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Michelle and Becoming Obamajugend

Originally posted at American Thinker

Giving new meaning to the title of her “highly anticipated” memoir, recently, Michelle Obama provided insight into what Becoming may actually mean.

At a Klick Health’s Muse happening in New York City, moderated by CEO Leerom Segal, medical technology expert and health care guru Michelle Obama answered questions from an audience about everything from health to social media to life outside the White House.

Emulating her master-of-passive-aggressive-innuendohusband, Barack, Mrs. Obama used the medical technology event as a platform to disparage Donald Trump’s deployment of social media.

Michelle, who just last week used Twitter to give a grown-up and committee-approved thumbs-up to David Hogg and Company’s orchestrated effort to weaken the Second Amendment, informed the audience that she “tweets by committee.”  Obama then said, “I don’t just tweet off the top of my head, which I don’t encourage people to do – especially kids.  Yes, I use social media, but I use it like a grown-up.”

Up to that point, remarks belittling Trump and alluding to racial inequity were standard Obama fare.  However, at one point, things took a turn for the worse.  And while it’s risky business to juxtapose Nazi youth and the goals of modern-day politicians, some of Mrs. Obama’s proclamations should give those “who have ears to hear” pause.

Before delving into the former first lady’s more disturbing comments, let’s take a historical stroll down memory lane with a quote from Adolf Hitler, who once made the astute observation that “he,” or in this case, “she” “alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Rather than hold public office, Michelle said that, at this juncture, both she and her husband prefer to influence impressionable minds by sowing to the “collective future.” The former first lady said she plans to work with the Obama Foundation, whose mission is to “equip civic innovators, young leaders, and everyday citizens with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities.”

Ironically, after educating America for eight grueling years, and while in the actual process of instructing yet another group what to think, the wife of the self-proclaimed “one we’ve been waiting for” then informed the Klick crowd that:

We give too much credit to leadership.  We wait for some leader to tell us what to do.  These problems aren’t solved by a man.  It is not a leader.  It is us.  We have more power to change the way people think, to change the way we treat everybody, to change the way people see us in the world, by the actions we take every single day.
During the question-and-answer period, Mrs. Obama also underscored the value of the revolutionary approach to activism when she said:

We don’t have to have policy.  No edict.  The Supreme Court doesn’t have to do anything for us not to be racist, for us to be open, for us to practice equality in our lives, in our workplaces.  We’re in charge of that.  If we lived in that country where each of us was really, really doing that, and not just worrying about a tax cut or power or holding onto power … it wouldn’t matter who was in the White House.
In other words, the queen of progressive policy and lunchroom diktats and the king, who, thanks to a renegade Supreme Court chief justice, got his unconstitutional health care law enacted, no longer need edicts, legislation, and a whole branch of the U.S. federal government.

Instead, according to the former FLOTUS, the racism and inequality that she imagines still afflicts this nation could be eradicated on the street level.  This, according to the Obama brand of militancy, would eliminate the need for tax cuts and, more importantly, a president who cuts taxes.

Simply put, the stated task ahead for Michelle is molding and making legions of community organizers who will bust up cities; aggressively attack police; attempt to dismantle the Bill of Rights; and, in the process, define it all as “hope and change.”

During the Q&A, the always upbeat Michelle summed up her assessment of American adolescents in the following way:

I’m optimistic about our kids, always.  We see these kids in Florida, the Black Lives Matter kids.  They are smart, they are passionate, they do have the right values.  They know inequity.  They know wrong when they see it.  There is hope in that next generation.  They’re tired of watching us do the same old thing and expect different results.
The interpretation of that alarming point of view is that Michelle thinks people who agree with the Obama philosophy not only recognize inequity, but also are “smart [and] passionate … [and] have the right values.”

Mrs. Obama’s observations also mean that “wrong” is whatever the radical left disagrees with.  If she took the time to think that statement through, her off-the-cuff assertion destabilizes the left’s foundational contention that the definition of wrong is relative.

Nonetheless, Michelle also indicated that she believes that divergent opinion is synonymous with insanity when she expressed that her “hope” for the “next generation” is to convince those who can be worn down by rhetoric that they are “tired of watching us do the same old thing and expect different results.”

Communist revolutionary and “fundamental transformation” advocate Vladimir Lenin hada similar attitude.  Lenin once said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

That may be why unsettling images of thousands of young people marching in lockstep popped up when Michelle announced she’s decided against running for president.   Instead, the former first lady said she thinks “it’s a better investment to invest in creating thousands and thousands of ‘mes.'”  In other words, Mrs. Obama believes that in order to “fundamentally transform” the whole world, “older leaders” like herself need to “step out of the way and mak[e] room … [because w]e don’t need just one – we need thousands and thousands”…of Michelles?

Sorry if the comparison is an affront to historical sensibilities, but Klick was supposed to be a medical technology event, and statements like that are eerily reminiscent of the spirit that inspired “thousands and thousands” of German Hitlerjugend.  Therefore, the next time Mrs. Obama is out shilling her upcoming memoir, maybe someone needs to ask her if the word Becoming also refers to the formation of Obama youth.

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Becoming Michelle Obama

Originally posted at American Thinker

In time for Thanksgiving 2018, Michelle Obama’s memoir is due for release.  The book, which should be entitled Enjoying a Bigger Piece of Your Pie, will instead be titled Becoming.

According to the former FLOTUS, the “highly anticipated” tome details what Michelle O. calls a “deeply personal experience.”  And well it should, because she and her world-renowned author husband reached a hefty $65-million two-book deal with Penguin Random House – a formidable amount of wealth that neither Shelly nor Barry is likely to be spreading around anytime soon.

Due to be published in 24 languages, rumor has it that Michelle’s book will have global appeal, which most certainly puts Becoming in the literature category of contenders for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

Speaking of Nobel Peace Prizes, husband Barack, whose half of the book deal is due out in 2019, will take Becoming on an international book tour, where he’ll use his wife’s book as an excuse to promote himself as the ultimate source of all wisdom and truth.

Just for the record, this is not Mrs. Obama’s first crack at authorship.  When the former first lady took up organic gardening on 1,500 square feet of White House lawn, that agricultural exploit resulted in a book titled American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen and Gardens Across America.

In a statement from the CEO of Penguin Random House, Markus Dohle, this new book “will stretch the confines of a traditional former first-lady memoir the same way Obama’s official portrait for the Smithsonian did.”  About the anticipated bestseller, Dohle elaborated, “‘Becoming’ is an unusually intimate reckoning from a woman of soul and substance who has steadily defied expectations – and whose story inspires us to do the same.”

Recently, it was Mrs. Obama who observed that in the movie Black Panther, “young people … finally [got to] see superheroes that look like them on the big screen.”  Therefore, if all goes according to plan, the cover jacket portrait of Becoming will accomplish a similar end.

In the meantime, while out and about bashing Donald Trump and lying about first lady Melania handing her a gift she didn’t know what to do with on Inauguration Day, Mrs. Obama has also mentioned that she anticipates the book being “inspirational.”

That’s why, just days after her passive-aggressive husband rebuked anyone on Twitter who disagreed with his position on gun control by publicly extolling everyone who did agree, in a statement about her upcoming autobiography, Mrs. Obama, said, “Writing Becoming has been a deeply personal experience.”

Michelle said penning a memoir “allowed [her] … space to honestly reflect on the unexpected trajectory of [her] life … how a little girl from the South Side of Chicago found her voice and developed the strength to use it to empower others.”

Forgetting that America has heard all that bootstrap-racial oppression malarkey before, of late, Michelle has given glimpses into the biographical vistas Becoming will explore.  Last year, for instance, for the 50,000th time, Michelle reiterated to the Hartford Courant that her “[p]arents weren’t wealthy.”  That was true until Mama Marian Robinson moved into the White House and received reparations in the form of four or more $4-million vacations a year – compliments of the U.S. taxpayer.

Comparing her former home to the $8.1-million mansion she currently occupies in the posh Kalorama section of Washington, D.C., Michelle poured it on when she told the Connecticut news site, “They weren’t fancy folks.  But we had a good childhood, living in a little, bitty apartment.”

Evidently unaware that self-doubt is something all humans grapple with, more recently, in Indianapolis, Michelle threw race in with gender, when she told a mostly female crowd of 12,000 attending a gender equity gathering that women of color tend to grow up with “doubts in their heads.”

Michelle spoke directly to girls in the audience, 300 of whom were Indianapolis Public Schools students who had received free tickets to the event.  After explaining that “women of color doubt themselves,” Michelle reminded women of color, “You’re just as capable, if not more capable than people who doubt you.”

After that, the former first lady intimated that people feared her when she was a kid because of the color of her skin, saying, “The vast majority of kids of color are not in gangs, not doing drugs, they’re not robbing or stealing.  They’re me.  I am the kid you’re afraid of.”

After eight years of “mediocre people … running stuff,” Michelle aptly pointed out something undoubtedly true about both herself and her husband when she confirmed, “There are very mediocre people out there running stuff.  But nobody’s told them they’re not good enough.”

Based on comments such as those, it’s easy to predict that the book is likely to become a platform where an increasingly unbecoming Michelle can rant on about racial prejudiceinequalitysocial injustice, and pay inequity and do it while being paid millions for a book she probably didn’t write.

Compliments of Penguin Random House publishers, Mrs. Obama can falsely insinuate that white Americans view black Americans as gang-banging, drug-addicted, dishonest, and dangerous.  She can also allude to mediocre white men being in positions only because no one informed them “they’re not good enough.”

In addition to “inspiring” insights such as those, the book will likely touch upon Michelle’s time living in that huge White House that “was built by slaves” with the “prisonlike elements” she was forced to endure for two terms.

At any rate, Becoming is unquestionably an appropriate title for this memoir, because while she was the first lady, Michelle became many things.

Take for instance Michelle becoming a world-class organic gardener, a master of the hula hoop, a connoisseur of haute couture, and a backup dancer for Bruno Mars.  During her eight years in office, Michelle was also becoming a dictatorial lunch lady, a pumped-up biceps icon, a jet fuel-guzzling Air Force One traveler, a Hollywood elbow-rubber, a fried fat cake eater, a Target shopper, and an advocate for breastfeeding and bringing home Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram.

While her husband was “fundamentally transforming” America, Michelle was busily becoming an advocate for redefining marriage and transgender bathrooms and, above all, becoming a public speaker in the style of female members of the old Black Panthers.

Even still, it’s hard to fathom that despite being the recipient of untold blessings, Michelle believes that “after eight years of working really hard for this country, there are still people who [don’t] see [her] for what [she is] because of [her] skin color.”  Based on those and similar delusional sentiments, “bitter clinger” Michelle Obama’s book Becoming will probably be anything but “inspirational.”

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Michelle Obama is Back on the Job

Originally posted at American Thinker

Surely Barack Obama recognizes how distressing it is for liberals to have to deal with a commander-in-chief who, instead of saying “I” 96 times in a 72-minute speech, in an 80-minute speech, chooses instead to say “We” 129 times. That’s why, every chance he gets to set the record straight, albeit, with finesse, Barack makes sure to disparage the sitting president. Now Mrs. Obama is back, assisting her husband in eloquently casting all things Trump in a less-than-becoming light.

In her highly anticipated first television appearance since moving into her new $8.1-million mansion, Michelle spent time with “Ellen” celebrating the host’s 60th birthday.

Instead of dancing to “Up Town Funk,” or challenging DeGeneres to a pushup match, this visit, Michelle chose to tell the story of how uncomfortable it was on Inauguration Day when Melania Trump handed her a robin’s egg blue box from Tiffany’s. The implication of Michelle’s tale was that although the former first lady thought the frame Mrs. Trump handed her was “lovely,” receiving it on the steps of the White House broke protocol.

Michelle told Ellen: “I mean, this is like a state visit, so they tell you that you’re going to do this, they’re going to stand here. Never before do you get this gift, so I’m sort of like OK. … What am I supposed to do with this gift?”


That was the question Queen Elizabeth probably asked herself in 2009 when, after gracing the aging monarch with an iPod, loaded with photos of Obama’s inauguration and audio files of some of his speeches, Michelle proceeded to give the Queen of England a bear hug.

Mrs. Obama continued, “No one would come and take the box,” she said, “And I’m thinking, ‘Do we take the picture with (it)’? ”

That’s when Michelle said her gallant spouse; a man who exemplifies decorum, except when he’s in Britain and continuing to speak while “God Save the Queen” plays in the background — “saved the day.” Michelle said, “[Barack] grabbed the box and took it back inside. But everybody cleared out. No staff, no one.”

Excuse me but doesn’t Michelle remember her husband’s Inauguration Day when she stepped out of the limousine and handed Laura Bush a package with a garish red bow on it? Maybe Melania reviewed the 2009 tape and followed Michelle’s lead. Either that or knowing how highly Barack Obama esteems himself, the incoming FLOTUS could have thought the former president needed a frame from Tiffany’s to house a photo to place on the altar alongside his Nobel Peace Prize.

Either way, characterizing herself as the personification of protocol, Michelle discussed the Melania frame incident on the same day the former first lady decided to forgo a pink pu**y hat and present Ellen with a birthday gift that included “boxed wine, Metamucil, push-up handles and a Barack Obama Chia pet.”

In addition to being part of Ellen’s birthday festivities, Michelle exploited the opportunity as an excuse to address the fragile sensibilities of those gripped with fear over having a man in the White House who puts America first; elevates adoption over abortion; honors law enforcement and the military; worships God, stands for the Pledge of Allegiance; doesn’t have domestic terrorist friends who stomp on the American flag; defeats ISIS; cuts taxes and recognizes that “Americans are DREAMers too.

Attempting to appear inclusive and understanding the former first lady went on to acknowledge that, “…there are people who feel good about the direction of the country, so I mean, that’s what makes this country complicated because it’s made up of so many different people from different backgrounds.”

During the discussion, Mrs. Hope and Change commiserated with the Resistance, reminded them that “All we have is hope,” and acknowledged that “People are afraid.” Afraid of what — deporting MS-13, Blacks having the lowest unemployment rate in the nation’s history, the stock market hovering at 26,000?

When asked what advice she’d give snowflakes like Ellen who find the world to be such a “scary place right now,” Obama suggested we do what she has never done, which is to ‘do good things every day, show empathy, care for each other’ and to remember that “you can’t do [those things] only when people make you feel good or safe.” Setting her advice apart from Trump’s scary nationalistic racism and xenophobia Obama stressed that, “We do have a lot in common. That’s what it means to lead with hope and not fear.”

The problem with Michelle’s sentiments is that this is the same woman who gave a 2017 commencement speech at City College where she delivered a contemptuous attack on Donald Trump without mentioning his name. While demonizing differences, stirring-up fear, and verbally segregating those who disagree with her left-leaning, collective view of the world, Michelle told the graduating class that, “Here in America, we don’t let our differences tear us apart? Here in America, we don’t give in to our fears, we don’t build walls to keep people out?”

The only exception to Michelle’s assertion is if the person doing the preaching, the tearing, and the fear mongering, is building a wall around a multi-million dollar mansion located in the tony Northwest Quadrant of Washington, D.C.

Meanwhile, on “Ellen” Michelle continued saying, “We have to be an open-hearted nation and that’s who we are. So, let’s… forget what they’re saying in Washington. That’s not necessarily who we are. We know who we are.”

In other words, Michelle Obama is back from vacation and has picked up where she left off telling Americans who we are, what to do and who to listen to.

So, after mocking Melania Trump for doing exactly what she did on Inauguration Day eight years prior, and after implying the current president is someone who is frightening and should be ignored, the woman who spent two terms demanding our “piece of the pie,” inciting racial dissension, and issuing diktats to schoolchildren is officially back on the job.

Former ‘lunch czar’ FLOTUS slams Trump

Originally posted at American Thinker

Speaking on behalf of herself and her husband, Michelle Obama recently reassured a crowd of fawning conference attendees that “we’re not gone.  We’re just breathing.”  That they are!  They’re not gone, and what they’re breathing…is fire!

After spending months with celebrities on a Tahitian vacation, and resting up from almost a decade of wreaking holy havoc on America, in an attempt to counter the sitting president’s policies, a revitalized Barack and Michelle are currently breathing fire in Trump’s direction every chance they get.

Quite unlike the 43rd president, who remained silent while Barack spent eight years making excuses for his own inadequacies by blaming his predecessor for every failure, both Michelle’s and Barry’s knee jerk reaction to public rejection is to respond by portraying fiascoes as achievements.

Take, for example, wealth-sharing/pay equity/carbon footprint-concerned Obama taking his private jet and a 14-car gas-guzzling entourage to Milan to collect $3.2 million for speaking at a Seeds & Chips, aka Dirty Deeds & Lyin’ Lips, Global Food Innovation summit.  While hubby was getting “free hugs” and stuffing his mom jeans with oodles of cash, less than six months after Trump’s inauguration, Michelle was busy blowing off steam at an annual Partnership for a Healthier America conference.

Seems Mrs. Obama is infuriated with Donald Trump for daring to point out that The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which masked government control as a nutritional concern, has resulted in wasted money, foul-tasting food, and 1.4 million kids dropping out of the school lunch program.

Trump’s secretary of agriculture, Sonny Perdue, agrees it’s time for change.

Perdue said, “We all know that meals can’t be nutritious if they aren’t consumed and if they’re put in the trash.”  That’s why Perdue is counteracting Michelle’s Healthy Food Horror Show by giving school “food service professionals flexibility” in deciding what to serve the kids.

What a revolutionary concept!  Someone other than a government czarina gets to control the menu.

For one, some salt, which not only adds flavor, but also is now said to have no impact on blood pressure, will be added back into the menu.  In addition, school districts will also be issued whole wheat waivers, and children’s brains can now benefit from the fat in low-fat chocolate milk.

In other words, the iron grip of Michelle Obama’s no salt, fat-free lunch diktats will be off the necks of garroted school districts.  In turn, food will be made more palatable so that schoolchildren will want to eat lunch instead of scraping it into the garbage.

In response to the plan to do away with paltry portions of quinoa and salt-free rice cakes, Ms. “Fried Fat Cakes” has become visibly livid.

Michelle told the Obamas’ personal White House chef and executive director of the anti-childhood obesity initiative, Sam Kass, that instead of swallowing the excrement Americans have been subjected to during the Obama years, with Trump in charge, kids will be “eating crap.”

On a full-blown Healthier America conference tirade, a know-it-all Michelle appealed to women in the audience with false humility, saying, “Moms, think about this.  I don’t care what state you live in, take me out of the equation, like me, don’t like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.”

This is a confusing statement coming from someone who supports a woman’s “right to choose.”  With that in mind, the big takeaway from Michelle’s indignation is that choice is acceptable only if the one choosing doesn’t feed a survivor of the womb a “crappy” bag of Doritos and a ham sandwich for lunch.

After indirectly suggesting that certain Americans “celebrate” policies that disregard the well-being of children, Michelle made another stunning statement.  All fired up, the former FLOTUS, who clearly misses determining how much we “eat, feed, and move,” reprimanded the audience, saying, “You take your eye off the ball on things, and you let other people determine what you’re eating, what you’re feeding, how you’re moving, and before you know it, your kids have Type II diabetes.”

Further implying a Trump undercurrent of malfeasance, Mrs. Obama pressed the Healthier America audience to “look at motives.”

For the purpose of federal bureaucratic control, Michelle, the queen of deceitful intentions, insisted on feeding schoolchildren cardboard, and she’s the one accusing Donald Trump of ulterior motives?

Doing what she does best, which is telling people what to do and how to think, Michelle instructed the audience, “You have to stop and think, ‘Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school?  What is wrong with you, and why is that a partisan issue?  Why would that be political?'”

Then the über-partisan, politically motivated Michelle, who likes to “splurge” on the very French fries and ice cream she now polices, proposed stricter control:

How about we stop asking kids how they feel about their food because kids, my kids included, if they could eat pizza and French fries every day with ice cream on top and a soda, they would think they were happy until they get sick.

Undoubtedly, a proponent of government gavage, a woman whose husband marginalized American preferences, then shared that she believes it’s “ridiculous” to consider children’s food preferences when deciding what to force-feed them for lunch.

“You know what?” Michelle said.  “Kids don’t like math, either.  What are we going to do?  Stop teaching math?”

Correct, most kids dislike math, but not as much as real American’s dislike government overreach.  And that “not liking” is the very reason, Trump, the man the Obamas criticize, is now the president of the United States.

So, after eight long years of government inflicting itself on individual liberty, whether Michelle Obama likes it or not, “we the people” want our children to experience a small taste of American freedom by eating more of whatever they want for lunch.

Barack the BS Master Brags about Humility

Originally posted at American Thinker

Forgetting that it’s less than six months since the reign of illusion and delusion ended, the cover of the May 29, 2017 edition of People magazine recently featured a nostalgic story entitled “The Obamas: Their Lives Now.”

The caption below the photo read: “How Michelle and Barack are enjoying downtime with each other and their girls – and planning their surprising next moves.”

Irrespective of what People magazine attempted to represent, the goal of the glossy exploitation was to give the couple yet another excuse to denigrate Donald Trump.  That’s why the title should have read: “The Obamas: Still Belittling Everyone but Themselves.”

Authors Sandra Sobieraj Westfall and Kathy Ehrich began by portraying Michelle and Barry as regular folks spending lazy days fighting over closet space and trying to master the coffee maker control panel.

The article does mention a personal staff of 20, “many paid for by the former First Couple,” which makes one wonder why, after yachting in French Polynesia with the likes of Oprah, Forrest Gump, and The Boss, Michelle, or Barry would be futzing around with the Keurig.

In the first paragraph, the authors share a story about how, while heading home from what they call an “easy, breezy” food-industry trip to Milan, Barry, and his foreign policy adviser, Ben Rhodes, were “jolted by alerts” notifying them that Donald Trump had fired Obama-appointed FBI director James Comey.

The article stated that in response to the news, the egotistical Marxist – who fired a military general he had longstanding resentment toward and who has done more to damage the health of our representative republic – had this to say about Trump’s decision: “This is not normal.  This is not healthy for democracy.”

And who better to judge strange presidential behavior and what is detrimental to democracy than a pathological liar who spent eight years disrespecting the military and flouting the U.S. Constitution?

Westfall and Ehrich suggest that the nation is having trouble adjusting to a 45th president whom they describe as “erratic and impolitic,” which implies that Obama is neither of the two.  The article said “mission-focused” Obama yearns to settle into his downscaled life but is conflicted because of “Trump’s shadow” making it impossible for him, as an “engaged citizen,” to remain disengaged.

And so, according to the authors, Michelle and Barry distract themselves from the “chaos in Washington” they caused by doing everyday things like “plugging away at a congressional redistricting plan, spearheading educational initiatives, and writing his’n’-hers memoirs,” which will net “at least $60-million” of shareable wealth the duo will share with no one.

So, apparently, in addition to interviewing prospective terrorist ghostwriters to pen his third book, the community organizer is resolute in his efforts to eliminate political rivalry by pooling Democrat voters inside district lines that keep politicians he approves of elected and entrenched in office.

And if all this self-obsessed taking-over-the-world isn’t enough to alarm every clear-thinking American, the Obamas are also planning a Presidential Center for the South Side of Chicago that will be “more like a campus … [to train] the Michelle Robinsons and Barack Obamas of today, so they can take up the torch.”

To be authentic, the memorial should be named after the “evil genius” and Obama mentor Saul Alinsky and marketed as a place where hooligans learn to climb to the top by stirring up street-level mayhem.

The article also stated that after talking to Trump on the night of the election, the biggest BS artist on the planet told two close friends that what he concluded from the phone call is that the newly elected president is “nothing but a [BS-er]!”

With that in mind, friends stress that when he’s not kite-surfing in the British Virgin Islands, the ex-president is “[d]eeply concerned with what he’s seen.  But [he is] also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren’t just watching it happen but engaging with elected representatives at town halls.”

It appears as if Barack confuses town hall attendees with the anti-GOP resistance and the rowdy anarchists punching out Trump supporters, suppressing free speech with riots, “taking up the torch” with arson, and accusing a duly elected president of crimes no one can prove.

It all raises the question: who’s the BS artist?

The Obama article also stated that besides advancing progressive policy, Michelle and Barry are deeply involved in the lives of daughters Sasha and Malia, whose photos are allegedly on “every flat surface” of their rented Washington, D.C. mansion.

About older daughter Malia, Obama said this: “She’s still a teenager who deserves her privacy.”  This sentiment is somewhat disingenuous coming from someone who, although he denies doing so, undoubtedly spied on everyone from Bibi Netanyahu to Angela Merkel to the Supreme Court to the Vatican to the Trump transition team.

And then there’s Michelle, whom the article refers to as “riled up,” reassuring college-bound students that both “Barack and I are going to keep on … lifting you up no matter what house we live in.”

For Michelle, “lifting up” includes putting down.

The People piece said Michelle “dreamed of a long vacation where her husband could just sleep, knowing his legacy was safe with President Hillary Clinton.”  But after an overconfident Hillary cheated and connived, and then lost the election anyway, mournful Michelle, who’s been “all black” since the day she was born, told guests “I’m going all black for the next couple of years.”

Imagine Laura Bush responding to the election of our first black president by saying, “I’m going all white for the next couple of years.”

Nonetheless, by now, everyone knows that neither Tahiti kite-surfing Barack nor his bride takes rejection or correction well.  That’s why the always classy Michelle, irate over changes being made to her school lunch program, publicly accused Trump of wanting to feed school kids “crap!”

In the end, after denigrating another president and pretending to be the only mortal capable of saving America from Donald Doom, Obama ended the People magazine article exalting himself with an absurd comment about how “the longer he was in office the more humble he became.”  This demonstrates that just as a Nobel Peace Prize made a street thug believe he was a peacemaker, Barack the BS artist must also believe that bragging about humility somehow makes a narcissist humble.

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WE’RE DOOMED: Barack Obama Learns About His Belly-Button Lint from Bear Grylls

bear_3426448bOriginally posted on CLASH Daily

Recently, a friend recommended I tune into NBC’s “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”. Seems that instead of “running wild” in Washington DC, Barack Obama, on a climate change junket North, spent a carefully-scripted afternoon “running wild” (if you want to call it that) in Alaska’s Kenai Fiords National Park with extreme survivalist, Bear Grylls.

Bear’s welcoming demeanor gave Barack the opportunity to learn about using belly button lint to kindle a fire, and how to eat food cooked on a piece of slate.

Grateful to be included in the “running wild” episode, the president got so excited, he lost his head and admitted he lives in a “bubble,” which confirmed the general consensus that he’s out-of-touch.

Obama also confessed that he does not have, and cannot operate a Smartphone, after which he tried and failed to take a selfie.

With that in mind, maybe one of Obama’s advisors should inform the president that claiming to possess the power to slow the rising sea while being unable to operate a Smartphone, could tend to cause a person to lose credibility.

Anyhow, while he was in Alaska, Bear and Barack did talk about angry grizzlies. In fact, that segment is where Obama divulged that Michelle, who he said prefers nice sheets to being outdoors, looks scary look when she gets mad.

The male bonding included discussion about the dangers of disturbing fornicating bears, which may explain why Obama avoids tangling with Vladimir Putin. Then, before swigging out of a canteen, Obama actually chatted about the downside of drinking ones own urine.

After Bear brewed gas-suppressing catkin tea for the president, Obama informed the world that flatulence is not a problem he struggles with. What would have made for great TV is if Bear Grylls had thought to confirm or debunk the “snore-y…stinky” president’s gas assertion with Michelle, and then double-checked whatever Michelle told him with the pilot of Marine One.

Father of three, Bear Grylls asked the president about juggling the presidency and raising two young girls. Obama said that “living over the store” makes it easier for him to spend time with Sasha and Malia, and might explain why the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, was once left sitting alone in the White House meeting room while Dad rushed upstairs for dinner.

The usually politically correct president got so caught up in the moment, he blurted out that a “cracker” would have made the half-eaten wild salmon that Grylls said still “smelled of bear breath” more palatable.

The president rambled on a bit about the cold water from a melting glacier, extolled the merits of “persistence,” bragged about being “ripped,” and reminisced about growing up the Hawaiian-born son of a single mother.

Then, after rustling up some of Sasha’s favorite s’mores for Grylls, who seemed less than impressed with Obama’s culinary skills, nouveau survivalist, Obama crowed to Bear that he’s “skinny but tougher than [he] looks.”

In the end, Barry did seem to appreciate the experience of spending time in Seward, Alaska.

But for those of us who assign a mere man more credit than he deserves, watching the president awkwardly ramble about in the great outdoors, devoid of the trappings of power, and bereft of the podium he’s usually hiding behind, was eye-opening.

Lest we forget, it was “fundamental transformer” who made the world believe that he had the power to heal the planet, but based on his obsession with recruiting the world to address global warming, Obama proves the powers he publicized simply do not exist.

Barack Obama is mortal flesh like the rest of us, and he, like the rest of us, is as transitory as the tuft of silken bear hair that blew out of his hand after being held for a brief moment.

In fairness, Obama did bow his head as Grylls prayed a prayer at the end of the show. In the prayer, Bear Grylls asked the “Lord to … forgive us when we fall short and help us to be strong in You”, to which the president responded: “Amen.”

Still, seeing the president standing in the shadow of the Exit Glacier, which formed during the Little Ice Age, “fundamentally transformed”, at least in my mind, a man who regularly reeks of pompousness into somebody finite and frail.

The sight of God’s creation in Alaska made prominent the power of the One who spoke into being the planet, Obama, a withering blade of grass, believes he has the power save.

So, in addition to finding out that belly button lint makes an excellent kindling tool, watching Obama “run wild” with Bear Grylls reminded me that God and God alone is the one with the power – not Barack Obama.

After ISIS’s Dance of Death Michelle Does the Conga

6903805_michelle-obama-hosts-weinstein-companys_a4d8b291_mOriginally posted at American Thinker

The young people who went to Paris’s La Bataclan concert hall last week went to party and dance. The problem is that 89 of those that jammed into the Eagles of Death Metal concert ended up dead or missing.

A mere 72 hours later, in a stunning display of tactlessness and lack of decorum, at a White House hosted Broadway workshop Michelle Obama danced. Tearing up the carpet in the East Room, the FLOTUS danced the Conga with the same enthusiasm she exhibited when boogieing to the “Uptown Funk” and churning out Bollywood moves on Diwali.

Casting ‘Paris attack’ sackcloth and ashes aside, Michelle invited 40 performing arts high school students to a festive event entitled “Broadway” at the White House, which will air on TLC on November 26.

Joining the students were stage luminaries such as: “Glee” star Matthew Morrison, Latina “Conga” singing sensation Gloria Estefan, composer Andrew Lloyd Weber, Whoopi ‘The View’ Goldberg, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, and aging African American actress Cicely Tyson.

From the Broadway show based on the story of her and her husband Emilio’s life, Estefan sang “On Your Feet!” and “Glee”’s Matt Morrison belted out a number from Finding Neverland.

Meanwhile, in France, bouquets were being piled high where three days prior bloody bodies fell dead. Yet at the same time at the White House students were treated to rousing Broadway-style acts from shows like: Fun HomeAn American in ParisSchool of Rock, and Something Rotten.

Speaking of ‘something rotten,’ while 128 victims of ISIS were being identified by family, autopsied, prepared for burial, and tearfully eulogized, America’s empathetic First Lady chose to mark the occasion with an afternoon of acting, directing, singing, costume design, makeup, and music composition workshops.

Then, rather than exhibiting the dignity called for at such a sober time, in the midst of ISIS threatening to taste American blood, Michelle Obama took Gloria Estefan’s advice, got up on her size 11.5 feet and danced the Conga with choreographer Sergio Trujillo and actress/singer Ana Villafana. “There you go with a shimmy!” choreographer Sergio Trujillo teased the First Lady.

Rather than honor France’s dead and inspire youth to understand the pressing issue of worldwide terrorism, Michelle ‘it’s all about you’ Obama told the performing artist wannabes: “These folks are here today to honor you and to hopefully inspire you.”

Mrs. Obama encouraged the schoolchildren by telling them; “They’re also here with an important message for you about what it takes to succeed, not just on Broadway, but in life.”

It would have been more sincere if Michelle had warned the kiddies that because of her husband’s irresponsible policies, attaining success in America, on Broadway, or anywhere else on the planet, seems highly unlikely.

Moreover, shouldn’t the First Lady have also pointed out that if Barack Obama continues to ‘fundamentally transform’ America by accepting military-aged male ISIS fighters disguised as refugees into our nation it’s highly doubtful, despite their “passion and creativity,” that Broadway at the White House-attendees will have a shot at any kind of life at all?

Instead, Michelle, the woman whose husband Obama once called the U.S. Constitution “a deeply flawed document” chose to depict Broadway as a “cornerstone” of American heritage.

FLOTUS said, “Since America is such a big, bold, beautiful nation, that’s how our stories are told on Broadway.” Furthermore, in an effort to advance academic excellence, the one woman Conga machine schooled the young learners by saying that in addition to entertaining and inspiring us, and in lieu of a public school system that teaches unrevised American history, it’s Broadway that “educates” us.

Then, in commemoration of the 128 people mercilessly slaughtered in the heart of Paris, Mrs. Obama cited her husband’s comments about the tragedy by telling her audience this:

As my husband said on Friday, this was an attack not just on France, our dear friend and ally, but on all of humanity and our shared values. And as we mourn, we know that we must continue to show the strength of those values and hopes that the President spoke about when he talked.

Pressing on, FLOTUS flattered her audience by stressing that “the beauty is that all of you here, our young people that are here, you all reflect that passion, that creativity. You all are a part of those values that the President talked about.”

“That’s what we’re protecting,” she said.

And even though thanks to Barack Obama’s reckless attitude toward homeland security, Americans are finding themselves more insecure than ever, according to his wife, “We’re protecting what you all represent.”

And so, after ISIS’s dance of death in France, and judging from her lackadaisical party attitude, it appears as if the values Michelle wants protected includes her right to dance the Conga while the world grieves a terrorist attack.

Michelle Kvetches to Children with Cancer

0918_malo_firstlady_thu04_1411004966519_8153391_ver1.0_640_480Originally posted at American Thinker

First Lady Michelle Obama figured now was as good a time as any to visit some sick children. Not the ones on breathing tubes suffering from Enterovirus 68, mind you, but non-contagious patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

After admitting that she dislikes “selfies” but agreeing to be part of an “ussie,” and after discussing flying her dogs around on Air Force One, the first lady became painfully honest. So much so that she even complained to youngsters battling childhood cancers about the misery of living in the White House and being married to a guy who, besides being the president of the United States, spends an inordinate amount of time on the golf course.

The first lady’s grievances were expressed in response to the star-struck kids asking her what her “favorite part [was] about being in the White House.”

Mrs. Obama’s initial response to the question was that her favorite thing “[a]bout being in the – about being First Lady is being able to do stuff like this, really. And it is so special for me to get to meet kids like you guys.”

Michelle didn’t mention the trolleys shuttling her and her guests to elegant state dinners in heated tents. Nor did she mention the famous people who drop by for parties and major events, or her unlimited access to $100-per-pound Wagyu beef, $12K Carolina Herrera gowns, millions of dollars for vacations all over the world, or the multitude of other perks she enjoys at taxpayers’ expense.
Instead, Michelle unloaded her personal problems onto cancer-stricken kids. To commiserate with children who may not live to see puberty, Mrs. Obama chose to distract them by saying that for her, “[s]ometimes living in the White House and being married to the president and trying to live a life like that, it can be hard.”
As for us, okay, we get it: it’s hard times for Michelle Obama, which may be why, when she’s not vacationing or shopping for haute couture, she feels compelled to share her personal troubles with little kids on anti-nausea drugs. Still, one can’t help but wonder – if living in the White House with servants, butlers, and chefs is hard for Michelle, how would the first lady have fared as a seven-year-old enduring chemotherapy or radiation treatments?

After involving the sick and dying in her marital struggles and her displeasure with her current living arrangements, Michelle turned upbeat and followed up her “married to … life like that … can be hard” comment with: “But when I meet you guys, I am so inspired, which is one of the reasons why I like to come and spend time with you guys.”

The FLOTUS then went on to tell the pediatric patients that she once worked in a hospital, but she skipped the part about it being a no-show job for $316K per year. Then Mrs. Obama complimented her audience, telling them, “[Y]ou all [are] smart … focused and courageous[.]” This is way more than can be said for the guy she’s married to, who, based on his leadership style, has turned out not to be smart, focused, or courageous.

Michelle stressed to the kids, many of whom had no hair, that visiting with them is the “cool part” of being first lady, after which she repeated aloud the children’s question: “What’s the best part of living in the White House?”

Michelle confessed that for her, one “best part” is the South Lawn.

The South Lawn is where heated tents have been erected in the dead of winter to wine and dine French presidents. It’s where Mrs. Barry O’Bama gets to dye the water in the fountain green on St. Patrick’s Day, where the annual Easter egg roll takes place, and where the Obamas hand out candy on Halloween. It is also where the White House Kitchen Garden and beehives reside, and where Marine One drops off at the house Michelle finds it hard to live in the husband she finds it hard being married to, and where Sunny and Bo occasionally drop stuff off, too.

Then, in addition to doing Art Therapy, promising to dance after the cameras shut off, and agreeing to pour a bucket of water over the president’s head when she got home, Mrs. Obama told the kids:

I like the Truman Balcony … that that’s one of my favorite places to be, because we can be outside and you can look over the fountain, and you see the Washington Memorial, and it’s a really pretty view. And it’s peaceful.

The Truman Balcony is where the president and his put-upon first lady, together with various world leaders, endure the drudgery of black-tie cocktail parties, where Michelle joins her husband in begrudgingly thanking the troops for their service at 4th of July picnics, and where the Obamas occasionally emerge like royalty to wave to the unwashed masses from a lofty perch, far from one-on-one contact with illegal teenage assassins, illegal sex offenders, and contagions like Enterovirus 68, MDR-TB, Norwegian scabies, malaria, and soon-to-be-arriving hemorrhagic Ebola.

The Truman Balcony is also the perfect platform for tossing cake to America’s starving peons. That’s why it’s good to know that if she’s feeling miserable about being married to the president and glum about the tough life she lives, Michelle has somewhere to go to take her mind off her troubles.

And so, probably with good intentions at heart, the first lady did visit sick kids at St. Jude’s Research Hospital. However, omitting tales of opulent indulgence while complaining to the terminally ill about her husband and her supposed difficult life in the White House proves again that Michelle Obama has no idea what it means to suffer.

MICHELLE O’S OUTRAGED! Defiling Children w/ Tic Tacs

tic-tac-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

When it comes to what she can and cannot eat, rest assured Mrs. Obama is the one giving the directives, not the one taking them. Yet the woman who, often on a whim, indulges in all manner of Epicurean treats, has taken it upon herself to officially transform America’s public schools into Fat Camp.

Thanks to Mrs. Obama’s school lunch/snack restrictions, one million students have opted out and are choosing to forego buying lunch at school. In addition, the school lunch regulations create more than $1 billion in wasted food per year because students are tossing away the fruit and vegetables they’ve been forced to put on their lunch trays but do not want to eat.

Diane Zipay, director of nutritional services for the Westside School District in Omaha, Nebraska, had this to say about the federal snack rules that now apply to school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program: “I think we’ve gone too far, too fast. And I don’t think it’s a real-world environment. We might have changed the school but we haven’t changed the child or our world.”

Ms. Zipay’s insightful statement that “We might have changed the school but we haven’t changed the child or our world” is so true. Michelle Obama, who likely doesn’t allow anyone to force her to do anything, has made forcing people to do things they don’t want to do her signature policy goal.

The problem is, forcing people changes nothing. Instead, it generally exacerbates the problem.

Moreover, it’s also clear that Michelle Obama is unaware of the difference between what you eat and what you say and do, which Jesus pointed out in Matthew 15:17-19 when He said:

Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies.

To put it bluntly, Mrs. Obama and her federal Fat Camp dictates are hyper-focused on “whatever enters the mouth” and what “goes into the stomach,” and not at all interested in what really defiles a child. While monitoring what goes into children’s mouths, it’s become a federally-funded objective to defile children with things other than food.

Lest we forget, Michelle Obama is of the same ilk as those who, while supporting unrestricted access, without parental notification, to abortion services for young girls, simultaneously argue that snack foods need to be under 200 calories.

Diane Zipay’s point about federal restrictions changing nothing, least of all children, is spot on, especially in a culture where salt shakers are illegal but Plan B is okay and bake sales are forbidden while condoms are encouraged. How confusing is it when donuts, brownies, potato chips, soda, and candy are out, but two weeks of sex education is in? And sugar, fat, and sodium frowned upon but fornication encouraged and murdering the unborn applauded?

A very insightful Zipay also pointed out that because of the new regulations, snack options are reduced, but more importantly, the federal government is denying children an opportunity to learn how to moderate themselves. Outside of the school cafeteria, this could result in unbridled carnality in government-approved activities not involving food.

Zipay said, “I want kids to feel like they can have an apple one day and a Snicker’s bar the next, and that’s OK.” Having a 1,500 calorie Shake Shack lunch one day and organic kale the next are the types of choices Michelle Obama, the one pushing these rigorous standards on everyone else, certainly enjoys with regularity.

Regardless of what Michelle Obama indulges in, it’s gotten so bad that according to the director of nutritional services, sodium content prohibits school lunchroom cooks from offering students benign choices such as turkey sandwiches, and has necessitated a two-slice limit on salami.

That’s why, in keeping with what Jesus said about true defilement, it seems that when it comes to abortion, liberals such as Michelle Obama would support “Keeping laws off a woman’s body”. However, when it comes to what food a woman unencumbered by laws on her body may choose to put into that body, those same liberals want to make laws granting government full control.

“You cannot buy a Tic Tac in a Nebraska school. I checked,” Diane Zipay reported. So, this school year, people who think like Michelle Obama are defiling our children by telling them they have the right to have an abortion while telling them they can’t have a Tic Tac.


fingerprint-search-md-300x180Originally posted at Clash Daily

Hugo Chávez has assumed room temperature but his successor, President Nicolas Maduro, is no less a socialist than the deceased dictator who preceded him.

As a result, socialism is working so well in oil-rich Venezuela that Hugo Chávez’s effort to ensure that the poor live more dignified lives has resulted in everyone in Venezuela living a more undignified life where food is scarce and poverty is widespread.

In other words, in Venezuela the playing field has been leveled, making everyone proportionately miserable.

America has different problems. Venezuela has a food shortage while we have an overabundance of junk food. Venezuela has a dictator, and America has a first lady seeking to dictate children’s portion sizes and food choices, so Michelle Obama could definitely learn a thing or two from Venezuela’s new food rationing system.

According to the central bank’s scarcity index, as of January of this year, quite unlike here in the U.S. where government is purposely emptying out school vending machines to protect children from their own lack of self-discipline, “more than a quarter of basic staples were out of stock in Venezuelan stores.”

Some astute prepper-type Venezuelans were concerned that food that is scarce may become even scarcer, so they did what anyone hoping to survive would do – they hoarded limited items like flour and sugar whenever they could get it.

Doing what all socialist dictators tend to do, rather than blame price-cutting and the overall failure of socialism, Venezuela’s president blames the entire food shortage on profit-hungry companies and black-market vendors who buy groceries at subsidized prices and then smuggle flour, sugar, and cooking oil over the border into Columbia to sell at inflated prices.

Here at home, if the growing American Lunchroom Insurrection continues to gain momentum, what goes on between Venezuela and Columbia could certainly be a foreshadowing of what lies ahead in capitalist American schoolyards if expelled junk food is smuggled onto school property and banned soda is sold at jacked-up prices.

Generally, socialists disapprove of storing or hoarding food – it’s just not fair! So, to regulate who buys food and how much and to curtail “over-buying” and food trafficking, Venezuela’s president has instituted a mandatory biometric fingerprinting system, due to be in place by the end of this year, which will be used in both government-run and privately-owned grocery stores.

Although the “secure supply” system is being called “anti-fraud,” fingerprinting food shoppers is really a government effort to ration the little bit of food that presently sits on Venezuela’s grocery shelves.

The bad news for America is that if Michelle Obama catches wind of the idea, there’s a chance in the future that junk food junkies could be stopped dead in their tracks, mid-Double Stuffs, by a grocery store fingerprinting system.

In Venezuela where there is a need for stringent control, the idea started as a voluntary ID system that tracked purchases. The goal was that after waiting for five or more hours on endless lines at government-run “share the wealth” markets, people would be assured access to the bare necessities. Lack of bare necessities is why men with rifles guard the ketchup on the otherwise empty shelves inside warehouse-sized supermarkets and why purchases are meted out by the Venezuelan government.

Hey! Rifle-toting men might be a great way to convince schoolchildren to submit to Michelle Obama’s gag-inducing lunch menu.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, in order to prevent those who didn’t initially sign up for the ID card from buying the same item twice, mandatory fingerprints will be linked to a computer system that will monitor everyone’s food purchases.

Food Minister Felix Osorio, who is sort of a Venezuelan version of Sam Kass, Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy and “Let’s Move!” Executive Director here in America, says that if a person, with or without an ID card, tries to sneak through an extra bag of flour, the purchase will not register and a suspicious-buying-pattern alarm will go off.

As backup, to ensure that shoppers only engage in what the Venezuelan government calls “nervous buying” every eight days, government checkout workers will also record cell phone numbers. To stop parents from exploiting their children, minors will be prohibited from purchasing food.

Again, it’s important to reiterate that carding those who buy foodstuffs in Venezuelan government-run supermarkets started as a voluntary program, which is how it usually starts with socialism: Government control is proposed as voluntary and then it quickly becomes mandatory.

So, if a similar method were to be instituted in America, initially well-meaning people wanting help to control junk food addictions might sign up for an “anti-fatty system” ID card, but in due time, for the sake of equality and the common good, what started as voluntary – like buying health insurance – would probably become mandatory at the checkout counter.

After all, here in America Michelle Obama has already proposed talking shopping carts to steer consumers toward better food choices. That seemingly benign nutritious “nudge” could open the door to a Venezuelan-style fingerprinting system making all our food choices for us.

Fingerprinting, ID cards, computer databases that monitor purchases, alarm systems, cell phone tracking, and age specifications, if properly tweaked, could certainly accommodate the superfluity of American junk food, children with high BMIs, and insubordinately chubby Americans, all of whom are the targets of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” healthy initiative.

For those Venezuelans applauding the new “secure supply” supermarket controls, intense gratification, above and beyond the fulfillment that comes from hoarding food, will come from knowing that, thanks to government oversight, rich people will not have more milk, flour, or toilet paper than anyone else.

And while that may be the way it’s done in Venezuela, in America, it’s a bit different – at least for now.

However, if future food-buying controls are implemented here at home, above and beyond the fulfillment that comes from pushing health food on the unwilling will be the intense pleasure Mama Obama will experience when fingerprinting guarantees that all Americans adhere to her rules.

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