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SOTU Update: Who Will Sit With Michelle in the Magic Sky Box?

Sky Box

Buy Voltaren Gel Over The Counter Originally posted at The Blacksphere

http://lawrencelussier.com/?geto=Cialis-Online-Pharmacy-Us&dc1=88 Tonight at the SOTU Jason Collins, the openly gay professional basketball player representing the LGBT community, will be out of the closet but in the Sky Box with FLOTUS.

| FREE SHIPPING 🔥 |. Find Latest Medication For This pill Now! ☀☀☀ click ☀☀☀,buy online without a doctor is prescription.. Buy Now » When Obama says over and over “regardless of who you love,” liberals on the floor can look up at Jason when they cheer.

Compare the best online pharmacies to buy http://gaberl.at/index.php/de/?new=Buy-Lexapro-Canada. Order Best Place To Buy Viagra Online 2013 online with huge discount. Also in a SOTU Special People SkyBox seat of honor will be survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, Gary Bird, a fire chief from Moore, Oklahoma, which was hit by a tornado last year.   Also on hand will  be young Joey Hudy, a 16-year-old entrepreneur and intern at Intel, whose parents are definitely Obama supporters, as well as, on behalf of teacher’s unions, District of Columbia Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Kathy Hollowell-Makle.

see Representing the glass ceiling shatterers, waving from the balcony like Marie Antoinette’s handmaiden will be GM CEO Mary Barra. Mary will sit right beside Marie…I mean Michelle Obama, and if we’re lucky we may even see Ms. Barra adjust Mrs. Obama’s tiara and train.

http://lanzinibodyworks.com/?alope=Live-Pharmacy-247-Levitra where can i buy prevacid in canada abbott prevacid canada prevacid solutab canada the boardmay either review the case itself or It’s unclear whether, as part of the proceedings,  there will be a same-sex wedding or whether Beyonce and Jay-Z will be sharing some steamy skin.

Order Valtrex Online | Buy Discounted Medicines here; Can you buy valtrex over the counter in canada Either way, what would be fun is if, up there in the ‘SOTU Special People SkyBox,’ there were individuals that could ensure that Barack Obama would be so anxious  to get out of there he would only punish America for a short amount of time.

get link Right now, we already know Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is coming as a guest of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, and conservative talk show host Sean Hannity will be sitting with Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.

While Willie and Sean should get Barry stuttering a bit and could help speed up the torture, wouldn’t it be fun if, in full camouflage regalia, Phil Robertson showed up on behalf of traditional marriage?

Buy valtrex canada generic albuterol hfa can you buy valtrex over the counter in canada levitra vardenafil rezeptfrei watch Or how about that blonde Danish chick that took a selfie with Barry at Mandela’s funeral? Barack Obama would likely be in agreement that the fetching Helle Thorning-Schmidt could certainly represent Apple technology.

Rush Limbaugh, Principal of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies could be there on behalf of education.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates could receive a  standing ovation on behalf of truth.

And, last but not least, the Tea Party Three:  Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rand Paul (R-KY) could give a shout-out for freedom!

Here’s to a rousing SOTU toast! Skål!


Sean Hannity Is Headed to the SOTU

Sean Hannity

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

The State of the Union is going to be great! Here’s why: Sean Hannity will be the guest of another vocal critic of the President, Texas Representative Louie Gohmert.

Besides the sheer gloriousness of Sean Hannity being among the live spectators, what will really be entertaining is to see how Sean’s presence rattles Barack Obama.

Let’s face it…the star of the State of the Union address is such a narcissist that having Sean Hannity anywhere within 10 miles of the Capitol will drive him absolutely nuts. Don’t be surprised if the vindictive brat instructs the Secret Service to find a reason, any reason, to escort Hannity off the premises and forbid him from entering the House Chambers.

One thing’s for sure – if Sean does manage to get inside and Barry spots him in the crowd, the Teleprompter man will not be able to control the snide remarks. It’s almost guaranteed the “Caricature” will reference hateful talk radio hosts, people who divide rather than unite, and mention those  responsible for his failures because they spew vitriol over the airwaves day after day.

The only thing better than Sean staring down the president at the State of the Union address would be to have Rush Limbaugh park himself front and center and blow cigar rings skyward as the Prevaricator spends the hour prevaricating.

Obama has already mentioned Sean Hannity publicly, so it’s clear the conservative radio talk show host/Fox News TV star irritates the big baby.

Just for fun, maybe Sean can elbow notorious “aisle hog” Shelia Jackson Lee out of the way as the Sergeant at Arms yells, “Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States,” and lean in for a face-to-face handshake as Obama works his way to the podium.

Either way, for personal protection, Hannity should at least coordinate a small section of likeminded people.

For instance, Sean should sit in between Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Representative Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson of South Carolina. Hopefully he’ll be able to convince those two truth tellers to sit right behind the star of the 2010 State of the Union, that insubordinate head shaker, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

It would never happen, but it is fun to fantasize Hannity introducing some lighthearted fun into the evening.

For starters, Sean could bring a kazoo. Then, every time Obama slips into that sibilant mode and starts that little whistling “S” or “SH” speech impediment thing he does, Sean could stand up and blow the kazoo.

For those who need a definition of sibilance, it’s a speaking style that produces the sound of a whistle or the hiss of a snake.

Sib·i·lance: characterized by or producing a hissing sound like that of /s/ or /sh/

Then, when Obama introduces the ‘Poor Me’ gallery dwellers and Michelle Obama’s special guests, who’ll likely include any or all of the following: upstanding illegals, women forced to buy their own birth control, income inequality targets, a potential ABC ‘Gay Bachelor,’ a misunderstood Iranian nuclear scientist, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z, that would be the perfect time for Sean to whoot-whoot and throw red, white and blue confetti.

For the lying portions of the address, which will be peppered throughout, it would be awesome if Sean stood on his seat, pointed at the president with a foam finger, and in honor of the military blew a Navy Boatswain whistle? Sean could rise above the sea of liberal Democrat applause and just let loose with the “Pipe Down” command on the boatswain pipe.

There’s no doubt having Sean Hannity in the house is going to make Mr. Suave Bolla Barack very uncomfortable.

On January 28, 2014, even without Hannity being able to antagonize Obama with kazoos and foam fingers, just his presence in the same room as the president will make the grueling yearly SOTU actually worth watching.

Teaching Rapists Not to Rape


Originally posted at Clashdaily.com

Leaving aside a women’s “choice”, which is the cornerstone of liberal religion, the irrationality and inconsistency of progressive thought was recently displayed on Fox News’ Hannity by Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell. Sean Hannity was defending the right of a woman to have a gun, especially to deal with the threat of rape. In response, Zerlina Maxwell argued that an adequate weapon to deter rapists is to teach men that rape is wrong.

Hannity used rape as an example to make the point that Colorado’s restrictive gun laws put women in a vulnerable position by taking away their means to defend themselves. That’s when Zerlina’s logic took a left turn, so to speak. Although purportedly a rape victim herself, Zerlina opined that “telling men not to rape women” is the best solution to the problem of rape.

For a liberal, that is not a surprising position. Remember, it’s President Barack Obama who believes he can talk Mahmoud Amadinejad out of initiating cataclysmic nuclear chaos to usher in the return of the 12th Imam.

When Hannity stressed that women should have the right to protect themselves with a gun, Zerlina’s response was “I don’t think that we should be telling women anything. I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there.” In other words, talk sociopaths out of being sociopaths.

Isn’t it a tad contradictory for Zerlina to say, “I don’t think that we should be telling women anything” while suggesting that teaching men is a better deterrent than a gun? It sounded like Zerlina was saying that men who have urges to commit rape could actually be trained not to commit rape. Has society degenerated to such a degree morally that it’s necessary to actually tell men that rape is wrong?

Apparently it has, so in addition to inculcating American men with guilt just for being men, women can now assume that every male is a latent sexual predator. Therefore, in addition to sex ed, starting in kindergarten little boys can also be instructed on how to avoid growing up to be rapists.

Come to think of it, if quelling animal instinct is just a matter of teaching, it’s too bad no one took the time to convince Cous Cous, the 450-pound Cat Haven sanctuary lion, not to snap 26-year old intern Dianna Hanson’s neck.

Nonetheless, what Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell seemed to be inferring was that, rather than train women to responsibly handle firearms as a means of personal protection, it would be preferable to “train” potential rapists, at least when it comes to women, to choose a kinder, gentler life path.

The incongruity here is that Zerlina represents the muddled liberal mindset that stresses that it’s impossible to stop teenagers from having sex by trying to talk them out of it. Yet on a national cable news network, in primetime, Maxwell argued with a straight face that engaging a sexual deviant in educational conversation – that is, before he clamps his hand over the woman’s mouth – has the power to thwart future sexual assaults.

Sean Hannity’s stunned reply to Ms. Maxwell’s emphatic, albeit absurd, suggestion was, “Criminals are not going to listen to that.”

Lending a human touch to the discussion, Maxwell begged to differ: “You are talking about it as if there is some faceless, nameless criminal, when a lot of times [a rapist] is someone that you know and trust.” Well, there it is. If a woman is fortunate enough to be acquainted with the person who plans to rape her, the trust that developed between the two as friends should be all that’s needed to disarm any woman-hating reprobate.

Based upon her response to the “women should have a gun” argument, it was apparent that Ms. Maxwell is convinced that informing men from early on that rape is unacceptable could make the likes of a young Ted Bundy see the light, and would be better at dissuading the inevitable than a strategically-placed bullet in the groin of a psycho with evil intent.

With that in mind, if all it takes is education to deter rape, maybe Zerlina Maxwell could end the gun control debate for good by suggesting to the anti-gun lobby that a reasonable, cogent conversation has the power to change the minds of those hell-bent on shooting up schools, movie theaters, and shopping malls. After all, if rapists can be “trained” beforehand to forego violence and follow a path of peace and good will, why not Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza and James Holmes?

In fact, let’s ask anti-gun lobbyist Mark E. Kelly, Gabbie Giffords’ husband what he thinks! He just purchased an AR-15 and a semi-automatic pistol, which, who knows, he may be planning to use to shoot people who support gun rights. That type of absurdity – as well as a liberal suggesting that a woman defending herself with a firearm is something that should be discouraged and that persuasive dialogue can change the mind of a sociopath – exemplifies the tangled-fishing-line logic liberals largely rely upon.

To date, the left has already spent 40 years or so educating as many men as they could to the point of near-emasculation. Nonetheless, based on the suggestion of Democrat Strategist Zerlina Maxwell, now could be the time to incorporate “Teach Men Not to Rape” programs into a liberal-run, federally-funded public school system that hasn’t even been successful at teaching boys – who may or may not become rapists – how to read and write.


Partisan Heartbreaker Tom the Petty

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

In an effort to further promote the message of love, peace and the type of compassion intrinsic to all dedicated liberals, Alec Baldwin, a paunchy comedian with anger issues, called attention to what he feels is Michele Bachmann’s inability to articulate by inarticulately spewing obscenities in the Minnesota congresswoman’s direction by way of Twitter.

Within seconds of Michele announcing she’d decided to launch a bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, it became clear that not one iota of liberal negativity toward conservatives has abated.

Over the past few days, the rock world has joined the fun by publicly stepping forward in an effort to send a message to the latest object of targeted political ridicule, Michele Bachmann. The goal is to drive home the point that liberal rock musicians disapprove of both Bachmann’s politics and audacity in thinking she actually has a chance to send honorary rock star Barack Obama back to Chicago.

Following Alec Baldwin’s Twitter tirade, Tom Petty, a Mad Hatter in sunglasses, decided it was his turn to deny Bachmann, without explanation, the use of one of his hit songs. Petty is so anti-GOP he forbade Michele Bachmann from playing  “American Girl” as a musical backdrop to her announcement to run for president.

Apparently, the last thing Tom Petty wants to be associated with is writing the signature anthem that could accompany a female Republican candidate on the trip from Minnesota to the White House.  So, to prevent that from happening, the rocker sent a three-word message to Michele: “Cease and desist.”

It’s doubtful that Tom Petty would decline $275 per person ticket proceeds based on who concertgoers supported in the last election. Yet, rock musicians who refuse, due to partisan politics, to let conservative candidates use songs for campaign backdrops forget that many of their fans are conservatives.

It’s no secret; Tom Petty isn’t a fan of the Right. When George W. Bush ran for governor of Texas, the genial GW pulled a Michele Bachmann and complimented the songwriter by using “I Won’t Back Down” as a campaign song. The unappreciative Petty had his publisher warn the campaign that using the ballad could send a false impression (Heaven forbid) that Petty endorsed Bush, and ordered the gubernatorial team to pull the song.

Tom Petty is one of a large herd of liberal singers and songwriters who sell their wares like capitalists on steroids to anyone and everyone, but when a conservative candidate identifies with one of their songs, out of fear of being perceived as leaning to the right hawkers of concert T-shirts and tacky glassware suddenly become all partisan and possessive.

Yet when Democrats like Black Socks Spitzer of New York and John ‘My-Wife-Has-Cancer-While-I’m-Having-an-Affair’ Edwards used Heartbreaker music as campaign anthems, Tom the Perpetually Petty fully endorsed both Lotharios using the extremely apropos “Won’t Back Down” ditty.

The “You Can Call Me Al” and “Don’t Stop” crews are proud to have signature songs associated with Al ‘Crazed  Sex Poodle’ Gore and impeached adulterer Bill Clinton, but Sarah Palin shaking hands and hugging babies in time to “Barracuda” irked female rock group Heart so much the duo threatened a lawsuit if Sarah didn’t pick another tune.

Truth is, in the world of rock and roll, the liberal malady is endemic. In the 1980’s Bruce Springsteen took on the Gipper over Reagan’s use of the song “Born in the USA.” During the 2004 presidential election, in an effort to save the USA from a second Bush term, Bruce partnered with über-liberal left-wing group MoveOn.org to headline a star-studded caravan of whiners in a Vote for Change Tour.

The 2004 MoveOn.org/rock-and-roll effort failed and Bush won reelection, which proves there are more Republican voters than liberals realize.  If, as a group, conservatives boycotted downloading music from iTunes and stopped buying concert tickets, many artists who feel comfortable insulting Republicans for sport would definitely take a hit in the pocketbook.

Then again, one has to wonder if someone like Bruce Springsteen even comprehends the concept that the people he slurs with his political invectives have the monetary power to affect The Boss’s bottom line.  After all, didn’t Springsteen say Obama “speaks to the America I’ve envisioned in my music for the past 35 years?”

Even still, the liberal Step Away From the Song list goes on and on: Pretty boy Jon Bon Jovi told Sarah Palin not to use “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”  The Foo Fighters and Van Halen dissed John McCain; Bruce Hornsby felt Sean Hannity’s use of his song “The Way it Is” shouldn’t be the way it is; and rock group Rush informed Rand Paul he’s no “Tom Sawyer.”

By now, Republicans should know better than to provide ammunition for the left by failing to stringently follow copyright laws and respect property ownership rights. Yet, a politically partisan situation still presents an opportunity to learn a profound lesson for those on both sides of the political aisle.

Liberal musicians should understand that having a fan base largely made up of those without the ability to pay $1.99 to download a song or lay out close to three bills for a concert ticket isn’t going to ensure their rock star lifestyle for very long.

For those heartbroken by Petty Heartbreaker, conservatives must take their eyes off the “Yes We Can” free-for-all where liberal politicians sway and wave in time to music amidst showers of balloons filled to capacity with Democrat hot air.  It’s time to realize the same standard does not and will never apply to Grand Ole or Tea Party candidates. Just because liberal musicians become gazillionaires with the help of Republican fans doesn’t mean those same rich rock stars will show appreciation by treating conservative candidates with respect.

For those on the right, the salient point is this: liberal politicians are never denied rights to artists’ theme songs; quite the contrary, they are encouraged to use them. Conservatives politicians should not be so naïve as to assume similar rules apply to the likes of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann.

With that in mind, Bachmann and Harley-riding Barracuda Palin should rethink forgoing the mud wrestling fight Michele claims the media is itching for and hit the ring to work out which lady will seek permission to claim Carrie Underwood’s “All-American Girl” and whose anthem will ultimately be conservative rocker Kid Rock’s “Born Free.”


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