, paganism, or “Mahometanism.”  In fact, in 1779, George Washington delivered a speech that expressed to Delaware Indian chiefs his theological convictions:

You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are. Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention.

Therefore, if George Washington were running for deputy director of the OMB, Bernie Sanders would accuse him of being a phobic-racist-bigot and then say, “I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about.  I will vote no.”


New York City: The Big Apple or the Red Apple?

New York City

Originally posted at American Thinker

New York City’s Mayor de Blasio has been sworn in, and his remarks at the ceremony proved that he is unabashed in his affection for progressivism.  De Blasio vows to level the playing field, punish the rich, share the wealth, and further the progressive vision in the City That Never Sleeps.


Mr. de Blasio’s words even made “bedeviled” Bill Clinton feel comfortable enough to acknowledge his usually deeply disguised radical left-leaning ideology.  Speaking directly to Slick Willy, who attended with Hillary “Claw Her Way to the Top” Clinton, de Blasio said, “[O]ver 20 years ago, when a conservative philosophy seemed dominant, [Clinton] broke through — and told us to still believe in a place called Hope.” 


As for presidential hopeful Hillary, de Blasio thanked her for informing America that “It Takes a Village” to raise a child.  Things got so blatant, Department of Sanitation chaplain Reverend Fred Lucas, Jr. of the Brooklyn Community Church even went so far as to call the city that used to symbolize opportunity and success a “plantation.”


De Blasio thanked Andrew “Fewer Guns, More Abortion” Cuomo and former mayors “Nanny State” Bloomberg and David “High Crime and Taxes” Dinkins, the latter of whom de Blasio credits for being the reason he met his wife, self-avowed former lesbian Chirlane McCray, the first openly gay person to run Dinkins’S City Hall.


Mayor de Blasio thanked Chirlane and his two children, son Dante, who resembles Clarence Williams III from the Mod Squad, and daughter Chiara, who recently admitted to struggling with substance abuse.


De Blasio even thanked his family from Italy, a country where, before he was a fascist, Mussolini was a socialist like de Blasio and got the Italian people to accept a dictatorship by getting them to falsely believe that he got the trains to run on time.


From there, de Blasio sounded like Barack Obama, whipping up a crowd with socialistic drivel when he reminded his audience that New York City is a place where “big dreams are not a luxury reserved for a privileged few.”


De Blasio declared, “New York has faced fiscal collapse, a crime epidemic, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. But now, in our time, we face a different crisis — an inequality crisis.” 


What de Blasio forgot to mention is that the “inequality crisis” he hopes to rectify was created by all the wealthy liberals he just thanked for attending his swearing-in ceremony.


Nonetheless, in a time when terrorism and crime remain a threat to New York City, de Blasio feels that even if the city remains a rat-infested terrorist target, his priority is to “put an end to economic and social inequalities” that the smiling group of bobble-heads cheering him on helped advance.


The way Mr. de Blasio proposes to accomplish that goal is through a “new progressive direction.”  The mayor is so committed to “progressivism” that he mentioned the word six times.  He brought up “progressive direction … impulse … income tax … reform … vision.”  He even vowed to transform the five boroughs, Lord have mercy, into a more “progressive place.” 


After acknowledging and thanking communist sympathizer and keynote speaker Harry Belafonte, without a moment of hesitation, de Blasio mentioned “challeng[ing] the status quo” in a similar way to Progressive Era champions like Danish/American social reformer/photographer/journalist Jacob Riis and Hillary Clinton’s own psychic muse, first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, as well as Al Smith, Franklin Roosevelt, Frances Perkins, and Fiorello La Guardia.


According to the new mayor, those individuals, like himself, were on a mission to expose corporate greed and welcome immigrants, as well as “blaze a trail of progressive reform and political action” by “taking on the elite” and standing up for “social and economic justice!”


How exactly does Mr. de Blasio plan to rectify the current “inequality crisis” he feels plagues the city, because he did compare NYC with the evil horse-drawn carriage era of Charles Dickens’s French Revolution Tale of Two Cities.


Based on his promises, the de Blasio Revolution plans to expand the Paid Sick Leave Law; to “require big developers to build more affordable housing” (emphasis on require); expand community health centers in neighborhoods in need; and “to protect the dignity and rights of young men of color” by messing around with a highly successful crime deterrent called stop-and-frisk.


With the Clintons’ approval, de Blasio stressed that he didn’t want New Yorkers “to see our city … as the exclusive domain of the One Percen[t]” — the group the Clintons as well as many others on the dais have comfortably settled into.


Evidently, Mayor de Blasio thinks that bureaucratic pre-K and after-school programs are the only way to ensure that, like his daughter Chiara who struggled with marijuana and alcohol, “our kids get on the right path and stay there.”  That’s why, in order to accomplish that “common cause” goal, de Blasio will tax the wealthy and use those monies to finance an “It Takes a Village”-style “full-day universal pre-K and after-school programs for every middle school student.”


With Bill and Hillary nodding “yea” and “amen,” predictably de Blasio demeaned “far right … trickle-down economics [and] ‘[r]ugged individualism.'”  And despite Michael Bloomberg feeling the need to address obesity in New York City, de Blasio felt moved to quote Fiorello La Guardia, who said, “I, too, admire the ‘rugged individual,’ but no ‘rugged individual’ can survive in the midst of collective starvation.”


The new mayor outlined the basic tenet of redistribution of wealth when he asked his audience to “please remember: we do not ask more of the wealthy to punish success. We do it to create more success stories.”


Failing to explain who decides what is unequal or unjust or how his policy strengthens people, de Blasio stressed the notion of “[a] city that fights injustice and inequality — not just because it honors our values, but because it strengthens our people.”


In the wake of de Blasio’s swearing-in, it’s clear that newly minted Hizzoner has big plans to create his idea of a more equal, more progressive New York.  That means if the guy Bill and Hillary Clinton enthusiastically swore in has his way, the Big Apple is about to become the Red Apple.

Hollyweirdos Mourn the Death of a Dictator

BmMv5-300x199If the Venezuelans are looking for high-powered pallbearers to carry a tyrant to his final resting place, filmmakers Michael Moore and Oliver Stone and actor Sean ‘Harvey Milk’ Penn would probably be anxious to do the honors.

Moore, Stone, and Penn have made millions from the type of capitalistic box office competition ‘Dead Man Walking’ Hugo Chávez decried.  Yet, after hearing about Chávez’s passing, Oliver Stone’s reaction was “I mourn a great hero.”

Stone first met Chávez in December of 2007. Then in 2009, he defended the dictator in South of the Border, a documentary that explored political and social changes in South America.  The film was an attempt to portray Hugo Chávez as something other than the “strongman…buffoon…clown” that he was.

Hearing of Hugo’s demise, Oliver Stone, whose net worth is $50 million, said “I mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place. Hated by the entrenched classes, Hugo Chávez will live forever in history.”  Bidding adieu, the fact-challenged filmmaker added, “My friend, rest finally in a peace long earned.”

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It’s Time to Tow the SS ObamAmerica into Port

628x471-300x199Then, some 150 miles off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, there was a fire in the engine room and that’s when everything went south.  With no power to the engines and severely compromised water and plumbing systems, the Triumph drifted for five days as the fun-filled cruise to “Funville” turned into a sewage-filled trip to “Sewerville.”

With no running water, no toilet facilities, and a scarcity of edible provisions, the stench of human waste and rotting food sickened many of the passengers. After five days, the upper deck of the ocean liner looked more like ‘Occupy Triumph’ than a sunny Carnival cruise.  To escape the urine- and feces-soaked rooms and hallways, passengers left the ‘poop deck,’ built tents on the upper deck, and relieved themselves in red “poo-poo bags” which crew members dutifully collected.


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A ‘Bono’-fide Double Standard

Originally posted at BIG Government

The arrest of 30 angry anti-capitalists from Art Uncut, the group who busted up a U2 concert at Glastonbury 2011 while toting a huge balloon insisting “U Pay Your Tax 2,” indicates that people are fed up with being dictated to by socialist-minded do-gooders who talk the talk but, in their own lives, refuse to walk the walk.

The target of Uncut’s “Pay Up” ire is U2’s lead singer Bono, a man who entreats international governments to support global aid organizations, but who allegedly refuses to contribute his share of the taxes needed to fund the good works he supports.

With the help of rock stars and Hollywood collectivists, Marxist-minded politicians have hammered home the message that only by “sharing” can a person truly be caring.  Without realizing the ramifications of the share-the-wealth philosophy, those who’ve worked hard to portray capitalism as evil and promoted the merits of reordering the economic structure have managed to invite turmoil down upon their own heads.

Presently, the message to pay up is being directed towards anti-capitalists whose extravagant hypocrisy is being called into question by the very people they’ve indoctrinated.

It’s the same story everywhere: the little people have shame heaped upon their heads for not doing enough, giving enough, caring enough and above all not sharing enough.  In the name of fairness and good will, those with plenty have insisted that those with less take a smaller and smaller piece of the pie while the ones doing the asking sacrifice little or nothing.

Apparently, this is the case for a global activist and passionate defender of the downtrodden who lives in a country presently on the brink of bankruptcy – Paul David Hewson, lead singer and famous face of U2, better known as Bono.

While he’s bringing “Hope to Haiti,” someone should inform Bono that mother country Ireland “has already accepted an international bailout, is suffering through deep spending cuts, tax hikes and rising unemployment as it tries to pull the debt-burdened economy back from brink of bankruptcy.”

The question is: Why would one of country’s wealthiest citizens deprive his homeland of the millions in Euros that would assist Ireland’s struggling economy? How does one accept kudos for fighting poverty while avoiding paying taxes?  The answer is easy – for liberals it’s all about symbolism.

Collective do-gooders push government-enforced altruism on others while exempting themselves.  Many are legalists who, like tainted preachers, use the world as their pulpit and righteous causes as vestments.  Many are hypocrites who hammer the global congregation into submission by legislating a type of philanthropic morality they seldom live themselves.

It’s alleged that offstage, U2 band members spend time scurrying around trying to find ways to keep every penny of $720 million they’ve earned for themselves. Supposedly, to accomplish that goal, in 2006 U2 moved “much of its business affairs from Ireland to the Netherlands. That move came after the Irish government reduced tax breaks for income earned from ‘works of artistic merit.’”

Bono campaigning against poverty while seeking to find creative ways to pay less in taxes is not going over well with people who’ve been victimized by overbearing tax systems instituted to assist in creating the world vision Bono believes in.

The duplicity is stunning, because Bono co-founded a UK group called “One International.”   One does not solicit contributions from the public, but pressures people to call political leaders into account for their commitment to implementing anti-poverty policies.  The website includes touching stories called Living Proof, tales that celebrate “incredible progress being achieved by some of the world’s poorest people,” thanks to “governments’ backing.”

Could it be that Bono is unaware that fighting the fight against “extreme poverty,” which is a laudable goal by anyone’s standard, requires the contribution of tax money if government is the answer to the problem?

Yet, in all fairness, people like Bono are really victims themselves, placard carriers who thrive on having an image perceived to be a force for good. These famous people play music at ‘We are One’ Inaugural Concerts for presidents who believe in “spreading the wealth,” but when presented with the opportunity to contribute to the “oneness” they profess, they look for ways to protect private assets.

Truth is, Bono is more to be pitied than censured.  Without fully realizing it, the U2 front man is a soft-core sympathizer of Marxist philosophy.  At the top, people like Bono are viewed as “useful idiots,” public figures whose fame can be used to send musical messages that more sacrifice is required to usher in true social justice, so as to inflict guilt on the proletariat.

Art Uncut spokesman Steve Taylor, proud anti-capitalist proselyte and U2 protester, said “The money that’s nestling in U2’s bank account really should be helping to offset some of the pain that the Irish are experiencing at the moment,” a sentiment Mr. Hewson would probably applaud if Taylor were talking about a bank account that wasn’t his.

Despite hard times, the group U2 has no problem collecting £195 plus booking fees from 170,000 concertgoers to perform at the sold-out Glastonbury 2011 “extravaganza.” The concert includes sets by “Morrissey, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, [and] Beyonce” as well as others who likely believe social justice can be achieved by using other people’s money.

Luckily, at the concert “Rubber boots [were] the fashion item of choice after heavy rain turned the 364-hectare site into a mud bath.” The boots will definitely come in handy when the reapportion-the-wealth-for-thee-but- not-for-me muck and mire starts to pile up, as it surely will.

Nevertheless, we see that double standards continue to prevail in the world of do-gooders, as exemplified by Bono, a man whose “Mysterious Ways” include promulgating equality and social justice while living like a dedicated capitalist.  Bono asks governments to contribute to addressing world poverty, but looks to avoid taxes and turns out to be just another in a long line of well-meaning albeit hypocritical activists “Trying to Throw [their] Arms around the World,” but doing it with other people’s money.

Clown Bandits and Dictators

Originally posted at American Thinker

A full-time mother/part-time clown in Pennsylvania admitted she glued on a “red nose and a rainbow wig,” entered a bank in Easton, threatened that she had a bomb, and managed to make off with $7,000. The woman, who should be called the Bozo Bandit, apologized and used the excuse that a kidnapper abducted her children and made her dress up like a circus entertainer before committing the crime.

Full of remorse, the woman pleaded guilty to felony robbery.  Her defense attorney emphasized that at the time of the heist his client was simply “concerned for the safety of her two children,” a tale of woe that should garner some sympathy from the judge when Clownie is sentenced later this year.

The moral of the story: People who steal generally wear a disguise and always have an excuse when robbing one group, which they always claim is to benefit another.

Coincidentally, right around the time Clownie appeared in court to explain the circumstances behind threatening to blow up innocent people if the bank teller didn’t fill the bag with cash, another more extravagant heister was visiting a smooth bandit living in the White House.

For the record, dictator Ali Bongo Ondimba doesn’t wear oversized clown shoes or ride a unicycle, but he does wear a costume and has managed to “ruthlessly plunder billions of dollars” from Gabon.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, masquerades as a concerned leader while using political sleight-of-hand to pick the pockets of millions of Americans in an attempt to institute economic collectivism – sort of like a mother robbing a bank for the benefit of her children.

Even still, the lady in Pennsylvania and even Mr. Obama are greenhorns compared to the Bongo family, which has “ruled the impoverished African nation of Gabon with an iron fist for five decades and have used its oil riches to fund a life of outrageous luxury.”

And while Ali Bongo will likely be offered an elegant snack while visiting the White House, “one third of people” his regime oppresses “live on less than $2 a day” while “thousands starve to death each year or are forced to pick through garbage to find food.”

Which raises the question: Why is President Obama trying to “curry favor” with another dictator?  While contributing billions to Brazil’s oil exploration and yet still against drilling for oil here in America, according to some the US president agreed to meet with the leader of the “third-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa…to secure America’s fuel supplies” – which could be described as a sophisticated heist that makes Ali Bongo richer and oil-dependent Americans poorer.

Barack Obama has a unique style of executing hold-ups and has contributed to de-evolution of the American quality of life, albeit thus far to a lesser degree than Ali Bongo has in Gabon.  Which must be why the President seems to have no problem with a leader having “dozens of luxury homes in places like the French Riviera and a $120 million 14-bedroom townhouse in Paris,” while his people go hungry.

Moreover, it’s also possible that President Obama relates to Bongo having a wife who “balked at the idea of moving into a property that cost a mere $25 million,” after offering the following explanation: “I’ve tried to downsize, but it’s just not in my character.”

Hearkening back to the clown robber in Pennsylvania, it’s important to remember how robbers conjure up excuses when pilfering, and if theft can be justified in the mind of the rustler, then who’s to judge?

Jack Blum, a United Nations consultant and expert on offshore banking, said that the meeting with “Mr. Obama sends out the wrong message,” which explains the meeting.  With Mr. Obama’s track record that’s probably why he’s meeting with Bongo.

Blum maintains that “over the years the Bongos had siphoned off a quarter of Gabon’s GDP which has made them ‘incredibly rich.’” According to Mr. Blum, “there’s absolutely no shame …I would say that the people who are running the country are guilty of grand theft nation.”

Jack Blum obviously isn’t privy to the reasoning behind Ali Bongo devastating the Gabonese economy for his own benefit.  Although the circumstances are different, as evidenced by a lady dressed up like Clarabell, if a kidnapper is holding your children captive, robbery is justified.  Moreover, in the spirit of “Let’s Move,” if Bongo is at least using the monies to fill the garbage dumpsters in Gabon with healthier leftovers, or attempting to “share the wealth” in the form of an expanded food stamp program, robbery is also justifiable, with or without a clown get-up.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted Bongo has a “less than sterling record.” Does ‘less than sterling’ include stealing, dictatorial oppression, fostering nationwide poverty, and a life of outrageous luxury being flaunted in the face of the destitute?

Carney’s anemic censure might as well have been justifying a person robbing a bank wearing a clown nose.  Carney made the excuse that “The president of Gabon is making reform efforts, which we support” and that “Gabon has been an important partner in some of the issues that are very important to American national security.” Like what?  Plundering economies and selling nations down the river to their enemies? Leaving porous borders open to drugs and violent criminals? Instituting a soft tyranny and elevating an elitist class shod in expensive finery who jet-sets around the world on the tax dollars of hard-working people struggling to buy a gallon of gas?

Regardless of differing attire or varied technique, from the high halls of power to a petty crook escaping with a couple grand in a shopping cart, filchers are all the same.  Those who steal from others always conceal their true intent and when caught in the act make excuses for the crime.

Whether it’s Bozo terrifying bank tellers with a bomb or starving Gabonese diving into dumpsters while a dictator siphons off the proceeds of an oil-rich nation, or American citizens being subjected to a social experiment overseen by a burgling clown in a Hart Schaffner Marx suit, whoever they are and wherever they’re from, common thieves are all the same.

Strauss-Kahn Shares the Love

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

If there is one thing socialists can pride themselves on, no matter where they come from, it’s putting the best interests of workers first. That is why the alleged sexual assault of a hard-working unionized chambermaid perpetrated by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French Socialist Party bigwig and managing director of the International Monetary Fund, is probably just a huge misunderstanding.

This is a bad time for Strauss-Kahn to be involved in a sex scandal. The “French political world has been buzzing with speculation that the man popularly known as ‘DSK’ would bring a premature end to his tenure” at the “helm of the IMF in Washington,” and “throw his hat in the ring” to run against Sarkozy for the highest office in France.  “Some opinion polls suggest he would win,” which would remove France’s right-wing barrier and annoying political obstacle, the burqa-banning Nicolas Sarkozy, and be enhanced by the impending reelection of socialism-friendly Barack Obama.

That is why it seems improbable that leading global socialist Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who hails from a nation supposedly populated with the world’s greatest lovers, would chance doing anything other than spreading love around when he’s not working hard to liberalize international exchange rates or defending the rights of workers.

All one has to do is look at the French logo for the Socialist Party, which is a fist grasping a single rose – a universal symbol for expressing love – to see why a naked Dominique was pursuing a fleeing chambermaid.

The accusation is that the man of the people, staying at a $3,000-a-night suite in the Sofitel luxury hotel, emerged nude from his bathroom, startling a female hotel worker. At which point Strauss-Kahn, quite possibly with a single rose in hand, “chased her down a hallway” and pulled her into a bedroom, where the unwilling-to-‘share’ woman claimed that DSK, the best hope for returning France to socialism, then dragged her into the bathroom and “jump[ed] her.”

In the past, Strauss-Kahn, a thrice-married father of four and eternal lover at heart, “was briefly investigated over whether he had an improper relationship with a subordinate female employee. The IMF board found his actions ‘regrettable’ and said they ‘reflected a serious error of judgment.’”  DSK’s indiscretion did nothing to jeopardize his position at the IMF, his promising career in politics, or his aspiration to assume the role of France’s president.

Thus far, Dominique’s “reputation as a charmer of women has not hurt his career in France, where politicians’ private lives traditionally come under less scrutiny than in the United States.” The French media even dubbed Strauss-Kahn “the great seducer.”

Dominique’s seduction skills may have passed in Paris’ Hotel Meurice, but three years after a “serious error in judgment,” the ‘great seducer’ hit a wall in NYC when a 32 year-old hotel worker claimed she was forced to pull “away from” Strauss-Kahn as he attempted to sodomize her on the bathroom floor of a luxury suite.

The explanation may be a simple one. Maybe Dominique felt the chambermaid should be more willing to ‘share’ and was merely attempting to school her in how, for the ‘common good,’ sharing is done. Allegedly, when the obstinate hotel worker refused his advances, Mr. Strauss-Kahn employed a tried-and-true socialist tactic called “drag and force.”

Then, according to NYPD spokesman Paul Brown, Dominique hastily dressed and headed off “to JFK for a flight to Paris.”  Brown said “It looked like he got out of there in a hurry,” because “he left his cell phone and other personal items in the room,” which again may have been an innocent attempt to avail himself of another opportunity to “share the wealth.”

Dominique, a recipient of “an arrangement with Air France that allows him to get on any flight and sit in first class,” when approached by Port Authority cops on the plane asked, “What is this about?”

Strauss-Kahn found out what it was about after being arrested for “sodomizing [the] Manhattan hotel maid,” and then spent time in the NYPD “Special Victim’s Unit’s uptown squad room.” At least the socialist was among PBA workers – one segment of the American working class whose best interest, much like hotel workers, Strauss-Kahn has proven to always have in mind.

While Dominique Strauss-Kahn awaited “arraignment on charges of a criminal sex act, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment,” the alleged victim, still unaware that the French politician took what he wanted for her own good, was being “treated for trauma” at NYC’s Roosevelt Hospital.

Dominique’s “thunderbolt” arrest came hours after a “Socialist Party ally of Strauss-Kahn accused Sarkozy of kicking off a smear campaign against his longtime rival – focusing on his lavish lifestyle, including his preference for suits from the same tailor favored” by Barack Obama.

Jean-Marie Le Guen, socialist politician and “DSK” ally, accused Sarkozy, who was nowhere in the vicinity of the Sofitel Hotel, let alone New York City, of a “totally structured and orchestrated campaign, …to attack the character of Strauss-Kahn.”  If Dominique was “trapped,” as reported by independent news source Huliq, it’s an impressive “right-wing conspiracy” on Sarkozy’s part since DNA evidence linking Strauss-Kahn to the incident has already been discovered.

Nevertheless, union workers, subordinate employees, and hotel chambermaids worldwide – with the exception of the one from the Sofitel – are probably of the belief that a man so dedicated to the ideal of equality and workers’ rights could never be guilty of such oppressive behavior.

In due time it will likely be proven that what happened was an ungrateful hotel worker selfishly refused to share her resources with a passionate member of society.   Instead of sharing, the chambermaid chose to retain her personal “wealth” rather than “consider the needs” of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who, red rose in hand, was then obliged to respond by lawfully exercising the socialist right to forcibly “seize” the woman’s assets.

Uncooperative Captives

Thousands of years ago Moses was commissioned by God to return to Egypt to free the Jews from servitude to a cruel and oppressive Pharaoh.  God’s people were living under a tyrannical system from the time of Joseph, slaves to a relentless Master who gave the children of Abraham little in return for toil and tears.

Yahweh felt it was time to ask Moses to follow specific instructions, return to the land where Moses was raised, and demand the release of God’s people.

“So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.” (Exodus 3:10).

Moses obeyed God and demanded Pharaoh set the Israelites free. Laughing at the request, Ramses exercised authority and instead increased the burden of labor upon Egypt’s Israelite slaves. A similar state of affairs is presently occurring in the birthplace of democracy, which is now home to Grecian “debt financed socialism.”

The nation of Greece for years has been toiling under the cruel taskmaster of socialism.  The type of servitude Greeks are subjected to, although different than making bricks without straw, is slavery all the same. Socialism is a type of Egypt; the only difference is Prime Minister Papandreou doesn’t wear a khepresh.

Like slaves, the Greek people labor under a controlling system that doles out sustenance in the form of health care, pensions and early retirement.  Greeks are sustained for usefulness in a governmental system where Pharaoh-like leaders are in charge. Workers’ wages are evenly distributed and tax dollars squandered on a “bloated state sector and its employees.”

Like Moses delivering the Jews, the crisis in Greece could have ushered in deliverance.  Like a Mosaic admonition issued to a “lifestyle superpower,” if bankrupt Greece heeded the call and rejected failed socialism the Greek people, though hesitant, could be free.

Amazingly, as the Greek economy collapsed, instead of slaves running toward the desert they took to the streets and rioted to retain the right to eat gruel, retire at fifty-three and take a nap in the middle of the workday.

Socialist serfdom is a lifestyle many Greek people have come to cherish.  Bondage to handouts is all they know. Seems Greeks, like Egypt’s slaves, enjoy the life of indentured servitude in return for “pots filled with meat” and the promise of all the “bread they want.”  Now the Greek people view pension reform, spending cuts and “harsh austerity measures” on par with being “brought into the wilderness to starve to death.”

Oftentimes, slave vision is obscured from the concept of freedom.  Affection develops between slaves and socialistic oligarchies because bondservants, who make collectives thrive, fail to recognize entitlement culture as bondage.  With that in mind, it wasn’t the Israelites Moses addressed directly with warnings of impending doom. Moses issued edicts to Ramses to “Let the people go,” or suffer the consequences.

Presently, disaster has descended on Greece because of addiction to “generous vacations, early retirement, national health care and extensive welfare benefits.” Instead of fleeing Egypt, slaves fight to remain in a state of thralldom by begging to pull boulders to the top of a bureaucratic pyramid the Pharaoh insists on building, while being crushed by bankruptcy.

In addition, though engulfed in financial collapse, Prime Minister George Papandreou of the Panhellenic Socialist Party is not about to set the captives free.  Standing amidst a cloud of tear gas Greece’s socialist, Prius-driving, Prime Minister envisions “Greece [becoming] the Sweden of the Mediterranean – powered by green energy and boutique tourism –and says it is possible to have both a generous welfare system and a competitive economy.”

Meanwhile, Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt claims socialism has driven Sweden into “rescue mode.”

Nevertheless Georges Papandreou, in an effort to contain “unrestrained spending,” raised legal retirement age by a couple of years from 53 to 55, froze public sector pay, canceled end-of-year bonuses for public employees and reduced pensions by 14%.

Papandreou answered the crisis by spending money on minor pyramids instead of doing away with socialism and instituting a free market system.

Interestingly, “Ancient Egypt is considered by some to have been the most heavily taxed nation and to have collapsed under the weight of the levies imposed on the populace,” which brings us to Greek taxes.

Tax evasion, according to a UK Telegraph article entitled “Analyzing the Real Greek Failure,” is “endemic among Greece’s wealthy middle classes,” so Georges Papandreou went after tax evaders.

Still, fully committed to socialism, the Premier “raised the VAT tax from 21 to 23% and taxes on fuel, tobacco, alcohol and property.”  In other words, Pharaoh Papandreou refused to free the captives and, instead, increased the burden on the slaves who continue to demand more at no cost and who refuse to look elsewhere for the Promised Land.

For the Egyptians the first plague was one that brought blood. Water turned into blood when Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go the first time.  Likewise, when Greeks rioted to stay in their own little Egypt, blood visited the Hellas peninsula. Greece’s “water” was pumped from a working class who, rather than viewing the collapse of the system as deliverance, reacted to pension reform with a “national tantrum.”

Thus, the plague of bloodshed and loss of life visited the streets of Athens as crowds rioted, demanding the continuance of government provision.

A protester hurled a Molotov cocktail into the first floor of the faded yellow, three-storey structure. As the fire spread, some bank employees escaped outside while others fled upstairs… three people were found inside dead of asphyxiation.  Among them: a woman who was three months pregnant.

Greeks went to what was perceived a bottomless well to draw forth government-financed welfare and instead of limitless water, found blood.  Then, rather than willingly fleeing the system when given the chance, helots yoked with buckets of waste pledged continued allegiance to a European Ramses.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, Thus says the Lord, Let My people go, that they may serve Me. But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite your whole territory with frogs.” (Exodus 8:2-4).

Greek officials say a horde of frogs forced the closure of a key northern highway for two hours…millions of amphibians covered the tarmac … near the town of Langadas, some 12 miles east of Thessaloniki. There was a carpet of frogs [that] left a nearby lake to look for food.

Therefore, as it was in Egypt, so it appears to be happening in Greece. Hopefully before the next eight plagues follow up blood and frogs, slaves will come to understand the difference between wanting freedom and wanting more for free; and how the collapse of socialism takes away nothing but, instead, provides deliverance from captivity to an entitlement system that can never be sustained.

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Traveling is a human right? – American Thinker Blog – April 20, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Just when New Zealand seemed like the place to move, with the centre-right government, “considering cutting income tax rates,” and all, and the European Union comes out with a proposal that makes it hard to chose where expatriates should go when fleeing the US.

Americans used to think that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness encompassed the basis for human rights and now the European Union confuses the issue by declaring, “traveling a human right.”  That’s right, we can now add traveling to the list directly behind the right to universal health care.

The EU is so dedicated to insuring the right to traveling that they are “launching a scheme to subsidize vacations with taxpayers’ dollars for those too poor to afford their own trips.”  Do they fund haircuts in Europe too, because everyone needs a haircut now and again?  Call it the right to good grooming.

The Times of London reports Antonio Tajani, the European Union commissioner for enterprise and industry, “proposed a strategy” that if the right to vacation program becomes universal, it could cost EU taxpayers as much as half a billion dollars a year.  Mere pittance when measured against subsidizing tours to Madrid.

America too is descending further and further into European style socialism, while Barack and his band of belligerent reformers promote a new bill of rights right here at home. Obama’s “halves and halves not” bill includes homes, free education, health care and support of 50% of the population by the other 50%.  What’s to stop vacations from being added to the “rights” list?

The European Union commissioner claims that, “Traveling for tourism today is a right. The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life.” Sort of like Obama believing being denied the right to health care affects America’s quality of life.

The EU commissioner for enterprise and industry has yet to decide, “Just who gets to enjoy the travel package.” It is likely EU taxpayers would be forced to foot, “some of the vacation bill for seniors, youths between the ages of 18 and 25, disabled people, and families facing “difficult social, financial or personal” circumstances.” One additional person will be subsidized for each single disabled or elderly traveler because human rights advocates know that free vacations include the right to travel with a friend.

In the EU where income taxes combined with VAT can siphon off upwards of 70% of personal income, what’s an additional tax burden to ensure travel funds for the underprivileged?  Especially, if hard earned money is going to the morally righteous cost of cultural appreciation tours for overworked youth, elderly hangers on and the trek-bound disabled.

What’s wrong with paying people to go on vacation?  Steal from one group all year long and then provide the indigent with a treat–a subsidized Hawaiian shirt, carry on luggage and a weeklong cheap holiday.  That’s change, even Barack Obama and globetrotting Michelle can believe in, right behind energy efficient vehicles, healthy food and the right to affordable housing.

European Union commissioner Mr. Tajani has one specific goal, which is to ensure the “right to be tourists,” remains integral to the proposal. According to Tajani, “right to travel” will be a pilot program until 2013, and then fully launched.

Perfect!  Because if the right to gratis holidays has not been passed into law in the US by the 2012 election, insolvent Americans can always move to socialist Europe, which by then will be a familiar home away from home, and in the process, maybe even get a free vacation.

That’s what I’m talking about…

“Hey Barry, Leggo of my Eggo”


I have to first say, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I was born and raised in the United States.  In all of my 55-years I cannot remember one occasion where I’ve gone to fill a prescription and  then been told  there was a shortage of any drug.  I  recently had that experience, while attempting to fill a prescription for the antibiotic, Cipro.  I was somewhat taken a back when alerted to the fact that it would be months before Cipro was available again, a troublesome situation for a woman with a raging bladder infection.

Then hubby Jerry went to the doctor expecting to receive the routine yearly “seasonal” flu shot he has gotten for the last 30 years.  Much to his surprise he was promptly informed that there were no seasonal flu shots.  When he asked when he could get the shot? He was alerted to the fact that there weren’t any around and it was unlikely there would be any available for the rest of the season.  A hard spot to be in as Tamiflu shortages makes India (a third world country) a potential source for an alternate type of flu medication.  Hoping to find an alternate source, I typed our zip code into a www.flu.gov location finder and came up with only one location administering flu vaccines and it was in a health clinic somewhere in the inner recesses of Springfield Gardens, Queens.  My husband would have a better chance of surviving the flu than he would if he ventured into Springfield Gardens.

Then of course you have the first government controlled foray into health care administration and preparedness in the form of H1N1 vaccines.  Promising 80-120 million doses by flu season it is now November and to date the government has overseen the production of approximately 16.5 million vaccines.  To date, we’ve seen 13% percent of the promised inventory, which means we’re 87% behind on the delivery of promised dosages.  To put things in perspective, we’re still 119,999,994 doses short of the 120 million and we have 400 million people to vaccinate.

Something is afoot here – in Communist countries past and present it’s a well known fact that shortages prevail in everything from consumer goods, drugs, light bulbs to food.  The only thing there is never a lack of is Stolichnaya® Vodka to quell the pain.   Way back in 2001 an article regarding the formerly communist Poland in the European Banker said that “There remains a pent-up demand for almost everything after 45 years of state socialism when shortages were endemic, there were no choices in domestically produced consumer goods, imports were limited, and political controls rationed who could buy cars and who could get flats and telephones.”

My question is why are shortages making their way to America?  What is fostering this situation?  In less than a week I’ve run smack into four unrelated instances in a country I’ve lived in for more than half a century and never experienced a shortage before.

Now last night, out of the corner of my ear,  I hear that Eggo Waffles are in demand because of nationwide shortages.  The Kellogg Company is blaming the projected month’s long scarcity on flooding in a plant in Tennessee causing an Eggo Waffle dilemma until the middle of next year.  I don’t buy it…I don’t mean the waffles, I mean the excuse – since when does a flood stop the top cereal manufacturer in the nation from being able to find a way around a flooding problem in a single factory?

A Jan. 13, 2003, report in Newsweek on Stalinist North Korea says, “Food shortages there were so bad that “more than 2,000,000 people died of starvation over the last decade.” We’re far from being relegated to bread lines and no one has starved to death yet, but I find it curious that in one week I’ve happened upon 4 specific deficiencies just going through every day life–in a nation that lacks for nothing in ingenuity or ability to produce.

An article in Newsweek dated Jan. 8, 2001, said that “In Eastern Europe, the fall of communism unleashed political freedoms, open markets and a bright array of consumer goods.”   Now, in America creeping socialism is having the opposite effect — less freedom, more government control and now suddenly we’re being confronted with drug and food shortages?

One is forced to contemplate government induced controls as a way to foster dependency and cultivate panicked need in people.  A crisis trial balloon is sent up to see public reaction to waiting, which instigates a frenzied response when the product is made available.  The result equals control of the masses through medicine and food. Wait until Eggo releases its first batch of waffles after a six-month famine, people will rip them frozen from the box in the grocery store, glomming them downlike famished children from Biafra!  Same with H1N1, if you were considering skipping the government recommended shot… a shortage may convince you that you might as well get it while you can just in case you change your mind and there’s none available.

pixAs for seasonal flu shots –  that’s a double edged sword, the group the most in jeopardy of suffering from flu ravages are the elderly, which works to the government’s benefit as they contemplate budgetary concerns having to do with health care reform.   And for those hoarding Cipro – you may  well survive your first Anthrax attack, but be aware, the next one might be very, very  iffy.

H1N1 aside, the government may have nothing to do with any of this and the shortages are more likely caused by complicated manufacturing and inventory issues.  However, it’s a good preview of what lies ahead for our nation if Obama gets his way and socializes both the means of production and the health care industry.  Until then, my message is to the one aspiring to control every aspect of American society including medicine and food, “Hey Barry, I’m on to you — Leggo of my Eggo!”

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