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Mrs. Obama Addresses ‘Fatty Ass-ids’ and ‘WAT-AHH’

michelle-obamaOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Fresh off the slopes of Aspen and obviously unaware that her husband had just recently dissed students seeking a degree in art history and spoken in a drought-stricken area of the country, Michelle Obama headed east to New York City to attend an exhibition at Manhattan’s New Museum, which hosted an art show featuring street art that promotes drinking water.

The first lady spent the afternoon greeting fawning middle school kids who were there for the exhibit, which was produced by the ‘drink water’ foundation WAT-AHH titled “Taking Back the Streets.”

The foundation WAT-AHH and 14 artists collaborated in the effort. The art and murals in the show glorified what humans used to do all the time without coercion. The goal of the art show is to lessen the unhealthy messages kids are often barraged with and get them to drink water. Whether or not the H2O drinkers were instructed to check the New York City Department of Health Boil Water advisories is not known.

Nonetheless, Mrs. Obama said to the 8th graders, “This is so exciting and you are all so cool. You guys are gonna make a huge, huge impact on the health of our nation.” Not to mention contributing to the success of the Big Apple’s Posh Stow and Go “clean, safe and soundproof” bathrooms that charge $8 a pop.

After the watery museum outing and before making the trip complete by appearing on The Tonight Show with BFF Jimmy Fallon, Mrs. Obama scooted over to a DNC fundraiser at the home of Obama bundler and company reinvigorator Maneesh Goyal.

Jimmy Fallon is a huge Obama supporter, and more importantly a preferred dance partner of Mrs. Obama. Fallon took over just last week for Jay Leno, the old guy from California who often made Barack Obama the butt of jokes when no one else dared, and what do you know — Michelle shows up this week.

Oddly, it seems every time Mrs. Obama appears on a show that Jimmy Fallon hosts he feels compelled to greet her in drag. Now, either Jimmy knows Michelle Obama feels more comfortable around women, or he just prefers dressing like Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

On Fallon’s fourth night as host, for the first lady’s appearance the show included a valley-girl-type talk show segment featuring Jimmy and Will Ferrell (aka Anchorman Ron Burgundy). Ferrell showed up in pigtails as Stacy, and Michelle Obama showed up as herself.

The talk show was entitled “ew!” with a little “e.” The first lady was the special guest of the strangely-accented Fallon and co-host Will “Stacy” Ferrell in a basement rec room. Fallon introduced “herself,” saying, “I’m Sara, and if you’re wondering, that’s S-A-R-A, with no H because Hs are ew!

In his best valley-girl accent, ‘Sara’ asked Shelley, “Have you been watching the Olympics?” “What’s your favorite event?” Ferrell/Stacy asked.

“One of my favorites is figure skating,” Michelle replied. “Me too!” Fallon squawked. Then the threesome engaged in a “triple hand hug,” with Fallon on one side, Mrs. Obama on the other, and goofy Ferrell squeezed in the middle.

Shelley also told Stacy and Sara that kale chips are high in Omega-3 fatty ass-ids… sorry, fatty acids.

Later on in the show, Mrs. Obama made a grand congratulatory entrance in an elegant black sleeveless dress. The host and the first lady then discussed the Olympics, the unaffordable Affordable Care Act, and her children, Sasha and Malia.

Americans across the nation are suffering from cancelled health insurance, joblessness, and overall discouragement and malaise. Questions concerning the IRS, Benghazi, and the NSA go unanswered while Michelle talks about pressing issues like 16-year-old Malia not understanding why the daughter of the President of the United States can’t get her driver’s license and flit around Washington DC in “The Beast.”

So there you have it — another day in the exhilarating, whirlwind life of first lady Michelle Obama. Thankfully, gone are the hum-drum days of Laura Bush who, rather than focusing on dire emergencies like increasing people’s water consumption, picked mind-numbing things to do like advocate for literacy.

In comparison to Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Bush was such a downer. That dowdy Mrs. Bush was so depressing, what with her focus on advancing opportunities for young people and promoting human rights internationally. And, talk about “ew,” why did Laura Bush insist on bringing up the “brutal oppression of women” in Afghanistan or the “cowardly and shameful act” of scarring school girls with acid?

It’s so much more fun having a cool first lady who looks great in sleeveless dresses, hangs out with movie stars and rock stars, can do the Dougie like nobody’s business, and, whenever she does a comedy skit on one show or another, reads cue cards like a pro right along with late night comics who love to do drag.

Radicals Uncovered: Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky

radicalOriginally posted at American Thinker

Over the years, liberals occasionally get sloppy and let it slip that the inspiration for their vision of America comes directly from a left-wing activist/community organizer and student of Chicago mobsters, Saul Alinsky, author of a handbook for revolutionaries entitled Rules for Radicals.

Just prior to his death in 1972, while discussing life after death in a Playboy interview, Alinsky said that, if given the choice between heaven and hell, he’d choose hell.

So it’s probably no coincidence that Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals guidebook, also written in 1972, included a reference to Lucifer, whom Alinsky called “the very first radical,” because he “rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

Alinsky’s writings helped mold the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and ultimately, through her husband’s influence, Michelle Obama.

In her Wellesley College senior thesis, Hillary Rodham chose to research and write a dissertation entitled There is Only the Fight… An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. That model may be the reason why, after Bill Clinton took office, nasty tactics, shifting blame, and truth-parsing became commonplace in American politics.

As for Barack and Michelle Obama, neither one has ever been timid about citing Chapter 2 of Rules for Radicals, which says,”The standards of judgment must be rooted in the whys and wherefores of life as it is lived, the world as it is, not our wished-for fantasy of the world as it should be.”

Michelle Obama has shared many times that it was while attending a small group meeting in a church basement conducted by a young radical she had just started dating that she first heard him discuss “The world as it is” and “The world as it should be…”

In her speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, again Michelle shared Barack’s words, saying, “All of us [are] driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do — that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.”

Though not verbatim, the basic Alinsky “world as it is… the world as it should be” premise is what the Obamas latched onto and continue to repeat to this day.

The “as it is… as it should be” reiteration proves that over the years Obama’s affection for radical rules hasn’t waned much since that day in Chicago he impressed his future wife when he conjured up the ghost of Alinsky past.

In March of 2012, while addressing young Israelis in Jerusalem, Obama displayed his high regard for Saul Alinsky when he again endeavored to quote him, saying, “Israel has the wisdom to see the world as it is. And, Israel has the courage to see the world as it should be.”

More recently, in the least likely of places, Obama’s commitment to radicalism, as if it were ever in doubt, was reestablished, but this time not by him.

It happened at a Dinesh D’Souza-Bill Ayers Dartmouth Review-sponsored “What’s So Great About America” debate held at Dartmouth University.

What’s ironic is that the reconfirmation didn’t come from the man recently indicted for exposing the truth in a highly successful 2012 documentary entitled 2016: Obama’s America. Instead, it was the president’s old Weather Underground Chicago buddy, the bomb-throwing, anti-capitalist, America-hating, flag-stomping, ghostwriting Alinskyite, Bill Ayers.

While struggling to debate Dinesh D’Souza about why America isn’t so great, Ayers waxed philosophically poetic when he quoted the same words both Michelle and Barack attempted to cite from Chapter 2 of Rules for Radicals.

At exactly 43 minutes and 14 seconds into the contest, there it was, plain as day when Bill Ayers said this: “Standing right next to the world as such, a world that could be or a world that should be and committing ourselves to work toward that better world.”

Saul Alinsky, the man Obama and Ayers attempted to quote but sometimes fail to do accurately, once said this about the middle class: “The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Thanks to Bill Ayers, America, “rubbed raw with sores of discontent,” is again reminded from whence our president came. As evidenced by the pandemonium his progressive policies are delivering to every corner of American politics, society, and culture, Barack Obama is still very much committed to “radical social change.”

Tracing backwards from Bill Ayers to Saul Alinsky to Alinsky’s source of inspiration, Lucifer, it’s undeniable that the president still firmly believes that “the world as it is just won’t do.” And what proves it is that he is currently in the process of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America’s world into the sort of hell Saul Alinsky thought “it should be.”

Liberals Love to Get Liquored Up


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Rumor has it that Liberal First Lady Michelle Obama loves “top shelf” vodka.

As for hubby, who comes from a long line of Uncle Omar-style alcoholics, well, he’s has been known to pound down…I mean sip… a martini or two with friends, raise a glass of champagne now and then, and chug-a-lug a frosty cold one.

Then there’s ultra-liberal Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Clinton likes to tear up the dance floor with a nice Columbian-brewed Aguila in hand. Napa Valley vineyard owner Nancy Pelosi enjoys in-flight liquor (which may explain the slurred speech).

Even Max Baucus, the democrat senator from Montana, allegedly does not let inebriation prevent him from sharing deep thoughts on the House floor.

On the Republican side, John Boehner had almost succeeded in convincing America that drinking wine while mowing the lawn was a bipartisin pastime. But a new study, published by the Journal of Wine Economics, reveals that “alcohol consumption in American states rises as the population’s politics becomes more liberal.”

Pavel Yakovlev and Walter P. Guessford, of Duquesne University in Pennsylvania, ran a study whose findings show a direct correlation between liberal beliefs and alcohol use. The data show that people in states with liberal representatives tend to consume up to three times more alcohol per person than politically conservative states.

In other words, by getting all liquored up, lefties evade the sorrows they create.

The study concluded that “[e]ven after controlling for economic, demographic, and geographic differences across states…liberal ideology has a statistically significant positive association with the consumption of alcohol in the United States.” Yakovlev and Guessford offer two possible theories to explain why there’s such variance in liberal and conservative alcohol consumption.

As verified by Choom gang member/cocaine user Barry Soetoro, who, unlike white powder-nosed, cigar-smoking Bill Clinton, actually did admit to inhaling, one theory is that liberals tend to be more “open to new experiences, such as the consumption of alcohol or drugs.”

The other theory Yakovlev and Guessford put forth to explain liberals’ liberal libation habits is their reliance on government health care and social welfare to come to the rescue.

And while all those notions are plausible, if I may be so bold, there are a few additional theories the authors of the survey failed to include.

Is it possible that alcohol consumption and debauchery rise in relation to godlessness and lack of patriotism. Remember, there is a marked increase in alcohol abuse in communist or statist regimes, which are notorious for heavy drinking.

Liberals support socialism. Then, as freedom wanes, they manufacture artificial freedom by living in an intoxicated state.

Here in America alcoholism is a problem in neighborhoods where liberal policies cultivate despair. Folks stuck in the urban ghettos would rather drink Thunderbird concealed in a brown paper bag than face the harsh reality resulting from policies they voted for.

How about those ‘drunk with power’ like the Obamas, the Clintons, the late Ted Kennedy, and whoever else is running up liquor bills for taxpayers to cover?

For those Lefties (aka Socialists) cocktail parties come in handy to drown the guilt over things like late term abortion, lying incessantly to the American people, and systematically dismantling the Constitution.

Makes perfect sense: rather than face the dreadful consequences of their failed policies, Liberals prefer to “become comfortably numb.”

Michelle Obama Wore ‘A-What-A’ to to the SOTU?


Originally posted at American Thinker blog

One week after partying in the White House with millionaires and billionaires for Michelle’s 50th, the pre-SOTU buzz was that the president was planning to address income inequality and the minimum wage, among other non-issues Americans aren’t concerned about.

Determined to get the president’s attention, notorious aisle-hugger Sheila Jackson Lee showed up in a two-piece suit the color of a wad of Bazooka bubble gum or perhaps a drippy bottle of Pepto-Bismol.

As for Michelle Obama, in an effort to counterbalance the ocular assault, the woman who spends America’s money like a drunken sailor must have thought it would be a good idea if she wore the dress she had on for Barbara Walters‘ 2012 Christmas interview.

Burrowing deep into her closet, Michelle located the dress, which was designed by Azzedine Alaïa, a Tunisian Paris-based couture designer whose shoes start at $2,000 a pair.  Then, like the moneyed elitist she is, the FLOTUS subjected a nation in economic pain to the sight of her descending the stairs and making her way to her seat wearing a shade of forest-green that came curiously close to the color of money.

As Barack Obama spends his time in office destroying what Ronald Reagan built, after being popular in the 1980s Azzedine Alaïa is suddenly making a comeback.

Mrs. Obama’s Alaïa featured an oversized belt that cinched in at the waist with a flouncy A-line skirt, decorated in silk stripes and topped with a cropped jacket that sported three-quarter-length bicep-concealing sleeves. Oh yeah, and some very unappealing black opaque tights.

Immediately following the SOTU, Mrs. Obama headed straight to California to fulfill her husband’s call to address “income inequality” by way of fundraising. Michelle might even feign thriftiness by wearing her Azzedine Alaïa a third time to a scheduled gathering attended by those who managed to raise $32,400 per guest.

Way back in 1995, Mr. Alaïa was mentioned in the movie Clueless, a flick about another spoiled rich girl with a wardrobe full of haute couture named Cher Horowitz.

In one scene, Cher, played by actress Alicia Silverstone, goes to a party wearing a snug red dress with matching red shoes, topped off by a fluffy black boa. After leaving unescorted, Cher is mugged in a parking lot outside a liquor store. The gunman instructs Ms. Horowitz to get down on the ground.

Hesitant to dirty her pricey frock on the oil-stained asphalt, Cher responds, “Oh no, you don’t understand! This is an Alaïa!” – as in Azzedine Alaïa.

The robber says, “An a-what-a?”

Cher responds, “It’s like a totally important designer,” to which the gunman angrily retorts, “And I will totally shoot you in the head. Get down!”

Speaking of ‘clueless,’ reading about what Michelle chose to wear to the SOTU in an article entitled Michelle Obama’s State Of The Union Dress: She Stuns In Alaïa Ensemble, what immediately came to mind was ‘Oh brother, she stunned alright! The nation is a mess, and this woman shows up in haute couture?’

Then again, on second thought, while her husband pulls off a national stick-up, ‘clueless’ Michelle wearing “an a-what-a” was quite apropos.

SOTU Update: Who Will Sit With Michelle in the Magic Sky Box?

Sky Box

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Tonight at the SOTU Jason Collins, the openly gay professional basketball player representing the LGBT community, will be out of the closet but in the Sky Box with FLOTUS.

When Obama says over and over “regardless of who you love,” liberals on the floor can look up at Jason when they cheer.

Also in a SOTU Special People SkyBox seat of honor will be survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman, Gary Bird, a fire chief from Moore, Oklahoma, which was hit by a tornado last year.   Also on hand will  be young Joey Hudy, a 16-year-old entrepreneur and intern at Intel, whose parents are definitely Obama supporters, as well as, on behalf of teacher’s unions, District of Columbia Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Kathy Hollowell-Makle.

Representing the glass ceiling shatterers, waving from the balcony like Marie Antoinette’s handmaiden will be GM CEO Mary Barra. Mary will sit right beside Marie…I mean Michelle Obama, and if we’re lucky we may even see Ms. Barra adjust Mrs. Obama’s tiara and train.

It’s unclear whether, as part of the proceedings,  there will be a same-sex wedding or whether Beyonce and Jay-Z will be sharing some steamy skin.

Either way, what would be fun is if, up there in the ‘SOTU Special People SkyBox,’ there were individuals that could ensure that Barack Obama would be so anxious  to get out of there he would only punish America for a short amount of time.

Right now, we already know Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is coming as a guest of Louisiana Rep. Vance McAllister, and conservative talk show host Sean Hannity will be sitting with Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas.

While Willie and Sean should get Barry stuttering a bit and could help speed up the torture, wouldn’t it be fun if, in full camouflage regalia, Phil Robertson showed up on behalf of traditional marriage?

Or how about that blonde Danish chick that took a selfie with Barry at Mandela’s funeral? Barack Obama would likely be in agreement that the fetching Helle Thorning-Schmidt could certainly represent Apple technology.

Rush Limbaugh, Principal of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies could be there on behalf of education.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates could receive a  standing ovation on behalf of truth.

And, last but not least, the Tea Party Three:  Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Rand Paul (R-KY) could give a shout-out for freedom!

Here’s to a rousing SOTU toast! Skål!


Income Inequality? Michelle O’s Income Unequal 50th B-day Party

Income equality

Originally posted at The Clash Daily

Barack Obama is gearing up to pummel America into submission with the issue of income inequality. Meanwhile, daughters Sasha and Malia Obama are being raised in an insulated, highbrow environment brimming with wealth, luxury, celebrity and exclusivity. After all, for Mom’s birthday, what lower- or middle-class American kid gets to hear Beyoncé sing “All the Single Ladies” in the East “Living” Room of their home?

That’s what happened at Michelle Obama’s “Sips & Snacks & Dancing & Dessert” birthday bash. Among the privileged few invited to celebrate Michelle’s half-century celebration were close friends Jay and Bey (combined net worth upwards of $800 million) and two-year-old little munchkin/future heiress Blue Ivy.

Fresh off a month’s $4 million+ vacation, Mrs. Obama showed up at the gathering wearing a festive red jumpsuit whose designer price tag likely rivals a small down payment on a modest home somewhere in middle America.

Partaking of the “Snack and Sips” hors d’oeuvres and flowing champagne, in what People Magazine called a “glittery crowd of 500…chock-full of celebrities,” were the likes of pauper/charity case Joe Biden (net worth $500K), Attorney General Eric Holder (net worth $5.7 million), Bill and Ms. Hillary (combined net worth $100 million) and race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton (net worth $5 million).

When not hugging Smokey Robinson (net worth $100 million), Hillary Clinton spent her time charming Democratic Party donors. As for Bill Clinton, he chatted up singer/actress Jennifer Hudson (net worth $15 million).

To usher in new levels of hip-hop-cricy, DJ Cassidy was on hand, a hip-hop DJ to the stars who spins tunes for $100K a night. Stevie Wonder (net worth $110 million) joined DJ Cassidy onstage to serenade “My Cherie Amour” Michelle with a medley of her favorite songs.

Also feting the wife of the defender of America’s bourgeoisie, the woman who is said to have “danced into the morning hours,” were singers Ledisi (net worth $3 million) and Janelle Monáe (net worth $4 million); Samuel L. ‘F-Bomb’ Jackson (net worth $150 million); low-baller Mary J. Blige (net worth $5 million); Angela Bassett (net worth $20 million); and billionaire Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King (net worth $20 million).

Amazingly, those on the long list of African-American partygoers have somehow managed, along with the president and first lady, to prosper in America despite the constant barrage of racism aimed in their direction.

Ashley Judd, who, per mom Naomi, is “not as smart as she acts” (net worth $22 million) was there, as was former Olympic figure skater and current State Department senior adviser and token Asian Michelle Kwan (net worth $8 million). Tennis great and Putin’s Olympic LGBT stick-in-the-craw Billie Jean King (net worth $15 million) dropped by, as did perky TV chef Rachel “EVOO” Ray (net worth $60 million) and “Fire and Rain” singer James Taylor (net worth $60 million).

A dancing House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi (net worth $100 million) spent the evening in hot pursuit of Sir Paul McCartney (net worth $800 million), who was tearing up the dance floor with new wife Nancy Shevell. John Legend (net worth $15 million) ushered in the very special “piece of the pie” birthday cake, playing, in honor of the birthday girl, one traditional and one “jazzier” rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

From the sports world, HIV/AIDs survivor and Obamacare promoter Earvin “Magic” Johnson (net worth $500 million) was there, as was former hardwood dribbler Alonzo Mourning (net worth $90 million), sportscaster and Valerie Jarrett (net worth $3.3 – $13 million) love interest Ahmad Rashad (net worth $8 million) and retired football player Emmitt Smith (net worth $26 million).

Also caught up in the revelry were a handful of millionaires and billionaires from the evil world of corporate technology and business.

Forget Beyoncé singing “Drunk in Love”- for the group that attended this birthday get-together, “Drunk with Fame & Power” is more like it.

All in all, the net worth of those attending the birthday party of the wife of the man so anxious to address the plight of America’s income inequality, if tallied together, could have put a nice dent in the national debt.

Completing the sentimental nature of the whole affair and taking a break from addressing the all-encompassing and unfair dilemma of salary disparity in America, Barack Obama gave a touching toast to the woman he left in Hawaii for a couple of weeks to stew in her own resentment and bitterness.

No one knows for sure whether taxpayers picked up the tab on this shindig like they did for the flight home from Hawaii. Either way, it was reported that the first lady, a woman who frowns far more than she smiles, was “enthralled” and that “[y]ou could tell she had a lot of fun.”

So there you have it; that was Michelle Obama’s birthday party. And for all the preaching about fairness and equality the Obamas do, if given the choice Barack and Michelle will always choose to rub elbows with celebrities, well-heeled politicians, and corporate billionaires whose income status is unequal at best to 99.44% of the rest of America.

Mrs. Obama Tweets Coming Out Congrats to Robin Roberts


Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Isn’t Michelle Obama supposed to be on vacation?  Thought so!

Yet the first week she was in Oahu, she found the time to track Santa Claus’s sleigh as he flew over Africa and places like bomb-riddled Egypt and war-torn South Sudan, a nation steeped in civil unrest.

On Christmas Eve the first lady told kids calling in to NORAD:

I see his sleigh with eight tiny reindeer and he is over Sudan — South Sudan. That’s in Africa. And right now, he’s delivering some gifts. He’s going down, swooping down to some little kids who are in South Sudan, OK? That’s where he is right now. It’s really, really very cool, don’t you think?

What else is this busy lady doing on vacation?  Hopefully, showing she cares by polishing her husband’s golf clubs, as he is spending lots of time puttering around on the links.

Regrettably, Mrs. Obama couldn’t find time to make it to church for Christmas Day, but somehow managed to fit in dinner at Alan Wong’s, her favorite restaurant in Hawaii.

But most importantly of all, on behalf of the sexual orientation-obsessed White House, the first lady of the United States squeezed in a congratulatory Tweet to Good Morning America three-time hero, Robin Roberts.

Robin has been a hero twice before. First, the GMA host survived breast cancer. Then, five years later, allegedly as a result of the chemo she received to treat the breast cancer, Robin came down with myelodysplastic syndrome, a pre-leukemia blood disorder that required a bone marrow transplant.

However, both of those pale in comparison to Robin Roberts’ third valiant act.  Ms. Roberts chose to celebrate her gratefulness for surviving her medical travails by following soon-to-be-wed weatherman Sam Champion’s lead and coming out as a lesbian on Facebook by thanking her longtime girlfriend of 10 years, Amber Laign.

Vacation or no vacation, Michelle Obama was so ecstatic about Robin’s public acknowledgement of her homosexuality that she joined together with her occasional dance/push-up partner, Ellen DeGeneres, and raunchy lesbian comedian, Wanda Sykes, and gave a virtual shout-out to Robin all the way from Oahu.

Robin Roberts gets Michelle’s attention because, after all, she’s a black breast cancer- and bone marrow transplant-surviving lesbian in an interracial relationship who is also a fawning member of the left-wing media.

That must be why Mrs. Obama Tweeted to Robin: “I am so happy for you and Amber! You continue to make us all proud,” signing the tweet “mo.”

It appears that when it comes to Robin Roberts, the first lady is both happy and proud.

Picture 1

As a concerned citizen who likes to keep apprised of all things Obama, I have a question:  Is Michelle happy for Robin and Amber because Robin finally admitted her homosexuality?  And is Michelle happy in a gay way because Robin is gay in a lesbian way?

And is Robin’s pride – as in ‘gay pride’ – what makes Michelle and whoever the “us” is “proud,” or is “mo” just referring to being proud of Robin merely for surviving cancer and a brutal bone marrow transplant?

Either way, it’s nice to know Michelle Obama is so in touch with the things that matter here in America.

What other first lady has been so willing to selflessly take time out of a 17-day/$4 million vacation to personally congratulate the newest celebrity member of the LGBT community for being an example to everyone?

Michelle’s Christmas Message to Moms

President Obama And First Lady Meet With Mothers To Discuss Health CareOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Now that it’s been firmly established that nothing Barack Obama says has one iota of credibility, the newest addition to the “Shove ObamaCare down America’s Throat” Brigade is Mama Michelle Obama.  Since she’s a mother and all, the White House has decided that she’d be a better person to promote the ACA hooey than Barack, who thus far has proven to be less than straightforward.

Michelle Obama, who, Jay Carney pointed out, is both a mom and “a great messenger,” is the same woman who once encouraged mothers across America to breastfeed their babies.  Now, on behalf of her husband, Michelle has been recruited to harangue mommies into goading the kids toward suckling at the government teat for life.

Obama has already said that “face-to-face interaction” is vital in selling his health insurance plans.  Therefore, know this — when Mrs. Obama has her hands clasped on her lap and leans forward in a chair to address anyone, the woman means business.

In a nutshell, her words of wisdom to mothers, who obviously don’t know what they’re doing without her guidance, is that truly nurturing moms hand the well-being of their own offspring over to the government, and then navigate the village that it takes to raise a child to “sign up their [children’s] friends” for ObamaCare.

Although the first family’s Christmas card made no mention of “Peace on Earth” or “Goodwill toward Men,” Michelle said that when she thinks of ObamaCare, “the words that come to mind … are peace of mind.”

Mama Obama’s seasonal “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go” advice was also timely.  The first lady suggested that when the “horse that carries the sleigh” pulls up in front of Granny’s house, the old lady has a public service to perform.  Forget the candy canes, the figgy pudding, and the presents; according to Michelle, “[y]ou know, if you’ve got grandkids, make it a Christmas treat around the table to talk about a little health care.”

Can you see it now?  Kids with “visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads,” and Grandma gathers them around the table to talk about health care?

Nonetheless, while Michelle is wiggling her toes in the Oahu sand on a $4-million vacation, back home in Peonville, nothing says “Christmas treat” better than getting the grandkids together to “gather around” and talk about ObamaCare.  Or better still, if Grandma misses the chance on Christmas, when the Times Square ball drops and Obamacare D-Day arrives, she can, “[y]ou know, ring in the new year with a [conversation about] new coverage.

Speaking on behalf of her husband, who glared at her silently throughout her mom-to-mom ObamaCare monologue, Mama Obama insisted that prodding the reluctant toward her husband’s signature legislation is “not about politics”; it’s about a “safety net.”  That’s right — government welfare is no longer about politics; it’s merely a tool to safeguard endangered Americans by way of socialized medicine.  It’s to ensure that individual bankruptcy is caused through government over taxation, not by paying hard-earned money to evil insurance and pharmaceutical companies…or worse yet, enriching greedy physicians.

Mrs. Obama stressed that this Christmas, it’s a mother’s job to convince the unconvinced, especially the “young invincibles,” that despite their youthful bravado, they aren’t as invincible as they think.  The message is that until they’re 26-year-old fully grown adults, they need to remain dependent on Mom and Dad, and then, after slowly weaning off the parental pap, they should be encouraged by Mom to make a smooth transition onto government pabulum.

Mama Obama reminded the other moms that although they have zero choice when it comes to health care, the “beauty” of Obamacare is that “[p]eople have choices.”  They can choose a health care plan that they have no choice but to sign up for.

“They can go onto the website” — which is almost impossible to get on — where, Michelle said, “they can talk to a navigator,” who can tell them how to defraud the system so that “they can learn for themselves what the law means and [mostly] what it doesn’t mean.”

Michelle said, “And that’s really, really what we want people to do, is educate yourselves. Get that education. Make the choice that’s best for your family because the options are there.”

Prior to Michelle sharing her thoughts, President Obama already had said that despite the “rocky start” with the healthcare.gov website, hundreds of thousands of people are signing up for health insurance.  At the same time, they’re also having their personal security breached and their premiums made unaffordable, not to mention coming to the harsh realization that the choices they don’t have include keeping trusted family doctors and retaining coverage for prestigious cancer or research hospitals if need be.

That’s why, after giving her ObamaCare-for-Christmas exhortation, besides serving a slice of holiday pie to moms who’ve forfeited most of their own personal pie already, it would have been wonderful if, off the record, Mrs. Obama had revisited words of wisdom she imparted in days past.

With the president smiling proudly, the first lady could have reminded the moms she was addressing of a similar health care reform talk she gave, where she cudgeled another group of guilt-ridden women with the words: “in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”

The Godless White House Holiday Card

White House Christmas Card

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Who has time for fussing over a Christmas card when you have all that packing to do for 17 days in Hawaii?

That’s why the Obamas’ 2013 holiday wishes to the nation were about as warm as the glare Michelle Obama shot hubby when he was caught up in selfie hilarity with the blonde Danish chick at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

Thanks to the lack of color, warmth, and definition, at first glance it’s hard to tell what the card is exactly. On closer examination it’s obvious that it’s a pop-up of a starkly eggshell-colored White House featuring two relatively indistinguishable images of Bo and Sunny and a small American flag up top.

For added boredom, Barry, Shelley, Malia and Sasha, and Sunny and Bo, complete with paw prints, have adorned the card with their autographs. Other than that, there’s no holly, no Nativity, and the word “Christmas” (God forbid) is nowhere to be found.

Guess the goal is to keep it secular.

However, this is a White House that celebrates every St. Patrick’s Day by turning the fountain on the South Lawn green. And wasn’t it just a few weeks back that the White House was decorated to beckon in trick-or-treaters?

Now for Christmas the Obamas send out a godless card with no Magi, no angels, no nothing.

Although the pop-up seems message-less, to the trained eye the Obama whatever card is chock full of meaning. The White House being the focal point of a season that is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus Christ.

The card also echoes Michelle Obama’s gathering motif from the White House webpage that says:


This year’s theme is ‘Gather Around’. It celebrates the stories and traditions that bring us together this special time of year. As members of one American family, we are united in a story built over the course of two centuries.

The holidays serve as an opportunity to recall our Nation’s journey, reflect on our blessings, and to remember those who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms. It’s a season when each of us can do our part to care for one another.


Sorry but the ‘stories and traditions’ balderdash screams political correctness. And the usual socialist suggestion that “It’s a season when each of us can do our part to care for one another” is not only insulting to those who care for others all year long, but also a predictable sentiment coming from a band of progressive radicals planning to spend the next three years forcibly sharing wealth that isn’t theirs.

Moreover, what’s this theme about being “members of one American family… united in a story built over the course of two centuries?”

This is coming from the wife of a president who, every chance he gets, dredges up references to the racism that he thinks defines this nation, and does everything in his power to keep an “indivisible… nation under God” divided.

Then to carry that theme forward, the insensitive Obamas send out a colorless, unemotional holiday card that extends greetings to a nation suffering on every front featuring two dogs that live life basking in the lap of luxury.

Although the greeting says “As we gather round this season, may the warmth and the joy of the holidays fill your home,” which on the surface seems lovely, let’s remember this is coming from a family feverishly packing to leave home for the holidays to spend another $4 million ruining Christmas for every resident on the island of Oahu.

Meanwhile, amidst platitudes about “we do our part to care for one another” the Obamas will return to the White House featured in their insipid holiday card three days after the US healthcare system blows up and leaves millions of devastated Americans lying in its wake.

Tell us about “caring for one another,” Michelle and Barry, and get a clue. Jesus — not the White House —  is the reason for this season.

Barack Obama Pays Homage to Mandela

indexOriginally posted at American Thinker blog

Based on the abysmal public opinion polls Barack Obama has been subjected to in recent days, it must have been quite thrilling for him to speak before 94,000 people in FNB Stadium at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Reminiscent of INVESCO Field, the event came complete with weeping, flags, and cheering.  Oprah Winfrey was even there.  The only thing missing from the occasion were those illustrious Greek columns lending Zeus-like gravitas to the celebrated speaker.

Leaving aside the controversy that surrounds the former anti-apartheid revolutionary’s communist connections and nefarious friends, it’s sort of ironic that a man vigorously decimating America’s liberty chose to extol a person many view as being singularly responsible for bringing freedom to the black majority of South Africa.

Nonetheless, as cynical as it may seem, and judging from the president’s fascination with his own importance, one can’t help but sense that, couched within the sentimental platitudes, Obama’s tribute to Mandela may have been laced with subtle parallels he hoped the crowd might attribute to him.

Not only that, but when praising Nelson Mandela for fighting the very type of oppression the president imposes on what was once the freest nation in history, Barack Obama’s stunning lack of self-awareness was again made evident.

It started when self-appointed first and “last great liberator” of the 21st century Barack Obama bestowed upon the late Madiba (as he was known to his Xhosa tribesmen) the title of “last great liberator of the 20th century.”

Next the president mentioned the Cold War, Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Lincoln, and then it was Gandhi and resistance; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and “the oppressed and the moral necessity of racial justice.”  He even praised Mandela for embracing Alinsky-style tactics, which include making sure to “study not only those you agree with, but those who you don’t.”

The man who once said that the U.S. Constitution is “fundamentally flawed” went so far as to compare Nelson Mandela to America’s Founding Fathers.  Priding himself on being a “fundamental transformer,” Barack Obama praised Tata Mandela for “erect[ing] a constitutional order” in South Africa similar to the one he is currently in the process of dismantling in the U.S.

Thus far, in five years, Barack Obama has yet to confess to even the tiniest failure.  Yet he lauded Mandela’s humility and straightforward self-deprecation, and admired the South African’s insistence on “sharing with us his doubts and fears; his miscalculations along with his victories.”

Having claimed that Mandela exercised “the power of action … [by] … taking risks on behalf of [his] ideals,” Barack sounded as if he identified with those qualities, as well as Mandela’s “proud rebelliousness” and “stubborn sense of fairness.”

Quite frankly, if the president had not been hiding behind a eulogy, when he pointed out that “[a]ction and ideas are not enough; no matter how right, they must be chiseled into laws and institutions,” his grandiloquence could have passed for another campaign speech.

The president noted that Nelson Mandela was “not only a leader of a movement, but a skillful politician,” and he would know.

Mandela drafted a constitution that Obama called “worthy of this multiracial democracy; true to his vision of laws that protect minority as well as majority rights, and the precious freedoms of every South African.”  For those who have ears to hear, that’s when things veered into the troubling, because this guy talking about drafting constitutions true to just one individual’s “vision of the laws” should make every American queasy.

After that, eulogizing turned to evangelizing.

Initially, there was the usual progressive prattle about “oneness to humanity; that we achieve ourselves by sharing ourselves with others, and caring for those around us.”  Then the law-changing heartbreaker hailed Mandela for changing both laws and hearts.

Having a platform in the home of apartheid gave president Obama the opportunity to also dredge up hard feelings and stir up memories of racial tension, an opening he never passes up.  He had this to say:

We know that like South Africa, the United States had to overcome centuries of racial subjugation. As was true here, it took the sacrifice of countless people – known and unknown – to see the dawn of a new day…but in America and South Africa, and countries around the globe, we cannot allow our progress to cloud the fact that our work is not done.

From there it progressed to the usual talk of social injustice, bullying, religious oppression — which must have been on behalf of misunderstood Muslims — and the “no matter whom you love” gay-rights lecturing.

Alluding to his own political opposition, the president said, “There are too many of us who happily embrace Madiba’s legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality.”

The words, “and there are too many of us who stand on the sidelines, comfortable in complacency or cynicism when our voices must be heard,” brought to mind the orator trying to silence those many of his acolytes on the left refer to as “teabaggers.”

The president quoted Mandela’s poetic jailhouse references to “strait gates,” “scrolls…charged with punishments,” and personal declarations of being “master of my fate…and captain of my soul.”  As a matter of fact, Barack Obama even found time to snap a playful selfie featuring British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt and to swap seats with Michelle.

Finally, after successfully inserting himself into the annals of South African history, Obama then turned his attention toward home and the advancement of a vision that is the very antithesis of what he himself claimed Nelson Mandela stood for.

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