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SAVE LIONS & KILL BABIES: The Moral Dilemma of a Dead Lion

Screen-Shot-2015-07-30-at-9.31.45-AM-300x180Originally posted at CLASH Daily

Call me hardhearted, but unlike late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who got choked-up talking about how Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer killed Zimbabwe’s beloved 13-year-old Cecil the Lion, when I weep, it’s for the 60 million human beings that have legally perished in a natural habitat called the mother’s womb.

Am I missing something here? Because in the moral outrage department something is sorely amiss.

Not that hunting lions is my thing, but here I was just getting used to the morally relativistic idea that there is no right and wrong and then, out of the blue, I find out that although killing babies is an acceptable choice, killing lions is not.

I thought it was the left’s modus operandi to measure every action against a personal moral compass. If it’s right to you, then it’s right – right? Wrong! Thanks to Cecil we’ve come to find out that there is no right and wrong – unless you shoot a lion. Then ethical relativists suddenly transform into self-righteous moralizers.

Actually, as harsh as it may sound, I’m kind of glad the lion issue happened at the same time the Center for Medical Progress/Planned Parenthood baby body-parts videos are being released. It’s very revealing what captures America’s attention.

Here we have Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, heading up an organization that hunts down marketable livers in the womb, and she gets kudos from Barack Obama for doing so. Meanwhile, a sportsman travels to South Africa to hunt, then unintentionally kills Cecil the Lion and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) call for Palmer to be “extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged.”

Kill an unborn baby and get funding from the government. Kill a lion and you’re drawn and quartered by the ethical-treatment bunch.

ISIS beheads Christians and plows piles of bodies into unmarked graves and no one gives a damn, but Cecil is decapitated and the hunter becomes the hunted. Come to think of it, more tears have been shed for a dead lion than were shed for Kate Steinle, the woman shot in the back by an illegal felon in a sanctuary city. Then there was the indifference exhibited by Barack Obama, line dancing in Kenya after five unarmed American soldiers were gunned down in a terrorist attack on America’s homeland.

All of this is not surprising, because if I remember correctly the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was nailed to a tree and the lion’s share of the crowd that called for His crucifixion cheered.

Still, I don’t get why Palmer is getting death threats for killing a well-protected animal while currently 4,000, count ’em, 4,000 baby humans are aborted daily.

As far as well-protected environments go, isn’t a mother’s womb supposed to be a protected environment? And if it is, then why do incinerators turn thousands of aborted human beings into ash while the outraged fuss over one dead lion? Maybe it’s because America has been ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a nation where hunting for sport is a no-no, but killing for convenience is a yes-yes.

Sadly, based on the reaction to Cecil’s untimely demise, America is now a place where a dead lion equals hysterical weeping and gnashing of teeth while dead baby parts tagged for sale on a cold stainless-steel tray results in a corporate shoulder shrug.

The dilemma is that as a society we’ve successfully devalued life in the womb. Unfortunately for poor dead Cecil, when one life loses value all lives lose value as well, even a lion’s.

The hunter/dentist isn’t to blame; our culture is to blame because we’ve indoctrinated almost two generations to believe that having a choice trumps the sanctity of life. Now a guy who likes to hunt for sport exercises his right to choose to stalk prey, takes out that prey, and those who ordinarily justify child sacrifice being peddled as women’s healthcare get all apoplectic.

If 60 million living human beings can be legally scalded, scalpeled, and suctioned from the protected environment of the womb, maybe Walter Palmer was under the impression that shooting a lion with a bow and arrow, if he chose to do so, was not a big deal.

Moreover, how is Walter’s quest for personal fulfillment different than a woman seeking a convenience-driven abortion? Both are selfish desires that are satiated by the death of an unsuspecting victim.

Unlike the non-reaction to babies being extricated from the womb in a “less crunchy” manner in order to finance Lamborghinis, the reaction to the dead lion was best witnessed on the CBS show The Talk where host Sharon Osborne’s sentiments bordered on histrionic.

Mrs. O said that as punishment for the dentist hunting and killing “magnificent animals” he should go bankrupt and lose his dental practice. Host Sara Gilbert responded to Sharon’s outrage by waxing philosophical, opining that cows lose their lives every day, and from a cow’s point of view a cow’s life is no less important than the life of a lion.

In other words, in some circles people have the ‘right to choose’ to kill babies but lose the ‘right to choose’ if they’re hunting lions or butchering cows.

And while righteous indignation over Cecil becoming a wall trophy rages on, today in abortion clinics all across America, living human babies will be viciously yanked from the womb and discarded like pieces of garbage.

PETA, Palin, and the human life hypocrisy

0102-sbs-palin-son-on-dog-facebook-4-227x300Originally posted at Live Action News

Sarah Palin is under fire again, and not for her Naughty Monkey shoes. This time it’s because of a post on Facebook showing her six-year-old son Trig, a child diagnosed with Down syndrome, to reach an otherwise out-of-reach countertop, “step, baby, step[ping]” on the back of Jill Hadassa, the family’s black Labrador retriever.

Besides the fact that the dog appears totally at ease with the situation and not at all perturbed about providing the elevation barefoot Trig needed to reach the kitchen counter, once again hypocrisy is revealed in feigned outrage  when it comes to what’s acceptable and what’s despicable.

PETA woman of the year Ellen DeGeneres’s adorable Facebook posts aside, the reality is that labs are service dogs – good-natured, loveable, and strong.

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show Facebook page.


One service dog website, anythingpawsable.com, described the breed this way: “Once you’re ready to face the world, they’ll always be by your side, shoring you up, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.”

And shoring up Trig is exactly what this wonderfully sturdy dog did.

And while standing on a dog isn’t something that one should make a habit of, the larger issue here is not whether Trig balanced his little body on the Lab; it’s that there’s just something wildly hypocritical about a group of individuals who largely support unborn baby abuse alleging dog abuse.

After all, in the group doing most of the criticizing, having an extra chromosome like Trig Palin is usually the only “stepping stone” needed to support the decision to dispose of unborn life.

So while radically pro-choice politicians like Barack Obama might be praised by animal rights groups for treating his dogs Sunny and Bo better than he treats humans, pro-lifers like Sarah Palin, a woman who defends the sanctity of life, is being condemned for allowing a barefoot child, determined to wash the dishes, to use a dog for a stepping stool.

Let’s just say that because of Sarah’s Facebook post, the “Save the Whales” activists came out of the woodwork for the ethical treatment of Labrador spines.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called Palin’s New Years’ Day post unfitting, saying, “It’s odd that anyone — let alone a mother — would find it appropriate to post such a thing, with no apparent sympathy for the dog in the photo.”

Maybe PETA would have more credibility if they expressed concern over the unethical treatment of all mammals, including unborn baby humans, who are burned, suctioned, and dismembered by mothers concerned for their own convenience and not for their own offspring.

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk had this to say: “Then again, PETA, along with everyone else, is used to the hard-hearted, seeming obliviousness of this bizarrely callous woman.” The “callous woman” Ingrid is talking about is Sarah Palin, who, according to the saviors of eagle eggs, had the audacity in 2008 to grant an interview from a turkey farm where turkeys were being slaughtered.

PETA takes no official stand against abortion; and as long as members defend the life of non-human animals like turkeys, flies, and, any day now, amoebas, they can be either pro-choice or pro-life. Which means that just as long as it wasn’t in a turkey slaughterhouse, PETA would have reserved judgment had Sarah given that 2008 interview at an abortion clinic where fetuses were being slaughtered.

Based in Darien, Connecticut, the animal rights group Friends of Animals is headed up by President Priscilla Feral (as in cat). When presented with the frequently asked question What do you mean by animal rights?, Friends of Animals’ online response mentions “conscious beings…[having]…interests that should be respected.” The word “conscious” is code language that in animal rights circles would include the Palin family dog but exclude Trig in utero.

President Feral had this to say about the Palin dog-balancing to-do:

It’s no surprise to Friends of Animals that Sarah Palin is so insensitive she thinks a Black Lab should be tolerant of a child who isn’t told to not put his full weight on top of the dog’s back by standing on him. How lazy of Sarah Palin not to move the dog out of the way and teach her child the right lessons.

What is surprising is how the same people busy advocating for veganism remain insensitive to the reality and tolerant of the tragedy of 3,000 human babies exterminated per day.

What is also surprising is the audacity of people who make excuses for the millions of women who shirk motherhood and call it choice, but label Sarah Palin lazy for praising the disabled son she granted life.

In her supposedly controversial post, Sarah Palin said:

Trig just reminded me. He, determined to help wash dishes with an oblivious mama not acknowledging his signs for ‘up!’ found me and a lazy dog blocking his way. He made his stepping stone.

In the end, the Sarah Palin/Trig/Hadassa debate has little to do with whether it’s right or wrong to stand on a dog’s back and everything to do with the duplicity of the outraged.

As owner of two standard poodles, it is my belief that Palin commending Trig’s practical doggy-maneuver is much less troubling than animal activists who defend the spines of Labrador retrievers, but ignore “oblivious mamas” who deny children the God-given right to human life.

Using Shock Collars as a Sensitivity Training Tool

Shock-CollarOriginally posted at The Blacksphere

In a world where freedom of choice reigns, in liberal states like New York and Washington “my body my choice” includes everything except for what one chooses to put into and come out of one’s mouth.

In New York, the Department of Education is not only slowly implementing vegetarian-only school lunches, but they’re also banning certain words from standardized tests.  In Seattle, Washington, the city is advising workers that certain words be avoided in official documents and discussions.

Seattle city personnel recently received an internal memo from Elliott Bronstein, chief spokesman for the Office for Civil Rights.  Mr. Bronstein strongly suggested that offensive or disruptive words such as “citizen” and “brown bag” be abolished in the workplace.

Bronstein, grateful that “Luckily, we’ve got options,” requested that instead of “brown bag,” city employees substitute the words “lunch-and-learn” or “sack lunch.” As for the distasteful word “citizen,” Mr. Bronstein recommended considering the feelings of non-citizens by referring to everyone as “residents.”

Despite good intentions, a problem does arise; let’s face it, especially in government, nobody’s perfect 100% of the time. So hopefully there’s money available in state and city budgets to utilize – and someone wise enough to suggest – that some gentle punishment in the form of shock collars be integrated into ongoing sensitivity training.

In the case of a forgetful mishap, a gentle jolt of electricity should break the habit for those foolishly referring to skin color when talking about lunch bags and pocketbooks. As for thoughtless Seattle citizens, if they should lose their heads and casually mention to coworkers that over the weekend they watched the old Orson Welles movie Citizen Kane, such offenders would be guilty of unruly speech.

In New York City things get a bit more complicated, because the list is much longer and more finely tuned. The New York City Department of Education, headed up by school chancellor Dennis Walcott, has decided to ban a whole host of disturbing words from standardized tests.

Walcott said the Department of Education is not being politically correct, they’re simply attempting to guide test developers. Walcott insisted, “So we’re not an outlier in being politically correct. This is just making sure that test makers are sensitive in the development of their tests.”

And allowing the word “ballet” but forbidding use of the word “dance” does what, exactly, to accomplish that educational objective?

Anyway, on the list are 50 examples which include words like “dinosaur,” “birthday,” “Halloween,” and “hurricanes.”   Not included on the forbidden list are words like condom, abortion, homosexual, amnesty, or food stamps.

Because of the diversity of the student body, the Big Apple will be working hard to revamp city-issued standardized tests.  Flushed from future exams will be all unpleasantness associated with words that the financially less fortunate might find upsetting, like “croquet,” “laptop” and “vacation.”

A word of caution: Before New York City goes any further, someone should consider how little people feel about the word “big” in “Big Apple.”  And more importantly, in consideration of environmentalists, shouldn’t New York City educators hearken back to the big alar/apple scare?

All things considered, we’re in a bit of a quandary, because anyone uttering one word, regardless of what they’re saying, could make deaf-mutes feel inferior. Then again, what about the effect on quadriplegics if words were outlawed and replaced with gestures?

Whether it’s big apples or small nuts, deaf-mutes or quadriplegics, in order to be diverse and inclusive, rather than expose students to the vast array of life’s economic, religious, and workaday experiences, the city of New York has decided it’s best to just exclude any mention at all of any type of individual life circumstances.

As for struggles like sickness, disaster, disease, poverty, and homelessness, with Obamacare and government intervention, worrying about those and similar frivolities will soon be a thing of the past and unnecessary to broach in federally-funded venues. The same holds true for any mention of success, wealth, or privilege.

Still, whether test developers are fitted with sensitivity shock collars or not, things can still get dicey because for example, “cows” can be either a benign animal or problematic subject matter for Hindus and PETA types.  What about “balls” being a sticky subject for certain men?  Not to mention the word “happiness,” which could be considered an offensive allusion to gays, and “sugar,” a stumbling block for diabetics.

Worst than that, if Seattle and NYC decide one day to merge lists, or the federal government decides to regulate all words, terms, and expressions, those found bringing  “junk food” in a “brown bag” to school or work could find themselves expelled or banned from city jobs for life.

That’s why in the interim, while the government puts the finishing touches on a program that trains American citizens what to eat, how to think, what to believe and what to say and in what context they can say it, a shock collar pilot program could definitely facilitate a vital long-term goal.

Mourning the Birds and the Bees

13022328-essayOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Recently, there were memorial services for 50,000 dead bumblebees in Oregon and 144 euthanized Canadian geese in North Carolina.  County workers purposely destroyed the Canadian geese, which, in some places in America, have become as bothersome as squirrels.  The geese were killed when they inhaled poisonous vapors. In response, a group of grief-stricken locals held a vigil that included 144 fresh-cut daisies, carnations, and a lot of singing.

That’s right: dozens of goose-stepping, er, I mean goose-loving, PETA types gathered in Gaston County Park in Dallas, North Carolina to mourn the untimely passing of bothersome, honking, pooping geese.  Ironically, after the mass execution, and seeing as how the Gaston County Park is now largely free of goose droppings, it was easy to hold the memorial and sit on the grass hugging, swaying, and singing hymns in honor of Mother Goose.

The cruelty is unconscionable, especially because everybody who’s anybody knows there are alternatives to goose murder. For instance, GeesePeace encourages people to “Start or continue a GeesePeace program in your community this year …You will resolve conflicts with Canada geese, economically, humanely and without controversy.”

Okay, but geese weren’t the only ones being honored at commemorative services.  In Wilsonville, Oregon, 50,000 bees were mistakenly eradicated from a local Target store parking lot with a pesticide named Safari.  The Safari was ‘targeted’ for tree aphids, which were causing sap to fall on parked cars.  The problem is, the pesticide ended up killing innocent, pollinating bees; so, on June 30th, sixty people paid homage to the departed bees.

The Wilsonville Bee Memorial’s Facebook page, designed by group leader Rozzell Medina, urged other bee lovers to join the bee-utiful organizers in their “efforts to memorialize…fallen lifeforms [sic] and to draw attention to the plight of bees at this time and their importance to life on Earth.”

According to Rozzell, the purpose of the event was to make an “ecological catastrophe seem less abstract.” The organizer, Mr. Medina, is an avid member of Occupy Portland and evidently the sole person on Facebook showing interest in the “Deconstruction of Dominant Paradigms” page.

Nonetheless, Rozzell’s Facebook bee memorial group does have some true bee-lievers.  There’s a feminist pornographer; a person who identifies himself as a “revolutionary catalyst”; a green space specialist at “Friends of Trees”; and someone from “Forest Voices” and “Mountain Justice.”

Memorial attendee Barbara Robins said, “When I heard that 50,000 bumblebees had been killed here, I felt helpless and I felt so hurt.” Robins was so distraught about the bumble bees being accidentally annihilated with insecticide that while taking a break from praying, Ms. Robins shared that she has committed herself to writing a letter to the White House every day imploring President Obama to institute stronger pesticide regulations.

Regulations!  Did somebody say “regulations?”  Fret not little bee lady, for when it comes to regulations, Obama has rarely met one he didn’t like.

Either way, Ms. Robins was not alone; Bobo Bernstein was there and he wrote two songs for the occasion.  One tune was a Bobo adaptation of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine.” The somber group joined in singing and improvised by changing up Withers’ lyrics to include edible foods pollinated by bees:

Ain’t no honey when they’re gone… Ain’t no honey when they’re gone… Better put that spray away.

Bee-less flowers when they’re gone. Bee-less birdsong when they’re gone. Bee-less apples when they’re gone. Bee-less peaches when they’re gon[e].

Quite frankly, the whole dead goose/bee thing is a tad un-bee-lievable.  Yet, if memorializing wildlife is your thing, this is America (or at least it used to be), so memorializzzzing dead bees and gassed geese remains your right as a free American.

Still, aside from bee-loving urban farmers and mother’s milk bank workers, one can’t help but wonder what kinds of people commemorate “beneficial insects” and offer up prayers such as: “Dear living beings in bee bodies, please forgive our greed.”

The reason this question is pertinent is because, to date, in America, 60 million human beings have been killed in utero.  Speaking of the birds and the bees, here’s an idea: instead of banning the exterminator from exterminating the birds and the bees, how about we ban the extermination of unborn babies?

And while Rozzell Medina lamented bees still dying in the nets surrounding linden trees in the parking lot of Target, Rozzell’s time, as well as those goose-mourners in North Carolina, would have been better spent rallying together to address the ongoing mass slaughter of America’s children.


Baby Sea Lion Murder at Laguna Beach

Picture 5Originally posted at American Thinker

In the same way that Mark Kelly’s life was forever changed when his wife Gabby was shot in a Safeway parking lot by a madman with a Glock 19, so too has his life been touched by witnessing his 18-year-old daughter Claudia’s dog attack a helpless baby sea lion in Laguna Beach, California. The last time it was at a congressional outreach meeting; this time it was while on a family vacation at Goff Cove Beach, where the message is: “If you do visit this area please do not take, collect or disturb any of the marine life.”

Leisurely walking the beach near the Montage Laguna Beach resort with his daughter and her 65-pound American bulldog, the dog suddenly exhibited instinctual behavior when it noticed a sea lion pup, broke free from the leash, and charged the helpless pinniped. Sea lions detect prey by sensing victim vibrations with their whiskers; suffice it to say that the Kelly dog seriously messed up this particular sea lion’s vibrissae. After locking down on its face with a mandible that exerts 235 pounds of force, assault bull dogs can now be added to the list of the sea lions’ natural predators that includes sharks, whales, and polar bears.

Ruining the mood in an otherwise affluent seaside artists’ community, the Kelly dog, after hunting and capturing prey that typically only includes bear, wild boar, raccoon, and squirrel, could not be coaxed to discharge the hemorrhaging seal from its 42 large teeth. A commotion ensued as passersby rushed to the seafaring mammal’s defense, because the stubbornly uncooperative dog simply refused to release his catch from his grip.


The question arises, especially for a family dedicated to nonviolence: Wasn’t the Kelly dog taught to control its natural aggression, or exposed to the ‘PETA principle’ that states “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way?”

Guess not, because the Laguna Beach incident quickly spiraled out of control. Not only did the Kelly dog exhibit ferocious conduct, but stimulated a similar response in a passerby who, in an attempt to convince him to release the sea lion, and in lieu of a club, beat the hound with an environmentally-friendly piece of sea weed. As screaming and crying filled the air, Kelly’s daughter, who should have taken the powerful dog to obedience class as a puppy, was yanking him from behind screaming, “Let go… let go,” while another woman played tug-of-war with the dog using her full weight to pull on the dying sea lion’s tail.

From the rocks above, some man screamed, “”Drown the dog. He will let go and swim. Trust me,” to which Ms. Kelly responded with an unladylike expletive.

ventually, Astronaut Kelly appeared and saved the day. For lack of an assault weapon to shoot the dog, Mark was forced to shake the family pet loose, after which, visibly annoyed, he yanked the pooch with the blood-stained maw and led a weeping daughter, in need of consolation, away from the dead seal.

Kelly later met with police, who did not issue his daughter a citation because at this time of year it’s legal to walk leashed dogs on the beach. Therefore, Mark Kelly’s daughter’s dog got away with murder, because after dying from his wounds and receiving an impromptu burial at sea, the sea lion was in no condition to press charges.

Thankfully, Gabby “Be Bold… Be Courageous… Support Background Checks” Giffords was not involved in the incident, either as an eyewitness to the crime or as a participant in coaxing the doggy to give up his ill-gotten grub. A spokesman for Kelly and his wife issued a statement calling the bulldog slaughter of the sea lion “a sad accident.”

According to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, there are a large number of ailing sea lions washing up on shore. So the unfortunate event likely took place because a sickly pup made its way to the coastline in search of comfort and was met by Mark Kelly’s assault dog that saw fit to put a “beached animal in distress” out of its misery by crushing its precious little face in a jaw lock.

Therefore, if Mark Kelly is true to form, any day now you should see him in a pet store purchasing another American bull dog. After the disturbing incident on Laguna Beach, in an effort to demonstrate the ease of acquiring assault dogs, watch for Mark Kelly to make the rounds at dog shows and bulldog breeders too. And it won’t be because he’s shopping for another cuddly pet; it will only be to prove a point.

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