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Gulp! Michelle Obama Defends Force-Feeding the Kids

michelle-o-lunch-300x180Originally posted at The Clash Daily

Absolutely appalled that anyone, let alone the public school system, would reject her dietary diktats, Mrs. Obama is now pushing back against those opposed to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and the mandatory school nutrition standards that accompanied the bill. As part of that shove back, Michelle recently granted an interview to Susannah Bradley of MSN’s Healthy Living.

Although the FLOTUS is trying to depict the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and certain members of Congress as the evil bad guys who want to serve candy and cake to kids for lunch, the truth is that they just want to grant schools more autonomy in deciding what to put on the lunch menu.

Lest we forget, autonomy is anathema to dictators.

That’s why Michelle, despite packing on a little caboose poundage herself since moving to the White House, feels it’s necessary for her to cure childhood obesity on her own. According to Mama Obama, the way to accomplish that is to insist that the food being served in schools participating in the school lunch program be nutrient-dense, calorically lacking, and completely tasteless.

It gets better – the FLOTUS is also ready to move from the cafeteria into the home by making government pronouncements instructing parents on how and what to feed their kids.

Using made-up stories as a tool of manipulation, Michelle told Susannah that “Before coming to the White House, [she] struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed [her] kids healthy, and [she] didn’t get it right.”

What Mrs. Obama conveniently forgot to mention was that “Let’s Move!” ambassador Sam Kass, who is still the president’s personal chef, was also the family’s personal chef when they lived in Chicago. So what Mama Obama should have said is that their chef didn’t “get it right.”

When Michelle told Bradley that “Our pediatrician had to pull me aside and point out some things that were going wrong,” she was playing the pediatrician card. According to Michelle, Sasha and Malia’s BMIs troubled the mystery pediatrician.

Michelle told Susannah, “I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have access to the information I have?”

Translation: If I – a brilliant Princeton/Harvard alumni – can’t properly instruct my personal chef on what to cook for two kids with scary BMIs, what are those idiots out there feeding their brats?

Having revealed that shameful state of affairs, Michelle then said:

When I first came to the White House, one of the first things I knew I wanted to take on was this issue, because now we know that there is a childhood obesity epidemic, and a lot of it comes from the fact that we have lost that core understanding of how to best nourish our kids.

Translation: Food control is the perfect Nanny State entrée into America’s private lives.

Despite Mama Obama’s haranguing, most of the broccoli florets and fiddlehead frittatas end up in the garbage. That’s why, unlike her husband, who found a way to force-feed America a mishmash of policy catastrophes, short of a mandated gastric feeding tube Michelle Obama has thus far been unable to force-feed the kids.

When Michelle said, “It’s so important for our schools to make the hard calls for our kids, because parents are struggling enough at home,” the liberal mindset prominently surfaced. Aren’t bureaucratic “hard calls” the intoxicating elixir liberal politicians live for, and isn’t that exactly how Barack Obama compensates for his stunning dictatorial ineptitude?

A lot like her husband, who loves to force-feed nasty stuff to unwilling Americans, the first lady stressed that “We have to be the ones in charge of what our kids eat. We have to set the tone and provide the examples, because what they learn now is what they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

“I want to make sure that my girls know what healthy meals look like and feel like,” said Michelle, “so that when they leave my home and go to college, they at least have the knowledge to make the best choices for themselves.”

Of all people, the FLOTUS shouldn’t be talking about tone-setting and example-providing. Moreover, the Obama ‘girls’ go to a $36K per-year private school that provides students with menu choices from “Classic” and “Vegetarian” entrées.

For added manipulation, Mrs. Obama claimed that the schools that submit to her Highness’s list of food options have improved test scores, kids clamoring to come to school every day, and disappearing disciplinary problems. Could it be that marinated beets have actually managed to suppress school gun violence in Chicago?

Either way, according to the FLOTUS, “It is our job as adults to make sure that our kids eat what they need, not what they want.” And isn’t that how we ended up with Obamacare? The POTUS, who knew better what Americans needed and couldn’t care less what Americans wanted, pushed his putrid policy on 300 million reluctant people?

Nevertheless, her Ivy League attitude notwithstanding, Mrs. Obama did humbly admit she’s culinarily ignorant.

In addition, the FLOTUS shared her opinion on the uneducated ignoramuses who don’t know how to feed their kids, revealed her fascination with gavage, and suggested that government needs to “lend a hand to the schools that are struggling, not roll back the standards and say, ‘Oh, well. The kids don’t like it so let them eat cake.’”

Really? Did Michelle Obama actually utter the words “let them eat cake?”

Mayor ‘Simon Says’ Bloomberg says: ‘Climb the stairs!’

Originally posted at The Blacksphererunning_up_stairs-300x467

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg first proclaimed ‘Simon says quit smoking.’

Then Mayor Simon demanded that everyone ‘drop your trans-fat, salt and Big Gulps.’

Now Mr. “Simon Says” Bloomberg is telling city workers to avoid elevators and take to the stairwells.  And remember that when all you stair-climbers reach the 11th floor, 32-ounce refreshment is no longer available as a reward.

Nevertheless, under the careful tutelage of Michael Bloomberg, New York City officials are embarking on a new initiative that will “encourage” office workers to huff and puff their way up the stairs instead of riding the elevators.  With tower racers who participate in the annual “Empire State Building Run-Up” as his inspiration, Simon Says Bloomberg knows it’s a do-able feat and, despite acting like it’s a suggestion, will not take kindly to resistance.

Therefore, if city office workers don’t start hoofing it skyward, the next innovative proposal he may come up with will be called the “Save Electricity: Disconnect the Elevators Initiative.”

Not for nothing, but does this guy stay up nights trying to come up with ways to piss off everyday people just trying to go about their business and live their lives the way they want to?

Under the proposed legislation, all new buildings and any building undergoing renovation will be required to make at least one non-emergency stairwell accessible, as well as signs near elevators pointing to the stairwells.

It’s unclear whether plans include elevator buttons wired to produce non-lethal electrical shocks, or whether the insides of the cars will be wallpapered with pictures of obese people in morgues who died from too many Big Gulps and too much elevator-riding.

What is known is that, as part of the effort, the city announced the creation of CAD, the “Center for Active Design,” a non-profit organization that has been assigned the job of designing healthier buildings (whatever that means), encouraging public transit, and crafting more aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces to encourage physical activity.

An accompanying bill would make stairwells more visible by using “hold-open devices” on the doors, for those strong enough to climb 40 flights but whose arms are too weak to open the stairwell door.

At a Manhattan press conference at The New School, NYC Department of Design and Construction Commissioner David Burney said the goal is to help discourage what Rachel Jeantel, the prosecution’s star witness in the George Zimmerman trial, calls “Old School People” from riding elevators.

Mr. Burney said, “Whether you’re tall or short, fat or thin, you’ll be healthier and you’ll live longer if you’re more active. But the problem is we’ve been lulled into a sedentary lifestyle.”  So apparently, one way or another, Simon Says Bloomberg is going to cattle-prod some flabby asses and, whether they like it or not, herd city office workers toward the stairwells and force them to ascend heavenward.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley chimed in and, referring to the lost, confused, and fearful, said “In too many buildings, the stairs are hard to find, kept locked, armed with alarms, or dark and windowless–making people afraid to use them.”

This means that in the future, if nefarious-looking, hoodie-wearing individuals are seen skulking around in dark stairwells that smell a lot like subway toilets, disregard feelings of apprehension, put heart health first, and venture onward and upward anyway. Chances are you’ll survive the climb, and even if you don’t, in New York City putting healthy living first should always trump any threat of impending physical assault.

After all, Simon Says Bloomberg doesn’t just talk the talk, he climbs the stairs.   And like every liberal dictator wannabe out there, Simon Says Bloomberg always thinks his way is the best way.  Think Michelle ‘Creamless Creamed Spinach’ Obama.

And although Bloomie has chosen to take the stairs, he evidently feels it’s his patriotic duty to make that choice for New Yorkers by forcing eight million escalator-riding slackers to lug their full body weight uphill.

By the way, not only does Bloomberg hoof the stairs, he also runs up moving escalators.  Thus, being hip himself, he is determined to make vigorous exercise “hipper for young people [with wide hips] across the city.”  As Mr. Simon Says explained:

“What we’ve got to do is just make it cool–if you will–or socially more the norm to exercise, and that’s what you see here.”

Someone should inform El Bloombito, either in Spanish or English, that midway up the stairs to the 50th floor of the General Motors Building the atmosphere is probably anything but cool.

Nonetheless, according to Simon Says Bloomberg, “The whole idea is not to change what you have to do, but to give you the idea and the impetus to do something that is in your best interest.”  That right there is a clear indication that Michael Simon Says Bloomberg is a star pupil in the Cass Sunstein School of Nudging.

Simon Says” Bloomberg is attempting to “nudge” New Yorkers in the direction he wants them to go while trying to convince them that foregoing elevators and escalators was their own idea.

And so, if you live or work in New York City, drop your Big Gulp, cut out the salt and sugar, forget the French Fries, and if you’re an office worker, kick off your business pumps and wing-tips and don your mountain-climbing footwear, because Simon Says “Climb the stairs!”

Michelle the Menu Micromanager

Originally posted at American Thinker blog

Michelle Obama probably doesn’t like Red Lobster or the Olive Garden. It’s even possible she’s never eaten at either of them, and these days most certainly wouldn’t be caught dead doing so.  In fact, anytime the Obama Foodorama website mentions Michelle’s choice of cuisine, dining establishments, or ingested epicurean delicacies, they have yet to refer to franchise specials such as “Endless Shrimp” or post pictures of the first lady tucking into a “Never Ending Pasta Bowl.”

But lack of firsthand experience hasn’t stopped Mrs. Obama from breathing her healthful hot air all over America’s dinner plate in hopes of scraping our mashed potatoes into the garbage pail and replacing whipped butter and spud heaven with Shiitake mushrooms.

Even though Michelle tends to unabashedly frequent establishments that serve high-end, calorie-rich cuisine, she has nonetheless anointed herself the maven and monitor of healthful eating.  Thus, the first lady’s obvious double standard has delivered yet another initiative whose success is measured by the level of Obama hypocrisy it manages to expose.

When Michelle goes on vacation – which, by the way, is quite frequently – she justifies indulging in limitless portions of whatever she happens to crave. Thanks to a dire fiscal condition exacerbated by Mrs. Obama’s husband’s economic illiteracy, Americans who take staycations and choose to order a huge platter of fried Admiral’s Feast at Red Lobster may soon see the usual connect-the-dots placemats replaced by ones with Michelle’s scowling face, pointing her finger in stern disapproval.

From now on, Michelle Obama will be directly involved in how much Americans can eat at certain restaurants, even though they pay for the food with their own hard-earned money. For future reference, this same bureaucratic babysitting mentality vows to the public that when government pays for their healthcare, rationing will not be an issue.

If Michelle is determining portion control when it’s not costing the government a dime, it’s only a matter of time before Americans are meted out a limited number of pacemakers – after spending two years on a waiting list.

Coincidentally, there is a connection between health care reform, the “breakthrough [anti-French fry] moment” in the restaurant industry, and Michelle posing for “Let’s Move” photos while leaning over patrons slurping Minestrone Soup at Olive Garden, thinking, “Aah, for another plate of Botswana fried fat cakes.”

It seems  “Orlando-based Darden Restaurants [which includes, to name a few, Red Lobster and Olive Garden franchises] is getting a break on part of the health-care reform law requiring companies to significantly raise annual coverage limits for low-cost insurance plans starting next year.”  In exchange for taking the pictures of French fries off the menu at Red Lobster restaurants and replacing popular choices with mealy apples, an Obamacare waiver will be applied to 20% of Darden’s 174,000-person workforce.

The reasoning behind accepting waivers, changing the menu and joining hands with an elitist connoisseur who pushes carrot sticks in franchises while she enjoys Ancho Chile Braised Short Ribs, Hominy & Wild Mushroom Sauté at gourmet restaurants, is that “Obamacare is bad for business.”

Apparently, Darden Restaurants considers it better business to “nudge” menu choices in a predetermined direction by defaulting “all kids’ meals [to] automatically come with a side of fruit or vegetables and eight ounces of 1 percent milk unless an adult requests a substitute.”

Thanks to Mrs. Obama, who allows her two girls to eat fried shrimp baskets and hot fudge sundaes on vacation, America’s children will find that when it’s treat time for them, “French fries and sugar-sweetened beverages will become the exception and not the rule.”

The first lady’s influences is so far-reaching that “The government soon will begin requiring restaurants with 20 or more locations, along with bakeries, grocery stores, convenience stores and coffee chains, to include clear calorie counts on their menus.” Which means the line outside the Magnolia Bakery will be a tad longer if Mrs. Obama spends time reading the side panel of the cupcake box on her next whirlwind New York City candy/pizza/spare rib tasting tour.

According to a report in March, “at least 1,000 companies have already been granted Obamacare waivers – and the legislation hasn’t even been fully implemented.” In the near future, there will be all sorts of businesses, as will Darden Restaurants, who will find out that Obama’s policies are either going to cost them money in healthcare benefits, or cost them money in lost customers. In the freedom department, the Obamacare waiver is destined to turn into a Faustian bargain.

The harsh reality will set in when businesses grapple with Americans refusing to have their portions restricted by certain controlling political figures whose BMI and feminine girth shout hypocrite.  Free people are bound to shake off the socialist shackles of rules and regulations inspired by Obama representatives like the first lady, who busily goes about imposing Draconian restrictions on everyone else’s eating habits while disregarding her own edicts.

If having choices and portions dictated by Michelle Obama in a restaurant that made a deal with the Obamacare devil means eating only what is approved by a woman with a voracious appetite for luxurious cuisine, then it’s just a matter of time before America takes a pass on the “Endless/Never Ending” offerings of whatever Darden Restaurants are serving.

Michelle the Menu Micromanager, Darden Restaurants, and the Nanny State are almost certainly about to find out that if given a choice, Americans will always choose a “Never Ending Bowl” whose portions government diktats, try as they might, will never control: the one filled to the brim and overflowing with freedom.

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