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‘Primetime Propoganda’: Leftist Hollywood Schools America

Originally posted at BIG Hollywood

Ben Shapiro’s new book, Primetime Propaganda: the True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV confirms what has been suspected by many for years – Hollywood emphasizes, repeats and stresses the liberal agenda with the specific goal of impacting opinion and shaping minds.

It’s no secret that television commercials, sitcoms, children’s shows and mainstream news are all renowned for promoting left-leaning bias. Woven into the tapestry of primetime Hollywood offerings are messages insinuating that the liberal choice is always the better, more intelligent option.

Television is saturated with liberals who attempt to influence public opinion with subliminal methods as subtle as smiling approvingly when interviewing a liberal and scowling when discussing a conservative.

The hit show Glee presents homosexuality as a viable option for confused prom “queens” vying for the dual prize of acceptance and a rhinestone crown. Private Practice’s Dr. Addison Montgomery heroically performed a partial-birth abortion and even Doctor House’s main squeeze Lisa Edelstein, complete with a hanger for a prop, promoted legalized abortion in a “We Won’t Go Back” ad.

While most liberal bias is blatant, some can be more insidious, because inherent to all liberalism, regardless of genre or venue, is an unrelenting crusade to portray conservatives as idiotic dolts.

Arrogant, self-impressed celebrities like the vulgar Bill Maher, who fancies himself the smartest person in the world, and horn-rimmed actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo, who also sees herself as an intellectual giant, are so convinced of their own brain power that both have forged full-fledged television careers disrespecting the intelligence and religious persuasion of political adversaries.

Ask a politically uninformed person on the street if Sarah Palin is smart, and thanks to 30 Rock star/ comedian Tina Fey’s career-boosting misrepresentation of Sarah’s “I can see Russia” comment, a resounding “No!” is usually accompanied by a sarcastic giggle.

In fact, Tina Fey single-handedly enhanced Saturday Night Live’s ratings by mockingly imitating Sarah Palin’s folksy style and portraying her as an intellectually challenged bubble brain.  Fey prides herself on depicting Sarah as a dim-witted fool.  Tina’s efforts proved so successful that while many people recognize that Palin’s warmth and genuine nature is not a reflection of her intellect, Tina’s merciless efforts convinced far too many people to associate the name ‘Palin’ with idiocy.

Thanks to Hollywood, in the mind of the public, former president George W. Bush has also been reduced to a bumbling ignoramus. Rush Limbaugh, regardless of weight loss and rehab, continues to be depicted as a fat drug addict. The liberal media is even attempting to portray accomplished Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann as a confused, wild-eyed ditz.

On the other hand, when either Bill or Hillary Clinton is mentioned, the overriding liberal media consensus tends to imply: Both are brilliant. As for Michelle Obama, she is not only smart and savvy, she’s a lithe fashion icon with great biceps, while Barack is an outstanding orator with superior intellect who, despite submitting minimal written proof, is perceived by most as a genius – all thanks to the liberal media’s incessant cheerleading.

In the Broadway play “You’re Welcome America,” left coast native and former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell got big laughs at the expense of George W. Bush. Yet Brilliant One Barack in the year 2011 dated his signature in the guest book in Westminster Abbey “2008” a slip-up that went unnoticed on the Hollywood Mock-o-Meter.

Does anyone remember Dan Quayle misspelling potato as “potatoe?” If it had been a prominent conservative that had confused the date, the error would have inspired the dum-dum drumbeat to pound away in primetime for months.

The truth is, Hollywood or otherwise, liberals everywhere perceive themselves as intellectually superior beings.  Those who align with the left do so because in their haughty, deluded minds, liberalism is defined as a cerebral ascent they believe conservatives are incapable of making.  Couple that sentiment with Hollywood’s narcissistic arrogance and the combo makes for television whose goal is to find every opportunity to “enlighten” the uninformed masses by depicting conservatives as liberals perceive them to be – dolts worthy of being laughed at and dismissed.

Okay, maybe Limbaugh shouldn’t have said it, but…

Not since the Media Action Network for Asian Americans protested Mad TV character Ms. Bunny Swan and Miley Cyrus slanted her eyes while horsing around with friends have Asian-American liberals been so outraged.

The most current offender is conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who imitated Chinese President Jintau Hu’s speech during his recent visit to the U.S.  Based on Limbaugh’s politics, the linguistic caricature had little to do with Hu’s ethnicity and everything to do with Rush’s distaste for communist dictatorship.

Asian-American lawmaker Leland Yee (D-CA) doesn’t agree.  Yee is willing to overlook Chinese human rights violations and the insult of Obama failing to provide a translator for Hu, but for Limbaugh saying, “Ching chong, ching chong cha,” Leland demands an apology.  Mr. Yee considers Rush’s “ching-chong” imitation “racist” and “derogatory’ and capable of “inciting hate and intolerance amid a polarized atmosphere.”

Yee contends that Rush’s comments “harken back” to the “rather insensitive days” when he was a child growing up in San Francisco.  Yee said:  “You think you’ve arrived and all of a sudden get shot back to the reality that you’re a second-class citizen.” Wait, isn’t Yee a possible candidate to become San Francisco’s first elected Asian mayor?

Nevertheless, female infanticide is apparently acceptable to some Asian-Americans, but parodying a dictator is not. Even Grace Meng (D-NY) chimed in with the opinion that “Making fun of any country’s leader is just very disrespectful for someone who says he is a proud American.” Does Meng include North Korea’s Kim Jong-il and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mungabe in the proud-Americans-should-respect-world dictators sentiment?

Rush rightly pointed out that “Back in the old days, Sid Caesar… was called a comic genius for impersonating foreign languages that he couldn’t speak.” Rush lamented that today, Caesar’s comedy would be considered racist, bigoted, and “insulting.”

Democrats attempting to exploit any situation to accuse the right of “inciting hate and intolerance amid a polarized atmosphere” is what’s insulting, not Limbaugh’s politically incorrect wit.

The opportunity to link Limbaugh with inciting violence is just too good for the left to pass up, saying that “Public officials have been put on alert after the deadly rampage in Tucson” in a despicable attempt to ratchet up the atmosphere of conservative vilification by suggesting Yee’s reaction to Rush’s comment threatens the Asian-American senator’s safety.

After condemning Limbaugh’s remarks, Yee claimed he received “racist death threats to his San Francisco and Sacramento offices and received a profanity-filled telephone message.” Cautious to not squander an opportunity to further demonize anyone on the right, Yee also mentioned he “received similar faxes after [he] called on a state university to disclose how much it was paying Sarah Palin for a fundraiser.”

Stepping forth on behalf of respect and civility, Asian-American Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) said: “We need to stand up for civility and be respectful of one another. Otherwise the consequences are dreadful as we can already see in the death threats against Senator Yee.”

Yee contends he is more disappointed than angry “that in the year 2011, we still have individuals who are racist.” Which makes one wonder if Grace Meng, Judy Chu or San Franciscan Leland Yee ever attended the festive “Margaret Cho Day” – named after the irreverent, politically incorrect comedienne – in San Francisco?

Cho imitates her Korean mother and relentlessly bashes Christians without criticism from the left. However, if Leland Yee’s belief is correct about Rush’s comments inciting violence if the offended senator ever becomes mayor, then when Margret Cho comes to town there’d better be ample San Francisco security on hand for both groups, especially Korean-Christians.

True Liberal Across the Water

Elton John is turning out to be quite a freethinking firebrand.  First, he performs at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and then defies world opinion by playing a rock concert in an unpopular place like the nation of Israel.

Could it be that Elton John is actually intelligent enough to understand Rush’s tongue-in-cheek sarcastic humor? Moreover, could the rock icon be so observant that, despite the flamboyant eyewear, Elton John is able to discern the true culprit instigating the crisis in the Middle East?

John doesn’t seem to be the type of a man who is easily swayed by liberal opinion, which may be why he has managed to avoid being crowned gay trophy child by the left.

As a homosexual, Elton John seems sensitive to stereotyping and uncalled for bullying.  The rocker’s Israel concert was John standing with the right to self-defense after Israeli soldiers were “mobbed and clubbed” on ships carrying “aid and activists to the Gaza strip.”

Fresh from a recent performance at a likeminded Obama White House ignoramus rock star Elvis Costello “cited Israeli government policies” as the reason for cancelling concerts in the Jewish state.

In a round about way, Elton John criticized performers like the Pixies for politicizing music and taking sides by saying, “We do not cherry-pick our consciences.”

Donning “blue-tinted sunglasses,” Elton reassured the audience of 50,000 enthusiastic fans at Tel Aviv stadium, “those cancellations ‘ain’t gonna stop me from playing here, baby’.”

It is nice to see that although Israel is subject to an ever “growing sense of isolation,” at least one rock star is not defending Palestinian rock throwers.  Playing a huge concert in Tel Aviv was Elton John’s way of refusing to participate in the incessant bombardment of hatred and condemnation presently being hurled toward Israel from every corner of the globe.

Lest we forget, “liberal” is defined as “broadmindedness” in both thought and political stance.  A liberal is someone supposedly “tolerant of opponent’s opinions.” Elton John has been liberal in the attitude he repeatedly demonstrates. Although accused of being a closet conservative, Elton’s treatment of both Rush Limbaugh and Israel proves he “can see very well.”  A guy who many view as a Madman Across the Water, may turn out to be the only true liberal alive today.

Obama’s innuendo regarding Rush – American Thinker Blog – May 13, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

In an excerpt from Zev Chafets’s forthcoming book, “Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One” the President apparently declined to play a round of golf with Rush and instead a top Democrat advisor suggested the radio talk show king golf alone by saying, “Limbaugh can play with himself.

Chafets “wouldn’t name the aide or say whether the quote [came] directly from Obama.” Zev neither confirmed nor denied the source. However, renowned for the middle finger face scratch, it’s not above President Obama to send a message with a deeper meaning, especially when given the opportunity to zing an arch nemesis like El Rushbo.

If the proposition did come from the President, it wouldn’t be the first time Barry expressed a smarmy double entendre. Jonathan Alter of Newsweek’s  forthcoming book,  “The Promise: President Obama, Year One ” claims, according to The Washington Post, Barack indulged in degrading sexual innuendo against detractors by saying “Republican opposition to the stimulus ‘helped create the tea-baggers and empowered that whole wing of the Republican Party where it now controls the agenda for the Republicans’.”

Obama has yet to detract the “tea bagger” remark or specify where the Rush can “play with himself” comment came from.

According to Chafets, the golf scenario unfolded when Zev reportedly encouraged Limbaugh to reach out to the president saying, “You guys are both golfers.”  Chafets asked Rush, “Would you play a round with the president and show the country that there are no hard feelings?”

The always patriotic and polite Limbaugh told Chafets, “He’s the president of the United States.  If any president asked me to meet him, or play golf with him, I’d do it. But I promise you that will never happen. His base on the left would have a s–t-fit.”

“How about letting me ask?” Chafets said. “Go ahead,” Limbaugh said. “Nothing will come of it.”  Supposedly Chafets reached out to David Axelrod, whom Zev claims to “know slightly,” but Axelrod ignored Chafets’s calls. Then Chafets spoke to “a very senior Democratic activist” who evidently conveyed the message to Obama.

A day or two later the adviser conveyed a response steeped in innuendo, “Limbaugh can play with himself.”

As usual, a “mark my words on it” Limbaugh was spot on, which is why Rush will be golfing alone.

Jump Shots from the Left – American Thinker – April 3, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

America found out in a probing CBS interview with “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith an interesting fact: Barack Obama is a southpaw. Yes, the lefty president is “left-handed.” Barry claims, of course, to be ambidextrous when on the basketball court, able to make jump shots from both the right and the left.

Smith joined Obama on the hot blacktop, commenting on his smooth moves. Following the agile Obama around the court, the “Early Show” co-anchor acknowledged Barack’s natural tendency to go left, but queried the sprightly president with extremely controversial questions like, “Can you ever go right?” Obama’s response provided a glimpse into his honest nature, which this time was couched in a smirky reply: “I can go to my right, but I prefer my left.” Ya think?

After failing to make his famous jump shot, Obama’s excused himself, claiming, “You know, I’ve got a few other things on my mind.” After which a determined Mr. Obama successfully accomplished the jump shot. “Its like health care. I always come from behind — I finish strong.”

It figures: Barry is involved in a solitary game concerned only with accomplishing individual policy goals. Obama plays politics as he plays basketball, and he makes jump shots from the left. If he misses, he shoots from the left until rebounding from legislative fouls, with a finish he himself perceives as “strong.”

Harry Smith pressed in hard on Obama in the journalistic one-on-one strolling and asking the president if he’s “aware of the extreme terms some use to describe him, such as a socialist or Nazi[.]”

Well, I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, it’s pretty apparent, and it’s troublesome, but keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out.

Was the president admitting to Harry that between 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm, he tunes in to EIB’s Maha Rushie? Does Obama catch Glenn Beck on Fox News? Why would a former college professor be bothered by intellectual curiosity, well-researched documentation, and freedom of speech? And why hasn’t Obama called Beck on the red telephone to address the troublesome vitriol? And what of his own comments urging supporters to “get in their faces” with ObamaCare critics?

Casually conversing with Smith, Mr. Obama explained away opposition, saying, “It happens often when you’ve got an economy that is making people more anxious, and … feeling like there is a lot of change that needs to take place.” Referencing the trusty “change” catchphrase, Obama excused himself, choosing to continue to shoot from the left.

While a majority of Americans disapprove of the job Obama’s doing, playing hoops with his own shadow, Obama maintained, “But that’s not the vast majority of Americans.” Dribbling as he went along, Barack Obama put words in the mouth of Americans with the same vigor with which he endorsed the unpopular health care reform bill

On-the-job training trumps experience because “trying and wanting” made Obama a star on the basketball court. Unashamed Obama extended similar sentiments to the Executive Office, telling Harry Smith, “I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard [and] that I want what’s best for the country.”

The same Obama that willingly accepted the Democrat nomination astride two Greek Ionic columns at INVESCO Field attempted to convince Smith he didn’t “buy all the hype, right after inauguration, where everybody was only saying nice things about me.” The president tenaciously shot and reshot the basketball toward the hoop, finally adding, “And I don’t get too worried when things aren’t going as well because I know that over time, these things turn.” And with Barack Obama, rest assured that the “turn” will always be to the left.

Rush Limbaugh Stars in “Kill Bull”


There is no greater conservative warrior than Rush Limbaugh. Although Rush calls himself a “harmless loveable little fuzz ball” reality is Rush is a conservative male version of martial arts fighter, Beatrix Kiddo in the epic-length revenge drama, Kill Bill.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh is a political assassin on the job for the Right.  The “Dr. of Democracy’s” skill and adept insight gives “El Rushbo” the ability to pick off the enemy with words that cut deeper and sharper and more to the core than a crafted sword.  Rush’s wit, intellect and ability to articulate truth are as sharp as a rhetorical Hattori Hanzō Katana! When Rush speaks it is, “… alive and powerful… sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow…exposing the innermost thoughts and desires of liberal minds.”

As a result, liberals wish Rush ill.  As far as Limbaugh’s political enemies were concerned, like Beatrix Kiddo, the radio king might as well be in a vegetative coma and one step from being officially declared DOA.

Yet, like Beatrix, each time Rush appears lifeless –the conservative leader awakens prepared to take on the enemy stronger than ever before.  Rush Limbaugh is unstoppable. On more than one occasion “Mount Rushbo” has dragged himself from a controversy coma or health care scare back to the “Golden Microphone” and behind the EIB Institute plinth.

The left’s Deadly Viper Squad has stood over Rush’s body on more than one occasion convinced “America’s Truth Detector’s” demise was imminent.  Instead Rush, like Kiddo, dupes the best of them.  Shot through the head, “El Rushbo” disarms the enemy.  Rush opens one eye, spits out a mouthful of blood and says to those snickering over his demise things like, “You know I have always tried to be honest with you and open about my life…I need to tell you today that part of what you have heard and read is correct. I am addicted to prescription pain medication.”

At times Rush, like Beatrix Kiddo, has had to slowly wiggle one toe at a time to get back up to speed. Profound hearing loss from an autoimmune disease…Rush slowly wiggled a toe, got a cochlear implant, and was back on the air.  Wrenching back pain ensnared Rush in Oxycontin addiction, again wiggling a toe he meekly submitted to rehab. Much to the chagrin of Rush’s enemies, “America’s Anchorman” weakened by personal trial returned from an Arizona rehab, humbler, stronger and fitter for the fray.

Rush is presently in the brawl of a lifetime and it isn’t the one being waged in a Honolulu Hospital. Since Obama’s election Democracy’s doctor fights daily to reestablish Conservativism and Constitutional purism, fidelity and adherence to foundational principles. Rush’s mission is to eradicate the “Bull” of liberalism–anticipating an opportunity being presented to administer a Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on the left, which Beatrix employed to take out the Bill of Kill Bill.

Day-by-day Rush inches closer to stopping the beating heart of liberalism, but in the meantime, there are still some political barriers that must be systematically done away with.

Washington DC is Rush’s Tokyo, Japan. On a daily basis Limbaugh cerebrally enters The House of Blue Leaves where O-Ren Ishii Bama unleashes Gogo Gibbs, Rham Fatale and the Congressional Crazy 258 and Senate 58. Rush stands poised in a fighting stance to deal with Obama’s unrelenting bunch of hooligans.  As O-Ren Ishii Bama watches from the balcony, Limbaugh makes short work of every argument and political absurdity, hacking off policy limbs like Beatrix Kiddo dispensing an army of henchmen.

Reminiscent of Vernita Green’s four-year-old daughter, Nikki Bell the liberal left stares blankly as Washington’s leaders pour political Fruit Loops into a bowl from a box with a gun in it. Rush dodges every bullet, as biased toddlers stand wide-eyed as the “Prestigious Attila the Hun,” yields the “Limbaugh Doctrine,” making short work of a bloated, encroaching governmental Mommy.

In the movie Kill Bill, ex-Deadly Viper assassin Budd retired to a broken down trailer and took up as a bouncer. Under close scrutiny, Democrats display the characteristics of Budd, laden down and inebriated with political power. “Dingy Harry,” the “Banking Queen” and “Bela Pelosi” are washed up politicians knocking around the halls of power intoxicated with a sense of supremacy. Budd was viciously done in by Elle Driver and from the looks of the Democrat Party the future of liberalism is in jeopardy from those within its own ranks.

In truth, liberals in Washington are pathetic, washed-up, feeble tyrannical enforcers. Before being murdered Budd buried Beatrix alive just as leftists have repeatedly attempted to bury Rush. Beatrix left-for-dead rose from the grave like “Maha Rushie” who again and again escapes damage to his stellar career. Limbaugh resurrects behind a microphone, while “drive by media” types take victory laps celebrating the radio host’s career cooling in a crypt.

Hospitalized in Honolulu with chest pain Rush was reported to be in serious condition causing a corporate gasp in the Conservative community.  Unlike, comedian Wanda Sykes who, in May, extended typical liberal compassion by voicing the sentiment of the left, “Rush Limbaugh, ‘I hope the country fails’ — I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? ”

In Kill Bill, Bill commissioned and then called off Elle Driver, the California Mountain Snake, to cheerfully finish off a comatose Beatrix. Beatrix Kiddo, like Rush, was down but not out. A whistle while working Elle arrived at the hospital prepared to inject cataleptic Kiddo with a concoction, whose contents insured the Samurai warrior remain asleep forever. Keeping in mind those who shared the Hawaiian Islands for vacation, it was in Rush’s best interest to prevent nurses with hypodermic needles access to his IV bag.

Given up for dead the man “with talent on loan from God” thankfully is very much alive. Kit Carson, Limbaugh’s chief of staff, told The Associated Press “Limbaugh left for his Christmas vacation on December 23 and was due to return to his show January 4. Carson didn’t have any information on whether that schedule would change.”

For liberals, the “Weapon of Mass Instruction” showing up behind the “Golden Microphone” four days after being rushed to the hospital, is worse than Beatrix with one fell swoop taking out Elle’ Driver’s viable eye. Rush reporting for work on Monday is on par with leaving the left dying from a Black Mamba venomous bite in a trailer next to the corpse of  “Sidewinder” Budd.

And so the Kill Bill story ends, raised by a pimp named Esteban Vihaio “Snake Charmer” Bill is tracked down by Beatrix.  The warrior confronts the enemy, meets and escapes from a cadre of killers with the child Kiddo once thought was dead.

Thus, will be the story of “America’s Truth-Detector,” the “most dangerous man in America,” Rush Hudson Limbaugh the Beatrix Kiddo of politics.  When all is said and done the standard-bearer champion of Conservatives’ will be “The Last Man Standing.” Limbaugh’s  “undeniable truth of life” as always is poised to survive, while liberalism, like the antagonist in Kill Bill, lies motionless and dead in the tall grass of political insignificance.

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