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Obama’s One-sided “No victor/No vanquished” Maximalist Philosophy

UnknownOriginally posted at American Thinker

The definition of a maximalist is a “person who holds extreme views and is not prepared to compromise.” Although he accuses others of being maximalist saboteurs, there is no one who holds more “extreme views,” or is less “prepared to compromise” than Barack Obama.

In an interview with a supporter and defender of progressive-style overreaching government Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, in a piece entitled “Obama on the World,” self-proclaimed moderate Barack Obama talked of Iraq, Putin, and Israel.

The president used the unrest in the Middle East to describe the state of American politics in the following way:

We have so many things going for us right now as a country — from new energy resources to innovation to a growing economy — but we will never realize our full potential unless our two parties adopt the same outlook that we’re asking of Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds or Israelis and Palestinians: No victor, no vanquished and work together.

Obama did not elaborate on whom, in America’s political system, he likens to ISIS, al Qaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas, so one can only guess.

According to Barack Obama, “societies don’t work if political factions take maximalist positions.” The president said, “At the end of the day… the biggest threat to America — the only force that can really weaken us — is us.” Naturally, that “us” does not include the one issuing the warning.

So, while attempting to explain how American politics are dysfunctional, our doggedly un-self-aware president used Middle Eastern upheaval as a parallel to accuse conservatives of being the very thing that he is — a partisan maximalist.

In essence, Obama was accusing others of doing what he does, which is a classic psychological defense mechanism called projection, where a person assigns to someone else the very same thinking and motivations he himself demonstrates.

Excusing himself from his own failures and assuming zero responsibility for the barrier to political cooperation his own extreme liberal views pose, the underlying message of the interview was that extreme conservative opinions that demand “maximalist” ends are a danger to the country.

Then, after a dysfunctional president described American politics as dysfunctional, he inserted the tried and true ‘diversity’ buzzword into the conversation by contending that “the more diverse the country is, the less it can afford to take maximalist positions.”

While Barry pretends to be chastising ISIS in Iraq by dropping on them what equates to a couple of brightly-colored water balloons, here at home, in the name of diversity he allows gangs of tattooed Mexican hoodlums dressed in army fatigues to roam America’s streets and threaten American lives.

That sort of philosophy works on Obama’s behalf. By imposing a wide variety of illegal interlopers on a resistant public, the president can then accuse those who differ from his extreme views on immigration of xenophobic obstructionism.

Since he was elected, Barack Obama has adhered to the “I won” mentality. Now after six years of shocking ineptitude that has left everything from the economy to the healthcare system to the future of America hanging precariously in the balance the person responsible for the mess has the bald-faced audacity to label those attempting to stop that downward spiral extremists?

On the list of politically dysfunctional maximalists, both in and out of Congress, would be nation-wreckers include extremists like the diminutive governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, whose state the Obama administration sued for trying to uphold immigration law.

How dare Brewer attempt to defend Arizona citizens from a blitzkrieg of sickly, criminal, big government-dependent illegals all of whom contribute to the diversity Obama claims is incompatible with the opinions of conservatives?

Then there’s Governor Rick Perry who, as governor of a state under siege, had to call out the Texas National Guard to protect his people from the tide the president refuses to stem of diseased, lawless humans entering Texas from south of the border.

Other ideological maximalists are Congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA), and Trey ‘the pit bull’ Gowdy (R-SC). Both these so-called extremists regularly nip at the heels of the IRS scandal, and, every chance he gets, Gowdy handily eviscerates perpetrators with the skilled precision of Edward Scissorhands.

Then there’s maximalist obstructionist extraordinaire Ted Cruz (R-TX) whose The Legal Limit Report No. 4: The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power, lists 76 of the president’s “lawless” actions. It’s likely that Obama sees the outspoken Mr. Cruz as a major contributor to America’s political dysfunction and a huge part of the problem of why our nation is presently, as the president put it, a nonfunctioning society.

Alluding to Iraq and Israel, Obama reassured Friedman that in the Middle East he is only going to involve the U.S. if “different communities there agree to an inclusive politics of no victor/no vanquished.”

That “no victor/no vanquished” philosophy must be the driving force behind his plans to “provide a unilateral amnesty to several million illegal immigrants, and award them work permits.” Never mind that those sorts of “inclusive politics” fly in the face of an American public that opposes executive action on amnesty and a Congressional community desperately trying to curtail the president’s repeated autocratic maneuverings.

Speaking specifically about the conservative wing of the Republican Party, the president pointed out to Freidman that “Increasingly politicians are rewarded for taking the most extreme maximalist positions… and sooner or later, that catches up with you.”

That sort of catch-up is precisely what Obama is about to experience himself. Because despite his delusional rhetoric, and based on his own all-time low approval ratings in the polls, this November his maximalist positions will catch up with him and the equally maximalist wing of the party he leads.

Abortion Barbie to Run for Governor of Texas

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

State Senator Wendy Davis, aka “Abortion Barbie,” is planning to run in the first open-seat governor’s race in Texas since 1990.

Ft. Worth legislator Davis rose to notoriety in June by way of an 11-hour filibuster against the proposed abortion clinic regulations in Senate Bill 5.

Ms. Davis objected to the following items: banning abortion after 20 weeks or 5 months of pregnancy; protecting fetuses from pain; mandating that in case of an emergency, abortion doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital; that clinics meet surgical healthcare facility standards; and that women taking the abortion pill would receive oversight.

But Davis’s marathon effort was for naught, because the restrictions were passed into law in a special session called by outgoing Republican Governor Rick Perry.

Loss or not, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun notifying powerful Democrats of her intentions to run for governor in 2014. Apparently, her conviction is that disposing of viable children in painful ways and endangering the lives of women has garnered her support with Texas voters.

And if that’s true, maybe Wendy should retain the theme of her filibuster. Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis should fashion her campaign to echo her staunch pro-abortion sentiments.

Davis for Governor 2014 paraphernalia should seek to proudly remind Texas that Wendy is the grand dame of dilation and extraction.

For example, Abortion Barbie t-shirts can be maroon in honor of the Texas state color (or blood). If you don’t want to share your old Barbie dolls with a baby girl, you shouldn’t have to!

Campaign hats can be adorned with stirrups for decoration, and ice chips in red plastic cups and apple or orange juice can be served at campaign events.

To keep the gubernatorial abortion flame alive, maybe Wendy will agree to wear an open-back hospital gown whenever she’s making a public appearance and hand out Barbie dolls that come with RU-486 pills as an accessory.

Spokesman Hector Nieto said that although she’s yet to announce her intentions, Davis has the right to choose whether she wants to run for governor or not, and has made up her mind about 2014.

While Texas waits with bated breath, the senator has plans to unveil her decision next week. What would be really fitting is if she chose to make her announcement in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Speaking on behalf of Wendy Davis, Señor Nieto said,

“Senator Davis has decided what she will do and she looks forward to making that announcement with her grass-roots supporters on October 3.”

That is unless Wendy is busy on October 3rd sharing the merits of Kermit Gosnell-style late- and post-term abortion with potential voters she’d probably rather see in the polling booth and not the delivery room on Election Day.

‘Hermaneutics’ Cain-Style

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll is encouraging.  It means an honest, straight-talking non-politician can cut through the flowery rhetoric and be taken seriously.  While all eyes are on Rick and Romney, Herman is busy transforming “grass-roots popularity into strong showings in national polls.”

In the end, it’s more than a long shot that the ‘Hermanator,’ a Baptist minister who enjoys singing the occasional Gospel hymn and whose favorite dish is the “Godfather’s combo with extra cheese, sausage, ham, onions and peppers, [washed down] with an icy Coke,” would actually have a chance to win the Republican nomination.

Still, if one were to fantasize about such a scenario, many pleasant ideas come to mind which, if they were to materialize, could inject some humor into a nation that Mr. Cain says needs to “lighten up” and have a few laughs.

Right out of the gate, the first thing that would be striking about a Herman Cain vs. Barack Obama presidential race would be the comparison between Barry dragging out and setting up two Teleprompters to answer a few questions and Herman standing next to him, hands in his pockets, pithy retort at the ready.

On jobs, the President’s usual approach is to attempt to razzle-dazzle with flowery rhetorical proposals that sound good on the campaign trail but, in practice, don’t work.  Herman’s method is to listen to his opponents, look at the crowd, smile, and off-the-cuff respond to half-baked ideas with: “It’s time to get real, folks. Hope and change ain’t working. Hope and change is not a solution. Hope and change is not a job.”

After watching Bobble Head Barack turn from right to left reading what someone tells him he believes off a scrolling Teleprompter, oh, to be able to watch Herman Cain lean over a debate podium and hear him say, “We need a leader, not a reader.”

A “Yes We Cain” versus a “We thought we could, but then we didn’t” run-off for the White House between the man from Georgia and the man from God-knows-where would certainly create mass liberal confusion, because instantaneously the race card would have to be moved to the bottom of the deck.

Oh, but wait! Obama had better not remove the race card too fast. Herman identifies with racists in a way, because as a black man he knows the racism issue isn’t about skin color.  On the left, racism is defined as: “People who oppose Obama,” and in the past Mr. Cain has in fact admitted, “I guess I’m a racist.”

The confusion surrounding having two black candidates for president would make for interesting theatre.  Take for instance Black Panther poll watchers standing guard for racial equality.  How would they know whom to wave their clubs at on Election Day?  Do the Panthers intimidate whites voting for Obama or blacks voting for Cain? How would they figure out who is voting for who?  What a quandary.

Prior to winning the Florida CPAC straw poll, Mr. Cain articulated his intent to replace the tax code with a 999-tax plan where, across the board, he would implement “9 percent tax on businesses, personal income and sales.” If, in the aforementioned fantasy, Herman and Barry get to debate taxes, when it’s the President’s turn to articulate his views on taxes Herman could hold a “999” poster board upside down in front of the camera and America will instantly know where and from whom Barack’s tax philosophy gathers its inspiration.

A perfect retort to Obama touting, blaming and refusing to accept responsibility for failed policies would be for Cain to pose a question to America: “How’s this guy workin’ out for you?”

Who can forget the first lady opining on Obama’s ‘share the wealth’ view of the world, saying, “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

Oh, what sweet irony it would be to watch Obama grapple with Godfather’s Pizza’s successful CEO who saw pie as a symbol of success, not an emblem of imposed sacrificial socialism. A person who, since leaving what he calls “that Democrat plantation” a long time ago, found out that if an individual refuses to adopt the usual liberal victim status, miraculously there’s more than enough for everyone to have a whole pie – if a person is willing to work for it.

Sweeter still would be to hear how cancer survivor Herman Cain would respond to Barack laying on the Obamacare user-friendly insurance language, heartstring-manipulation banter about 32 million+ uninsured, talk of $980 billion in 10-year costs, mandates, and everything else included in Obama’s gargantuan government power grab.

At a recent Republican debate, the potential presidential nominee succinctly boiled down all the healthcare drivel to one concise and grateful sentence when he said: “If Obamacare had been fully implemented when I caught cancer, I’d be dead.”

Mr. Cain has repeatedly proven that when truth is in the mix there is no need for theatrics, or Hermanator hysterics. Cain’s legendary “I’d be dead” comment not only applies to himself as a cancer survivor, but regrettably also predicts America’s future if Barack Obama manages to somehow slickly speechify himself into a second term.

Herman Cain may not be the perfect candidate but, then again, who is? Moreover, Mr. Cain getting the Republican nomination, unfortunately, is doubtful.

However, reality does not diminish the fact that this patriotic man is the master of a unique style of political “Hermaneutics.” In few words, Herman Cain clearly articulates the extent of death, doom and destruction a second term would impose on a nation already reeling from three years of Barack Obama’s perverted brand of “Hope and Change.”

‘Dreamers’ and the Illegal Nightmare

Originally posted at American Thinker

Presently there are two examples of liberal contradiction evidenced in relation to two separate issues involving illegal immigrants.  One situation has to do with an execution in Texas, under the auspices of Republican Governor Rick Perry; and the other is in Washington DC, overseen by the likes of Senator Dick ‘Dream-Act’ Durbin (D-IL) and driven by the President Obama’s goal to grant creeping amnesty to undocumented immigrants.

Recently in Washington DC, illegals felt comfortable enough coming out of the shadows to hear Dick Durbin tell a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that people who are in essence guilty of a criminal offense are “America’s future,” and to encourage those who are not natural born citizens to aspire to the position of president of the United States.

Either the esteemed senator needs a crash course in the Constitution, or Durbin, like President Obama, feels the document is flawed and in need of amendment readjustment.  Like most liberals, depending on the outcome desired, Durbin may believe the nation’s founding document is in continual flux and open to revision according to need.

In order to make future modifications more palatable, the Dream Act website employs the old Democrat standby of evoking sympathy for lawbreakers, claiming, “A group of approximately 65,000 youth … are smeared with the inherited title” of “illegal immigrant.”

Is the new normal in America to disregard the law in an effort to counterweigh the circumstances children suffer for the crimes committed by their parents? That kind of shoddy policy is what is contributing to the rapid disintegration of the America that the parents of illegal children escaped to for a better life.

Rather than standing to be recognized, thanked, and applauded for making the sacrifice to come to Washington DC, in the past any “Dreamer” foolhardy enough to show up on Capitol Hill would have been promptly escorted to a caravan of charter buses and deported back to the country they and their lawless parents unlawfully migrated from.

Which is why, if not obstructed by the likes of the UN or Barack Obama, what is scheduled to take place in Texas not only helps preserve the integrity of America, but also sends a message of more value than the one that says America is the type of nation that looks for opportunities to compensate wrongdoing.

In the coming week, rather than admire and reward criminal activity, Texas plans to strap Humberto Leal Garcia, affectionately referred to as a Mexican national, to a gurney and administer a lethal injection for the crime of raping and bludgeoning a 16-year-old girl to death with a hunk of asphalt.

Despite the ghastly nature of his crime, “Several former U.S. law enforcement officials and ex-diplomats appealed last month that Garcia’s execution be blocked, arguing it puts the safety of Americans at risk abroad,” never mentioning the risk monsters like Humberto Leal Garcia pose to Americans right here at home.

In 1994, Leal Garcia abducted 16-year-old Adria Sauceda, who was “pumped full of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana” and had already been “brutally savaged” by nine men “taking turns” at a backyard party.  Leal “raped her some more before finally ending her misery by crushing in her skull with a 35 lb chunk of asphalt” and leaving her on the side of the road with a stick protruding from her lifeless body.

Even still, joining the commutation chorus are the usual suspects: Barack Obama, notorious for making excuses for illegal immigrants, and the United Nations.  Together the President and the UN are appealing to the Supreme Court to halt the execution of the “38-year-old Leal — who has lived in the United States since he was 2 years old,” because he was denied “access to a Mexican consular official at the time of his arrest.”

What sort of additional guidance could a Mexican consular official possibly offer such a beast? Furthermore, why would Democrats, who seem to be more than willing to revise the Constitution to allow illegals to run for the presidency, be exhibiting fundamentalist adherence to the guidelines that define “lack of consular assistance,” especially if doing so puts a stop to a diabolical murderer’s execution?

Yet an even larger contradiction exists: The liberals who support the Dream Act, including Barack Obama, portray illegal aliens here for only five years as full-fledged Americans; now they are trying to influence Texas to commute the death sentence of a murdering rapist in the US illegally for 36 years, citing three-decade-old ties to Mexico as the excuse?

Which is it?  Does time hiding illegally in the US equal credits toward citizenship or not?  If not, then arguments that support the Dream Act are moot, and Leal’s sentence should be commuted. Conversely, if spending time in the U.S. cancels out illegal status, then Leal being in America since he was two makes him ineligible for international intervention and should be executed.

Liberals are well-practiced at conveying confusing messages, which is why an unconfused Governor Perry should not submit to international and presidential pressure to commute the death sentence of an illegal alien that liberals would consider fully American if he got a high school diploma, but now argue should be viewed as ‘Mexican’ after he murdered and maimed an innocent girl.

Those on the left continue to muddle up the issue of illegals and their status in the United States.  Meanwhile Rick Perry has an opportunity to do a patriotic service greater than all the false compassion and un-American revisionism Democrats Dick Durbin and Barack Obama offer illegals. If the Texas Governor sticks to his convictions, doing so will reconfirm for the confused that in America, there are still politicians with the mental clarity and backbone to remain committed to upholding the Constitution, and the firm resolve to follow the law.

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