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Obama Sleeps While Americans Die

 Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Despite the poor economy, high unemployment, and the overall state of national malaise, Barack Obama has been hinging his prospects for reelection solely on the fact that the architect of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, is dead. Rather than giving most of the credit to Seal Team Six, who actually risked their lives by entering the global terrorist’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, President Obama has spent months extolling his own steely determination.

Few would argue that after September 11th 2001, George W. Bush’s handling of the terrorist attack on American soil is what likely won him a second term. Be it Timothy McVeigh or al-Qaeda, American presidents staring down extremists on behalf of Americans usually gains them more supporters than critics.

Therefore, listening to Barack Obama talk about his positive impact on the war on terror, one would think that the 44th president finally found a winning formula to ensure a second term and a terror-free future for Americans around the world.

Yet, what Obama never mentions are the 30 Americans, 22 of whom were DEVGRU Seal Team Six elite Navy SEALS who, in the aftermath of bin Laden’s body being dumped in the North Arabian Sea, were shot down by insurgents while flying in Chinook helicopters in Afghanistan. In addition, what Barack Obama also never addresses is the astounding increase in military deaths by hostile Taliban forces since he took office in 2009.

Now, Barack Obama finds himself up to his nostrils in the muck and mire of controversy over a terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. On the anniversary of killing 3,000 innocent Americans 11 years prior, in a pre-planned, coordinated attack on the American consulate in Benghazi the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia took credit for slaying US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, computer specialist Sean Smith, and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

America is now learning that despite the Obama administration’s indignant reaction to a low-budget anti-Islam video which for two weeks was blamed for the loss of life in Benghazi, the White House was fully aware that what was happening was indeed a terrorist attack. In the same Situation Room where Beyonce and Jay-Z had visited months earlier, the White House watched in real time, via unmanned Predator drone, for five of the seven hours that the four Americans struggled to stay alive. In the end, President Obama chose to do nothing to stop it.

Worse yet, it is being alleged that while Christopher Stevens was being tortured, raped, and killed, the president, who had plans to go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next day, went to bed. Meanwhile, as the president slept, life-saving troops were but an hour away in Italy.

That brings us to the 2012 election. Despite his desperate attempts to convince Americans that he singlehandedly rid the planet of the world’s most notorious terrorist, unlike George W. Bush in 2004, it appears that the bin Laden slayer is still losing credibility with American voters.

One can’t help but think that if on September 11, 2012 Barack Obama had at least attempted to rescue those four Americans, his prospects for reelection would be quite different today. If the commander-in-chief had demanded that every effort be made to save the lives of Stevens, Smith, Woods, and Doherty, even if the effort failed he would have been viewed as a tough leader. The drama, the bravery, and the dedication of a US president vowing to “leave no man behind,” whatever the cost, would have eradicated any chance Mitt Romney might have had to replace Barack Obama behind the Resolute Desk come January.

Instead, on the anniversary of September 11th Barack Obama chose to turn his back on four Americans whose lives were lost at the hands of Ansar al-Sharia, and the question is why? Didn’t the President realize that by saving their lives, in the process he could have also secured a second term?

So yes, Osama bin Laden is dead, but as the American body count continues to climb, the question that remains is: What possible reason could Barack Obama offer America for sending SEAL Team Six into Pakistan to kill one terrorist, but then refuse to send help to Libya to rescue four Americans under siege by a band of murderous militants?

This time, Barack Obama’s foolhardy decision to put himself first cost four Americans their lives and should also cost him the election.

Kabul or Just Plain Bull?

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Barack Obama flew all the way to Afghanistan to surprise the troops, sign a pact with President Hamid Karzai, have his picture taken giving a speech at Bagram Air Base with flag-draped armored military vehicles as a backdrop, and give himself a ‘We’ve got me in the house’ shout-out. Only God knows how much it cost the American taxpayer, not counting staff and security, to fuel up AF1 and fly 14,000 miles roundtrip to Kabul. At approximately $181,757 per AF1 hour, flying to Afghanistan for what amounted to a campaign speech tallied up to cost much more than if Obama stayed home and just used his $1.1 million dollar 2012 campaign bus, “Ground Force One.”

Once in Afghanistan, the President stopped just short of donning a fashionable Hamid Karzai-style Karakul hat and bomber jacket with his Nobel Peace Prize medal dangling from a ribbon around his neck.  Speaking from the bowels of a war zone in Kabul, international peacemaker/part-time poet Barack Obama regaled war-weary Americans with lofty images of “sunlight glistening off soaring new towers in downtown Manhattan,” and the “light of a new day on the horizon” in Afghanistan.

To some, traveling 14 hours one way to review his successes may seem a bit much.  However, the mysterious middle-of-the night trip provided the perfect milieu for Obama to read his victory list before taking the first of many planned victory laps.

According to the President, his Afghan victories include “devastat[ing] al Qaeda’s leadership, taking out over 20 of their top 30 leaders,” and of course that ‘gutsy move’ when, one year ago, he allegedly remained on the golf course to avoid being blamed if the bin Laden assassination, carried out by Navy SEAL Special Forces, somehow went awry.

Therefore, on the anniversary of ridding the world of Osama, without mentioning the specifics of his future objectives Obama felt it was appropriate to fly to Afghanistan to reassure the people of America that the goal he “set to defeat al Qaeda, and deny it a chance to rebuild – is within reach.”

Emerging from between two armored vehicles, Obama approached the podium and spoke aggressively about how he and his Administration have successfully curtailed the “Taliban’s momentum.”  Evidently, when not in discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt, Obama took time to be in “direct discussions” with Islamic militants from Afghanistan, which is how he successfully impeded the Taliban’s momentum.

With a huge notch on his imaginary gun belt, tough-talking Barack Obama declared that “We have made it clear that the [Taliban] can be a part of this future if they break with al Qaeda, renounce violence, and abide by Afghan laws.”

On the next campaign stop, someone should hold up a cue card to remind the President that asking Taliban fighters to renounce violence and adhere to Afghani law would be like asking the Muslim Parliament to place US foreign aid to Egypt ahead of their affection for the newly proposed “Farewell Intercourse” law.

Nevertheless, at least for the length of the President’s live broadcast from Afghanistan, wary Americans were able to relax knowing that “Many members of the Taliban – from foot soldiers to leaders – have indicated an interest in reconciliation.”

Unfortunately, the Taliban’s ” interest in reconciliation” must have been short-lived because less than two hours after Barack Obama headed home from his multimillion dollar campaign stop, militant suicide bombers bid him adieu by disguising themselves as women and blowing up a foreigners’ housing complex in Kabul, killing seven people.

So what happened to the successful negotiations Obama cited in his Bagram Air Base speech?  Well, it’s likely the Taliban, who regularly stone women and hang 10-year-old boys for allegedly spying, changed their minds.

Either way, when it comes to the war in Afghanistan it does seem that Obama is unofficially keeping score. Yet, despite tooting his own zurna, there is one success he keeps forgetting to mention. If election-year one-upmanship is Obama’s goal, he should at least share that when it comes to the question of who racked up the highest number of American body bags and flag-draped coffins in Afghanistan, he’s the hands-down winner.

Obviously, President Obama wants full credit for accomplishments that far exceed President Bush’s. Therefore, besides stomping all over eight years of GW’s foundational work that made killing Osama bin Laden possible, it should also be mentioned that in just “39 months in office, 69 percent of the U.S. military fatalities in the more than 10-year-old war in Afghanistan …occurred on [President Obama’s] watch.”

Comparing who’s done more, according to icasualties.org  there were approximately 1,234 U.S. military personnel mortalities related to Operation Enduring Freedom from January 20, 2009, when Obama took office, until December 31, 2011. Less than half that number of military deaths occurred in Afghanistan from 2001 through 2009 when George W. Bush was in charge.

While eager to share his successes at a podium at Bagram, somehow Barack Obama left the war-torn country without mentioning that one of his most notable presidential accomplishments since 2009, when compared with GW Bush’s last three years in office, is ownership of a whopping 233% growth in U.S. military fatalities.

How about that for a banner to unfurl at the next self-exalting Barack Obama-sponsored campaign event or inevitable “ticker-tape parade?’

And so, it seems that besides burning up expensive jet fuel by flying to Kabul, in anticipation of the 2012 election Barack Obama hopes to begin repackaging himself as a great wartime leader.

Most importantly, while in Afghanistan and on behalf of America’s dead war heroes, part of the President’s speech requested that Americans assist him in creating “a nation worthy” of those who gave their lives in fighting a decade-long war. Barack Obama’s chosen method to accomplish that goal?  Grant him another four years to rebuild a country whose three-year list of domestic catastrophes, much like the U.S. military’s mounting body count in Afghanistan, has also grown by 233%.

‘Just for Men’ like Osama and Obama

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

For the first time ever in my adult life…I dyed my hair.  That’s right, I just turned two years shy of 60-years-old and I took the plunge and rid my head of stray grays.  It didn’t change my world; in fact, no one really even noticed. But one thing’s for sure – despite what the book “Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for bin-Laden from 9/ll to Abbottobad” claims Osama bin Laden had hoped hair dye would do for him, it didn’t do for me either, which was to make me sexier.

Still, since my 58th birthday, at least on a hair-dye level I do relate to Osama bin Laden who, allegedly to improve his appearance, “midway through his fifties… regularly applied Just for Men dye to his hair and beard to try to maintain a youthful appearance.”

In his book Manhunt, Peter L. Bergen claims that Osama bin Laden, the pathetic creature we saw last year not long before his death, sitting on the floor watching news reports about himself on an old TV, had expressed the sentiment that “His family life in Abbottabad was a source of genuine solace” for him.

Therefore, the reason the upkeep on his head and beard was so important to him was because, besides jihad and annihilating thousands of innocent people, family man bin Laden “believed deeply…[that]… polygamy was a religious obligation.” According to Bergen, “To his close male friends [Osama] used to joke, ‘I don’t understand why people take only one wife. If you take four wives you live like a groom.'”

There you have it. The al-Qaeda leader’s idea of a frisky groom is someone who, during his downtime, mixes up “natural versions of Viagra,” made of Avena syrup and wild oats.

And when not sowing those wild oats, apparently sex machine Osama kept his gaggle of concubines enamored by walking around the compound with Vaseline around his ears, a plastic bag secured by a clothes pin on his head, and Just for Men combed into his scraggily beard — which I must say, for the female residents of the bin Laden zenana, certainly must have been enticing.

Who would have thought by looking at him that the reason the late polygamist faithfully used Just for Men was to maintain a husbandly stud-muffin facade?  It’s understandable though; for Allah’s sake, the man had a harem of women with whom he was committed to regularly participate in sexy time. So, in order to preserve that lady-killer persona he was so famous for, we now come to find out the man’s secret weapons were hair dye and sex tonic.

This brings the conversation around to yet another beguiling 50-ish world phenomenon (besides myself): the eternally youthful Barack Obama. Although it’s never been mentioned by him, it appears Obama has also been known to address a stray gray or two now and then.

Try as he might to hide it, the President can’t, because if you stare long enough at his closely-cropped hair, occasionally it begins to resemble a time-lapse photo series as it changes from ebony on Monday to ivory  on Saturday and back to full fledged Just for Men Jet Black by the following Monday morning.

Of course, for Barack Obama the effort to ‘youthanize’ himself with paraphenylendiamine is not about acquiring a harem, because he claims to have “improved his gene pool [when he] married up.” But then again, he also will intermittently “brain storm” with border security advisor Eva Longoria, and the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” Beyonce has been known to drop by the Situation Room on occasion, which would inspire even the most devoted husband to try to maintain a young-looking appearance.

Nonetheless, while Barack Obama remains cloaked in a shroud of hair-dye secrecy, thanks to Peter L. Bergen the world now gets a front-row seat to the Navy SEAL assassination of Osama bin Laden. As an added bonus, we’ll also learn about what went on as history’s most notorious terrorist mastermind padded around in his pajamas for ten years in his comfortable Pakistani hideout.

Manhunt readers will gain new insight into what fueled the Saudi Arabian love machine who, when not plotting mayhem and murder, wrapped himself in a blanket and spent afternoons mixing up love potions. Know this: if he had managed to survive, the egotistical bin Laden would probably never have revealed the secret of his irresistible virility.

The same is true for Barack Obama, because when it comes to smoking, and more importantly hair dye, the first lady appears to be sworn to secrecy. On numerous occasions, Michelle Obama has obfuscated on her husband’s behalf, a practice which has enabled the President to continue to pretend nobody notices the ever-changing black and white kaleidoscope pattern on display directly above his shoulders. 

Yet, despite the ongoing mystery, Barack Obama’s weekly disappearing and reemerging salt-and-pepper head gives observant Americans like my newly-dyed self the insight that, at least as far as hair dye is concerned, what went on in Abbottobad is probably not that different from what goes on 7,053 miles away, on touch-up night in the White House family quarters.


Heartbreak Amongst Heroes

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Lest we forget, on May 2, 2011, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot dead, and rightly so. After performing a flawless covert exercise, Navy SEALs Team 6 left the scene, taking with them Osama Bin Laden’s body. The SEALs treated the terrorist’s corpse with respect, giving him a Muslim ceremony and burying his body at sea.

When Barack Obama met the DevGru SEAL operators who made Operation Neptune Spear successful, the President noted that the men “looked less young and fearsome than he expected, and more like guys working at Home Depot.”

To assure that the identities of the unit who led the operations remained confidential, security precautions were put in place and “despite the numerous news reports that named the SEALs, none of the anonymous briefers from the CIA and Pentagon would confirm it.”

Notwithstanding being unable to get any of the facts straight about the raid itself, in an effort to take preventive measures the President and his team, including counter-terrorism Chief John Brennan, attempted to be cautious about revealing which units accomplished the daring feat, referring to special operation Navy SEALs only as “a small team of Americans.”

In the days following the raid, in a coordinated effort to make a weak Obama look like a strong wartime president, members of Congress who were briefed on the operation, in conjunction with a very confused White House press office and other unnamed officials, slowly leaked conflicting tactical details about the raid on bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound.

Then there’s Joe Biden.  Joe either didn’t get the confidentiality memo, or if he did, didn’t bother to read it. Either way, America can always count on Joe to say the wrong thing.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

As Barack Obama was doing his Obama killed Osama/take out the “B” replace it with an “S” victory lap, Joe Biden, who used to just provide comic relief, proved himself to be downright hazardous to classified information.  The Vice President must have been so caught up in the thrilling enthusiasm of the “tempting moment” that once again he spoke without engaging his brain.

The night after bin Laden was killed, at a dinner at Washington’s Ritz Carlton Hotel to mark the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Council, Joe Biden said the following:

Let me briefly acknowledge tonight’s distinguished honorees.  Admiral James Stavridis is a, is the real deal.  He can tell you more about and understands the incredible, the phenomenal, the just almost unbelievable capacity of his Navy SEALs and what they did last Sunday.

Folks, I’d be remiss also if I didn’t say an extra word about the incredible events, extraordinary events of this past Sunday.  As Vice President of the United States, as an American, I was in absolute awe of the capacity and dedication of the entire team, both the intelligence community, the CIA, the SEALs.  It just was extraordinary.

Little did America know that while Barack Obama was practically being showered with confetti in a virtual ticker-tape parade overseen by the left, the soldiers who carried out the operation were unintentionally being offered up as a sacrifice on the altar of Barack Obama’s bid for re-election.

A few weeks later, amongst friends at Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that although the agreement on the way bin Laden was eliminated was to keep all aspects of the operation classified, those close to Obama, including Vice President of the United States, didn’t stick to the agreement.

After the leaks went public, a deeply concerned Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the following:

Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day.

We are very concerned about the security of our families – of your families and our troops, and also these elite units that are engaged in things like that. And without getting into any details… I would tell you that when I met with the team… they expressed a concern about that, and particularly with respect to their families.

A month later, the man who admitted during his tenure that he wept nightly while writing condolence letters to fallen heroes, retired.

Now, three short months later in Eastern Afghanistan, that which former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates feared would happen did happen when “A military helicopter was shot down in eastern Afghanistan, killing 31 US special operation troops, most of them from the elite Navy SEALs unit that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, along with seven Afghan commandos.”

Although none of the soldiers who perished are believed to have taken part in the bin Laden raid, the fallen are from the same band of brothers. Gone indeed are the “family” members whose safety the SEALs expressed concern over to then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

While the horrific loss may be a coincidental casualty of war, it is also a symbolic message from the brutal Taliban and an act of revenge by terrorists who failed to reciprocate with the same measure of respect afforded the deceased Osama Bin Laden, leaving bodies of dead American soldiers “strewn at the scene.”

Rest assured, Robert Gates is weeping tonight. The former Secretary of Defense maintained that troop safety was his number one priority. However, Gates had no power to save Navy SEAL Team 6 from Taliban terrorist rocket fire launched skyward in the remote hills of Afghanistan.

Contributing to the tragedy is the reality that loose-lipped political operatives with a lackadaisical attitude have to live with the question as to whether top secret information leaked in haste led the Taliban to exclusively concentrate its focus on retaliating against the soldiers who took down Osama bin Laden.

Expert at placing blame, it’s highly unlikely the President will assign himself and his administration the same level of responsibility for being at the helm for “the worst single day loss of life for the US led coalition in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001” as he did the self-congratulatory kudos when bin Laden’s corpse was dumped at sea.

So later this week, right around the time Barack Obama is being feted at his $71,600 per couple fundraiser in New York, somewhere in America flag-draped coffins of heroes lost in a national tragedy will be unloaded from a military cargo plane and returned to fatherless children, grieving widows, inconsolable parents and a sad, but grateful nation.

Two Sides of a Vanity Coin

Originally posted at American Thinker

It’s both pathetic and eye-opening to see a spectacular legend sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket, reviewing fuzzy images of himself on TV.  In recently released images, a pre-mortem Osama bin Laden, remote in hand, looks like a homeless guy in a squalid shelter, not a terrorist mastermind planning and driving tactical decisions from a Pakistani command and control center.

The compound in Pakistan where al Qaeda’s operational chief was killed by US Navy SEALs delivered “the largest trove of intelligence ever obtained from a senior terrorist leader.”  From the captured cache officials released five very enlightening “video clips of bin Laden taken during the raid, most of them showing the al Qaeda leader, his beard dyed black, evidently rehearsing the videotaped speeches he occasionally distributed to his followers.”

 The videos expose Osama bin Laden’s nefarious plans, half-truths, and pre-recorded messages, which “condemn[ed] US policy and denigrat[ed] capitalism.”  As an added bonus, the video also revealed evidence of bin Laden’s vain personality quirks.  One of the terrorist mastermind’s idiosyncrasies appeared to be a disproportionate obsession with personal image, which is a trait eerily similar to his foe and ultimate deliverer of justice – a guy with a similar name who “jealously guards his [own] image” while reading off a Teleprompter.

No sane person would argue that the most significant benefit from the confiscated videotape is intelligence.  However, an unexpected profit gained from the collection is insight into a President who, like Osama, somehow morphed into a mythical being but whom, upon closer inspection, is slowly turning out to be nothing more than mortal flesh.

Both Osama and his rhyming foe Obama have been buoyed along with religious fervor by cult-like followings. In both cases, the foundation upon which the adversary’s iconic status has been built is based on philosophical ideas, alleged oratory skill, and reputations cultivated by fictional imagery rather than tangible reality.

Although Barack’s popularity was gained for reasons different from the homicidal activities that catapulted bin Laden to the height of notoriety, as it turns out the guy who finally gave the thumbs-up to kill the al Qaeda mastermind also happens to be equally concerned with physical appearance and public perception.

A larger-than-life phantom up until the very end, Osama evoked worldwide fear; yet in one segment of the confiscated videos he is seen to be a feeble, gray-bearded, vulnerable old man, subject to the cold, holed up in a disheveled room, wiling away the time by watching videos starring himself.

One official said: “The videos make clear that bin Laden remained active in al Qaeda’s terrorist propaganda operations, especially in shaping his own image. It is improbable that this kind of footage would be anywhere but with bin Laden… [who]… jealously guarded his image.” The only thing missing was a couple of Greek columns.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious that President Barack Obama would never be caught sitting on the floor of an untidy room, shivering beneath a blanket and watching a CRT television set featuring reruns of his INVESCO Field speech.  However, 7,000 miles away from Pakistan in Washington DC, in Barack’s world he makes certain to be tightly scripted and avoids media disasters through fastidious styling and assistance from a high tech Teleprompter.

Osama’s surprising obsession with how he looked was showcased on the tape when the fearsome commander of worldwide terror’s scruffy beard showed up gray in one shot and black in another.  The same sort of self-consciousness would be on evident on a time-lapse display of Barack’s short-cropped hair change from Monday morning black to Friday afternoon salt-and-pepper. Barack Obama’s ongoing albeit subtle weekly transformation helps the world better understand the sort of Narcissistic obsession that gripped the al Qaeda leader who, when not planning to blow up the world, was carefully dying his beard.

Terrorist tendencies aside, concern for outward appearance and public image takes up residence in a certain type of person, and both Osama and Obama embody the trait. So, after 10 long years, Osama bin Laden, a man who practiced speeches, loved watching videos of himself, and whose chest hair sometimes didn’t match his chin hair, in an ironic turn of events, was justly relegated to the annals of history by a equally big-headed nemesis decked out in designer duds.

Even still, the world is well aware that Barack Obama adheres to diametrically opposed philosophical goals from his now-deceased archenemy from Abbottabad. Yet who would have thought bin Laden, living in compounds and caves among goats, camels and fellow terrorists, actually rivaled Barry in the narcissism department?

 In the area of egotistical conceit, the duo’s pervasive self-absorption extends far beyond ideology and political leaning, because both men share a surprising character trait: prior to bin Laden’s assassination, rivals Osama and Obama were like two sides of a vanity coin.

Cartoon by Richard Terrell of Terrell Aftermath

Modine Inspires Prague – American Thinker Blog – April 8, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Barack Obama should establish a position called Miracle Czar and recruit world peace maharini/Hollywood actor Matthew Modine for the job.   In Modine’s opinion America should take the time to sit with Osama bin Laden and lovingly ask the sensitive questions necessary to get the terrorist to soften up and “hear us.”

Modine believes in the miracle that enemies become malleable if someone earnestly reaches out, pulls up a chair, lends a sympathetic ear and asks insightful questions like, “…listen man, what is it that you’re so angry at me about that you’re willing to have people strap bombs to themselves, or get inside of airplanes and fly them into buildings?” Apparently Matt Mo thinks somebody, somewhere, needs to overlook bin Laden’s naughty behavior, shortcomings, and destructive temper tantrums and give the guy a second chance.

Inside Prague Castle, Barack Obama exercised the stuff of Modine-style miracles employing new and innovative methods to ensure global peace by signing a strategic nuclear disarmament treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. “Obama hailed the agreement, as “an important milestone.” And Medvedev called the treaty “a truly historic event.”

The only thing the event exhibited was the truly historic level of Obama’s foolhardiness. Why would a prevaricator like Obama, who wouldn’t recognize the truth if he tripped over it, trust anyone’s word? Let alone a Russian President?  And then, in good faith, proceed to cut strategic nuclear arsenals deployed by the U.S. and Russia by 30 percent?

Truth teller Dmitry crossed his fingers and promised — and naïve liar Barry believed him?  Obama, expressed collegial belief that “Together, we have stopped the drift, and proven the benefits of cooperation. Today is an important milestone … for U.S.-Russia relations.” Such collaborative language likely swelled Matthew Modine with hope for global harmony.

Medvedev shared the treaty “opens[s] a new page” in Russian-American relations. True!  Thanks to Barry, the United States is on an incremental fast track to becoming a minor world power. Which, when compared with years of American military dominance, is definitely “a new [age] page.”

Dmitry said “What matters most is this is a win-win situation. No one stands to lose from this agreement… Both parties have won.”  Win-win for sure—a win for Russia, a win for China, a couple of win-wins for North Korea and Iran and most definitely a win-win for rogue dictators salivating over the potential to acquire nuclear weapons.

After willingly laying down a third of the nation’s ability to defend itself, tough talking President Obama addressed Iran saying, “We are working together at the United Nations Security Council to pass strong sanctions on Iran and we will not tolerate actions that flout the NPT.” We won’t tolerate what? Iran will get what… time out, no dessert, and X-Box restriction?

Shockingly, Medvedev turned back the “new page” three seconds after signing the treaty by publicly opposing Obama.  Dmitry, “reject[ed] a total embargo of Iran, saying it would cause a “huge shock for the whole society and the whole population.” If given a chance to input Matthew Modine would likely say that when it comes to quelling Iran’s ire, the miracle of accepting interaction holds potential for even wild and crazy dictators like Mahmoud Ahmadenjad.

The “historic” strategic nuclear disarmament treaty needs 67 votes in the Senate to become ratified, which means eight loath Republicans will have to endorse it. Obama may need to send Matthew over to the Senate to sit down and reason pesky Republicans into submission.  Who better to convince them that in Barack’s Obamerica unconditional love and understanding, not military might, ultimately holds the key to Modine-inspired worldwide peace?

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