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Shout-Your-Abortion-Feature-Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Gloria Steinem bragged on a T-shirt that 40-something years ago she had an abortion. As the end of Gloria’s pathetic life fast approaches, the feminist icon wants it made known that the killing of a child is a reason to rejoice. So too do the thousands of like-minded women who are currently taking to Twitter using the braggadocious albeit barfacious hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion.

The goal of the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign is to offset the disgrace of submitting your offspring to a horrific procedure wherein mothers dispose of their children in order to further their careers or to shirk personal responsibility.

If doing away with stigma and shame is the goal, why not a hashtag for pedophiles called #ShoutYourChildSexPartner? What about aged Nazi war criminals carrying around all that remorse? Don’t they deserve a freeing #ShoutYourMillionthGasChamberVictim?

Let’s not forget felonious illegals – they at least deserve a #ShoutMyMurderVictim. And as for the proponents of honor killings and female genital maiming, shouldn’t they at least be given equal time with a #ShoutMyMutilatedDaughter hashtag?

Placing genocide and pedophilia aside for a moment, the ‘I’m proud I slaughtered my baby’ campaign was started by an unholy trinity of abortion fans named Lindy West, Amelia Bonow and Kimberly Morrison. The trio is responding to the US House of Representatives voting to remove federal funding for Planned Parenthood, employees of which have recently been caught on video bartering the body parts of sometimes still-living babies that they butcher for profit.

shout 4If Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly want to put Planned Parenthood in a better light, maybe they should contemplate starting another abortion pride hashtag, only this time one that celebrates the sale of aborted baby livers. Then, after the ladies are finished heralding the merits of selling human flesh, maybe they can blow off some steam drowning a litter of puppies.In the meantime, to protest the vote to defund the federally-funded abortion mill, since last week the mothers of 60K dead babies have “shouted” their pride for participating in the government-sanctioned filicide currently responsible for the deaths of 60 million babies since Roe v. Wade was voted into law.

Amelia Bonow, one of the creators of the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag, said she first posted on Facebook about her experience of receiving an abortion “on a whim”, but also in order to “vocally align [her]self with Planned Parenthood.”

So Bonow, who views posting about slaughtering her unborn child “a whim” feels that in addition to aligning her uterus and vagina with forceps and a scalpel, she should also align her voice on Twitter with Planned Parenthood.

What’s interesting about Amelia is a Facebook profile tagline she had posted that has since been removed which read: “Entry Level at Not getting injured or caught,” which means self-preservationist Amelia doesn’t mind fatally injuring the defenseless, but is careful about not getting injured herself.

Either way, for almost a week now the abortion shouters have been shouting about vocations being fulfilled, freedom from unplanned motherhood, and expressing “gratitude” over having living human beings flushed from their wombs mostly for matters of convenience, which on Twitter is currently something to wear as a badge of honor.

Even if a person is filling red biohazard bags with the bodies of dead babies, according to those looking to alleviate an aching conscience, no one needs to be stigmatized or shamed. So rather than admit that what they did was wrong, the #ShoutYourBabyKilling crew is desperately trying to minimize the act of disposing of human life

shout 5That’s why, by shouting about one abomination or another, Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly may be trying to free women of the gnawing guilt that no one, regardless of how vile or selfish an act, should have to endure. Moreover, if shouting out this or that assists in helping the shouter believe that the unconscionable is actually something to be proud of, why not encourage everyone to shout?With that in mind, maybe the pro-abortion contingency can really illustrate their acceptance of personal choice by merging with another equally militant group who also feels justified in exercising the right to dispense of inconvenient human beings: ISIS.

How about an ISIS hashtag of #ShoutYourBeheading? Or perhaps #ShoutYourImmolation?

After all, if a saline, suction, or scalpel abortion can be called a “necessary medical procedure”, who’s to tell the Islamic state that burning someone alive in a cage isn’t a “necessary medical procedure” if that’s how ISIS chooses to define it?

And even if one day Lindy, Amelia and Kimberly find themselves being drowned alive in an ISIS-provided cage, if a simple hashtag elevates the murder of infidels in the eyes of the world, then the #ShoutYourAbortion crowd should be the first to applaud an equally proud #ShoutYourISIS effort.

Maryland Abortion Horror Leads to Murder Charges

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

In Elkon, Maryland, two abortion doctors were filling ice chests with viable human beings. Local authorities are aghast after discovering freezers full of fetuses, some full term, in a clinic in Elkon County. The doctors accused of disposing of viable infants are Dr. Steven Brigham and his associate Dr. Nicola Riley. The duo was arrested subsequent to difficulties that arose after they “performed part of an abortion in New Jersey [and] then transferred the patient to Maryland” to complete the procedure.

After exercising her reproductive rights, an 18-year-old woman suffered complications and was taken to the hospital. Maryland officials were alerted that something illegal might be going on in Elkon, “searched the abortion clinic looking for [the women’s] medical records, but they found something else in the freezer” – discoveries eerily similar to the Gosnell Women’s Medical Society “house of horrors.”

Apparently, Brigham and Riley would “start” the abortion process in New Jersey, where the state laws are more restrictive. Then, in order to circumvent New Jersey’s late-term abortion limitations, women would be shuttled to a secret Elkon County clinic where the ‘late-term’ portion of the abortion procedure is legal.

Admittedly, it does take a strong constitution and a high level of commitment to flout the law and believe so much in a woman’s right to choose that you’d be willing to conceal the crime by filling a freezer with dead fetuses. And while some may view killing full-term babies as ghastly, it’s really just abortion with a Dr. ‘Death’ Kevorkian twist.

In pro-choice circles, regardless of how grisly it may seem to others, women reserve the right to seek out doctors like Brigham and Riley who, like Gosnell and Tiller, are willing to go the distance to ensure the freedom and dignity of women wishing to exercise autonomy over their own bodies.

Unfortunately, now neither Brigham nor Riley enjoys the freedom or dignity they sought to provide others.  Subsequent to the discovery and autopsy of three dozen frozen fetuses, Dr. Brigham has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of second-degree murder, and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. His cohort, Dr. Riley, faces one count each of first- and second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Why? Because although Maryland supports a woman’s right to have a late-term abortion, there’s a catch.  Maryland is one of 38 states with a fetal homicide law, and unlike many other states, does not “define when it is too late to perform an abortion.” However, under a 2005 Maryland law, “it is illegal to abort a fetus deemed viable, or showing signs of healthy development,” which would seem to be a good definition of “when it is too late to perform an abortion.”

Hailing from the Garden and Beehive states, the irony was lost on Brigham and Riley as they stuffed fetuses into the freezer. Were they unaware of Maryland’s “viable, or showing signs of healthy development” clause?

Either way, somewhere along the line someone put two and two together and figured out that nine-month-old fetuses, also known as babies, are generally able to survive outside the womb.  So, if 36 dead children end up in a freezer, 13 of whom were said to be full term, there’s a good chance one or two of them could have complicated matters by daring to be born alive.

Babies “breathing unaided” after an abortion is a crucial detail, which may explain why the two crusaders for choice are presently in police custody awaiting extradition to Maryland from Camden County, NJ and Salt Lake County in Utah.

As of 2009, in the United States there were “13,000 late-term abortions annually done after 21 weeks of pregnancy,” which is equivalent to wiping out one 13,000-seat arena of full-fledged, viable infants per year. And therein lies the dilemma for doctors. Why should five or ten minutes make a difference when it comes to choice?  Why such a fine line? Shouldn’t what was legal 10 minutes before also be legal if an uncooperative baby should dare to survive an abortion?

Even President Barack Obama, who opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, contends that to give medical treatment to children born alive in botched abortions “simply…burden[s] the original decision of the woman and the decision to induce labor and perform an abortion” — a moral quandary that has left dedicated late-term abortion doctors like Brigham and Riley in a bit of a pickle.

However, those who support the right to choose shouldn’t worry, because as always, in their stead another champion of choice will emerge from the ash heap of hell – men and women whose idea of choice includes stuffing freezers with the fully-formed bodies of helpless infants.

Red Flag Repercussions Circa 2019


The year is 2019 and a once great nation is now a distant memory. For those who witnessed the death of Lady Liberty, reminiscing only adds additional pain to an agonizing realization that her glory was forfeited when America refused to identify obvious red flags.

In 2008 a “historic” election transpired that plunged the United States into the darkest hour in human history.  Little did her citizens know, when they were ferried along on a wave of propaganda, that its result would encumber a free country with restrictions, taxes, regulations and limitations hurling a powerful, advanced civilization backward into a primal, repressive state.

A liberal, left wing media, an articulate, crafty president and a power hungry Congress and Senate used slogans and catchphrases to intrigue the youth of a nation and captivate an easily convinced electorate. Political correctness, the race card and environmental guilt pushed an entire nation headlong into an undertow that, once drawn under, was inescapable. Like sand through open fingers the people relinquished egalitarian power.  It was then gathered and fashioned into a moat protected fortress, which King Obama entrenched himself in and refused to evacuate.

As each month passed following the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama, Americans refused to acknowledge obvious red flag caveats.  Gradually a socialistic, soft tyranny crept over the nation like a stupor anesthetizing the masses to the implication of their own apathy and inaction.

The result, negative impact on every aspect of American life.  Families suffer losses due to stringent health care policies; neighborhoods stand desolate due unbearable tax burdens. Parents point out obsolete paper money to children in museums.  And insupportable environmental policies snuff the life from disheartened inhabits who occupy streets, searching for solace in a world without comfort.

Over a decade, bit-by-bit, liberal policies were enacted while most Americans were otherwise occupied, disinterested or distracted. The nation was lulled to sleep, force-fed into a policy coma, while the president, Congress and Senate bankrupted the nation and enslaved citizens.

In 2009 politicians urgently persuaded Americans to accept government intervention as a remedy for fostered crises that they were convinced threatened their lives.  At that time, Americans were diligently laboring in a besieged economy. They were too busy to focus on the ramifications of policy initiatives being foisted upon them in the name of “change.” In down time, Americans escaped through reality television and surfing the Internet, repeatedly articulating they, “…were not into politics and their vote didn’t count!”

Liberal politicians seized the opportunity and intervened in bailouts and stimulus packages. As a result, America was ferried into a socialistic style of government before they realized what befell them. Barack Obama’s Marxist platoon of political power whores absorbed the means of production in auto, mortgage, banking, pharmaceuticals and ultimately health care.  They added “insult to injury,” by saddling the American people with a yoke of severe environmental policy.

In 2010, tax rates skyrocketed in order to cover the exorbitant cost of Obama’s government programs and budget.  Inflation from the printing of money and the national debt forced taxes to be raised to 85%, initiating a program where no one receives a paycheck.  Funds go directly to Washington DC and each family is given an equal portion of the common pot in order to further Obama’s Equality and Fairness Pay Code.

Green policies even require bedding be regulated; women are forced to collect rainwater in garbage cans to wash laundry on washboards to save water and energy.  Environmental policies demand eco-friendly appliances installed in every home along with  windows and solar panels on green-shingled roofs, which bury Americans under crippling debt.

Under oppressive financial burdens large portions of the working class have been regulated into public housing, where lights are out at 8:45 pm and communal toilets are programmed to flush once daily. Crowded, dirty, cramped, smelly and dangerous these shelters are overseen by armed Housing Czars.

Emission standards facilitate government to confiscate cars made before 2011, while regulating the number of vehicles on the road.  Since 2013, most people walk or slowly ride bicycles!  Running is fined and strictly forbidden because it causes elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere, due to increased respiration.

Paper money is outlawed and all citizens are tattooed with a bar-code in order to buy food at designated communal co-ops.  Food allocation incorporates government-approved dietary standards.  People with chronic health issues, smokers and addicts are placed in camps, are monitored and deprived of health care. Cameras are installed everywhere and if diabetics are caught partaking of prohibited food, they are denied insulin injections.   Fines for food infractions are calculated, when the limit is met, the result is denial of services, pharmaceuticals and sustenance.

Under the Government’s Right to Choose Act, families are allotted two children and are required licenses to conceive.  After the birth of a second child forced sterilization is promptly administered. Without exception, all unauthorized or at risk pregnancies end in compulsory abortion.  Gay married couples are given credits because of their inability to reproduce, which has encouraged many adolescents to accept and acclimate themselves in response to governmental reimbursements for homosexuals.

In an effort to provide health care to “useful eaters,” the government provides limited palliative care and unlimited end of life drugs in order to save money on the elderly.  Social Security and Medicare were eliminated in 2010 with the enactment of the Obama Healthcare Hygeian policy. 

Granny Goodbyes have become more popular than birthday parties and have become part of the national fabric of life.   At age sixty-five all Americans are required to retire to Conclusion Compounds where they are forbidden to leave the premises under threat of termination.

The First Amendment of the Constitution was edited in 2011, in order to quell talk radio.  After the Fairness Doctrine was enacted free speech was eliminated, the right to peacefully assemble was forbidden and the only religion permitted is the one that recognizes Obama as a type of mortal god who provides for the public need in accordance with government largesse.  Citizens caught with sentimental relics, crucifixes, Bibles, Mass cards, yarmulkes or participating in the environmentally unfriendly nerot are penalized, fined and imprisoned.

In 2013 citizens were forced to relinquish arms after the liberal judges on the Supreme Court amended the Constitution.  Obama Civilian Commandos, who are armed now heavily patrol streets and have permission to shoot whoever is deemed a threat to the common good.

In 2014 we were absorbed into a global organization, our military was dismantled and our nuclear arms surrendered to the international community.  In an effort to demonstrate our desire to be part of the Global Equalization Agenda Obama volunteered as the titular head of the colloquium of worldwide colleagues.

In 2016 the election was canceled and democracy officially ended in the United States of America.  Barack  took full control of the government with the large band of civilian revolutionaries who were trained in the hills of Montana four years prior to the overthrow.  At that time, Obama commiserated with dictators and put his approbation on similar constitutional crises and illegal elections, an ominous red flag that Americans should have recognized, but were too busy programming the iPHONE to notice.

So, in 2019 as Barack Obama rules and reigns from the throne room of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the memory of what our nation once was has dissipated under a cloud of wretched dogmatic tyranny.  The heavy hand of dictatorship has imprisoned an entire nation within a reformatory atmosphere of misery and hopelessness.

Oh, that we had paid attention when there was still hope for change.  Oh, that America had reacted appropriately when Obama was slowly running a “red flag” up the flag staff in place of Old Glory.

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