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The Speaker Speaks on Behalf of 1st Amendment Rights

Yet again, San Francisco scion Nancy Pelosi is speaking on behalf of American values. Nancy the Democrat Speaker of the House openly challenged those protesting the Cordoba House Project by questioning the source of opposition funding.

Religious advocate Nancy Pelosi is a woman whose policy decisions are guided by the Word of God, i.e. the Bible. Nancy, waxing spiritual, once said the Word, as in The Word, is her favorite word.  Nancy also said that, in order to “keep with the values” of the Word, “we have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy.”  How does Nancy propose we do that?  Why, just “Fill it in with anything you want. But, of course, we know it means: ‘The Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us’.”

“Public policy” and “fill it in with anything you want?” That explains Nancy dropping “not” from “Thou shalt not kill.” Pelosi’s policy, if enacted at the time, would have supported Nazareth’s most famous unwed mother exercising her freedom of choice on the “Word” while He was in the process of becoming flesh.

Two thousand years later, America is presently embroiled in another religious controversy as to whether it’s good judgment for a mosque to be erected in close proximity to the 9/11 massacre. Nancy has stepped forward to shed light on fairness, Constitutional integrity and, as always, religious freedom.

Pious Nancy doesn’t feel it’s necessary to question the funding for a $100 million dollar mosque in lower Manhattan.  Nor does the Speaker question Imam Faisel Abdul Rauf, Cordoba mosque director, who “has refused to disclose the source of funding for the mosque and once suggested in a television interview that U.S. policies contributed to the 9/11 attacks.”  Instead, Pelosi chooses to focus on opposition funding.

Like most of Nancy’s incoherent comments, the Speaker’s reasoning is a tad hard to follow.

Nancy treats the Constitution the same way she interprets the Bible, “filling in” as she goes along. The Speaker supposedly supports freedom of religion, but does so while denying freedom of speech.  Nancy endorses Islam’s religious freedom to erect a mosque, but questions the right to voice disapproval against the location of that mosque.

Yet one must admit, Nancy’s question is a compelling one.  Where is the phantom “funding” for the mosque resistance flowing from?  Who is paying for the magic markers and supplying the poster board for signs that say: “Don’t Dishonor my Son’s Grave?”  Finding the underlying anti-freedom-of-religion money may require a special investigation spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi, the liberal leader of a party working to eradicate every hint of offensive Judeo-Christian heritage from public life.

Nancy may be onto something. Let’s face it, “opposition funding” could very well be coming from the compensation the 9/11 families received for the loss of loved ones who were soaked in jet fuel, incinerated and crushed by millions of pounds of burning steel. It may take someone of Nancy’s political clout to convince mosque supporter Barack Obama to consider opening an inquiry into what the surviving families may be doing with their remaining monetary damages.

According to the Pelosi pick-and-choose interpretation of First Amendment rights and in the name of freedom of religion, the dissenters of the proposal to construct a 15-storey mosque over the unmarked graves of loved ones murdered in the name of Allah must be silenced

“Fruit Loop” Nancy’s Stimulus

Either Nancy Pelosi is a complete ignoramus, or the woman wearing pearls the sized of apricots is under the impression Americans are dolts. It’s one or the other; there is no middle of the road, no grey area here.  If the either/or premise is not the case then what is the explanation for the stupid comment the Speaker made when she said the following:


Does Nancy Pelosi actually expect Americans to believe extending unemployment insurance is the fastest way to create jobs? Just a reminder: This ridiculous woman is two-short-steps from the presidency.

Nancy claims that handing out unemployment checks to the 10% of the jobless labor force is “one of the biggest stimulus’ to our economy.”  The Speaker supports such an absurd statement by saying “economists will tell you this money is spent quickly.”  Nancy can you name the brilliant, and I use this title loosely, economist?  Wait; let me guess, economic genius Paul Krugman?

Of course the money is spent Nancy, the people this administration’s policies have put out of work need to buy food.

Is this how “Nancy Economics” work?  Liberals institute job killing policies, then they raise taxes and send out stimulus/unemployment checks to the people whose jobs they’ve destroyed.  Taxes go up and more jobs are destroyed.

Not to worry…this is a stimulating, job creating effort.

How you ask?  Well, the unemployed with check in hand malinger around check cashing offices, which translates into jobs for tellers who sit in Plexiglas cages handing out money to desperate people.  Then the unemployed take the government issued pittance across the street to the grocery store.  There the jobless purchase Fruit Loops®, a loaf of Wonder Bread®, and a half a pound of bologna.

Viola! Jobs are created, stock boys, bakers and deli meat slicers.  The economy is burning up with “double benefits.”

The Speaker chided those who believe the “only people who want [unemployment benefits] are the people who don’t want jobs.” In all fairness, this one time the woman actually spoke the truth. The Speaker and her non-working political cronies desperately want unemployment benefits to continue as employment insurance to keep non-workers like Pelosi employed  in a job that includes getting paid for doing nothing.

Stupak and his dozen getting ‘both arms twisted’ – American Thinker Blog – March 13, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker Blog

Robert Costa of National Review Online interviewed pro-life Bart Stupak by phone while the Democrat sat in an airport awaiting a flight to Michigan.  Apparently the “Stupak dozen” has dwindled. “At this point, there is no doubt that they’ve been able to peel off one or two of my twelve,” Stupak told Costa.

Though fatigued, thus far Stupak remains loyal to the pro-life debate “I am a definite ‘no’ vote. I didn’t cave.” However, those who agreed privately to stand for life and vote “no on the Senate’s health-care bill if federal funding for abortion is included in the final legislative language” -are now falling like dominoes under “enormous political pressure from both the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

Stupak claims, pro-life Democrats are “having both of their arms twisted, and …getting pounded by… traditional Democratic supporters, like unions.” Stupak told Costa what is going on is  “a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Democratic party.”

Bart maintains Nancy Pelosi is so committed to funding being available that the Speaker refuses to entertain the Stupak Amendment, which imposes  “tight restrictions on abortion language.” Regardless of whether House Democrats believe the bill can pass with or without pro-life Democrats, for Pelosi votes are worth losing to make an ideological statement in support of killing the unborn.

While nursing two twisted arms, Stupak experienced quite an epiphany.  The Michigan representative told NRO, “I really believe the Democratic leadership is simply unwilling to change its stance. Their position says that women, especially those without means available, should have their abortions covered.”

Even more dramatic was Stupak’s confession to Costa that Democrat leadership views abortion as a cost saving necessity.  Expressing aversion Stupak said, “Money is their hang-up. Is this how we now value life in America? If money is the issue – come on, we can find room in the budget. This is life we’re talking about.” With all due respect Mr. Stupak, is this news to you?

The Michigan Congressman rhetorically mused on. “What are Democratic leaders saying? If you pass the Stupak amendment, more children will be born, and therefore it will cost us millions more. That’s one of the arguments I’ve been hearing.”

Quite an illuminating statement–a Democrat admits left-wing congressional colleagues support butchering the unborn to benefit the bottom line.  Wait until Bart grasps Democrats rationing treatment to the elderly to justify achieving similar fiscal goals.

Stupefied, Stupak said, “Throughout this debate, even when the House leaders have acknowledged us, it’s always been in a backhanded way.”  Stupak told Costa, “If Obama care passes it could signal the end of any meaningful role for pro-life Democrats within their own party.” Yes, as well as “signaling the end” for children in utero, the terminally ill and Americans 65-years or older.

Stupak’s intonation hinted of resignation for intervention from the right side of the aisle,  “We’ll probably have to wait until the Republicans take back the majority to fix this.” Yet Stupak “won’t leave the party?”  Why?  Because, he’s “more comfortable [there] and still believe[s] in a role within it for the right-to-life cause.” The Congressman is at ease in a party that never seriously entertained the abortion debate, unleashes union thugs, twists arms, kills babies and marginalizes pro-life Democrats?

A disillusioned Stupak said, “It’s almost like some right-to-life members don’t want to be bothered. They just want this over.” Sounds like weak-kneed pro-life Democrats identify with women seeking federally funded abortions that “just want it get it over with” and could care less who pays the price.

Emperor Obama and the Kamikaze House Democrats – American Thinker – March 11, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

“I am not going on this mission for the Emperor or for the Empire…I am going because I was ordered to.” These words were spoken by one of Japan’s first kamikaze pilots, Lieutenant Yukio Seki, after being compelled to volunteer for a suicide mission.  Though apprehensive, the pilot maintained the insight to comprehend, “Japan’s future was pale if it was forced to kill one of its best pilots.”

So it is in Washington DC as a “divine wind” blows through the nation’s capital. Although in the majority, Democrats are experiencing decreased capacity to successfully wage political war.  Disregarding plummeting polls and lost elections, which comprise a formidable opposing armada amassing on the horizon; Barack Obama remains resolute in his reluctance to surrender.

During WWII Takijiro Onishi, Vice-Admiral of the Japanese Navy faced down a huge invasion in the Philippines.  Anticipating crushing defeat, Onishi requested suicide Thunder God Corps be utilized as a surefire tactic to assure Japanese bombs made contact with American warships.  Human being guided, bomb-laden aircraft on a volatile suicide collision with enemy targets, is a tactic bomb thrower Obama may employ if he passes health care reform by detonating the “nuclear option” of reconciliation.

Presently, when it comes to health care reform, the future of the Democrat Party is as pale as Japan’s ability to prevail with 100 operational aircraft confronted by an American flotilla. In response, Obama has decided to implement a similar last-ditch effort in an attempt to “snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.” Under the command of Vice-Admiral Obama, and in an attempt to avoid a rout, Democrats are being coercively recruited to take part in assault death units.  What’s the mission?  Prevail in the President’s policy war—even if it costs political lives.

For a year now, winning the health care reform battle has been a difficult hit-or-miss undertaking for Obama.  Blue Dog Democrats and conservative Representatives in the House and Senate, aware constituents are opposed to the cost and control aspects of the sweeping health care reform bill, resist supporting Obama’s legislation.   Thus the war drags on and on as Democrats portend the scope of defeat.  As a result, Obama Onishi has requested Democrats transform themselves into health care reform “smart bombs,” sacrificing all for the cause.

“Senator Lamar Alexandar (R-Tenn) said that if Democrats push health care through under the majority only process known as reconciliation, it will be a ‘political kamikaze mission’.”  Obviously the senator uses the word “kamikaze” in a “hyperbolic or metaphorical fashion to refer to non-fatal actions which result in significant loss for the attacker, such as injury or the end of a career”—and career ending it will be!

Yet Obama considers the goal of reforming health care critical enough to warrant the sacrifice of seats in November and apparently even the Oval Office in 2012. Encouraging a pervasive self-slaughter mentality, daily Obama reminds indecisive liberals, “[t]o maintain a strong presidency, we need to pass the bill.”

President Obama pushed wavering House members to OK health-care legislation for his own political standing and for theirs, as the battle came down to a bare-knuckle brawl for votes. Obama met with groups of liberal and more conservative Democrats in the White House to try to assemble a winning coalition.

Well aware first-term presidents typically suffer party losses; the President continues to pressure Democrat troops on a mission of self-destruction saying, “I don’t want you to feel discouraged. I want you to understand that we’ve got to push that much harder.”  And so, Thunder Gods in the House and Senate strap themselves to a poorly constructed bill resembling a rickety, wood kamikaze plane, built solely to crash and burn.

Obama demands Democrats disregard generic ballot poll predictions and constituent sentiment and willingly sacrifice political life and limb for what is deemed honorable partisan death.  The result–Democrats are presently being subjected to “brutal training” similar to that of a WWII kamikaze pilot, whose preparation for death was “justified by the idea that it would instill a soldiers fighting spirit.”

Volunteering to “fall on the sword,” a nonverbal proclamation has been issued by Democrats similar to that of 24th kamikaze pilot, Commander Seki who said, “It is better to die, rather than to live as a coward.” Why is the party of Pelosi and Reid responding in such a dramatic way?  Because in an attempt to rouse pusillanimous politicians to make the ultimate sacrifice, reverberating through the hallowed halls of power the virtuous voice of the Speaker of the House can be heard.

Nancy Pelosi, whose seat is not in jeopardy, is of the opinion “[i] t will take courage to pass health care.” Pelosi posed and answered her own question saying, “But why are we here? We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress…Time is up, we really have to go forth.”

Emperor Barack contributes further inspiration to Democrats reluctantly adjusting rising sun hachimaki’s on clammy foreheads.  Obama claims to, “[k]now some … might feel discouraged because changing the ways of Washington is hard. It’s harder than a lot of [Democrats] thought it might be. Sometimes [Democrats] feel… that it’s not possible. You might want to give up.” Obama pleaded please, “Don’t give up.”

It is not surprising discord prevails within Democrat ranks. Japan’s special suicide program was a divisive matter within Japanese military circles as well. Veteran field commanders considered the notion of one-way death missions a colossal waste of valuable lives. Nevertheless, many naysayers were eventually convinced because the kamikaze “sure-hitting attack crafts,” delivered “virtually all late war losses.” In like manner, as die hard Blue Dog ideologues refuse to self-destruct over issues like abortion language, it is probably only a matter of time before Bart Stupak (D-Mich) is persuaded to relinquish opposition and shout “banzai,” on behalf of the Democrat Party.

WWII winded down with the Japanese steadfastly believing “because they were fighting for their Emperor God, the Kamikaze would bring them deliverance at the darkest hour.” Twenty-five hundred dead human torpedoes and a lost war later, the faithful were the misguided ones.

Pausing for a moment from memorizing the inspiring health care bill and slamming back socialist warm sake while shouting “Hissatsu” for the cause—it would serve Democrats well to reacquaint with history.  “On the eve of the Japanese surrender, Takijiro Onishi ended his own life, leaving a note of apology to his dead pilots – their sacrifice had been in vain.”As Election Day draws near, the suicidal harakiri that Obamacare demands from the Democrat Party will likewise be proven futile, because in the end—it’s the American people who will eventually win this war.


Obvious Opacity – American Thinker – January 25, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

According to Nancy Pelosi campaign promises have one purpose—getting a candidate elected.  After voting, a candidate’s word can be shelved like a magician’s prop.  If the Speaker is to be taken seriously nothing Barack Obama said during the presidential campaign holds weight and should be disregarded as roadside rhetoric.

If Pelosi’s ruling versus rhetoric conjecture is correct it explains the last twelve months. Nancy Pelosi insisting on defining clandestine conferences as transparency brings clarity to what America deals with every time Obama speaks. Since January of 2009 black is white, right is wrong and open is shut.  Overarching debt is economic stimulus, job loss is growth, socialists are capitalists, enemies are friends and despair and despotism is defined as hope and change.

Lest America forget, before the Democrats lost a filibuster proof Senate, though unsolicited, Obama repeatedly volunteered to “broadcast [health care] negotiations on C-Span.” Lofty promises were made because Barack Obama was falsely convinced the country would kowtow to every policy whim he proposed.  Obama thought wrong.  What the President didn’t anticipate was 49% of the American public being against socialized health care reform, as well as a united Republican Party standing in opposition to overhauling the entire system. Above all, this imperious president didn’t expect an unknown Republican from Massachusetts to wrest the Teddy Kennedy Memorial scepter from the late liberal icon’s  hand.

Yet in a distorted way, transparency truly does exist on Capitol Hill because liberals have been crystal clear about the desire to “fundamentally transform” America. For instance, Obama, together with the Democrat-controlled House and Senate, made no secret the intention to singlehandedly revamp 1/6th of the American economy.  Before health care expired, “guiding an honest process,” meant holding surreptitious negotiations, in the dead of night, sans public or opposition party participation.  Democrats are likely unaware of it, but skulking around in the shadows accomplished the opposite and made underhanded motives more transparent.

While debating Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential race Obama said he would broadcast health care negotiations on C-Span, “bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors.” After taking office, “broadcast,” “bringing” and “behind” were redefined Obama-style and backdoor negotiations and dishonest agreements became common practice. America patiently observed a non-transparent health care reform process abounding with “hidden agendas” where over the last year, deliberations became, “a breeding ground for more of the kickbacks, shady deals and special-interest provision that have become business as usual in Washington.”

Its no wonder Scott Brown, who seemed to appear out of thin air, won the special senatorial election. Obama’s repeated campaign pledge to “enlist the American people in the [health care] process,” and then doing the opposite was the final nail in the one-party-rule coffin.  With an election for Teddy’s seat on the horizon, America watched as C-Span CEO Brian Lamb sent correspondence to Pelosi and Reid beseeching Congress to open up health care reform deliberations to the public. The frustrated CEO’s requests were met with a half-hearted concession to open the negotiations to the public for one hour–a much shorter period than most Americans would be waiting for a throat culture if health care passed.

For weeks the nation, including voters heading for the polls in Massachusetts, observed Nancy Pelosi responding to C-Span’s request like a critical care nurse tightly pulling closed the privacy curtain. Pelosi’s contention that, “[t]here has never been a more open process for any legislation in anyone who’s served here’s experience,” prompts the question as to whether the Speaker should be rushed to the top slot in a psychological triage.

Brian Lamb spoke for American when he “urged Congress in his letter to fling open the doors in the final stretch of negotiations.”  Instead, the CEO was met with a sign above the double doors of the health care debate, which read, “Restricted Beyond This Area Authorized Personnel Only!” Denying C-Span right of entry to the health care dialogue put the Senate majority in hospice care.

Yet the left forged ahead with a plan to circumvent the usual Conference Committee procedure to reconcile the two chamber’s versions of the bill.  In the process, Democratic doctors Barry, Harry and Nancy, failed to take the pulse of the American electorate. The tragic trio made the fatal mistake of continuing on with the ruse allowing access to only a “few negotiators concocting the final version out of sight, without formal rules governing the process.” The Democrat leadership was convinced socialistic purposes would be better served without C-Span cameras in the room documenting the organ harvest.

Democrats pushed for secret deliberations to thwart “having to cut deals with problematic House Democrats like Michigan’s Bart Stupak, who promised to do what he could to scuttle the final bill if it provided for federal funding of abortion.” Aware an audience desiring the bill’s demise seeing one “party working on behalf of constituents,” would be detrimental to the left’s righteous cause, Democrats continued to connive behind closed doors, and while they did, America watched.

The nation obviously viewed the conduct as fraudulent and undeniably voiced a reproving opinion on a snowy Tuesday in Massachusetts.  The Speaker of the House, as well as America’s lucent President, were reminded by Blue State voters that, “[m]inimum disclosure to which agreements, dealings, practices, and transactions are open to all for verification,” is defined as lack of transparency.

If something is transparent it lacks hidden agendas and conditions.  Transparency is accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision-making.  Essential to transparency is the condition for a free and open exchange whereby the rules and reasons behind regulatory measures are fair and clear to all participants.

So, in light of the constant barrage of mixed messages coming from power elites like Pelosi and Obama, its good to know that before entering the voting booth, Massachusetts voters brushed up on the literal meaning of transparency casting a vote for and sending a message from the entire nation.

Truth is, the people of this country are patient and forgiving.  But as Obama is finding out, messing around with the American psyche results in political ramifications like being flattened by a GMC Canyon . Little did Pelosi, Reid and company know, but  unabashed lack of transparency not only ensured the election of Scott Brown, but it also sealed a Stupak condemned, rare late term, political abortion of Democrat rule in Obama’s fourth trimester.

Dr. Yank-US is in the White House

Three_stooges_doctor_smallIf America is wondering what health care will be like under the Obamacare overlords this is a small sample of what to expect.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcELyKkOAak [/youtube]

Three Socialist Stooges, Barry, Harry and “Born Dizzy” Nancy are imposing policy on America that can only be likened to Moe, Larry and Curly pulling a tooth out of a cataleptic America intoxicated with Obama rhetoric like a patient high on nitrous oxide.

On Election Day we were knocked unconscious by the mallet of “hope and change” and promptly relegated to a dental chair in Dr. I. Yankum’s office.  Since day one, an anesthetized America has been systematically worked over by a crew of vicious amateurs, pretending to know what they’re doing.

America willingly submitted to a window washer fronting as an oral surgeon because of perceived pain. And now “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Larry and Curly,” Obama remains hell bent on pulling teeth, but doesn’t know which one to pull.   Disregarding his own lack of experience, Dr. Yank-US continues to do what he deems necessary catching a tiger by the toe and although America hollers a determined Obama just won’t let go.

Aware they are out of their league, Big Boss Barry, Harry and Nancy stand over the patient thinking, “Go ahead take a chance – whadaya got to lose?” One day Barry stands on the patients chest and Nancy does the pulling. On another day, Nancy or Harry do the holding and vice versa.

The treacherous team yank out healthy teeth in the form of policy proposals such as the revamping of health care. The threesome forge ahead while Obama marks time filling an unconscious America’s oral cavity with quick drying concrete.  The Stooges throw caution to the wind and  strategically place a bomb in America’s mouth in an attempt to correct the incompetent mistakes they’ve made.

The sizzling sound America groggily hears in the distance is a lit fuse slowly making its way up to the explosives.

Before you know it Dr. I. Yankum’s dental office will be like paradise compared to 7-11 colonoscopy centers where patients get complimentary Big Gulp’s and drive-by sigmoidoscopies from smiling illegal immigrants with names like Habib, Vasu and Mansur-Khan.

Truth is, all that matters to Dr. Yank-US is Three Socialist Stooges getting health care done in time to do the peacock strut at the State of the Socialist Union address.  The three bumbling stooges will be headlining in a prime time  preen parade  scheduled for February 2nd. 

“Bossy” Barry, “Dizzy” Nancy and just plain “Scary” Harry will claim health care victory, while disregarding the fact that kidney transplants are slated to be done behind the deli counter at Stop and Shop right next to the machine that slices bologna.  Or that, by the end of the decade, America will have not one person living, within out borders, sixty-years old or over.

Hey America, maybe its time for the window washers to take the scaffold down to the first floor and leave the clientele and the building in competent hands and do so before the cement bomb placed in the nation’s mouth blows up and kills the patient.

The Vitameatavegamin Bill


Congressional Democrats are committed to overhauling the healthcare system and while doing so obviously do not intend to let the public know what the legislation contains for fear Americans will reject the QVC sales pitch.  Instead they are embarking on a successful method employed during the 2008 election of false advertising and selling a bag of goods without revealing the ingredients or the affect.

In a hurried effort to pass a bogus health care bill it is imperative that the merchandise’s contents be hidden from those it’s being sold to.  Instead, Democrats have dragged out a conceptual Vitameatavegamin health care bill for public consumption void of legislative language and whose obscure costs and implications no one bothers to consider.

Anyone over the age of forty remembers Lucille Ball playing the part of a woman auditioning for a Vitameatavegamin commercial where a tonic is presented as the, “…answer to all your problems.” In the episode, the director of the Lucy’s foray into commercials is unaware that the “healthful” concoction of “…vitamins, meat, vegetables and minerals,” also has listed in the fine print a 23% alcohol content.  The Democrats might as well be holding up a bottle of Vitameatavegamin every time they speak on behalf of the health care proposal.  However, unlike Lucy’s director, Democrats are well aware of sinister particulars residing in the legislative proposals, but continue to resist posting ingredients online in an attempt to present a benign product that ultimately delivers a punch.


For all intents and purposes, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is our very own Lucy convincing America to sign onto a product she knows nothing about.  Smiling a forced, phony grin Nancy continually auditions to retain her seat of power. The only thing missing from the Speaker’s head is a lovely, little retro-lace Lucy-style bonnet.  Nancy, like Lucy, assures America that the Vitameatavegamin health care bill is a panacea that will be the ultimate, “…answer to all our problems,” especially if it includes a high-potency vitamin packed public option she guarantees it will include.

In the episode clip, Lucy auditions for the part of Vitameatavegamin girl beaming widely into the camera.   The director tells her to recite the script.  After citing the ingredients, the director tells Lucy to take a big mouthful, smile and wink saying what Speaker Pelosi alleges today about health care, “…it’s so tasty too…just like candy!”  However, after Lucy lifts the swill to her mouth the look on her face tells the whole story.  Yuck!  Her lips invert, the two muscles in her neck pop as she attempts to down the ghastly medicine. A similar situation could pose a problem for Pelosi’s sales pitch as personal commitment to a product ultimately clinches the sale.

After Lucy’s adverse reaction to the liquid remedy her director tells her, “No, no, no…you’re supposed to like the stuff. You’ve got to smile and be happy,” which was even difficult for someone determined to win the title of Vitameatavegamin girl.  The content of what Lucy was forced to swig was not fit for human consumption, which is precisely why, unlike a compliant Miss MaGillicutty, Democrats repudiate for their own consumption a product they are pushing on us.

Barack Obama disregards the vomitacious nature of the proposal and perseveres repeating, “OK, take it from…It’s so tasty too!” And, despite national rejection of the proposed fix, the Director-in-Chief personally holds our nation’s nose while dictatorially insisting we say “Ah.” According to studies, ninety-three percent of the American population feel a remedy is unnecessary for a condition that doesn’t exist.  Yet, the Vitameatavegamin health care sales team continues to drone on asking the wary, “Why don’t you join the thousands of happy, peppy people?”

In the fifty-year-old episode, Lucy slowly becomes desensitized to the questionable ingredients in the bottle as her ability to focus diminishes.  Her reaction to the product presents a potential ruse that Democrats could employ in their quixotic quest to control life and death. Bleary eyed and inebriated Lucy smacks her lips and says, “This stuff tastes pretty good…after you get used to it!”  Thus, if Democrats have their way, they will continue to force a tonic of half-truths and obfuscations on the public.  With any luck the effort will result in an America, so disorientated by lies that without question, the majority will guzzle down a Vitameatavegamin health care bill—consigning even the sober to endure its influence.

Speaking on behalf of the Director-in-Chief, our very own little Vitameatavegamin girl, Nancy Pelosi, has gotten to the point where she is encouraging, “Everybody to get a bottle of this stuff!”  What began as a coherent attempt to convince America to sign onto sane cost and competition directed health care reform has now been reduced to statements about public options that are on par with Lucy asking, “Do you pop out at parties…are you unpoopular?”

Nancy, Harry and Barry – are modern day snake oil salesmen.  Their medicine show consists of constant hawking to step right up and join the millions of Americans who have yet to read the ingredients, have no idea what it tastes like, or how it will affect them–but look to government to provide them with a healing elixir.

Yet, the Democratic sales pitch appears to be breaking down with every slam of the clapboard. As Pelosi, Reid and Obama work together to preserve their bottle of bureaucratic belladonna it becomes apparent they are the ones intoxicated with power. Presently, what we are witnessing is a desperate coalition of Democrats reduced into a desperate band of marketing mavens attempting to convince dubious consumers to invest in Handy Brushes.

In the famous Lucille Ball Vitameatavegamin episode the more she persisted in promoting her product the clearer it became what it actually was.  Hope endures that just as Lucy buckled under the influence of a shoddy product, the American public will recognize that like  a bottle of Vitameatavegamin, the bill the Democrats in Washington DC swear will surely be as easy as “spooning our way to health,” has neither our health, nor our well being in mind.

The Political Abortion of Nancy Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi is fighting for her political life. She is changing stories faster than she jumped out of her seat to clap for Obama at the State of the Union address. Since 2007, Pelosi has been snuggled up, comfy cozy in the fetal position in the womb of the Speaker of the House chair grasping the gavel  to her breast like a security blanket.  However, over the last few days Mrs. Pelosi has been also hanging onto a political umbilical cord for dear life.

Mother Pelosi has a reputation as an empathetic icon for the Left. She is the epitome of maternal kindness publicly condemning the use of ‘harsh interrogation techniques’ as morally reprehensible. She even called for the prosecution of U.S. government officials who authorized ‘torture techniques’ on our nation’s enemies.

Juxtaposed against her concern for terrorists, Pelosi is so Liberal that even NARAL gave her a 100% on abortion rights. For a Leftie that is the highest tribute in the party. It is the abortion rights Grammy award, which is a red carpet honor. If terrorists were fetus’, Nancy would approve of their torture. Yet, when it comes to real live terrorists, Nancy Pelosi is the quintessence of compassion.

Obama condemned the use of torture during the Bush Administration and moved to declassify the memos outlining enhanced interrogation techniques.  A question arose as to how much Congress, and specifically Ms. Pelosi, knew about the techniques that were authorized to gain information from the likes of  Abu Zubayah and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Nancy responded to the queries saying that the CIA never briefed her on enhanced interrogation techniques. Then an intelligence report surfaced stating that she was certainly briefed on the matter in 2002. The political umbilical cord was beginning to wrap around her neck. Nancy then changed her story purporting  the CIA had  informed her in 2003 but told her water boarding was “not being employed.” Nancy was obviously relieved being the staunch terrorist Protectoress she is.

Pro-choice advocates of Nancy’s caliber have such a high moral code that their word is truth. It’s a known fact they always put their own best interest last!  Readjusting from the breach position, Nancy now claims that Central Intelligence made a concerted effort, together with the Bush Administration, to lead Congress astray on the issue.  Nancy innocent, everyone else, guilty.

Nancy is so confident in Democratic power on the Hill and the Party’s love for her that she’s decided to take on Central Intelligence and accuse them of lying to Congress. Yet, the silence on the Left is deafening and leads one to surmise the Party might be preparing to expunge the occupant of the lofty Congressional throne in chambers by allowing the Speaker to lie herself out of the Speakership.

We may very well be witnessing the public political abortion of Nancy Pelosi.

Liberals oftentimes support policies, like abortion, but never fully think through the ramifications of their stances on their own lives. With corrupt people depravity knows no boundaries. They can want you one day and abort you the next. Liberals are notoriously selfish. If inconvenienced or threatened in their personal lives or in their political careers they do not vacillate, the problem is justifiably and promptly disposed of, which appears to be Ms. Pelosi’s impending fate.

Over the last few days, Nancy has become a tiny little  bit of an inconvenience, sort of like an unplanned pregnancy for a first-year college student, something that Liberals would encourage is better quietly “Taken care of!” The political party that has no problem purging millions of infants from the womb certainly would have nary a compunction suctioning the Speaker of the House from her chamber podium if need be. Pelosi continues to lie, while claiming she was lied to. The harbinger of “Bush lied” is now claiming the CIA lied to her about water boarding, but  offers Bush no mercy.

Nancy denying she was briefed or had any idea about water boarding as a means of enhanced interrogation can be likened to frolicking wildly at a party, blowing out the candles and gorging on chocolate cake and then with butter cream  all over your face pretending you haven’t a clue how it got there.

Much to her surprise Nancy is about to become the victim of her own degenerate belief system. Sort of like a cheating husband who divorces his wife and marries his girlfriend and then is shocked when his new wife cheats on him. Not because it’s payback but because anyone who would date a married man is not exactly the bastion of morality themselves. And so it is with Nancy. By Democrats refusing to defend the Speaker, Nancy is about to witness her beloved party assist in aborting her.  If they‘d do it to Junior…they will do it to Nancy!

She admitted in 2003 she knew about water boarding but didn’t fully understand the technique. The CIA didn’t explain water boarding to her liking so she’s not responsible? Nancy couldn’t quite grasp the concept of that what they said they were going to do, they actually did?  Former CIA Director, Porter Goss wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “I am slack jawed to read that members claim to have not understood that the techniques on which they were briefed were to actually be employed; or that specific techniques such as “water boarding” were never mentioned.”

Nancy’s inability to comprehend interrogation techniques explains a lot about her support, or lack thereof, for radical leftist policies such as abortion and enhanced interrogation. Pelosi probably disapproves of water boarding for terrorists but supports brutal partial birth abortion because she does not identify with the technique. Nancy doesn’t understand what torture is because she’s fine with saline burning the skin off infants but opposes walling mass murderers. No one explained to the Speaker the procedure of chopping up defenseless, unborn babies with a razor-like scalpel, which is why she is fine with D&C curettage but has a problem with sleep deprivation for terrorists? Nancy must need a little more clarification about caterpillars in small spaces with wild-eyed Jihadists, as compared with the piece-by-piece suctioning of a small, defenseless child from the womb.

Regardless, even if Nancy figures it all out, it may be too late to save her from the inevitable. Like most victims of abortion, the decision is out of her hands…it’s not her choice. Over the next few days we very well may see the Democratic Party drive itself over to the political Planned Parenthood and sign itself in. The Democrats will be in the waiting room while Nancy thrashes around in the political womb, twitching, shaking and fighting for her political life. But as any fetus destined for destruction knows, once Mom is at the clinic the deed is as good as done. Nancy, quivering and stammering while defending herself at the press conference accusing the CIA of lying and misleading her all but positioned the Democratic Party on the table for the procedure.

Life has a way of meting out justice on its own. If silence from the Democrats means anything it doesn’t seem hopeful for zygote Pelosi. As the Democratic party changes into its dressing gown and heads towards those double doors, Nancy is about to become a victim of the policies and statements she’s been proudly supporting as the San Francisco Liberal, gavel-waving, maven of Capitol Hill.

Nancy accused the innocent of lying…she was caught in a bigger lie. She persuaded others to flush their unborn …the Capitol Hill Party where she’s been securely huddled will sluice their womb of her inconvenient, disingenuous, troublesome self. Nancy is about to find out that Liberals justify eating their own, killing their young and purging their own flesh and blood and will do the same to her without ever giving Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi even the tiniest second thought.

Teleprompter Thespian


Washington DC was abuzz with interest after the White House press core reported people outfitted in Shakespearean garb going in and out of the Oval Office. There was a flutter of activity when someone yelled, “Thou mangled boil-brained harpy!” right before Nancy Pelosi appeared in a nearby corridor scurrying on her way to the Capitol for a meeting with Brad Pitt. The reporters concluded that the Elizabethan outfits were an effort to make a statement to the British and specifically to Gordon Brown that we sincerely want to remain in close relationship with our English allies.

Meanwhile as that “…mangled boil-brained harpy”– I mean Speaker Pelosi, was being shuttled to the Capitol for her appointment with New Orleans aficionado the adulterous, Achilles of compassion Brad Pitt, originally from Missouri, she recharged her cell phone so that she could exercise, “…bragging rights to her children and grandchildren. All a twitter and frenetically “Twittering” away,  Madame Speaker happily cloistered herself with the actor in a closed door summit willingly submitting herself to the “The Power of Pitt.” Soon after she emerged a bit tussled and flushed across her upper chest and the lower parts of her face where blood still circulates.

With Shakespearean actors at the White House and Benjamin Button in the Brumidi corridor of the Capital building, there was definitely something thespian-like afoot in our nation’s capital.

A person who spoke under total anonymity confided that both Brad and the Elizabethans were called to address Obama’s teleprompter dependency saying that, “Barack Obama doesn’t go anywhere without his teleprompter.  He feels its bad luck, it’s kind of like his baby blanket. He is addicted to it and needs to be ‘prompted’ in order to speak publicly.” They said that recently, he was unable to give a six-minute tribute to Abraham Lincoln without his teleprompter. The highest IQ to ever heat up the Oval Office needed to have his deepest feelings about his political soul mate technologically fed to him?   In fact, a White House housekeeper reported that she even saw a portable teleprompter in the First Couple’s bedroom with the words, “I told you before, I did put my socks in the hamper, damn it!”

Obama seems to be intimidated even when endorsing his economic stimulus package, which he has been reiterating ad nauseam for months. His technical team admitted that “After the teleprompter malfunctioned a few times last summer and Obama delivered some less-than-soaring speeches” it became evident that if he was going to be able continue to convince the whole nation to blindly and mindlessly accept his policies he needed to be able to wing it without his tattered security blanket and rubbery pacifier.

That’s where Brad Pitt comes in. When he “slipped out a side door” of the Capitol and took an “elevator to the basement subway” he had with him a complete copy of the teleprompter text for the next few months. Pitt had been asked to memorize the script, return to Washington DC and give a private performance to the President and members of his closest inner circle. Brad is attempting to demonstrate to Obama that it can be done.  Reminding him of Martin Sheen, he exhorted the President that he too can believably emote and speak about things he knows nothing about and still convince a whole nation of mind-numbed robots that he knows what he’s talking about without a crutch, crumb of knowledge or conviction.

The President is encouraged about the prospect of Pitt’s help. It was reported that he was, “training to wean himself off of the device while on vacation in Hawaii. But no such luck.” His test flight was after the death of his Grandmother, Madelyn. To test the progress of his teleprompter detox, he set up undercover in the Borthwick Mortuary in Honolulu.  With three enraptured technicians as his audience, he was still unable to get through the first 30 seconds of homage to Granny Dunham.

Obama and his staff are counting on Brad to be a personal presidential Lee Strasberg and be on call to coach the Commander-in-Chief through some very important speeches in the near future. In fact, Obama is so desirous to have Mr. Pitt available, if he is needed to make a statement at the spur of the moment, that a portion of the White House has been cordoned off to accommodate Angie and the six kids. Sasha and Malia are thrilled and Angelina is happy because Zahara has felt out of place lately in their racially imbalanced family.

In the meantime, those Shakespearean actors in the Oval Office were representatives from Memorize Shakespeare, a Toronto-based company that “has launched a product …to help actors learn their lines by listening to them.” Memorize will be working in conjunction with Mr. Pitt. Obama met this group in Cuba where he spent time before his Inauguration touring clinics and getting policy ideas from Castro for his Health Care initiative.

The group has agreed to make an exception to their rule and allow Brad Pitt to tape the speeches complete with inflections and emotion in the appropriate places so that Obama can utilize their product Scene Partner to learn what to say without a teleprompter. In order to do this, “Obama” will be the character that Obama will be learning. He will download the “Obama” character as enacted by Brad Pitt and Pitt will become Obama’s scene partner as Obama learns to play himself.

The way it works is that the lines are split into short segments to not overwhelm the actor. At the end of each sector of speech, a bell rings and the actor repeats the section. According to Scene Partner their “…actors read the text with only the appropriate rhythm. Obama chose September by Earth Wind and Fire for the rhythm he wants to represent the cadence of his speech, after realizing it was a standout tune for his Wednesday night conga line.

“The actor learning the lines is not forced into a particular style or encouraged to mimic another actor.” Except in this case, Brad Pitt will personally coach the President on punctuation and emotion encouraging believability in every word he says. In the meantime, President Obama has loaded the lines, recited by Brad Pitt, onto his Ipod. Things like, “…wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year” and “…that’s why I pushed for quick action”, or “With the deficit we inherited, Hope, Change, Yes we can and nobody messes with Joe!” Each statement followed by the clanging of a bell similar to the “Market” bell, which rings at the opening and closing of the Stock Exchange to remind the President of the importance of his position.

An alternative plan has been outlined in case the President should find it impossible to memorize his lines without a teleprompter. In cases of emergency, Obama will ask the cameramen to pan out while he is speaking and will lip-sync directly from the words of Brad Pitt. This will ensure that his message of hope and change continues to get out. The tempo of Obama’s left-right head movement tends to cause dizziness, which hopefully will throw the listeners off so they won’t notice that his lips don’t match the words.

Mr. Pitt’s agreement to work together with Mr. Obama hinges entirely on the guarantee that he promise to nationalize Pitt’s “Make  It Right New Orleans” campaign.  Ambassador Pitt’s request has been met by the President first glancing toward his teleprompter and then giving the actor the sincere assurance that he plans to “nationalize” anything and everything he possibly can.

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