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Obama the Clown is Off Limits

Originally posted at American Thinker

It’s a sad state of affairs when America stands by while 3,000 babies are aborted daily, twiddle their thumbs while the Benghazi 4 lay in cold, dark graves, go about their business while the IRS targets American citizens, and keep right on talking while the NSA monitors their phone calls.  Then, after being lackadaisical about serious things, people are up in arms about a rodeo clown showing up at the Missouri state fair in an Obama mask.


Talk about misplaced indignation!  If America wants to get upset about something, how about the president assigning a taxpayer-financed security detail to his dog and then flying the pooch from Washington DC to Martha’s Vineyard?


Not only that, but while government stands poised to grant amnesty to illegals, release drug offenders from prison, and allow people to vote without identification, the rodeo clown with the Obama mask has been banned from ever performing at the state fair again.   As if that’s not enough, fair officials are contemplating whether to take further action against the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association for doing the unthinkable and allowing a clown to dress up like Obama.


Never mind that during the bull-riding segment, most of the spectators found the Obama clown with an upside down broomstick attached to his backside hilarious. When the audience was asked if they wanted to see Obama, whom most people think is full of bull, “run down by a bull,” the high-spirited crowd responded enthusiastically in the affirmative.

Majority opinion doesn’t matter, because sadly there was a liberal do-gooder at the rodeo with his wife and a Taiwanese boy who was their charge for the day.  Leave it to a liberal to mention that they were playing mom and dad to a Taiwanese boy.

Perry Beam and wife Lily, both of whom probably yucked it up when David Letterman relentlessly razzed G.W. Bush and Tina Fey attempted to make Sarah Palin look like a moron, were outraged because even though there were no burning crosses, white hoods, or lynch mobs, they felt like they were at a Ku Klux Klan rally.

Remember when the HBO series Game of Thrones had George W. Bush’s head on a stake during a beheading scene, and nary a liberal said a word?

Nevertheless, the touchy Mr. Beam maintains that the announcer, Mark Ficken, “whipped the audience into a lather” by suggesting that “Obama [be] run down by a bull.” Mr. Ficken is also the superintendent of schools, or at least he used to be.

Beam alleged that the clown was “bobbling the lips on the mask and the people went crazy,” which Perry the Presidential Protector also identified as a racist act.

After the huffy Mr. Beam stirred up trouble by posting the unsuspecting clown’s picture on Facebook and informing a few liberal blog sites, rather than defend the all-in-good-fun clown the fair officials, in a written statement, acquiesced to political correctness.

Although “This ain’t [their] first rodeo,” fair officials banned the clown and publicly stated that the prankster had engaged in an “unconscionable stunt” and that a clown dressed up as the country’s biggest buffoon acting clownish was “inappropriate and not in keeping with the Fair’s standards.”

“It’s not unheard of for a rodeo clown, depending on how he reads his audience, to play politics a little bit,” said Jim Bainbridge, the senior public relations coordinator at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. “But this crossed a line.”

A Barack Obama clown playing politics with an amused audience is now prohibited in a country that allows a whole host of things that are truly reprehensible, most of which occur with the Clown-in-Chief’s hearty approval.

Bainbridge said, “when you’re suggesting that the president” — who is injuring everyone from unborn babies to senior citizens — “should be injured, it kind of gets to a level of hostility that is inappropriate.”

Besides, Obama’s level of injury and hostility is real; the rodeo performer was just clowning around.

In other words, instead of telling little whiney boy Perry Beam to go stuff it, the Missouri State Fair Commission, rodeo announcer Mark Ficken, and the rest of the easily guilted-into-submission individuals associated with the incident quickly buckled under the pressure, lawyered up, and banned the poor schlub in the Obama mask from ever working at the state fair again.

No doubt Perry Beam, Racist Hunter, is proud of himself.  As for the cowards who run scared whenever a histrionic liberal yells “Racism!” — shame on you!

The ‘Obama Robber’ of Wien

President Barack Obama’s ability to illicitly acquire and then splurge on what isn’t his appears to be inspiring one particular Viennese bandit who has been showing up all over town in an Obama mask. Headlines read: “Veto This: Armed ‘Obama Robber’ hits Austria banks,” indicating that Barack’s rip-off reputation in the steal-and-spend category has now officially gone global.

Over the past two years, a fellow dubbed the “Obama Robber” has donned a disguise bearing Barack’s image and mimicked the world’s highest-ranking bureaucratic burglar while proceeding to empty the coffers of more than a few Austrian financial institutions.

After brandishing a weapon whose uncivil/potentially violent make and model cannot be discussed, the Viennese impersonator/perpetrator has made off “with an undisclosed amount of money.” In fact, the Obama imitator has successfully hauled away a stash of unlawfully acquired wealth from six separate repositories and presently is free to spend the ill-gotten cache wherever and however he wishes.

No one knows for sure what the stickup bandit does after fleeing the scene or whether or not the Obama wannabe spends the money on items and activities similar to the pricey ones the world’s most famous filcher rarely bothers to justify.

If, after counting the cash, the holdup person did decide to emulate the legendary guy who continues to plunder America without a mask, expenditures could range from exotic vacations to Superbowl ads encouraging participation in government initiatives.

If given the opportunity, stolen Euros could easily be frittered away flying to functions on the world’s most expensive airliner, romantic evenings with the wife, and the purchase of road signs that lend legitimacy to thievery by promoting bureaucratic burglar-friendly programs.

If the “Obama Robber” chooses to emulate the real Barack, on thing’s for sure – the copycat would use pilfered currency to do things like send a well-deserving spouse on a luxurious extended vacation, sparing no expense on food, tag-along friends, and frivolity.  If the little woman should prefer to skip one in a long list of  $300,000 holidays, and even if in an alternate one-night excursion dipped into  $250,000 of bagged booty, at least the romantic robber would have the ill-gotten loot to finance a  “date night”   to Vienna’s most  high priced eatery,  Zum Schwarzen Kameel.

Another option would be for the Austrian stickup artist to choose to stay home and host weekly parties. After hauling home the plunder, the “Obama Robber’s” elegant gatherings could be financed with money illegally purloined from the bank accounts of elderly women who, for lack of a better choice, subsist on cold cereal. In lieu of commoner food like Wiener schnitzel, the man behind the Obama mask could serve friends (and enemies) veal cheeks and Chocopologie truffles, washed down with F.X. Pichler Riesling at $250 a bottle.

The Austrian bank robber should be warned in advance of something Obama found out the hard way, which is that spending other people’s money, if not finessed properly, can earn you a bad rap or, at least, contribute to flagging poll numbers. In fact, at one point, the man who inspired the mask did attempt to buoy public support for Obamacare with funding plucked from the wallets of the struggling Americans opposing government takeover of 1/6th of the economy.  In like manner, in an effort to head off controversy, maybe the masked marauder could act preemptively and use a clunk of the most recently acquired coinage to run ads on Austrian TV to lobby on behalf of the benefits of robbing banks.

If the euro-currency corsair has learned well, maybe he, like Barack Obama, could also convince those whose savings accounts he emptied that paying for stuff they don’t want is an acceptable practice and could, in the long run, actually better the lives of penniless generations of bankrupted adults and children.

Even if Austria’s “Obama Robber” is creative in dispensing currency, try as he might, mask or no mask, it’s hard for even the most dedicated student to keep up with the real-life Barack Bandit who spends other people’s money like a sailor guzzling million-dollar Diva Vodka out of the bottle.

In two years the Austrian thief, disguised in an Obama mask, has cleaned out a half-dozen bank vaults. In the same time frame, President Obama has managed to increase the federal debt “by $2.5260 trillion, which is more than the cumulative total of the national debt held by the public that was amassed by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan.”

Again, no one knows how or where the “Obama Robber” of Wien actually spends the stolen money.  What we do know is his DC muse, besides big-ticket items like entertaining communists with slabs of Wagyu beef, plunks down money for essentials such as: The study of rabbit feces; genital washing programs for HIV/AIDS infected men in Africa; public campaigns to encourage support for stealing and squandering stolen funds; worldwide mosque minaret restoration; and green plug-in vehicles.

At least the Obama impressionist can get himself a hybrid electric car to make an environmentally-friendly – albeit slow – getaway from the scene of future heists.

Either way, the “Obama Robber” is doing tutor President Obama proud by making off with money without being caught, spending what isn’t his on whatever he wants, and doing so audaciously and with wild abandon.

Nonetheless, Austrian Police official Markus Mitloehner said the man concealing his identity in an Obama mask is “thought to be a local since he speaks the regional dialect — with nary a trace of Obama’s more professorial accent” – emphasis on “thought to be.”

Leaving aside the secrecy surrounding how the Austrian bank robber uses the rustled riches, the uncanny similarity between the two bandits makes one wonder if, in the last two years, a sly Obama has been brushing up his international dialects and whether Air Force One has had a few lingering stopovers on the tarmac of Vienna International Airport.

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