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Race Relation Re Deux


Our country rightly honors great civil rights leader the Reverend Martin Luther King with a national holiday. We have also dedicated an entire month in our calendar year to commemorate and advance Black history. On November 4th of 2008 our nation, which is sixty-six percent Caucasian, elected a bi-racial President.

Disregarding the progress our nation has made in a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History month, the most inspirational and inspiring thing our first black Attorney General had to say to his audience was that, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. It’s puzzling to me why the hope and change administration continues to attempt to stir up racial resentment in the citizenry of this country, while ignoring their own personal and career advantages. Holder’s drum beat is the same old race baiting banter that this election has proven, by its results, to be both tired and fallacious. It is true that there are “unresolved racial matters that need to be addressed”, but not the same ones our Attorney General is underscoring for political purposes and in order to secure a future voting bloc.

What politicians like Eric Holder fail to recognize is the mixed messages he sends out when he supports the policies of an administration that believes that one form of life has value and another doesn’t. To try to convince people that we’re lacking bravery in the area of race, just doesn’t hold up when your approbation is upon the destruction of the very people you are trying to gain respect for.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the whole left wing of their radical party can’t promote a certain philosophy for one group and then expect it to be dismissed for another. Once the value of life is diminished on any level, you give authorization to the American public, regardless of their race, to dismiss all human beings based on personal opinion, feeling and convenience at any given time, for any reason.

The same party that doesn’t want morals to be legislated by religious groups is the same one that supports abortion rights with such a religious fervor that it surpasses even a national, year-round revival meeting. Their battle hymn is, Keep your laws off my body. Liberals want God out of the public sector because they don’t want religion legislating what they feel is misplaced morality. Yet, they think racial harmony can be legislated through this same godless government by laws and edicts, which they utilize to advance a form of race relations that they hope, will benefit them on Election Day.

Liberals attempt to intimidate a nation through shame, self-reproach and racially based law to acknowledge the value and the fundamental worth of people who are different than we are in culture or color. This is based on what can only be defined as twisted sense of ethical relativism, which appears to be an obvious attempt to dispel distinct unseen remorse. In turn, liberals now become the arbitrators of a form of morality they themselves decry. They do this while at the same time encouraging the full scale slaughter of the unborn, which goes against the intrinsic human soul. Someone needs to tell them that love and respect for our brothers and sisters is not something that can be coerced on us by self-righteous politicians but comes naturally from within a pure heart regardless of what Eric Holder says.

Barack Obama’s party works hard to undermine the human worth of the unborn in the minds of the public in order to justify extreme policies. His stance diminishes the value of the life of the unborn, demeaning it to the status of a throwaway “Privacy right.” Liberals vehemently argue that individuals deserve the legal “right” to make a decision about whose life has value and whose does not. Yet, they remain blind to the possibility that they may be the ones contributing to racism by conveying a confusing, double bind message to the American public giving them undercover permission to consider a life as less than worth respecting.

Maybe Eric Holder, on behalf of his own people, should quit being a coward himself and stop advocating his own sense of morality through the advancement of racial resentment and address the following:

Blacks do, indeed, have much higher rates of abortions than whites or other minority groups. In 2000, while blacks made up 17 percent of live births, they made up more than twice that share of abortions (36 %). If those aborted children had been born, the number of blacks born would have been slightly over 50 percent greater than it was.

The comparison with whites and other minorities is striking. Whites made up 78 percent of live births, but only 57 percent of abortions. Non-black minorities had 7 percent of live births and 5 percent of abortions. If the aborted children had been born for either group, the percentage increase in the number of children born to these groups would have been less than that for blacks: 16 and 32 percent, respectively.

Data from 1973 indicate that black a woman’s share of abortions has consistently been at least twice their share of live births .

I don’t appreciate being lectured to by a representative who heads a department that is supposed to foster “justice” but supports FOCA, the most brutal form of abortion policy and the most liberal of guiding principles for a women’s right to choose. As far as I’m concerned, Holder’s support of FOCA takes away his credibility to criticize me about his conjecture that I’m not brave enough when it comes to the issue of race. If the Attorney General wants to lead the American people in the area of race relations he should start by meting out justice against a procedure that is reeking carnage upon his own people, which would exhibit on his part the bravery he thinks we lack.

Race-baiting language is a false form of secular religiosity and Holder‘s homily is misdirected and should be addressed toward the supporters of liberal abortion issues not on the citizens of this nation that respect human life, regardless of race, creed or color. We just came to the end of an administration overseen by a President who supported the “right-to-life” for the unborn and who quietly gave 4 billion dollars in aid to Africa. Bush’s generosity toward the African continent and its people goes unnoticed and unappreciated by liberals who are self-righteously focused on trying to convince us that we “… have a special responsibility to advance racial understanding.” Without fanfare and without the need for accolades or humanitarian awards Bush increased direct development and charitable aid to Africa to more than $4 billion a year from $1.4 billion in 2001, according to the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. And four African nations — Sudan, Ethiopia,  Egypt and Uganda — rank among the world’s top 10 recipients in aid from the United States.”

When the newly appointed champion of justice Attorney General Eric Holder conveys his concern that, “Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion … average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race,” maybe he should be encouraged by us to discuss the fact that for every 1,000 black babies born, there are 472 unborn black babies aborted. How about initiating a discussion like that Mr. Holder?

Attorney General Holder is the one that needs to be reminded by all thoughtful, caring human beings that as part of an administration that is dead set on “…changing the world from what it is to what they believe it should be, that millions of American’s judge the biggest act of cowardice in the area of race is being perpetrated upon the African American unborn. Maybe he should attempt to address the vicious policies enthusiastically and passionately supported by himself, his party and the first African American President and instead of continuing to point fingers maybe he should take the time to look in the mirror.

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“His Excellency” is Not Even in the Boat

washington-delaware-lHistory tells us that General George Washington, the Father of our nation, was famous for leading his troops instead of issuing orders from a perch of safety. In 1776 the situation was ominous and was a calamitous time for General Washington and the American Revolution. When all seemed like it was lost, Washington made a decision to attack the British in Trenton and “… led his troops across the ice-swollen Delaware”. The weather made the situation so grim that they crossed the river under almost unimaginable conditions. However, George Washington continued to lead and remained out in front of his troops, in spite of wind, snow, sleet and rain as a result of his defense and example a large number of Washington’s men followed their leader through the snow, without shoes!

One of the basic principles of leadership is to set an example by being a role model for the people you are leading. Leadership isn’t about talking and instructing but instead about living what you say. The only way to get people to follow is to become the “Change” we want to see in them. Think of great leaders who have influenced the world. Mahatma Gandhi for one became the epitome of non-violent protest he, his life and his actions were the example of the total embodiment of a message. He said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”, which is precisely the point. Would anyone have followed him if after hearing him speak they caught him throwing stones at his enemies?

How about William Wallace and his famous speech heartening the sons of Scotland to be willing to die for freedom? After inspiring them to go forth and confront a mammoth English army, led by the brutal King Edward I who raped, murdered and tortured his country and kin for years, he picked up his sword and charged into battle himself. Wallace fought to the death, always an exemplar of freedom and never compromising his message in a cheap or frivolous way.

“In the course of our history, only a handful of generations have been asked to confront challenges as serious as the ones we face right now. Our nation is at war. Our economy is in crisis.”

“But never forget that the true character of our nation is revealed not during times of comfort and ease, but by the right we do when the moment is hard.

“I ask you to help reveal that character once more, and together, we can carry forward as one nation, and one people, the legacy of our forefathers that we celebrate today.”

These are the inspiring words of Barack Obama spoken prior to a star-studded rock concert two days before his inaugural, a 170 million dollar event that was the most expensive ever held in the history of our nation, which was held, not coincidentally during what Obama himself called, “…the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.” He also acknowledged in this same speech that he was sensitive to the fact that many Americans were, “…worried about their jobs, pensions and retirement accounts” (Reuters, Obama: U.S. in worst crisis since Depression, October 7, 2008).

On January 20th the man who exhorted Americans to new heights all through the campaign season officially moved into the White House.

Speaking of the White House, designer Michael S. Smith has been given the job of redesigning the President’s home for Barack Obama and family.

The Santa Monica interior designer has worked with the likes of Steven Spielberg and Rupert Murdoch, and enjoys creating sunny, warm atmospheres.  (BLavish, Designer Michael S. Smith Gets Obama White House Job 1-15-09).  

“Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should”, especially when we’re trying to lead. If what our nation is experiencing is such a serious challenge isn’t it time for Obama to advance to the bough of the boat as it cuts through the economic ice of a river of hardship? If not, than those of us he’s expecting to walk in the snow barefoot should just find a warm, dry fire to defrost beside because the inspiration to endure isn’t there.

If we are truly in a winding, windy storm, lofty speeches cannot be heard over the whistling of the howling wind. We move forward with our heads down, faces frost bitten numb, ice crystals cling to our eyelashes and our lips parched and cracked. We slog in a direction that is being supposedly forged by one who claims to know the way. When we feel like we can’t take another step, we need to look up and see someone in front of us showing us that it can be done and to persevere onward.

We presently have a new President who is asking us to, “…together…carry forward as one nation, and one people the legacy of our forefathers”, the principal word being “together”.   The definition of together is; in or into a single group, mass, or place, in association with or in relationship to one another; mutually or reciprocally, by joint or cooperative effort, regarded collectively.  Isn’t Obama the one who preaches in favor of collectivism and against individualism?  “In America,” Obama says, “we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.”   The President mocks individualism and then separates himself from the pack living by an individual set of rules quite different from what he espouses to the masses, enthroning himself as a political elite.  

When Chief executives from General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co, and Chrysler LLC asked for $25 billion in federal assistance to bail out their indebtedness to suppliers, workers and to cover other expenses, it was not prudent for them to fly to Washington DC in private jets. Skeptical, “…lawmakers blasted them for flying private jets to Washington and failing to make personal sacrifices in exchange for federal assistance” (Reuters, Auto execs’ private flights to Washington draw ire, Wutkowski, 11/19/08). Congressman Gary Ackerman a Democrat from New York shared an analogy that these executives, arriving in private jets was like “…a guy showing up at a soup kitchen in a high hat and tuxedo” (Reuters, Wutkowski).

Gary Ackerman should have a chat with the President about soup kitchens and top hats. Obama is the one that scolded us saying, “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees…” Then like that soup kitchen attendee in a top-hat, he flew on Air Force One to a Valentine’s date, feasted on decadent southern fare such as pan-seared catfish, low-country shrimp with stone-ground grits and buttermilk fried chicken followed by red velvet cake at tony, up-scale restaurant Table 52. In addition, “It’s perpetual summer in the Oval Office… after he called on Americans to protect the environment and turn down their thermostats Like George Washington’s soldiers “… the rest of the country has been trudging through a tough winter. Ice storms have cut power to millions in the Midwest and South” and instead of being in the row boat goading us on by example, our “leader” keeps his office warm enough to grow orchids! (Fox News, Obama Getting Heat for Turning Up the Oval Office Thermostat, Feb 3/2009).

First Lady, Michelle Obama has also come out with some startling edicts that don’t seem to align with her own personal life choices. “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.” This is the same person who passed on the pie and went straight for the “Love Straight from the Oven” at Table-52, which serves the Smith Family Twelve-Layer Chocolate Cake. I hope Mrs. Obama isn’t giving the little people the message, “Qu ‘ils mangent de la brioche” while she eagerly savors Art Smith, Oprah’s ex-chef’s, Hummingbird Cake.

Elisha Bostwick was a soldier in the Continental Army, who trudged through the snow following General George Washington who led encouraging all the soldiers to “keep by their officers” — when Elisha looked up from his solid, icy, numb feet “his Excellency” went before him. When the American people look up from our ice-covered steps to find a leader, he just isn’t there. Where is he? Why–he’s taken the weekend off to jet home to Chicago on Valentine’s Day weekend, in Air Force One. “Arriving at O’Hare airport Obama, his aides and press corps get into Marine helicopters and clip through downtown Chicago and land at a park on Lake Michigan…” (Huffington Post, Love and hoops topped the agenda for President Barack Obama this weekend, 2/13//09).

As a leader, part of the job is to inspire people, not with props like Greek columns, not with reverb and fog machines, not with supercilious speeches that exalt you above the common folk in style and image. To inspire people you must show them the way by going before them, making a way, cutting the way through the brush, by doing it yourself. You can’t tell people what to drive, fly, and eat and how to heat and then do the opposite from what you’ve suggested to those you’re supposed to be leading.

You can’t criticize past Presidential administrations for running up the deficit and then pass the biggest deficit buster in the history of our nation, “The “stimulus” bill alone will create more debt (approximately $1 trillion including interest costs), than Bush’s first three years of budget deficits combined ($948 billion). And adding the “stimulus” bill to a realistic budget baseline yields a projected 2010-2017 cumulative budget deficit of $8.4 trillion– 2.5 times the size of President Bush’s deficits over the same 8-year time period” (Heritage Foundation, President Obama Set to Exceed President Bush’s Deficits,   Feb. 11, 2009).

You can’t compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln any chance you get. You shouldn’t ride into Washington on the Lincoln express, swear the Presidential oath on Honest Abe’s worn out Bible and then enslave a whole nation and the generations that follow with a tax burden so heavy that the government, which should be protecting our individual freedoms has now become our corporate task master.

You can’t promote green jobs and energy efficiency while, “…the sanctum sanctorum of executive power, Obama has kept it steamy – literally. The entire White House complex is heated by steam radiators, part of an old energy system…Critics say it’s time for the president to put his coat—or his cardigan – back on” (Fox News, Obama Getting Heat for Turning Up the Oval Office Thermostat, Feb 3/2009).

You can’t expect the underlings to walk barefoot through the snow like the faithful foot soldiers that followed the Father of our Nation across an icy river, while you’re cozily fitted with a pair of moose hide Mukluks, 100% silk/wool blend  socks and ride in a leather interior, heavily armored, Cadillac luxury limousine.

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The Brotherhood of the Stinky Stimulus

stinkystimulus“The push to get the bill through before the holiday weekend was so frantic, members of Congress didn’t have a chance to read all 1,071 pages of the document before they could vote” said Sunday, February 15th, 2009 New York Post.

Oh how I wish a savvy insider could have only slipped in an obscure sentence on a page that nobody would have read that said something like this…

Anyone who signs in agreement of this bill — will automatically be let go from the US Congress on the day immediately following its passage!

What’s It All About…Barry?

barry4Shocking! Exclusive: Baby-faced father of little Maisie Dad at 13 read the cover of The Sun of the United Kingdom. The title of the piece came with a picture of little Alfie Patten, the 12-year old father of a dependent two- day old infant in the picture dressed in red and white striped pajamas embroidered with blue lettering. Alfie protectively encircled his skinny, boyish arm around his little daughter looking straight on brazenly into the camera. Alfie’s big, brown; doe eyes just grab you and defy you to ask the question “Is this some kind of a joke? Not everybody thinks Alfie has what it takes to be a good Dad but Alfie is considered by all who know him as “…a lovely little boy”. He admits he’s young and inexperienced but his intentions are good, “I know I’m young, but I plan to be a good dad” and in the world we live in where anyone can be anything, aren’t plans all you need to get the job done?

Alfie exhibits the humility needed to be a good parent, he even admits that he does not know all the ins and outs of the job because of inexperience but he has a good idea of what it may cost and what it entails when he says, “[He] thinks it’s a lot.” There is always the chance that little Maisie may suffer some bumps and bruises from Alfie’s on the job training but he “…thought it would be good to have a baby” and with his formidable skill in the bedroom…he can probably succeed at anything he tries! He’s got style, personality, looks, he’s quick on the trigger when it comes to video games and he expresses his deepest desires with such sincerity.

Shouldn’t we just give Alfie a chance? His good intentions should be enough to quell the fears of all who are even minutely concerned about the well-being and future of this helpless infant. Seeing a newborn balanced sideways in her father’s arms, while he adeptly participates in a rousing game of Play Station with the 15-year old mother of his young daughter, should put everyone’s fears to rest and insure the belief in hope for her future. Watching our Alfie should promote a corporate sigh from the hearts and minds of all who see him and hear his touching story, agreeing together in bi-partisan unity that “Yes, he can!”

Alfie obviously does not have the same resume entries, at twelve, as the rest of the dads who’ve gone before him in his hometown of Hailsham England. However, he does have some formidable skills that should be noted. As mentioned before Alfie has tremendous ability with Play Station, which is a credit to his hand/eye coordination and quick reflexes. He plans to work extra hard at school, keeping a school uniform at his girlfriends house, so he can stay over and go straight from there. He obviously has a way with the ladies long before his time and was “thrilled when he learned he was going to be a dad”. Those qualities are unbeatable in the parenting department, regardless of either experience or preparation. Most importantly many, who know, love and support Alfie’s incursion into fatherhood say, “…he’s a natural with babies, even though he still looks like one himself.”

Alfie made the decision and went ahead with it and now even the Children’s Secretary Ed Balls says, “Our first reaction has got to be to make sure that the young lad, the teenage mum and the baby get all the support they need”,which should assuage the concerns of anyone who thinks Alfie can’t handle the job…he has the support of many, many people around him, which should buoy him toward eventually becoming father of the year. Even if he fails, those who back him will buttress and advocate for him regardless of the consequences of his juvenile impact on his tiny daughter’s life, jettisoning little Alfie straight toward the fatherhood finish line on a wave of good cheer and popularity.

At least Alfie has the humility to admit that he hasn’t much knowledge about the job of being a dad because he’s never even changed a baby, fed one a bottle, pushed one in a pram or even held one for that matter. He even admitted that “…he does not know how much nappies cost” and when you have a baby who needs a nappy change about 12 times a day its best you study up on technique and procedure when it comes to the subject of nappies!

What a wonderful object lesson little Alfie is for our own country. Alfie’s circumstances are similar to our own in that we have a new leader who very well may be the Alfie Patten of the free world. If you want to make the analogy, it’s not easy to argue with the fact that many believe our country is in a similar situation right now. The United States of America, all donned out in our red, white and blue stretchy is for all intents and purposes at the mercy of an inexperienced father who was just four short years ago probably playing Xbox games and shooting hoops with his friends and then “decided” it might be a good idea to be a President.

Our new Dad is inexperienced, ill-equipped, but much like hairless face of Alfie Patten is both cherubic and determined. Observing the demeanor of our new father figure, especially this past week, one couldn’t help but wonder if like Alfie, “…the lad is scared deep down? Just as little Alfie’s father Dennis, the “love rat” who has 10 natural children and 3 step children of his own, explained about his boy, “Everyone is telling him things and it’s going round in his head. It hasn’t really dawned on him. He hasn’t got a clue of what the baby means.” Our politically pre-pubescent President, deep down with the limited experience in policy parenting, probably didn’t have a clue of what being responsible for the biggest baby in the free world actually meant until these past few weeks with his careless Cabinet choices and staggering stimulus bill problems, he too like Maisie Roxanne’s new parents, appeared somewhat “dazed”.

Our nation is like a little Maisie festering in a messy economic nappy in need of promised Obaddy’s “Change” and like Alfie our Poppy isn’t exactly sure how much it is going to cost to clean up the chaos we’re in…It appears as if we’re all about to find out just what Alfie predicted when he said “…it costs a lot!” In our case the cost, as of Tuesday for the sack of nappies our Dad plans to diaper us in, is about a trillion dollars and rising.

Many are asking how Alfie could possibly be in this position, how could a four-foot tall boy, “…who looks no more than eight” be a father? Especially when we find out the child was conceived in a bed whose headboard sported Mickey and Minnie Mouse surrounded by love hearts. So too should we ask how a community organizer, who is a first term Senator, with minimal experience is now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and carrying around a brief case with the nuclear codes? Alfie climbed between the sheets and preformed a part that no one then or now would think he was qualified for physically or emotionally. We now too have a President who could be considered immature in the area of politics. His presence on the political scene is very limited. He is  freshman, adolescent and a political pubertal. However, he astonishingly possessed the potency to impregnate the Oval Office with his pervading presence. Surprising many that an elected official of his caliber, who much like young Alfie many thought on Election Day, “…wasn’t capable of conceiving.”

Those who support Alfie’s misplaced fatherhood do so based on his videogame skill and his lofty parental aspirations and are willing to chance Maisie’s survival based on “…interviews… [where Alfie said he] would make a good parent to Maisie.” Likewise, 52% of the voting population were convinced by celebrity, pledges and colorful rhetoric that an untested, left-wing, liberal Senator could be the leader of the free world. One thing for sure, by the end of this week both Alfie and Obama will be more alike than different in being two of the chosen few who are able to say they both appeared on and are personal friends of Oprah.

Maybe Barry like Alfie will eventually grow into his role, “I hope that somehow these children grow up into responsible parents but the truth is parenthood is just not something they should be thinking about right now.” To see Alfie and to consider that he is actually the father of this small child is “shocking to the core”. So too at such a susceptible time in our history our nation is as vulnerable as little Maisie, internationally, culturally, economically and socially. The choice of an untested leader to wean and coax us through such a high stakes gamut could be an extremely dangerous preference for our nation endangering our welfare, dampening our growth and very well injuring our potential during an extremely formative period in our nation’s history. Let’s just hope that our own personal Alfie Patten doesn’t realize in the midst of a crisis that, “…he doesn’t know what he is doing and of the complications that could come.”

Alfie is obviously “heartbreakingly naïve…unaware of the life-changing consequences of his actions.” But he still thinks he can be a good parent. Alfie lives in government subsidized council housing and Britain’s tax payers pay and will continue to pay for Alfie’s youthful mistakes, “Today Sussex Police and the local council’s children services said they have investigated the case and pledged continued support…” The shocking thing for us is that we too will pay for the ramifications of our own Alfie Patten’s run at being a premature Dad. His Presidency is positioning itself to usher in the same type of social system that presently supports Alfie Patten and many like him in the UK and who’s liberal and “hugely expensive sex education program” may well be responsible for the predicament Alfie finds himself in. Barack Obama also believes that sex education should be government sponsored and paid for. Our baby daddy disregards the counsel of people like Duncan Smith who runs Britain’s Centre for Social Justice who outwardly blames his nations sex ed program as it relates to Alfie’s story, “It’s not being accusative, it’s about pointing out the complete collapse in some parts of society of any sense of what’s right and wrong.” We need to consider if “Change we can believe in” includes an epidemic of 12-year old fathers?

Our President probably didn’t “understand the enormity of his situation – but seemed desperate to be a devoted and responsible father” to our country. He has his own specific plans, ideologies and beliefs on how and what he wants his child to grow to be. Our very own Obaddy has wasted no time in instituting his child rearing agenda on us by imposing huge social policy changes in a short period of time. We’re like a teething three- month old having his pacifier removed from his mouth and being given a side of beef to gnaw on. He is force feeding a suckling nation with a diet that for many is causing a massive case of colic. Ignoring our cries our premature parent, continues to fill the bottle with pabulum that is offensive, overwhelming and oppressive to our palate. It’s going to be quite a shock when in return for our foolish choices, we like Maisie Roxanne, will be the ones who suffer for the mistakes and false conceptions of an unproven father. So with an uneasy acceptance, we like the family, friends and community of Alfie Patten will watch, wait and see if our newly elected political pre-pubescent man child can meet the challenges of an established adult and whether or not our precious, valued nation makes it through the first six-months.

Sources: The Sun, Lucy Hagan, Feeding, nappies…and Play Station

The Sun, Lucy Hagan, Baby-faced boy Alfie Patten is father at 13, February 14, 2009

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Mr. Corleone Goes to Washington


Who can forget in the final scene in the Godfather, the 1972 mafia movie based on the novel of the same name, or the image of the innocent, fresh- faced Michael Corleone? The scene was a cinematic splice fest as the story cut back and forth between the solemnity of the sacrament of baptism in a Gothic Catholic church and the series of simultaneous multiple murders, which Michael had personally prearranged. Blood was shed wantonly in beds and elevators, on massage tables, through revolving doors and by thugs masquerading as police officers. Supposedly Michael coordinated these hits to save his own life and to seal his position once and for all as leader of his Costa Nostra family following the death of his powerful father Vito Corleone.

Michael Corleone was the favored child of a mafia lord who had put his political aspirations for legitimate power squarely on Michael’s privileged potential. This young, educated, polished, war hero was the perfect candidate to rise through the ranks of politics to become either a senator or governor giving authenticity to what was really a bloody, greedy, evil game. It never occurred to Vito that his Marine son returning from WW II a mild mannered, cool-headed civilian would end up being the most vicious, cold blooded killer of them all.

Michael was a flawless fusion of class, smarts and ruthless ambition all packed neatly into a presentable persona that belied the content of his true objectives. Contrary to how he presented himself…Michael was in total control. It was genius to watch the way this masterful Corleone devised the establishment of his power structure, while managing to appear guilt free. He was able to lend his approbation to a lethal band of capo régime soldiers to go out and do his homicidal work all while a vested cleric was busily sprinkling him with holy water. Just as the priest at the baptism bestowed his blessing, so too had Michael given his sanction to a group of violent gangsters to eradicate his enemies, annihilate road blocks to his agenda and take no prisoners…all while appearing to be reverent, innocent and blameless in the eyes of a group of spectators present as he gave a sacred oath to his infant godson. The job got done while Michael’s hands remained unsoiled.

Watching the sequences where these murders unfolded I was struck with an obvious correlation between Michael Corleone and the present power structure at work in Washington DC. Now I’m not suggesting that our new President or his associates are involved in mafia like crime, I’m not! However, the impression that  Barack Obama works hard to project is that he is an affable, easy-going, genial, laid back type of guy whose bi-partisan, collegial efforts decry his mounting dictatorial tendencies, in the style and the manner of  Michael Corleone.

Upon observation, it’s hard not to notice that the mainstream media, when explaining the passing of a socialistic stimulus bill, which the public is ill at ease with, is legislation Obama wasn’t involved in crafting. Listening to MSNBC you would think this stinker is being finagled on Obama by wild-eyed, left winger Harry Reid and his San Francisco policy-purveyor Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Obama’s subordinates want us to believe that the President is as much a victim of socialistic liberalism as the rest of us. Untrue! Just as Michael Corleone was well aware of what was taking place as he was “renouncing Satan” so too is Barry Soteoro well aware of everything that is going on and I believe he is the one who is thoroughly in control of having this radical agenda pushed through.

Obama is not a submissive by-stander but rather a supreme puppet master. He likes to portray himself as the benevolent community organizer. A calm dude just strolling through the streets of the city handing out candy to children and ushering little old ladies across busy streets, with a soft endearing smile, whispered tones and low key style. What we need to be aware of is that all the while he is embracing the lowly under his loving wing he is also making sure he has a firm grip on the leash, holding the pack of pit bulls he is walking in the precise direction he wants them to go.

Lest we forget his roots, Obama has a history similar to Michael Corleone and commands a faithful capo of workers who are loyally committed to both his power and his plans. Barry, like Michael, came on the scene relatively unaware and moderately innocent. Let’s review what happened to Michael? To survive he became more unmerciful than his enemies and this worked well for him in advancing his objectives. This seems to mirror Obama’s metamorphosis, where a “…very egotistical guy with undeniable ambition” (US News, Obama’s Years in Chicago Politics Shaped His  Presidency, Two decades in the Windy City produced the Obama we know today, Kenneth Walsh, 4-11-08)  was able to rise through the ranks of a corrupt organization quickly and effectively. Obama, much like Corleone using intellect and fortitude together with unbridled determination, ultimately achieved the highest seats of power within their separate political  structures, Corleone utilizing literal manslaughter and Obama meting out undercover political massacre.

Chicago is a macro example of what took place in Vito Corleone’s world on a micro-level. According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago, “Chicago politics is a national cliché’, evoking images of a one-party system, dominated by a boss-controlled Democratic political machine whose crafty politicians dangle patronage before competing ethnic and racial groups in return for votes”. In order to survive in that environment and even to advance in such a political landscape, you have to demonstrate “…a warrior instinct” (NPR, How Chicago Politics Shaped Obama, Norris, 2-13-2008).

Michael was perceived to be “wet behind the ears” returning from war, he lost no time injecting himself into a situation that demanded he conform or be destroyed, so too was Obama initially perceived to be naïve. Long time Chicago political operative, Delmarie Cobb came to find out in spite of the initial impression quite  the contrary was true, “…there was nothing naive about him” (Norris, 2-13-2008). Obama’s current Underboss Rahm Emanuel described Chicago politics in the following way, “Politics in Chicago is an all-season sport and it’s not for the fainthearted” (US News, Obama’s Years in Chicago Politics Shaped His Presidential Candidacy, Two decades in the Windy City produced the Obama we know today, Kenneth Walsh, 4-11-08).

In Chicago what came to be referred to as “The Political Execution of Alice Palmer” was Obama’s initiation into the family. Palmer lost a run for Congress in 1996 after choosing Obama, a young community organizer, to be her successor to the Senate seat she was abdicating. Alice Palmer lost that election for Congress and wanted her seat back, but the “fine young man”, which is how Palmer referred to Obama, refused to step aside. Attempting to retain Palmer’s seat Obama initiated a procedural challenge to the signatures on Palmer’s nominating petitions and managed to “kill” her chances. “The whole episode showed that Obama was an extraordinarily ambitious young man willing to do whatever it took to advance…his own political career….some say it was cold hearted, but it shows that if he has to get link pull the trigger (emphasis mine) he will” (US News, Obama’s Years in Chicago Politics Shaped His Presidential Candidacy, Two decades in the Windy City produced the Obama we know today, Kenneth Walsh, 4-11-08).

As a new comer, the means Obama utilized to earn the respect of his elders is eerily reminiscent of the scene in Nuova Villa Tammaro where Michael first pulled the trigger proving he had the stomach to go all the way to the top. Barry showcased his mettle and did what was necessary to advance his political career, the body count started with the political murder of both a friend and a mentor. Alice Palmer quickly found out what Obama was made of just as corrupt cop McCluskey and rival Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo found out when Michael Corleone assassinated them both over dinner after telling his brother Santino and the rest of the amused senior members of his family that he planned on doing it. Michael reassured them that, “It’s not personal. It’s strictly business.” This brazen move catapulted Michael up the political ladder within the family structure just as Palmer’s termination gained young cugine Obama the respect he hungered for in Chicago.

Michael Corleone quickly adapted to the tenor of the crime “family” as did Obama the Chicago machine. In order to get ahead in the rough Chicago atmosphere a callow Obama did what he had to do and if disposing of Palmer was part of it, he was willing to. Michael Corleone was a fish out of water. He was refined and intelligent, quite unlike his ruffian brother Sonny who was a tough-guy gangster who ended up being gunned down very early on. Obama was not from Chicago and lacked Chicago lineage or networking to identify with. It was necessary for him to initiate a thorough grass roots effort and to gain credibility through patrons like Jerry Kellman and Emil Jones, president of the Illinois Senate. He pursued and hooked up with mentors such as Mayor Harold Washington and Daley and former activists turned capo regiments, Axelrod and Emanuel. Formerly self-admitted uninterested in religion and Muslim raised Obama became a “convert” at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s radical inner-city Church with racist, anti-Semitic leanings, Black Liberation theology teachings and powerful links to the community. His aggressive networking even garnered him campaign funding from slum-landlord Tony Rezko.

In Michael Corleone’s world Capodecina are high ranking members in the family who head the “crews” of foot soldiers and these capos have powerful social status and can influence the organization. It is my belief that our President has a grouping of capos around him doing his dirty work so that he can sit back and retain the reputation of being the smiling, mild-mannered, soft-spoken, populist whose oratory skills inspire a people whose best intentions are his only goal. Make no mistake Obama, is the Godfather of the family, he is a decisive Boss and quite probably Michelle (Esquire) is his eager consiglere. Chicago politician Rahm Emmanuel is his Alpha, pit bull Underboss and his capo régime Pelosi, Reid and David Axelrod. These three operatives are presently being dispatched to carry out his express orders, leaving him like Corleone free of blood on his hands if this foray into social engineering should crash and burn.

Patrick Buchanan asked a surprising question in Investor’s Business Daily on February 3rd, “Does President Obama really want this Nancy Pelosi New Deal to be his legacy? Because that is exactly what he is inviting? And before he uses force majeure to ram this bill through the Senate, he ought to consider what the honest objections are… Does he really want to bet the farm on the nag Nancy Pelosi just trotted out of the House?” (IBD, Should Obama Let Pelosi Craft His New Deal? Patrick J. Buchanan, 2-3-09). I want to transmit a message to Mr. Buchanan; “There is not a chance that this bill or any other policy initiative is being crafted by anyone other than Obama”. No more possible than it is possible that Al Capone was unaware that the St. Valentine’s Massacre was taking place on a Tuesday in February.”

Barack Obama is not some baby faced innocent that is unaware of the social structure that is being instituted in this ram-through-bill. He may be figuratively striding through town, Colgate smile gleaming in the noon day sun, donned in a T-shirt with a large peace sign, handing out dollar bills to anyone who says, “Buddy can you spare a dime?” However, he is in firm control of the pack of pit bulls he is walking, with Rahm the Alpha dog rallying the charge. If the people availing themselves to this benevolence step back and take note, the breed of dog he’s picked speaks volumes about his ultimate intention.

Barack Obama is the Michael Corleone of Washington DC. While he was busy in the regal ceremony reciting the Oath of Office with his right hand on Lincoln’s Bible, behind the scenes his cadre’ of capos were scrambling around preparing to do his bidding and carry through with his orders, expediently and severely with his full knowledge and approval and exactly as he planned. The passage of this bill is similar to how Mo Green, raising his head from the massage table was shot through the eye before he could see what was happening in the last scene in the Godfather. In our case our nation’s freedoms, tenants, Constitution and values are in the process of suffering the same violent and devious end as Stracci, Moe, Don Cuneo, Tattaglia and Don Barzini in the closing scenes of the movie, while our very own Michael Corleone-in-Chief is innocuously having bi-partisan cocktails in the Red, Blue and Green rooms of the executive mansion.

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The Spector, Collins and Snowe Job

spectercollinssnow2What could be worse that having a representative, which does just the opposite?  Isn’t a representative someone who stands in or acts in the place of another?  I wonder when the Republican moderates of Maine and Pennsylvania chose Susan Collins, Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe as their “representatives” to the Senate they expected them to sell them, their children and their children’s children down the river in order to appear to be bi-partisan.  Well I don’t believe they are bipartisan at all…I believe that all three of them are die-hard partisans of the highest order.

They may have represented themselves in a disingenuous way, because these three embody the ideals and beliefs of a liberal party even though they all have a capital “R” after their names.  Someone needs to speak to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and tell them that even with these three votes, the bill still cannot be called bi-partisan, because these Senators Republican’s in name only are liberal partisans in actuality.

The definition of partisan is a someone who is a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance…all of which Specter, Collins and Snowe exhibit by their blind, unwavering allegiance to the Democratic cause of ushering into this nation unbridled socialism.

If you look over the chart below on basic conservative issues, these three “Republicans” Specter, Collins and Snowe agree more with Ted Kennedy and Barak Obama than they do Jim DeMint, a Conservative Republican from South Carolina on the key issues.

specter-collins-and-snow-job14All three may be more conservative on the subject of taxes but does that matter when they heartily support federal funding for health care?   They can oppose high taxes all they want but their support of a federal funding for health coverage insures an additional tax payer burden of upwards to $100 billion per year because “… research sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund shows that achieving universal coverage with a plan similar to Mr. Obama’s campaign proposals would add “only” about $104 billion to federal spending in 2010 — not a small sum” (NYT Health Care Now Paul Krugman, January 29, 2009).

It is perceived by many that these three politicians gave the “Judas Kiss” to their constituencies and many of their supporters are suffering from a pervading case of disappointment and an overall sense of duplicity.  Some on our side even are deluded into thinking that Specter, Collins and Snowe somehow wrestled with their decision before they decided to sell their country down the river.  I don’t think they gave it a second thought. Seeing as history is a good indicator of future behavior looking back on the voting history of these three Senators should have alerted us not to depend on them to come through as champions of conservative principles.

Many in our party are shocked because they believe that there was a perfect opportunity for three Senators, on our side, to stand for the foundations of our Constitution, free markets, individual capitalism, and foundational freedoms.  They thought that they would exhibit the bravery and courage of character to make a difference for the benefit of our nation and true to form they failed.  What many on our side of the aisle failed to recognize that these three Senators stood proudly with “their party”.  They banded together with their leader Barak Obama and hero Ted Kennedy as a solid, cohesive unit.  With the votes of three Senators the socialist steamroller reached a quorum of 60.  It was too bad that gallant Ted Kennedy didn’t just stay home in Massachusetts and rest up for his intended incursion into imposing universal health care on us in the last few months of life.  His swan song will be that he can leave this planet with a legacy that will serve him well by burying the US health system at the bottom of the Chappaquiddick like he did Mary Jo Kopechne.

Without their votes, this economic stimulus package would not have passed in the Senate, “Senators Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Susan Collins of Maine appeared to be the critical Republicans to sign onto the bill, giving Democrats the 60 votes needed to advance to the final vote.  Democrats also voiced confidence that  Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Main also would vote for the plan” (Senators Reach Tentative Deal on More Than $800B Economic ‘Spendulus’ Bill, Fox News, 2/05/09).  It is very telling that Arlen Specter called a bill that risks costing American taxpayers $9.7 trillion in bailouts a “moderate compromise”.  Maybe to Senator Specter it’s a moderate compromise, but to rational, reasoning Americans this bill is nothing more than a social engineering manifesto with an initial price tag of 1 trillion dollars, “…stuffed with pork projects and spending programs that don’t even pretend to be about economic growth” (National Review on Line, A Capitulation, Not a Compromise, 2-10-09).

Many conservatives believe that if these Senators would not have broken away and stuck together with their Congressional counterparts, Barak Obama would have had to include the Republican proposals and the bill may have had a very different bent.  What conservatives don’t understand is that Specter, Collins and Snowe would not have been true to their fundamental convictions if they had stood with the Conservatives in the Congress and the Senate.  These three Senators obviously believe we can spend our way out of a recession and don’t seem to have a problem hurting the US Economy.  Maybe they should have spent some time with their buddies in the Democratic controlled Congressional Budget Office who predict the stimulus will in due course hurt the US economy by squeezing out private investment and impeding economic growth.

So it would serve the Conservative Party well to be realists and recognize that we weren’t sold-out for thirty gold coins by Specter, Collins and Snowe because in the long run it will serve our purpose well to separate the wheat from the chaff and differentiate the dark from the light.  Maybe we’ll finally have the wherewithal to distinguish and acknowledge the enemy in our midst and finally rout them out once and for all.  We shouldn’t be surprised that we smell bacon cooking when pigs find themselves in the fire, should we?

When their re-election comes up, because of what we’ve accepted, we now are motivated to grant Specter, Snowe and Collins a new lease on life, a chance to reinvent their futures, to regroup and run as Democrats after we handily boot their pork butts out of our party.  Instead of being disappointed, upset, betrayed and  downtrodden it’s high time to get excited because just as Judas hung himself, so have these three and just as Jesus rose from the dead after His betrayal…the Conservatives in this country are in the process of being resurrected to new life. http://studiomanduca.it/?eh=Order-Nexium-Canada&8ab=52

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The Obama-Rama Tax-Rebate Trauma

taxesI was all excited this morning when I found out that I was getting $13.00 a week in tax rebates from the Obama Spend-a-Rama. I mean it’s hard to not consider, when hearing numbers in the trillions, “Hey, what’s in this for me?” This morning, upon rising, good news finally filled my “catastrophically crisis” filled head. I found out that I too was getting a cut of the “stimulus” spoils. Running through my mind like a ticker-tape was a list of things I could get with all that money. My options ran from 1,300 pieces of penny bubble gum a week, to a Tom Cruise DVD of the movie “Cocktail”, to a Hall & Oates in Concert CD. I mean it was just yesterday that I was humming the tune, “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the Annie soundtrack today; it was “Fortunate Son” by Credence Clearwater Revival providing the background music for these happy, dancing feet.

I felt like James Wilson Marshall when he struck gold in California 161 years ago. I mean in the Czech Republic, you can buy yourself a visit to the government funded socialism paid for doctor for $1.85. What could be better? So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that the devil was in the details. The bill wasn’t even off the press and my $1.85 per day was already being whittled away. I was thrilled about being able to go to 7-11, where I know I’ll soon be going for my own yearly checkups, for a paper and a coffee every morning with my stimulus booty. I knew I would have to budget carefully since the NY Post recently increased in price to 75 cents, which would leave me with only $1.10 for a cup of Joe. This meant that in order to come in under budget I’d have to downsize to a medium from a large, but I’m reminded that it’s time for national “sacrifice” so I’m more than willing to forfeit a couple of ounces of French Roast Java to exhibit my commitment to patriotism.

However, after reading an AP report, upon arriving at work with my pre-stimulus provided Sumatra, I found out, much to my dismay, that…

The $500-per-worker credit for lower- and middle-income taxpayers that Obama outlined during his presidential campaign was scaled back to $400 during bargaining by the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House. Couples would receive $800 instead of $1,000. Over two years, that move would pump about $25 billion less into the economy than had been previously planned.

Officials estimated it would mean about $13 a week more in people’s paychecks this year when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Next year, the measure could yield workers about $8 a week. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption.
“The most highly touted tax cut in the original proposal now translates into $7.70 a week for middle-class workers,” said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (AP, Economic stimulus package on track for final votes, Andrew Taylor, Feb 12/09).

I was floored…my $1.85 per day, $13.00 per week, $52.00 per month, $624.00 per year tax rebate, on average, had suffered a 40% decrease in rebate plunder between home and work! I nearly burst out crying when I realized that I was reduced to having to trade in my $13.00 “Cocktail” purchase, for an alternate $7.70, “Dragon Tales” DVD appropriately entitled, “Yes We Can!” What a shock to my “hope” and “change” system. The Democratic Congress and our newly elected President were just about convincing me that the promise of upper-class, $250K earner pillage awaited me in the years to come and that my $13.00 rebate was just a teaser for the treasure that was about to befall me.

It’s hard to believe that in less than eight hours my daily rebate has been reduced to $1.10, which works out to a rousing $400.40 dollars a year. I was grateful though because my $7.70 a week, with gas at $2.10 per gallon and going up, had provided me the means to buy four additional gallons of gasoline per week. This subsidized gas money comes in very handy at this time in our economic history because I live only about a mile from my job. With the help of this stimulus bill I can get back and forth to my place of employment where I toil away  in anticipation of my income tax rates going up.  My job assures me that I have ample means to cover the cost of the very bill, which provided me with the $7.70 in the first place.

When I regained my composure and tempered my out-of-control ebullient gratitude toward my new President and his economic team I realized that my bottom line might be lacking following the impending expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which have been promised to be dropped by President Obama’s senior economic adviser. It was quite a wake-up call when I realized that the tax rebate I was lauding in the a.m. may very be the death knell to my yearly income in the p.m. According to Larry Summers, any idea of renewing the Bush tax cuts, set to expire in 2010, is a “dead issue”. Summers, a former Treasury secretary and head of the White House’s National Economic Council, made clear to “Meet the Press” host David Gregory that, “Obama is committed to allowing the tax cuts to die” (Newsmax, Summers: Bush Tax Cuts Won’t Be Extended, 1-25-09).

While it is true that I had been granted a campaign promised “distribute the wealth, punish the rich” tax refund I quickly realized that if my calculations were correct my tax proceeds may still leave me owing the federal government money at the end of the year! The thought of it changed my choice of beverage from a medium French Roast at 7-11 to a pricey dry Martini with an olive.

Thanks to the Bush tax cuts, my husband and I presently profit from about $3000.00 extra dollars per year in our pockets. Now, if my math is correct, even with my new Obama-Rama yearly tax rebate of $400.40 I will still owe the federal government approximately $2599.60 a year after 2010. If I’m correct this works out to $50.00 less per week in my paycheck! This morning I was ahead by $13.00 per week and tonight I’m down $50.00. Now that’s a major plummet from the heights of promised riches. The “hope and change” tax rebate gives me $7.70 dollars a week, which means that after my tax rebate expires in 2010, I’ll only have to pay $50.00 per week instead of an exorbitant $57.70? Is that how it works? Wouldn’t it be better for me to be allowed to keep my $57.70 and Obama gets to keep his magnanimous $7.70? Fifty-seven dollars and seventy cents a week provides me with a much more formidable $8.25 a day, which more than covers a coffee and a paper.

So this afternoon I’m just sitting drinking burnt, cold coffee from a flimsy Styrofoam cup, purchased from the local deli, reading a copy of yesterday’s paper I found in the trash. The realization is harsh when I realize I’m no longer the appreciative recipient of the 1 trillion dollar Obama-Share-a-Rama that I was this morning but rather just another cash-strapped casualty of a big government Obama-Tax-a-Rama.

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The Epoch of Irresponsibility

headinthesand-main_full2We need to restore the full meaning of that old word, duty.  It is the other side of rights.  ~Pearl Buck

Many people listening to Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address commented afterward that they “…were especially taken with President Obama’s call for “a new era of responsibility. This is a useful message for Americans of all walks of life to hear — from Wall Street CEOs to unmarried fathers to AARP lobbyists in Washington. The prosperity of recent decades has produced a culture of entitlement and sometimes even of complacency” (CBS News A ‘Responsibility’ Era A pragmatic call to Americans to lift our national game 2-11-08). Just three, short weeks later and I find myself extremely confused…I thought after this historic election we were ushering in a new “Era of responsibility.”

Growing up I was taught that being a responsible meant that I had to be accountable, trustworthy and to be able to always answer for my own actions and obligations. A big part of being responsible included knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting accordingly. So as I matured I learned to always follow through on my obligations and a large part of my commitment included always paying my debts, providing for myself and my family, displaying honesty and fighting vehemently for right and standing strong against wrong. I was taught there were consequences for my actions and that knowledge served as a formidable deterrent and incentive.

On January 20th 2009, the “Era of Responsibility” President sent a strong message, but immediately following his powerful exhortation all his actions have consistently promoted and encouraged quite the opposite. In fact, I would say that if things continue as they have in the last few weeks we have to rename the era and give it a new moniker of “The Epoch of Irresponsibility”.

Since Barry stepped proudly into the Oval Office last month all of his Cabinet Appointments, Executive Orders as well as the “stimulus” bill he is busily hawking have done nothing but underscore the belief that it’s just fine to be irresponsible. In fact, if you are, it might serve you well be you Cabinet appointee, enemy combatant, sluggard or ungrateful citizen.

President Obama’s Cabinet Appointees obviously are among those who supported “Change”.  As expected all of them turn out to be like minded cohorts who rooted and applauded when Obama gave his inspirational “Era of Responsibility” speech. How come these same supporters are also turning out to be a group of Presidential appointees who don’t understand that culpability includes owning up to personal obligations, reliability and meeting the demands of commitments in distinct areas of all our lives? How could those being recruited to oversee the fulfillment of our “responsibility” as citizens of a free nation, view themselves as being exempt from what they enthusiastically espouse and legislate for everybody else?

Timothy Geitner the newly appointed Treasury secretary, who will be responsible for overseeing the IRS, was blatantly irresponsible when it came to paying his own dues. He failed to pay $34,000.00 in taxes for both Social Security and Medicare while he was a senior official at the International Monetary Fund. When an opportunity presented itself for the “Responsibility” President to teach the nation that character is far more valuable than experience, he came down on the side of competency and skill disregarding irresponsibility confirming Geitner to the position.

Senator Tom Daschle was on the precipice of being named to the Cabinet position of Secretary of Health and Human Services when he suddenly awakened to the fact that he somehow failed to pay levies on “…more than $300,000 worth of income he gained through consulting work, including the use of car and driver” (CBS News, White House Says Daschle’s Tax Failure Was a Serious Mistake, Karen Tavers, Jon Karl and Jake Tapper, Feb 2, 2009). When given the opportunity to come down on the side of “responsibility” the “Era of Responsibility” President decided to “absolutely” support Daschle’s nomination.   Daschle had the wherewithal to step down, but at no time did Obama point out to the American people Daschle’s lack of “responsible” behavior, or even his deficiency for overlooking Daschle’s mistake, which I believe was the real “screw up”. I can’t help but wonder if rising through the ranks of the Chicago corrupt political machine and carousing with the likes of Tony Resko, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers and Reverend Wright would make Obama view tax evasion as benign or maybe even consider it a distorted type of character strength?

After declining the nomination, the irresponsible Tom Daschle had his health care suggestions from his scary, socialistic 2008 book “Critical: What We Can Do about the Health-Care Crisis” stealthily woven into the “stimulus” bill. Daschle’s proposals, which if adopted will impact all of our lives in such a way that seniors will face health care rationing and the youth will benefit on the sacrifice of the lives of our elderly population.  The champions of Social Security are ready to sell our seniors down the river to make sure the “useful eaters” get the lion share of the health care subsidies. Daschle’s diabolical ideas will affect every part of health care system, from medical and nursing education, to how patients are treated and hospitals are paid (90-92, 174, 181). All this from someone who “did not realize” that the perks he received were income and failed to report them. If Daschle’s “irresponsible” conduct and daunting plans for Granny doesn’t exempt him from having any input into something so monumental, what does?

Next up we have Nancy Killifer who worked in the Treasury Department and was tapped to be the federal government’s chief performance officer as well as Hilda Solis’ to head the labor Department.  both these women had tax issues in their personal life.  From Killifer’s failure to pay unemployment taxes on hired help in her home, to Solis’ conflict of interest in working with Unions and her husband’s 16-year old tax lien.  Killifer bowed out and Solis’ confirmation is still on hold.   Again, irresponsible behavior rewarded with offers of high ranking, responsible positions by the “Era of Responsibility” President and no public rebuke as a character lesson to a nation in dire need of one.  The message here is that political cronies expect a reprieve for responsibilities the rest of us are under legal mandate to perform.

The “Era of Responsibility” President felt it was his duty to exhibit his support for responsible behavior by overturning President Bush’s Executive Order to disallow federal funding for overseas abortions. By reversing the Mexico City policy, and in an effort to uphold the attitude of fidelity in others, President Obama decided to provide funding for women who would rather evade their responsibility and abort their unborn children. This Executive Order reversal made sure that all those who display the highest form of irresponsibility can receive money from us, even if we’re pro-life. The “Responsibility” President assisted in the disposal of what he espoused to be a “punishment”, one of which he wants his daughters Malia and Sasha to be spared of, in the most brutal and despicable way.

Moving on from there, the “Responsibility” President closed a prison that housed enemy combatants in an effort to teach those who want to destroy our nation, kill our school children and cut off our heads on Youtube that their murderous intentions and actions toward our nation deserve the reward of American civil liberties. To underscore his commitment to trustworthiness the “Responsibility” President’s first phone call to any head of state was to the leader of a terrorist group, Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Liberation Organization . Lest we need to be reminded Hamas is responsible for the deaths of multitudes of Israelis and many of their own innocent people in the Gaza Strip. I’m sure the “responsible” message conveyed to radical Islamic terrorists as well as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Fatah party is that they now have a friend in Washington DC.

Immediately following that historic phone call and in a good faith effort to cast himself worldwide as the fortress of “responsibility” our President had the military trials of Guantanamo Bay enemy combatant prisoner’s halted and withdrew all charges against the USS Cole and September 11th murdering masterminds. He ordered all CIA interrogation centers overseas shut down. I guess this was his way of driving home to the international community that accountability for our actions is our top priority and that knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting accordingly is a standard we, as Americans, hold very high.

Today the “Era of Responsibility” President is on a dog and pony show pushing a “Stimulus” bill that bails out irresponsible behavior by taking tax dollars from reliable people and burdening generations yet to come, who are being taught responsibility from their own overtaxed but conscientious parents. His plan to hold forth the placard of “responsibility” for all to see,  is accomplished by extorting earnings from hard working, dependable Americans and “redistributing” them to irresponsible individuals, many of whom have made a lifetime habit of living off the dole.

The “Era of Responsibility” President also intends on bailing out people who acted negligently and bought houses they knew they couldn’t afford, neither holding them liable nor asking them to compensate for their reckless obligations and immature actions. This includes the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which planned on purchasing assets and equity from failed banks in an effort to strengthen an irresponsible financial sector in hopes of bolstering up the housing market, all in the name of “responsibility”!

Let’s not forget about ACORN. Here is a, “…low-income advocacy group under investigation for voter registration fraud [who] could be eligible for billions in aid from the economic stimulus proposal working its way through the House…this stimulus bill winding its way through Congress [could] provide $4.19 billion for “neighborhood stabilization activities” (Fox News.com, Republicans Object to Stimulus Dollars for ACORN, January 27, 2009)? The sensible thing for the “Era of Responsibility” President to do would be to announce that any organization under criminal investigation should be exempt from receiving stimulus monies.  The willy-nilly handing out of hard earned American tax dollars to those who foster voter fraud can hardly be viewed as demanding accountability and questionable behavior answer for their antics from the “Responsibility” President.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the message of “responsibility” that is being conveyed to our citizens when we realize that, “ The $800 billion-plus economic stimulus measure making its way through Congress could steer government checks to illegal immigrants…the legislation, which would send tax credits of $500 per worker and $1,000 per couple…would allow people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for the checks…undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for a Social Security number can file tax returns with an alternative number.  A House-passed version of the economic recovery bill and one making its way through the Senate would allow anyone with such a number, called an individual taxpayer identification number, to qualify for the tax credits” (Associated Press, Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants, 1-29-09). The word “illegal” is defined as, prohibited by law and prohibited by official laws – so what could be a better lesson in “responsibility” than handing out dollars earned by an honest, law abiding populace to people who are breaking the laws and over running this nation. To drive the point home, the “Responsibility” President should oversee the distribution of the checks at a prime-time ceremony on national TV, complete with Greek columns and replete with the cheers of adoring crowds goading him on.

In response to the Great Communicator making “responsibility” such a priority during the first three weeks of his historic Presidency, the effect of his efforts were on full display yesterday at a town hall meeting in Fort Meyers. Two participants at the event embodied the fullness of accountable, individualism and just screamed private conscientiousness. Responsibility entails personal accountability and the ability to act without guidance or superior authority. A responsible person is someone who is the source or the cause! It was apparent that Obama’s responsibility message had really accomplished its’ goal when town hall attendee Henrietta Hughes presented the “Responsibility” President with her “urgent” need to provide her with a job, home, car, a bump up on the housing authority waiting list – followed up by a kitchen and a bathroom. Santa Claus promptly reached inside his bag of goodies and soothed Henrietta telling to speak to his staff.

Not to be over looked Obama’s laundry list of entitlements was added to by Julio Osegueda, a Florida College student, who was so excited about being chosen by the President that he screamed out, “Oh, gracious God, thank you so much”, which left me to wonder who exactly he was referring to, the Almighty or Obama? But I digress–Osequeda’s breathless question was to implore the “Responsibility” President to use his influence to coerce McDonald’s into providing him with better employee benefits. Obviously, to more patriotic Americans such as me, Julio comes across a tad ungrateful, especially in a time of such “catastrophic crisis”. For him to have a job at all, especially from a company that “…during a year when the stock market lost a third of its value …shares of McDonald’s gained nearly 6 percent, making the company one of only two in the Dow Jones industrial average whose share price rose in 2008.” (NYT, At McDonald’s, the Happiest Meal Is Hot Profits, Andrew Martin, Feb 10-09) puts him among, according to Obama, the insignificant percentage of Americans with both health care and a paycheck. I really think he should to be more inclined toward “fairness” and patriotism. Julio should kick in, sacrifice and above all not ask for more! source site

So as a truly responsible person I think it’s my duty to point out to anyone who recognizes that words mean very little and actions tell the whole story that the only one who is actually acting “responsible” in this scenario is the “Responsibility” President himself.  He is personally answerable for the parade of slacker attitudes and idler initiatives we’ve seen on display.  His soaring, stirring rhetoric, promises and indolent inspiring ideologies are the source and cause of a pervading entitlement attitude that we see overtaking our nation.  Obama’s lack of action and reaction has sent the message that there are zero consequences for wrong or negligent deeds, and in fact, there may very well be rewards.  The “Responsibility” President has fostered a “what’s in it for me” mentality that those who should be accepting the responsibility for their own lives, destiny and future ought to instead look toward government to shoulder their burdens.

To call this the “Era of Responsibility” and then to spend the first three weeks of a Presidential tenure supporting, encouraging, financing irresponsible people and actions and promising to subsidize circumstances, which foster further irresponsibility makes you the only “responsible” person practicing what you preach Mr. President in this your “Era of Responsibility”. click here

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“Only” Government

titanic_sinkingOur President has reminded us that the“… Prevacid Solutab Prescription Only federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back into life. It is http://necmgr.org/?poga=Where-Can-I-Buy-Viagra-In-Houston&244=c4 only government that can break the vicious cycle…” (Obama: ‘Only Government’ Can Break Cycle of Job Loss, Economic Downturn, Fox News, February 09, 2009). It now becomes our choice whether we believe Obama or do we draw on the vast experience we have with our government and come to our own conclusions?

I admit that, although cyclic, our economic Titanic has sunk and many of us are floating around in the water. However, in this particular case we’re not in the North Atlantic, we’re about 1/8th of a mile from shore and there are empty dinghies all around us that we’re being forbidden to use. The shoreline is within reach and we all could more than easily swim to shore. However, we’re being admonished by the Captain of the ship to stay where we are and not to advance on our own strength. Many of us want to head for dry land but the government is placing impediments in our way and telling us if we try, we’re doomed and will all drown.

The Master Communicator is using his bully pulpit to reestablish his belief that as a group we do not have the capability to save ourselves and our individual survival instincts and inbred abilities are being blatantly demeaned. The bullhorn is broadcasting, “We are in a crisis, only government, only government, only government can prevent catastrophe” and although inherently we know that the closer to the shore the shallower the water and the better chance we have for survival, we’re being forced en masse to tread and remain in the water.

While floating around out there we have lots of time waiting for the rescue team to come and save us when a stray copy of the 647 page “stimulus” bill floats by. Hanging onto a full copy of the bill as a buoy, anticipating governmental assistance to come to our rescue, we have the occasion, while splashing around, to reflect on all the other things that “Only the Government can do!

All of us in the water should reconsider our options because this government, who we’re told is our only hope, is also responsible for other things that we all know only they can do. For instance, Only the government” can Buy Effexor Uk :

  • Have a Nuclear Regulatory Commission that cannot guarantee the safety of our nuclear plants.
  • Continue to spend taxpayer money on programs that have been proven not to work.
  • Only the government can foster failure and call it fairness.
  • Take an $819 billion dollar bill, hike it to $920 billion and finally settle at $837 billion and call it a cut!
  • Give tax money to people who don’t pay taxes and call it a rebate.
  • Support a department like the USDA, which can’t keep E Coli and Listeria out of our food.
  • Put a man on the moon but can’t insure its’ citizens a safe and fair election (FEC).
  • Take from the “doers” and give to the “don’t -ers” and call it justice.
  • Pass a law that forbids discrimination and then hire people based on their gender, race or ethnicity.
  • Have an FAA whose technology is almost 50 years old.
  • Interfere with the private sector causing a crisis and then promote themselves as the fix.
  • Support a Custom’s and Border Protection Agency and still have 9 -12,000 illegal’s crossing our border every day.
  • Establish an agency that has full control over the entire United States during a real or perceived crisis (FEMA), but then be responsible for the deaths of its citizens in a real flood.
  • Finance a public school system where its graduates cannot read, put together a coherent sentence or calculate change for a $5.00 bill.
  • Have an agency like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has 15 agencies and administers 30 laws related to food safety but can do nothing to insure the safety of our food supply.
  • Set up agencies like the IRS and have people in charge who don’t pay their taxes.
  • Finance a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), who is unable to track down the source or block the import of unsafe products, especially in the area of toys.
  • Bankrupt Medicare and Social Security and then have the hubris to propose national health care as a viable option for the well being of its citizens.
  • Give government backed loans to people who can’t afford them and then blame the people who do pay their mortgage for the problem
  • Become endorsers of predatory lending and then use the negative results of that policy as an excuse to undermine the free market.
  • Have a Senator proposing legislation who has a record of traffic violations, one of which resulted in the death of another human being
  • Propose a bill loaded down with pork and partisan social initiatives and call it a “stimulus” bill.
  • Intervene in the private sector causing problems and then propose further intervention to rectify the problems they caused.
  • Institute a welfare state and then call it inequity toward those who they’ve trapped in the system.
  • Be incapable of running an efficient Department of Motor Vehicles and still convince the public they can efficiently run health care.
  • Appoint judges who interpret the “Right to Privacy” as the right to kill 6 million unborn babies.
  • …and much, much more!

I think it would be wise for those in the water to drift away from the “stimulus” bill, leave it in the water—and begin to swim to toward the shore!

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The Benjamin Button Bailout


If you think about it, aren’t you just fed up with children in general? I’ve spent a large portion of my life working to take care of my kids and I’m down right sick of it. Now I have an eleven year old grandson and he’s just like his mother was, all he wants to do is eat and play while his parents and grandparents do nothing but take care of him. We work hard to assure his well-being, education, safety and future and he does nothing to pull his own weight. http://nisam-vjernik.org/?llt=Buy-Kamagra-Sildenafil&98d=28 “Change” is what is needed to turn this situation around.

Think about it–all the years of seeing babies being hauled around in car seats, pushed in strollers, hand fed and coddled–it’s just not “fair”. The unappreciative attitude children have goes on for years too, playing endlessly in playgrounds, care-free roller–blading around in beautiful parks, riding their bicycles with the wind in their face, fun birthday parties, lollipops, balloons, school and sports all with a cheery, happy attitude and quite frankly I’m sick of them all! Continual trips to Disneyland, Toys R Us and McDonalds without ever chipping in, and for what? To give a bunch of ungrateful little brats what they want? Well I think it’s about time these youthful leeches learned it’s not all about them.

I’m ecstatic that Washington DC finally has a group governing, which has the insightful wisdom to shift the responsibility in the direction of an irresponsible brood and they’ve done it in a wonderful, modern Benjamin Button sort of way. The “stimulus” plan they are proposing will insidiously insure that the younger child, the more the liability and the longer they’ll have to haul around a huge monetary burden, in the process giving us older folks some long deserved relief. As they roll around in their bassinet groping for their pacifiers, it’s nice to know that the more infantile they are the greater the weight they’ll have to take on. The younger and more youthful the age the more heavily encumbered with debt they will be. Like Benjamin Button, a baby on the outside, but unbeknownst to themselves loaded down with a world of worry, concern and endless pressure, a debt mobile over their cribs spinning around at dizzying speed. They might not realize it now, as they go about their self-centered business of learning to crawl and sticking their fingers into their belly buttons, but in due time these little blood suckers will find out what its’ like to pull their own weight, to kick in and to pay up!

What could be better than teaching the very people who need a hard life lesson what it feels like to have to take care of ungrateful, selfish, self-absorbed people? I think the President, Congress and the Senate are all brilliant! They are “killing two birds with one stone” and giving our children a message, which I think anyone who has children of their own, would agree is long overdue. It’s a valuable pattern that can be passed down to our children’s children and maybe even their children’s, children, which gives this opportunity for instruction a power, which can endure for decades.

While they are out there running lighthearted in the streets, it gives me immense satisfaction to know that they really aren’t “free”, even if they haven’t realized it yet. I hope I live long enough to see the look on their faces when the hard truth hits them. Even if they are too immature to know it now there will come a day when that blithe smile they all wear is wiped off their faces and as they grow the sweet revenge for all of us is that the happy-go-lucky, untroubled outlook they all freely enjoy right now, will be drained from their lives like a bucket with a hole in it trying to fill with water.

They need to find out what it feels like to have to have an endless mound of debt in front of them brought on them by others who are ultimately responsible for it. They should be required to work day and night for their entire lives to pay for a debt they had no part in incurring. It’s our turn to live on the dole. We shouldn’t have to worry about the future we should be able to slough it off on them. I mean with all the soccer they’ve played and all the driving to practices we’ve done, they should at least have learned how to be team players. It will do them good, build in character. We want them too to have a chance to prove their patriotism, get with the program and “step up to the plate!”

So what if we’ve spent 1 trillion dollars already to bailout the banks. Who cares if we’re being pitched a 1 trillion dollar stimulus package that will do nothing to stimulate the economy? I can guarantee that in due time our new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner, true to his past history, will have to back track and realize he will probably have to ask for another trillion or so. Why should we care, it won’t be our problem…it will be a prime-time progeny problem, “The Federal Reserve, Treasury Department and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation have lent or spent almost $3 trillion over the past two years and pledged up to $5.7 trillion more. The Senate is to vote this week on an economic-stimulus measure of at least $780 billion. It would need to be reconciled with an $819 billion plan the House approved last month.

What could be better than acting like children ourselves and not worrying our little heads about it now? There is a lot to be said for letting the “chips fall where they may” many of us have done it by buying houses we couldn’t afford. Who better to carry the weight of “bailing us out” than children who have sucked the life out of us and now have an opportunity to make up for every expense that they’ve caused us. All we have to do is make sure the National Endowment of the Arts has their 50 million to fund Albert Kahle’s giant macramé penis exhibition. We should just continue to go about our business, throw caution to the wind, eventually die and leave the little rug rats the bill to worry about.

So what if “The United States looks to issue between $3.5 and $4 trillion of government debt over the next two years, possibly more, thanks to deficit spending under current policy, the stimulus bill, and the financing of TARP II. To put this in context, the total publicly held debt today is about $6.4 trillion, so we’re talking about increasing the outstanding debt by more than half in just two years.” Part of the plan is to save us from our mistakes by running up a debt so large that there is no other choice but to have our children and grandchildren be saddled with the bill…accomplishing the desired goal of teaching these generational ingrates a lesson.

It will probably work itself out anyway because, the stimulus bill is going to appropriate 116 Billion dollars toward education to give our children all the opportunities for success that they could possibly need. The dollars will set academic standards with No Child Left Behind, K-12, our public schools will be modernized and Pell Grant amounts will be boosted. There will even be 2.1 billion allocated for Head Start, a government run program, which prepares small children for school by enhancing their social and cognitive development. Head Start provides with our tax dollars, educational, health, nutritional and social services to children who qualify for the program. All these efforts will insure that the children who benefit from these subsidies will someday be able to make the massive amounts of tax dollars needed to shoulder the over whelming expense of these same programs. So it all evens out in the end. We don’t want to hear any whining, the children will be more than able to pay for all these things. We need to disregard the fact that these initiatives were supposedly instituted in hopes of alleviating future financial encumbrances in underprivileged children’s lives.

If our children should decide it’s not adventitious to prosper because of the overwhelming tax weight, which may make it more conducive to avoid being a tax payer, not to worry because the stimulus bill is presently putting into place welfare programs which make up 35% of the total package. So if all else fails and our habitually lazy offspring decide they’d rather stay home and play Wii or maybe play handball at one of the parks that they will be paying 2.5 billion for, it won’t matter because being a low income person our children, louts and sluggards that they are can now freely join the corps of the “Millions of Americans who don’t make enough money to pay federal income taxes[and] could file returns…and receive checks.” What could be better?

So our nation needs to take a corporate deep breath, relax and just accept the stimulus bill that, “…will affect us all directly for years, as well as our children and possibly grandchildren. Even if it succeeds in producing enough jobs and consumer and business spending to end the recession, it could lead to a combination of higher taxes, higher interest rates and possibly reduced government services down the road.” We need to acknowledge that this bill serves a double purpose, one of which is to teach a lesson children have needed down through the ages, which is that you don’t get something for nothing.

This is our golden opportunity to be the selfish, self-centered, irresponsible children we’ve always longed to be ourselves. We can do this by ushering in a national Nanny state that will nurse its citizen base at its teats like a wet nurse full to bursting with overextended debt. While we greedily suckle away the ones who are presently nursing at their mother’s breasts are the ones who will ultimately suffer its most devastating effects. While we view them as being the immature, inexperienced ones in need of a lesson, it will be our children and their children who will follow who will be ultimately responsible for saving a nation whose future was squandered by parents and grandparents who accepted a “Change” that very nearly ended up being their nation’s demise.

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