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Obama Hawaiian Vacation: Day Eleven Down Six Days to Go!


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

It was day 11 of the Obama family 17-day vacation, and while America languished in pure dread about what lies ahead, Obama relaxed, golfed, and worked out at the Marine Corps (not corpse) Base in Hawaii.

According to reports on New Year’s Eve, “As his motorcade passed in front of the base’s gate on the way in, two middle-aged spectators were doing aerobics in the driveway.” The two exercisers were undoubtedly trying to be proactive in anticipation of being denied Obamacare, motivated out of pure terror to do whatever necessary to head off getting sick.

Anyway, it’s January 1st and America is finding itself slowly sinking and gasping for air in treacherous Obamacare waters.  Meanwhile, the man holding the nation’s head under the water waiting for the bubbles to stop, grabbed his snorkel and headed toward Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

Then, drying off, in keeping with his annual shave ice tradition the president took Sasha and Malia and the usual entourage that travels around with them to his favorite shave ice shop, Island Snow, in Kailua.

Obama must feel comfortable at Island Snow, because the shop is sort of a small shrine to the president. In addition to shave ice, Island Snow has papered the walls with pictures of you-know-who and sells “Obama Kailua” t-shirts emblazoned with his campaign logo.

As his healthcare law places America in a position where a good many of us will probably find ourselves prone and on ice, to celebrate his great accomplishment the president ordered a variation of the ‘Snowbama’ shave ice cone that had both cherry and lemon-lime.

Outside the president neared a rope line where a dozen people had gathered in a strip mall by the beach.

“Oh my goodness,” one woman screamed.

“Mr. President, you’re fantastic,” another woman shouted.

“Hey sweetie, how are you,” the president said to another child.

After shaking hands with some of the people, shave ice in hand, Obama told the star-struck group, “I hope you guys have a great 2014,” which is sort of like the executioner prior to administering a lethal injection wishing the condemned sweet dreams.

Nonetheless, as he was leaving Barack Obama flashed a shaka ‘hang loose’ gesture. Then it was back to the “Winter White House” to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends, where the president watched the big 2014 ball drop like a giant boulder crushing America.

Then, on to day 12: more vacationing to attend to! The First Family’s work is never done.

Money Can’t Buy Obama Happiness


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

So, while America languishes in Obamacare terror, the Obama family packed up the basketballs, haute couture, the dogs and dog food, Grandma and the girls and climbed aboard Air Force One.

A 9 hour flight later the First Family et al landed at Oahu to enjoy the holidays. The stunning price tag? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million dollars, give or take an $181K per hour on Air Force One or two.

One would think that with those kind of dinaros nothing but holly-jolly glee would be splashed across the faces of the Obama family.  However, based on one of the first vacation pictures to emerge, it appears to be quite the contrary.

Straight out of Honolulu, HI, USA, Barack Obama and  Michelle, along with their children Sasha and Malia, attended the NCAA basketball game between Oregon State and Akron at the Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson, is the head coach of Oregon State and coincidentally must have found himself in Hawaii at the same time as the first family.  As happenstance would have it, Craig will likely be joining the happy clan for Christmas…uh sorry…the holidays.

The problem is that judging from the photograph of the first family taking in the sports event featuring Uncle Craig’s team, things appear to be rather tense.

Little Sasha doesn’t appear to have Christmas joy written all over her pretty little face. Michelle looks downright irritated, and Barry’s usual  Colgate Smile is missing. He looks worn, disgusted, and visibly angry.

Based on that array of sullen mugs, the “trouble-free Hawaiian vacation” Mr. Obama was hoping for got off to a rocky start.

Now either the situation here at home where the historic president’s socialist utopian dream is crumbling before his very eyes has got Barry down and Michelle livid, or the lovebirds are at each other’s throats and cannot hide their hate for each other.

Come on people, a $4 million Oahu vacation for 17 days and that’s the best expression these two spoiled brats can muster up?

They aren’t even pretending to be happy. The President and first lady look more like pallbearers at funeral then spectators at basketball game. In fact, Barack looked much happier at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Though, we should note, the Missus was sporting the same un-happy face.

The moral of this story: Other people’s money can’t buy  happiness, or obviously love. Socialists  attempting to rob the freedom of others oftentimes become prisoners in their own private hell.

And while Americans struggling to get by celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, two politically-correct control freaks who squander the American people’s money appear to be having a miserable time.


The Obamas’ Downsized Martha’s Vineyard Vacation and America’s Children

198-1Originally posted at Clash Daily

Well, hallelujah! The Obamas are tightening their belts on their upcoming jaunt to the tony Massachusetts town of Martha’s Vineyard.

On August 10th the Obama entourage will descend on the island. The difference is that this year, with budgetary constraints and all, the first family will downsize from the $21 million home they usually stay in on Blue Heron Farm to a $7.6 million home owned by Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte.

The 2013 vacation choice sits on nine and a half acres located on the island’s southern side with direct access to Chilmark Pond. The estate has an ocean view, basketball and tennis courts, and swimming pools.

One thing that will not be skimped on is whatever it costs to keep the Obama family safe.

As they have in the past, communications officials, the Transportation Security Agency, and the Secret Service have booked 70 or so rooms at the Wesley Hotel in Oak Bluffs. At $225-$345 per day, approximately $200,000, give-or-take a few thousand, will be spent to make sure that when he’s venturing out to Mad Martha’s Ice Cream or working up a sweat on his tri — oops, I mean bicycle, the president is adequately protected.

Nonetheless, the choice to economize by subjecting themselves to eight days in a home that’s $14 million cheaper than what they’re used to should prevent critical Americans from going on and on about schoolchildren being deprived of White House tours because of the sequester.

In fact, the disappointed children weeping uncontrollably outside the wrought iron gates surrounding the White House seems to have inspired the ever-mindful president to compensate in other ways.

For starters, America’s “First Gay President” allowed the children of LGBT parents entry into the White House to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. To encourage America’s Muslim children, Obama hosted an Iftar dinner where he and 130 guests broke the Ramadan fast.

President Obama also showed his thrifty attitude to American youngsters by having some friends over for a humble July 4th gathering. And in mid-July, he threw a party at the White House for the diplomatic corps, many of whom are parents themselves.

With cost effectiveness in mind, the president just couldn’t let budgetary concerns deter his commitment to being an example to children in the area of physical fitness and healthy eating. That’s likely the only reason basketball enthusiast Obama chose to invite scores of basketball players to the White House and attend his wife’s healthy eating “Kids’ State Dinner,” where he impacted millions of children when he revealed that broccoli is his favorite food.

Okay, all right, Mrs. Obama did spend $4,000 a night in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel, but that was purely for the diplomatic opportunity to reach out to – you guessed it – Irish schoolchildren. Then, the first lady, who was probably forced against her will to participate in a $100 million Africa excursion, set an example herself by saving on childcare costs when she toted along her mother Marion, niece Leslie Robinson, and hubby’s playmate Reggie Love.

But try as they might to set an example, it seems the impressive cost-containing efforts the Obamas are making go unappreciated by relentless faultfinders and distraught schoolchildren who are still barred from White House tours.

With any luck, downscaling to a meager $7.6 million Martha’s Vineyard vacation cottage will help convince even the most skeptical Obama critic that the president and his family, like sequester-affected children, are more than willing to “give up a piece of their pie.”

America’s Vicarious Christmas Vacation


Originally posted at American Thinker blog

President Barack Obama needs a break.  It’s tiring and takes a tremendous amount of effort to dismantle 250 years of what made America the great nation we once were. So, in anticipation of leaving the drudgery of governing behind, Obama abandoned the wrecking ball he’s been swinging for the last four years, left the 54 holiday trees that lost their lives in the White House, and jetted off with the wife, the kids and the dog for their nine-hour flight to Oahu.

Before Americans get all bent out of shape about the frivolous nature of the time and money involved in the Obama family enjoying an annual Christmas getaway, it’s important to remember that the $4 million estimated cost of the Hawaiian adventure covers things besides souvenirs and grass skirts. Flying in Air Force One at $182,000 an hour for nine hours comes to $3.3 million in round-trip airfare alone. And, in all fairness, the President does pick up the tab for the sumptuous compound on Kailuana Place.

For the other expenses, the Hawaii Reporter estimated that the $4 million price tag covered by the American taxpayer only covers travel, staff housing and protection, and the aforementioned enormous cost to fly Air Force One. Oh, and don’t forget the supplementary cargo plane for various and sundry vacation-related accoutrements.

Moreover, the President, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and Bo have already made voluntary sacrifices this past year. For instance, last August the first family willingly forfeited their usual multimillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation so the President could toil away on behalf of the middle class without interruption.

Now that the election is over and Obama has securely established the fact that successful, hardworking people are to blame for most of America’s problems, it’s time for him to claim the just reward of a long past-due respite chock full of entertainment and leisure.

During the planned 17-day breather the President will be doing the usual “playing golf, eating at local restaurants with family members and escorting his daughters to island water parks and other activities.”

In other words, while America, on both a micro and macro level, anticipates a future of making do on a painful austerity budget, Barack Obama is resting up in preparation for his splashy, high-priced inauguration party and to resume the hard work he started of fundamentally trashing…sorry, “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

As for the residents of Oahu or any poor schlub attempting to make his or her way around the island this Christmas, word to the wise: “You better leave early for any scheduled pig roasts, because for the next 2.5 weeks there are expected to be ‘unannounced delays as the presidential motorcade travels around the island.'”

Leis and luaus aside, there is a potential spoiler in the Obama vacation plans. The President may have to discontinue waxing his surfboard, leave the shaved ice behind, and head home before January 6th.  The glitch is that a deal was not reached to avert that fiscal cliff the President and Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner – also known as the Washington version of the notorious cliff-diving duo Thelma and Louise – are about to purposely drive America over.

Therefore, despite Obama’s undying dedication to saving the middle class, as of January 2nd, “a mix of rising taxes and mandatory spending cuts are set to kick in” – thus making Barack ‘Louise’ Obama the proud owner of what John ‘Thelma’ Boehner has coined “the largest tax increase in American history.”

Nonetheless, the President did not seem to be the least bit worried about how it might look luxuriating for two weeks while the nation teeters on the verge of a fiscal nightmare come January 2nd. Nor did he seem concerned one iota that those who bestowed upon him a second term might find it a tad insensitive to take a vacation with such an enormous price tag attached to it at this particular time.

And so, as he bid “aloha” before leaving for the island paradise of Hawaii, the President offered the following holiday advice to the uneasy lawmakers he left behind in Washington DC: “Enjoy some eggnog and Christmas cookies before getting back to business next week.”

A more symbolic gesture would be for Washington lawmakers, in honor of the mess they’ve helped to make, after banging back a couple of shots of cheap whiskey to choke on some stale fruit cake.

Either way, for the rest of America struggling desperately to make ends meet this Christmas, gratefulness should still abound.  Where else but in America could a nation on the brink of economic ruin have the pleasure of living vicariously through the life of the middle class’s biggest champion as he and his family enjoy a $4 million vacation getaway in Hawaii?

Fire and Driving Rain

Originally posted at BIG Government

With the way things are going for Obama he should stock up on good luck charms. Adding to the President’s economic, social and political struggles are natural phenomena that appear to trail and then come up to batter Obama on all sides.

3230145280_white_house_hit_by_lightning_on_easter_answer_1_xlargeEarlier this year, a lightning strike just missed the White House and then one did make direct contact at the president’s favorite local golf course at Andrews Air Force Base. Fortunately, the Golfer-in-Chief and his 9-iron were not on the course.

There have been flies in the East Room landing on the President’s lip and a rat in the Rose Garden stealing the show at a press conference. Now, as the Obama family prepares to head back to Blue Heron Farm, a lavish $20 million, 28.5-acre compound in Chilmark, on Martha’s Vineyard, a wall backing the farmhouse porch caught fire and required emergency attention from local firefighters.

This is the third year the Obamas will stay at Blue Heron manor.  The lush property has a pool, apple orchard, basketball court and private beach. Last year the Obamas rented the home for $50,000 a week, up from the prior year’s $35,000 a week.

It’s odd that the President and his family would choose Chilmark, named the most expensive small town in all of America by Business Week back in 2007.  You’d think the last group of people Obama would want to spend time with are private jet owners, snooty yachtsmen and privileged Vineyard dwellers who look for ways to avoid sharing their good fortune with others.

The secluded property is privately owned by a couple who purchased it after the previous owners died in a plane crash.  Dead former owners of property on an island famous for Chappaquiddick are creepy omens and may explain why, after paying $100,000 for two weeks worth of lodging, it seems that each year there is some sort of furlough-wrecking issue that puts a damper on the president’s vacation.

In 2010, the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard ice cream and golf plans were rained out. “Strong thunderstorms … lashed the island off Massachusetts …causing power outages, curtailing air transportation and forcing ferry cancellations. They also triggered traffic jams and long lines at movie theaters, restaurants and other indoor venues.”

As a result of the Nor’easter blowing around various and sundry material, “portions of Tisbury Great Pond, the salt-water lagoon fronting the first family’s vacation estate Blue Heron Farm,” was closed “due to high levels of enterococci, an indicator that the water is contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria.”

Last year the obstacles to holiday fun were moisture, dampness and putridity – this year fire threatened to be the spoiler.

With the Obama family’s scheduled arrival weeks away, a wall in the main house near the porch went up in flames.  Chilmark fire Chief David Norton said the automatic fire alarm in the farmhouse alerted two first responders who live nearby.  The dedicated firefighters quickly responded and rushed to the scene. According to Norton, the cause of the fire was not spontaneous combustion, but a faulty gas grill.

For the Obamas, not being able to take a dip in the pond is one thing, but a broken grill could be even more problematic, especially for the President winding down after the much anticipated “Let’s Pretend We’re Listening” taxpayer-funded battleground state bus tour. Anxious to be amongst the people, while on the road America’s self-sacrificial President will be subjected to the smell of diesel fuel and diner food, which could inspire him to put on his barbeque chef hat, hunker down, and rustle up some home cooking.

If he’s planning to grill up homemade chilidogs or trying to replicate a vacation rendition of Michelle’s favorite Shake Shack Burger, the last thing the President needs is to squander quality family time fanning charcoal soaked with Kingsford® lighter fluid.

What could complicate matters for the Obama family is if another Nor’easter should happen to blow through the Vineyard and the gas grill on the porch should happen to act up again, because then they’d be hesitant to dive into the sewage infested lagoon to escape the conflagration.

It remains to be seen whether Barack Obama, who has managed to apportion his time to fit in high-end fundraising and Ramadan dinners, will “cut his vacation short to deal with fiscal and economic issues.”

Maybe instead, the President will decide to  grab a rabbit’s foot, head to Martha’s Vineyard, and seize the opportunity to finally “heal the planet” by slowing the “rising ocean” and addressing the pressing elemental issues at hand – fire, driving rain, and free floating fecal coliform bacteria.

Making their way to ‘Mad Martha’s

Fresh off a 26-hour Florida retreat, President Obama and well-rested jetsetter wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia left for 11 days at Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark on Martha’s Vineyard.

This year the Obamas have decided to go low-key. As jobless claims rose to a nine-month high the President and First Lady, being acutely sensitive to the economic reality Americans grapple with daily, felt it fitting to tone down vacation costs. So instead of spending two weeks at a tony spot like Nygard Cay Beach Resort for $30,000 a day, the couple chose the empathetic route and rented the Blue Heron Farm again for the 11-day price of $30-35,000.

While away, the President is expected to work out as well as don fashionable Bermudas and saddle shoes to work “on his swing at Mink Meadows golf club.” White House spokesperson Bill Burton said, “There will be some hiking, some time at the beach” and Lord knows, “some time at the ice cream store – all the sort of things you do when you’re at Martha’s Vineyard. You enjoy the people and the good food.”

Sitting home on a rickety beach chair, in front of a noisy fan, grilling hotdogs on a makeshift grill, grateful Americans, across the fruited plain, want to wish the Obamas a lovely, restful time. In fact, two helpful suggestions for America’s very own Martha’s Vineyard vacationers are definitely in order.

Biking aficionados would be remiss if the bike trail at “historic” Chappaquiddick was overlooked as a pedal-around site. However, the first suggestion comes with a warning: Barry and the girls should be aware that things do get a bit dicey along Poucha Pond, “a body of water that extends from famous Dike Bridge.” The first family should be careful making the famous Teddy-turn, so as not to end up in a “marshy pond” that the late Senator knew full well “doesn’t appeal to bathers.”

By now all America is well aware that when it comes to staking out ice cream, the Obamas need no direction. Last year, Dad bought the girls frozen creamery at Alley’s General Store. So it is fitting in light of the country’s general mood that as a second suggestion the President should check out “Mad Martha’s.” The mad menu at Martha’s includes: “Pig’s Delight,” which is traditionally ordered with an “oink.” The “Pig’s Delight,” is a12-scoop-frozen-oink-fest that can handle a crowd, as well as feed a family of four who really, really love ice cream.

Barack Obama landed in the affluent playground of Martha’s Vineyard as the unemployment line swelled to record lengths. Yet hope prevails that this year the POTUS will be spared ill-timed deaths and inconvenient crises similar to those that last summer beckoned America’s vacationing President away from the pressing business of whiling away the time and perfecting his golf swing.

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