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Michelle Obama Nourishes Hillary’s ‘Village’ – American Thinker Blog – February 11, 2010

Originally posted on American Thinker Blog

Two years after appearing on Larry King Live Michelle Obama returned as First Lady to discuss inspiring FLOTUS initiatives.  Other than Larry’s strange hair color overall the interview seemed uneventful.  However, “for those who have ears to hear” a disingenuous Michelle delivered more then just a dietary diatribe. Listening closely to the King interview Michelle had some very peculiar things to say.

Unbeknownst to sycophantic Larry King, Shelley’s anti-obesity campaign stands poised to marshal herds of children into Hillary’s still sparsely settled “village.” The First Lady knows that for the national service corps to become reality healthy children, not corpulent corpses, ensure contenders to the ranks. The utopian community Michelle imagines teams with slender children;  “raised not just by their parents, but also by society… schools and the government.”

Exhibiting uncharacteristic candidness during the interview the First Lady invited America into the vacated kitchen at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue, sharing with Larry Chicago-living consumption challenges. As two hard working parents Michelle claimed for years both she and Barry failed to provide the family with healthy food choices.

Michelle’s assertion was curious based on the fact that Windy City living for the Obama’s included personal chef, Sam Kass who supposedly has a “particular interest in healthy…local food.” Kass was featured on the Biggest Loser, yet Michelle told the captivated Larry King the “uptick” in her daughter’s BMI, alarming a Chicago pediatrician, occurred while consuming Sam-food.

Then, failing to mention Kass’s involvement, the First Lady contended the girls slimmed down after, weekday desserts were eliminated; the harried couple providing “fresh squeezed juices” and family night conversations revolving around the evils of “processed foods.”

Michelle agreed with Larry that childhood weight issues are a “delicate subject.” To spare embarrassment, the First Lady never broached the girl’s weight directly suggesting only, “We have to change how we eat.”  However, now as representative of an anti-podgy kiddy campaign, in conjunction with a national taskforce, Michelle feels it necessary to “personalize” the message by sharing Sasha and Malia’s prepubescent weight struggles with the whole country.

Michelle said small dietary changes worked because both daughters “Wouldn’t go for absolutes [emphasis mine].” Then when Larry asked about the possibility of health care not being accomplished Michelle replied, “Doing nothing is absolutely [emphasis mine] not an option.”

Healthy eating maven Michelle continued to exhibit delusional opinions throughout the interview, starting with the assertion that Barack “stays humble.” Mrs. Obama also claimed to know little about the Tea Party movementmade up of people from all political parties, claiming to stay focused only on “issues that have no political party.”  The First Lady also applauded Barack’s “important steps and quick smart strategic thinking,” for saving America from the “brink of an inevitable depression.”

Relishing private time behind closed doors in the White House family residence, a First Lady who avoids maternal absolutes provided Larry a litany of absolutes to address chunky-child issues for Americans to follow in the privacy of their homes. “Turn off the TV, eat dinner together, provide structured bed time, cut down portion sizes, turn on the radio and dance ‘til you sweat, walk to school and run up and down the stairs.”

Michelle’s King interview, lacked consistent sincerity, but had one ray of candor amidst prevarications and partial truths. The First Lady readily agreed with Larry King’s evaluation of her superior intelligence perking up saying, “I’m very smart but I like to limit my intake to things I can control.”  How true Michelle, how very, very true.

Michelle Obama: Snakeskin and Skin in the Game – American Thinker, January 18, 2010

Originally Posted at American Thinker

Based on one full year’s worth of observation, it is obvious that Michelle Obama’s pronouncements, advice, injunctions, and edicts include a personal exemption for the occupants of the White House Executive Residence. Michelle’s attempts at verbally imparting wisdom, if matched against the backdrop of action, expose the First Lady’s hypocrisy.

Take for instance Michelle’s disingenuous response to reporters pertaining to the issue of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s racial comments about “light skin tone” and “Negro dialect.” The First Lady said forgiveness comes easy because, “…she knows Reid so well.”

Such a quick dismissal of Reid’s sentiments is perplexing coming from a woman known to be intensely aware of race. The First lady’s forgiving words put the spotlight on what history reveals abides in her heart. Michelle said, “My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my ‘blackness’ than ever before. … Regardless of the circumstances under which I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second.” Reporters, eager for further insight, learned that Michelle evaluates “people more so on what they do rather than the things they say.” Oh really?

Michelle’s statement about measuring character on what is done, rather than what is said, presents a moral dilemma for the First Lady and President Obama, both of whom never come close to exemplifying the injunctions both freely impose on everyone else.

One such glaring example was at Saddleback Church, when candidate Obama shared that “America’s greatest moral failure” is not abiding by “Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” Citing America’s wealth and power, Obama shared from his perspective that our nation, “still doesn’t spend enough time thinking about the least of these.”

If moral fiber is measured by what is done rather than what is said, then why, as an example to America, hasn’t the First Lady passed on Narcisco Rodriquez and Jimmy Choo and addressed the least of Obama’s half-brothers, George Hussein Onyango, who lives in a shanty on less than a dollar a month? Why hasn’t she welcomed in the sister of Obama’s Kenyan father Aunt Zeituni, living in wretched poverty in a Boston ghetto?

In an article following Obama’s soaring inaugural address, David Broder alluded to the rhetoric-versus-deeds quandary, saying, “What speeches can accomplish, they have delivered handsomely for Barack Obama. Now, it will depend on his deeds.”

The First Lady is well aware that the President stresses that Americans should surrender personal aspirations for the sake of the collective. “All Americans will have to sacrifice to put the economy back on track,” Obama said. “Everybody’s going to have to give…Everybody’s going to have to have some skin in the game.” To date, Michelle’s contribution to “skin in the game” is the acquisition of an off-the-shelf, $1,900.00 snakeskin clutch.

Excusing herself, Michelle is of the opinion that “in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system … someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

Yet while stressing doing over saying, the First Lady seems averse to relinquish haute couture, and she freely participates in $56,000 worth of accommodations for a two-week Hawaiian vacation. Michelle lives a Robin Leach lifestyle while Americans financially struggle. Michelle boutique shops in Paris for the weekend, enjoys 250,000-dollar date nights and frivolously flies aboard Air Force One at the cost of forty to fifty thousand tax dollars per hour. If the First Lady is correct, and personal principle is exposed by deeds and not words, then she fails her own standard for the Harry Reid “skin tone” and “Negro dialect” test.

Can America ever forget newly-elected Barack Obama swearing that the “election is not about me” and then contradicting those words with actions that disregard the wishes of the majority whom the election supposedly was all about? Moreover, if humility means having a modest opinion of one’s own importance, and deeds speak louder than verbal expressions of reticence, then maybe on an upcoming speaking junket, Michelle could explain to America what accepting an undeserved honor reveals about an individual?

Nevertheless, Michelle can’t very well censure Barack for what she is also guilty of doing. Prior to Obama being elected, Michelle militantly spoke the words, “Barack will require [emphasis mine] his flock to work.” Once in the White House, the First Lady, having no official duties per se, hired a staff of 22 assistants with combined salaries totaling $1.5 million per year to assist her every whim. Michelle’s words portended imposed toil on the “flock” while harboring full intent to partake of a sumptuous, power-pampered lifestyle — regardless of whether the rest of the nation wallowed endlessly in the throes of a Great Recession.

Michelle also said, “Barack will demand [emphasis mine] that America sheds its cynicism.” Then, while volunteering at a Washington, D.C. food bank, the First Lady fed the impoverished while shod in $540 Lanvin sneakers. Over the past year, through repeated thoughtless actions, Michelle Obama has contributed greatly to Americans’ pervasive distrust of each others’ professed integrity and motives.

The First Lady also forewarned, “Barack will demand [emphasis mine] … that America move out of its comfort zone.” Yet if Mrs. Obama expresses a hankering for organic kale, then Washington, D.C. promptly shuts down. Three dozen vehicles set to work, police and Secret Service sweep the area, dogs sniff for bombs, barricades are erected, and fruit stands are staked out with magnetometers and rooftop binoculars. Only then, in an armored limo, can Michelle be ferried to the organic food stand to be welcomed with flower leis and cowbells by extremely uncomfortable people cordoned safely off to the side — far from their comfort zone.

In the UCLA speech, Michelle uttered rousing words of freedom from oppression and overbearing control, claiming firsthand knowledge of the fact that Americans “are sick and tired of other people telling them how their lives will be.” In spite of that, the First Lady heartily approves of dictatorial, liberty-curtailing decrees, enforced governmental management, and a presidential agenda poised to significantly impact everybody’s life but her own.

The most poignant Michelle Obama declaration was this: “Barack will never allow [emphasis mine] you to go back to your lives as usual.” One year later, after thousands of hours of empty, hypocritical rhetoric, Barack’s “requiring,” “demanding,” and “never allowing” actually appear to be words he plans to back up with action. To do so, he needs Harry Reid, which is probably why the First Lady held her nose and said she absolved the contrite senator.

However, if the past is any indication of the future, then Michelle, like Barack, is first and foremost concerned with personal political expediency, power, and prestige. With that in mind, although the First Lady graciously extended public exoneration toward Harry Reid, in reality, it’s highly unlikely that she ever really intended to do what was said.

Repaving Slave Street


Barack Obama recently said, “I am married to a black American who carries within her the blood of slaves and slave owners.” It was while on the campaign trail that Michelle Obama reconnected with relatives and became aware that on her father Fraser Robinson’s side her great-great-great grandparents toiled as slaves in mosquito infested rice fields in the low country of South Carolina.  Up until the Civil War, the Robinson’s lived on a plantation named Friendfield, whose most distinguished historical feature was a dusty, dirt road known as Slave Street.

On her maternal side a similar heritage recently emerged indicating that around 1850 a “negro girl Melvinia,” was bequeathed in a will as a possession of an elderly plantation owner. Melvinia, whose bloodline traces directly to Michelle Obama’s mother Marion, lived in Atlanta, Georgia as a free person and eventually gave birth to a son named Dolphus T. Shields fathered by an unknown white man.

If not for the dichotomy of the overbearing plantation-owner attitude both she and Barack Obama demonstrate–Michelle Obama’s inspiring roots would otherwise be compelling.  In spite of her heritage, it is apparent that neither she, nor the President desire an emancipated America, but rather envision a nation where free citizens become bondservants to the communal effort of a self-appointed taskmaster.

Obama’s approach toward government indicates that he identifies with the slave owners not with the slaves who reside in Michelle’s family tree. Obama should hearken to the words of Abraham Lincoln who poignantly expressed in an April 1859 letter, “…he who would be no slave, must consent to have no slave. Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Demanding unquestioning submission, Obama has set about using liberal principles laid as a horsewhip to the back of freedom.  Obama offers the false promise of free honey – beckoning Americans inside the gates of the plantation herding them into the field to work with the goal of collecting sweat to “redistribute” for the common good.

In an effort to retain power through, “leveling the social and economic playing field” Obama’s slave owner policy initiatives tether Americans to a ball and chain style of socialistic governance that is realized by enslaving those who would otherwise be free. The President’s utopian aspiration is on track to transform Americans into chattel trapped within a restrictive dependency, robbing us of God-given liberty, preventing the acquisition of property and thwarting individual pursuit of happiness.

Obama refuses to appreciate that the type of collectivist schema he campaigns for fosters a shadow of the slavery his wife’s ancestors struggled against. With the blood of slaves running through his beloved daughters veins one would think he would be cognizant of the legacy of ex-slaves who, by their staking out and acquiring wealth and personal property, paved the walkway for his family from Slave Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Michelle proudly lauds those in her family, “who out of slavery and emancipation…were smart and worked hard” and because of  “those American values, were able to lift themselves up and begin to set these little foundations that led to me.”  Which begs the question as to why both she and her husband continue to smother those same ideals and instead promote the type of burgeoning debt, which consigns all our children to a form of government imposed slavery? Or, why the Obama administration continues to move forward with plans to impose burdens and regulations that suppress the entrepreneurial spirit that was part of Michelle’s inheritance?

According to the First Lady, it makes sense to her that the patriarch in her lineage was an entrepreneur, who despite slavery, owned property and with “sheer effort and determination was able to build a life.” She then contradicts her own testimony by requiring American citizens “…give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”  One can’t help but wonder if Michelle would have supported Obama demanding her industrious ancestors relinquish their,  “piece of the pie,” so a select few could benefit at their expense?

Truth is if Barack were in charge it would have been hard for Fraser Robinson, and even harder for Michelle’s mulatto great-great-Grandfather, Dolphus Shields to accomplish what they did. By 1900 Dolphus owned his own home and by 1911 opened his own carpentry and tool sharpening business. Dolphus Shields threw off the bonds of slavery and immersed himself in free enterprise.  The benefits of liberty resulted in Dolphus acquiring the type of private property Obama targets and encumbers through the implementation of communalist policies his great-great granddaughter Michelle defends.

After what Michelle’s ancestors suffered how can Barack, with a clear conscience, endorse the reverse plantation mentality of meting out blood and tears in the form of “redistribution of wealth?” Doesn’t Obama know that just like a slave plantation, every faceless person on his socialist estate suffers–rich and poor alike? Nineteenth century political theorist Herbert Spencer once said that, “All socialism involves slavery. That which fundamentally distinguishes the slave is that he labors under coercion to satisfy another’s desires.”

Based on ancestral sensitivity the Obama’s should be the first to reject that form of slavery and any hint of plantation mentality.  Yet, entrenched in an ideological “main house” they have chosen to ignore the sea of field workers clamoring to retain freedom outside the door. Residing in the lap of luxury, wearing designer couture and rubbing elbows with billionaires Michelle and Barack claim to identify with the, “…scars of slavery that many African Americans still bear.”  But, rather than making them acutely perceptive to the predicament of lost freedom they manipulate family history as a resource to justify enslavement of some for the benefit of others and to substantiate taking millions captive to an aggressive Marxist philosophy.

As a man whose wife is a direct descendent of the legacy of slavery, condoning any human being to labor on an unforgiving socialistic plantation, makes Barack Obama guiltier of exploitation than the anonymous white slavers furtively residing in the darkest corners of Michelle’s family tree.  Barack Obama’s resolve to yoke Americans to an unconstitutional system puts him in the company of those the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln coined as a, “…small, odious and detested class, among you; and yet in politics, dictating the course of all of you, and are completely your masters.”


Michelle the Milliner’s Muse

MichelleHatThe always fashion forward Michelle Obama not only wears cutting edge clothing, but is also an inspiration to designers worldwide.  The mere sight of her conjures up creativity and excitement in the fashion community.  The First Lady of the United States has become a creative muse inspiring all sorts of head to toe fashion statements. Michelle Obama’s iconic beauty has even inspired milliners to creation heights in bonnets, fedoras and sun-hats bringing back the lost art of hats.

On a recent trip to London’s Westminster Abbey Michelle’s exciting outfit became an inspiration for a sensational hat that is sure to become all the rage.  The First Lady took the fashion world by storm after tying a headdress around her waist borrowed from one of the performers in the Lion King.  World famous designer Narciso Rodriquez has said of the First Lady: “Michelle’s innovative style and ability to recognize trends is astounding.”

Long, lean and lithe who better than Michelle Obama to carry off the pastel layered apron tied around her waist? Much to the delight of the British press, Michelle refused to be out of step with funky designer Anna Sui just because she was visiting old-fashioned Westminster Abbey.

Irreverence aside, the First Lady exercised boldness when she dressed like an Easter basket in June adorned with pastel strips of crepe paper, which was quite a contemporary choice of clothing to wear when touring the site of coronations and century’s old grave sites of English monarchs.

Nonetheless, the majesty of Gothic monasteries paled in comparison to Michelle’s ability to cast aside traditional formalities. Agreed, the get up was a somewhat iconoclastic choice for a field trip to Westminster Abby.  However, in descending upon the Collegiate Church of St. Peter dressed in that outfit, the Queen of American style brought long overdue, “Yes We Can” adjustment to priggish, stodgy Englishmen.

In light of the history surrounding the Abbey, conservative British types viewed Michelle’s choice of attire a tad discourteous.  Toned and tough Michelle was not intimidated she set her British hosts straight from the get go.  Standing atop a sarcophagus containing the remains of Bloody Mary Queen of Scots, Michelle shared that Barack sent her to England, dressed as a wreath to represent his historic presidency and to outshine the graves of oppressive Anglo-Saxon luminaries buried beneath the celebrated cathedral.

The fracas surrounding Michelle’s colorful outfit must have caused her confusion about who was actually buried in the Abbey. Our Princeton grad First Lady, mentioned that she was disappointed that there weren’t any African Americans buried at Westminster and hoped in the future the English would consider being less discriminatory and more diverse in their burying policy.

Excusing herself before a dumbfounded group who appeared awestruck, Michelle expressed relief when she realized she overlooked the grave of Martin Luther King Jr. who was buried right beside Charles Darwin.  Michelle stated that she thought it was a nice gesture, and long overdue, for the English to entomb a great American Black leader at Westminster Abbey amongst the rest of the “Kings.”

Michelle’s tactful tour guide quietly interrupted to inform her that the Martin Luther buried in the church was the theologian of the Reformation and the Martin Luther King Jr. she was referring to was interred across the pond in Atlanta, Georgia.

Regardless, as usual, the trip to Britain was a fashion tour de force with Michelle’s valiant fashion sense on full display.  In fact, the Westminster frock, as it has come to be known, has inspired an accessory line with pieces being added daily to accompany Michelle’s intrepid style.

The first addition to the line was a hat designed to go with the frilly ensemble.  For President Obama’s 48th birthday, Betsy Johnson designed Michelle a coordinating hat to celebrate the President’s first birthday in the White House.

Fashioned with the same playful style the First Lady displays everywhere she goes, Betsy’s design screams “birthday cake” all over it. Betsy adorned the piece with the same pastel colors and jaunty style as the Westminster frock.  The one of a kind fashion statement accessorizes the outfit Michelle debuted in England to a tee. The creation for the First Lady’s head was considered an additional birthday surprise for a President who supports his wife’s outstanding choice in wardrobe and applauds her sensational élan.

The hat was unveiled for the first time on the night of Barack’s birthday party. After an appropriate drum roll, the edible birthday cake was announced and rolled into the dining room accompanied by the Isaac Hayes theme song “Shaft” and at the same time Betsy Johnson crashed into the dessert table while doing cartwheels for David Axelrod.

Michelle closely followed the Epicurean masterpiece adorned in the matching hat aglow with 48 candles signifying the President’s 48 years  of bringing “hope and change” to a lost and dying world.   Both the hat and the cake were a spectacular coupling of panache and ganache.

Fashion was on display all around that evening, from Michelle’s one of a kind hat to Barack’s very special guest Beyoncé Knowles who was on hand to sing, “Happy Birthday Mr. President” poured into a replica of Marilyn Monroe’s Blackwell-designed nude dress.

The First Lady took the occasion to promise she would continue to unleash prosperity in her own closet and travel round the world inciting even more creativity.  She expressed excitement that the Lion King/Westminster Abbey clothing line had inspired the beautiful creation she had atop her head.  After viewing the crown jewels in England, Michelle intimated that her hat could be the first addition to the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

Michelle expressed that as a citizen of the world she looks forward to her next trip to France where she hoped international designers would be inspired to create for he a sartorial dauphin-style cap to go with some of her newer outfits.  The First Lady shared with Betsy Johnson, who will be directly involved in the Parisian line,  an in-depth history lesson  informing her that the:

Most shocking thing about Queen Marie Antoinette was her extravagance, well documented in the yearly records of her clothing expenses, in dressmakers’ accounts, and in memoirs saying that the queen wore nothing twice… still considered her chief crime, but the queen had no sense of its effect.

Michelle went on to share that in light of past history she has decided to skip having a white, pleated cap added to her wardrobe and hopes to be wearing a Barack Birthday Bonnet for many years following the coming revolution.

Wanting a piece of birthday cake, guests waiting all evening for a slice of the sumptuous creation impatiently teased, “Off with that hat,” which signaled to the milliners muse it was time to say, “Alright, alright let them eat cake!”

[This is parody]

Michelle Obama’s Knockoff


During her recent overseas trip Michelle Obama walked through Russia’s equivalent to the Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood, Dmitry Medev and his wife Svetlana.  Michelle carried an alligator clutch bag filled with money the Earl of Huntingdon-in-Chief stole from the rich to disperse to the poor.

The manila clutch, designed by Italian luxury goods manufacturer VBH, was reported to cost $6,000.00.  The White House quickly responded to the report saying, “No way,” the bag was an inexpensive, $875.00 knock off.

Always the fashion icon, Michelle was shocked by the clarification and embarrassed by the implication that she would wear cheap accessories. She promptly responded saying,  “The bag is not a knock off! What my representative meant to say was two crocodiles were knocked off in order to make the bag.”

It was later revealed that two alligators, used for the bag, were taken directly from Michael Jackson’s Never Land zoo in an effort for the White House to memorialize the late entertainer.  The First Lady said, “Carrying this clutch, as Barack and I travel the world, gives honor to Michael Jackson and reminds people of his great love of nature, children and his dedication to world peace.

When asked about the exorbitant price of the clutch and the message it sends to struggling Americans during a time of economic hardship, the First Lady responded, “I think its vitally important to encourage those Americans who do not pay taxes. They need to know that when Barack’s redistributive policies kick-in they too will be able to buy designer clutch bags with other people’s hard earned money just like I do!”

[This is a parody]

Militantly Monarchial Michelle

AJ_michelle_milt.jpgThe First Lady is continually issuing shrill compliance edicts based on her ideological view of a King Obama ruled America. Every time she steps out in a pair of metallic ballet flats she reveals herself more-and-more to be a priggish elitist with insensitive aristocratic tendencies. While supporting stringent decrees for the have not’s, deep within the palace walls the Royal Lady avails herself to five-star treatment and licks the fat from pheasant on the glass with full abandon. Though very popular, many astute Americans are not fooled by the First Lady’s behavior. “It is true that you may fool all the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all the time.”

It is on the record that Michelle Obama did make a “Let them eat cake statement, matter-of-factly blurting out to the Corporate Voices for Working Families that, “Everyone should have a chief of staff and a set of personal assistants.” She could have at least included a personal chef, butler and handmaiden to the list of national needs. And who better than Barack to make it happen? Just think about how that sort of entitlement would sure up his voting bloc. In the 2009 fiscal year budget a $3.4 trillion dollar spending plan could certainly support a domestic service initiative and it would generate the jobs the $800 billion stimulus package guaranteed but has yet to produce.

Recently, on a Queen of Sensitivity tour, Michelle Obama, reached out to the underclass by volunteering precious photo shoot time to bag food for hungry children. Appropriately accessing her audience Michelle arrived casually shod in $540.00 dollar, suede and metallic pink Lanvin sneakers. The same pair sells for $565.00 at Barney’s. Through savvy shopping economy conscious, thrifty Michelle Obama saved $15.00, which she most certainly contributed to the Kraft macaroni and cheese donation cup at the pantry.

Environmentalists and PETA might have been offended by Michelle’s soup kitchen outreach. PETA by the suede on the sneakers and the Sierra Club over those plastic bags she enthusiastically overloaded with Hamburger Helper. Doesn’t she know Nordstrom’s carries the Envirosax? Not to worry, the Sierra Club disregarded Obama burning 9,000 gallons of fuel on Earth Day, so environmentally acute Michelle planting trees at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, in a navy and emerald green ruche, $1000.00 Lanvin tank top, should quell the plastic and suede faux pas.

Since the campaign Michelle has been also working the fire and brimstone circuit evangelizing American’s to live up to the stringent statutes of the Gospel according to Barack


In an over- the-top piercing harangue Michelle alerted Barack cohorts that, “Barack will require his flock to work!” Michelle could not foresee that their hero would force the unemployment rate to its highest in 25 years. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated that even with spending reductions Barry’s throw money from the balcony policy proposals, would add a net $428 billion to the deficit over four years. Michelle is correct, we will be required to strive like slaves day and night, because the deficit will quadruple to $1.75 trillion. Obama devotees and unbelievers alike are consigned, for generations to come, to hard time in collective diligence.

Another one of our esteemed first lady’s piercing public proclamations informed the “Land of the free” of “demands” to “shed their cynicism.” Michelle couldn’t mean the type of cynicism fostered by authoritarian politicians who establish one set of rules for the haves and another for the have not’s? As a first step toward eradicating public cynicism, the monarchy flew a pizza chef 860 miles from St. Louis, Missouri to Washington D.C. to make their favorite thin-crust pizza. The pizza extravaganza was an excellent opportunity to recap Michelle’s diktat that Americans are going to have to learn to “…give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more,” starting with the customers at π who were forced to go without pizza while Chris Sommers was rolling in dough over at the palace.

Michelle pressures Americans to, “Put out our division.” Aptly taking her own advise the Queen of Racial Healing did not fail to point out our nation’s blemishes at the Sojourner Truth statue unveiling at Emancipation Hall in the Capitol. She redirected the hot light toward similarities in much the same way Pastor Reverend Wright did during her twenty years in his church. Michelle shared her relief that, “Now many young boys and girls, like my own daughters, will come to Emancipation Hall and see the face of a woman who looks like them.”

Michelle and Sojourner are two of a kind. Michelle spoke of her own wrenching slave ancestry honoring Sojourner Truth as one who endured being “ whipped with “a bundle of rods, prepared in the ember.“ Since breaking ground on the Victory Garden the new save money on groceries gardener, Michelle Obama, could closely identify with the ex-slave who, “ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns…worked as much and ate as much as a man – when I could get it … borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery.” To honor Sojourner’s fashion statement white bonnet Michelle dressed in a $2,000.00 Sophie Theallet frock from the French designers black models only spring 2009 collection.

Michelle Obama’s clarion call also includes Americans “come out of isolation.” The globally minded citizen of the world, reminded attendees at the Time 100 gala that, “America’s future is intricately linked to the rest of the world, that the threats facing the global community know no borders.” At that same event , the always welcoming First Lady enforced patrician partition immediately following her beckoning America out of “isolation” speech, “The six scribes invited to sit for dinner were all told beforehand, “Do not speak to [Obama], she’s just here to relax.” Michelle exclusively huddled with good friend and billionaire Oprah.

Mrs. Obama never hesitates to point a long crooked finger at America suggesting that we need to refuse segregation. Since landing in the middle of an all-welcoming White House, Michelle Obama has yet to lead the way in tearing down barriers by admitting that her racial diatribe, Princeton thesis was far from accurate when it said, “…integration and/or assimilation into a White cultural and social structure” would force her to, “remain on the periphery of society.”

Michelle views herself as on the “periphery of society” because of her race? Yet, she hobnobs regularly with socialites, rubs elbows with celebrities and has a personal chef scramble her egg whites. As a minority First Lady of the “United” States of America, whose husband was elected to represent all citizens, does Michelle still feel that this nation views her as,Black first and first lady second?” Because if she doesn’t, she has yet to express that sentiment.

Michelle has been strident when it comes to addressing “comfort zones,” zeroing in on unacceptable vestiges of ease. Yet, Michelle employs a full-time makeup artist to pluck her exceedingly overarched eyebrows and give her a “signature” look. Michelle is cover girl perfect whenever she crosses the moat on their crusade to ram home the need for Americans to “Move out of their comfort zones.” Next Wednesday evening, while a perfectly coifed Lady O, revs up the conga line, adorned in a Peter Soronen’s “twilight gown,” 90% of America will be getting comfy by safety pinning stretched out waistbands on ripped sweat pants.

In the come out of your comfort zone Obama White House, luxury is not a commodity to be skimped on.  Mrs. O beckons a spoiled America to divest themselves of comfort on behalf of much needed “hard change” while preparing to decorate with, “…antiques, gilded screens, white sofas, oriental rugs, four-poster beds, hand-blocked fabrics, chinoserie wallpapersa and a dark Japanese-inspired kitchen.”

When Michelle, gets done wiggling her toes in the Sultanabad carpet will she then decide what “comfort zone” loving, less than perfect Americans should do to “Push to be better?” After drafting our marching orders is she expecting exhausted Americans, drooling on their couches from pure exhaustion, to rise in submission and “engage” in a manner worthy of Michelle’s collective vision?

Mrs. Obama demands we work, while she gardens in Jimmy Choo’s. Michelle will make us put out our divisions, while she points out the color of children’s faces. Under duress, we’ll be forced out of isolation, while Michelle forbids to be addressed over dinner. Lady O is on a mission is to nudge us out of the tiny comfort zone we have in our weary lives, while she peruses silk swatches transforming the White House living quarters into a cozy English country cottage-like house.

Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual,” says a strident Michelle, which sounds a tad dictatorial. Someone needs to tell the First Lady that Americans resent being pushed around, especially by hypocritical, disingenuous, spoiled-brat, self-righteous, racially divisive radicals who exercise their authority by inflicting guilt trips on hard-working, well-meaning, country and freedom loving Americans.

High approval ratings Michelle isn’t fooling all of us. Her imperious, overbearing manner coupled together with a matter-of-fact dismissal of lavish trappings, while demanding austere denial and sacrifice from everyone else is hypocritical and being exposed at every charity event she shows up at donned in brazen haute couture. Lest Michelle forget, “Hypocrisy … may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised.

QE II Conga Line


All 40 songs loaded into the Queen’s IPod, by the esteemed First Couple, are integrated into a parody recounting their visit to Buckingham Palace.

Obama and Michelle were so excited about their visit with the Queen of England that they wanted to leave her with “Memories” she would never forget. Realizing they overlooked buying her a proper gift they were relieved when they found Sasha’s IPod, unopened, aboard Air Force One. Connected by satellite to ITunes, the first couple still had time to insure they didn’t appear to be hippies straight out of the Age of “Aquarius,” so they used the transatlantic flight time to load the pink IPod with specially selected mp4’s for the Queen.

Not wanting to make the same mistake they made with Gordon Brown-Nose they wanted to make sure their gift had a message that was more than just, “The Sound of Music.” The Narcissist-in-Chief felt that the choices should have educational value, instructing Her Royal Highness in his brilliance, rhetorical skills and abilities, justifying him in her eyes, as leader of the free world.

Downloading began with, “I Dreamed a Dream,” which he felt encapsulated the spirit of his extraordinary life. Michelle felt that the Queen’s IPod should be filled, …not as it was…but as it should be.” They were sure their inspiration would insure the Monarch, “On a Clear Day” the ability to, “See forever and ever more,” but it had to be in the way they wanted her to see!

Both Barry and Michelle made choices that spoke of “Hope and Change like “Yes We Can, ” by Will.i.am. They wanted to let Liz know that, “The Impossible Dream” had come to pass in their lives. And thanks to the “People” of America, who were “Once in Love with (Billy) (Amy) asked (Where’s Barry)(Charley ),” as a result of that question, “The Best of Times” have been instituted in the colonies, which are now affectionately referred to as the United States of “Camelot.”

Palace officials reported to the BBC that the Duke of Edinburgh expressed little or no interest in meeting with the Obama’s because he had prior plans to go carriage-driving. Buckingham Palace staff overheard yelling prior to the official visit and Philip saying, “I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going.” He followed up with “I’d rather be placed in the chokey then spend the afternoon with those two roister doisters! He was also overheard mumbling to himself, “I know, I know, “If I Loved You” I would go” and “I’ll see you, ’Tonight’. Finally, Philip relented telling his Queen, “If Ever I Would Leave You— it wouldn’t be in springtime and it certainly wouldn’t be at the mercy of those three…him, her and that thing he drags around with him anywhere he goes.”

Barry requested that, “Seventy-six Trombones in the Big Parade” be played when he and his lovely bride crossed the threshold into the Queen and Duke’s presence but had to settle on entering arm-and-arm with Michelle and one of his twelve teleprompters to the tune of, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Not being properly set-up, Barry stumbled and seemed to forget the Royal’s names, stuttering, “Um, um, ahhhhh, ah, ah, um.” Michelle elbowing her husband with her perfectly toned arm, covered up by a whimsically unbuttoned J. Crew sweater said, “Try to Remember,” you big goof ball!

The first song in the IPod playlist was “Getting to Know You” suggested by the ever captivating and tony Michelle Obama, who broke into “Hello Dolly” upon entering the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth’s private living quarters. When the Queen reacted to Michelle’s salutation with a perplexed look on her face, Michelle being sensitive and astute changed to one of the Queen’s favorites and in her best Charles Braswell voice segwayed into, “Mame,” which was met with the Queen dropping her handbag to applaud.

It was reported that the Queen, at one point, whispered to Philip who “Sent in this clown?” Later it was clarified that what she really said was, “I’m glad they’re in town!” The Duke was greeted by Barack doing his own rendition of a show tune favorite, “If I Were a Rich Man. Barry wanting to exhibit his limitless creativity to the royal couple, while remaining friends with Reverend Wright, left out the, “Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum” and inserted in its place a few carefully situated James Brown inspired “OOUHS” and integrated some fancy footwork from the late superstar, inviting them both to join in by asking, “Shall We Dance?

Barack Obama commented on the Queen’s lovely salmon-colored outfit and clutch, to which the Duke responded, “Yeah but, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face.” Leaning in to Barry’s uncomfortably over-sized ear, the elderly Philip shared that immediately following tea he’d be shuffling off to have a little rendezvous with a chambermaid named, “Maria” and planning to get, “…ripped to the tits” taking advantage of the “Seasons of Love” while he still could. Winking and asking Obama, “If you know what I mean Bloke?”

After the President shared that he had met with the Chinese, the Russians and David Cameron without nodding off…Prince Philip asked whether it was difficult for him, being a black man, to  “…tell the difference between them?”

Michelle wanted The Reflex by Duran Duran on the IPod but decided instead on “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” in honor of the Queen’s crown collection. Michelle, always thinking ahead, figured it would be a great “ice” breaker and make it easier for her to request trying on and wearing the Queen’s tiara to dinner with Gordon Brown-Nose and Jamie Oliver at Fifteen. It was reported that Michelle grabbing the Queen and pinching her face and calling her a “Cheeky monkey” didn’t help her cause.

The Queen ruffled Barack by implying that “The Party’s Over (the Bells are Ringing)” as the explanation for his plummeting poll numbers. Michelle and Barack both nervously chortled at her comment and reassured her that “Everything is Coming Up Roses” and that she shouldn’t believe, “All that Jazz.” They told her that Washington D.C. has been miraculously transformed and the people of America are truly, “One” and looking forward to a bright and glorious “Tomorrow.”

Michelle excused herself and went to the powder room to stare at her biceps. While she was gone Her Majesty sat in a yellow satin 16th century Queen Anne arm chair and perused the IPod while Barack was practicing with his teleprompter. Reading questions like, “Are there raisins in these scones?” and “I prefer drinking Obama tea , which is African Red Bush Rooibos…with herbs and the flavor of Hawaiian fruit. Would you like a sip?”

While flipping through the videos of her trip to the United States, Liz bellowed out to Barry, interrupting him mid-sentence while he was practicing saying, “This tea is a little too hot for my taste,” by asking why “Oklahoma” wasn’t included. He answered her, after first checking the teleprompter screen, “You’ve never been to Oklahoma.” He assured her that on her next visit to the states either on “A Clear Day” or maybe even, “Some Enchanted Evening” he will have Marine One fly her over Tulsa where she could get a close up look at the Golden Driller.

Michelle was somewhat put off when the Queen of England asked her why her eyebrows were so high and why they were shaped so sharply like a “V.” The Queen shared that she thought that it might be some kind of “Chicago tattoo thing!” If that weren’t enough, Liz then asked why one of Shelley’s eyes always looked smaller than the other when she smiled?

Michelle was very touchy feely with the Queen’s staff while waiting for the next cue on what to do. She noticed one of the maids crying. Michelle found out her name was Argentina. Michelle told her, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” I get to wear Michael Kors after lunch.

Michelle continued with the hands-on, non-royal protocol with Queenie herself. To get her back for the eyebrow comment, all six-feet of Michelle picked up the diminutive Queen swung her around once, knocking an urn filled with the late Queen Mother’s ashes off the fireplace mantle .

Grabbing the Monarch around the waist, Michelle appeared to be leading her in a specific direction in the same way Tom Cruise ushers Katie Holmes around. The British press was confused because it seemed as if the Monarch was hugging Michelle in return but it was later reported that she was trying to escape.

Much to Lizzy’s surprise, Michelle removed the Queens clip-on earrings and licking the earplugs of the IPod, placed them directly into Elizabeth’s ears. The playlist was queued up to I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen. Wanting to expose the Queen to Washington culture and it being Wednesday, Michelle, remaining true to White House tradition, began organizing a slow-shuffle Buckingham Palace conga line. The group did the conga all through the Royal living quarters.  Throwing her head back in wild abandon and really getting into the chugging-train beat, the Queen later breathlessly said, “With that wild girlfriend of mine…I Could Have Danced All Night.”

Leaving to return to the Ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park after all the fun and frivolity, Michelle and Barack extended their hands for the royal couple to kiss, bidding adieu and feeling “As If We Never Said Goodbye. Noses pressed up against the dark glass of the Presidential Hummer, Shelley and Barry disappeared from the shadow of Buckingham Palace enclosed and safely sheltered in, “The Music of the Night” and having officially changed the name of the G-20 to the itz2-la84US Summit.

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Michelle “Antoinette” Obama the First Lady the World has Been Waiting For


It was disappointing to me when More magazine decided to play politics by featuring Michelle on their cover in October one month prior to the November election.  What a coincidence. I’ve even gotten into the habit of turning over magazines from Newsweek to Time in the stores I frequent because Barry’s iconic image is on the cover of multitudinous journalistic and entertainment issues as well as each and every periodical to come off a printing press. But when I received a copy of March’s  Vogue on Friday and saw that Michelle was featured on the cover, my first reaction was to write, Return to Sender in black magic marker on the outside and mail it back. However, my interest was piqued upon seeing the large white letters that said, “Michelle Obama the First Lady the World’s been Waiting For.” I just had to see what the world was expecting and to find out what I might be overlooking.

I know that Barack fancies himself a global resident, but what does it mean to be a “citizen” of the world? “Obama’s view of “global citizenship… seems to [be] trans-national obligations on such things as income distribution, education, poverty, disease and violence” (Real Clear Politics, Obama a Citizen of the World, Robert Robb,  July 30, 2008). Obviously, these are all issues that need to be addressed by the global community and will be impacted by our example as a nation giving substance to our rhetoric. Michelle expressed, when speaking about Sasha and Malia in the Talley article, that she hopes, “…all kids will have a feeling that they are citizens of the world.” I would imagine with a husband who is a global citizen and two transnational ingénue daughters, Michelle must view herself as a worldwide resident also.

We’re well aware that the Obama countrywide “cooperative” has always included the full spectrum of the American public, with extra emphasis on the underprivileged. We come to also find out that our new President and his unpretentious bride play “We Are the World” on their IPOD’s over-and-over again to remind themselves to not set their socialistic redesign goals too low. There is a whole planet just waiting to be absorbed into the “collective” – and who better than Barry and Michelle to welcome them in North, South, East and West with their populist, inner-city, fist-bumping, South Side of Chicago style, attitude and especially attire. Who better to bring unity and parity to the world community than an approachable, commoner like Michelle Obama who has graced the pages of People magazine’s Best Dressed List, something that in India used magazine vendors can really relate to.

Before sharing with you what I learned in this enlightening Andre’ Leon Talley Vogue article, I want to go over a few things about the world that has been waiting since its foundation for our First Lady to emerge on the global stage. According to Global Issues: Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues that Affect Us All, almost half of the world – over three billion people – live on less than $2.50 a day, a tad sixty-five cents more than our middle class tax rebate if calculated by the day. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10.00 a day, which is three dollars less than our weekly tax-cut. More informative than that, according to UNICEF 26,500 – 30,000 children die each day due to poverty and they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages.” This is a far cry from the $30,000 a year Sidwell School in Washington DC, world citizens Sasha and Malia attend daily, especially because nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.

In the world that has been awaiting Michelle Obama, every second child lives in poverty and 640 million live without adequate shelter. I wonder if the world’s First Lady was thinking about that as she was waylaid in the Hay-Adams luxury hotel which, “…provides guests with exclusive Etro toiletries, custom Italian bed linens and bath towels, robes and slippers for both adults and children” all at a globally affordable $1,000.00 per night? The Hay-Adams luxury hotel is where the Vogue down-home interview actually took place. This is where Michelle Obama sashayed over to a corner of the reception suite in her Narciso Rodriguez dress and $400.00 Jimmy Choo pumps and humbly queried Leon Talley, “…do you see our new house” while gazing through the window at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue situated across the street?

I also wonder if the First Lady who the world has been waiting for is aware that 790 million people in the developing world are chronically undernourished.  However, I do know that regardless she felt it was incumbent upon her to share some intriguing tidbits about the food at the White House, which I’m sure two-thirds of the undernourished people in Asia and the Pacific would be anxious to hear about. For instance that, “…t

While 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water and over 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation, our new First Lady has more important things to consider and some very serious deliberation time to clock, “…contemplating coming up with her own china,” when she says, “ I think that’s part of the job” (Chicago Sun-Times, First Lady Michelle Obama, Desiree Rogers preview White House dinner tonight, Lynn Sweet

Excuse me…does anyone remember Laura Bush’s efforts in Afghanistan addressing the issue of women’s rights, adorned in a head scarf? Didn’t the Bush girls go to public school? sleep on the floor inside the International Polio Victim Response Committee (IPVRC) compound in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa, the “meager carved out bedroom” in your modest Chicago home would be their Plaza Hotel .

Andre’ Leon Talley tries hard in Vogue to persuade his readers that Michelle Obama, “…is less focused on –in divert inverse proportion to the focus of the public – on fashion, which isn’t to say that she doesn’t appreciate good clothes.” This is at best is an understatement. Michelle “First Lady to the World” is a fashionista, designer name dropping, label greedy, clothes horse – Michelle Obama wearing an off-the-rack $148.00 Donna Ricco sundress on The View and using that to prove she is one of the little people, Wal-Mart shoppers, is like a racist trying to prove they are not by proudly saying, “I had a black friend once.” Michelle pretending “You can get some good stuff online” is disingenuous especially from someone the world has been patiently waiting for to replace the late Mother Theresa. Obama’s wardrobe…is well known to be that of high-priced, exclusive designers. Endless profiles have been written about her custom-made tailored frocks from personal designer Maria Pinto. And then there are her gazillion-dollar outfits from Moschino, Narciso Rodriguez and Azzedine Alaia” (DebbieSchlussel.com, She’s No Palin: Michelle Obama Now Lying about Gazillion Dollar Custom-Made Designer Wardrobe; Claims She Shops @ J. Crew, On Line, 10-27-08).

The catalog of high end designer clothes that Michelle “Antoinette” wears is like the Who’s Who in Forbes Magazine. Designers like Rodriguez whose runway styles cost $3,500.00 or more. Isabel Toledo, who designed the First Lady’s Swiss wool lace, backed with netting for warmth and lined in French silk Inauguration Day coat. Toledo said, “I wanted to pick a very optimistic color that had sunshine”, which I must say is very apropos for such an optimistic administration. I wanted her to feel charmed and in that way would charm everybody” (The Caucus, About the Dress, Horyn, 1-20-09). All I have to say is “How Charming!” Let’s not forget about Thakoon Panichgul , Jason Wu, Jimmy Choo, Zero+Maria Cornejo, Peter Soronen jackets that run about $4,000.00 a piece and Maria Pinto who designed her $1,250.00 convention dress. Excused by the fashion groupies as being, “… womanliness, grandeur and elegance and declar[ing] Obama’s ease at being a woman of modest background thrust into extraordinary circumstances” (Washington Post, All Hail the Leader of the Fashionable World, Givhan, 1-21-09). Wha…Huh?

What might be viewed as vain and self-indulgent on Michelle’s part has been vindicated by her devoted guardians in the following way, “As her husband’s administration promises more jobs and help for small-business owners, and emphasizes creativity as one of this country’s greatest assets, Obama’s choice of an iconoclastic immigrant female designer with a modest business sends a profound message of intent” (Washington Post, All Hail the Leader of the Fashionable World, Givhan, 1-21-09). “Sending a profound message of intent” that’s for sure! Michelle’s flippant extravagance has been re-written to cover her as being concerned only with diversity and earnest egalitarian utility as her goal in making various international best dressed lists. She uses designers to stimulate the economy and to support small business, how altruistic. We have to remember that these are the same people that describe Mrs. Obama as “lithe…an uncommon figure for an American First Lady.” Am I missing something? Though possessing a perfectly lovely and healthy body Michelle is not “lithe”, describing her as such is a red flag, which signals to me that Obama followers are deluded, enamored or just seeing something I’m just not picking up on and quite frankly, it’s a little creepy.

Michelle is the one our global commune has been waiting for, she was also the only one found floating through the Inaugural Balls like a butterfly, in a designer, custom-made gown, “…in flowing ivory silk chiffon with a single strap, embroidered with silver thread and adorned with Swarovski crystal rhinestones” (Washington Post, All Hail the Leader of the Fashionable World, Givhan, 1-21-09). The new President and his convivial First Lady danced on the world stage while the whole planet groaned a double-entendre sigh-of-relief realizing that finally they had arrived “At Last”. Note to Citizen-in-Chieftess there are places on the planet where shoes and clothes are extravagances they would do without in place of food. Like the Congo where some of the ancestors who make up our nation’s African-American community were birthed. The people you claim to have such a deep, “special connection” with and of whom you are a representative of by being the first African-American First Lady. Be mindful Michelle just one of your couture outfits would provide a lot of nourishment, clothes, medicine and hope to hundreds of Congolese children…but then again if you do that you can’t continue to promote yourself as a sartorial fashion icon in the mold of a 21st century Jackie O.

It’s puzzling to me how Michelle Obama and her cohort of affectionate fans can continue to compare her to Jackie O as Jacqueline Kennedy embodied the blue-blood, rich, jodhpur wearing, white upper-class that Barry and Michelle have built their entire public career on debasing in the minds of average Americans. These are the same evil people that need to be punished, but not until Michelle raids their closets? You would think that Jackie Onassis would be the last person Michelle would want to be associated with on any level – has anyone seen the missing Reverend Wright or maybe even Bill Ayers?

Andre’ Leon Talley is under the impression that Michelle will be swinging open the doors to the White House so the great unwashed can enter into her open, welcoming, well-toned arms. It’s been an awfully long time since strangers off the street could wander right into the presidential mansion, but Michelle Obama’s intention is to open up the White House again in a spirit of diversity and inclusion. She speaks of her future there as almost a collective experience. It’s never”me” and “mine” and “some”’ but “we” and “our” and “all”. She is like the neighbor organizing a block party; everyone is invited. I have to ask a few questions Mr. Talley; will this be before or after she picks out the china? Do you happen to know if she’ll be wearing her Isabel Toledo tunic and palazzo pants to the “Everyone is invited” block party? If she’s not, can you ask her if I can borrow them? And will Michelle be slinging hash and buttering our corn-on-the-cob too?

I bet in an effort to foster fairness Michelle will be reproducing the February Governor’s Dinner Menu for Washington DC’s homeless. I’m sure coming from the Maryland area the locals will just love the Chesapeake Crab Agnolottis with Roasted Sun chokes, washed down with Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 2007. Some I’m sure will prefer the Wagyu Beef and Nantucket Scallops with Glazed Red Carrots, Portobello Mushroom and Creamed Spinach, of course without the crème. They’ll love that, followed up by another South-side community favorite of Winter Citrus Salad with Pistachios and Lemon Honey Vinaigrette. At this big, happy, collective barbeque on the White House lawn, which all of America is invited to, Michelle will surely be in the hub of the action scooping out that Huckleberry Cobbler and topping it with homemade Caramel Ice Cream?

So what exactly is the world waiting for? Someone that we can all relate to…regardless of the circumstances we live under and wherever we dwell on the earth? According to Talley, Oprah Winfrey, the woman who has made 1.5 billion in her career, feels that more than any other this First Lady is who the world has been waiting for and is someone “…who looks and feels like a modern woman in the 21st century, allowing us to see the best of ourselves in her. [She’s] bringing a sense of connection and accessibility to that position that no nation has ever witnessed (emphasis mine). “ I wonder whether the millions of the world’s women who spend several hours of the day finding, collecting and hauling home clean water would agree. Maybe if Michelle wants to be First Lady to the world she could start by not wearing $1,250.00 dresses to afternoon events and be an international example by using that money to support forty-one impoverished indigents at Save the Children with food and clothes for a whole month.

If Obama is really serious, which I doubt, about addressing trans-national issues like income distribution (God forbid), education, poverty, disease and violence he could start by encouraging his wife to be an example of judicious behavior in a time of economic stress and not to act like a modern day Marie Antoinette. You remember Marie she was busy being fitted in custom made clothes while her country and even the world are on the verge of economic “catastrophe”, which is how Obama himself describes our present crisis. It would be to Madame Michelle’s benefit, that while she is adjusting the ostrich plume in her hat, to remember that while it may be true that “Every true fashionista has a signature look, even when her country is on the verge of revolution” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Losing our heads over Marie Antoinette Doomed French queen proved power of fashion, Rhone, 09-29-06) it isn’t necessarily the wisest way to conduct ourselves in times of international hardship.

History does have a habit of repeating itself so maybe while you’re wiggling your little “lithe” toes in the sand on the beaches of Saint-Tropez next summer a good book to read would be Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, which is a biography about “…the political backlash against a monarch who played a life-long game of expensive dress-ups while her people starved” (Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, Caroline Weber).  Andre’ Leon Talley, bless his heart, may be convinced that Michelle Obama is the First Lady that the world has been waiting for, I on the other hand have to ask, based on her in-your-face elitist, extravagant, excessive, priggish behavior; What in the world are we doing with Michelle Obama as our First Lady in the first place?

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