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Mrs. Obama and Co. Take in the ‘Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’

beyonceOriginally posted at BIG Hollywood

The sizzling temperatures are not the only things turning the heat up all over America. Yet as racial unrest, IRS controversies and other scandals continue to rage, it seems nothing can prevent Michelle Obama from squeezing every last ounce of summer vacation fun out of June, July and August.

In Ireland it was a $4,000 per-night stay in the Princess Grace Suite at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, an African adventure in the beginning of July, and now, mid-month, the First Lady and the girls accompanied by 20 “friends” gassed up the People’s Plane and flew to Chicago to take in yet another Beyoncé concert.

And all that is just an appetizer for the “extended vacation” plans the Obama women have for Martha’s Vineyard in August.

Nevertheless, while Rihanna, whose boyfriend Chris Brown has been known to rough her up, was storming off the stage after being pelted with potato chips in the UK, Mrs. Jay-Z Carter was performing for American royalty in the Obama hometown of Chicago.

In preparation for the event, extra security swept Chicago’s United Center, and on the night of the concert the 20-person Obama entourage fueled up in a private room at Carmichael’s Chicago Steak House prior to dancing it up with Queen Bey.

Curiously, Beyoncé, who is the spokesperson for Pepsi, wrote a song for and performed in a ‘Let’s Move!’ video entitled “Move Your Body.” Clearly disregarding Beyoncé’s “$50 million, multi-faceted deal with Pepsi,” and despite Beyoncé guzzling soda in commercials, Mrs. Obama, who incessantly harangues America about sugar content, must agree with her husband who said that “Beyoncé could not be a better role model for my girls.” Speaking of great role models, wonder what Michelle thought about the glittery nipple ensemble Beyoncé dons during her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.”

But before America gets apoplectic about Mrs. Obama spending more tax money jetting around the country and the world having a blast, it’s best to be fair. Apparently, the concert wasn’t the real reason Michelle O and Co. went to Chicago, nor was it so that Mrs. Obama could spend a little girl time chatting with Oprah’s best friend Gayle King while Mrs. Carter sang “Naughty Girl,” nor was it to potentially be in attendance for another Beyoncé-led moment of silence for Trayvon Martin.

Oh no, none of those reasons apply. Mrs. Obama was mainly in Chicago to attend an official event with Mayor Rahm Emanuel (who was recently caught boogying to “Blurred Lines” at a Robin Thicke “Taste of Chicago” event), to help Chicago high school students get summer jobs–in mid-July–while she looks forward to a relaxing time on Martha’s Vineyard in August.

Barack Obama’s Daughters Won’t be ‘Punished’ with a Tattoo

MH900064903Liberals are amazingly hypocritical. Take Barack Obama, please…I mean, for example. This is the man who publicly declared that he supports abortion because if one of his 14- and 11-year-old daughters “made a mistake,” he wouldn’t want them “punished with a baby.” Yet, when it comes to getting a tattoo, the president told NBC’s Today show that both he and Michelle really discourage Sasha and Malia from doing so. That’s surprising not because the president disapproves of permanent skin art, but because one would think Obama would like to have his wife and daughters emblazon his historic visage somewhere on their person.

Guess that isn’t the case, because the president and first lady warned the two girls that while abortions are more than acceptable, tattoos are not. Obama threatened Sasha and Malia by telling them that if they ever decide to get a “tattoo then “mommy and me” will get the same tattoo in the same place on their bodies and show it off on YouTube as a “family tattoo”.” Please note: the president did not include Grandma Marion Robinson in that particular ‘”family tattoo” threat.

With or without Grandma being in on the tattoo action, it’s clear that the president is convinced that millions would breathlessly tune into YouTube to catch a gander of the Obama family tattoo. And while it’s improbable that a close-up of Obama’s tattoo would go viral, what’s highly probable is that Barack has not thought this tattoo thing all the way through.

Take for instance a scenario where Sasha and Malia are fans of Rihanna and want a reproduction of her “under boob” tattoo. Although some think their father is a boob, in that particular case, unless there’s something we don’t know, he couldn’t be the fourth party to that particular YouTube posting. Moreover, based on his non-affinity for Jesus – on or off the cross – matching crucifixes, or worse yet, a red, white, and blue GOP elephant tattoo, might cause Obama to renege on the warning.

Jokes about tattoos aside, for those who abhor both abortion and voluntary bodily desecration, if given a choice between destroying human life, putting a ring through an ear lobe, or adorning a shoulder with a Celtic cross, permanent ink and body piercing wins out. The real issue here is not whether Barack Obama approves of his daughters getting tattoos or not, it’s about abortion advocates balking at tattoos and pierced ears on their own children while promoting, funding, and arguing on behalf of abortions on ours.

This type of absurd emphasis on forbidding the relatively innocuous for their children while promoting the life-threatening for ours is not exclusive to Mr. Obama. NARAL 100-percenter Hillary Clinton voted “No” on “prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion,” and then wouldn’t give Chelsea permission to pierce her ears for her 13th birthday. In other words, if somebody else’s 13-year-old daughter wanted an abortion, Hillary supported allowing a doctor to probe a girl with saline, suction, or a scalpel without parental knowledge. But, if someone had dared to put a piercing gun near Chelsea’s ear at age 13 there would have been hill, I mean hell, to pay.

If Barack Obama and his liberal cohorts refuse to let their own daughters get tattooed or pierced, maybe they should keep their right-to-choose paws off of our daughters.

Furthermore, the president should just forget about embarrassing Sasha and Malia with some phantom “family tattoo” YouTube video threat. Instead, if he really wants to mortify Sasha and Malia, he should show them the clip of himself cynically using them as an example in that famous “punished with a baby” statement he made in 2008 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

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