‘Stand by the Man’ dressed in the tighty whities

Hillary told her that her greatest comfort came not from prayer, a divorce lawyer, or from blaming Republicans for her cigar-smoking husband’s philandering ways, but from heading down to the porch and quietly singing the song ‘Stand by Your Man,” which gave her the ability to endure anything Bill did, does and will surely do in the future.

Don’t Be “BLUE”…Just “DUCK”

The President and First Lady are being criticized for going out on a date, while American soldiers were dying in Afghanistan.  Addressing the controversy, Barack and Shelley, bubbling over with warmth took a couple of minutes to speak to the press, while entering a restaurant in Washington DC on their …

Obama’s 66.6 Elder Deathscare Initiative

Packing and cracking open a second package of Marlboro’s and in the spirit of bias, ambiguity and end of life counseling the President is stumping to gain support for his insurance reform initiative in Nursing Homes, geriatric wards and Senior Centers across America.  Traveling with him is a cheer-leading squad …

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