‘Fried Fat Cakes’ Michelle Establishes ‘No Fry Zones’

Mrs. Obama should give credit to her husband, because future weight loss will likely have more to do with being unable to buy groceries, being forced to walk because gasoline is too expensive, and experiencing high levels of fat-busting stress. – See more at: http://theblacksphere.net/2013/03/fried-fat-cakes-michelle-establishes-no-fry-zones/#sthash.hOUndW7L.dpuf

The Michelle Obama ‘Let’s Move’ Third Anniversary Tour

In America’s murder capital, the first lady will announce “new ways to bring physical education back into the schools,” which will presumably involve something more than children working up a sweat dodging bullets and running for their lives.

Is Michelle Obama America’s Agent Provocateur?

Originally posted at American Thinker. If the rumors are true — and despite “angry denials” by the White House, it’s finally public knowledge — then when hanging around the presidential living quarters, Michelle Obama does not wear ripped sweatpants and an old “Yes We Can” Obama 2008 T-shirt.  Recently, we’ve …

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