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OBAMA: Touring The World For The Praise He Craves

Originally posted at Clash Daily

Based on a history of verifiable narcissism, it’s probably fair to speculate that the 44th president’s impetus to hog the limelight is deeply rooted in his inability to deal with the rejection he’s been plagued with since Donald Trump was elected.

With that in mind, Obama’s ailing self-image has the best chance of accessing the balm of approval amongst friends. That’s why, just like he did during his presidency when travelling to Muslim countries to exalt Islam, Obama gravitates toward countries whose political viewpoint aligns with his own.

To soothe his ego, Barack seeks out choirs to preach to and audiences who believe he knows best. Apparently, the former president imagines his own legacy is exalted by insults, manipulating opinion, demanding worship, and disputing everything the current president says.

Obama’s pursuit of relevancy started in Milan Italy, at the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit. It was there that the socialistic sage contributed to the event by planting seeds of discord and chipping away at Trump’s reputation. Obama’s advice to the agreeable was to vote for candidates who think like himself, lest “[They] get the politicians [they] deserve.”

Next, he was off to Germany.

At Brandenburg Gate “dear Barack” met up with the woman he spied on, Angela Merkel. In the company of like-minded colleagues, Barry soaked his wounded ego in the applause of social welfare devotees, globalists, refugees, and terrorists who took a break from raping and pillaging to cheer on a friend.

From there Barack headed north to Scotland. Instead of showing solidarity by golfing at Trump International Gold Links in Balmedie, Obama displayed his scrawny legs at the Old Course at St Andrews. Then, at a charity event attended by Trump-haters like First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, author JK Rowling and musician Annie Lennox, Obama assured a room full of fellow socialists that Scotland “has a lot to offer the world.”

Obama’s most recent seditious stop was closer to home.

To the delight of an audience of 6,000 Canadian enthusiasts, without uttering his name, the ex-president attempted to damage the integrity of the current president.

Rather than furthering North American unity, at an event hosted by the Montreal Board of Trade, Obama, whose politics exclude anyone who disagrees with him, expressed concern about Trump’s “extreme nationalism and xenophobia and politics of us-versus-them.”

To establish himself as the only person qualified enough to lead a divided world, Obama used the same language he used when community organizing a nation he worked hard to divide.

Warning Canadians to guard against fear and uncertainty, the former POTUS suggested Trump “because of fear and uncertainty” was willing to “violate our principals.”

By “our” Obama meant those who agree with Obama.

Then, to elevate the “Hope and Change” brand, America’s most disruptive forward-thinker told the audience in Montreal that “In times of disruption we may go backward instead of forward. We’re going to have to replace fear with hope.”

Leaving out the alternative facts, the guy who swore Americans could keep their doctor and that Benghazi resulted from a Youtube video said:

” And we’re in an environment where we are only accepting information that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the facts that we receive. And evidence and reason and logic.

Wasn’t it Barack Obama who recommended that “… it is time to focus on nation-building here at home”? Now he slams the “America first” mentality by suggesting, “We have to help other countries with their own development?”

By portraying the current commander in chief as a man in “a search for certainty and control,” the former POTUS implied that, rather than establish American exceptionalism, via “isolationism or nationalism,” Trump seeks to “roll back rights.”

By mentioning “communities and tribes” and by implying that Trump is in the process of convincing Americans to “retreat from obligations beyond our borders”, to steer the discussion, Obama instilled the sort of fear he supposedly rejects.

Getting applause from those who want anti-democratic global forces to control the planet must have made the irrelevant one feel relevant. Obama even argued that if globalists are not in control, the result could be “intolerance and tribalism and organizing … along ethnic lines.”

Aren’t “intolerance and tribalism and organizing … along ethnic lines” exactly the sort of divisions Obama generated during his tenure as president?

Tipping his community organizer hand, Obama, whose agenda furthered itself with disruption, told the crowd:

The disruptions that are happening globally are going to continue to accelerate. And what’s more, in an age of instance information, where TV and Twitter can feed us a steady stream of bad news – and sometimes fake news – it can seem like the international order that we’ve created is being constantly tested, and that the center may not hold.

Secretly, Barack Obama probably hopes international order doesn’t hold so that he and his band of globalists have an excuse to rush in and save the day!

Similar to how he sold Obamacare as being compatible with capitalism, Obama who is adept at making lies sound factual told the Canadian crowd, “We have shown that environmental sustainability and economic progress are not contradictory, but are complementary.” Who is “we”?

Using clever wordplay to wring love from the audience, Obama thrilled the crowd when he said that, “Even with the temporary absence of American leadership… [the Paris Accord] … still gives our children a fighting chance.”

Wait! Was Barack Obama suggesting that without his leadership all children join the unborn in not having a fighting chance?

Nevertheless, the “us versus them” ex-president suggested that the current president has a “What’s good for me and my immediate people is all that matters. Everybody else is on their own” attitude.

Look who’s talking!

And so, whether in Europe, Canada, or in the company of rich friends, Barack Obama has proven once again that his desperate efforts to vindicate his legacy are nothing more than an expression of his own dark thoughts, intentions, and spirit.

The G-He’s-Funny Summit

Originally posted at Renew America

A more appropriate title for the 2011 G-20 Summit would have been the G-He’s-Funny Summit because while there Barack Obama was a veritable barrel of laughs. The first ha-ha was Obama going to the summit in the first place, especially since he intended to contribute economic advice.

While in France he hugged the wrong people, behaved like a kindergartener in a class picture, and while trying his ever-present hand at stand-up comedy, insulted France’s president and infuriated an American ally.

The President renowned for bowing to dictators, tyrants, and Saudi kings diplomatically shook hands with Angela Merkel, David Cameron, and Nicolas Sarkozy, and said “hello” to President Hu in Chinese, saving the bear hugs for Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.  In the presence of the Turkish Prime Minister, Obama skipped his traditional curtsy and warmly burrowed his face into Erdoğan’s neck.

After greeting Argentinean President Christina Kirschner, who was recently elected in a landslide, and claiming to be unconcerned about a second term, Obama verbally elbowed France’s president, also up for reelection next year, saying, “So Nicolas, we all have to take lessons.”

The President must have either been feeling gregarious or someone unplugged the Teleprompter for a second, because after implying that Sarkozy needed coaching on how win an election from a Latin-American woman, Obama attempted to evoke laughs at the expense of Nicolas’ famously less-than-movie-star looks.

With his G-20 buddy standing nearby, Obama said, “I want to make mention that this is our first meeting since the arrival of the newest Sarkozy, and so I want to congratulate Nicolas and Carla on the birth of Giulia.”  Then the President inserted this unscripted laugh line: “And I informed Nicolas … that I am confident that Giulia inherited her mother’s looks rather than her father’s, which I think is an excellent thing.”

Apparently, Obama’s attempt at getting a laugh funny “fell flat.”  He’s usually so funny; it’s hard to figure out why those in attendance claimed that President Sarkozy “did not appear greatly amused.” Not only that, but some French media outlets were insulted. Celebrity website Stargora said, “Barack Obama has openly and publicly ridiculed the physical [appearance of] Nicolas Sarkozy,” adding that Obama’s comments were delivered “without pity.”  Ouch!

It’s too bad Obama’s timing when telling a joke that undermines international relations isn’t as finely tuned as his ability to ruin photo ops for world leaders.

Just a few months ago Barry acted like a disruptive child and turned a UN group photo into a joke.  At the time, the President was so overcome with friendly exuberance that just as the flashbulb flashed, America’s very own jolly jokester waved to an imaginary friend, completely blocking Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj’s face. Tsakhia now knows that if Obama attends another event and there’s another group picture, before smiling for the camera he should slip on a traditional Mongolian shepherd’s hat so at least he has a fighting chance to locate himself in the picture.

It could be that the Mongolian president alerted Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, to the now-famous Barry Block, because at the G-20 Sikh Manmohan was wise enough to wear a dastar before agreeing to participate in a group portrait with the American president.

Good thing, because overcome again with uncontrolled conviviality Barack waved to God-knows-who to alert them that he was in formation compliance and did so just as the G-20 class photo was snapped, managing to obscure all but Singh’s gray turban with his raised hand.

Undeterred, and especially after the rousing reception he received for some of his antics leading up to the press conference, the President’s comedy routine really started to roll when he got behind the podium. Obama was there because he must have thought that the smashing success of Stimulus I, which he defines as “passing the strongest financial reforms since the Great Depression,” coupled with the slight dip in unemployment from 9.1% to 9%, was reason enough to go to Cannes, France and offer input on how he managed turn the bleak US job picture around.

After acknowledging the dire condition of the world economy, to lighten things up the Constant Campaigner threw a comedic curve ball to the G-20 audience, saying that “the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now.”

The hilarity continued when Obama said Republicans “prefer to protect 300,000 millionaires” to putting “hundreds of thousands of people to work.” That statement may have required the help of a canned laugh track, because even polite socialist European types know that to the detriment of 260 million people, this guy, to benefit 30 million uninsured, hopes to gut the world’s finest health care system.

Even at a serious event where the world’s fiscal future hangs in the balance, braggadocio can be amusing, especially when someone with Barack Obama’s disastrous economic record crows about financial prowess.

Barack is either a great comedian or totally deluded, because he told the G-He’s-Funny crowd that he stabilized and is growing the American economy.  It’s hard to believe, but he actually did find a way to congratulate himself by saying “In terms of my — you know, my track record on the economy…when I came in [the] US economy had contracted by 9%. The largest contraction since the Great Depression a little over a year later the economy was growing by 4%.”

The ideological ramrod then went on to talk about the Republicans’ “rigid ideological positions.” He told the audience that, no thanks to the Congressional Republicans, his jobs bill has the potential to “solve all our problems… grow our economy…put people back to work [and] reduce our deficit.”

According to the funniest act at the G-20, “it’s just a matter of setting politics aside and constantly remembering the election is one year away.”  Obama told skittish world leaders, fully aware that world economy is careening toward global insolvency, that “If we do that, there’s no reason we can’t solve these problems. Alright?”

And so, after the touchy-feely Turkish clinch controversy, the gesticulation gaffe, and the French first daughter compliment faux pas were topped only by the hilarious economic/jobs bill comments, the President of the United States departed Cannes awash in the type of hysterical infamy that places him in the same company as comedy giants Pauly Shore, Peewee Herman, and Carrot Top.

Silent Signals – American Thinker Blog – April 20, 2010

Originally Posted at American Thinker Blog

In 2009 President Obama subjected the nation to 52 addresses, 158 interviews, 42 news conferences, 23 town hall meetings and used the teleprompter 178 times. Oddly, the master of speechifying says more by saying nothing then if every utterance that ever passed Obama’s lips was pooled into one unending communiqué.

There is great power in the non-verbal message.  Obama inaudibly comports himself with a haughty composure and his implicit actions impact far beyond the spoken word.The most insightful messages Barack has expressed to America have been conveyed, not by way of rhetoric, but rather through silence.

Take for instance Obama wordlessly bowing to despots and dictators and doing so while snubbing America’s greatest ally, Israel.  The President even allowed the soles of his shoes to be photographed while conversing with Bibi Netanyahu on the phone.

In Muslim culture “to have the sole of the shoe directed toward one is pretty much the equivalent of someone in our culture giving you the finger.” For an individual so preoccupied with advancing the understanding of Muslim mores, is it possible Barack was unacquainted with the insulting message the soles of shoes convey?

During the Pledge of Allegiance, Barack failed to place his hand over his heart an action excused as innocent oversight.  Yet as time goes by the message behind the President’s voiceless actions are being verified by policies that unfortunately prove initial discernment was not a misunderstanding on the part of Obama critics.

Another example was Barack’s wordless message, on none other than the 70th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Poland, reversing U.S. commitment to situate a missile defense system on Polish soil.  A message that was tacitly potent.

This year Obama sent another nonverbal missive to defenseless Poland one sated with subliminal significance. On the day of President Lech Kaczynski’s funeral Obama saw fit to go golfing. Citing flight hazards caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, Obama unable to travel to Poland, chose to pay homage to Tiger Woods instead, and did so while President Kaczynski was being eulogized in Krakow.

Some world leaders were also unable to attend, others found alternate means of travel.  Barack, rather than visiting, paying respects, and signing the sympathy book at the Polish Embassy in Washington DC, decided to solemnly commemorate the death of a world leader by shooting a few rounds of golf. Focused like a laser on the 18th hole, Barack did not allow his birdie to be distracted by how blatant irreverence might “tee off” the world community.

French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also were unable to attend the funeral. However, Sarkozy did not express condolences while toweling off after a tennis match, nor did Chancellor Merkel commiserate from International Dance Week in Dresden.

Wrongheaded Obama didn’t glean a thing from his predecessor George W. Bush.  Understanding the impact symbolism carries, the former president gave up golf “in solidarity” with the families of soldiers who were dying in Iraq. Bush’s sacrifice of golf was a decision made because GW, didn’t “want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf.” Bush said “I feel I owe it to the families to be as – to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

Excuse me Mr. Bush do you mean “sends the wrong signal,”similar to the  type of signal the leader of the free world sends by choosing to play golf, while the president of Poland is laid to rest-that kind of wrong signal?

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