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Barack Obama’s Excellent Israeli Adventure

Obama-Israel-holocaust-muse-horizontalOriginally posted at American Thinker

It’s Passover, and although Barack Hussein Obama’s lineage is far removed from that of Abraham, the man should at least put a little of the emergency transfusion blood that they bring along in the president’s motorcade over the lintels of his door.

Mr. Obama’s first trip to Israel as president was similar to his Jakarta jaunt in 2010 and his “Return to Moneygall” tour in 2011.  In Indonesia, the trip was cut short when Java’s Mount Merapi began spewing ash in Air Force One’s direction.  In Ireland, while revisiting his roots, Obama’s limo got hung up on a bump as it left the U.S. embassy.

In Israel, the trouble started when someone filled the engine of the president’s $1.5-million armored limo with gasoline instead of diesel fuel.  Then the vehicle biblically dubbed “The Beast” had to be towed like a busted parade float through the streets of Tel Aviv on a flatbed truck.

It’s unlikely that Obama recognized the parallel, but filling up a diesel-powered car with gasoline is a perfect analogy for what he has done to America.  A clueless Obama insists on filling the nation’s tank with the wrong energy, and now America is broken, in need of repair, and praying to God that an alternate vehicle comes along to save us.

Nonetheless, after “The Beast” was demoted, Barack Obama, who everyone knows is perfect, was overheard apologizing to Bibi Netanyhu for his 600-person back-up team, saying, “It’s embarrassing, our entourage.  My wife, Michelle, teases me mercilessly.”

Instead of blaming the help, Obama should have apologized for the conversation he had with Nicolas Sarkozy at the 2011 G20 summit that was picked up on an open microphone.  It was there that Sarkozy said of Netanyahu, “I cannot bear Netanyahu; he’s a liar,” to which Obama responded, “You’re fed up, but I have to deal with him every day.”  As Air Force One touched down at Ben Gurion Airport, an observant Israelinews commentator concisely summed up the Bibi/Barack relationship: “To tell the truth, they can’t stand one another.

Rising above the rancor and deciding to let bygones be bygones, Obama greeted Netanyahu, saying, “Good to see you…and it’s good to get away from Congress.” The president’s best effort at mending fences was to tell Bibi Netanyahu, who knows full well that Obama despises him, that there’s actually an entity he despises even more.

Immediately following those cordialities, there was a state reception with Israeli President Shimon Peres, whom Obama called “brother,” and Mr. Netanyahu, whom Obama did not call “brother,” after which the president inspected the Iron Dome battery and met with Israeli Defense Forces.

From there Obama flew to Jerusalem for another reception at Peres’s home.  That was where the Teleprompter Thespian put on his best Talmudic storyteller face and quoted from Honi and the Carob Tree.

Barack Obama, who’s so adept at planting seeds of dissension and division here at home, left his mark in Israel by planting symbolic “seeds of progress … security … [and] peace.”  Calling to mind Jesus’s words — “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots” — the Israeli government plans to inspect the Jackson magnolia Obama planted in the Holy Land.  If the sapling fails the inspection, the newest addition to Peres’s presidential garden will be uprooted.

After the tree ceremony, Obama visited Israel’s Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem.  Disregarding the 55 million humans tragically slaughtered since 1973, it was at Yad Vashem that the man who supports another holocaust called abortion emphatically declared that “[a] holocaust will never happen again.”

Donning a yarmulke, Obama relit an “eternal flame next to a stone slab above ashes recovered from extermination camps after World War Two.”  While there, President Pro-Choice said, “We have a choice to acquiesce to evil or make real our solemn vow — never again.”

Obama pointed out that “we could come here 1,000 times, and each time your heart would break.”  If the patron saint of NARAL really wants to comprehend heartbreak, he should check out abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial up in New Black Panther poll-watching territory.

After Yad Vashem, Obama visited Mt. Hertzel and the graves of the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl and slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.  From there it was off to Netanyahu’s residence to discuss Iran, Syria, and the fate of Israeli spy/U.S. citizen Jonathan Pollard, currently serving life in a maximum-security prison in Illinois.  Then a press conference and a dinner unlike the dinner Obama didn’t invite Mr. Netanyahu to when he left the Israeli prime minister sitting alone in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

At Binyamei Ha’uma, the president addressed a group of Arab and Israeli students that understandably excluded those irritated with Obama for inflicting himself on Jerusalem during the wind-up to Passover.  Obama dined with Peres, went sightseeing, and breakfasted with Netanyahu at the lavish King David Hotel, where he and his crew took up 233 rooms, and did it all before scurrying off to spend time with King Abdullah in Jordan.

It’s common knowledge that the president has a history of attracting flies, rats, lightning, and volcanic ash.  Therefore, it was standard fare when a fierce sandstorm grounded Obama’s helicopter, forcing him to travel instead by car to Palestine-controlled Bethlehem in a slow-moving motorcade, where he met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Not counting car repairs and travel costs, the excursion totaled $500 million in unblocked aid to the Palestinians, $200 million to the Jordanians, and a tow truck full of meaningless platitudes to Israel.

And so, at the end of Obama’s Israeli vacation, the broken-down Beast and the backup blood were loaded back onto a cargo plane for the flight home.  Barry and his souvenir kippah departed the Holy Land possibly liking Netanyahu a teeny bit more than Congress.  Left behind were angry Israelis and Palestinians, a still-pending Jackson magnolia, a wreath at Yad Vashem, remnants of an Exodus-like sandstorm, and visions of Barack’s big, butch, 18-foot-long armored limo being castrated by a tank of gas.

Tripping the Light Fantastic with Lady Gaga and Obama

Originally posted at Pajamas Media

Just the other day Lady Gaga took another tumble, which indicates once again that the woman formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and Barack Obama, formerly known as Barry Soetoro, have a lot in common.

Lady Gaga and Barack Obama are overnight sensations, have huge cult-like followings, know how to pack a stadium, and do their best work communicating over a microphone.  Lady Gaga can play piano, drums and the keytar, and Obama can play an audience. Stefani talks to God and Obama is convinced he is God. One loves to sing about Judas, the other loves himself and labels his detractors Judas.

Ms. Germanotta does a blasphemous impression of Madonna and, try as he might, when it comes to channeling Ronald Reagan, Mr. Obama falls short.

Lady Gaga and Barack Obama both spoke insensitively about Special Olympiads and later were constrained to publicly apologize.  The only difference between the two is that to date, Obama has yet to show up behind the podium shod in a pair of Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes.

Attention junkie Lady Gaga and imperious amateur Barack Obama are bound to fizzle out.  The past tells us that media creations launch into the stratosphere and then, lacking endurance, swiftly sputter and fall. Yet, despite recent Easter and Passover hubbubs and various and sundry ongoing controversies, meteoric icons Gaga and Barack continue to press on.

Barack is a politician and Lady Gaga a pop star, both notorious for unstable footing – Gaga literally, Obama politically.

With nary a shred of embarrassment, Gaga fell while making her way through Heathrow Airport, got up and kept going.  Recently, “while trying to straddle” her flaming piano bench, she slid off, hit the floor, and then bounced right back up, never missing a beat.  Then, weeks later, Miss Germanotta danced up a storm, threw off her jacket, swung her bleached blonde hair around, stomped sexily in the direction of her dance troupe, and again hit the floor – hard.

According to TMZ, “Just like the last fall … Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.” Effie Orfanides at the Gather Entertainment Channel made the following observation about Lady Gaga’s resiliency:

The great thing about it is that she just falls over and doesn’t miss a beat. In fact…Gaga tried to incorporate the fall in to her routine, which is very hard to do…especially when everyone knows that you’re prone to toppling over during your shows. Anyway, no one seems bothered by her constant dropping…It’s actually less funny to watch now that it has happened a bunch of times!

Which brings the conversation back around to Barack Obama – both Barry and Steffi fall over, struggle to stand, and subject the world to a never-ending show that’s downright painful to watch.

Barack is the Lady Gaga of politics, all glitz and hype and totally overexposed.  The President may not be dancing around in a meat suit, but politically, the man slips and slides all over the place. Much like Lady Gaga, Obama benefits from the affection of a youthful audience.  These days, his approval rating continues to drop and flop, like Lady Gaga attempting to simultaneously stand erect and maintain coolness.

Afghanistan; Libya; tax cuts then tax hikes; raise the debt ceiling, then regret being against raising the debt ceiling; offshore drilling on again, then off again; Defense of Marriage Act then no Defense of Marriage Act; against lifting Don’t Ask Tell, then time to lift DADT.  Is Guantanamo prison open or closed?  On all these issues and many more, Obama straddles a blazing political piano seat and the public is noticing that the guy who often mentions “God and gays” keeps hitting the floor with a crash.

Barry’s slide in the polls is so embarrassingly dramatic that in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, instead of filling out basketball brackets the President might fare better if, in the future, he takes to the stage and purposely topples over à la Gaga.

Unfortunately for America, much like Lady Gaga Obama “falls over” yet “doesn’t miss a beat,” and of late, based on the content of his oblivious speeches, is clearly attempting “to incorporate the fall into [his] routine,” but the audience, filled to the rafters with formerly ardent fans, are wising up to the con.

In 2008, voters sang along with Lady Gaga: “I want your everything as long as it’s free/I want your love, love, love, love.” After enduring the President’s klutzy governing style and witnessing his inability to keep from stumbling on the world stage, the nation is finally starting to comprehend that they’ve been involved in a “Bad Romance” with someone who is dangerously out-of-sync with the rhythm of the nation.

So, in the end the Gaga/Obama duo remains alike in a lot of ways, except for one huge difference: as clumsy Lady Gaga continues stumbling about in packed arenas, Barack’s audience is slowly drifting out of his amphitheatre.

Obama Establishes Muslim Passover

Posted at Renew America

The history of the Jewish people is a long and arduous one.  At Passover, Jews who spent nearly 500 years enslaved in Egypt remember the miracle of God’s deliverance as He sent Moses with a message of hope that God’s chosen people would be released from the anguish caused by the repressive yoke of a cruel taskmaster.

The event is chronicled to have taken place in the year 1446 BC, and 3,500 years later, the Jewish people are on the cusp of being surrounded by a noose of hostile Muslim nations, including Egypt, the nation from which they were originally delivered. And what does Barack Obama compare the Passover message to?  The struggle of extremist Muslims, a people whose core seethes with hatred toward the Jews and who, if given the chance, would forgo enslaving Israel and instead exterminate them.

When Obama hosted the last Ramadan dinner at the White House, the focus of his statement to his Muslim guests were exclusively directed toward Islam’s value and contribution to America’s history and future.  The President ended his Iftar remarks in the following way:

For in the end, we remain “one nation, under God, indivisible.”  And we can only achieve “liberty and justice for all” if we live by that one rule at the heart of every great religion, including Islam —- that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

For Passover this year, the President chose not to focus on Israel, a nation threatened daily by murderous hatred.  Nor did Obama reiterate, for those whose democratic chant contains the words “Death to Israel,” to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

Obama didn’t chide the Muslim extremist world for putting Israel in a position to require fresh blood over the lintels of their doors to guard against imminent destruction, but instead decided that Passover was the perfect time to express how God’s deliverance of the Jews is “reflected in Muslim uprisings.”

The story of Passover…instructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and the responsibility it entails. This year that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.

This year, Obama failed to make the connection between Passover and the Jewish nation’s ongoing struggle for survival. Presented with an opportunity to deliver a Mosaic message of warning to the Arab world to release God’s chosen people from the bondage of hatred, Barack Hussein chose instead to create an inappropriate bond between the miracle of the Creator making clear that Yahweh would move Heaven and Earth on behalf of His chosen people, and the Muslim uprisings.

Obama said:

As Jewish families gather for this joyous celebration of freedom, let us all be thankful for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us, and let us work to alleviate the suffering, poverty, injustice, and hunger of those who are not yet free.

In essence, Obama stressing the plight of Muslims on Passover would be like lecturing the Jews, midway through the Red Sea, on the injustice of bloody water, dead frogs, gnats, flies, sick cows, boils, wild weather, locusts and darkness, or the tragic death of the first-born son of Pharaoh Amenhotep II .

With that in mind, what better way for the modern-day children of Israel to begin the process of agreeing to a Palestinian State than by ceding exclusive rights to Passover?

In the meantime, Obama chooses to ignore school buses filled with Israeli school children being showered with Islamic rockets from Gaza and innocent Jewish families with sleeping toddlers slaughtered in their beds.  Rather than address the ongoing oppression of a nation enslaved by the threat of death on all sides, Obama’s idea of a Passover remembrance is to turn his face from Isaac’s plight and once again focus attention solely on the concerns of Ishmael.


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