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Dystopia: How The Multi-Cultural Fairytale Became An Absolute Nightmare

http://eurm.or.at/?qg=Flibanserin-Online-Kopen&08c=e7 Originally posted at  CLASH Daily

go to site After being chided by Democrats for years for wanting to maintain the western influence over our traditional American culture, and after being labeled xenophobic by liberals who falsely believe all cultures are equal, the diversity fairytale is rapidly morphing into a multicultural nightmare.

Non Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy Currently, dwelling among us are people from cultures that believe in terrifying things such as honor killing, genital mutilation, and the stoning of women. In addition to jihadists, El Salvadoran MS-13 gang members are on a nation-wide rape and murder spree.

see Joining illegals who come from countries where defecating on the street is a common practice, the existing tapestry of multicultural gloriousness also embraces Third World diseases, English taking a back seat to Spanish and an influx of machismo invaders from countries where femicide, spousal abuse, and sex with underage females is the norm.

go to site In other words, illegals disrespect America’s immigration laws for reasons other than “wanting to do jobs Americans won’t do.” Moreover, contrary to liberal opinion, not all illegal immigrants are innocent college student or hardworking heads of loving families.

Where To Buy Diovan Online Take for example, Miguel Paloalto Lucas. Miguel came to America from Mexico where in some areas the age of consent is 12-years-old. In 2012, Miguel was charged with sodomizing a 15-year-old girl. When that happened the illegal immigrant helped introduce the state of Missouri to the culturally diverse practice among some foreign men of sexually assaulting children.

Can You Get A Buzz From Prednisone In 2016, in Bill Clinton’s home state of Arkansas, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico named Jose-Manuel Garcia Gonzalez was arrested for raping and “sexually grooming” a five-year-old girl. Last year, a similar crime was perpetrated on a young child when it’s alleged a 19-year-old illegal immigrant named Douglas Hus-Flores sexually assaulted a 3-year-old girl in Connecticut.

Cymbalta Price Pakistan In Cedar City, Utah, 32-year-old Victor Francisco Michel-Lara sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl not once, but “thousands of times.” Not to be outdone by Victor, an illegal immigrant named Edgar Mendoza, broke into a New Jersey home, climbed into the bed of a 6-year-old girl, and raped her while her unaware father sat downstairs.

see The following month, a man of diverse cultural practices, Leonel Vazquez, after being deported back to Mexico twice, returned to America to rape a mentally disabled girl in Kentucky. Then, around Christmas 2017, multiculturalism paid a visit to Kansas when a Mexican man with nineteen deportations raped an underage girl on a Greyhound bus.

click In February of 2018, in the state of North Carolina alone, twelve illegals were charged with 88 instances of child rape.

Recently, in a Louisiana Walmart, the national bastion of multicultural shopping, a “possible illegal immigrant” who, thank God didn’t have a gun, but did have a machete, adhered to cultural tradition when he tried to kidnap two children.

In the middle of the afternoon, Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera entered Walmart where he approached a mother with a 2-year-old toddler strapped into a shopping cart. Budier-Herrera told the woman that if she didn’t do what he said, she would die.

When the mother attempted to get away from Budier-Herrera with her child, he blocked her passage and signaled a threat by placing his hand on his 10-inch machete.

According to the police, the “possible illegal immigrant” threatened to kill the toddler if his mother didn’t obey. The mother didn’t obey so Budier-Herrera grabbed hold of the boy and attempted to yank him out of the grocery cart and run off.

While struggling with the machete-wielding immigrant, the child’s mother pulled the boy back. At one point, the mother ran behind the deli counter with the child begging for someone to help. That’s when store employees intervened.

In response, Budier-Herrera ran into the meat and poultry section where he pulled the machete out of his waistband and swung it around before running away. On his way out of Walmart, Budier-Herrera attempted to grab another infant from a grocery cart but couldn’t because the baby was strapped in tightly with the safety belt.

Store employees and an off-duty police officer tackled the man who not only had a machete; he also had pepper spray and a handmade shiv. Budier-Herrara was arrested and charged with an immigration detainer as well as two counts of kidnapping of a child and other offenses.

What Budier-Herrara wanted with the two children can only be surmised but based on an illegal immigrant in Las Vegas who videotaped himself on his iPhone raping a 4-year-old girl the possibilities are endless.

And so, Democrats and open border advocates will continue to try to make Americans feel guilty for opposing the type of diversity that comes via an influx of people whose cultural reality is opposed to ours. Meanwhile, because of the illegal pedophiles the left welcome into America with open arms, children are no longer safe riding in the front seat of a shopping cart at Walmart.


Celebrating Airborne Diversity Gets Very Complicated

indexOriginally posted at American Thinker

Multiculturalism, all the rage among today’s academic and cultural elites, is fraught with what Marxism (all the rage among the academic and cultural elites half a century and more ago) use to term “internal contradictions. It is bullying, all dressed up in the language of tolerance. Witness the dilemma posed by the airborne collision of multiculturalism and religious diversity.

In Orthodox Judaism, a man having physical contact with a woman who is not a close relative or a spouse is expressly forbidden. In a case of cultural diversity run amok, a Delta Airlines flight from New York’s JFK Airport was delayed when ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish men refused to sit in assigned seats because if they agreed to do so they would be sandwiched between two females.

As a result, the men refused to violate the tenets of their faith and instead stood in the aisle, causing Delta Airlines Flight #468, due to fly from JFK to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport in time for the Jewish New Year, to remain on the runway for half an hour.

This is not the first time seating arrangements have caused havoc on the runway.  According to Amit Ben-Natan, a passenger who was aboard an El Al flight that encountered a similar seating-arrangement problem, “People stood in the aisles and refused to go forward.”

According to a female passenger on that same El Al flight dubbed the “11-hour nightmare,” once the plane departed for Israel, rather than return to his assigned seat the ultra-Orthodox traveler who was ticketed to sit beside her stood in the aisle for the entire journey.

Following the flight, Sharon Shapiro from Chicago started a petition to prevent ultra-Orthodox passengers from “bullying, intimidating and discriminating against women.”  Sorry, but that was highly insensitive of Ms. Shapiro.  One would think that a Jewish woman from Chicago would take Barack Obama’s advice and show more sensitivity toward people who act and “look different than we do.”

A similar thing happened on Delta Flight #468.

The best part of the latest scenario was not that the orthodox men refused to be seated or that they demanded a men-only section.  Neither was it the potential fracas that could have broken out had the men’s fedoras blocked the view of the overhead movie screen.  The most disturbing part of the Delta Jewish New Year flight was that, à la Ms. Shapiro; two female bookends accused the ultra-Orthodox guys of discrimination.

In the past, for praying in the aisles on airplanes, Haredi have been called “stupid,” and ultra-Orthodox dedication has even been compared to Sharia.

Granted, it may seem like the Haredi men unnecessarily subjected airline passengers to a brand of pious orthodoxy that doesn’t belong on a commercial airplane.  Nonetheless, the female gender-equality advocates who were offended by being asked to switch seats probably consider themselves tolerant supporters of religious and cultural diversity.

Either way, Israel Radio reported that the Delta debacle was finally resolved when an American who obviously recognizes the need to show deference to difference offered to change seats with the gentlemen sporting the long beards and the big hats. In the end, what the Delta Airline seating brouhaha reveals is that, on or off an airplane, if tolerance involves a woman paying deference to a man, the line between diversity and discrimination is thin indeed. And good old-fashioned politeness can solve what ideology cannot.

Matters are far simpler when the niceties of democratic civil society can be disposed of. Saudia Airlines, the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, has encountered its own complaints about the mixing of the sexes, albeit with a different concern. The UK Daily Mail reports:

Saudi Arabia’s national airline is allegedly planning to separate male and female passengers on its flights, in accordance to strict rules enforced by the Gulf kingdom.

Gulf media report that Saudia will keep men and women segregated onboard, unless they are close relatives.

The move follows a spate of complaints from male fliers unwilling to allow other males to sit next to their wives and other female family members.

It is not their own purity that concerns the Muslim male complainants, it is the purity of their female chattel. Saudia management believes it has the problem well in hand:

‘There are solutions to this problem…we will soon enforce rules that will satisfy all passengers,’ Saudia assistant manager for marketing Abdul Rahman Al Fahd, told Saudi daily, Ajel.

It is thought that the airline will include instructions to flight booking staff at Gulf airports to keep these new rules in place.

Will females be relegated to the back of the plane, unless they can prove they are related to a male passenger? But if a married or brother and sister couple is sitting in a grouping of three or more adjacent seats, what happens if an unrelated male is booked into the third seat?

Still, it is far easier for Saudia to segregate passengers by sex than it would be for either of the two US carriers, Delta and American, serving Israel, even if they wanted to.  It is almost certainly illegal under US law.

Multicultural Mayhem in Brooklyn

cc1Originally posted at American Thinker

In the interest of furthering cross-culturalism, Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner/multicultural advocate/poet Maya Angelou once said that “[it was] time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” 

With that pluralistic thought in mind, why not begin that lesson with the story of an elderly Muslim immigrant from Pakistan living in Brooklyn, New York named Noor Hussein?  According to prosecutors, 75-year-old Noor met his late wife, 66-year-old Nazar, in Pakistan, where they married before emigrating to Brooklyn.

Clearly the honeymoon was over, because Noor, which means “light” in Farsi, is currently on trial for beating Nazar to death with a 19th century-style laundry stick.  Noor gave Nazar a brain hemorrhage after whacking her with the implement that, for lack of a washing machine, the woman used to stir their dirty clothes in a washtub.

Not for nothing (to use the standard Brooklyn vernacular), but from a cultural diversity point of view, stirring laundry with a big stick in a galvanized washtub right smack-dab in the heart of Brooklyn certainly does add color to the ethnic mosaic.

Nonetheless, what, pray tell, could possibly provoke this Muslim man to commit what American culture would normally view as a horrendous crime?  Well, it seems Nazar made the fatal mistake of cooking her husband lentils for dinner instead of goat’s meat stew, which is what he had expressed a hankering for.

Lentils in place of goat meat was a big slip-up, because according to court papers, the “Defendant asked [his wife] to cook goat and [his wife] said she made something else.”  In response to being offered a vegetarian meal, Noor beat Nazar about the head until her brain was bleeding profusely.

According to the neighbors in the Husseins’ building, who are due to testify about the beatings Nazar received at the hands of her paternalistic husband, on the evening of the goat-versus-lentil confrontation, the exchange progressively got louder.  Then, the linguistically assimilated Nazar called Noor a “mother******” (also standard Brooklyn vernacular), to which he responded by hitting her on her arm and mouth with the laundry stick until she was a “bloody mess.”

Contrary to defense claims, Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni is convinced that Noor’s intention was not to discipline his wife, but to kill her.  Madni maintains that Hussein “brutally attacked his wife as she lay in her bed” – “leaving deep lacerations on her head, arms and shoulders, and causing her brain to hemorrhage.” 

Madni said, “It was a beating that was so vigorous and so repeated that it stopped her brain functions.”

According to the prosecutors, after teaching her who’s boss when it comes to what’s for dinner, Noor threw the laundry stirrer into the street, tried to clean up the blood that splattered onto their bedroom wall, and then called his son and told him, “I killed her.  Hurry up and come over.”

Barack Obama once said that he considers it “part of [his] responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”  

Noor Hussein beating his wife to death is the perfect opportunity to begin dismantling negative Islamic stereotypes and gain newfound respect for the cultural diversity that is now a part of the American landscape. 

The Pakistani goat stew lover’s defense attorney, with the all-American name Julie Clark – unlike Madni, with the ethnic name – began the process of remediating Noor’s sullied reputation by schooling the courtroom.  First she admitted that Hussein did indeed thrash his wife with the laundry stick, but she explained to those in attendance that his crime should be manslaughter and not murder because in his home country, beating wives with various implements is customary.

In her opening statement at the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial, Ms. Clark advocated on behalf of cultural diversity when she explained that her client “comes from a culture where he thinks this is appropriate conduct, where he can hit his wife.” 

While fleshing out her argument, counselor Clark forgot to mention that in Pakistan, abuse of women is “endemic in all social spheres.”  It is customary to genitally mutilate females, deform their faces with acid, rape them, kill them in the name of honor, and, for a lack of an adequate dowry, burn young brides alive in a “stove death.”

Yet Julie Clark does make an excellent point.  If America prides itself on embracing multiculturalism and our president feels it’s his duty to dispel negative stereotypes associated with Islam, how can America switch gears and justify prosecuting a Muslim man for exercising the diverse strength and beauty extolled by Maya Angelou and those like her? 

To do otherwise would be to assume that in this case, American culture is superior to Pakistani culture, which not only is insulting to Pakistanis, but also undermines the efforts our nation has made to assign cultural equivalency to diverse customs.

Notwithstanding Nazar’s fatal brain hemorrhage, to inflict American judicial-system criteria on Islamic/Pakistani cultural norms sends a mixed message, and ultimately compounds the initial disrespect Noor received from his late wife when she dared to offer him lentils instead of goat.

As it turns out, poor misunderstood Pakistani Muslim Noor Hussein, who “culturally believed he had the right to hit … and discipline his wife,” is now up on murder charges just for living according to his native customs as a member of the ever-expanding multi-ethnic community the president defends and admires.

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