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Mr. Flexibility Forgot to Unplug the Microphone — Again!

If ever there was a conversation that should scare the bejeezus out of every American, the one transmitted on an open mike between Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev is the one.

Caught in a conversation asking Medvedev to ask newly ‘elected’ Russian president Vladimir Putin to give him more “space” on the issue of missile defense, Obama assured the outgoing Russian President that as a lame duck, after the next election he’ll have “more flexibility.”

According to Carol E. Lee of the Wall Street Journal:

U.S. President Barack Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday that his re-election campaign has tied his hands in resolving differences with Russia over U.S. plans for a missile-defense system in Europe, and suggested an agreement would be more likely after November.

Jake Tapper, Senior White House correspondent for ABC News, reported that the exchange went like this:

President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

In other words, Obama believes that if he is reelected the brakes will be off and he can sell American and European national security down the river by making our allies and ourselves more vulnerable than ever before to an attack from any nation with a missile and a bad attitude.

Obama needs “space?”  Medvedev understands?  What are “all these issues,” including flexibility on missile defense, that a man who’s supposed to be protecting America is seeking reassurance about?

The understanding that is needed here is not on the part of Medvedev but on the part of the American people.  Every thinking person should seize upon that verbal transmission Barack Obama gave to messenger boy Medvedev to deliver to Vladimir Putin and use it as motivation to ensure that Mr. Flexibility/Barack Obama’s last election already took place.

Barack’s Anti-Ally Initiative

When pro-Obama pundits tout that the President has accomplished a lot in two years, they are correct. Who else in American history has worked so boldly and tirelessly to weaken our nation and undermine national security by hurting our greatest allies and cultivating friendships that are, at best, dubious?

Policy-wise, Barack has done many appalling things. However, the pièce de résistance was finding out that “British nuclear secrets” were used as a “bargaining chip” to woo Russia into an arms control treaty.  In other words, Obama gave away Britain’s nuclear secrets to get Russia to agree to sign a treaty that at the end of the day weakens America.

President Obama began the anti-ally initiative by deciding to suspend plans for a missile defense shield in Europe. The first to be devastated by Obama handing Russia a “diplomatic victory” was Poland, who called the decision to shelve the missile defense plan that Russia opposed “catastrophic.”

G.W. Bush initiated the eastern European missile shield plan in response to what the United States perceived to be a threat from a nuclear Iran. Therefore, Poland was the first ally to be betrayed. By way of Barack Obama, the United States told Poland: “We care more about pleasing our allies’ enemies than we do about our ensuring the safety of our allies.” By placing friends in harm’s way, Obama “gave meaning to those words.”

Besides betraying Poland, taking the bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office and sending it back to Britain and “dumping” Bibi Netanyahu to rush off to dinner should have been a red flag for Britain and Israel, because according to Wikileaks, in 2009:

A series of classified messages sent to Washington by US negotiators show how information on Britain’s nuclear capability was crucial to securing Russia’s support for the “New START” deal.

Although the treaty was not supposed to have any impact on Britain, the leaked cables show that Russia used the talks to demand more information about the UK’s Trident missiles, which are manufactured and maintained in the US.

Washington lobbied London in 2009 for permission to supply Moscow with detailed data about the performance of UK missiles. The UK refused, but the US agreed to hand over the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transfers to Britain.

What Barry did to make friends with a bully was give away the secret combination to his best friend’s new bicycle lock.  And for what? To suck up to a thug who, first chance he gets, plans to show appreciation by beating the tar out of the traitor and adding his bike to the collection too.

Obama hasn’t figured out yet that an alliance built on untrustworthiness stands on shaky ground. If Russia signs a treaty with someone who betrayed an ally, how much faith could Russia have in Obama’s capacity to keep his word?

The President’s inability to listen to the voice of the American people on issues like stimulus, health care reform, and the deficit proves that his haughty self-importance is such that, regardless of the ramifications for those affected, Barry the Inflictor cares little about the results nor the resistance and has taken that attitude global.

The British had a policy of “refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal.” Britain’s desire to “maintain some secrecy to compensate for the relatively small size of its arsenal” meant nothing to Obama who, in an effort to elevate his status with the wrong crowd, managed to make the world a more treacherous place.

Apparently, Obama knows better, even when it comes to disrespecting the national security wishes of a supposed ally and revealing what Great Britain desired to keep top secret. It’s no wonder Obama and Michelle aren’t on the royal wedding guest list.

Today’s poor decision could be tomorrow’s disaster. Obama obviously hasn’t thought through the potential consequence of Britain, in return for the US betraying top-secret information, packing up and leaving Iraq and Afghanistan.

Either way, Obama has proven here and abroad, domestically and internationally, that he doesn’t respect anyone’s wishes but his own.  In this particular case, if a spy revealed British secrets to the Russians they’d be accused of espionage.

Poland and Britain are “allies” who have officially been spurned as the President kindles a romance with a Russian bear. Based on Obama’s stance it appears as if the next ally to be kicked out of the clubhouse is Israel, Obama sided against Mubarak in support of the Israel-hating Muslim Brotherhood having a say in Egypt’s new government.

Although in many circles the Egyptian president is considered a dictator, Bibi Netanyahu is convinced with Mubarak gone Egypt is even more vulnerable to anti-Zionist Islamist rule, a result more devastating for Israel than removing missile shields from Poland and selling Britain’s nuclear secrets to Russia.

What Obama did at the expense of British and American national security was so absurd that America may find out someday Barack left Israel at the mercy of her enemies and assisted the Iranian regime in the quest to obtain a nuclear bomb.

In a few short years, Barack Obama has proven to be the worst example yet of loyalty, faithfulness and allegiance to both America and her closest allies. Who would have thought the President of the United States would be the source of instruction on how not to treat your friends.

Unfortunate Coincidence – American Thinker – April 12, 2010

Originally posted at American Thinker

“I don’t think it was done intentionally. I excluded such a possibility, but it was an unfortunate coincidence, yes.” Those haunting words were spoken by “lifelong skeptic of Russia” Lech Kaczynski, the late president of Poland. Kaczynski discussed with Brett Baier of Fox News the unusual concurrence of President Obama reversing the Bush administration’s U.S. Patriot missile defense decision on the 70thanniversary of Russia invading Poland.

In 2008, the United States and Poland sealed a deal that in 2010, ten interceptor missiles would be deployed to a military base near the Baltic coast. The missiles were due to be situated in that location to “protect much of NATO against possible long-range attacks,” mostly from a volatile Middle East. According to then-U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the weaponry was “defensive and aimed at no-one” and merely a means to respond to “the threats of the 21st century.”

The agreement between the U.S. and Poland infuriated Russia. At the time, deputy chief of general staff General Anatoly Nogovitsyn said the plans for a missile base in Poland, “could not go unpunished.”

At the time, the Polish president expressed the logical view that because the shield was purely defensive and not a threat, “for that reason, no-one who had good intentions toward [Poland] and toward the Western world should be afraid of it.”

Recently, the anti-communist, conservative Polish President Lech Kaczynski and an entourage of dignitaries, including his wife Maria, were en route to Russia to pay homage to 22,000 Polish military and intellectual elite massacred in the Katyn Woods in 1940 by the Soviet Union. Eerily, Kaczynski’s plane, carrying 88 members of Poland’s political, military, church, and business leaders, went down in the same wooded area in the Smolensk region of western Russia, killing everyone on board.

President Kaczynski admitted, after suffering a scare on a Tupolev 154 Soviet-designed plane in 2008, “Any flight brings with it a certain risk, but a very serious risk attaches to the responsibilities of a president, because it is necessary to fly constantly.” And so, in December of 2009, Kaczynski had Russia’s Aviakor aviation maintenance company fully overhaul the plane, deeming the aircraft “airworthy.”

There is no denying that flying from Poland to Russia in a Russian-maintained airplane and then crashing into the woods where Soviet secret police murdered 22,000 Poles can be described only as an “unfortunate coincidence,” especially after being warned that something you did “could not go unpunished.”

This isn’t the first time Poles experienced such a shocking loss. Seventy years ago, after the Soviets denied involvement for the Katyn bloodbath and blamed the Nazis for the slaughter, then-Prime Minister Wladyslaw Sikorski “called for an independent investigation” into the massacre. Four months later, Sikorski and sixteen others suffered an untimely end, perishing in a plane crash in Gibraltar. Another unfortunate coincidence.

Last week in Prague, Barack Obama signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and he probably believes that the decision transformed the world into a safer place, deeming extensive missile defense passé. Medvedev called the treaty “a truly historic event.”

The initial U-turn on the decision to place a missile defense system in Poland initiated cooperation between Medvedev and Obama, which was followed up with an agreement to cut strategic nuclear arsenals by 30 percent. As spurned Lech Kaczynski watched from afar, Medvedev expressed the belief that the treaty “opened a new page” in Russian-American relations.

Obama, having signed the treaty with Russia, accomplished what Brett Baier intimated to Kaczynski two years prior to be a foreign policy goal for the newly minted president.

During the 2008 interview, Baier told Kaczynski, “The Obama administration … wants to reset its relationship with Russia.” Pressing the Polish president, Brett asked, “Are you worried about this reset and how it will affect your country? Do you think Russia was emboldened by the [defense reversal] decision?”

Exquisitely aware of Poland’s long, dark history with Russia, Kaczynski did not hesitate to respond, “Russia is always bold, but if it’s encouraged, then it becomes even bolder.”

Lech Kaczynski lived just long enough to see America break faith with Poland and then sign a treaty with a nation that expressed hostility and aggression toward Poland — very possibly revitalizing an aggressive adversary.

The Polish president articulated in the 2008 Fox News interview the belief that “[t]he United States … [has] a right to conduct [their] own policy, and there is nothing I can say about this and cannot question it. But the United States, like any other country in the world, can be right or can be wrong.”

Baier retorted, “Is it wrong?” Kaczynski cautiously replied, “So far we don’t know it yet. Russia can play a big constructive role in the world because it is a big country. But, however, the development in Russia at the moment does not give any indication that this is how it will continue, that this will be so.”

In 2008, Kaczynski worked hard to sign an agreement with the United States for a missile defense system to be placed on Polish soil. The agreement was met with a warning from Russia that Poland would be disciplined. In 2009, President Obama reversed the Bush administration’s U.S. Patriot missile defense decision on the 70th anniversary of Russia invading Poland. In December of that same year, Lech’s Russian-made Tupolev 154 received an overhaul and thumbs-up Russian approval.

In 2010, President Obama signed a “historic” nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia. Less than three days later, in an effort to take a step toward improved relations with Russia, the Polish President died in a fiery crash in the Russian-maintained Tupolev 154 en route to a memorial commemorating the Soviet massacre of 22,000 Poles in the Katyn woods — one fortuitous incident after another.

Hearkening back to the words of deceased President Kaczynski, who said, “I don’t think it was done intentionally” — one can’t help but marvel at the observable facts surrounding Russia’s involvement in Poland’s history of “unfortunate coincidence[s],” yes?

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