SOTU Update: Who Will Sit With Michelle in the Magic Sky Box?

Originally posted at The Blacksphere Tonight at the SOTU Jason Collins, the openly gay professional basketball player representing the LGBT community, will be out of the closet but in the Sky Box with FLOTUS. When Obama says over and over “regardless of who you love,” liberals on the floor can …

Sean Hannity Is Headed to the SOTU

Originally posted at The Blacksphere The State of the Union is going to be great! Here’s why: Sean Hannity will be the guest of another vocal critic of the President, Texas Representative Louie Gohmert. Besides the sheer gloriousness of Sean Hannity being among the live spectators, what will really be …

Teaching Rapists Not to Rape

Nonetheless, what Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell seemed to be inferring was that, rather than train women to responsibly handle firearms as a means of personal protection, it would be preferable to “train” potential rapists, at least when it comes to women, to choose a kinder, gentler life path.

Partisan Heartbreaker Tom the Petty

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood In an effort to further promote the message of love, peace and the type of compassion intrinsic to all dedicated liberals, Alec Baldwin, a paunchy comedian with anger issues, called attention to what he feels is Michele Bachmann’s inability to articulate by inarticulately spewing obscenities …

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