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Despite Its Epic Failures Worldwide, Obama Continues to Water Down Communism

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If anyone questions whether or not the elite ruling class in this country is trying to make socialism more palatable – think again. The president who ascribes to a “whatever works” mentality that says human life can be viewed as either a baby or a clump of cells, is now promoting a similar view when it comes economics.

Just like he does with same-sex marriage, the sanctity of life and sexual proclivity, during his tour of South America, Obama blurred the lines between communism and capitalism when he counseled young Argentinians that they don’t need to adhere to any one economic philosophy, but can “choose from what works.”

The pontificating started when a question was posed to Obama about attracting funding from both the public and private sectors to fund nonprofit community organizations. Rather than just answer the question, the president, who was speaking extemporaneously, saw it as an opportunity to exalt what he’s spent the last eight years trying desperately to advance.

Obama stressed that the differences between capitalism and Marxism are as benign as the differences between being a Republican or a Democrat.

The president said:

So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate.

Whoa! Did Obama finally admit that the left embraces communism and the right identifies with capitalism?

Either way, rather than commend the benefits of capitalism, which is the economic system of the country that he leads, Obama moderated the differences and said that left and right debates over communism and capitalism are “interesting intellectual arguments.” Tell that to socialism’s 100 million victims.

Then he said:

[b]ut I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works.

Besides “work” being the operative word, this sort of advice is relativism on steroids.

Moreover, although the generation Obama was addressing have the right to choose to kill their unborn babies, individuals living a market-driven economy like the U.S. do not get to pick and choose between capitalism and socialism.

Nonetheless, Obama was so intent on desensitizing his audience to socialism he went so far as to praise Cuban dictator Raúl Castro’s socialist system. The president gave kudos to Cuba for free education and universal health care (two state-run ways to control people Obama extols) but had to admit that Havana “looks like it did in the 1950s,” which may be why Cubans continue to float their way to Miami on rusted out Chrysler DeSotos circa 1955.

Hard as it was for Obama to concede, Cuba’s economy, where people make $1 a day and eat rationed food, isn’t working. Earth to Obama, socialism never works.

Here’s what is worrisome, based on what he had to say, it seems as if Obama wouldn’t mind American workers living under a Cuban system as long as American cities don’t look anything like Havana. Other than that, he’s fine with it.

Another problem is that the group of people Obama was speaking to might not be historically astute enough to realize that communism and socialism, wherever it was tried, never worked.

But, then again, Barack Obama is the “one we have been waiting for.” Right?

Therefore, if ever there was someone who could make an economic system that has failed every time work, the guy whose election marked “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and [the] planet began to heal,” would be that someone.

Either way, American entrepreneurship, which is what made America great, clearly doesn’t work for Barack Obama, which might be why he told successful American business owners “You didn’t build that.” Somebody else made that happen.”

But what is clear is that Obama adheres to an ideology that believes market-based systems have to have a “social and moral and ethical and community basis.” In other words, capitalism needs to be run by a government that Obama views as “moral and ethical” so that “immoral…unethical” business owners don’t become rich, or, worse yet, independent of government control.

So either the president just suggested that communism/socialism can work, or Barack Obama was attempting to float an idea for a new moral and ethical economic system

Barack Obama makes heroine of drag queen

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One thing that’s great about America is that regardless of what your opinion is, you’re free to express it.  That is what LGBT advocate Barack Obama did when he tweeted kudos to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner for dressing in drag and posing proudly on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Judging from the media circus surrounding the former Olympic champion-turned-reality TV star, even a wrongful death suit pales in comparison to what Obama feels is the remarkable valor of a clearly troubled grandfather of five leaving as his legacy a picture of himself dressed like he’s auditioning for a role in La Cage Aux Folles.

In fact, despite the bizarre nature of a man keeping his genitals tucked neatly away during a photo shoot, in Obama’s gender identity-obsessed circle, a 65-year-old male ex-Olympian dressed in a cream-colored bustier channeling Jessica Lange is someone the POTUS apparently feels is worthy of national respect.

Conveying that level of admiration has to be why Obama instructed his mouthpiece, Josh ‘Not So’ Earnest, to let the world know that, from one raging narcissist to another, the transitioning Jenner has Barry’s approval.

The truth is, based on Obama’s left-leaning political bent and peculiar list of priorities, inserting himself into the midst of the transgender festivities is more than predictable.  Any day now, Obama will probably extend bipartisan/transgender support to the newly-minted Republican cover guy/girl by inviting him/her to the White House for some playtime in Michelle’s clothes closet.

Until then, the president’s reaction does cause one to pause and reflect upon what Josh says Obama considers “tremendous courage…worthy of our respect.”  After all, if Barack Obama is suddenly commending the gutsy, there’s a long list of individuals he has neither acknowledged as courageous nor deemed worthy of showing his respect.

For instance, America now knows that the president respects men who dress in frilly underthings.  However, the same apparently does not hold true for courageous men and women who choose to dress in blue uniforms.  Judging from his recent proclamations, Barack Obama views the law enforcers who protect the mean inner cities that he racially incites as bigoted bullies who, to prevent them from “acting stupidly,” require the federal government (whenever it’s expedient, of course) to intervene.

Then there’s the undeniable “tremendous courage” of imprisoned former FBI agent Bob Levinson, veteran Amir Hekmati, and American pastor Saeed Abedini.  All three men suffer the unthinkable as they rot away in an Iranian jail, but they do so while holding fast to the faithfulness of America and the goodness of God.  Meanwhile, Obama is busy paying presidential tributes to transgender cover girls.

And while Obama tosses around kudos for cross-dressing, fading from memory are daring acts like those undertaken by the two CIA operatives who tried in vain to save U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service information management officer Sean Smith.  Ex-Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods courageously defied an alleged stand-down order and lost their lives rushing headlong into the Benghazi terrorist attack.

If Bruce/Caitlyn deserves presidential acclaim for perching demurely on a stool for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, how about an honorable mention for Bibi Netanyahu, a proven warrior willing to lay down his life to protect the nation of Israel and the Jewish people who are surrounded nearly on all sides by genocidal maniacs?

Then there are heroes like U.S. border patrol agent Brian Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata, both murdered with guns given to Mexican drug cartels by the leaders of a nation whose borders Terry and Zapata died trying to protect.

And let’s not forget the “tremendous courage” of border agents who were infected with things like bacterial pneumonia and scabies while doing their job handling the influx of children the president illegally encouraged migrating to America.

While Obama is freely dispensing declarations of “tremendous courage…worthy of respect,” how about a posthumous mention of an extraordinary patriot who laid down his life to protect his fellow soldiers and the nation he loved, American Sniper Chris Kyle?  Murdered by a soldier with PTSD, Kyle never received praise or approval from the guy who seems super-impressed with a 6’2” man who managed to squeeze his lanky gams into a pair of XXL panty hose.

Regardless of what Barack Obama views as “tremendous courage” or behavior “worthy of respect,” there are true American heroes like Racine, Wisconsin native and born-again Christian Jordan Matson, a man whose name Obama has yet to mention.

Hey Obama!  How about a shout-out to Matson, who could no longer stand by and see Christians slaughtered by the Islamic State and decided it was high time for him to do a job you simply refuse to do?

Formerly a U.S. Army infantryman, Jordan Matson worked a delivery route just long enough to save enough money to sustain him in Syria for three years.  Now Matson is fighting against ISIS side by side with the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit.

Yet, despite all that, and much more, the president of the United States still insists on publicly declaring his respect for the “tremendous courage” of a he-she in lipstick dressed up in a lace corset who, to the delight of the national media, is currently in the process of “fundamentally transforming” himself from male to female.

Someone should muster the fortitude to advise Barack Obama that contrary to presidential opinion, it doesn’t take “tremendous courage” for a sexually conflicted father of six to defy his DNA, take female hormones, get breast implants, and have his feminine side glamorized on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Moreover, neither does granting unmerited heroism to drag queens make a president “worthy of respect.”

The effect of Obama’s ‘kicking feet’ remark

indexOriginally posted at Live Action News

To rationalize scalding, scalpeling or suctioning an unborn baby to death, since the passage of Roe v. Wade,abortion advocates have made it their mission to downgrade developing babies into clumps of cells.

That is, until now!

Apparently Barack Obama  must have forgotten that he does not believe that the children he’s repeatedly justified leaving to die if born alive in botched abortions, in reality, are actual babies.

In a speech highlighting the plight of working families, Obama admitted what everyone knows, but some refuse to confess: in-utero babies are very much alive and have “feet that kick” to prove it.

At a White House Champions for Change event, the president had this to say about the injustices some women face on the job:

“Too many women face unnecessary difficulties on the job, like the difficulty of being paid less than a man for doing the same work. That’s a difficulty.”

Then, Obama, who once referred to a baby as a “punishment,” talked about women “being reprimanded or fired for taking too many bathroom breaks when [they’re] pregnant.”  The president said,  “Clearly that’s a man making that decision because they don’t have five pounds of kicks pressing down on their bladder.”

In the name of women’s choice, Obama approves of aborting that same “five pounds of kicks,” and has been clamoring for six years to have taxpayers fund those killings.

Unfortunately, the president’s ‘five pounds of kicking feet’ slip of the tongue may require that Americans be reprogrammed into believing that ‘kicking feet’ does not necessarily make a developing fetus human.

In the meantime, what Obama’s flippant remark has successfully provided is proof that all along, even the most ardent abortion advocate has been well aware that  “choice” is a code word for killing a human with kicking feet.

SOTU Update: Who Will Sit With Michelle in the Magic Sky Box?

Sky Box

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Tonight at the SOTU Jason Collins, the openly gay professional basketball player representing the LGBT community, will be out of the closet but in the Sky Box with FLOTUS.

When Obama says over and over “regardless of who you love,” liberals on the floor can look up at Jason when they cheer.

Also in a SOTU Special People SkyBox seat of honor will be survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, Gary Bird, a fire chief from Moore, Oklahoma, which was hit by a tornado last year.   Also on hand will  be young Joey Hudy, a 16-year-old entrepreneur and intern at Intel, whose parents are definitely Obama supporters, as well as, on behalf of teacher’s unions, District of Columbia Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Kathy Hollowell-Makle.

Representing the glass ceiling shatterers, waving from the balcony like Marie Antoinette’s handmaiden will be GM CEO Mary Barra. Mary will sit right beside Marie…I mean Michelle Obama, and if we’re lucky we may even see Ms. Barra adjust Mrs. Obama’s tiara and train.

It’s unclear whether, as part of the proceedings,  there will be a same-sex wedding or whether Beyonce and Jay-Z will be sharing some steamy skin.

Either way, what would be fun is if, up there in the ‘SOTU Special People SkyBox,’ there were individuals that could ensure that Barack Obama would be so anxious  to get out of there he would only punish America for a short amount of time.

Right now, we already know Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is coming as a guest of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, and conservative talk show host Sean Hannity will be sitting with Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.

While Willie and Sean should get Barry stuttering a bit and could help speed up the torture, wouldn’t it be fun if, in full camouflage regalia, Phil Robertson showed up on behalf of traditional marriage?

Or how about that blonde Danish chick that took a selfie with Barry at Mandela’s funeral? Barack Obama would likely be in agreement that the fetching Helle Thorning-Schmidt could certainly represent Apple technology.

Rush Limbaugh, Principal of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies could be there on behalf of education.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates could receive a  standing ovation on behalf of truth.

And, last but not least, the Tea Party Three:  Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rand Paul (R-KY) could give a shout-out for freedom!

Here’s to a rousing SOTU toast! Skål!


Barack Obama Celebrates the Slaughter of 55 Million Americans

55 million

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Today marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade: 41 years over which 55 million human beings have been systematically slaughtered.

And on this infamous occasion, Barack Obama, abortion’s most ardent advocate, had a few words to say in favor of disposing of 3,000 American babies a day.

Here’s the president’s full statement:

Today, as we reflect on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, we recommit ourselves to the decision’s guiding principle: that every woman should be able to make her own choices about her body and her health.

We reaffirm our steadfast commitment to protecting a woman’s access to safe, affordable health care and her constitutional right to privacy, including the right to reproductive freedom. And we resolve to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children.

Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.

And THIS from the man who has severely impacted the right of Americans to exercise choice in every area besides abortion.

Just like his definition for ‘Hope and Change’ is nothing of the sort, his definition for health is Baby-killing.

While access to healthcare is slowly being frittered away, Barack Obama is doubling down on his commitment to ensure access to abortion. Moreover, as he circumvents the fidelity of the US Constitution, he exploits the right to privacy, which has nothing to do with destroying the unborn, just to give credibility to bad law.

Then, like an executioner pretending to have a vested interest in the living, the president “resolves to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies” with taxpayer dollars. In addition, he vows to “support maternal and child health, and continue to build safe and healthy communities for all our children.”

Translation: Push free contraception and deny Second Amendment rights.


Because according to Barack Obama, ” this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams” — as long as the freedoms and opportunities are controlled by Government Central.

And as long as the dreams yet to be fulfilled don’t belong to the unborn.

Obamacare Horror: Stepping Over the Dead in America’s Doorway


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More and more Obamacare horror stories are beginning to trickle out. 

Within the last week, the sick in need of emergency care have been turned away in Virginia, prescription benefits have been cut or capped, and six million previously insured individuals have been thrown off adequate, affordable health insurance.

And while the Obama administration and the lapdog media would have Americans think otherwise, the situation is only going to get worse.

Doctor’s offices are spending two hours on hold with insurance companies waiting for surgery authorization that never comes. Overwhelmingly, Medicaid patients are showing up in emergency rooms. And people with life-threatening conditions, such as cancer, are paying more for the health insurance necessary to cover expensive treatments they need to survive.

In other words, Obamacare confusion is negatively impacting a nation where 54% of the population already resents the government extending symbolic bureaucratic benevolence to the small percentage of uninsured at the expense of the insured.

Yet none of this surprises those who have kept their ear to the ground, monitoring the passing and subsequent implementation of Barack Obama’s devastating signature legislation.

Sure, those who’ve never had insurance but managed to surmount the website difficulties that plagued so many may be thrilled with Obamacare.Why wouldn’t they be?

The previously uninsured never had a healthcare policy, so they have nothing good with which to compare their newly-acquired substandard health insurance. It’s sort of like someone living in a washing machine box moving into an abandoned shipping container and being thrilled about the roominess and sturdy exterior walls.

That aside, what’s even more disturbing about the avalanche of misfortune called Obamacare is that as it unfolds, it seems as though not one person is attempting to do anything about it. Where is the anger in Washington DC about a bill that was sold as being necessary to solve a healthcare crisis but seems to have purposely created a crisis that is far worse?

Nobody seems outraged that Obama made a big deal about individuals with pre-existing conditions never being denied health insurance again while conveniently forgetting to mention that there would be limited access.

For lack of a better example, it’s as if America has been reduced to a version of the story that has traumatized the nation. Where cold indifference to human life was revealed during the trial of Clarence Ross, a man convicted of shooting and killing Jheryl Wright.

During the trial, security camera footage was released that caught a fatally wounded Jheryl laying in the doorway of a Quick Stop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The tape shows that the 24-year-old had collapsed after being shot. Despite Wright lying prone in the doorway, the clerk continued to serve the customers who stepped over Jheryl’s dead body as they entered and then exited the store.

The customers were unmoved and indifferent. Much like Barack Obama, who goes snorkeling and visits the zoo while five million Americans, some of whom have life-threatening illnesses, suddenly find themselves unable to get chemo thanks to his policies.

After seeing heartless people stepping over her son’s body, the dead man’s mother, Jackel Wright, said:

“I just can’t believe people in this world would do something like that. I can’t.”

Believe it, Jackel. Because that is exactly what is happening on a much larger scale. Worse yet, not one person who should care seems to care.

With each passing day, as a result of the president’s policies, millions of Americans are being wounded and abandoned without help. Meanwhile, the mastermind of the calamity ignores the misfortune he’s caused, and in place of concern for others spends time on a $4 million vacation, golfing, eating shave ice, and dining in luxurious restaurants.

Adding to the alarming nature of a president who couldn’t care less about the people he’s hurting, are all the politicians who remain eerily silent.

Rather than dial up 911 and mandate emergency care for a nation whose life is slowly slipping away, silent enablers who were elected to represent those now being victimized by Obamacare, are oblivious, seemingly without a care in the world.

After seeing the footage of cold-hearted people stepping over her son’s dead body, Jackel Wright asked:

“How would they feel if that was one of their loved ones sitting there?”

I think I can answer that. To some, the life of a human being has as much value as a wad of bubble gum stuck to the sidewalk –they just step over the blob and keep going.

As Americans cling to life, the reaction from those with the power to change things for the better has been a shrug.  Instead of standing against tyranny, the majority of Washington DC legislators go about their business as if nothing unusual is going on. Like the shoppers at the Quick Stop stepping over a dead body in the doorway, beef jerky and Blue Raspberry ICEE seem to be the priority.

Jackel Wright said:

“I hope God have mercy on your soul [sic], because you was wrong sitting there and not helping my son [sic], like he was just a doormat — walking over him, laying there dead.”

Those are pretty strong words spoken by a grieving mother.

What is even more disturbing is that what she said could easily be directed towards those standing idly by while Barack Obama treats America like Jheryl Wright — as if he’s just another bump in the road.

Obama Replaces Website Concerns with Mega Fundraising


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While Americans were busy scraping together pennies to try to pay for health insurance plans Barack Obama has demanded they buy, but can’t afford, Obama was in California fundraising at the mansion of the 144th richest person in America.

Hopping aboard Air Force One to burn up jet fuel costing an astounding $181K per hour, Obama put his priorities in order and jetted out to the sprawling Beverly Hills Estate of Egyptian-born Israeli-American television and media proprietor of Power Ranger fame, Haim Saban. Saban’s wife Cheryl was nominated by Obama to be the US representative at the upcoming U.N. General Assembly.

The people who showed up at the Sabans’ humble abode were willing to pay $16,200 per plate to hear Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Haim Saban(D-NY), and Michael Bennet, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), talk drivel.


California’s very own Barbara Boxer was among the other politicians who attended the festivities.

The tony attendees included the Godfather of Black Music, Motown mogul, Clarence Avant, his wife Jacqueline, and their daughter Nicole, who serves as U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas.  Netflix executive Ted Sarandos was Nicole’s guest.

SunAmerica’s Edythe and Eli Broad were there and neither one seemed to mind that the guest of honor had just thrown Israel under the bus.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, Motown’s Berry Gordy, actors Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, and 90s sitcom star Paul Reiser showed up. Oprah mogul Michael King and his Healthy Child/Healthy World philanthropist wife Jenna, along with Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer and his wife Wendy, chairwoman of the board of United Friends of the Children (who aren’t aborted), all slapped down $16K each to listen to Obama yammer for 14 minutes.

Gladly ‘sharing the wealth’ with each other, the Sabans held the dinner party under what was described as a “spectacular [heated] pitched tent…with shimmering light brown fabric…four palm tree-inspired chandeliers…bathed in orange/gold light…[decorated] with bouquets of pink roses,” complete with “an elaborate fountain…in the middle of the tent.”

Mr. Saban jokingly read Obama the riot act for not providing valet parking when he and his wife dined privately with the president and first lady for a “great food, great company, very inspiring…small intimate dinner” at the White House.

To ensure that White House guests don’t have to hoof it to the White House, Saban, generous soul that he is, declared, “We have valet parking at the Sabans! So, Mr. President if you would please, thank you. Taxpayers’ money? I’ll fund it, no problem.”

Saban criticized Fox News and called out Rush Limbaugh by name for haranguing the president over the “technical glitch on the Obamacare website.”

The gazillionaire blamed everyone but Obama for having “clouded some of the most remarkable achievements of [the Obama] administration.”

Immediately after complaining that taxpayers don’t fund valet parking, Mr. Saban then listed Obama’s accomplishments so that his guests could “see things with perspective without allowing the caffeine that’s in the tea party’s rhetoric to keep us up at night worrying.”

Thrilled guests listened as their host, who obviously hasn’t been keeping up with the news, mentioned Obama’s record on foreign policy, saying, “We’re out of Iraq, we’re out of Afghanistan” and “the president’s commitment to Israel’s security has never been stronger.”

The American-Israeli host did not mention that Obama, who had the clout to hobnob with California billionaires, chose not to negotiate for the release of three Americans, one of whom is a Christian pastor, all still imprisoned in Iran.

Barack Obama, who prides himself on speaking behalf of the middle class, shared for a snippet of time, making sure to touch upon the pressingly urgent valet parking controversy at the White House.

The star-studded evening started at a small-scale $2,500 to $15,000 per-ticket fundraiser for 160 people held at famous womanizer Earvin Magic Johnson’s and his wife Cookie’s pad.

The former Los Angeles Laker called Barack Obama “the greatest leader in the world,” which makes one wonder whether, besides having slept with 3,000 women, Magic Johnson also nibbled on 3,000 magic mushrooms.

At that soiree were Samuel L. Jackson and family, Ashley Lewis, LA Clippers Antawn Jamison and JJ Redick and Redick’s wife Chelsea. Diane ‘Annie Hall’ Keaton was there, as well as a large busload of Democrat politicians that included San Francisco Supervisor London Breed, Xavier Becerra, Linda Sanchez and Mark Takano.

After spending the night resting from the whirlwind of excitement, Barack Obama attended a $32,400-per-guest breakfast event (man alive, those better be some awesome waffles) at the home of Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman. After which the president has plans to visit and give a speech on the economy and the entertainment industry, both of which he knows nothing about, at mega donor Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s DreamWorks Animation HQ.

All along the fundraising route, despite his 37% approval rate, Obama was cheered as he talked about teamwork, Obamacare, immigration reform, the economy, and, of utmost importance, his commitment to providing gazillionaires with valet parking when arriving for intimate dinners at the White House.

Barack “Misinformation” Obama’s Mathematical Meeting

Oimage-300x157Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It was already common knowledge that the President, after visiting “57 states with one left to go,” not counting Hawaii and Alaska, was no whiz kid when it comes to geography.

Either that, or while campaigning in Oregon he was still occasionally riding the Choom wagon.

Since then, the president has made what some would consider even more glaring howlers. Take for instance the time in Kansas City, Missouri, when, via satellite, “global citizen” Barack Obama said “I’m …with the Girardo family here in St. Louis.”

And then there was that time he introduced Navy corpsman Christian Brossard as a “corpse-man,” and pointed out that the U.S. built the “Intercontinental Railroad.”

Despite priding himself on being the king of rhetorical communication, prior to the enactment of his signature legislation, Obama promised that healthcare reform would bring “greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.”

Well, he certainly has delivered on the “inefficiencies” part.

Now, in addition to geography and vocabulary, it looks like arithmetic may also pose a challenge to the president.

It started when Obama mistook 12 people killed by a Kansas tornado for 10,000. That time he was off by 9,988.

More recently, while displaying his mathematical prowess, the president made an even worse mathematical booboo. This time he was off by about 99,900,000 when he mistook 100,000 for “more than 100 million Americans” having effectively enrolled in a health insurance plan via the Affordable Care Act.

The gaffe was allegedly made while talking to 200K Organizing For Action zombies, all of whom were, along with the NSA of course, enthusiastically listening to President Obama pontificate by way of a conference call.

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the administration is “in a moment of time… where a lot of focus, understandably, is being directed toward the problems with the websites and other issues.”

During the one-way chat, the president attempted to address the “problems with the website,” which he said “have created and fed a lot of this misinformation.” Then he proceeded to do what he does best, misinform and make matters worse.

In order to give the troops in the “trenches” some valid data to present to the gullible, Obama clarified that “in the first month alone…100 million Americans already successfully enroll[ed] in the new insurance plans.”

The president was obviously mixed up when he told the 200,000 OFA members on the phone – who were actually 100,000 more than actually signed up for Obamacare – that almost 1/3 of the U.S. population had already braved and conquered the temperamental website.

That didn’t stop him. Bragging about the exemplary administrative skills that helped bring about this 100-million-enrollee success, Mr. Obama said, “You’ve got a million Americans who’ve completed an application for themselves or their families. And that represents about a million-and-a-half people.”

Like Clinton’s “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is,” for Obama, it depends on the meaning of the word ‘counts’ that determines what counts. That’s why for 14 minutes the president was able to showcase his mathematical prowess by throwing around Medicare and Medicaid “security of healthcare” statistics.

It’s sort of like Mr. Obama’s Kansas tornado fatality calculation, where he included in his count the 9,988 Kansans who could have died. This time, he’s including those who discontinued the process after placing a policy in an online shopping cart. In addition, the President also counted a million Americans who completed an application but “have not yet selected a plan.”

After all, with liberals it’s always the thought that counts. And like the president said, this “isn’t a one-day sale,” it’s a six-month lollapalooza.

But what Obama forgot to mention were the five million “folks” that already had health insurance who were summarily tossed off of perfectly adequate and affordable health insurance policies.

Nonetheless, according to the HHS, as of mid-November 106,185 uninsured Americans had climbed aboard the impending Obamacare “train wreck.” So if that 106,185 number is correct, the president is doing better than first thought and is only off the mark by 99,893,815 Obamacare enrollees.

In all fairness, historian Michael Beschloss truly does believe that Obama is “probably the smartest guy ever to become President.” With that in mind, America should take into consideration that some people still insist that Albert Einstein was so brilliant he had difficulty comprehending basic addition and subtraction.

As the “misinformation” conference call wound down, unfortunately, none of the 200K OFA conference callers were able to broach other subjects. Short on time, Obama didn’t get to explain what ultimately did happen to corpse-man Brossard, whether he ever took a transcontinental train trip to the 58th state on the Intercontinental Railroad.

Or whether or not that 100-million figure is part of the “greater inefficiencies” he still seeks to bring to healthcare reform.

Glitterati Getting Ready to Roll Out Obamacare

Slide11-300x88Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Anyone with half a brain realizes that Barack Obama’s policies can’t stand on their own merit.

That’s why, in order to convince Americans to accept what they deplore, our immature star-struck president must once again recruit the glitterati to arm-twist the easily-convinced American public into agreeing with him.

Now, fully aware that 49% of the American public rejects his spiffed-up, Cuban-style, healthcare reform, the president is signing on a posse of airheads to tell America what they should think.  The problem is that not a one of Hollywood’s celebrity class will need Obamacare because all of them, much like the president, can afford to pay for their own health care with the gazillions of dollars they make doing mindless things like acting, singing, and chasing around balls.

Television sitcoms have already agreed to ramp up the propaganda by writing Obamacare into scripts.  Not only that, but even now, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on the propaganda circuit and announced that she’s hoping to convince the NFL and NBA to help promote Obamacare.

Yeah, but come on people, isn’t it pathetic that Barack Obama feels better about himself when washed-up, menopausal sleazeballs like Madonna validate his liberal agenda?  What’s even more annoying is that he expects everyone else to abandon their discernment and agree with what they intrinsically disagree with, just because Sarah Jessica Parker and Spike Lee say they should.

So with celebrity coercion in mind, the White House is preparing for the Obamacare rollout by enlisting people who probably couldn’t put together a coherent sentence if it wasn’t printed on a script, set to music, or scrolling by on a Teleprompter.

Clinton White House veteran and president of Global Philanthropy Group, Trevor Neilson, is currently in push-Obamacare talks with the White House.  Neilson’s GPG website says, “Bono once said, the world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.’ We agree.”

That’s why Mr. Neilson and his clients are “looking at ways to be involved” in helping Barack Obama hammer that final nail into the coffin of America’s once-superior health care system.

The question is: Why hammer the world into shape by forcing the unwilling to do what they wholeheartedly reject?

Regardless of the answer, Neilson represents geniuses like ‘border security brain-storming expert’/Obama 2012 campaign co-chair Eva Longoria and crooner John Legend.  Mr. Neilson believes that the “White House is very wise to identify partners to help market the Affordable Care Act,” and who better than a Desperate Housewife who makes chunky guacamole?

According to the eager Mr. Neilson, “Just like any good product, when people are aware of the many benefits it provides, there will be increased demand.”  The problem is that the product isn’t good and a majority of people is already aware of Obamacare’s non-benefits, and while there is increased demand, it’s an increased demand to repeal it.

So regardless of how many Hollywood liberals Obama enlists to convince us that Obamacare is a wonderful thing, unless Scarlett Johansson, out of heartfelt belief in the quality of the Obamacare product, willingly relinquishes her Cadillac policy and signs on to an Affordable Care Act health exchange, it would be best if she and her liberal friends continue playing make-believe with something besides our lives.

Graduates Promised Contraceptive ‘Peace of Mind’

health-sec-kathleen-sebelius-100110Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

 Liberals are obsessed with sex. That obsession includes other people’s sex lives and outfitting them with all the accoutrements to ensure that sexual activity is worry-free. In the mind of a liberal, college = sex; if you’re a 14-year-old, that = sex; and even elementary school = the need to learn about sex. In the military there’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ sex; in the Oval Office there used to be cigar aficionado sex; and let’s face it, politics always = sex.  Not to mention the potential for illicit mayoral sex with Anthony Weiner emerging in NYC as a contender.

Now, thanks to Obamacare, which everyone already knows is all about sex, liberals are fulfilling their patriotic duty by facilitating opportunities for Americans of all ages to indulge in carefree sex.

Imagine! You’re graduating from high school or college and the President of the United States’ Health and Human Services Secretary sends congratulations your way via a HealthCare Blog post, wherein she assures you that you’ll be outfitted free of charge for an activity humans have somehow managed to master without the help of either a high school or college diploma.  Go figure.

Those are exactly the sort of salutations that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued when she extended kudos to the class of 2013 in a HealthCare Blog post entitled “Class of 2013: Graduate with Peace of Mind.”  Question: Since when did mindless sex have anything to do with your mind?

Either way, whether it does or it doesn’t, sex-obsessed Sebelius has promised grads “protections and benefits” that afford amorous alumni “greater control” after they remove their mortarboards.  Those “protections and benefits,” in addition to abortion on demand, include free birth control.

In the mind of a liberal like Kathleen Sebelius, having “less to worry about” doesn’t mean securing a job (because that ain’t happening) – it means having something fun to do between trips to the mailbox to pick up unemployment checks.Sebelius’s graduation 2013 post read, “Bottom line: Because of the Affordable Care Act, you’ll be able to begin this next chapter of your life with the peace of mind and security health insurance provides.” Clearly, that means despite a bleak job market and the country going bankrupt, thanks to the taxpayer-funded Affordable Care Act debauchery is still doable.

Why?  Because, according to Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare “provides protections and benefits that give [Americans] greater control of [their] health care.” These include “requiring most insurance plans to cover proven preventive services–like birth control and certain cancer screenings–without you paying a penny.”

In her  post, Sebelius didn’t mention responsibility, success, or the future; instead the graduates of 2013 were told how Obamacare guarantees ex-students who are unemployed or without health insurance the security of remaining on their parents’ health plan until they’re 26.  Yippee!

That’s because the liberal mindset is such that mooching off Mom and Dad is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  It’s similar to the entitlement approach socialist types like to foster for the collective.  Therefore, if you graduate high school at 18 and choose to forego college, Sebelius is saying that as a reward you get to copulate with wild abandon for eight years compliments of the US government.

The liberal lexicon defines immaturity, focus on frivolity, and sexual promiscuity as “flexibility to make choices about your future without worrying about where you’re going to get health insurance.”  That’s why the left’s idea of “flexibility” really has more to do with positions used in activities that require free birth control than it does with worries about having or not having healthcare coverage.

So according to Kathleen Sebelius’s blog post, although employment prospects look grim, 2013 graduates need not burden themselves with spending one penny of their unemployment benefits on contraceptives.  Instead, sex-obsessed liberals, by way of Obamacare, will provide an array of contraceptive methods, sterilization, and emergency contraceptives, which will alleviate the stress of having to spend hours hanging around in abortion clinics.

In other words, if you’re younger than 26, Obamacare will give your sex life a boost by providing free birth control and, most importantly, eradicate the need to fret over incidentals like disposing of an unwanted pregnancy, finding a job, and venturing forth into the world as a full-fledged adult.

In closing, Sebelius reminded graduates that starting in 2014, health insurers cannot deny coverage “based on a pre-existing condition, like cancer, asthma, or acne, or mak[e] you pay more just because you are a woman.”

What she didn’t mention was whether repeated-abortion-damaged reproductive organs, genital herpes, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, or Chlamydia would be considered a “pre-existing condition.”  Therefore, if sexually transmitted diseases are not game changers, then Kathleen Sebelius was definitely referring to more than graduation when she ended her 2013 post with “Congratulations on your achievement!”

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